Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 9:Update p.1, 78 (Page 77)

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
delnaaz still sleeping as well.

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scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

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buzzer rang telling them to wake up
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** Times are being converted to India Time so there may be slip ups.
** Bold bits are important/interesting.
** Red bits are very important/spoilers.
** Anything in italics is my thought process of what's going on.
** I will not be doing the updates for 24 hrs so there will be times in between when the updates are missing and will be stopping after a certain time because it's physically impossible to continue all day (this is for those who wonder why I stop when I do). Thanks for all your love and patience!

8:00am - Everyone asleep.

8:17am - Seems everyone is waking up

8:20am - Aashka sitting on her bed folding her blanket.

8:21am - BB buzzes an alarm probably for batteries.

8:24am - Urvashi still in bed in captain's room.

8:27am - Delnaaz still in bed. Seems to be asleep.

8:29am - Mink brushing her teeth.

8:31am - Niketan and Mink in the bathroom. Mink complains to Niketan saying she'll tell Urvashi to strictly tell the boys not to use the girls toilet. Rajev just used it and it's so dirty. When I told him to clean it, he said it's leaking. So I can't be more direct with him.

8:32am - Delnaaz still asleep.

8:34am - Delnaaz finally sits up.

8:36am - Delnaaz out of bed. Niketan outside in the sun with his coffee mug, praying.

8:37am - Delnaaz walks into Urvashi's room and is talking to Urv who's sitting in her bed. Mics are mute. Mink waks in and hands something to Urva and then takes something. Urv tell Del, if she will only wear kaftaan and sleep? You should wear some slacks. I made the same mistake and slept in my lungi and woke up with back ache and you know you already have this problem. Del talking to her about people hopping around from one bed to another at night. Urva says tell me if you need anything. Delnaaz says no, nothing and walks back to her bed. Urva sees someone and calls them. Then gets out of bed in a hurry.

8:40am - Urva talks to Niketan thru the glass. He tells her good morning skipper. She says good morning and skips out of the room into the kitchen. In yellow bed room. Niketan typing a BLACK towel around his waist and removing his pants. Wink

8:41am - Cam switched so one can see the entrance of the living room. Some people in the kitchen. No sound.

8:42am - Niketan has changed pants. And now he's changing his shirt. BB announces for someone to inform if the person has changed their mics battery. Niketan walks out and tells someone he's going for a walk. Rajev walks in the bedroom and walks out. Niketan walking in. Rajev saying Vishal was dancing again at night. He says it's cold and it wasn't a good idea to remove it.

8:44am - Aasha in the bathroom. Delnaaz walks in asks her if someone's in the toilet. She says no.

8:45am - Delnaaz enters the toilet.

8:46am - Niketan in yellow bedroom checking something in his suitcase and then walks out of yellow bedroom. Outside in the living area, Vishal appears to be in a teal green shirt.

8:48am - Sapna making her bed and spraying something on it near the head board. Now kitchen area where Niketan is. He's making something.

8:49am - Sana walks to get her batteries and now Sapna changing hers. She walks upto the kitchen counter to get her tea/coffee. Niketan drinking water.

8:51am - Niketan walks out. Cam stuck on entrance to living area. No sound.

8:53am - Rajev and Aashka sitting near the pool and discussing something. She tells him "bolo bolo". He says "purple, green". Cam briefly shifts towards Niketan and someone else. Now back to red bedroom. Sapna walks out. She is in the kitchen making tea and pouring boiling water in her cup.

8:55am - Del out of the toilet and now brushing her teeth.

8:57am - Delnaaz still aggressively brushing her teeth while admiring herself in the mirror and checking her neck.

9am - Delnaaz rinsing her mouth and continues brushing. Confused

9:03am - Delnaaz finally walking out of the bathroom.

9:04am - Delnaaz in kitchen making coffee.

9:07am - Delnaaz in the red bedroom. She sits on her bed and takes her meds.

9:08am - Sapna, Aashka, Sana and Rajev are sitting by the pool. Sapna saying look this is coming on TV, how will it look? Rajev looks at the camera and then they continue talking. Sana saying I never gave you the batteries as a joke.

9:09am - Delnaaz back in the kitchen washing something in the sink.

9:10am - Urvashi walks in and Del says there's no tea so I'm making coffee. Urva tells her something and "aur garam bhi lagegi". Del says ok. She's now hammering the spoon in her mug trying to crush something.

9:11am - Delnaaz puts sugar in the vessel she's making her coffee ?). She now seems to be adding coffee. 

9:14am - Guess it was tea after all as she plans on using a strainer.

9:15am - Mink sitting on her bed and making braids with small amounts of her hair near the front. Then setting it with spray and tying the ends. She makes a braid on the right side now. Sleepy

9:23am - Vrajesh pouring something something from a vessel into a bowl with a ladle. Vrajesh requesting BB for cigarettes.

9:24am - Mink STILL braiding her hair.

9:34 - Mink's braids and hairdo is done. Now make up time. She finishes and walks out of the red bedroom.

9:35am - Sapna making her tea. Mink washes her mug.

9:38am - Niketan sitting outside with his vest on his head talking to Mink, Urvashi and Vrajesh. Niketan showing off his knowledge of this and that and throwing names of countries around. Urvashi notices Mink's hairdo. Now they are discussing colonies and places where everyone lives. Tata. Urvashi saying her whole family has dr.s. Niketan tells Mink to sit on her chair and she walks off. He wears his shirt and again tells her to sit as he's getting coffee.

9:44am - All 4 are now in the kitchen. Nik commenting that BB sent good stuff except for eggs and bread. Urvashi doing latkas and jhatkas while humming.  Nik saying after today there will be no bread or poha for breakfast. Urvashi saying that as soon as bread comes people pounce on it and keep eating it through out the day. Niketan says that if people eat bread they'll eat roti and rice less so let them eat. Vrajesh cutting papaya and gives half to Urvashi and Niketan. He says the rest of the papayas are raw.

9:49am - Niketan wondering where Mink went as she was making coffee. Now he's telling Urvashi that 2 bags of rice have come. Urvashi leaves. Vrajesh still eating. Niketan washing something.

9:52am - Nik asks Vraj what he will eat and then says he's hungry. Then he leaves saying, shall I call Mink? Vrajesh puts the last quarter of papaya in the fridge and washes his plate.

9:54am - Niketan back in kitchen wondering where Mink is. Vrajesh says bathroom. Cam switches to bathroom and shows Mink washing her hands. She then walks back inside the house. Cam stuck on overhead view.

9:57am - Vrajesh walking out, says hi to the camera and then sings yara sili sili. He meets Rajev and says he should not wear the crepe for so long (bandages). Vraj saying that he should tell the dr. and Rajev saying he has said but he's also not enjoying this. It's been hurting for a week. Even when a girl touches him it hurts. He can't even work out. Vraj says dont even think about it. Vraj saying to remove his kada and Rajev says no, not even to the other hand. He's saying that he got over enthusiastic and starting breaking the bricks with his hand after looking at Vraj and Vraj saying I used my hand after looking at you! Rajev says even my kada had become bent after that task. Then Rajev goes into the toilet.

10:02am - Niketan strolling outside the house near the gym area.

10:03am - Niketan offering Mink to drink cold coffee with protein out of his bottle. Mink goes to the bathroom and Niketan follows her saying her papaya is kept in the fridge. He stands outside, Mink is there and Rajev comes out. Mink says I'm not going to do garden again. I do dishes, garden, then cooking, then cleaning the counters. Niketan tells her that Rajev can do it and to ask him. He asks Vrajesh who is doing the afternoon dishes with him and he says Vishal. Nik tells Mink to talk to Urvashi. Mink says it's good to do yoga after walking. She starts walking up and down the path. Niketan and her decide to do yoga after a bath (maybe tomorrow).

10:10am - Rajev, Aashka and Delnaaz in the kitchen preparing lunch.

10:11am - Mink tells Niketan to walk with her. So both are walking together now. HeartEmbarrassed

10:12am - Aashka chopping onions. Delnaaz tells her to let her do it and Aashka says then what will I do. Then Aashka tells BB to send more knives as all knives have become blunt. Rajev is complaining about his hand and Aashka tells him to take flexon. Rajev is sayng he wants to see a dr since he can't bear any touch even. Vrajesh also in kitchen. Aashka telling Rajev "abhi task aayega aur sare conversations shuru ho jayegein, don't worry my friend".

10:15am - Mink and Niketan still walking. Mink says that I was saying yesterday that if I tell Urvashi will she go ahead and tell others. Nik says I dont think so but dont talk in front of Vrajesh because he talks to Rjev and MUTEDAngry

10:16am - Aashka still chopping onions. Rajev asks Aashka when the task will come. She says I dont know but a good one will come. He says estimate the time. Aashka says I dont know. He says to estimate!Silly She says I don't know maybe after lunch or early evening. Then he asks Delnaaz and she says the same. Aashka asking why cooking utensils are kept inside the fridge. Now random discussing about utensils and food. Rajev in background talking to Vrajesh.

10:20am - Niketan and Mink still walking and talking. He seems to be talking about Aashka that whatever you say to her, she'll go and tell everyone she's close to.

10:21am - Cam to red bedroom. Sapna is sweeping.

10:22am - Sana starts to mop the red bedroom.

10:24am - Urvashi sitting on her bed in the captain's room applying cream to her legs.

10:25am - Urvashi leaves the red bedroom. Sana still mopping.

10:34am - Sapna walks outside. Niketan and Urvashi now walking together. Niketan praying and walking 2 steps ahead of Urvashi.

10:37am - Mink in the bathroom preparing to do some washing perhaps. Rajev walks in and says "yaar badhi hi pareshaani hai". Mink ignores him LOL and he goes inside the toilet. 

*taking a break from updating for a short while*

Updates by -ChillMahaul- while I was gone:
Now Mink is washing her clothes and Raj is washing the bathroom empty bathroom view for you.. Enjoy Mallika's streax poster Embarrassed

Nik and Urva have completed 15 rounds Ermm
Urva: How mnay meters make 1km?
Nik: 1000
Urva says this is 30 something.. she is like mere hogaye 1 km
Nik Main ik do aur karoonga to 2000 mt hojayega..
Nik asks Urva to keep doing while he is going to do something.. Urva says she'll take a break because her chin hurts
Urva took a break standing in the garden area top angle..she is now sitting down (time 10:42am)

10:17am - 10:47:
Urva doing dumbbell exercises now..

Rajeev doing the boys bedroom brooming.. comforters are folded but room still looks messy Confused

Sapna said waaaoo kitna saaf hai.. Rajeev reasoning with her.. he said door bohot ziada hai he can't do anything..

he just screamed to bigg boss for closing the door..

Urva asked Mink to help her clean the drawer.. Mink said something and Urva said anybody will get ready if she asks like that.. then Mink again says something she is in the bathroom it's hard to understand to which Urva says Sapna ko nahi dekha kya kaise ghoomti hai.. then BB muted 

Rajeev now mopping.. Progress Big smile

Sapna keeps screaming in the bg yaaayyy yaaayyy

11:01am - 11:04am:
Mink in the bathroom.. she is washing and Niks is brushing.. *itni der baad* Shocked
Niks while leaving the bathroom says "Yo Mink" and then sings kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho Shocked Niketan ko louvee hogaya hai..BB main door and logo for you right now injaaayy Big smile

11:10am - 11:23am: 
Mink washing her clothes aarrgghh bas karo yaar Dead OMG it's so funny how she's washing it.. she's pushing the clothes with her foot in the bucket..LOL her legs are soo skinny.. like malnourished Shocked she went in the house so logo again..
Mink now in the girls room putting things away and humming Aate jaate jo milta hai tumsa lagta hai
Dining area Mink doing her brekfast, Niketan eating an Apple.. Sapna laughing Rajeev talking to her..Delu making food..Rajeev doing his usual nonsense talk..Ashka washing something.. Sana fixing herself in kitchen mirror.. Delu asks Mink to take more food because she is the only one left..
Sapna talking in weird accent saying to Ashka Behen aap hamain apni plate saaf karne ko kahe hain..

11:26am - 11:28am:
Sana also washing dishes with Ashka..Delu asks if there's a washing machine here? Rajeev says something to which she says what rubbish LOL Delu singing Naam kya hai pyaar ka mara ghar ka pata do Rajeev says Dil hai tumhara LOL

Delu says she knows why everyone liked Maata jee's bhaajiyan because her oil was something..Delu asks Rajeev to throw the water out of the daal or rice something.. she keeps instructing him on how to do it LOL

Niks making coffee again..Shocked Sapna is screaming from the outside.. Delu, Ashka are laughing and asking Sappu to sing more.. Delu says there's enough poha if anyone wants more

11:38am - 11:43pm: 
Delnaaz chopping veggies in kitchen. Ashka asks if rice is done.. Delu asks her to check. Ashka put the salt for her too. Sapna all loud in the bg. Delu asked Ashka to daal khol ke dekho and walked out of the kitchen.. DELU AngryShe is eating and Ashka is doing something to the daal.. Delu asked her to make it patli.. she says Tarka pehle karte hain and then Ashka gave her the pan..

Sapna screaming alot. Now I hear Sana too..Ashka ased Urva to ask Vishal to put his mic in the store room and yeah Ande aaye hain Embarrassed
Aray recipe sun lo..LOL
Nik is lying down on two chairs outside.. he looks so uncomfortable Confused

Sapna cleaning the bathroom and I hear Sana too
Rajeev singing and fixing his clothes as always. *by Nishita* jaan e jaan dhundha phir raha, main yahaan se wahaan...LOLI think Vishal came there and they changed camera Angry

Sapna screamed and asked Sana if she's okay.. Sana said yes.. both Vraj and Sapna laughed loudly..

12:11pm: *by Muna_93*
Sapna and Rajeev screaming sooo loudly in the background. Mink thought they were fighting and goes to check, realises they're messing around, comes back to the kitchen and says 'Idiots' under her breath.

*I'm back!*

12:12pm - Mink sweeping the kitchen area. Some loud noises can be heard. Vrajesh and Niketan in the garden area near the gym. Niketan lying down in a weird way with his legs up and head unsupported. Delnaaz comes to talk to them. She says she no longer wants to take flexon. Niketan says let's change the name to Flexon Irani. Delnaaz says that when you guys eat my salad today, you will kiss my hands so I wont even talk about it. She says stay hungry for 1 or 1.5 hr and then eat. Rajev comes out of the house so Niketan asks if you are 10 steps after Sana.Wink Delnaaz says she's going for a bath. Rajev wanted to go for a bath. She says you go and then she ends up going. Rajev sits down next to Niketan and says I told you something yesterday night, do you remember, when Urvashi came. *silence* Then he says leave it. Niketan says the country's youth is confused. Cam switches to Captain's room. Urvashi lying in bed like a zombie staring into space.

12:18pm - Urvashi was digging her nose or biting her nails. Then she notices the camera and stops. D'oh

12:20pm - Kitchen. Vrajesh and Mink discussing kitchen mopping. Mink says there should be kitchen towels because hands are always wet. Then she starts singing 'jao tum chahe jahan' and leaves and Niketan comes inside and calls or waves to her. Vrajesh doing something and Niketan says um mhhm. Then he goes and fills water and pours in a kettle and puts it to boil. Confused

12:24pm - Mink and Delnaaz enter the kitchen. Niketan tells Mink that no matter what, in 10 mins he's starting yoga. Mink says see how well I cleaned the floor. Del says very good. Mink says I'll mop later. Niketan requesting BB to send something for Del or they'll send Rajev. LOL

12:25pm - Urvashi sitting in captain's room requesting some things like her blue shoes and other new shoes. She's like please send it for Diwali or New Years.

12:27pm - Urvashi gets out of bed singing zoobie zoobie zoobie. She goes to check on her suitcase and pulls out clothes.

12:29pm - Someone calls for Urvashi and she says she's coming out in 5 mins. Bathroom cam. Delnaaz still not inside the shower. Sounds of bucket filling up. Mink and Niketan talking in the kitchen about someone very angry with Vrajesh and Rajev. He tells mink that she used some work which was very sensible. And it's muted.

12:30pm - Urvashi talking to Aashka in bed. Aashka says she's awake just lying in bed. Urvashi says she's not looking good. I know everyone is drained out. She gives aash a small pillow to keep under her back. She says, should I ask for a water bag? Aash says last time also we asked for it and it never came. Urvashi says that I'll ask. Aash says if it comes it'll be good for everyone. Urvashi goes to a camera in her room and asks for Auri and Madhorama and asks for a hot water bag saying it's a woman's problem so please understand.Embarrassed If a hot water bag is available it'll be useful for everyone. In the meantime Aashka waves to Sapna and calls her and she comes and lies in her bed beside her. BB mutes and switches to Urvashi who is going in her bathroom to change.

12:35pm - Sana back from shower in red bedroom and BB makes an announcement for the housemates. Sana and Sapna talking. Sapna saying about someone, she sleeps all day and stays up all night. Sana asking her about clothes. Sana saying that when she went to bathe there was hot water and as soon as she put conditioner, cold water started. Now Del has gone for a bath.

12:37pm - Niketan goes to the toilet and doesn't close the door fully nor remove his mic. ROFL BB mutes and switches back to red bedroom. Sana saying she's tired of wearing night suits. Sana saying that BB should send this message to my family right? Then she speaks to BB and BB mutes. Niketan out of toilet using a mouth wash and talking to someone saying "bol diya!". 

12:41pm - Sana tickling Sapna and she screams and says I can only take this much. Sapna says this sock monkey is from America and Sana says it looks like it's from Nigeria because of it's fat lips.LOL Sana talking about the monkey and clothes having a deep neck or something. BB muting.

12:42pm - Niketan in yellow bedroom removing his socks and he has worn a t-shirt over his black vest. He picks up a yoga mat and is deciding on the decision to place it.  Then he walks out of the room. 

12:45pm - Rajev in the bathroom checking out his hair in the mirror.

12:46pm - BB makes an announcement for the housemates and MUTED. Angry Rajev says that BB Delnaaz will take 5 more mins as she's taking a bath. Delnaaz screaming that she will be in the bathroom only. Rajev says there are no blinds in the bathroom. Delnaaz saying no I'll be in the bathroom. Rajev says come after 5 mins. Del says something to which he says ok. He finishes shaving and checking himself in the mirror again and starts singing "dhere dhere chal" and applies after shave or something. Delnaaz comes out carrying some stuff walking in a weird way. She asks if he took a bath. He says yes, I knew you were there in the house so I had to take a bath before you.Confused

12:50pm - Sana talking about how she slapped someone on sets of a film and the sound of the slap echoed in the bunglow. Then the production people say, even harder and Sana said to the guy, sorry, it's not for you, it's for the audience. And it was his first film. Then she's saying people will look at her blue clothes and says, woh blue mommy yeh bhi blue mommy. Then Sana asks BB what kind of make up she should do today.Cam focuses on Aashka and behind her in the yellow room Niketan is doing yoga. Cam in yellow room now. Rajev wears a jacket. Niketan says he had 2 track suits that tore. 3 are remaining. Rajev singing bahon ke darmiyan.

12:56pm - Sana applying makeup.

12:58pm - Sana humming hum aap ke dil main rehte hain and Mink says this song is from my film. I was in it. Cam back to yellow room. Nik doing yoga and Nik tells mink who entered to grab a red towel and join him. Rajev saying he's feeling cold then says that Mink, Niketan today will teach you yoga with all his heart today.Embarrassed Then he tells Mink she's so nice and sweet. Mink says thank you that was a genuine compliment and Rajev says I never give rubbish compliments. Nik and Mink start.

1pm - Sana still doing her make up.

1:03pm - BB making an announcement for everyone and it's MUTED. Dead 

1:04pm - Niketan and Mink doing yoga. LOL

1:10pm - Sana straightening Delnaaz's hair. Delnaaz says its too hot. Sana says I'll decide. And this keeps on going forever.Ouch

1:14pm - Rajev and Vrajesh are the only ones in the living area. Rajev singing "shaan karne waale".

1:16pm: Rajev singing saaa reee gaaa maaa paaa reee saaa for 15 mins. Then sings sasasaasasa gagagaga mamamama. Dead

1:26pm - Camera finally switches to Mink and Niketan still doing yoga.

1:28pm - Back to Rajev singing while Vrajesh sleeping on the sofa. Confused

1:31pm - Nik and Mink's yoga again.

1:35pm - Rajev's singing torture again and Vrajesh asleep on sofa.

1:38pm - Urvashi joins him and starts singing.

1:40pm - Sana in red bedroom says come on let's go guys, I;m excited. Niketan and Mink listen. Mink gets up. Niketan still doing his yoga. Mink says thank you and leaves. Broken Heart

1:41pm - Niketan folds his mat and follows Mink. Heart BB shows empty captain's bedroom.

1:54pm - Seems announcement is over. Vrajesh goes into captains room and takes something from there and puts in yellow bedroom. Urvashi watching Del and Aashka cook.

1:56pm - BB bell gong. Urvashi goes to store room, gets a paper and says people should keep something back in the store room after the task is over. BB mutes.

1:58pm - Lunch seems to be ready, everyone going to eat. BB switches to yellow bedroom view and mutes. 

1:59pm - Rajev and Mink on white sofa and Rajev singing to her. He's humming and tells her to guess.Ouch It was do lafzon ki hai...

2pm - Rajev telling Mink he was very hungry yesterday. Someone calls Mink and she says she;s not hungry. Everyone else sitting and having lunch.

2:10pm - Rajev and Mink go to eat.

*taking a break because this is boring*

Random updates:
2:15pm - Everyone's done with their lunch. Now Rajev is sitting and eating alone. 

2:18pm - Rajev thanks Aashka and Delnaaz for the food. Vishal has gone and sat on the sofa. Some other people also there. Sana's track suit is matching Vishal's top.

2:22pm - BB buzzes. BB switches to empty captain's room.

2:28pm - Task related to diyas

2:36pm - Seems someone or the other has to keep diyas lit.

2:45pm - Sana just realized the other team strted their task so she runs to change.

2:49pm - Nik, Mink, Sapna, and Del are doing task. Seems they are making the diyas outside near fish tank. Rajev lying on bench. Rajev annoyed because Niketan said they'd sell him to the other team for 10 - 20 diyas and Del said 50. Now he's singing diya jalte hain. Mink walks upto him and he's saying so now you guys enjoy. He's watching them work from far and singing louder.

2:56pm - rajev now singing dost dost na raha. Mink cleaning the stove.

3:05pm - Rajev complaining to Mink saying he'll think about doing the task when the others apologise.

3:10pm - Nik, Del and company making diyas.

3:16pm - Sapna, Del, Nik, Mink making diyas. Rajev watching them from the side. Nik gets up to count finished ones. Seem they have to float them in the  water at some point.

3:20pm - Sana walks in bathroom, Vraj asks her if she sat down to make diyas because everyone has to sit at least once.

3:27pm - Sapna goes to talk to Rajev and he's saying that these people were screaming to send me to the other team so now I'm not going to make diyas.

3:28pm - Nik goes to bathroom n del is away so Sapna again calls Rajev n he says I don't have a problem with you and Mink. I'll come later. Just let me do this to Del and Nik. Nik gets a bucket of water. Rajev walks up to where they are making diyas. He tells Mink to move, he;ll do it. She ignores him. Nik tells rajev to get a little water, rajev says what? Nik repeats, rajev says what. Nik says leave it. He's like why don't you just apologise? He said I'll do it in front of others or something. BB mutes.

3:32pm - Nik, Mink, Sapna working. Rajev watching from the side again.

3:42pm - Rajev saying "tum logon ko meri zaroorat nahi hai aur jahan meri zaroorat nahi main jaata nahi.

3:53pm - Mink making tea.

3:58pm - No one cared that Rajev wasn't working so Rajev finally gave in and started helping. Niketan joking about the size of their team.

4pm - BB briefly showed the other team and vishal. Day Dreaming

4:02pm - Mink starts asking about the end of the task and BB mutes and shows the yellow bedroom.

4:23pm - Aashka, Sana, Vishal, Urvashi and Vrajesh's team is very quiet.

Back from break!

5:43pm - Task still going on. Niketan's diya maker is damn noisy. Mink was saying that forget about the shape, only 10 mins are left.

5:50pm - Rajev piling up the diyas on some kind of red shelf while the others continue to make diyas.

5:55pm - Silence. Seems the task is about to get over so BB is showing us the empty red bedroom so we can't find out who won.

6:12pm - Sana comes into the red bedroom. Seems the task or at least the first part is over and they found out who won or have sent away the candles to BB. (pure speculation).

6:18pm - Rajev in the bathroom cleaning his pant. He walks out. Sapna and Sana in the kitchen cooking dinner. Sapna asking if she's feeling cold inside. Sana says yes. Sapna saying she takes a bath with boiling water to the extent that the skin would peel off. Sapna says Salman, like her, is a capricorn. Sana says her mom is  a sagittarius. Sapna calling Rajev but he's not responding. Sana saying he's ignoring. Rajev walks in and Sapna joking around with him. Rajev says everyone changes but some shows it some don't.

6:23pm - Vishal is exercising in the gym. Aashka and Sana seem to be near the pool. Vrajesh and Niketan walk inside the house. Rajev pacing back and forth down the path.

6:25pm - Sana and Aashka talking and heard Sana saying "I swear nothing happened". Sana later says I hope some different task is sent, something good. Sana saying wax is on his pant and Rajev says he did.

6:27pm - Vrajesh in the kitchen with Mink and says it's cold. Mink doesn't respond. She gets potatoes and starts peeling them.

6:29pm - Mink says to Urvashi that she needs an assistant so Urvashi says Delnaaz is there and Mink says that Delnaaz says she's very tired. Urvashi walks out. Mink continues chopping and sings "you give me fever".

6:31pm - Rajev walking up and down. Aashka and SAna talking cant hear what Aashka is mumbling but Sana is saying no yaar nothing is there. Rajev says something and Sana says jacket nikaal ke walk kar raha hai.

6:33pm - In the kitchen, Vrajesh, Delnaaz and Urvashi standing around Mink not doing anything. Mink says "it's way too cold". Vrajesh is making tea. Niketan in the kitchen drinking water looking at Mink. Urvashi goes over to Mink and rubs her arm. Mink says so this was the first part of our task of making diyas. Then they start talking about food.

6:37pm - Delnaaz peeling laukis. Vrajesh asks if he can help and she says no I need to learn. Tongue Urvashi singing "badan pe sitaare".

6:37pm - Sana and Urvashi still lying outside. Niketan seems to be observing Vishal exercising. Sana asks Aashka what happened. Aashka is quiet. Sana keeps saying what happened and Aashka is not responding. Sana, "what happened? did I say something?".

6:39pm - Urvashi stiring her coffee. Mink and Delnaaz still cooking. Delnaaz says her friend runs a dance class. Name - Mansi.

6:41pm - Urvashi and Vrajesh dancing in the kitchen singing "I like to move it move it". Urvashi talking on the top of his voice. Niketan walks in and says that if we win the task this time we will buy something interesting. Urvashi says nooo (she's in the opposing team). She says what will you order for me? Niketan says your motto was "achaar wichaar" what happened to that? Urvashi says we did order acchaar and coffee. What was your motto? Niketan says mahila jagao. Urvashi says only the women were awake and doing the task. 

6:44pm - Mink asks Niketan if he's angry then he can mash the aata. Niketan asks who wants cold coffee and Delnaaz says she wants it. Niketan says that ever since Urvashi has become a captain, all she does is coffee coffee coffee coffee.

6:47pm - Sana telling aashka that as soon as someone mentions Sunday, I start feeling tired. Sana asks if today is the 36th or 37th day? Rajev says 36th. Sana asking Rajev to come. He says after 2 mins let me think. Sana says ok come after thinking. LOL Rajev doing his poetry "har roz chaand ho". Sana talking to Aashka saying that it feels like when you know also are unknown and who are unknown you know them. Then she asks Aashka how her thick eye liner is looking. She says good. They continue random chatter.

6:51pm - Rajev comes over as does Sapna. Sapna says hello to Sana and Aashka. Sana says the front door is open that's why I'm feeling so cold, go quickly and close it so Sapna closes it and comes back. Rajev is saying that if you are cold, walk. Sapna says my knees are hurting. Rajev says normal walk. I did 50 rounds now. Sapna says I took a bath with boiling water now. Sapna is saying that people say that she doesn't show cleavage or shows her legs or shows off her figure. She tells Aashka what she was wearing yesterday she was looking sexy. Not because you were showing skin. Sapna says that if this week I survive then I'll tell Madhorama to send me some nice clothes. Aashka says that imagine if BB says the team that loses will get nominated. Sapna says that those who are nominated will stay nominated. She's saying that Niketan's entire Rajneeti group are out - Aseem, Sampat, Sidhu and now hum dono nominated hain. SO Niketan is also nominated. Rajev continues to talk to Aashka and console her with his gyaan.

7:01pm - Aashka in her room. BB is making an announcement. Aashka standing and listening.

7:03pm - Announcement seemed to go on for a while. Aashka back to packing her bag and takes out some top. Seems she's going for a shower. BB has muted all sound.

7:06pm - Niketan and Sapna outside the house joking about the task. Niketan says use teen bana liye the.. thod phod.. Sapna laughs and they go inside. Muted.

7:09pm urvashi is reading the 2nd part of the task. Rajev and someone (perhaps Urvashi) have to do something until BB gives them  the next intructions. She also mentioned 40 diya, maybe curtains? Rest was inaudible and all we can see is house logo.

7:12pm - Sana and Aashka walk out. Sana saying something about imagine agar darwaze ke paas khada rehna pade. Sapna comes out and makes them taste something she made.  Delnaaz and Mink cooking. Urvashi is watching them. Rajev talking and Urvashi saying that don't take it so seriously. It's all in fun. BB mutes. Vrajesh saying it's not fun, it's difficulty. Mink says it'll look funny. Rajev saying, listen to me but everyone talking over each other. Now Rajev is saying that when there was a tie between me and Vrajesh, BB didnt clarify. For 1 week I'm telling them my hand is aching and BB wont do anything. Scene changes to bathroom. Sana and Aashka filling a bucket. Sana has hiccups. She wonders who's remembering her.

7:16pm - Sana looks into the sink and says such dirty people and then she says, BB jisne yeh kiya hai usko dandit karein. So seems BB gave Rajev some punishment. Niketan comes into the bathroom and says BB ne badi billi paal li. Then they start talking about hot water.

7:21pm - Urvashi says to Del and Mink she's going out to check and see that no one is talking. Sapna comes in and Del says we can't talk to him. Sapna says no one is talking to him, he's talking to himself. LOL

7:24pm - Urvashi comes in and says something and "koi uski mashaal teekh kar ke do". Mink says, where are the boys? And then she runs out. Delnaaz asks Urvashi if the food's water level is okay. She says to add more. Then she run out with a bowl. Delnaaz cooking alone.

7:28pm - Mink is back.

*having a bad headache, taking a break*

Updates while I was gone:
*by alian1980* Mink saying Nik that : "Vishal ke dono haath jal gaye aur chale (boils) aa gaye hai", and then the mic was muted... Urvashi is seen taking burnol for him.* by happyviewer* vishal also got punishment. 

7:54pm - BB made an announcement for Urvashi but very difficult to understand.

7:56pm - Niketan saying that roti is his life's luxury. LOL

7:59pm - Niketan saying that they should make partner 2 where Aseem plays love guru and Salman is stuck. Confused

8pm - Urvashi is coming in and Delnaaz asks him how Vishal is. She's saying something but can't hear. She tells BB to send batteries for her mic as it's gone dead.

8:03pm - Niketan telling Urvashi - tum mat jao abhi task khatam ho jayega. 

8: 04pm - Del and Aashka still cooking and making rotis. Talking random stuff.

8:14pm - Del and Mink are deciding to stop making rotis and Nik says, make 2 small ones for me. Then when Mink asks again, he says 3 and says maybe I'll eat the 3rd. Niketan says, because you are making small rotis for me so I wont nominate you on Friday. Mink says relationships keep changing. Niketan says maine committment kar di hai. Mink says, lets wait for Friday Niketan. Niketan walks away saying, maine commitment kar di hai! Mink sings "do you want a partner?" and then says I'm remembering my partner. Delnaaz asks who? She says my friend who I call "partner". Now Del is asking if she's in a relationship. Mink says no, broke up because he kept asking me about marriage. She said I can be your gf for the next 10 yrs but not marriage. I'm not against marriage but I don't feel that way or have felt for any guy. Delnaaz saying shaaadi involves the whole family not just 2 people. Mink is saying yeah and it's not like I didn't love my ex. I loved him alot. Then they talk about rotis again. Ouch

8:21pm - BB's bell's gong is sounding. Del asks Mink to check whats in the store room. It's batteries so Mink gives them to Urvashi.

8:25pm - Delnaaz still cooking. Mink cleaning the counter. Delnaaz asks Urvashi if she needs more gravy. Urvashi comes and says there should have been more curry. Mink asks "bahar ki stithi kaisi hai?". Delnaaz asks, should I switch it off (stove)? Urvashi says yes, something about Sana and leaves. Then Delnaaz announces. Khana tayyar hai and asks Mink to taste. She grabs a spoon and gives it to mink. Mink says salt is less and the masala gale main lag raha hai. Mink asks Vrajesh, who came to fill water, to taste. He says I ate with lesser amount of salt anyway. He says, "thoda teekha hai" then a second later he says "thoda nahi bahaut teekha hai". Delnaaz calls Urvashi to come then Vrajesh. 

8:29pm - Delnaaz talking to Urvashi who walked in and asks her about tomorrow. Then asks Urva to taste for salt. She says is it spicy. Delnaaz says it'll be okay with roti. And then she says check the salt. Urva says she has less salt anyway. Del says, what about for others. I think Urva says it is less. Del goes to call Sana and others for food. Sana says yay. Sapna is also happy and says Del is looking cute. Del says I made doodi. Sapna says I want to eat your doodi. Confused Cam whole time on Urva who is standing and eating and saying "bahaut tasty bani hai". Sapna walks in and goes to red bedroom. She's wearing a hoody. Mics muted.

8:32pm - Sapna goes out of bedroom and asks Urvashi "ho gaya aapka?" Urva has finished eating standing. She tells Sapna to call everyone. SApna, Sana, Delnaaz have walked in. Cam switches to red bedroom. Aashka is wearing a sweater and walking out.

8:35pm - Sana, Sapna and Del all standing and eating. Sana saying it's cold. Vrajesh walks in and says Why is it so cold. BB why wont you switch off the AC? We'll have to sleep outside otherwise.

**will stop updates 15 mins before the tv telecast**

Back! Will update the missing bits now.

8:59pm tp 9:15pm- 
*by happyviewer* dellu saying rajeev aik ghante say ga raha hai bb just called urvashi to the confession room *by Sonia1230* sana complaining about task says she might die/faint..*by happyviewer* BB gave a task in which all have to saty up all night. sana complaining that she will not be able to survive. 

9:45pm - 10:05pm -
*by tanasha1993* Sana ab pillu par dorre daal rahi hai. 

9:50pm - Sana getting ready to pray and washing up for it (wudhu). Then she goes to pray. Aashka wearing a blue scarf, making dua and crying. Outside everyone is setting up the diyas.

10:05pm - Aashka in red bedroom crying. Outside everyone is arranging diyas all around the grassy areas.

10:10pm - Aashka crying and saying I was constantly working and this is the 3rd yr diwali that she's missing. Outside, Delnaaz and Rajev discussing the work they have to do tomorrow. Sapna comes inside and asks Sana to give her something.

10:20pm - Aashka and Sana talking to Sapna. Aashka asks who will stay  up first from your team so Sapna says me. Now Urvashi is talking to them.

10:23pm - Sana saying that new people can do it but the old contestants are so exhausted. Aashka saying that in this task also no one will do any house work. At least I tried telling people to do the work and in the major task also everyone did work except for those 3. But now it's the captain's duty. Even i had allotted work but it wasn't done.

10:26pm - Outside, Delnaaz, Rajev, Urvashi and Niketan are discussing the duties for staying up at night. Delnaaz is saying I can do it with Niketan. 

10:27pm - Aashka saying if you are not tired and hungry, you wont be irritated. Sana saying but should they give so physical tasks? Aashka saying that if they don't then how will people get irritated. That's why they give such tasks. Aashka saying we'll tell Urvashi that we'll sleep and we'll do the task for 2 - 2.5 hrs. 

10:30pm - Delnaaz saying that she wants to sleep because she did double duty. Rajev is annoyed that he has stayed up 1 hr longer than her. And we aren't carrying over previous duties. It's not a bill.

10:35pm - Sana saying that she and Aashka are being targetted by 2 people. And they are on their priority list to get them out. Aashka says Niketan knows I dislike him. I don;t hate him. Sana is saying Mink has come only 2 days and has already creating misunderstanding and she's not talking to anyone and has made a group of 3 and sat down. 

10:40pm - Sana is asking Urvashi to not give them night duty.

*stopping updates. Very tiring. Thank you all for your appreciations!*

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What's up forum vaasiyon? sab kharate bhar rahe hain abhi bhi?

Ohh waaoo Rajeev ganda LOL

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nomination ho gaya kya ??
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Originally posted by scarlet.moon

aashka folding blankets on the bed while sapna went back to sleep
why , sana is also using her blanket. Awazz uthaaooo she need to help her too LOLLOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by PriyaBB

Originally posted by scarlet.moon

aashka folding blankets on the bed while sapna went back to sleep
why , sana is also using her blanket. Awazz uthaaooo she need to help her too LOLLOLLOLLOL
Delnaaz too...LOL

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Originally posted by PriyaBB

nomination ho gaya kya ??

aashka, vrajesh, sapna

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