Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast Discussion 9:Update p.1, 78

-MakhanMalaai- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.

Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

Consolidated Updates are given by  Star
simplypurple  Star


You don't need an iphone anymore to watch BiggBoss live stream 24 hours direct from the BiggBoss house. Its now available to watch  on your pc/laptop

Just click on the following link  ..& enjoy !!!

I am liking the LIVE transmission from BB house directly, coz this is the real BiggBoss experience, not that 45 minutes' edited dramatized version.
Best thing is that u can watch BiggBoss now anytime u want 
The live stream is the real life & real time experience. 

for iphone users 

1st Live Footage Discussion Thread

2nd Live Footage Discussion Thread

Live discussion 3

Live discussion 4

Live Discussion 5

Live Discussion 6

Live Discussion 8

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Autumn. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Will make this 9 & reserve as 8th LUF was already made.

Will shift post from here to there.

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-MakhanMalaai- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Cool Cool..

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Updates from earlier today (8am - 11:47am) here:


11:53am - Vrajesh washing dishes. Aashka Del still cooking.

11:56am - Rajev talking to Aashka and Delnaaz about his arm/hand hurting and they are recommending meds. Rajev trying to get Aashka's attention so he says "hello Aashka, calling Aashka" and she says the line is busy, she's talking to Delnaaz. Rajev, "haan wo to pata chal raha hai".LOL Then he says, "To main keh raha tha ki mera haat dukh raha hai".

12:01pm - Aashka and Delnaaz still cooking.

12:03pm - Delnaaz cutting onions and crying. LOL So Aashka tells her to put them in the water.

12:11pm - Delnaaz telling Aashka that she's enjoying cooking today. Cam in red bedroom where sana is all dressed up and putting on make up.

12:14pm - Cam to bathroom. Someone is in the toilet. Rajev comes in and Vrajesh who is taking a shower tells Rajev to switch off the exhaust so instead he tells to switch them on as there's a lot of suffocation Confused then Vrajesh says OFF so Rajev says to BB, please off the shower area's exhaust or Vrajesh might fly out like a fly and he's feeling cold. LOL

12:16pm - Back to kitchen and cookery show by Delnaaz and Aashka. Delnaaz says, "we don't have lemons, right?"

12:20pm - Aashka making rotis, Del frying/cooking them.

12:25pm - When the first roti/paratha is made, Del tells her to eat it as she never ate breakfast properly. I hink Aashka says it's her bf Rohit's favourite. Sana walks in the kitchen dressed up with a curler in her hair. She comes to make rotis and Del tells her to sit outside or dance. They give her a gobi paratha to taste and she says its good.

12:29pm - Aashka says, lets call Sana to Delnaaz and Del says they should let her do her hair. In red bed room Sana is staring at her reflection and straightening her hair near the captain's room.

12:34pm - Delnaaz saying that she has learnt so much cooking in the house when she goes back, she won't need a cook. And once someone had said she couldn't even make roti.

12:35pm: Sana's done with her hair and comes to make rotis. Delnaaz asking Sana to make a frech braid for her later.

12:40pm - Some sounds can be heard outside and Sana asks Aashka what is it and Aashka says, I only know as much as you know. They mention someone about a set. Then Delnaaz asks Aashka if she's angry with her. Aashka says, "with you?! Never! I'm angry with her" hinting at Urvashi most likely. BB anouncement for all the house mates (muted). Then Delnaaz saying they wont call us in the confession room in this state. Then Urvashi comes to the kitchen area and Aashka walks away. ConfusedUrvashi saying she hasn't taken a bath as yet because boys aren't done as yet. Sana saying that as soon as she picks up the rolling pin, BB starts commanding.

12:43pm - Urvashi calls everyone to the living room. Niketan is in the bathroom talking to someone in the toilet. Cam switches to outdoor cam. Niketan, Rajev and Vrajesh seen walking inside. BB muted.

12:47pm - Cam briefly switches to living room where all the housemates are sitting and quickly back to outdoor cam. Seems like nominations are taking place! Shocked

1:24pm - Urvashi comes out of the house singing to herself. Dips her hand in the pool and then goes to the bathroom. 

1:25pm - Vrajesh from yellow bedroom going into living area.

1:27pm - Sapna going inside house and Vrajesh going to the bathroom.

1:28pm - Red bedroom, Mink digging through her suitcase saying she'll have to get used to wearing other people's clothes. She's singing "oi makhna oi makhna"

1:30pm - Mink talking to herself asking what she'll wearing. She says she wont wear camouflage clothes and I wont wear these so I'll keep them inside. What to wear?

1:32pm - Vrajesh and Niketan sitting near gym area. Rajev sorting through clothes. Sana calls him.

1:35pm - Urvashi and Mink join Vraj and Nik. After a while Mink leaves. Nothing can be heard. All muted.

1:37pm - Sapna going for a shower.

1:40pm - Mink's back. Seems like there was some announcement because Urva goes to call Sapna and everyone enters the house again. Seems like BB is about to announce the results of the nominations now. Shocked I thought I saw Niketan linger around Mink a little before they went inside. Probably he was asking her whom she voted for.

1:45pm - Sapna came out and went back in. Niketan comes out. Sapna walks back to the bathroom. Mink and Vrajesh comes and sits outside with Niketan near the gym area. Vrajesh seems to be telling them something. He's doing a lot of hand gestures. Perhaps he was nominated again? All 3 seem to be having a serious conversation. Perhaps Niketan was nominated too? Mink goes inside. Vrajesh still talking to Niketan. Both of them walk to the bathroom.

1:48pm - Mink comes out and then walks into the bathroom. Sound seems to be back. Niketan & Mink near pool. Mink asks him "to kya lagta hai abhi" and BB mutes it. Angry

1:50pm - Mink and Niketan keep in conversation until Rajev comes out of the house and they start playfully trying to throw each other in the pool. Sapna comes out of the house and goes to the bathroom. Vrajesh slowly walks back to the house. He looks lost. Niketan and Mink still standing near the bathroom deep in conversation. Mics are all muted.

1:55pm - Sapna has come out of the bathroom and seems to be saying something to Niketan. She's gone really close to him now and is saying something. Mink seems to have gone inside. Someone was jumping up and down. Looked like a kid but I think it was Sapna.

1:56pm - Urvashi in red bedroom going through some suitcase and taking out clothes. Delnaaz and Vrajesh seem to be saying Rajev ne kiya. Sana walks into the red bedroom and talks to Urvashi. Mic muted.

1:58pm - Niketan, Rajev and Mink outside near gym area deep in conversation. Mics muted. Dead

2:00pm - Aashka walking away from the kitchen looking upset and Urvashi staring at her as she walks away. Looking very serious. Delnaaz and Urvashi and Vrajesh in kitchen. Vrajesh singing. Mink enters. Urvashi is gone.

2:05pm - Urvashi and Delnaaz talking. Delnaaz asking "kya laga tujhe?" or something. Mink interrupts asking about shampoo.

2:06pm - Mink saying she's very happy her clothes have come. Niketan was surprised to see her. Wink Del saying Sana was asking who's underwear is it which has all cats over it. Mink says, my bra also has cats over it. BB mutes. Then Mink shows Delnaaz another underwear with lots of cats on it. Confused

2:08pm - Sapna back from her bath and saying "kaun the wo do". Sapna is directly nominated. Two more nominated. Delnaaz and her discuss previous nominations. Sapna saying we'll get to save ourselves. Delnaaz is like no, from 2 previous nominations we haven't been having that. Sapna was like because last time it was a punishment. BB cuts to Mink, Rajev and Niketan talking near gym area.

2:15pm - Mink was talking about her family. Rajev left. Niketan saying he loves Germany. Mink also discussing it. Vrajesh comes out dancing and singing and says he's so happy. BB mutes their conversation mid way. Niketan calls  vrajesh back and is asking him for next captain;s nominations who will he nominated. BB mutes.

2:19pm - Vrajesh walks Delnaaz to the bathroom and is dancing then he goes inside. Mink and Niketan sitting and Mink telling him about her family in Germany.Sleepy

2:23pm - Mink telling some story about waitresses being paid to drink in some bar and she was waitressing and not allowed to drink so her friend replaced it with juice with looked like a drink like remmy and kept drinking till half a bottle was over and guys were wondering why she wasn't drunk and an elderly guy wanted to smell her drink and she didn't let him or she'd be in trouble.

2:27pm - Urvashi comes out and asks Niketan if she's lost weight from her face. Niketan says she has.

2:29pm - Vrajesh comes out singing and dancing and heads towards the bathroom. Niketan and Mink discuss him. Mink says yeh pagal ho gaya hai. Nik says yeh to phir bhi better hai, pehle do baar... BB mutes. perhaps he's nominated?

2:30pm - Pool side view. No sound.

2:34pm - Sapna seen talking to Niketan. No sound.

2:37pm - Bathroom scene. Rajev shaving. Ouch

2:39pm - Aashka done with her shower, has changed and was looking at herself in the mirror.

2:40pm - Rajev was about to leave when he crashed into Mink. He says, "aaj wakehi Vrajesh bada cute lag raha hai. Peeli chaddi pahen ke phool khilta hai na?" LOL Mink doesn't respond so Rajev asks, "aaj tera maun vrat hai kya?". Mink says nahi and leaves. Rajev checks himself in the mirror and leaves and sits outside with Niketan and Vrajesh. Mink now in red bedroom. Aashka drying her hair in the red bedroom.

2:46pm - Aashka blow drying her hair. Cam stuck on her.

**general update while I was on a break: *by -ChillMahaul-* Aashka does Sapna's make up. *by susan29* Niketan and Vishal briefly seen talking. Niketan says he loves jokes but not lies. *by tanya.91* Niketan talking all about his high society relation ships, showing off which foreign countries he visited and an indepth analysis to impress the housemates . *by -ChillMahaul-* heard Vishal and Sana laughing loudly and BB mutes. *by cruiser51* Niketan is lamenting about quality of life in Mumbai...shabby road conditions,pollution etc.

3:14pm - delnaaz sitting on her bed getting dressed.

3:16pm - Delnaaz doing eye make up yells for Sana to do her hair. Delnaaz says "kaun the wo char" Sana says "mujhe pata hai" and BB mutesOuch Mink getting ready in the bathroom, doing her make up for 10 - 15 mins.

3:24pm - Mink walks outside. Niketan walking. Vrajesh too. Niketan turns around to look at Mink who goes inside the house. Nik asking if Urvashi must have come out after taking a bath to vrajesh. He's telling Vraj that he goes sometimes to play squash. Vraj asks Nik to explain the rules of squash. Niketan telling BB that the tank is getting very dirty. 

3:27pm - Bathroom cam. Empty. Back to outdoor cam. Niketan and Vrajesh walk inside. Cam stuck out. mics mutes. Sleepy

3:29pm - Urvashi done with her bath, sitting and applying make up in captain's room. she tells mink she's coming in 2 mins and is complaining that she doesn't know what to do. These BB teams are not sending her shampoo. Continues her makeup.

3:30pm Niketan in yellow bedroom drinking water and walking out. Vrajesh in the bathroom washing his hands and eventually walks out of the bathroom.

3:32pm - Urvashi done with her make. Now drying her hair. she wears her gown and walks out of the red bedroom putting something in her hair. 

3:33pm - Outside cam. Niketan and Vrajesh sitting near the pool. Vraj saying rohini's friends had come from delhi, etc. Urvashi walks out. Niketan says, all set? Dressy dressy. Urvashi walks to the outdoor bathroom. Niketan has his shirt above his navel. Mink walks up to them. mink says if he's eating. He says that he's waiting for Urvashi the captain. Mink says if it was Rajev, he'd joke about it. niketan says yeah, he's a rockstar. Mink says they;ll definitely give some task. Nik says last week there was no task. Niketan says, they wont give because they have a lot of footage for tomorrow. Niketan is asking if the broadcast is saturday/sunday. Mink says friday saturday. Nik says fri ko wo kya dikhate hai. Mink says elimination. Niketan is about to talk and BB mutes and changes to delnaaz in bedroom. 

3:38pm - Everyone goes inside to eat. Outside overhead cam. Ouch

3:39pm - Everyone shown from a distance at the entrance cam sitting at the dining table eating.

3:40pm - Sapna eating and saying Delnaaz, wow! Wow! WOW! LOL

3:43pm - Vrajesh saying if now even Yamdoot comes I'll tell him to give him a while to finish eating the food first.

3:44pm - Delnaaz seems to be telling Vishal to eat as if he's at his own house.

3:47pm - Delnaaz is telling everyone that they may not know but the paratha has gobi in it and Rajev is saying that Delnaaz has peeled. Delnaaz laughs and says, I didn't say it for admiration. And Rajev continues, "aur jo aata goonda hai..." Ouch

3:55pm - Rajev gets up and says thank you girls, lovely food. Delnaaz discussing potatoes and cauliflower. Delnaaz asking Vishal if he liked the food. He says yes. She asks "pet bhara". He says yes yes.

3:57pm - Urvashi in red bedroom. Picking clothes and putting them away and leaving the room.

3:58pm - Sapna washing dishes. Delnaaz washing up now.

**hands hurting typing so taking a break. Will update if anything important is said**

4:05pm - Nik and Mink talking in the kitchen. Mink says that BB bahaut soch samjh ke task, secret karya detein hain right? Niketan says yes. Mink says that then what's the point of Vishal...BB MUTES. Dead 

4:08pm - Nik asks Mink if she's seen all episodes? Mink says that she missed some because she was travelling. He asks her if she knew she was coming that's why she watched them or because of interest. And then Mink burns her hair on the stove that was left on. Mink says that when my friends came to know when I was going, her friend were big fans and called her and said "oh wow now we'll start watching" and she started watching, found it interesting. Vrajesh walks up to them. Niketan says yo man and vrajesh says yo!

4:13pm - Mink singing "bodyguard" song in German and then starts laughing.

4:19pm - Rajev and Delnaaz seem to be fighting but BB has muted their mics. Sana and Aashka are staring at them. Aashka tells Sana to let them talk and not look at them.

4:22pm - Delnaaz and Rajev walk over to Aashka and Sana and have a discussion which BB mutes.

4:36pm - Everyone outside. Vishal exercising and Niketan teaching him. Sapna near pool. Rest all
playing dumb sharaads. 

4:43pm - They're playing antakshiri.

4:49pm - Sapna who was by the pool comes to join them and Urvashi tells her to sit and join them. Heart

5:14pm - Rajev sings a song, Del says I already sang it so Rajev says I'm singing the male version. They continue singing and BB focuses on the monkey with it's fingers in it's ears. LOL Vishal must have joined them so overhead cam is being shown.

5:18pm - Buzzer rings so Vrajesh, Mink and Vishal go to get the batteries. Mink looking into the mirror and saying she's so sleepy and she'll do threading tomorrow. Then she says I'm so sleepy, antakshiri is so boring. BB avoiding showing Vishal as much as possible.

5:20pm - Niketan comes in the house and tells Mink to join him in walking outside. Overhead cam. Vishal sitting with them. Mink and Niketan doing khusphus.

5:21pm - BB has finally sent Rajev his bandages and cream for his hand. So he thanks BB.

5:33pm - Rajev, Sana and Niketan come inside. Rajev and Sana make coffee. Rajev tells Sana that love is when you love someone more than yourself. Sana is telling Rajev that she felt very bad when she heard Vrajesh calling her legally blonde and then calling her betu. She's like if people don't like me, I have no problem and BB mutes.

5:39pm - Mink sitting on her bed and applying make up. Saying badi masti karte hain ghar ke log aur upar se ek aur aa gaya (Vishal)Confused

5:41pm - Mink talking to herself saying she should go in the kitchen and make food. Rajev and Sana are still in the kitchen. Rajev putting all cups on the tray and he asks Mink to carry the tray as he has bandaged his hand. Sana carries the tray outside. Mink still on kitchen. Rajev telling her to come outside and take her coffee. She says she's coming. She opens the fridge and says I could make food but there's nothing to make and the fridge is stinking. I could make daal. Then she tells BB to send 2 kg of chicken keema. She walks out. Everyone is picking up their cups and drinking.

5:45pm Rajev and sana asking to try their coffees and Delnaaz says both are the same and both are cold. LOL BB's bell's gongs are sounded. Apparently it's a task and Rajev has to read it out loud to all the housemates. Sapna and Vishal the last ones to enter the house. BB has muted mics.

5:52pm - Vrajesh goes to the toilet and tells Niketan to come quickly as everyone is waiting for him as Rajev has to read the tablet and it'll take  time. Vraj asks if Nik got hot water. Nik says subha se khula rakha tha. Nik checks his hair in the mirror, wets his hair, sets it and whispers "it's all about me me me" and then walks out saying something.

**wrist hurting from typing so I'll have to end here. Will try to update later. Thanks for taking the time to read**

7:52pm - Vishal seems to have to perform a dance and he was coming into the yellow room and I got a screen capture of him finally!

8:45pm: BB might ask viewers which of the eliminated contestants should be brought back so they think Karishma might come back. Confused

8:50pm - Mink saying that Sana hasn't spoken to her all day because she was pretending to faint when Sana will meet Vishal. Urva was telling her that anyone bonds with anyone at any moment like Sana bonded with Sapna only 2 - 3 days ago after that incident.

8:53pm - Rajev said: Vrajesh nominate hua hai n BB muted it.

9:27pm - Aashka and Sana go into the bathroom. Aashka is saying that she wants to enjoy thoroughly this week and then...Sana talks over so the rest can't be heard but seems likely that Aashka is nominated.

9:59pm - Niketan backbiting about Vrajesh in front of Urvashi and Mink. Saying that this guy will go and back bite about someone and then he will go pretend to be their friend.

10:11pm - Sana talking about her task where she has to be Vishal all the time. And BB mutes.

10:15pm - Urv talking to Mink saying she was not very fond of Niketan.

10:19pm - Vraj and Delnaaz talking and walking outside and I think Vrajesh is annoyed with Aashka and he's telling Delnaaz don't do anything. He's saying what happened was disgusting. Delnaaz wanted him to take to her whenever he needs to. He's saying he'll come to her but there's nothing like that. Vraj is saying the garnier men task, he shoudl have come 2nd because there was no rule about nothing breaking the tiles one way and you can't break with your hands. He's saying it's such a small thing and only Urvashi was supposed to mark that task. Del asks why he never spoke up and he is asking why should he say anything.

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ashka is looking so sad in the kitchen ...whats wrong with her

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Originally posted by fkbutts

ashka is looking so sad in the kitchen ...whats wrong with her

thats her birth right !! 
Cant help !! but put up with the torture ! 

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Vishal's interview before entering the house

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VintageWine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
WTH is Vraj humming ?? ROFL ROFL 

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