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incredible episode (Page 18)

beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by beena14

will be back Di Heart

Brilliant  post Di Clap  

Di, I rank this episode as one of the best in IPK history. You are well aware how crazy I am about your writing ...had to fight back tears reading your post . All the drama going off screen didn't take the essence of the episode for me. The leads at their best , beautiful dialogues ...Hitesh Clap Arnav and Khushi will always stay with me.

Di, IPK is the only show I have followed ...was telling my husband this , 2012 has been one of the most memorable year for me . This show bought so many wonderful people in my life and hope to will continue to have a virtual contact with you'll. Di , sorry will add more when I get my bearings right .

thanks, beena, my writing is good because the material it works with is often brilliant. it was one of the best episodes, wasn't it. stick in the mind moments at stab in the back times. and crazy tears stinging back of eyes, heart skipping beats, only a serial some will aver. we know otherwise.

but why the tears? because you felt the end approach? tells me now, come ons. and did you paick karo your desi ghee when you went to oo amrika? Hug

Di Hugghee ke sath values bhi le aayee hu amrika Wink woh kya hai unfortunately some who live on the other side have lost their...No morals either Angry someone else has to suffer hope the looonnng break does good and he finds greener pastures else where Smile  

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beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nandalala

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Smita.M

I have tears in my eyes,Indi..

Ur post was as beautiful and as magical as yesterday's scenes!
Thank u for the PM!

smita, that is quite a compliment, thanks. maybe my feelings came through and touched yours. the way the episode did. i could feel barun and sanaya acting their hearts out, and someone with sincerity and passion writing those dialogues. not a single word out of place. great work. see you soon, smita with taht looong happy update of yours. 

Ttly agree with Di.  Smita, I miss your updates, hun...How can I re-live the epis, now?Cry

I second that Anji , Smita dear will miss you and your detailed updates .

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dazee

Originally posted by indi52

"jaa rahi ho?"
did you hear the magnet in that quiet voice? how it pulled her over.

so i watch. till asr is barun and khushi is sanaya and they are together. jab hum door hotey hain tab bhi paas hote hain. yehi hai pyaar. yes, i know i am being prepared. i am.
that's why i can still love.

"khushi, meri zindagi mein jo bhi hoga, sab tumhare saamne hoga... mujhe har kadam pe tumhari madad ki zaroorat padegi... are you gonna be with me?"

was someone talking to me? or am i being ott and filmi like someone we know. Wink


Indi, what an utterly beautiful post.  you captured so much of what I'm feeling, and many are feeling, so well.

such heartbreaking irony that the beauty of the episodes since the ME, and especially yesterday's and today's which would have had us over the moon, and in joyous mood, analysing, enjoying, and loving the two, is clouded over by all the mindbending happenings off-screen.

For the life of me I can't begin to imagine how someone who created this work of absolute beauty, and created characters as epic and iconic as arnav and khushi, can ever  think of destroying them with not a shred of mercy or misgiving.  Mindboggling.

As you put it, we don't know what's going to happen next, but for our sakes and theirs (Barun, sanaya...) let us savor and celebrate  the loveliness of the last two episodes.  They were magical! I just loved the letter that Arnav wrote and the heart touching tone in which he read it, totally soaked in love..

loved the holding of her duppata today, the words, the look, the hug, the angst...uff heratbreaking, and her hugging him back, and the tears and her breaking heart...

Yes, he's figured out Sheetal's playing a game and the shatir mind  will get to the bottom of it, with his khushi next to him.   Can he do it between now and Nov 23rd?  
We can only wait and watch and hope!  and in the meanwhile enjoy this troubled but beautiful journey of theirs -- whatever amount we will be allowed to see.

Thanks for the lovely post.  a bright spot in all this made me smile and made me feel the warmth and love that the show and these two always evoke...

Really hope there's  a dvd one day soon.

Hi, Dazee, such a heartfelt post.  I have full faith on the unraveling of truths, hun!  Very evident after today...The dupatta seemed redundant to others, but to me it just made sense.  The man who had once forcefully removed the garment from her body, now holds onto it...for it is his lifeline.  How can we forget that epic scene during the temple wedding: her dupatta begging for him to hold it.  And he did just that, when he came back to her as she waited for him at the mandap.

I can never get enough of their hugs, hun...It is what defines them...

Oh, a DVD or even a paid download would be fabulous.  What a Diwali, Eid or Xmas gift it would be down the line!

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Omoraboti

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by Omoraboti


You made me cry. I am utterly depressed for two days .. I never knew this could happen to me. It is not about Barun leaving .. It is about losing something close to my heart .. A story, a love story that has been there by my side to live through the days for a year.

It was such a beautiful episode. Dialogues, pace, scripting, performance .. it emitted the essence of the story all through .. left me in daze as the two lover cherished their bond.

"Arnav aur Khushi humesha saath rahenge." Yes. In my heart .. Alway. Forever.

if there was true beauty in it, it will not die just like that. there's life in ipk, something in me just believes that. please don't feel so down. you're a writer of lovely asr khushi tales, do me an update of lime and lemon or d fir desire, na. need to feel that dhak dhak. Big smile


You always speak of hope, Di. I have not been so depressed in a long time. I know I will be fine .. but till then, this pain I have to endure .. I hope it goes away soon.

Perhaps I will continue writing on them .. as long as there are people like you & me who would still want to read their story... their Hamesha story ... :) But for now .. It is sad time for me. :(

Farah, never stop writing, hun...It is cathartic.  And you, my friend, are so eloquent and elegant with your words.Clap  I have made a note to dig into your FFs...Looking forward to it.Smile

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Nandalala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Nishita--

Originally posted by indi52

nishita Hug
missing you and all my crooner pals. thanks so much for your cogent as ever comment. in bold, khushi's dilemma was so palpable. i wanted to tell her things don't get solved like that, but i knew it was all from her heart and she was hurting so bad, she couldn't think clearly. your connecting his words to that night of 1 august, on page 2 anjali felt the same. thanks for that insight.

in bold red. what an epic love story we saw, traveling from first takkar to this here, arnav and khushi are nothing without each other. you made that experience so much richer on our crooner meet ups. you and all my other friends there. i can still hear you raving for sr, for proper shadi, then honeymoon. surely, it will happen, the last one?LOL

in bold blue, me loved stay! barked an order, will definitely make her wish she hadn't.

in bold black, they made our life a little less ordinary every day. it is not easy to give so much of yourself every day. especially for barun, as asr is conceived as a more intense, concentrated character and he immerses himself completely every moment. takes everything out of you. sanaya's role is very demanding, but the intensity is interspersed with lots of lightness, takes a lesser toll on the actor. i can understand barun needing a break. especially, if the character has been messed with.

take care. maybe we'll get to meet on a crooner soon? fingers crossed.

Awww missing you too Indi. Hug. My list of demands has been quite longLOL but I am happy with whatever is shown. Hopefully, once Sheetal exits, we will get the honeymoon. Hoping against hopeLOL

I know you were not for the traditional wedding...I enjoyed reading your viewpoints on the same. I have to say, like you even I absolutely love the Feb temple weddingEmbarrassed
I am sure we still have many more scenes that we can discuss about...yahan na sahi...kahi aur hi sahiSmile

Yes, I am also hoping we meet on a crooner againHug

Oh, your back & forth made me emotional, guys!!  "Hoping against hope, yahan na sahi, kahin aur sahi"--Jab Tak Hain Jaan, GS!!Hug

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

i confess: quietly going crazy, wondering what decision was taken at the sp meeting today. pointless, i know. i will never know the real shenanigans or anything remotely connected to the truth. still. the dil doesn't listen. just refuses. barun needs a break. if you ask me, everyone needs a break. it's been intense and exhausting for all at ipk. a little away from it all time is needed. and when inspiration finds its way back, when eyes and minds are sparkling again, when the lightness is returned, the next step. season two. wouldn't it be luverly? 

I want him to take a break, regardless of what the situation is at 4 Lions.  In fact, I want all of them to go on hiatus.  I want the "sparkle" for all of them, Di.  Yes, he looks tired, but I think the eyes of all the actors show the fatigue and the pain behind the scenes, Di.  

If there is a season II, let it be with another production house.  A PH which understands the value of the actors who are an integral part of their product.  Who will bring out the best performances, and allow them to breathe.  Too much to ask for?  Maybe.  But I will keep hope alive!Smile

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Sunshine80 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52


reading about the barun interview or whatever it was. looks like the deed is done. he is taking a break. read he sounded tired and at times close to tears. i can't bear to read such things about the boy. after so many months of such flawless and powerful work, he deserves better. not a good feeling. poor kid. just want him to run away from this fickle mad world for a while. hope to see him again soon, in a better place with better people, stunning as we know him to be. 

the beatles song, "with a little help from my friends" playing in my mind. "do you need anybody, i just need someone to love. what would you do if i sing out of tune, would you..." i would never get up and walk out of him LOL. i know i don't make sense. something is hurting quite a lot.


Here is the link to listen recording of the interview

Yes Di...looks like deed is doneOuch. Whatever is happening around him now..which I will never knew..he said he is taking a break to spend his time with his wife and family. He definitely deserves better..but unfortunately things got hay wire. Last time he went for a break di...but that was different...but this's clear to me and that feeling is not good to me either. Whatever said and done...I can't n will never forget this man(asr) and he will alwyazz be with me...saanso mein bas gaya ab kya kareinCry

Beetles Song seems like to suite for BS now...Di..all I can say is this chotey will be there for you alwayzz and I need u too to show me and correct me as alwyazz...What the Di...i don't like all thiss  emotional drama...bas come out of itEmbarrassed


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Loveusanaya Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 6:45pm | IP Logged
Nyc post...and yes today's epi rocked.

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