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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 32 Thread 5 (Page 59)

Tamaru Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:45am | IP Logged
dat made me senti
luvd it yr !!!
awww arnav is so cute nd naughty as well!!!

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rocking meenu

A.shradha Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:50am | IP Logged
hey KC i wnt to read this update so badly (not yet read) its my exam tomrw..n whn i sat to study i thought to jst check once my inbox..n boom..hw wl i study whn KC has updated!!!!!! i really can't bt abi read krna start nahi if i'l do mai pakke se kal tapak jaungi... its my toughest exam tommorow morning.. wl read aftr that.. lsorry for extra comment..just to inform this stupid thing..lolzz..(i knw i still cnt study wdout readng it bt my strict frnd is here to make me sit n study) :(

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dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Update was i have said before each new update is better that the previous...with a thought so amazing and yet most natural. This is what you have shown in this update...a love so pure...just like the innocence of a child.
Adults always forget to think about a child's emotions or reactions thinking that they are yet too small. just like khushi and arnav had always worried about each others feelings taking aashna for granted. But a child looks for security and familiarity.
Its indeed so nice to see Arnav thinking about Aashna and trying his best to woo win her love towards him. Who would have thought that the great ASR would get nervous about impressing a 4 year old. While Arnav is showing patience and taking their relationship slowly to give Aashna time, khushi is being impatient like arnav used to be earlier. She does not want to spend anytime away from arnav and wants to tell the whole world that he is her husband.
Loved the last part where Aashna started bonding with Arnav, you have described, arnav's feelings in the most wonderful way. It all felt so natural.
waiting for the next part...please dont make us wait so long
continue soon

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baddoc72rocking meenu

tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
amazin parts

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rocking meenu

zo_Ora Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
WOOOWW!!:...wat an update yaarr!!!...loved it!!!:...hope she accepts him as her father soon1!!!!...brilliantly ws vry the love birds...:D :D :D ...update ssooonn1!! :D :D :D

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rocking meenu

angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
he is right
he need to accept him nt forced to
so sweet

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fleurs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged

             Thank u KC for the PM. Just the sight of  "It all started with 300 Rupees " brought a broad smile  to my face. I feel  over joyed to know that u are continuing to write. I would love to read ur work. Sorry for the times I have forgotten to comment on ur updates.  When u are giving us  updates  containing  more than 10000 words, it wouldn't be fair on my part if I don't give u atleast 10 lines of comments.  Hence forth,   I will definitely make it a point to share my thoughts & joy of reading ur fabulous updates. My taste for reading has increased after reading ur works, so KC please don't stop writing & give us the privilege of reading ur wonderful piece of writing.

 Today's update was fabulousHug I loved the entire update but I have quoted the most loved lines. Hope u like my comments.

Originally posted by karmachameleon

He was a hollow soul who came to Mumbai for work;

That's what he had done ever since she left him that unfortunate day ' work, work, work and work.

He had done everything to keep him busy, keep him occupied, keep him away from spending time with his mind, his heart.

He spoke on the phone "yes ma'am" and he smiled again''

"Yes sweetheart, what a pleasant surprise''you could have called me on my cell phone as well" he spoke with a beaming smile on his face, a rare but a sight worth watching'..

He heard "was that Roshni who answered the call?" '"why don't you give her a cabin of her own where she can sit all day and do some actual work instead of trying to stay around you all day?"

She replied "I don't know, I still don't like her around you''..sorry about that. When are you coming today?"

She replied in a frustrated tone "you would know if you lived with her''."

I want to live with both of you more than anything''you know that''but''"

He answered "Khushi''I know it's hard''.I understand''.it's hard for both of us''.but it's not about us right now''s about''"

She interrupted again "I know Arnav Ji''.I understand that but I still don't know if this is the right way to do it''."

She finally laughed and said "I think you should do some work too, just like Roshni, but in your own cabin, don't work with her." He replied "yes ma'am, anything else?" She replied "yes, I love you." He answered "I love you too sweetheart."

He could barely concentrate on working after their conversation. The latter part. He didn't know who was this hardest on? Him? Her? Or Aashna? What if Khushi was right? What if he was not doing the right thing? What if this could mess things more?


She replied "sir, Karan called, he wanted to schedule a meeting sometime this week now that Khushi is back after her long vacation''" She said in a sarcastic tone without realizing who she was saying it to.

She had only heard about his temper, now she was about to experience it, live. ''" He looked at her with those pair of enraged eyes and said "her daughter was in critical care after an accident, does that sound like a vacation to you?" He spoke again "she has been up day and night trying to take care of her daughter all by herself, does that sound like vacation to you?"

 He looked at her with enough rage in them and asked "it's nice to see how much interest you take in our company and how worried you are for our company but this project is worth more than a child's life? Is this what you are worried about? This damn project?"

" Leave had never sounded better from him than today


                          Happy for Arnav , since he has found his lost love.... sorry lost family. All the pain that he underwent all through the days when Khushi was not by his side will definitely be wiped away in the future by his loving wife & child.

                       Good that Arnav blasted Ms.Saxena  & waiting for the day he shows her , her place. I felt happy when all the sarcasm of Ms.Saxena got washed off, by Arnav's blasting. I never thought that such a simple 5 letter word "LEAVE" could  sound so authoritative.

Originally posted by karmachameleon

How could he be so nervous about meeting a four year old? Could that be even possible? After all he was Arnav Singh Raizada. But right now he was only a man, who was just a husband by the morning and a father by the night. To this angel, who didn't even exist for him until yesterday.

It was the first time they had seen the dawn together, after sharing their biggest grief, biggest loss and their biggest regret. They barely had any sleep that night. The only good thing about that night was that they were together, after all that they had been through. Together.

Though the dried tear drops were still visible on her face, she still had some kind of satisfaction on her face. She didn't look stressed, or worried, or upset. She was sleeping peacefully, in his arms, right next to him, with him.

 He put that haunting black and white picture away, making sure she didn't see it again, not first thing in the morning at least.

"how else? Khushi told me. She hates black coffee and still can't understand how you can drink black coffee."

He saw her face, her eyes, she was clearly very fond of Aashna, anyone could read the tension in her eyes.

A perfect mother and a perfect daughter. Preparing himself to meet her for the first time.

                           ASR preparing himself to meet a 4 year old was so sweet. This shows his genuineness in wanting her to accept him.  So nice of him to hide the picture from Khushi & not to upset her in the morning. I love his concern  for her.



Originally posted by karmachameleon

The first thing he noticed was her curly hair. Were all kids that cute or was it just Aashna. He smiled admiring their pictures, lost in his own world.

Naina noticed him carefully going through each picture, one by one. With such interest. The more he noticed all the pictures, the more he tried to understand Aashna, know her more, familiarizing him with her more before meeting her for the first time.

He couldn't help but smile and said "does Aashna like to eat too?" Naina answered "yes, she does like to eat, unlike many other kids her age, she can actually eat, just like her mamma." And they both smiled at her statement.

He asked again "does she like Jalebis too?" They both have crazy sweet tooth, sometimes Khushi has to hide and eat her Jalebis just because it's not good for Aashna to eat that much sweet. You should see her waking up in the middle of the night and hiding somewhere from Aashna and eating Jalebis'.."

                Arnav admiring even the tiniest details of the mother-daughter duo was outstanding Clap

Originally posted by karmachameleon

She noticed his apologetic smirk and said "you can't do all that here, with Naina here''s very''s little''." She stopped talking. He spoke "uncomfortable?" She nodded yes. He asked again "very or little?" And she noticed his smirk again.

"YUCK" He heard her loud voice. She walked back to him and spoke in rather loud voice "is this why you gave me this coffee so easily? Because it's BLACK COFFEE?  He couldn't help but just admire his fussy wife.

She replied "is something bothering you?" He looked around and said "no, nothing is bothering me."  "I am not crazy, if you had insisted on coming upstairs, it would have been almost impossible to say no, you always get your way."

He asked "what do you mean?" She answered "Mr. Raizada, I just mean you know how to get me to agree with anything you want' your own ways''" ''" She pushed him back and said "don't even think about it."

'..when she heard Aashna. She put those mugs back as fast as she could and ran towards Aashna's room without wasting anymore second. She asked "you are not coming?" He didn't say anything. She walked back to him and held his hand and said "come." She opened the door and walked in.

She was right there. Sitting on her bed. Waiting for them. He heard "Mamma." He then realized she was not waiting for them, she was waiting for her Mamma. Khushi. Not him. This was harder than he thought.

 Naina walked to the cabinet and took out a clear plastic glass with multiple colored hearts and balloons, filled it up and gave it to him. He took the glass from her and looked at it, and smiled. It was so different. He couldn't remember ever seeing a glass like that.

She continued sobbing for a bit and then said in a low voice "my glass''s my glass'.." and she pointed towards Arnav and the glass, her glass. His eyebrows arched. In surprise, in shock.

Maybe the only time a girl had ever rejected him. Him. The Arnav Singh Raizada. He had no idea how rejection felt until now. That too from a four year old. What kind of feeling was that? Why didn't she like him? Why didn't she take the water from him? Why did she start crying? Why was she hiding from him? Why?

She drank her water, from her Mamma. Not from him.

"Nina, Nina ' I want to brush my teeth." Naina came and took Aashna from Khushi and hugged her. Naina likes it like that, she doesn't want to correct her. So I don't either."

He interrupted "Khushi, you don't need to explain anything, she hasn't even met me properly, it's the first time she saw me. Give her some time." Before they were done talking, Naina was back with Aashna. Aashna ran to Khushi and said "Mamma, look, my teeth is white. All white. Now I can eat chocolate. Okay?"

But before that, we have to meet someone. Do you know who this is?" But as Arnav walked closer to them, Aashna pulled herself away from Khushi and got down from her arms and ran to Naina.

              While reading today's update I read it from Arnav's perspective. It was so painful whenever Aashna cried seeing Arnav nearing her. I got little teary. Though I very well know that the little kid needs sometime to accept someone new into her small world, I couldn't refrain myself from sympathizing & empathizing with Arnav'.

           When Khushi ran to Aashna's room as soon as she heard her voice, it portrayed Khushi's incomparable & invaluable motherly affection.

He heard "Mamma." He then realized she was not waiting for them, she was waiting for her Mamma. Khushi. Not him'' She drank her water, from her Mamma. Not from him''

              Oh how heart breaking it must have been for Arnav''..not just one but a trail of such incidents of rejection followed. Unbelievable Shocked the great ASR being rejected & ASR fearing the pain of rejection.

Originally posted by karmachameleon

She stopped walking and said "let me go talk to her, why is she'.." He said "she just got up, she is still not feeling well, don't bother her right now'.I am sure we can talk to her little bit later'"

You are coming so late, I am hungry and why are other people ringing the doorbell'.."

She hung up the phone and embraced him and said "why did you lie?" He wrapped his wife's petite body around him and kissed her hair and said "I didn't lie, I wanted to surprise my famished wife." '.."yes, they are presents, but not for you, it's for Aashna."

She replied "so I don't get anything?" He pulled her in and said "you have me." No matter how many times he had touched her, no matter how many times he had kissed her, no matter how many times he had pulled her, no matter how many times they had been that close and even closer, something about his touch, it still gave her flutters in her stomach, it still made her fluster, it still made her turn scarlet, it still made her crave him more and more.

He pulled her in even further, she placed her hands on his chest for support, and waited for his mystic touch of his lips on her skin'.

He moved his lips closer to her neck'.then her ears''.and whispered "we are not in the bedroom sweetheart. Remember?" And he smiled.

She opened her eyes in frustration and pushed him back and said "then why did you pull me? I am hungry." He smirked again and said "I know you are hungry." Her eyebrows arched in irritation and she said "for food." He replied "I didn't say otherwise. Why are you clarifying?"


With enough hunger.

With enough power.

With enough desperation.

With enough frustration.

With enough seduction'..


Just when he was about to reciprocate, she pulled away, pulled herself up again, leaned towards his ears and whispered "Aashna is playing in her room."

And she walked away now, leaving him frustrated, just like her.

Leaving him irritated, just like her.

Leaving him desperate, just like her.

Leaving him wanting, more, just like her.


Who knew who was more frustrated, more irritated, more desperate?

But she heard his voice instead of feeling his lips "I hope you still remember the storm check, it's been long due, be prepared tonight''"

And he released her, while releasing thousands of butterflies fluttering inside the pit of her stomach'..

She barely composed herself'.

From his touch''..

From his kiss'''

From his words''..

Be prepared tonight'.


She walked to him, nonchalant, and asked him "what are you doing here? I thought you went to Aashna's room?" He looked up and replied "I''.will just wait for her to come out''.I don't want her to''" He didn't have to spell it out for her, not anymore. She knew what he was trying to say. Just that one incomplete sentence made her forget the earlier completed sentence.

She held his hand and said "should I go get her?" He didn't say anything. She replied to her own question "I will go get her." And she turned away to walk to Aashna's room. He watched her go towards her room''.


With same anxiety''.

With same hesitation''.

With same uncertainty''..

With same apprehension''..


Just like that day when he had made his decision after their initial dreadful unanticipated encounter. How she was hiding behind Naina, or what she called her, Nina. From him. From him? Why? He didn't know. Why would she run from him? They had never even met before. He didn't know why she reacted like that?

With enough hunger.

With enough power.

With enough desperation.

With enough frustration.

With enough seduction'..

 leaving him frustrated, just like her.

Leaving him irritated, just like her.

Leaving him desperate, just like her.

Leaving him wanting, more, just like her.

From his touch''..

From his kiss'''

From his words''..

               I was missing your special style of writing & felt happy when I came across these lines.

              Good Khushi gave him a taste of his own medicine' leaving in the middle after creating a lot of expectations. However her efforts were shortlived.. LOL Big smile

            Arnav waiting outside Aashna's room, hesitating to step in shows how much he cares for Aashna's feelings. No doubt Arnav you will make a good father.

               Sometimes even I felt that Khushi was right on insisting of living together but still I think Arnav's approach is better from Aashna's POV. His approach may take time but I would say a cautious one. Truly who else will know to deal with people better than Arnav Singh RaizadaWink

Originally posted by karmachameleon

Everything replayed in his mind, all over again.

"Aashna has never been with''I mean Aashna had never had a father in her life''or any other father figure''.the thing is Khushi is very attached to Aashna, if she won't tell anyone that she is her adopted daughter, no one will know''Khushi is very protective of Aashna''little too much'..there are not too many people who she trusts around Aashna''to be honest I was actually surprised that she let you hold her and stuff because she doesn't let anyone near her''.I don't know why she is like this around her but'..that's how she is''. ''.I don't even know if I should be telling you this but if it was for someone else, Khushi wouldn't even think twice before getting rid of them but it's about you''.I have never seen Khushi like this with anyone else''and I know she wants you and Aashna to bond, that too without wasting any more time but''it doesn't work like that''.I know she wants you to be part of their life as soon as possible but''give her little time''

They all sat quietly. Eating. Thinking. About the unspoken awkwardness between Arnav Singh Raizada and a four year old. About a prospective father. About a child deprived of a father's love. About a mother who never thought that the actual problem would be the four year old, not the adult. About a situation that no one was prepared for. A situation that seemed to have taken a whole wrong turn. No one could hear anything on the table, their loud thoughts kept them occupied.

Aashna replied "chocolate milk. I want straw. Red one."

She replied "I guess once we start living together, her fear should get better''"

He looked at her in surprise, this was the first she brought up this topic, of them living together.

He interrupted "Khushi, I don't think it's a good idea to start living together before giving her some time to get used to''.me''.let's give her some time first''.let her get used to me for a while first''we should spend some time together''instead of just moving in together''.that would not be good for her''for our relationship''..I don't want her to feel that we have forced her for this''.we should give her the time she needs''."

He spoke "let's give her some time. With me. I don't want her to feel forced to accept me as her father. I want her to accept me on her own. Not just because we are forcing her into this new change just because she is four''"

He held her hand and said "No one wants this more than me Khushi, believe me. I want all of us to move in together as soon as possible but not like this''she won't even look at me, that's how afraid she is of me''.how are you expecting her to be fine with living with me twenty four-seven?"

This is her comfort zone, I have to make a room for myself in her life, right here, without moving her."

               It was nice of Naina to make Arnav understand Aashna's environment. This showed Naina's care for Aashna, true friendship towards Khushi & genuineness in wanting to help arnav patch up with his new found daughter.

                KC, I love the way you have narrated this story giving importance to Aashna's feelings of acceptance rather than concentrating only on Arnav & Khushi's emotions. It gives a satisfied feeling to the readers that it is a well-balanced story Clap portraying all facets of love, acceptance, rejection and passion. I wish I could write like you.


Originally posted by karmachameleon

 He interrupted "good for US. Not her." He kissed her forehead and replied "I can't do it alone, I need you in this one."

"I have some presents for you, do you want to see it?" A smile spread on her face when she said "presents for me?"

This was the first time she had actually talked to him. She finally talked to him. HIM. He was so thrilled that he couldn't even get himself to answer.

It had taken him entire week to get to this level with her. A conversation between them. Between him and her. Without any fear or hesitation.

She looked up to see Khushi's face for permission, Khushi nodded yes.

'..he heard "presents, presents, presents." He turned to see her and she was clapping and jumping around Khushi.

She asked "can you open this, I am too little. I can't open it." He turned around to check who she was talking to but to his surprise, she was actually asking him to open the presents, no one else.

"Mamma, look, it's a purple bag. For me. It's my bag."

As much as he wanted to play with her, he was too shocked to even comprehend all of this. She was actually playing with him. Him? All of sudden? How? Why did it matter how? He finally snapped out of his thoughts and said "oh no, where is your bear?" She replied "Mamma, there are more presents. A big one. I want the big present."

She ran to him and said "this is for me? What is it? Can you open it? Mamma look, this is for me." He placed the bag down and opened it and said "do you know what this is?" She looked at it and screamed with joy "A Dollhouse." He placed it on the floor and set it up for her. She pulled Khushi to the dollhouse and said "look Mamma, a dollhouse." She sat in front of the dollhouse and said "this is so pwetty.

"Aashna, you can't call him by his nam." He interrupted "My name is Arnav." She replied "ohh, thank you Annav."

He replied "what was I supposed to tell her? I am your father?" She replied "yes." He asked "and she would have been fine with that?" She replied "she is four." He asked "exactly. I want her to like me for who I am, not for some forced relationship." She spoke in irritation "we are not forcing her into something..."

He answered "would you have liked it if I had forced you to be with me?"

There it was. Their past. All over again.

I don't want to repeat the same with her. You were an adult and you actually had a choice to make your decision. But not her, she is four, and I don't want her to feel forced into anything. I want her to accept me, willingly. Khushi, I can't do this alone. I NEED you.

It was the same Arnav Singh Raizada who at time couldn't even tolerate kids in his house.

Love does change people. And there was live example of someone who had changed in love.

She finally said "she is very lucky to have a father like you."

She replied "it better not, I want to tell everyone, as soon as possible, about us."

He spoke "not until we tell Aashna first, she has the first right to know.

He pulled her in and said "not when it comes to my family."

She finally said "that's because you are my husband." He pressed his palm on her upper back and pushed her towards him and said "that's because you are my wife."

He completed her sentence "for US."

She rested her face on his chest and said "I had no idea you would do all this for us."

He cupped her face and said "and I had NO idea that to get you back in my life, I would have to woo a four year old."

               Arnav's statement "I can't do it alone, I need you in this one" is outstanding. This statement speaks of his efforts to work out this Father-Daughter relationship & his need for Khushi's presence by his side always.

        Wow Arnav is implementing his first step with presents ''. hmmm'''' impressive  but Daddy u need to score more

Their fight over the "''ji" was good.

He spoke "not until we tell Aashna first, she has the first right to know. She should know before everyone else." It was very thoughtful of Arnav.

OMG, today I am full of praises for Arnav''.. Gosh I can't stop taking his side. He's really a sweetheart.

He completed her sentence "for US" was todays highlight. It speaks volumes by itself Embarrassed

By the way Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada wooing a four-year old is tougher than bagging a million dollar biz deal, mind it Wink


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Awesome update no doubt to make an update see and understand things is much easier than to make a kid... i was so happy n excited when she talked to him... he is going on a right path awesome update cant wait for next

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