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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 32 Thread 5 (Page 40)

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It all started with 300 Rupees 32


Everything replayed in his mind, all over again.

How Khushi had walked to her and picked her up again and said "Aashna, what's wrong?" Without wasting anymore second, Aashna climbed on Khushi and murmured something while holding onto her shirt. Khushi took Aashna along with her to her room without saying anything to him. Or Naina. They both just stood there, not knowing why Khushi went to the room without saying anything.

Naina saw him, noticed his disappointment and said "don't worry, give her some time, she should be fine……" He just nodded without saying anything. She started walking away, but she couldn't. She came back to Arnav and said "if you don't mind, may I say something?" He looked at her with surprise and said "of course." She turned her neck halfway to make sure Khushi wasn't around and then went back to looking at him, she said "Aashna has never been with……I mean Aashna had never had a father in her life……or any other father figure…….the thing is Khushi is very attached to Aashna, if she won't tell anyone that she is her adopted daughter, no one will know……Khushi is very protective of Aashna……little too much…..there are not too many people who she trusts around Aashna……to be honest I was actually surprised that she let you hold her and stuff because she doesn't let anyone near her…….I don't know why she is like this around her but…..that's how she is…….but Aashna is not too comfortable around men…….not even Karan…….though she is very fond of K but…….but not Karan…….and this would be a big change for her…….don't mind her behavior…she is not used to having men around her……you obviously know about her own father and how he abandoned her when she wasn't even born…….so she never really had that kind of relationship with any male…….I don't even know if I should be telling you this but if it was for someone else, Khushi wouldn't even think twice before getting rid of them but it's about you…….I have never seen Khushi like this with anyone else……and I know she wants you and Aashna to bond, that too without wasting any more time but……it doesn't work like that…….I know she wants you to be part of their life as soon as possible but……give her little time……I……hope you didn't mind me saying this……I……."

She stopped talking when she heard the door shut. Khushi was out of the room with Aashna, who was still in her arms, hiding, even now. She walked back to them and said "Naina, is breakfast ready? I should feed her something." Naina replied "yes, let me set it up….." She walked away saying that, leaving Khushi, Arnav and Aashna there. Arnav asked "is she okay?" Khushi replied "she is fine…….she is just….I guess……little uncomfortable around……..around……."

Before she could complete her sentence, Naina came and announced "breakfast is ready Khushi, let me take her……" Khushi walked to him and said "I am sorry about that……she is just……" He interrupted "let's eat breakfast first, she is waiting for you, we will talk after eating, come…"

They all sat quietly. Eating. Thinking. About the unspoken awkwardness between Arnav Singh Raizada and a four year old. About a prospective father. About a child deprived of a father's love. About a mother who never thought that the actual problem would be the four year old, not the adult. About a situation that no one was prepared for. A situation that seemed to have taken a whole wrong turn. No one could hear anything on the table, their loud thoughts kept them occupied.

Most of the day went by like that. Aashna avoiding him, hiding from him, staying quiet, not interacting with him, at all. Every time he would try to talk to her, she would hide behind Khushi or Naina. Before they knew it, it was dinner time already. The same thing happened at dinner, everyone remained quiet. It was pin drop silence on the outside, rather opposite inside everyone's mind.

Until Aashna dropped her glass of milk and it splattered on everyone. Everyone finally looked up to see what happened. By the time everyone looked up, Aashna was already crying because of the spill. Khushi walked to her and picked up the glass and said "Aashna, don't cry, I will get you a new milk, do you want white milk or chocolate milk?" Aashna replied "chocolate milk. I want straw. Red one." Khushi kissed her chubby cheeks and picked up a napkin to clean the milk spots from her clothes. She started walking to the kitchen when she handed another napkin to Arnav and said "sorry about that."

And she continued walking. The dinner was over but not the awkwardness.

Naina spoke "Khushi, let me take her for her bath." She took Aashna to the bathroom. Khushi spoke "I have to talk to you, not here, can you come to the room?" They both walked to the room, she closed the door and said "I am sorry about that Arnav Ji, she is…..I mean she has never met you before…….and she is little uncomfortable around………around men………she is very friendly and social but I don't know why she has this weird fear around men…….Naina thinks it's because Nidhi was like that when she was pregnant with her…..because of that……that bas***d who abandoned her………I don't know how much of that could be true but she is very afraid of men…….I should have told you that before but I didn't know she would react the same with you…….I don't know what I was thinking……maybe I thought she would be automatically with fine with you….."

Before she continued, he said "Khushi, that's normal right? She has never had a father in her life, so that kind of reaction is absolutely normal. You don't need to explain her behavior, we need to give her some time. I am sure it will get better with time."

She replied "I guess once we start living together, her fear should get better……"

He looked at her in surprise, this was the first she brought up this topic, of them living together.

Regardless of the fact how much he wanted to discuss their move in together, this wasn't the time to discuss that. He interrupted "Khushi, I don't think it's a good idea to start living together before giving her some time to get used to…….me…….let's give her some time first…….let her get used to me for a while first……we should spend some time together……instead of just moving in together…….that would not be good for her……for our relationship……..I don't want her to feel that we have forced her for this…….we should give her the time she needs……."

Now she was surprised to hear that, she had no idea he was about to say that. She didn't even know what he was trying to say. She finally asked "what are you trying to say?"

He spoke "let's give her some time. With me. I don't want her to feel forced to accept me as her father. I want her to accept me on her own. Not just because we are forcing her into this new change just because she is four……"

She replied "You are telling me that we should wait until she readily accepts you as a father?"

He cupped her face and answered "you don't think that would be better?" She looked at him with continued surprise and asked "how long do you think that will take? Don't you think it's better if we start living together……that would be little easier on her?"

He held her hand and said "No one wants this more than me Khushi, believe me. I want all of us to move in together as soon as possible but not like this……she won't even look at me, that's how afraid she is of me…….how are you expecting her to be fine with living with me twenty four-seven?"

She placed her hand on his shoulder and said "But how is she going to get more comfortable with you if she is not living with you?" He replied "I will spend time with her, here. This is her comfort zone, I have to make a room for myself in her life, right here, without moving her."

Part E Continues…..


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It all started with 300 Rupees 32



She removed her hand away and said "I don't think that's a good idea." And she looked away.

He cupped her face again and said "Khushi, look at me." She did.

"Do you trust me?" She remained silent. He asked again "is that a no?" She replied "I trust you but I still don't know if this is a good idea or not''.it's so much easier if we all start living together''"

He interrupted "good for US. Not her." She suddenly crashed onto his chest and held onto his shirt, tight. He embraced her and asked "Khushi are you okay?" She didn't reply to that. She stayed quiet. He caressed her hair and asked again "Khushi, please say something." She finally looked up to see him and said "do you really think this is a good idea?" He kissed her forehead and replied "I can't do it alone, I need you in this one."

It was that night and almost a week later, every day they had discussed this same issue. Every time they met, which was every day, they discussed this. Every time they spoke on the phone, they discussed it. Every day he would try to reassure her that it wasn't going to take that long. Little that he knew that he was actually assuring himself, given that he had made absolutely no progress with Aashna.

"Arnav Ji, look who is here." He heard her voice, and his trance broke. He turned around and she was standing there with Aashna, who was already in her Pajamas.

He walked to her and said "Hi Aashna, how are you?" And she nodded in reply. He spoke again "I have some presents for you, do you want to see it?" A smile spread on her face when she said "presents for me?"

His eyes widened. This was the first time she had actually talked to him. She finally talked to him. HIM. He was so thrilled that he couldn't even get himself to answer. He just stood there in awe and shock, without being able to utter anything anymore.

After a whole week, she finally replied to him. She had actually talked to him. It had taken him entire week to get to this level with her. A conversation between them. Between him and her. Without any fear or hesitation. He was too lost admiring his progress with them when he heard'.

"Arnav Ji?" He looked at her then back at Aashna and finally replied "yes, presents for you. Do you want it?" She looked up to see Khushi's face for permission, Khushi nodded yes. She spoke again "Yes."

Second time. Within a span of a minute. They were actually having a conversation. THEM. He walked back to the couch to pick up the bags when he heard "presents, presents, presents." He turned to see her and she was clapping and jumping around Khushi.

That was some sight. She was actually happy around him. He was the reason behind her all the excitement. He walked back to her and gave her the bags, one by one. She asked "can you open this, I am too little. I can't open it." He turned around to check who she was talking to but to his surprise, she was actually asking him to open the presents, no one else. He looked up to see Khushi's face, which had another set of smile on it.

He said "why don't you sit here and I will open it for you. Which box do you want me to open first?" She looked at all the presents and pointed at the purple box and said "this." He quickly un-wrapped the box and gave it to her. She looked at and jumped in excitement "Mamma, look, it's a purple bag. For me. It's my bag." She quickly opened the zip and stuffed it with her plush bear and said "where is my bear?"

As much as he wanted to play with her, he was too shocked to even comprehend all of this. She was actually playing with him. Him? All of sudden? How? Why did it matter how? He had only seen her play like that with Khushi or Naina, but she was actually playing her game with him. He finally snapped out of his thoughts and said "oh no, where is your bear?" She giggled and pulled the bear out of her bag and said "here." And showed it to him. She pointed to the next bag and said "what's this?" He replied "do you want to see something really nice Aashna? It's in my car. Should I bring it?"  She asked "more presents?" He replied "yes, a big one." She replied "Mamma, there are more presents. A big one. I want the big present."

He spoke "Khushi, let me bring it from the car, Aashna I will be right back, okay?" She nodded and went back to playing with her new purple bag. He was back with a big box. She ran to him and said "this is for me? What is it? Can you open it? Mamma look, this is for me." He placed the bag down and opened it and said "do you know what this is?" She looked at it and screamed with joy "A Dollhouse." He placed it on the floor and set it up for her. She pulled Khushi to the dollhouse and said "look Mamma, a dollhouse." She sat in front of the dollhouse and said "this is so pwetty. Mamma I want to show it to Sia."

No one saw this coming. She walked to him and asked "what's your name?" He looked at Khushi after hearing that question. She looked at him and said "Aashna, you can't call him by his nam." He interrupted "My name is Arnav." She replied "ohh, thank you Annav." She turned to see Khushi and said "look Mamma, Annav brought all these presents for me."

She was quiet. So was he. They both stood back and watched her play with her dollhouse with excitement. She also brought her bear with her to play with her. Khushi asked him "why did you tell her your name and not..?" He replied "what was I supposed to tell her? I am your father?" She replied "yes." He asked "and she would have been fine with that?" She replied "she is four." He asked "exactly. I want her to like me for who I am, not for some forced relationship." She spoke in irritation "we are not forcing her into something..."

He answered "would you have liked it if I had forced you to be with me?"

There it was. Their past. All over again.

He noticed her face change from irritation to pain. She looked away. Without saying anything. Trying to avoid looking at him. She was quiet. She knew he didn't mean it like that but it still reminded her of their wedding. Forced wedding.

He walked around her and cupped her face and said "Khushi, I know what you are thinking. I have done that once with you, I don't want to repeat the same with her. You were an adult and you actually had a choice to make your decision. But not her, she is four, and I don't want her to feel forced into anything. I want her to accept me, willingly. Khushi, I can't do this alone. I NEED you. Please don't make it hard for me. Look, we have finally made some progress and I know it's only going to get better. Please Khushi."

She heard everything he said. Patiently. His request. His concern. His mistake that he was trying to rectify with Aashna. His intention. If someone had told her that he would do something like this last month, she would have never believed it. But this was all happening right in front of her. She couldn't ignore it even if she wanted to. It was the same Arnav Singh Raizada who at time couldn't even tolerate kids in his house.

Love does change people. And there was live example of someone who had changed in love.

She finally said "she is very lucky to have a father like you." He replied "thank you Khushi. Thank you for your patience. I know it must be hard for you but just give me some more time, I promise it won't take that long."

She replied "it better not, I want to tell everyone, as soon as possible, about us."

He spoke "not until we tell Aashna first, she has the first right to know. She should know before everyone else. Right?" She nodded and said "I will get dinner ready."

After dinner, Naina went to put Aashna to sleep.

She was pulling the curtains in her room when he walked towards Khushi and spoke "I still can't believe she actually talked to me today. It's a strange feeling Khushi. I have never felt like this. Hopefully it won't take that long anymore for her to feel comfortable around me." She replied "you can still change your mind and listen to me." He replied "you don't like giving up Mrs. Raizada, do you?" She pulled the curtain, smiled and spoke "Do you?" He pulled her in and said "not when it comes to my family."

She felt his hand on her waist, towards the hem of her shirt, sliding slowly inside, on her skin, caressing...

She stopped fixing the curtain, gasped and said "Arnav Ji..."

And closed her eyes...

He held her from either side of her waist, still caressing her soft skin, leaned in and whispered "Yes Khushi Ji..."

Her eyes opened hearing his words. In surprise. She looked up and saw his smirk...

Khushi Ji.

He had never said that before. She asked "why did you say that?" He continued trailing his hand upward and spoke "say what?" She answered "Khushi Ji?" He replied "why do you say Arnav Ji?"

She flinched feeling his cold hands caressing her back...

She finally said "that's because you are my husband." He pressed his palm on her upper back and pushed her towards him and said "that's because you are my wife."

She spoke again "but Arnav Ji..."

He stroked his lips on her earlobe and whispered "but what Khushi Ji...?"

She suddenly pushed him away and said "don't say that."

And she walked away.

He smiled at his flustered wife. He walked to her and wrapped his hand around her and said "what happened Khushi?"

She turned around but remained quiet for a bit before she said "Arnav Ji...thank you for doing all this for Aashna, for me..."

He completed her sentence "for US."

She rested her face on his chest and said "I had no idea you would do all this for us."

He cupped her face and said "and I had NO idea that to get you back in my life, I would have to woo a four year old."


To be continued...


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Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta...
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta...
Kaise hum jaane... Humein kya pata...
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta...


Superb update karmachameleon! Loved it!

Everything I feel about your writing has been conveyed in my previous comments on Fate-Mate and It All Started with 300 Rupees!

I still love your work the same way! Nothing has changed!

And I have nothing new to say!

Update soon! :)

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Originally posted by ananya123

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta...
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta...
Kaise hum jaane... Humein kya pata...
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta...
Ananya - YAY!! - Man - You Ressed again?? How??
Kuch to definitely hai tujhse Raabta...
Jaane tu...
Ya Jaane naa...
Maane tu...
Ya maane naa...

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Aww Arnav and Aashna finally having a conversation!!

I feel sorry for them all, but Arnav is right-Aashna needs to get to the point where she isn't frightened of Arnav and is comfortable around him. Good that he put Ms Saxena in her place - God she's annoying!
Great chapter!!

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Thank you so much for updating, a wonderfully endearing chapter, I adored how you have portrayed the relationship taking small baby steps, The conflict between Arnav understanding the need to do things slowly and Khushi feeling the need to live together was excellent..  Arnav's shock at beifn rejected by Aashna was awesome, poor guy...look forward to the next chapter..

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very nice update

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Well what can I say to that ... what about wow!
Perhaps amazing.
This was well written as always. Smile
I admire Arnav's courage and patience concerning Aashna. He wants her to accept him willingly and why not ... He has learnt from past mistakes and doesn't want to repeat them. Bless him,
He has made some progress with Aashna and I think that once she becomes comfortable enough with him, if she decides to call him daddy, then I reckon she may even be a daddy's girl LOL
I can't wait for the next update already! Big smileBig smileBig smile

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