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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 32 Thread 5 (Page 39)

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kc wer is update ?????

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Take your own time to update, I know all are very down and depressed of show calling off, I know your updates will be longer and excellent, take your own time dear no pressure, meanwhile I will re-read all the previous chapters of both ffs.

By the way i read your post Eat, Pray;love

This is what I believe why all the good things come to an end - so that we can Move On...



Let's move on guys...


YES - Let's!!

YES - Let's!!

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It all started with 300 Rupees



Readers: Ananya made an appreciation thread for me last week, I would appreciate it if you check it out, she has put lot of effort in it. Thank you.


Ananya: Thanks for the wonderful appreciation thread. I never thought that one day someone would take their precious time out to make an appreciation thread for me on this forum. When I joined this forum, it was just to distract myself from that crazy comedy track. I don't even know how and why I decided to write one day, it was that day and now it's today – someone has actually made an appreciation thread for me. ME. I can't thank you enough for writing those wonderful words about me and my writing. It amazes me how much you love my work. Thank you. I feel really grateful to have a loyal reader like you who never fails to shock me with your surprise RESes and even more wonderful UNresses.

I know you like music, just as much as I do. I was trying to find a perfect song to dedicate to you but couldn't find one. Then I found one song – no, not a song, just one line from that song….

Tere Jaisa Yaar kahan…..

Kahan aisa yaarana…..



This is how you make me feel….

The reason why I become speechless……


Baitha diya falak pey…..

Mujhe Khaakh se utha key…..


The amount of belief you have in me – it actually scares me sometimes – I hope I don't let you down and become published one day – just like you want me to…..


Thank you Ananya for the push. For all your love towards me and my writing. For actually believing that one day I will shine and fly. Thank you for that belief. It means more than I can actually ever explain. Thank you!





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Important Note: Everyone wants to know if I will continue writing or not. As of now, yes, I am planning on continuing to write. Between the show ending and my very tight schedule, I have contemplated on stopping to write – but my ONLY motivation is your comments. Do write something and let me know that you guys will stick around to read my work. Thanks.

 I write 10,000 words and you only write – Great Update, I am still fine with that as long as I know you are reading my work. Thanks!





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This chapter is dedicated to Kvarsha – you might be wondering – why? Let me explain – you have been my most consistent reader of this FF. You have NEVER ever missed to comment and any of the updates. I thank you for being so consistent with your comments, just a little thank you from my side to let you know that I do read your replies, and I appreciate it all. In addition to replying to the updates, thank you for always commenting on my all other posts as well.





Meenu: Did I thank you properly for KC's ACs? When I started writing on this forum, it was simply to distract myself from that comedy track. I never thought that one someone will run a chat thread under my name. I am honored. Thank you!

P.S. Shakespeare ka rebirth? Me? Iss compliment to kya naam doon?


Shivi: Thanks for making another of your milestones on my thread. Thanks for posting your 1500th post on It all……


Shruti: Thank you buddy! Like – really. Thanks!


Pearl: Pearl, thanks for the both the comments. The reply to the update and the encouragement words after the note. I appreciate it Pearl. Thanks!


To all the readers who PM me with your wonderful words – THANK YOU!!


Ressers: DO UNRES. Thanks!




Another HUGE thank you to all the readers who have taken their time out to write something on the appreciation thread! I was in awe after reading all the wonderful comments. Thank you guys! I wish I could express what I felt while reading it. Thank you!






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It all started with 300 Rupees 32





It was another day in his office. The same meetings, the same phone calls, the same people, the same routine. The only thing that was different was that he was actually looking forward for the evening. He wanted to go home, to her, to them, to his wife and his daughter. How much his life had changed within the matter of weeks!

He was a hollow soul who came to Mumbai for work; merely a way of keeping him busy, a distraction from his real life issues, a way to avoid the emptiness inside him. That's what he had done ever since she left him that unfortunate day – work, work, work and work.

He had done everything to keep him busy, keep him occupied, keep him away from spending time with his mind, his heart.

He could not spare a minute to himself, or his mind, or his heart…..

That would be too much for him to deal with…..

He made sure he worked so much that he didn't even have time to breathe. Projects after projects, meetings after meetings, business trips after business trips….

He had made a safe wall of work to shield him from dealing with his pain, the right way…..

He never thought that one day his work will give him the opportunity to meet his life again, his Khushi…..

And there it was, all over again……

He was too lost in this world when he heard "Mr. Raizada, phone call for you……"

He looked up and saw Roshni standing there across his table in his office, he spoke "take a message."

She looked at the phone and answered the phone again "Mr. Raizada is busy right now, I will have him call you back……I told him……okay……let me ask him again……."

She got enough courage to bother him again and said "Mr. Raizada, she refuses to leave a message, it's something urgent…….do you want to talk to……"

 Before she could finish her sentence, he took the phone from her and said "hello?"

Roshni didn't know who it was but she knew one thing for sure, whoever it was, must be someone important to put such a smile on his face……

He spoke on the phone "yes ma'am" and he smiled again……

He finally looked up and said "Ms. Saxena, you can leave, I will check the files and get back to you." That's all he said and she walked out of the office, closing the door behind…..

"Yes sweetheart, what a pleasant surprise……you could have called me on my cell phone as well" he spoke with a beaming smile on his face, a rare but a sight worth watching…..

He heard "was that Roshni who answered the call?" He grinned at her question and replied "yes." She spoke "why don't you give her a cabin of her own where she can sit all day and do some actual work instead of trying to stay around you all day?" He couldn't help but smile at her irritation, yet again, he replied "she does have her own cabin, she was just here to discuss something about a project…….is that good enough Mrs. Raizada?"

She replied "I don't know, I still don't like her around you……..sorry about that. When are you coming today?"

He replied "When will Aashna come back from school? How was she in the morning?" He heard "She went to school after almost a week now, that's why she was little uncomfortable but she is very fond of her teacher, she was fine once she was in school……I told her teacher to call me if there was any problem, no one has called so I am assuming everything is fine….." He answered "good……so what's her schedule like when she is in school…..when does she come back from school?"

She replied in a frustrated tone "you would know if you lived with her……."

They were both quiet hearing her statement. He finally said "we have been discussing this same thing for the whole last week now…….why are you making this harder for me Khushi? Don't you know how hard it is for me to do all this? I want to live with both of you more than anything……you know that……but……"

She interrupted "I am sorry Arnav Ji…….I know… are right…..but I still don't like this…..I don't even know if it's necessary……..I don't even how I let you talk me into this……"

He answered "Khushi……I know it's hard…….I understand…….it's hard for both of us…….but it's not about us right now…'s about……"

She interrupted again "I know Arnav Ji…….I understand that but I still don't know if this is the right way to do it……."

They had talked about this, over and over again for the last week, every day, all the time but he still wasn't able to convince her that his decision is right. He decided to change the topic, he said "what's for dinner? Are you cooking?" She replied "of course I am cooking, anything you want to eat in particular?" He was glad his distraction had worked. He smiled and replied "I like everything you cook sweetheart."

She replied "when are you coming?" He answered "do you want me to come now?" She finally laughed and said "I think you should do some work too, just like Roshni, but in your own cabin, don't work with her." He replied "yes ma'am, anything else?" She replied "yes, I love you." He answered "I love you too sweetheart."

He could barely concentrate on working after their conversation. The latter part. He didn't know who was this hardest on? Him? Her? Or Aashna? What if Khushi was right? What if he was not doing the right thing? What if this could mess things more? He blankly stared at that file while thinking about all this when he heard the knock on the door. "Come in." Sure enough it was Ms. Saxena. He said "yes Miss Saxena, do you need anything?" She replied "sir, Karan called, he wanted to schedule a meeting sometime this week now that Khushi is back after her long vacation……" She said in a sarcastic tone without realizing who she was saying it to.

He heard what she said, he looked up to see her sarcastic face, he slowly put that file down on the table and got off his chair and spoke "vacation?" She had only heard about his temper, now she was about to experience it, live. She stood glued to the floor and barely replied "I mean……this project was on hold……just because of her…….that's why……" He looked at her with those pair of enraged eyes and said "her daughter was in critical care after an accident, does that sound like a vacation to you?" She couldn't even reply anything to that. She stayed put, without moving, without being able to look at his angry face. He spoke again "she has been up day and night trying to take care of her daughter all by herself, does that sound like vacation to you?"

He walked towards her now and asked furiously "Answer me Ms. Saxena, does that sound like vacation to you?" She almost shivered hearing his blatant angry voice and answered "I was just thinking about the project, it has already been so delayed which is not good for our company……..I was just worried about that….." He looked at her with enough rage in them and asked "it's nice to see how much interest you take in our company and how worried you are for our company but this project is worth more than a child's life? Is this what you are worried about? This damn project?"

He didn't even want to hear anything from her anymore, he quickly spoke before losing any remaining temper "leave." Leave had never sounded better from him than today. She took off as soon as she heard that word and saved herself from god knows what was coming next. Though she couldn't help but wonder why was he so pro Khushi? Why did he always take her side? Why wasn't he worried about their project and worried about Khushi's daughter. Not that she dared asking him anything but she couldn't help but wonder what is up with him and that Khushi…….

He checked the time and left the office as fast as he could. He got in the car and started driving. The more he got closer to her place, the more anxious he got. He couldn't wait to see her, see them, but then he couldn't help but feel anxious. As he drove, his mind started replaying what had happened that morning when he came face to face with Aashna the very first time. As nervous as he was already with the thought of meeting her, the actual incident didn't help at all.

He could never forget what he felt that morning…..

How could he be so nervous about meeting a four year old? Could that be even possible? After all he was Arnav Singh Raizada. But right now he was only a man, who was just a husband by the morning and a father by the night. To this angel, who didn't even exist for him until yesterday.

It was long day. And even a longer night. He would never forget that night. The night where he had first witnessed what she had been witnessing every day for three years. Every night. That feeling. That strange unwanted feeling.

It was the first time they had seen the dawn together, after sharing their biggest grief, biggest loss and their biggest regret. They barely had any sleep that night. The only good thing about that night was that they were together, after all that they had been through. Together.

He remembered how he was up before she was. He had turned to see the peaceful face resting on his arms. She looked serene. Though the dried tear drops were still visible on her face, she still had some kind of satisfaction on her face. She didn't look stressed, or worried, or upset. She was sleeping peacefully, in his arms, right next to him, with him.

He looked at her closed fist, he gently opened it, making sure he didn't disturb her sleep, he took her past, their past away from her hand and slowly and got off the bed. He put that haunting black and white picture away, making sure she didn't see it again, not first thing in the morning at least. He freshened up and slowly walked out the room.

Naina was in the kitchen making something. She saw him entering the living area, she asked him "do you want coffee? I just made it." He turned to see her and replied "no, that's fine, thanks." She looked at him in confusion and spoke again "you like black coffee right? I can make black coffee too." He was quite surprised hearing that, he asked "how do you know…..?" She replied "how else? Khushi told me. She hates black coffee and still can't understand how you can drink black coffee." She was chopping something while talking and smiling. He had no idea Khushi actually talked about him like that to anyone. He didn't know what to say, he just said "Is Aashna still sleeping?" She replied "yes, she should be up soon, this place has never been this quiet when she is around……" He saw her face, her eyes, she was clearly very fond of Aashna, anyone could read the tension in her eyes. She asked "is Khushi still sleeping?" He answered "yes, I didn't wake her up…….she was pretty tired and upset……" He didn't complete his sentence, he just looked around to see the place again, how different it was from the very first time he was there.

Naina brought his coffee and said "do you want anything else?" He replied "no, thank you. Thanks for the coffee." He took the coffee from her walked towards the pictures on the wall. So many of them. With Khushi and Aashna. He couldn't help but admire how adorable they looked together. A perfect mother and a perfect daughter. He looked more closely to all the Aashna's pictures, as if he was trying to know her by analyzing her pictures. Preparing himself to meet her for the first time.


Part B Continues……

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It all started with 300 Rupees 32


The first thing he noticed was her curly hair. So curly they were. It made her look even cuter. Were all kids that cute or was it just Aashna. He didn't know. All he knew that Khushi had given him the cutest angel. A tiny little angel with long curly hair. Unlike Khushi's hair, which were clearly not curly at all. How come he didn't see her hair before? Then he realized his eyes couldn't see more than the white bandage wrapped on her forehead. He moved to the next picture. He smiled admiring their pictures, lost in his own world.

Naina noticed him carefully going through each picture, one by one. With such interest. Watching them keenly. He continued going through the gallery of his wife's last three years, with Aashna. The more he noticed all the pictures, the more he tried to understand Aashna, know her more, familiarizing him with her more before meeting her for the first time. He noticed that one picture with Aashna's face covered with pasta sauce, even her hair. He couldn't help but smile and said "does Aashna like to eat too?" Naina replied "too?" He turned to see her and answered "Khushi likes to eat, a lot……does Aashna like to eat too?" Naina answered "yes, she does like to eat, unlike many other kids her age, she can actually eat, just like her mamma." And they both smiled at her statement.

He asked again "does she like Jalebis too?" Naina answered "anything sweet. They both have crazy sweet tooth, sometimes Khushi has to hide and eat her Jalebis just because it's not good for Aashna to eat that much sweet. You should see her waking up in the middle of the night and hiding somewhere from Aashna and eating Jalebis….."

Before he could answer to that, they both heard "are you guys talking about me?" They both turned to see Khushi who still looked drowsy. She walked towards them and asked again "were you guys talking about me?" Without answering her question, he walked towards her, moved her hair strand to the side, slid his hand on her nape and placed a soft kiss on her lips and said "good morning."

Her eyes widened and she glared at him with discomfort and annoyance. He looked at her with confusion. Before he could ask anything, she moved her eyes in Naina's direction and signaled him to move away, with her eyes, without saying anything out loud. He turned to see Naina, who had already walked away because of what just happened there with a smile on her face. He whispered "sorry. Coffee?" She noticed his apologetic smirk and said "you can't do all that here, with Naina here…'s very…'s little……." She stopped talking. He spoke "uncomfortable?" She nodded yes. He asked again "very or little?" And she noticed his smirk again. She didn't say anything. She just snatched his coffee from him and said "thank you." And she walked away, leaving him in surprise.

"YUCK" He heard her loud voice. She walked back to him and spoke in rather loud voice "is this why you gave me this coffee so easily? Because it's BLACK COFFEE? What is wrong with you? Here, take your coffee back. It's so…'s so bitter. And black. I don't want it." She just placed the coffee back on his palm and walked away in anger. He couldn't help but just admire his fussy wife.

She went to the kitchen and got her own coffee. He walked towards the couch and decided to calm himself down from all the anxiety of meeting Aashna for the first time. Khushi walked back to him and saw him looking so lost. She asked "what's wrong Arnav Ji?" He replied "nothing, did you sleep well?" She answered "I had to, you were there with me, in my room……for the first time….." He cupped her right side of the face and asked "are you okay Khushi?" She figured why he was worried, she smiled and said "yes, I am."

She sat right next to him while he placed his coffee mug on the table and watched her relax next to him. She asked "what's wrong Arnav Ji?" He looked at her and said "nothing. What happened?" She replied "is something bothering you?" He looked around and said "no, nothing is bothering me." She noticed him look around the room, just like yesterday, she said "I just removed some things the day you came here, sorry…….I wasn't ready to tell you anything yet…..that's why I moved some stuff around……" He didn't want to make her feel bad for anything else, he said "some stuff?" and he looked around while he said that.

She couldn't help but smile and said "Naina helped me too……though she thought I was crazy but….." He answered "she thought absolutely right. If you didn't want me to see any of this, you could have just met me downstairs instead of asking me to come upstairs. Right?" She looked at him without getting irritated, he was little surprised by that until she clarified "I am not crazy, if you had insisted on coming upstairs, it would have been almost impossible to say no, you always get your way."

He asked "what do you mean?" She answered "Mr. Raizada, I just mean you know how to get me to agree with anything you want… your own ways……" and she rolled her eyes with a grin, controlling herself from laughing out loud. He realized what she was talking about now, he leaned in and whispered in her ears "don't make me do something right here……" She pushed him back and said "don't even think about it."

She picked up both the mugs and was about to walk towards the kitchen when she heard Aashna. She put those mugs back as fast as she could and ran towards Aashna's room without wasting anymore second. He noticed her rush towards the door when she stopped. She turned around to see him, he was still standing there. She asked "you are not coming?" He didn't say anything. She walked back to him and held his hand and said "come." She opened the door and walked in.

There she was. He had imagined meeting her several times within past twenty four hours and there it was. That moment. She was right there. Sitting on her bed. Waiting for them. He heard "Mamma." He then realized she was not waiting for them, she was waiting for her Mamma. Khushi. Not him. This was harder than he thought. He followed Khushi towards the bed.

Before Aashna could stand up, Khushi got to her and sat on the bed with her. He was standing right next to Khushi. Watching her, watching them. "Mamma, I want water….." Khushi turned around to look for him or Naina, he asked "should I get water?" She spoke "yes, ask Naina, she will give it to you in her glass…." He walked out towards the kitchen. He asked Naina, "Aashna wants water…….in her glass I guess….." Naina walked to the cabinet and took out a clear plastic glass with multiple colored hearts and balloons, filled it up and gave it to him. He took the glass from her and looked at it, and smiled. It was so different. He couldn't remember ever seeing a glass like that.

He walked towards Aashna and forwarded the water. She looked at him and to his surprise, she hid behind Khushi and started crying. A lot. Khushi picked her up and said "what happened Aashna……shhh…what happened baby?" She continued sobbing for a bit and then said in a low voice "my glass…'s my glass….." and she pointed towards Arnav and the glass, her glass. His eyebrows arched. In surprise, in shock.

Khushi took the water from him and then gave it to her. And she took it. Without fussing, without crying. He stood there watching the whole thing. How she rejected him. Maybe the only time a girl had ever rejected him. Him. The Arnav Singh Raizada. He had no idea how rejection felt until now. That too from a four year old. What kind of feeling was that? Why didn't she like him? Why didn't she take the water from him? Why did she start crying? Why was she hiding from him? Why?

She drank her water, from her Mamma. Not from him. This time he stayed back. Leaving enough distance between him and them.

Khushi carried her in her arms and turned around. He was still standing there, with them, away from them. Khushi walked towards Arnav, with Aashna and stood right in front of him. Aashna saw him again, and hid herself in Khushi's chest, making her fear very obvious. He noticed that, so did she. They all remained quiet. All three of them.

He walked towards the door and opened it for them. She couldn't stop looking at him, with apology. He reassured her with his eyes, quietly. He watched her leaving the room, with Aashna. He followed. Khushi brought her to the living room when they all heard "Nina, Nina – I want to brush my teeth." Naina came and took Aashna from Khushi and hugged her. Naina's eyes were moist, which didn't go unnoticed by him. Naina took her to the bathroom. He asked "Nina?" Khushi smiled and answered "that's what she calls Naina, it has always been Nina. Naina likes it like that, she doesn't want to correct her. So I don't either."

She remained quiet for a bit and then she spoke again "what just happened in the room…..that……I….she is not used……." He interrupted "Khushi, you don't need to explain anything, she hasn't even met me properly, it's the first time she saw me. Give her some time." Before they were done talking, Naina was back with Aashna. Aashna ran to Khushi and said "Mamma, look, my teeth is white. All white. Now I can eat chocolate. Okay?"

Khushi picked her up and said "no chocolate right now. We have to eat breakfast first. But before that, we have to meet someone. Do you know who this is?" She turned her around to make them stand face to face. But as Arnav walked closer to them, Aashna pulled herself away from Khushi and got down from her arms and ran to Naina.

Part C Continues……


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It all started with 300 Rupees 32


He was shocked.

So was she.

Naina didn't even see the whole thing before Aashna hid behind her.

Khushi started walking towards Aashna when he held her wrist and said "Khushi….wait." She turned around to see him, his face, his disappointed face. She stopped walking and said "let me go talk to her, why is she….." He said "she just got up, she is still not feeling well, don't bother her right now….I am sure we can talk to her little bit later…"

Khushi looked at him and didn't know what to say. What could she have said? She wasn't expecting this at all. She wasn't expecting all this to be this tough. She had only imagined Arnav being not okay with her having a child but she had never thought that Aashna wouldn't be okay with her having a husband. She didn't see this one coming. As much as she wanted to convince herself that everything will be fine, she could see on his face that he was little disappointed over what just happened.

His phone rang. He looked around and realized where he was. He picked it up to check it, Khushi calling. He answered "yes sweetheart." She replied "where are you Arnav Ji?" He answered "on my way, I should be there soon, do you need anything?" She replied "yes." He asked "what?" She replied "you." He smiled and replied "really?" She answered "don't get too excited, I want you to come home soon so I can eat, I am really hungry and waiting for you." He replied "that's not fair sweetheart. I think you have forgotten, you still owe me a storm check – remember?" She replied "with this kind of hunger, I can't remember anything. How long is it going to take for you to come home?" He replied "at least another half hour." She screamed "half hour? What is wrong with you? Why did you leave the office so late? I really hope you were not working with that Roshni, were you? You know how hungry I am? And don't tell me to eat without you because I won't….wait Arnav Ji, someone is at the door…..who is here at this time? You are coming so late, I am hungry and why are other people ringing the doorbell….."

She walked towards the door while still on the phone, opened the door in frustration, only to be shocked. She hung up the phone and embraced him and said "why did you lie?" He wrapped his wife's petite body around him and kissed her hair and said "I didn't lie, I wanted to surprise my famished wife." They stood like that for few seconds when he said "not hungry anymore?" She moved back and smiled and said "what's that? Present? For me?" And she went to grab the gift bags from his hand when he stopped her and said "yes, they are presents, but not for you, it's for Aashna."

She replied "so I don't get anything?" He pulled her in and said "you have me." No matter how many times he had touched her, no matter how many times he had kissed her, no matter how many times he had pulled her, no matter how many times they had been that close and even closer, something about his touch, it still gave her flutters in her stomach, it still made her fluster, it still made her turn scarlet, it still made her crave him more and more.

They stood close, so close, his one arm wrapped around her waist, her eyes were glued on his, anticipating something more, he leaned in, her eyelids closed, she felt his warm breath on her neck, she gasped…….

He pulled her in even further, she placed her hands on his chest for support, and waited for his mystic touch of his lips on her skin….

He moved his lips closer to her neck….then her ears…….and whispered "we are not in the bedroom sweetheart. Remember?" And he smiled.

She opened her eyes in frustration and pushed him back and said "then why did you pull me? I am hungry." He smirked again and said "I know you are hungry." Her eyebrows arched in irritation and she said "for food." He replied "I didn't say otherwise. Why are you clarifying?" She replied in her pretty frustrated voice "I am going to eat, you can join me if you want to, I should have just eaten myself, why was I even waiting for you? It's not like you care." And she walked away, or at least tried to until he pulled her again, slid his hand in-between her long open hair, leaned in, making her shudder all over again, brushed his lips on her earlobe and whispered "you think I don't care?" Her heart started racing, her lips parted, her eyes closed, her body shivered…..

He noticed that and smiled at her reaction to his touch, he removed any remaining distance between them, intentionally, and spoke again "where is Aashna?"

She heard that, she knew he was doing all this to frustrate her, it was revenge time. She trailed her index finger along his spine, towards his nape, towards his neck, then his lips, twirling her finger on his lips, she pulled herself up, on her toes, and placed her lips on his. And kissed him.


With enough hunger.

With enough power.

With enough desperation.

With enough frustration.

With enough seduction…..


Just when he was about to reciprocate, she pulled away, pulled herself up again, leaned towards his ears and whispered "Aashna is playing in her room."

And she walked away now, leaving him frustrated, just like her.

Leaving him irritated, just like her.

Leaving him desperate, just like her.

Leaving him wanting, more, just like her.


Who knew who was more frustrated, more irritated, more desperate?


He placed the bags on the couch and walked to her, in the kitchen. She was getting the plates ready when she felt his arms wrap around her waist again, she froze. He felt that and kissed her neck, leisurely, wetting her skin, more and more…..

Her neck arched while still holding the plates….

In anticipation………

But she heard his voice instead of feeling his lips "I hope you still remember the storm check, it's been long due, be prepared tonight……"

And he released her, while releasing thousands of butterflies fluttering inside the pit of her stomach…..

She barely composed herself….


From his touch……..

From his kiss………

From his words……..

Be prepared tonight….


She stood still, unable to move, unable to think, what did he mean by that? She didn't know. The flutters amplified…….

She put the plates back on the counter and tried breathing, to calm her nerves…….

She didn't know how long it took her to compose herself after his one sentence. She finally looked around and he was already gone. She walked out of kitchen to find him when she spotted him standing outside Aashna's room, peeking in, not going in, just standing there and watching her play inside the room. He almost opened the door to walk in but he stopped. She didn't know why. She stood where she was without making any sound. He stood there for another few seconds and then finally walked back to the living room. She was quite surprised to witness all this. The bags were still sitting on the couch.

She walked to him, nonchalant, and asked him "what are you doing here? I thought you went to Aashna's room?" He looked up and replied "I…….will just wait for her to come out…….I don't want her to……" He didn't have to spell it out for her, not anymore. She knew what he was trying to say. Just that one incomplete sentence made her forget the earlier completed sentence.

She held his hand and said "should I go get her?" He didn't say anything. She replied to her own question "I will go get her." And she turned away to walk to Aashna's room. He watched her go towards her room…….


With same anxiety…….

With same hesitation…….

With same uncertainty……..

With same apprehension……..


Just like that day when he had made his decision after their initial dreadful unanticipated encounter. How she was hiding behind Naina, or what she called her, Nina. From him. From him? Why? He didn't know. Why would she run from him? They had never even met before. He didn't know why she reacted like that?

Part D Continues……

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