Thy both used 2 care wht the other felt.Nw no more (Page 2)

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Dey need yogi as der second genesisBig smile

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Wow people have wriiten essays heheheheheLOL  LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL and i am here sitting without any words hehehehehehehe.LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL
First of all amazing post dolly and loved Southern comfort.
Yeah its right they have changed a lot in 8 years and i agree with the changes here because watever they went through together its bound to change them.
again i agree they both are beahving like jerks right now and i agree with all the above points you mentioned but i think they are reacting in a way any human would react if put in their situations. Hell any other may not even sustain.
Right now both are feeling betrayed and turned down and are running so high on their anger and pissing competiton that they barely have time to take their headss out of their asses but thats what exactly brothers do !!!
They both are right in their respective positions. Dean has scarificed everything since he was 4 just to protect sam and then when he was stuck in the purgatory, he expected sam to be his protector for once and get him out of the shit and when he came top side only to find out that his brother didnt even try to find out whether he was alive or not had him shattered and it was bound to leave its mark.
Sam on the other hand, man i understand his condition. The way he has lost everything and everyone, there is no wonder you go hopeless sooner or later and in a way he is right at being pissed at dean coz for the fact dean gave him hell when ruby used him. He kept secrets from dean and boy was dean pissed at that time !!!! and now dean is doing the same. Being a hypocrite.
But i feel that they fight because they are still very close and when you are that close to a person that you know him inside out and when that person does not do what you expect you feel betrayed and thats what they are going through right now. Its human psychology.
I dont know i still feel that behind all this anger there is still taht part of SAM and DEAN that can care to hella nd back for each other. Because they are BROTHERS. I'd say even now if they are put in a tight situation they would do anything to keep each other alive and human and thats what real care is, pissed or not.   
And i dont know why i just remember bobby's line that Family is there to make you feel miserable thats why they are familySmile and i know this is Sam and Dean we are talking about and soon they will be back as they always do because at the end of the day each other is all tehy have got and no matter how pissed at each other they are or how betrayed right now they feel but they are Brothers and will always remain. Everything takes time to heal and this would to.
Atleast i have learnt one thing from SPN and its Never to lose hopeSmile and i would never leave hope on Sam and Dean being the dynamic duo again because tehy are not capable of being pissed at each other for long LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL
I mean come on If teh damn APOCALYPSE couldnt break their bond what the hell can PURGATORY do ????? LOL  LOL  LOL
PS: i dont know what i  wanted to say and what the hell have i written LOL 

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Nice post...
I am little disappointed with the writers now..its been going too long!!

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Originally posted by ~*sindhu*~

I still think they care for each other ...a lot more than what normal siblings do ...This is why they are still stuck with each other ...others would have walked away a long time ago ...When Dean is trying to get past his dissapointments ...Sam is trying to understand what causes his brother to go a 180 degree turn and love monsters now ...see his problem is not Benny ...His problem is that his damn brother always keeps secrets ...He has told him thousands and thousands of time to not lie to him ...not hide things from me ...Dean promises everytime and breaks ...he comes back and has all the time to kick him but no time to say that he brought a vampire friend along time to explain that whatever shit Sam is received all his life for trusting monsters no longer holds importance because Dean himself has started trusting one ...even though he finally knows that every time Sam trusted someone they ended up breaking that trust and hurting innocent lives ...Sure Sam will be angry ...This is not Dean he knows ...and he doesn't like it ...and if can't do it ...then he will end up doing what dean does...It's care;s hidden but it's still care ...Oh and maybe a bit of jealousy on being compared to a so called brother he met a year back who happens to be more of a brother than Sam ever was ...I m happy that he already didn't went off to chop Benny 's head ... :p  You don't ask what makes the other person a better brother than u r ...u just get pissed LOL I know I would have matter how bad I m ...I m still his sister and not anyone else 

I had problem with Amelia's flashbacks ...I don't like the character much ...she is pretty annoying sorts ...But I guess she is the only way of knowing what went through Sam this past year ...and all his flashbacks are related to Dean in a way ...which is nice to see that he keeps on thinking about his loss when Amelia talks about hers...finally he has someone to talk about his brother ...and also I think it' bugging Sam at the moment that he left Amelia just like her husband ...and she alone one more time ...and he knows what it likes to be that way ...She was there when he needed someone and now he is not ...I loved the last flashback when Sam finally relieved that he ran away 

This is the Sam who has gone through Mystery Spot ...This is the sam who has spend 150 years in Hell ...he begged Gabriel to bring his brother back even though gabriel said it's a bad idea...He tolerated all kinds of hallucinations quietly because he didnt want Dean to worry ...there was a point where he couldn't differentiate between reality and fake ...he nearly shot Dean thinking he is not real ...and those memories won't go away easily ...When Dean dissapeared again leaving him completely alone ...Thats it ...he doesn't have anyone to lead his life anymore ...and he doesn't know how to function on his own...He never did he ran hoping and praying something will happen and things will go back to normal ...sometimes people break ... they break when the most important thing in their life dissappears ...

P.S: after all my rant can I say I m totally in love with this new storyline and loved the last episode the best was damn exciting and I love angry Dean Embarrassed..and brothers fighting and bring out those hidden emotins like nuthn else can ...thats my favourite 

 you know right about now I could kill u... by hugging u to deathROFL
man that was the best explanation ever from sam's side..
 i am being this angry on this guy.. n try as i might i couldnt let go of the fact that sam didnt even try to find if his brother was alive.. i mean that much was what dean deserved .. after all the hell they both went through together...
but the way u said it.. seriously yaar. hatts of to u n yeah now that i think about it I guess I agree with you on ur Sam's POV . so it means i might finally not be having much problem with him...
phew u have no idea how much of a burden it was. i was always a sam girl and a dean girl both..
 through out and while others faught n tore each other's head off , i was comfortable enjoying both the chracters n loving the hell outta them.
but this season... lets just say things havent been much smooth with regards to Sam..
now just may be they would!!

on Dean
everyone is saying tht he is a hypcrite. man I dont agreee.
 that guy was in monster hell for a whole frigging year.. hurt and running and hurt and running...
fear was his constant companion. i cant even imagine how many times during this year he must have almost given up.. but then may be benny helped him to keep going on or may cas did or may be the thought of Sam did...
whatever it was . Dean made through and then he comes back to his world n finds tht his brother didnt even care abt finding out if his brother was dead or alive??? ouch that one gotta hurt hell loads more then the monster injuries..

and as far as the whole ruby fiasco is concerned. i remember dean said that bygones are bygones. but what happened here with amelia... dean could veiw it as a repeat telecast of the ruby thing... and man even if u forget abt earlier betrayals .. even the slightest indication tht they r being repeated , drives u up the wall...
as far as that soulless thing is concerned. i have no idea why dean braught it back up...

but I have a theory..
after purgatory I think Dean is more damaged then we could possibly see. it may even be a medical condition. because the way he is being clinging to Sam, not letting him go or the way he is sending sam on guilt trips thinking that it might make sam stay back with him??
i think it all is a desperate try of dean on not being left alone...

now benny n amy thing. i never did forgive dean for amy. even after sam did.. it never made sense to me seriously. murdering amy was totally wrong.. coz if dean murdered her coz she might murder someone someday , he should have killed her son too!

but as far as benny is concerned. i dont think he is the first vampire the boys have let go... remember lenore???????

PS:- I agree I am loving this season soo damm much. the story line has me on tenterhooks. way too go supernatural !!!

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Originally posted by herms_angel

To begin with I have to say I absolutely loved 'Southern Comfort'. There was never a dull moment and everything was just right. Great episode! <3

Coming to Dean and Sam, I'm more disappointed with Sam than I'm with Dean. The problem with these two no is they have stopped connecting. Earlier on, there were instances when something caused them to vent out their anger and they would atleast talk whenever they felt like was the right time. Now, both are just not ready to open, explain and talk. They're just busy shoving their short comings to each other's face and digging up the past. 

Though Dean has crossed the edge and he's less patient and understanding than before, I do get where he's coming from. A year in monster's den, he comes back only to find out the only family he had didn't look for him. Just gave up and that for a girl. Seriously, how bad would that hurt! It would. 

Also, I don't see Sam helping him in any way, he just making it worse. What explanation he has to offer? A girl excuse? Her name? How he got what he never had before. Is that really enough for Dean to move on? Honestly, I think not. 

On the other hand Dean, he just pushing it too far. He has to let Sam know what happened in Purgatory, how exactly did Benny become a brother to him. The fact that Dean still keeps secrets from him will hurt Sam as much Sam giving up Dean for a girl would hurt Dean. They both have to keep their hot heads calm and have a talk. 

The reason I said I'm more disappointed with Sam is, I can't see where he's coming from like I can for Dean. Understood, Sam literally had no one. He was truly all alone. Everything justified. But how can him being with Amelia justify his lack of concern for his brother? Had they just showed that Sam tried, tried something atleast and then gave up, I wouldn't have been forced to think this way. 

They have always seen to it that they back each other up. Never give up on each other. As far as my memory goes, I don't remember Dean giving up on Sam ever, as in leaving him to die. And Sam now, I don't really know. We know what things they have done for each other, what sacrifices they made and everything. But things change, people change. 

Though the brother dynamics seem to have changed for now, I know in the end these two will come back stronger. Their bond will be more stronger and deeper than ever before! That's what we have seen from season 1, havent we? Embarrassed They're bothers and no matter how they go, THAT is never going to change.

On Sam-Amelia, I don't get them. I will probably need more before I have anything on them. For now I'd say I don't like Amelia's character much.

 haa agree with everything.. and u know this is my problem with sam from s1 .. actually not so much with Sam as with the story tellers. Dean's side has always been painted in so vivid colors. it has always been crystal clear and absorbing.
sam on the other hand... never clear!
he was a guy whose mother and whole of her mother's side of family was murdered cause of him. he even lost his brother a few times cause of himself. and then he thought he was doing good and saving the world , making good use of his unwanted gift... when bellow!!!! he is responsible for throwing the whole damm world into a pit of raging fire...
the guilt alone could have been too painful to watch...
but no i never saw that kind of thing..
normally sam is the one who does heart to heart thing..
but i have never seen sam actually showcasing his true helplessness.. like dean did.. in s7 when hell was breaking loose in his skull, that was the only time we actually got to see how bad things were on sam's end. and this was one of the saving graces of s7 for me...

but coming back to the topic, we never get too see sam's side of story as clearly as we see dean's . and now they r showing these flashbacks with amelia so many time and all that i can actually see is how thier love stry started and continued... and man it is slow.. just few expressions of sam here and there show how devastated sam really is over dean's death...
but till now nothing concrete has happened in sam's FB'S and man they r tiring... hope that improves soon...

and as far as dean is concerned. he is truly changed. coz when did dean ever not care about what sam went through in his absence??? I mean when?? even in s4 after hell. dean was worried about what was going on with sam and he was definately not ...clingy..
like not even listening to what sam wants and just forcing him to be on road with him..
I mean seriously something is very wrong with dean..
he is trying every measure...allowed and foul.. to make sure sam stays..
he is doing that nostalgia talk about two of them being on road and that this was what they were supposed to do and when that doesnt work he sends sam on guilt trips about not doing anything when he was in purgatory
etc etc

if my hunch is right, then a terrible breakdown is coming in future for Dean.
and boy I so cant wait for it..
as far as the current situation is concerned.
Garth actually summarised every thing in one sentence..

"Its like u bth are talking to each other but no one is listening !!!"

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Originally posted by -x-Reshu-x-


will come back in nightSmile

 I am just waiting as to when ur night startsOuchLOL
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Originally posted by k-ekta fan

U nailed it perfectly... I felt d same way while wtch S8...Dean/Sam dun hve sme bro chemistry or concern-ness like b4...
earlier season dey wuld do anythng 2 keep each other alive & smile... but dis S8... dey blame each other widout cumn clean 

yeah they do. they soo so. and I hate it..
 but then if they didnt and things remained same between them , the story will get boring.
I hate when u dont like the changes in the storyline but u have to accept them coz they are importent

but I am just waiting for when this all gets sorted out ...
 man those scenes would be epic nahi???

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Originally posted by Delena-cious

I agree. they do not care for each other anymore. desperately hoping for them to get back together and sort out their differences soon.

PS: i Loved Garth! he was totally a treat to watch! wish he be back soon!

 Man I loved garth tooo <3<3
like totally adored him in this epi. and I think that guy managed to steel heart of all the garth-haters from earlier seasons !!!! yayyy

and yeah about the brothers.. hope the sorting out happens soon and in an spectaculacular fasion!

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