Thy both used 2 care wht the other felt.Nw no more

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Hey Fellas...
Hows everyone..
hope everyone is upto their chin in their busy busy livesLOL
yesterday after watching 806 i reverted back to watching some choicy episodes of season 1(God only knows why!!) and came to one conclusion almost instantly.

They used to care about each other.. and it didn't matter how much they themselves were hurt or loosing it, they used to care about their brother..
in Season 1 and 2 it was straight up sacrificial... like they would let their whole being be disintegrated just to be sure that the other one was protected.. FEELING okay and not HURTING inside..

In Season 3 .. Dean had already sacrificed himself to the bitch (lilith) and Sam was doing every thing to bring even a little smile on Dean's face..

trouble started in S4... but they always came back together. always much stronger then before
because even after they kicked and punched each other they still cared FROM WHERE THE OTHER ONE WAS COMING FROM.
they still tried to reason or give explanations for other's behavior

not anymore..
In S8 though not any more..
Till now the only thing that Dean is latched on to is that Sam left him to rot in purgatory.
thinking just about himself n blaming Sam for the rest. not even once did he try to understand Sam's situation. the guy was totally alone. he had no one no one to hold on to. so may be at that time the only option left for sam to prevent himself from breaking into a hundred pieces was to leave hunting behind.. and Dean  with it.

Dean doesn't care about.. doesn't even try to think about it... and (Heavens forbid!! I know if i had been stranded in purgatory for a whole year, having monsters on me like bees on honey, in fear of being tortured and killed every second for 31536000 seconds, only to come out and find that my only hope, only anchor to my real world.. my sister , didnt even care to find out if i was dead or alive.. Man I would be hurting for the rest of my life)

Still we all know that the EARLIER DEAN wont have done it ! He would have been hurt but he would have forgiven Sam and then even tried to take Sam's guilt away...

 I dont even know how to begin with him...There are just so many theories on this guy. I was angry very very angry when the season began. Now .. not so much. Its not like I think what Sam did was right??? but its just that., atleast now I understand where he came from..
but like the earlier line I said ..
 He no longer cares where Dean is coming from anymore does he???

He is more angry at the fact that Dean's been hiding things from him rather then the fact that he had no idea what his brother might have gone through in hell adjacent..
how many "HEART TO HEART" talks did this Sam have with Dean till now?? How many times did he actually try to know what transpired in purgatory?? how many times did he worry about actually trying to make Dean normal??
 Did he even notice that Dean was not being normal?? that he was rambling and being hyper active hyper NOT HIMSELF???

sometimes it seems that all Sam cares about is going into flashback about AMELIA and after yesterday's fight... in the end the way he was shouting at Dean.. man I didnt saw any guilt there..
it was like sam was being all defensive.. like trying to justify himself for his actions
and it seemed that justification was all that Sam cared about.. and the fact that Dean had hid BENNY from him, throwing AMY'S case in Dean's face
(i agree with AMY  argument though and thus I agree with Sam on this point.. but Hello am I the only one who also remembers Lenore??? the vampire girl that fed on animals n not humans???)

Did he even once think to ask Dean about what happened in purgatory that made him think that Benny was more of a brother then him ???

Did he even once say the single word of "SORRY" since the season started?? he said sorry to KEVIN at the church didnt he??? He felt guilty for abandoning that kid but man... when the hell did SAMMY WINCHESTER stopped feeling guilty about his brother and became just SAM WINCHESTER??

its strange .. coz the before SAM .. would have been agonized to no end about what Dean had to go through. He would have tried to talk to Dean about it every now n then.
 would have been on a guilt ride so profound, that in the end Dean would have to be the one riding him of it.


... Feels strange , the way these characters have evolved... CHANGED over the year.. sometimes I miss the earlier versions soo soo much.. but then even in real life people change too...

PS- guys please please dont think that I am bashing either Sam or Dean.. I am just stating the mere fact that the brotherhood dynamics have changed drastically..
and to demonstrate this mere fact, I am picking up ONLY THE NEGATIVES about these two guys and using them as proof!!

PPS- if SAM n Dean could be brothers again in every essence of the word, even after all this. I would be dancing on my bed for a week straight !!!!!

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I swear I m a Dean girl ...I never liked Sam in the beginning ...only started liking him when he started turning not so good ...yes I have strange idea of liking people ...but right now I m so pissed at Dean I can personally go and kick him ...I wish Bobby was here ...He would have done the same ...The guy have no control over his overflowing emotions ...I find him a solid hypocrite this time 

I still think they care for each other ...a lot more than what normal siblings do ...This is why they are still stuck with each other ...others would have walked away a long time ago ...When Dean is trying to get past his dissapointments ...Sam is trying to understand what causes his brother to go a 180 degree turn and love monsters now ...see his problem is not Benny ...His problem is that his damn brother always keeps secrets ...He has told him thousands and thousands of time to not lie to him ...not hide things from me ...Dean promises everytime and breaks ...he comes back and has all the time to kick him but no time to say that he brought a vampire friend along time to explain that whatever shit Sam is received all his life for trusting monsters no longer holds importance because Dean himself has started trusting one ...even though he finally knows that every time Sam trusted someone they ended up breaking that trust and hurting innocent lives ...Sure Sam will be angry ...This is not Dean he knows ...and he doesn't like it ...and if can't do it ...then he will end up doing what dean does...It's care;s hidden but it's still care ...Oh and maybe a bit of jealousy on being compared to a so called brother he met a year back who happens to be more of a brother than Sam ever was ...I m happy that he already didn't went off to chop Benny 's head ... :p  You don't ask what makes the other person a better brother than u r ...u just get pissed LOL I know I would have matter how bad I m ...I m still his sister and not anyone else 

Again didn't Dean said on Rufus's grave that he wants clean slate ...all past mistakes forgiven no matter what they were...wasn't Sam happy and finally relieved of all guilts after that particular epi ...and why was it ?? Because Dean finally says that ...thats when all his guilts go and then he brings them back all of a sudden out of nowhere and says Sam betrayed him at every point ...if u keep bringing the past and shove it in his face when he finally thought u have forgiven him ...that hurts ...thats like one more lie ... The problem is not Benny ...The problem is Sam doesn't have anything else to vent his anger on ...and he really needs something at this point of time to direct his anger on ...because as he says it he has a lot of anger in him ...a lot more than what Dean has ...

I had problem with Amelia's flashbacks ...I don't like the character much ...she is pretty annoying sorts ...But I guess she is the only way of knowing what went through Sam this past year ...and all his flashbacks are related to Dean in a way ...which is nice to see that he keeps on thinking about his loss when Amelia talks about hers...finally he has someone to talk about his brother ...and also I think it' bugging Sam at the moment that he left Amelia just like her husband ...and she alone one more time ...and he knows what it likes to be that way ...She was there when he needed someone and now he is not ...I loved the last flashback when Sam finally relieved that he ran away 

This is the Sam who has gone through Mystery Spot ...This is the sam who has spend 150 years in Hell ...he begged Gabriel to bring his brother back even though gabriel said it's a bad idea...He tolerated all kinds of hallucinations quietly because he didnt want Dean to worry ...there was a point where he couldn't differentiate between reality and fake ...he nearly shot Dean thinking he is not real ...and those memories won't go away easily ...When Dean dissapeared again leaving him completely alone ...Thats it ...he doesn't have anyone to lead his life anymore ...and he doesn't know how to function on his own...He never did he ran hoping and praying something will happen and things will go back to normal ...sometimes people break ... they break when the most important thing in their life dissappears ...

I know Dean is mad ...I completely agree that I would have been completely shattered if I heard that my family never looked for me when I went away ...but Sam has a side too that he doesn't know ...and Sam can't explain that I guess ...that he freaked out ...the most dumbest accusation though was Sam being soulless and not telling him ...Sam himself didn't knew he is soullless how on earth is he suppose to tell him ...This is as good as saying Sam didn't look for him when he was in purgatory ...He didn't know ...even the audience didn't know Dean will be in purgatory of all place before he actually went there ...humans don't go to purgatory ...

Sam also did ask about Purgatory ...thats almost the first thing he did when they were in the motel ...when Dean wanted to find Kevin instead...he tried to understand his situation ...He also pointed out that Dean has massively changed and is constantly on the edge now ...but there is also a thing that Dean is stubborn and he never listens so obviously he can't do much here other than talk and point out the changes and he does that ... and we all know how Dean never gives a straight answer to these questions ...he didn't even properly said whether Cas is dead or alive he just went on to say that I have seen enough ...Sam can't push him after a point ...he can only hope that he will get answers in bits and pieces ...thats how I see him working his way through 

I remember how Bobby used to bring Dean out his stubborness and drill it into his head that when it comes to family it's always a mess ...and thats how it's suppose to be ...they can be the best but they can also be the worst at times...Dean needs a reminder in that ...and Sam needs to open up more ...really drive Dean through his one year and show him how he was ...or else Dean will never get that he didn't abandon him ...He just didn't know what to do ...Because it was always Dean who told him what to do to begin with ...

P.S: after all my rant can I say I m totally in love with this new storyline and loved the last episode the best was damn exciting and I love angry Dean Embarrassed..and brothers fighting and bring out those hidden emotins like nuthn else can ...thats my favourite 

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To begin with I have to say I absolutely loved 'Southern Comfort'. There was never a dull moment and everything was just right. Great episode! <3

Coming to Dean and Sam, I'm more disappointed with Sam than I'm with Dean. The problem with these two no is they have stopped connecting. Earlier on, there were instances when something caused them to vent out their anger and they would atleast talk whenever they felt like was the right time. Now, both are just not ready to open, explain and talk. They're just busy shoving their short comings to each other's face and digging up the past. 

Though Dean has crossed the edge and he's less patient and understanding than before, I do get where he's coming from. A year in monster's den, he comes back only to find out the only family he had didn't look for him. Just gave up and that for a girl. Seriously, how bad would that hurt! It would. 

Also, I don't see Sam helping him in any way, he just making it worse. What explanation he has to offer? A girl excuse? Her name? How he got what he never had before. Is that really enough for Dean to move on? Honestly, I think not. 

On the other hand Dean, he just pushing it too far. He has to let Sam know what happened in Purgatory, how exactly did Benny become a brother to him. The fact that Dean still keeps secrets from him will hurt Sam as much Sam giving up Dean for a girl would hurt Dean. They both have to keep their hot heads calm and have a talk. 

The reason I said I'm more disappointed with Sam is, I can't see where he's coming from like I can for Dean. Understood, Sam literally had no one. He was truly all alone. Everything justified. But how can him being with Amelia justify his lack of concern for his brother? Had they just showed that Sam tried, tried something atleast and then gave up, I wouldn't have been forced to think this way. 

They have always seen to it that they back each other up. Never give up on each other. As far as my memory goes, I don't remember Dean giving up on Sam ever, as in leaving him to die. And Sam now, I don't really know. We know what things they have done for each other, what sacrifices they made and everything. But things change, people change. 

Though the brother dynamics seem to have changed for now, I know in the end these two will come back stronger. Their bond will be more stronger and deeper than ever before! That's what we have seen from season 1, havent we? Embarrassed They're bothers and no matter how they go, THAT is never going to change.

On Sam-Amelia, I don't get them. I will probably need more before I have anything on them. For now I'd say I don't like Amelia's character much.

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will come back in nightSmile

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U nailed it perfectly... I felt d same way while wtch S8...Dean/Sam dun hve sme bro chemistry or concern-ness like b4...
earlier season dey wuld do anythng 2 keep each other alive & smile... but dis S8... dey blame each other widout cumn clean 

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I agree. they do not care for each other anymore. desperately hoping for them to get back together and sort out their differences soon.

PS: i Loved Garth! he was totally a treat to watch! wish he be back soon!
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bang on with this post... its an excellent topic...  High Scorecard sd25-1.gif photoi guess this is the supernatural cvs way of showing something drastic... as u mentioned in the previous seasons... both the winchesters sacrificed evrything for each other.. trying every trick in the book to protect each other.. but now  things have changed..  sam is too tired of this whole hunters job... while dean is raring for more... the cvs have exhausted their options of separating the brothers.. ( by showing them dead innumerable number of times)  Been There Done That Smiley Smilie Animation Animated Gif Smiley20.gif photoso i feel.. that this not caring for each other.. not needing each other is the order of the day 

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Dolly, dude - I think I gotta say I know where you're coming from. A post full of analysis, with a blast from the past, all I can say is I likey. Approve

Personally, I believe Dean to be a sacrificial martyr who loves with everything he has. Sam is more humane, that way. He commits humanely mistakes and is vulnerable to trouble. What's common between them in nature is the tough decision-making they are shoved with in the face. None of their choices has been easy. But they've always loved each other. Dean has protected his younger brother like a father, as though the motive of his very being alive is to look out for Sammy. Sam on the other hand was always seen pestering Dean to talk his heart out with him, to discuss and never to keep anything from him. So, at least that about Sam hasn't changed. He still has a liking for discussion. However, Dean gets more battle-hardened in every season. That's your trademark Dean and seeing as, he's spent an entire year fighting beasts on the frigging land of beasts, if I were you, I'd give him time to return from his shell to the world where he does have a defected arsenal and doesn't consider himself strong enough but battles each day and loves and protects Sammy each day. 

Basically it is human nature to care but develop a slight distinction in the fashion of it all. A mother cares for her offspring in several ways according to their need and also her own age. Dean and Sam are grown men now. They have evolved and we've lived their evolution with em. It'd be uncanny and highly pointless to watch Supernatural without a Winchester bond. And for now I am only giving it some time to get back to being what it really is. 

That's that. Embarrassed 


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