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Swaron OS - It is only YOU!

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Guys,I am writing SS and FF rite now on Swaron..but this is my very first OS on swaron...
As i was hesitate before on writing OS..i was unsure that i can make the story perfectly in one i skipped the OS every time..but my mind clicked a story..and i though to give it a try.Big smile
This OS is specially dedicated to my pumpkins, Nehal92(nehu it's for you)Hug & Deep_Tanha(deeps,love you too..)Hug

                                                It is only YOUHeart

It was a beautiful night,the sound of the dogs barking from outside the window seems like a beethoven's melody,the darkness of the night felt like a shining glitter.
It was because she talked swayam after 43 hours,17 mins & 29 secs.
Delhi was always one of the places sharon never wanted to live in,as Mumbai was her entire life.
After Dance camp she came here to visit her dad for a month,leaving everything behind her..even swayam for whole big MONTH,specially on his dad's request.
She had already started missing mumbai and swayam the day she came here.They use to talk every single night,but swayam couldn't talk to her last night because he was busy preparing for rose day in collage and promised to her today.Which he did.

Sharon was thinking about their phone converstion an hour back..

She ran from washroom and picked up the call..without even checking caller's ID.
Sh:hello swayam? said while smiling like a kid. to you know it's me?I m sure you didn't check the caller's ID in excitement..
Sh:Well,then i don't need to check your name..i knew it was you!said like a proud gf.
Sw:Sharon go change you bath's a silk fabric..itni raat main wet raho gi tu tabiyat khrab ho jayegi..
Sh:swayam but...
Sw:no buts...i m cutting aur jab change karlo..tu tell me..otherwise aaj ki  convo bhi want it??
She was silent.Swayam knew her answer is that she don't wants to skip it..and cuts the call.
Sharon smiled how foolishly cute he is..she was always happy seeing him so concerned for herself.she loved it about him.
She immediately changed herslef in her night suit and sat on the bed..folding her legs like a baby.

Sw:that's like a obedient changed! you are looking beautiful with this pink night suit..folding your legs a kid...moon light coming in your room through window...and sparkling your beaiutiful features said dreamingly.
Sh:swayam??amd starts searching him near her with her head turning here and there..
Sw:don't search me..i am no where.
Sh:then how do you?
Sw:wese hi jese tumne bina caller ID dekhe..mujhe pehchan liya! hmm??
Sh:SWAYAMMM!!!!! stop it na..
Sw:SHARON! SHARon..where are you SHARON!?
Sh:blush bluush...SWAYAM! okay now i m cutting the call agr tumhe sirf sharon sharon karna hai..
Sw:okay okay..sorry! know what??i m missing you very badly..i hope tum yahan hote..i tried to convince dad ke let me go mumbai soon..but in vain..said while pouting!
Sw:main tu wahi hoon..tumhare dil main..jab jab meri yaad aye na..bus apni aankehn band karna..aur banda hazir..i miss you too.
Sh:closed her eyes..and opens it...but didn't find swayam...
Sw:swayam giggled on he knew sharon would immediately do this..and said..abhi kese aonga..abhi tu gulam mohtarma se phone pe guftagu karrah hai na..said while laughing.
Sh:you are too bad..i hate you..
Sw:but i love sleep..warna dark circles ajayenge..and no buts..and ifs in advance...sleep now sharon..
Sh:ufff,okay..bye..sweet dreams! and i love you! said while blushing and cuts the call.
Swayam on the other hand fall hearing i love you from her...(AWWWiee)

Sharon lay on the bed...but couldn't was 12 now..and she was still awake..he was thinking of swayam..
She thinks of trying his solution once more...taking a deep breath she closed her eyes..and thinks about him..a smile crept oh her lips..and she blushes while eyes closed..
She opened her eyes due to the sudden crack now came from near window..she got it was quite late for anyone to come and meet her accept..theif!!!!!!

She grab the flower vase from side table and slowly and steadily walk towards the window..she closed her eyes before she could hit the thief..and strong pair of arms hold her from her waist.

She shouted but the guy put his one hand on her mouth to make her quite.
And opened her eyes...

and shouted.

yes,it was our majnu ji.

Sw:keep quite...itne zoor se kyun chilla rhi hoo..koi jaye ga..tumne eyes close ki tu mujhe tu ana hi tha na..why are you shocked??
Sh:WHT?u were serious???mujhe kya pata tha..and suddenly realised it was swayam standing in front of her..she couldn't control...and hugged him tightly.
He hugged her back with all his love..they kept like this for how much long..even they didn't realise...suddenly sharon pulls back..
Sh:tum yahan karrahe ho tum tu mumbai main thai are liar swayam..said while faking her anger.
Sh:main kuch pooch rahi hoon na...said while again faking her anger more..on not to get any answer from him.
Sh:that's it..tell were here na...aur tum meri chopsi karrahe thai..2 din se...kal tumne mujhse baat bhi nahi said you were busy..haan??answer me rite now!
Sw:giggled little louder than before.
Sh:You know wat...ii am done..i am sleeping and turn around...only to be turned back by swayam..
swayam pulls her by her wrist..she bumped into his chest..her hands kept lock between his chest and her...he placed his hands on her waist prtectively.
He was looking straight in her green and eep orbs..and she was looking in his chocolate brown orbs.
Hawa hawa look look!

sw: i said ke hamre first kiss bohat special while gazing her lips as if asking her permission.

He leaned in...and came closer and closer n c;oser..she could feel his hot intoxicated breath on her trembling lips.
He looked at her once..and she closed her eyes giving her the permission.
And second after she could feel his soft lips on her.
It was soft and dreamy..swayam took it sweelty..She felt his lips sweeter than honey..his touch was tender and moist...soon the kissed was getting passionate..swayam tightened her grip on her waist and sharon was playing with his hairs. 
It was a dream come true for both of them..yes there first kiss was getting special and special every passing second..there lips moulded into once..sharon parted her lips..and swayam slid his tongue in her mouth..she groaned once...there tongue started dancing with each other.They were out of a breath but ono one was ready to pull off..finally sharon being unable to breath pull back.
She lowered her gaze whereas swayam placed his forhead with her's.
A light smile crept on both their lips..they were feeling the kiss still now..
Sw: i love you..i couldn't wait anymore to meet you that's why i came here to surprise you..said while still resting his forhead on her's and placing his hands on her cheeks.
Sh:i love you too...come sleep! it's late..
Sw:tumhare sath..ek room??i won't mind! he said smirking..he thoguh sharon was joking about sleeping with him...but she was serious.
Sh: even i won;t..said whilw smirking back.
Sh:shut up!! i m tired..i need sleep..come sleep! said while grabbing his arms and taking him towards the bed.
Sharon lay down and ask him to lay beside her.
Swayam was confused and hesitant.
Sh:i trust you! said while a trustworthy smile played on her lips.
Swayam jump on the bed and laid besides her...they were facing each other..and looking in each other's deep orbs.
Swayam pulls her from her waist and make her cuddle into him.
She placed her head on his shoulder and he wraps his arms around her.
This was the most peaceful sleep of both of them's existence.Hug

So,guys..ready for jhoota's and chappal...i m bad writing OS..i tried..i dunt know if it's bad,good!Big smile
Do comments and like please..that will encourage me writing more OS's on swaron in future.Smile
Thank You!Hug


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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
R u mad u have ny slightest idea wat u hv dare u hide this extra quality f urs,,,. Writing such grt os nd u are asking for joota nd chappal...nd this was ur first os... I dnt believe u dnt write before...os was write more

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:44pm | IP Logged

awesome os tanya...swayam came to delhi to surprise her sweet...loved that part where he was playing with her and she was trying to find him...then his entry in the room...her faking anger...his manaoing her...n wow their first special kiss...awesome...loved this os dear...great work...keep it up...

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tan-ya Groupbie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
Aww... Kya baat hai aaj toh subah subah treat Wink
It was osome Clap
Spl. I like d ph convo so cute... LOL
It was fab n u say it was ur 1st os cant believe... Ouch

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Karen_sharon Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Hey cutie pie,

Tanya di...this OS was sooo sweet...I luvd the way u described a single kiss and wat to say about our naughty majnu...u potrayed swaRon very well...the way sharon reacted on seeing swayam...faking anger...everthing was exactly wat our real sharon would have done...thank u sooo very much for such a cute Os...woh bhi itne subha-subha...and ya I bunked scul today thats why tanya di I cud read it!

Karen (Maria)

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_bellaSwan_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:32pm | IP Logged
It was amazing os . Der romantic talk was awesome . It was great

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:37pm | IP Logged

 Hey TanyaHug was just sooo adorable Tanya...i loved every bit of was amusing..beautiful piece of work...i loved below lines:

She ran from washroom and picked up the call..without even checking caller's ID.
Sh:hello swayam? said while smiling like a kid. to you know it's me?I m sure you didn't check the caller's ID in excitement..
Sh:Well,then i don't need to check your name..i knew it was you!said like a proud gf.awww soo cute..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Sw:main tu wahi hoon..tumhare dil main..jab jab meri yaad aye na..bus apni aankehn band karna..aur banda hazir..i miss you too.cute so swayamish EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
The majnu boys came through window...hehe...sharon's reaction cute...loved thier nok jhok..the reminded me of his line...
Humara pehle kiss bahut special hoga...Embarrassed
The kiss was was the ending..the trust ...lovely ...lovely OS Tanya swthrt..ClapClapClap...keep writing Smile
ps... Thanx  for the special mention swthrt...luv u tooHug

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Joshua_TANHA IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Very Lovely FF...  It reminded me of swayam's dialogue and the RDX partywala scene " hamara pehla kiss bhi special hoga "

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