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ArHi FF:3:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 89)

kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aquiline



Now, I know some of you may be disappointed that this was not an ArShi scene. I wish I could change my FF title from ArHi FF to IPKKND FF, coz that's what I'm writing. ArShi is the central point, ofcourse, but for that central point to stand there needs to be supports and bonds testing them and holding them together. This FF is a labyrinth of connections and every scene and every nuance is significant. As arshy4ever keeps saying, this FF is founded on the word "reason." And every character and every chapter connects to bring out the "reason" upon which this FF is built. 
Dear Aquiline,
the show ipkknd was all  truely magical & gripping till the first 9months as all of the family members were give equal importane not just arshi.
The show started loosing its charm as soon as pyash became the wallhangings in RM , laxmiji forgotten & guptas were left to rot by their daughters & inlaws.
It still hurts what carelessness was shown by the cvs & ph to this lovely fairytale.
Every single character in this fairytale has huge scope in potrayal , even the praksh family but cvs they just broke the charm.
you are doing a marvellous job in portraying each character. Yes the story is about arshi but guptas ,raizadas  & all others are related to them .these members are the one which created these personalities of arnav khushi & not giving them importance means killing the charm of this fairytale.
Rabbavey & dhakdhaks are important but they will become insignificant if these rabbaveys become selfish, forgetting the others which make you worthy enough to do rabbavey with others.
Does this make senseConfused
Keep it up Aquiline, you are doing a great jobThumbs Up
      "Arhasia key duniya may rahna hee acha hai Aquilineji,
                Asli show say to sirf dil hey tootay hain"

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Aquiline IF-Dazzler

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Rabbe Ve, dears!!


Sorry I'm late. Connection problems. Thanks for all your prayers and wishes for Aura's and my exams………today we tried a hand at combined study at my place and it was only when Aura laughed that I realized I had handed her a plate of violet grapes during our break time! I had eaten it all week long but not once remembered my update while all my readers and swooning over that chapter! Talk about a slow-brained writer!! *chuckle*


I am so happy seeing the warm understanding comments you accorded to the picture of the Gupta family I had painted in the last update:

Chochoo: Hey there, dear! Interesting to know you came at the Inn when the pigeon was reaching you! Give hugs to your kids from me!

Music: Dear S……You always know what words are needed to move my heart! This time too, your perception of the chapter's need made me feel warm at heart! Thankyou dear!

Shazaad: Hey dear! Thanks for coming by and yes, ArShi coming up for you!

ShrutiPandey: It was always a delight to read your excited words, dear, and yes, ArShi moments for the next three days before I depart……

Indiavizion: Yes, this is my first Babuji-Payal scene. And is Shyam going to go to Castle? Not for a few days, at least……He is still at war for two more weeks, remember?

Hellgirl: Hey there, dear! How are you? Thanks for liking the Rabba Ve idea, dear. Just wanted to keep the spirit of IPKKND alive. So happy that you loved the last update……

Pristineblue: Glad that you loved Babuji dear!

Harsh: Yes, you with that cheerful signature smile! You were missed. And Oh yes, ArShi love is pure and that purity I hope to maintain in when it can get really hot………All hail Fortune and the Green Heart code!

March: ArShi will always be there in Arhasia. Come and love them when you want, dear!

Anjs: Ah, you wrote a very wondrous thought there: every character is indeed important. Thank you for being understanding.

Farwa: The amount of love and encouragement you give me cannot be equaled to anything dear. Every word you uttered is a token of strength to me. Your appreciation for Buaji's line is also important coz it is somewhere the father is vulnerable to be influenced. And yes, since you said, let me see if I exams can be converted to "rock and roll" experiences!*wink*

Nally: Hey there dear! Hope your recover soon from the grape-scene-aftermath! And oh. Shyam-worry, eh? Everyone's got that I think. Well, what is to happen must happen. But everything happens for the good. That's all I can say.

KP: Your views on the family and the need for focus on the IPKKND families is really what I upheld and hoped others would too. I am glad to know you understand the need for them and that you were clever enough to be extra cheered up by the mere phrase that mentioned ArShi trudging through the forest.

KA: Sush, your words "trust and understanding" was enough to show what the Gupta family held which is why they find cheer and strength to face life and keep happy even in their struggling village conditions. And yes, dear, the way you saw each character was outstanding especially about Buaji. And do get over the grape-syndrome soon!!

Medharees: My Arhasian Poetess is back! Yay! And yes, you made me feel proud of the Babuji here with those lines of yours! Do come and sing to my heart whenever you can, dear! And I am sure all the Comrades will want to hear your music too!

Bablio: Your description of what the chapter was about was really delightful. And yes, a story of this length cannot have just two characters. And do you know what, I was charting out some plans for the future chapters and I almost had a heart attack when I realized the FF won't end even if it reached 300th chapter (probably even reach 400!). Need to constrict incidents and events and make just the essentials………or I'll be here even if I get married, have kids and get old!! *chuckle* And Bablio, so loved that you are going about "liking" every comment in the thread. Really brightens up my heart seeing it!

Kvarsha: Ah, so you think so too: there is improvement done on the original plot of the show. Yes, I wanted logic to find some place in this tale. But I so love the show………*sniff*

Casker: Hey dear! So happy you liked my Shashi and Garima!

ASRandKKGSRFan: You're here! Hey dear!!! Hope you are having a great day. And here's hugs for that warm and beautiful family-founded comment!! Glad I cleared that "little anxiety" of yours.

Jammykins: Yup! Can see you are all charged up for the Payaashj plot to move and bring you cherished memories but there are greater cherished memroies coming before I move the Payaash plot. For now: Make way, for the forest moments!*wink* And thanks for the lucky Rabba Ve's for our exams!

Flowers4u: Ah, yes, the family against the General. You said it, dear!

Leafs: My sweet dear Mentor! If one can see the Guptas in every other family, then I have let real hearts live through my written words. But I am sorry I cannot update till the 11th. I can only update till 7th coz I need some days in advance to focus on my studies. This is the first time you asked me for something and I feel so sad I can't fulfill it.

Vidya: You said the words that held the family's value. The unity and their respect for Kushi's opinion before deciding her future. Yes, this is what all families need indeed.

Ayaat: Oh wow! You praying for me to achieve all I wished for? Well, when it comes to wishes, we all have our own little lists, don't we? Thank you, dear, for this care. And don't you worry, when it comes to the strong-hearted Kushi and the powerful Lord Arnav, General Shyam will have no choice but to stay 100,000,000 ft away from her. *wink*

Saomom: Yeah! After her little trip to China *ting*, saomom's back! And yes, hope your back from thy nap, coz the fairs from the forest are on their way!

TRND: It is such a delight seeing you hear dear! And your words *clutches heart* I am so moved by what you have written on each character and how you were reminded of your own father. So touched!

Arushi: Heya dear! And yeah, let the man decide, eh? Well, I suppose he did. And do get your monkeys back soon. Miss their company at the Inn a lot. I think even the InnKeeper was sad not seeing them. And tell us, if we need to go on a kidnapping spree to get them monkey dears back. We Comrades are ready!

Debby: hey again dear! I am humbled by the fact that you loved my chapter a lot and especially found that it justified the characters rightly. I am trying to maintain it, dear. I am.

Shamin: I am so glad you came dear! And here's what: don't res. Just come when you can and comment the way your heart wants to. I know you will come, so don't res. Come when it's possible to. Thanks for the lovely words dear!

Rockingsoni: Ah, yes, you said it: warm update. That is enough to know that it was all about family love! Thanks dear!

Hoopoe: Your words are always a magical wonderment, I tell you. Not only for the depth but for the passion you have for thinking and understanding. And I was very moved when you said that this was not ArHi FF or IPKKND FF, but the TALE OF ARHASIA. I have no words to describe my reaction! That is indeed a high-hoisted honor!

Saga_twilight: Hm. You didn't miss ArHi? Interesting.

Farha: Busy with exams and yet you came and commented. Really sweet of you dear!

Anjucool, hatelove, dear Vrinda, uzam, dear Sonia, Shalve, SuryaRavi, SilverFairy, Tanya, Nightingale: Thank you dears for coming by and sharing your smiles here!! And yes, for your wishes on my exams and for your love!



And now, what you've all been waiting for!


Chapter One Hundred Twelve: The Hermit

Having a history of Greek habitation but being a land where presently Indians lived after they migrated at the onset of British colonization, there were no priests or pundits in Arhasia. Only recluse-loving sages, who spent their solitary lives in the forests, connecting with the Divine Power through Nature and solitude.

If one needed a ritual or ceremony conducted in the presence of someone deific, one would have to hunt for such a hermit in the infinite expanse of forests.   

It was nearly evening and the sun was almost sinking in the golden sky, when Lord Arnav and Kushi walked into a clearing in the deep heart of the dark forest and found an elderly man with long hair and a long beard, sitting cross-legged upon a rock, his eyes closed in meditation. He was dressed in a long pale robe, the hem of which was folded up to his knees to facilitate in his cross-legged position.

Kushi paused a few steps away in reverent silence but Lord Arnav marched up to the man upon the rock whose face was at the same height as Lord Arnav's.

"Sir, I need you to come with me this instant to my Castle."

Kushi looked up and frowned, this lord is a thorough fool after all, isn't he?

The sage sat unmoved.

Seemingly, Fortune shook his head and then flew towards Kushi and perched on her shoulder.

"Clever bird," mumbled the sage, his eyes still closed.

Lord Arnav gritted his teeth, "Is that all you have to say? I asked you a question, sir."

It was ridiculous calling someone 'sir'. He never was used to speaking it because it was a word that was always spoken to him and not the other way round. But his sister had insisted that he be respectful so he had to address the hermit with that unwilling tag, and he wished the hermit would just follow him and he would not have to use the word again.

The hermit resumed his meditation behind closed eyes as though nothing had happened.

Lord Arnav was beginning to lose his forbearance.

Kushi sensed this and hastily stepped forward and came to stand beside him, her eyes on the sage. She bowed and then spoke, "Honorable Servant of the Divine Powers, Lord Arnav here has come solely for the purpose of escorting you to his Castle for an auspicious ritual to be conducted. If you would be kind enough to comply by his wish?"

The sage opened his eyes and appraised her, "Do you speak for him or for yourself, Child?"

"For him, sire," said Kushi, bowing again.

He nodded, "You speak for him, yes, but only because he does not know how to," and the sage glanced at the man before him who stood expressionlessly waiting for some action.

"Do you have something to say?" asked the sage.

"Yes," said Lord Arnav shortly, "Come with me."

"I can chose not to," pointed out the sage.

Lord Arnav clenched his fists, but tried to speak as calmly as he could, "What should I do for you to choose otherwise?"

"Request more kindly," the sage smiled encouragingly.

Lord Arnav exhaled loudly through his nose and looked at Kushi. She and the parrot stared back at him, expecting him to 'request more kindly.'

"Very well," he said and looked at the sage, "Honorable Servant of the Powers-"

"Divine Powers," the sage corrected calmly.

"Yes, Divine Powers," continued Lord Arnav hating each second, "I have come here solely for the purpose of escorting you to my Castle for an auspicious ritual. If you would be…………kind enough to comply?"

Kushi gaped at him and the sage looked at him and then at the parrot on Kushi's shoulder and then back again at Lord Arnav, "Are you the parrot?"

"What?" Lord Arnav stared back, confused.

The sage's eyes lit with amusement, "You just worded the very words that your girl here used."

"She's not my girl!" said Lord Arnav, looking angrily at Kushi as though she was the reason for the sage titling her so.

"I know she isn't," said the sage and then he added in his mind, Yet!

Just then, Kushi shuffled where she stood like the way she had been shuffling all through the forest journey after coming out of the hole.

"What is it?" asked Lord Arnav exasperatedly.

"My back's itching," said Kushi, "I think it's the drying grape juice on my gown."

"You better get it washed, Child," said the sage, "Forest grapes can have such effects on the skin."

"If eaten too?" Kushi asked, appalled, and Lord Arnav too looked astonished.

"No, not when eaten," assured the hermit calmly, "One's stomach is made such that it can kill certain effects of forest fruits."

Kushi sighed, "That is a relief!"

The sage nodded to the trees nearby, "A short walk in that direction and you will find yourselves at the riverside."

"Thank you, Reverend Sire," she bowed to him and then she stood still as though waiting.

Lord Arnav stared at her and then looked at the sage to find him staring back at him.

"Well?" the sage asked Lord Arnav.

"What?" Lord Arnav asked, not comprehending.

"Are you going to let a young lady find her way through the forest by herself in this late hour?" asked the sage calmly, his eyes lighting with amusement, "Good gentlemanly manners you have, Lord of the Empire!"

Lord Arnav grunted but complied. "Don't waste too much of my time," he told her over his shoulder as he walked away towards the direction the hermit had pointed.

The parrot flew to perch on the sage's shoulder and he smiled at it while Kushi rushed after the speedy Lord, her one hand holding her little box and her other hand trying to restrain her gown from sticking uncomfortably to her back.

The sage closed his eyes and addressed the parrot, "Now, let's see how the oak tree lets his vine creeper climb to her wish."


To return to the INDEX

So how did you like my hermit-ji? *wink* And yeah, visit me at the Chat Thread of the Arhasian Comrades, open to all my readers and Comrades, where I will be. And maybe, just maybe, if I feel like it, I might even give a spoiler for tomorrow's update there! *smirk* 

Gathering of the Circle of the Arhasian Comrades in the Cottage Near the Inn

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RABBA VE...Smile





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Rabba ve dear Aquiline, awaiting your arrival...


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kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Rabba vey!

i m third today & not on the third page of update.
ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@aura you first, CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now shall we wait for some amazingly creative pics for update.

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khusiarnav Goldie

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resBig smile

awww my Lordy Lord... it must have been so hard for him to be respectful and polite towards the Hermit... LOL LOL I was having a good laugh when he was "requesting" the hermit to come to his castle...  "Sir, I need you to come with me this instant to my Castle." 
Lordy lord needs some more practice and he will do fine... ROFL 

 "Are you the parrot?"  omg just loved him that instant for saying that... LOL
seriously no one would have dared to say anything even close to that... 

"She's not my girl!"  - oh anrie baby, dont u wish her to be one!!! "wriggling eye brows"
"I know she isn't," yet - arent u the smartest one after our fortune?? LOL (love fortune more) Is he going all cupid?? i am so loving it!!!

"Now, let's see how the oak tree lets his vine creeper climb to her wish."
 Damn u stopped there... I was like   NOOO...
i have like hundreds of possible ideas for what might happen next.. which I cant say right now... 
i will rated R for my thoughts!! EmbarrassedBlushing 

loved the update dear... cant wait for next!!


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 Using the Hermit as the cupid?? Waah!! Smart girl!!

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music1 IF-Dazzler

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"She's not my girl!" said Lord Arnav, looking angrily at Kushi as though she was the reason for the sage titling her so.''''------tsk tsk…grumpy boy   …..u need a lot of patirnce ….If u want Khushi by ur side in future…precaution and preparations are a must if Khushi is the final product

"I know she isn't," said the sage and then he added in his mind, Yet!----Hermit the matchmaker----loved it

The sage closed his eyes and addressed the parrot, "Now, let's see how the oak tree lets his vine creeper climb to her wish."---------Me thinking….

A delightfully delicious one Linny……..dunno why but I love these guys…I'm in a delightful mood today


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