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ArHi FF:3:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 7)

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
thank you for the good bye gift
those 2 chapters were a lovely surprise
have a great time with your family 

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats on the new thread ...amazing updates...have a safe journey ...looking forward to read more

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Originally posted by shass

Originally posted by kushipugly

Originally posted by Aquiline


Super Analysis!! loved it!!LOLLOLLOL
i have quit decoding of this ff as i just read readymade decoding from awosome threesome(shass, hoopoe & a_soul) in the circle.
shass , today the way you have described arnav singh raizada, it was just amazingClap
loved reading your full review on the updatesThumbs Up

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superb loved it sooo much 
and sry for late comment well was busy with my cozn's wedding thankfully it is over now 
i will miss u sooo much Cry
plz do come back as soon as possible 

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Thanks once again for the double treat... loved reading it... Smile

Fabulous update... brilliant piece of writing... Clap
He looked at her, "I never regret anything, Kushi Kumari Gupta. But if you want to feel better, I will tell you that I am disappointed to see you in this state."
Dissapointed- about  what? I feel he always believed her to be a strong willed and unyielding person. He somehow always felt her as a worthy opponent to match his headstrong nature. He never thought twice before throwing her in distressing situations… because he somehow believed that she is strong enough to overcome the tribulations with her strong will. But when he saw the disheveled appearance of khushi with a defeated look in her eye… he felt disappointed.


The varied emotions displayed here…im amazed. You didn't mention it openly yet the readers can feel the changing emotions in every single line of their communication.


She is heartbroken and infuriated. Shuts herself because she feels humiliated

He comes in search of her… a bit guilty… a bit irritated…a bit worried… overshadowed by pride and anger.

Finds her in the stable… feels a bit relieved.

Finds her not looking at his face… feels irritated and furious

Turns her and look at her disheveled form…the blank look in her eyes… feels shocked and guilty

She still in her angry mode…

One simple gesture from him… she is surprisedmelts down a bit but still furious.

He orders her to eat bread…she refuses

She obeys… when she sense a hint of plead in his words.


I really enjoyed reading this subtle play of emotions… 


Next comes the confrontation part…


It didn't feel like a heated confrontation between a guilty master and an infuriated servant. It looked more like an argument between two friends trying to end the tiff between them with a simple sorry. She didnt even want an apology... just wants to know whether he really regrets for his earlier action.


She can sense his regret from his gestures but expects the confirmation in words. His pride doesn't allow him for a open confession but at the same time he never denies his intention behind his gestures.


She sighs in defeat and makes one last blow… her harsh words makes him all vulnerable and he opens up his cold heart and pent up emotions a bit.


As per her nature she forgets all her bitterness towards that ruthless person and cries silently for the hardship he faced in his life...

Its her nature to provide comfort and ease out the pain of any unfortunate soul in her surroundings. Now will she leave the mighty lord to suffer all alone? I don't think so… she will surely try to befriend him and find ways to ease his pain...


The curiosity in her eyes and the determined look didn't go unnoticed by him… he easily reads her mind... he knows what she is upto... but he can't make himself more vulnerable in front of her…he can very well cope up with her animosity but not sympathy... he opts for damage control… he order her to move out of the castle.


Lets see how far Lord Arnav succeds in his decision… because destiny may have other plans.

The irony I sensed...
Gen.Jha... with all his gentleman features... opens up his heart explaining the miseries of his lonely life and asks her to be his heart's companion. But she refuses...
Lord Arnav... always ruthless and cold hearted towards her... who always threatens her to stay away from him... just gives a glimpse of his distressed state... and her heart cries out for him.
I suppose this is what is called as "the connection of hearts"

"Heartless though I am," murmured Lord Arnav looking away, "My heart is sore."


Hope her healing heart helps in soothing the soreness of his heart... very soon.

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hoopoe IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by kushipugly

Originally posted by Aquiline

Chapter One Hundred Three: The War of Emotions

Numbed to even decide what to do next, Kushi had rushed to the kitchen as soon as she had escaped from the hold of the First Lord in his room. She was rummaging through the storeroom when Rahim Chacha chanced upon her, "Kushibitya! You're back!"

thats unbelivable! i thought kushi has some sense & ran way from the castle, from this beastShocked
But she didn't look towards him and continued with her searching.

"Bitiya? What is it you're searching for?" He was concerned for she seemed to be frantic and focused only in her objective. She seemed to not be aware of his presence either.

He walked towards her and laid a hand on her shoulder, calling concernedly, "Bitiya?"

Kushi looked up as though she had been struck by lightning and stared at the butler. Her face was pale and dried tears still had their mark on her face.

"What is it, bitiya?" he asked worriedly, not taking his hand of her shoulder, "What are you searching for?"

She didn't speak anything but looked towards the shelves again.

"Are you looking for your cocoa beans?" he asked and she looked at him. She neither nodded nor shook her head.

Now thats our rahimchacha, he proved he loves her dearly by showing & knowing what his bitya needsThumbs Up
He assumed it must be the beans, "You finished them all last time, remember? There is no more left."
& the last time she needed was because of the lordy lord tooAngryCry

Her expression changed to one of defeat and she cast a glance over the shelves in remorse. Then she walked around the butler, letting his hand slip from her shoulder and before he could stop her, she was running out through the backdoor of the kitchen and into the sunlit outside, fresh tears flowing down her eyes.

my poor girl she doesn't even have her cocca beans in this beastly castle to get some calmCry
The butler had called out to her but instead of running after her, he ran towards Nani's room to announce to the Lady Mother and Lady Anjali the happy news that Miss Kushi was released from the dungeon (which he had already assumed because he had seen Lord Arnav sneak into the dungeon late at night though he had not waited to see if Lord Arnav left the dungeon with the girl in his arms, not wanting to get caught for being disrespectfully snooping) and the depressing news that she was lost and distraught like the way she had been last time they'd seen her wretchedly create chocolate liquor.
Butler is smartCool he has seen the concerned face of arnav when he was going to the dungeon for kushi , so actually he is telling his master where to find khushiCool

It was after the butler's announcement that Nani ordered the servants to search for her and Lady Lavanya volunteered to join the search. Lady Anjali had wanted to go but she realized it was only right that her condemning brother go find the girl himself for she deserved his humbling after what he had led her to bear. Instead of the servants and the family running out for Kushi, it was only justifiable that the condemner of th!e girl go and apologize and himself bring her back.

Anjali acting smart, showing some brains.Well thats good news of the day!
And that was how we saw Lord Arnav, having been told this piece of information
see i told you, butler was delivery the info only to his master to take some actions as he knew its only his master who can bring khushi out of her distressed state as he is the one who actually put her into it
, storm out of Nani's room and barge into his room and there he shut his door and began pacing to and fro in frustration. He was angry with his sister for taking the village girl and her feelings seriously and he was angry with himself for hurting his sister and making his sister cry.
No, he is angry because he is himself is taking this girl seriouslyLOL
well said...Thumbs Up

He cursed and then decided to get to the bottom of this mess.

Buddy, let me help youCool
you are in this mess as yr heart is messing up with yr mind for this girl.yr heart is fatally attracted to herLOL
He was still in his bathrobe so he changed into his morning shirt and pants and then made for the door. Rushing down the stars, he leapt of the last stair and rounded into the guest room, bothering to knock this time but entering without waiting for an answer.
yes, we know you are anji's brother, this is the only gene which u both shareLOL

"Lavanya, where is-" The room was empty and there was no sign of either the mistress or her handmaid.

Lord Arnav backed away and made for the kitchen, almost crashing into the butler, "Watch where you're going, Rahim Chacha!!"

Lordy lord in the kitchen again, the second time in his life ShockedLOL
Arnav, "Watch where you're going!"LOL
"Sorry, sire," bowed the butler, moving away to make way for his Master to pass, but the latter stayed there, "Did you see the village girl?"
See butler is smart, he wants arnav to spit out his worryCoolLOL

"I saw her run out through the backdoor but then we lost sight of her, we are searching but she is nowhere to be found."

even if he knew, i bet that butler wants arnav to go search for her first & show some sorry!
Lord Arnav didn't wait to hear the rest and raced for the backdoor. Maybe if he ran the way she ran, he could pick up her trial.
& get his hands on her againLOL

But on emerging out through the backdoor, it seemed he had to search the entire hillside. He was heading for the lake when he heard Om Prakash's voice a long way behind him calling out to someone else, "I've found her! She's in the stable!"

Assuming the "her" to be the "her" he was searching for too, he spun on his feet and raced for the stable. He had almost reached it when he saw a crowd of maids and servants before it.

Arnav, not only your family but al the servants are concerned for her well being.
You are not a master any more here darling as everybody just cares for khushi!
On seeing their Master approach, they all looked appalled and stepped away from the stable door.

"What is this?" he ordered on reaching them.

Shocked arent you arnav! they are worried for the queen of the castle!
"Master, the girl is within but she will not come out or see anyone and she will not eat anything," said the main cook, Surabhi.
wow, thats good news for you isn't it aranv, now you can feed her yourselfLOL

Lord Arnav took the bowl of bread and cold coffee from the cook's hand which had been intended for Kushi and ordered them to disperse to their situates immediately.

"I want no one loitering around in these areas, understand?" he asserted and after they'd gone, he walked into the stable with the bowl in his hand.
yes, with kushi he wants all the privacy in the world to live the moment of his life to all his fill!

The strong scent of horse dung and dry hay wafted upon him but his eyes were searching the place for the one reason he had there come for.

His eyes fell to the far corner of the stable where a shelf was attached midway in the wall to stock the saddles and reins. Underneath it, in the little space between it and the ground, he saw the huddled figure of the girl. Her hair had come loose and they enveloped her, keeping her face and form away from prying eyes.

Lord Arnav walked towards her, his boots crunching on the scattered hay on the stable barn. The heat in the room was rising with the afternoon approaching.

He came to stand before her and he called to her, "Kushi!"

She crouched away from him, deeper into the dark shadow of the shelf above her.

His nostrils flared in anger but he bent down and hunkered beside her, "Eat this!"

i m fatally attracted to her & she is crouching away from me WHAT THE!
Her face was away from him and her hair obstructed him from seeing her.
oh no, i know whats coming, better hold my breath for some intense sensitive scene ahead

"Kushi! Look at me!" he ordered but she still did not look at him. He placed the bowl down and pulled her towards him by her shoulders, "Kushi, look-"

His breath hitched on seeing her state. Her face was pale and her eyes red from all the crying. Her lips trembled weakly from exhaustion and hunger and yet she preferred to sit lifelessly in the corner.

"Kushi?" he was worried, "What..."

One hand lifted, he gently moved away the strands of hair obstructing her face from his gaze.

She blinked and looked up at him.

He looked away and, after a pause, he reached for the bread.

He dipped it in the cold coffee and lifted it before her. Hovering it near her mouth, he said expressionlessly, "Eat this, Kushi."

Kushi did not open her mouth and he pressed the bread upon her lips. A drop of the cold coffee remained on her lower lip but she made no attempt to lick it away.

"Kushi!" he said firmly, "Eat this. You are weak."

She only stared at the wet bread. He put the bread back into the bowl and lifted the whole bowl instead. He positioned it before her lips and said, "Drink this at least."

Surprisingly, she parted her lips and he tilted the bowl enough for a little coffee to slip through the space and water her throat. One arm pressed on the back of her shoulder as he helped her drink. She closed her eyes and drank the entire bowl of coffee, held there in his arm which was around the back of her shoulder, and being drunk by the man who had caused her this state of misery.

 kushi what the hell are you uptoConfused i thought you were angry at him then whyConfused
When she had finished drinking the coffee, he placed the bowl back and then looked up at her. Colour revived back in her cheeks but the look in her eyes was still alien to him.

"Kushi, how do you feel now?"

Kushi looked at him, and she spoke in a strained feeble voice, "Is this your way of an apology?"

OMG! khushi you knew why arnav is doing this Clap now big question , did this man ever feed anyone before with his hard cold hands? but here he is feeding a girl who he thinks is a village lowlife girl, a servant & here he is feeding her with his own hands!
"I don't apologize to anyone," he said bluntly, "I have no need for it."

"You do not apologize in words," corrected Kushi.

yes, you go girlThumbs Up
Lord Arnav frowned and then looked away, "If you did feel my apology in this act of letting you drink from my hands, then so be it."
OMG! he is confessing to  her that he indeed is  sorryClap

"That is not the answer I seek," said Kushi, looking away too, "Are you truly sorry?"

Lord Arnav grunted, drawing his hand away from supporting her shoulder .

drawing hands away from kushi, this must be hardLOL
Kushi sighed, "Tell me, sire, have you no regret for what you have done?"
Thumbs Up

He looked at her, "I never regret anything, Kushi Kumari Gupta. But if you want to feel better, I will tell you that I am disappointed to see you in this state."

arnav, you are now explaining your actions to her all the timeLOL
Isnt it? I too feel the same... Thumbs Up
"You are the cause," she said, looking straight at him.

"It need not necessarily be," he reasoned.

"It is," she asserted.

"You're not wounded or dead, are you?" he asked, "Only bruised pride is what I see in your face."

"You would have preferred me dead?" asked Kushi, "Would you then have come and apologized?"
khushi go ahead, only you know who to make him speak his actionsThumbs Up

"Are you trying to force me to say I'm sorry?"

she can't force you anything darling, you yourself want to clarify yr actions but yr mind is telling u, she is forcing youLOL
So true...Wink
"I can force nothing from you," said Kushi, "You are the Master and it's up to you to decide what you do and what others around you must do, right?"
Thumbs Up

Lord Arnav gritted his teeth, anger rising in him, "What do you want?"

"Tell me, do you feel not even guilty?"

"I am numb to guilt," he stated plainly.

you are lying to youself dearOuch
"I already knew," she looked away, and then she sighed, "A man like you must have never known what it is like to almost die inside when trapped in a dark and eerie dungeon, never knowing if you will see daylight again alive."
no kushi, plz don't say that, poor man has suffered & is still suffering hellCry

Lord Arnav stood up, his eyes suddenly very cold, "You think I don't know what it is like to die inside?"

Kushi stared at him: his voice, his words...they all sounded so unlike him.
yes, kushi listen to him now , this will help you in easing his pain even more
"You will never know," he said, pained somewhere and angry everywhere, "what it is like to be so young when one is only learning to live and then having to lose his parents to Death from which there is no return. You will never know how he lost himself, died that night in the lonely world filed with the echo of his sister's tears. You will never know! You will never know what it is like to bury your parents and to roam the forests looking for food because you cannot go back to the place you once called home because it is now a miserable place that haunts you of lost memories and an empty future."

And with that he stormed out of the barn, leaving Kushi gazing into the air, broken inside and silently weeping again, not for her, but for a heart that had been harbouring unhealed wounds behind the guise of his cold face until his heart iced over and froze and he was no more warm...

 this is what khushi is all about, forgets all her misery, her hurt, her pain & just  weeps for the griefs & pain of others. Kushi, there is no one like youHeart

ClapThumbs Up
Chapter One Hundred Four: Orders on the Spur

Lord Arnav walked into the living room of his Castle and found everyone, even Nani, who was sitting on the armchair, all waiting for his arrival. The servants were also standing expectedly at the doorway of the kitchen. When they saw that he had come in alone, they looked behind him, over his shoulder, in the hope of seeing the girl he had gone to get.

"Where is she?" asked Lady Lavanya, coming to stand near him, her eyes on the open central doors through which he had come, "Didn't you get her, ASR?"

Arnav thinking"Damn them all, damn to me,, Why the hell we all are worried for that begger!"
His eyes were on Nani, "Came down to speak for the village girl's sake again?"

Nani frowned, "You have something against my coming downs, Chotey?"

Lord Arnav's eyes were as firm as his voice, "I have always wanted you to emerge out of your room, Nani. But if the cause for your appearance is that girl, I would have better preferred you to remain in that dingy chamber."

he is right nanik. even though you are a very wise warm hearted lady, why did you abondoned yr grandchildren & leave them to suffer alone. this is sadCry
"Chotey!" said Lady Anjali, walking towards him, "What is wrong with you?"

Lord Arnav looked at his sister, "Nothing is wrong with me, Di. It's the world that is in the wrong. It only gives more reasons to pain."

Lady Anjali stood before her brother, her face softened at his words, sensing the unseen aching. Her hands reached towards him and he let her touch his cheek, "Is my Chotey in pain now?"
Lady anjali, our aquiline is on a full mission to make us love youLOL

"Heartless though I am," murmured Lord Arnav looking away, "My heart is sore."

 WOWClap Arnav did you hear what you just say "YOU HAVE A HEART!"Clap
A shuffling sounded behind them and all turned to look at Kushi standing at the doorway, her gown hay-ridden from its presence in the stable and her hair dishevelled from too much frantic running and brooding.
when will kushi start to feel  her misery & stop thinking about others painDisapprove 
kushi be prepared for more Broken Heart

"Miss Kushi," gasped Lady Anjali in relief and she rushed towards Kushi followed by an elated Lady Lavanya.

Kushi had her eyes on Lord Arnav, however, and he was looking at her too, reading the curiosity in her eyes. He realised her mind was lingering on the last words he had spoken to her before parting from the stable.

He looked away.

you have to look away arnav or again yr heart will bang yr mindLOL
Kushi turned her gaze to Lady Anjali who had come to stand beside her and was asking her how she was, "My lady, I am well." Her voice was weak but her eyes had a determined light again.

"Why did you go to the stable, Kushi? Did you intend to leave?" Lady Lavanya asked, concernedly, pressing her hand on Kushi's.

Kushi looked from Lady Lavanya's hold on her hand and then smiled up at her mistress' face. She saw that Nani and Lord Akash were waiting for her to walk into the living room instead of standing at the doorway.

She stepped in

Khushi, sometimes yr love & concern  for others irritates meOuch
but Lord Arnav said warningly to all the assembled, "Since it is stated that Lavanya no longer needs Miss Kushi Kumari Gupta as her handmaid, I see no need in keeping her here. She may leave for her home tomorrow."

All eyes looked at him but he stood abashedly.

Lady Anjali spoke up, from beside Kushi, "Chotey, we have a very important occasion forthcoming and I would like Miss Kushi to be present-"

"The occasion you speak of is important to me too, Di," stated Lord Arnav looking at his sister, "For that reason, I do not want anyone who is not servant or family to me in this house."

death anniversary of parents?
Nice guess...Thumbs Up
Lady Lavanya tried to defend, "Miss Kushi is-"

"No one," said Lord Arnav with finality and looked at Kushi, hurt reflected in her eyes. He addressed her directly, "Your service here has expired. Sunrise tomorrow, I expect you to bid Farwell to this Castle forever."

And then he turned on his heels and headed for his room.

to cry & be mad on himself for his own ego & stupidity for ordering her to leave himOuch

you are a big beast looserThumbs Down
Best part of the 2 updates was heartless egoistic lord arnav feeding khushi with his own hands FEELING all guilty & concernedClap
Nice one dear... Loved your analysis...Smile

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Originally posted by Farwa_Ibrahim

Missed the 1st page *crying*
aww! plz don't be sad, come let me hug you
Do u know, on Aquiline 2nd thread i was on page 6CryCryThere are still many many threads to come , so you will definately make it on one daySmile.
& congrats on learning how to upload. Ever since we have started reading this ff, our obsession & addiction to this ff has made us learn new things to show our love for this ffSmile.i learnt how to upload , use color in text & underline textLOL

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Originally posted by shass

Dearest Lin..there're times whn i read ur work n wonder,if she'll evr exhaust herslf of abilities n creativity?? bt am glad u nvr do !! it ws a SUPERB UPDATE Thumbs Up... i loved da update,coz i saw da glimpse of da ''WHY'', i had been searching for. Those last few lines in da stable,speaks volumes of dat ''WHY''.. roots of da WHY.. the curse is only part of it !! ..vl not touch it in detail yet,as am sure there's much more to it..let sum more pieces of puzzle fall in places n v shall see da TRUTH..  NOT claiming dat am ryt, jst expressing wht i see n understnd..Smile

LORD ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA !! ...A man wrapped in mystery,arrogance n self authority !! A man who,lyk ur antagonist, luvs to wear masks!! luvs to hide da REAL him!.. A man who hates to hear nethg against himslf..but vl willingly claim dat he's heartless.. is he really?? ..those who hv da most beautiful hearts, r most liable to breakage..simply coz they r most sensitive.. most compassionate.. most pure! did he too possess such a heart,long bk? did he see da world wth such a heart? found it full of beauty n love n joy? n thn one day,he ws made to wake up frm his beautiful dream..only to find da ugliness of da world..da horror of lyf.. the fragility of relationshps! it must hv been a nyt must hv shattered him..left him helpless.. but did he gv up?? no! he fought wht cost?? HE LOST HIMSELF !! n held on to wht he believed he needed da best to survive... All da vows he made thn, MAKES HIM DA MAN HE IS TODAY!! in his eyes, he is right..all his actions r justified..sumwhr da hatred n vengeance fr da world,dominating his thoughts.. filling him wth bitterness!! stopping him frm trusting n loving!

This is WHY he can see da beauty of Khushi's heart..coz he knws whr it cums frm.. this is wht ''Threatens'' him..Scares him.. He knws she's da only one who cn break da ''Hard'' facade to his persona.. she cn penetrate it n drag him out of da shadows, he so lyks to hide in.. n find sumthg,he doesnt wnt hr to find.. n dis is why he pushes hr evrytm {curse is part of it}.. On da othr hand.. Nothg so far has been un-noticed whn it cums to her.. Destiny/God has been helping hr at evry step..pushing thm into eachothr's paths..until one day they'll stop fighting n accept wht is theirs! ...she has been witness to his ruthlessness..his goodness..n nw evn his pain.. dis vry pain dat is center of his sumwhr also da pain of her life..dats why she cried fr him..n dats why she followed him inside da living room... she understood his pain.. n he Knows she did..dats why he doesnt wnt her around..coz he feels she'll Break him into a person, dat died long bk..n if she does dat..thn probably he feels he'll b PROVED to b WRONG all his lyf..!! in his beliefs,his reasons ,his actions!! There r indeed lessons fr him to learn n there is still time fr it.. He'll b conquered by a beautiful Heart in the end, until he sees da wisdom behind'll b a continuous battle NOT only b/w da two..but also wthin himself !!

 i so want a Ball in da lets see wht da special event is all abt..

Dear buddies..i may not b around lyk b4..thanks to Capt. Responsibility!!Ouch but i'll miss u guys alot..n try to visit da inn,whnevr i can.. Smile..luv u guys..TC.Heart

Brilliant Insight... as usual my dear shass. ClapClapClap

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