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ArHi FF:3:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 146)

shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Whoa... the 1st impression i got of the chp--119 was that i was studying a case of MPD (multiple personality disorder).. it also reminded me of Hamlet.. n whatever little i have understood of the General n his Apparition, left me awestruck !! Lin,IF,IF,IF i'm heading in the right direction, i'm just speechless.. one question?? what are you?? if in this chp you have indeed shown the battle b/w General n his conscience/subconscious.. then u have done a SPECTACULAR job ! am still stunned to silence! ShockedShockedShocked

So, i felt once again,what i had assumed previously that the General was haunted by his conscience,when we had the latest discussions.. here i'll extend it even more.. it also represents his subconscious... so i gather, ever since he got the curse, he's been haunted by it n this has eventually lead him to dream about it.. i wonder what his reasons must be, but it looks like they wud be quite powerful.. here's a man who hides himself behind masks, hiding his reasons.. we dont know what caused his suffering n pain.. for how long he has been tortured by it all.. what his past held for him?
its true that when u think too much or u r haunted too much by ur inner demons.. they start to appear infront of u.. one loses the differentiation of that thin line b/w real world n imaginary world. i can see it coz he's a man who has been his own companion for years n years now n only trusts himself with the truth.. his loneliness along with his frustration for curse has driven him to a point where he sees the war b/w himself with open eyes.
was wondering about one thing, specially.. why it was a female child?? perhaps coz it signifies his vulnerability or weakness..
this is the second time we have seen a small girl appearing in his life.. 1st was a dream.. per my understanding.. while trying to interpret it i had said [excerpts]

'''if the rose is his life/heart ..his center of being n it was bleeding meaning it is also in pain due to the curse n the child was his conscience telling him about it all n crying or bleeding due to pain then perhaps this is the freedom he seeks! like u have been saying for so long that the curse shud b there to teach people a lesson or cause them pain n misery.. he wants to get rid of this torture n in turn uses any mean that can b the cure..

i see the same pattern once again.. his mind over worked n filled with same thoughts,regarding his curse ,khushi n most probably his marriage too... then perhaps his imagination got better of him n he feels n sees things.. one thing that lead me to it was also the fact that, if the candle was burning inside the tent n darkness was outside it, then there's noway, the shadow cud have been seen outside the tent it has to be there inside near the candle,however, whn he drops the flap he cant see that shadow again [basic science..may b am thinking too much..u cant blame meWacko].
when he turns around,he sees her again, this time appearing as real as she can get.. he keeps his focus on her n she focuses only on the frame of his wife! its like she's signalling him for something.. something thats his deepest desire but now its surfacing more day by day.. TO GET RID OF HIS WIFE !! here i felt for the 1st time that perhaps it was just not the curse that made him join army..cum to think of it, his curse was not even there for past few years.. perhaps he didnt want to be with lady anjali n used it as an excuse to stay away from her.. but now that khushi is there,n he sees that his decision of marrying lady anjali was wrong in the 1st place,taking her to b cure all this time n staying with her for that purpose only... his deepest desire is coming into open.. considering the child to be his conscience/subconsious, it kept indicating him to throw her away from his life.. if thats what u meant by it linny,then i salute u dear coz i felt even he didnt know of it to date n is coming in terms with his own self slowly..i loved the war that's being fought inside him, with one part of him still picking the painting n other throwing it !! ofcourse he sees that his decision will make lady anjali hurt in the most horrendous way..n may be the tears also indicated that LA has not been able to cure him,n his inner self still bleeds.. i still think he's scared of blood tears everytime coz somewhr even he knows the horror they represent.. the horror of his past..his curse. a pain he has been carrying with him for too long n is now tired of it n frustrated too.. what was his last verdict after the whole thing?? he listened to his inner beast..his inner-self.. he is now determined to get khushi to heal himself..
To every person,i believe, is a way of dealing with situations.. initially shocked,then hurt then angry.. when the inner battle gets too much to deal with,esp for someone like the General,who's too ambitious n lived it for too long.. it is bound to turn into OBSESSION ! Alas,the worst of the paths taken n worst of the trait possessed by a person ! coz it knows no boundaries n only consumes everything. even the possessor.!

PS; Guys.. esp.HP N SOUL.. i bet u'll come with better options n explanations.. i suppose,its my profession that makes me think about things in just one single way.. i can see them in just one light n i cant help it..*shrugs*.. Hp ur marriage theory will still b applicable,i think..but am sorry that i cudnt look t it that way.. its because of all this i feel i shud not write now..atleast for sometime..coz am mingling too many things.. so i'll sit back n read the story as it is.. u r welcome to reject anything written above.. i wont mind..
am too upset today.. my best friend's mom passed away.. feeling sorry for her n helpless too.. just needed to distract myself from it so came n wrote somethg.. tc n Merry Christmas to all..

PPS; n i feel, the General doesnot know the equation b/w lordy n khushi.. or else he wud have raised havoc by now.. he's just considering n wondering why they were there..
n while reading i thought the possibility is still there that it was really a spirit..Embarrassed. but strangely, while lordy's dreams r haunted by lady in the hood..guiding him.. the General's r haunted by his conscience ..per my understanding..
..guiding him. [may be child was a younger version of LH]Shocked..sorry for small font guys the post is again painfully lengthy.Ouch

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Jammy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Read the updates and all of them hold such significance. Your imagination is superb. 

So the creature in the tent that night was indeed Shyam. My question is did Arnav know about this?
On the other hand, the curse of Shyam was only triggered again after he came in contact with Khushi right? So there isn't a way that Arnav was aware about Shyam's curse... Ok I am intrigued and am eagerly waiting for the day that all unveils which I wish is not soon Wink

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angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 9:54am | IP Logged
loved it

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Mxk3444 Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Okay I'm so happy that khushis family are not pressurizing Khushi about Shyam especially Buaji!! And I'm like freaking out about that little girl I have a feeling that's either Khushi or Anjali when they were younger. Thanks for the update and I'm so happy you're going to be starting a new thread soon congrats :)!!!

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Chapter 116: In Pursuit for Their Precious


Tensed  Pretty update lin..

It was from Lord Akash and her father did not think it noble to read a personal letter of his daughter's….


Shashi Uncle.. aisa moka kabhi kabhi hi milta hain.. padh lo…

….but his eyes fell on the word "Miss Kushi" in a paragraph at the end and he could not stop himself from reading that line.


Ok Soul it's a serious matter over here so shut up!!

Babuji looked at her, amazed that the girl who rarely ventured out was willing to come to search for her lost sister.


Lin.. I understand that payal is shy n not out going girl but any concern n loving sis will go out to find… isn't it obvious! So m not getting, y Shashi uncle is so amazed and you have emphasized it here?

No sooner had Master Shashi caught a glimpse of the Lady Anjali who was always confined within the Castle, than he was shocked to recognize her as a fleeting similarity to the painting he had seen on General Jha's worktable though he had only seen it in a flash of a second.

Shashi Uncle.. u r on right trip…!!

Ohhh I love this Lin… superb much more better then original one..!! Super Exciting…

"Bitiya!" said the father and his daughter fell onto him. He was about to lift her up, when Lord Akash volunteered and lifted her into his arms, his worried look searching her eyes for possible pain, "Miss Payal, does it hurt?"
"No, thankfully no," she muttered, embarrassed over the scene she was making, and she and Lord Akash looked suddenly at her father. Master Shashi nodded, granting the permission for his daughter to be carried by Lord Akash as long as they remained in his vision's radius.


Aaaye haaye kya scene hai…. But u know lin.. aisa har kisi ki life main kyu nai hota…

Btw, I love that last words.. typical parental concerns..

"Bruises are too common in this Castle but they must always be attended to instantly,"

I understand Lady Jha… some are emotional and some physical….

Lin.. captivating line it is!!

"Gupta, boy! Its Gupta!" said his mother exasperatedly, "Why address her by her first name as though there is a string of familiarity?"


I like it, the way she said…

Lady Anjali fell silent, and Master Shashi, who could not help remaining silent about the wretched suspicion in his mind, asked, "Do you have any other brothers other than the First Lord and Second Lord?"


Shashi the detective awaken….hurreeeyy

"And I wish you find the strength to ride the storms of your future."


Bade buzzurgo ki aankhain kabhi dhoka nai khati… his doubt and his instinct has sensed the arrival of future storm in her life…

"It is for one's strength that one needs most blessings. I am certain your words will be a shield if storms must knock at my quiet door."


Yeh toofan ke pehle ki shanti hain bachhe….

Again wise linny's wise words…!

Chapter 117: Gypsies and Goodbyes


Concerned update… beautifully written..Lin

I loved that u have write "the man" or "he" only to refer Lordy in whole update (except once)..

But occasionally, her mind wandered to the man in her thoughts.
Lovely sentence formation lin dear..
She didn't understand why he had suddenly changed overnight.
He was detached and preferred to be unaccompanied.
The sore two hours of waiting for her endearing enemy worried her and she wondered what had gone wrong that he would exempt himself from being around.
Ooo Khushi dear… I loved dat u r concerned n worried..
In all the gusto and gladness, Kushi didn't see the man walk towards the last cart and pick up her tiny box. She didn't see him walk towards her. Only when his hard hold on her hand jolted her back to Earth did she realize he had come back.
He lifted her box so she could see, "You need not come with us anymore. Your home is that way." He nodded to the fringe of trees to his left and she stared at them and then at him.
Kushi took the box from him and waited for him to release his hold on her hand. But he didn't. Instead, he did a surprising thing. He led her through the forest by her hand, not bothering about the gypsy procession he needed to catch up with.
Kushi struggled to hold her box and lift her gown with one hand as he dragged her through the forest, mercilessly pulling at her other hand, not caring if she found it hard to march up to his speed. 


I was so lost in this scene Lin…  Just amazing… a road out of forest.. grass on both the sides and only two of them are walking..

Kushi remained silent all through the remaining journey, knowing this might be the last time she was seeing him, knowing this was probably what he wanted too. A last few minutes to be with each other……….….though she could not understand why he was not quite gentle upon her.


Though as a reader n as viewer of IPK, we know that they will meet again… that too very soon.. still I feel the pain here lin.. that khushi is feeling unknowingly!!

He let go of her hand and she began to walk away when he called her, "Kushi."


OOOhhh… that husky voice…

"You wasted a whole day of mine with your recklessness but I am willing to let it slide by because I won't gratefully be seeing you again," he muttered, "But though you are of no concern to me……….I just want you to be careful of the dark."

Look at him… how he choose to start…  like MAIN lordy hoon types..

And the second sentence here is like, I want water but I m not thirsty..  my lordy, he is so concerned for her..

He looked to the ground, "The nights are unsafe. Just be careful."


M glad that he has not misunderstood her or not shown any sign of misunderstanding, even not pour his frustration on her in terms of anger… instead I see there is sign that he himself is thinking that khushi does not know anything about that shadow came to meet her last night..

So happy that our tale is not taking path of usual daily soap..

Chapter 118: Home At Last


The chap has reminded me the days when I came home late from office.. mom n dad worried so much… and we also discussed thing like "how was everyone's day" n other important topic while dining only… Lovely family gathering..

"You worry yourself too much!" said Buaji, "Especially over your youngest. And to think that you expose only your cold shoulder when she is present herself."


Even we readers have same complain to Garima aunty..

Garima snorted, "Lucky enough to have made us sell off the mill and the house."


I just don't like it… how could you say that, it's ppl' mind set is responsible for this..

"Was he cruel to you?" asked Payal, leaning towards her sister to brush of a portion of some leaf that was stuck in the younger one's hair


Yes if we recall grape incident, he is REALLY cruel…LOLLOL

Kushi looked up from her plate and paused before answering firmly, "No, he doesn't."


How cool it could be, if khushi has said.. "Uski itni himmat jo ab mujhe Khat likhe"….

"He was a good man but I suppose not good enough for you, then."


For this, a daughterly kiss to you shashi uncle..

The life at the Castle was to become a thing of the past and she had a whole new future before her. A future where the Castle would no longer be a part ofKushi's mind was certain, but she knew her heart was not.  


Ha ha ha ha *evil laugh*… "Not yet dear.. not yet" LH in me saying

Song of the situation..

Aye dil laaya hai bahaar
Apnon ka pyar, kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha
Khushi ka khumaar, Kya kehna

Khile khile chehron se aaj
Ghar hai mera
Gule gulzaar, kya kehna

Chapter 119: The Apparition


Before commenting on chap let me tell you one thing… I read the title, and I didn't know the meaning of APPARITION but I was so eager to read the update that I didn't pay attention to that….

After reading it, I was like.. OH My GOD..  She seems a ghost…

And now while commenting I find the meaning of the title.. and I am.. mera to pachka ho gaya...LOL

But lets not call her Ghost (as it is usually referred for not good soul)..  yes could be spirit (so it could be good could be bad)

BTW… thanks for SCARING ME…

He was angry as he walked to and fro, "What was he doing there?" And then he stopped and wondered, "What was she doing there?" Did they...


It is so delight to see you like this Gen Jha…  u r worried on "DID THEY…" and  we reader so wish we could say " They did…"Wink

"Like there is something that stops me from getting rid of this meddling curse!"


This is very interesting thought of him linny…

He turned around to place his sword back on his table when he saw, with horrid fear, the little girl from his nightmares sitting upon his tabletop, her legs crossed under her pale frilled frock.
Her hair was let loose, its tips reaching up to her shoulders, and she sat, looking away from him, her eyes on the tiny framed painting that was propped upon his table.


This is really frightening … But I love the way you narrate it..!!

She had lifted her head to look into his eyes and with sheer terror, he saw how red blood streamed like tears from her glazed eyes. And adding to his mixed horror, the red teardrops slid from the girl's pale face and fell onto the face of his wife's framed picture, marring her pale cheeks and tender eyes with the ominous red drops.


Lin one thing I didn't understand or I should say visualized here is… I could not able to read expression of her eyes..  blood drops are of anger? pitty? Sadness? Or just to scare him…

And then he stood up, placed the painting back on his table and gritted his teeth, "I will make you want me, Kushi. I so will. No one is going to stop me from this."


And here starts the real battle…. Bring it ON linny….

The girl seemed to ignore him and her fingers reached out and picked up the painting of his wife.
Here when she lifted the painting,  I thought she will caress it… and the next thought come in my mind that in few updates u will show that Lady Jha is pregnant, she could be a sign of that child…. But after reading further I m sure that I m certainly wrong..  y would the child threw the paining of her mother??

She threw it in anger.. so the spirit is angry on Gen Jha due to Lady Jha…. So if I consider here, her as sign of the curse that Jha has, does that mean that his Curse will hurt Lady Jha, so it is poisonous for Lady Jha and not Gen, and by getting cured by Khushi, Gen wants to save Lady Jha from his curse…

I think I m thinking too much right… But I think I have some logic.. whats say girls?

I don't know who you are or what you want, meddling little twit! But I will not let you mess with my head anymore. I will make this curse end and end your visions once and for all!


So this means, the child was in his dream earlier and the child here are same…. Well in this case m thinking on how the both incidents are connected?

And if hoopoe's theory is true (which I think very much dependable) what the symbol of their marriage wants to indicate by throwing Lady Jha's painting??? Well I have not read the analysis of any yet, so don't know if hoopoe has already answered this…. 

Song of the situation…
Bhoot Hoon Main
Na Aah Hai Na Raah Hai
Na Jism Hai Na Jaan Hai
Andhera Hai Pyaas Hoon Main
Bhoot Hoon Main

Na Dard Hai Na Umang Hai
Na Aas Hai Na Saans Hai
Rondhi Hui Aag Hoon Mein
Bhoot Hoon Main

Bechain Sa Sailab Hai
Zalimana Tezab Hai
Zehair La Ilaj Hoon Mein
Bhoot Hoon Main


Scared Soul

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saga_twilight IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Tw0 things, the w0rld didnt end and y0u are back!! :D
S0 Lin, is it n0w, kh00n bhari tang and phati g0wns n0w? As I d0nt see a sari? R0FL. And bef0re I f0rget the last chapter gave me creeps. H0w am I supp0sed t0 sleep n0w?? H0rrible curse, if that is the part 0f it and I even pity him. T0tally understand why he is desperate if he endures what he is enduring.

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neevankrish Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Sorry dear my inbox was full so i didn't get any pm...chap was asusual Gud...just have to wait for shams nxt moves...happy xmas and Newyear..!!!!tc!!!!

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kvarsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
awesome updatess..
read them all ..
shashi had come to knw something general jha i think..
and why arnav is this sad after tht nyt when someone came to khushi
hut thts confusing missing her or some other thing..
mm and our khushi is missing him i think ...
and who is tht gal he is indicating tht he doing something wrong with khush or
coz of him some thing gonna happen to anjali Confused
full of confuisng Unhappy
but u described them very welll Thumbs Up
update soon and thnx 4 pm Big smile

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