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ArHi FF:3:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 127)

kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve all...
A very exciting and thrilling update...
Since Lord Arnav - Khushi equation was already discussed many times, i'll just share my views on the unexpected face-off...
Gen Jha... we have already witnessed his beastly transformations and him taking refuge in the dark forests to keep his embarassing secret unknown to the world... i suppose this is one similar night... him doing his usual nocturnal expedition in the dark forest to cope up with his beastly transformation...
He was on his one usual nocturnal flight when his beastly instincts signalled him of her presence... he was not sure and hence he landed in the midst of the forest, entered the hut to check and confirm that his beastly senses were indeed right. In all his curiosity and excitement he ignored the presence of a second figure inside the hut. He was busy checking and admiring her face in the darkness and wondering about her unexpected presence in this odd jungle miles away from the castle and village...
Just then his alert senses informed him of human movement beside him... he was shocked and confused about letting a human to look at him in his transformed state... he swiftly moved out ready to fly away from that place... but when he found the person chasing him with a surprising speed... coping up with his beastly viguor... he panicked. Instead of flying out of the forest, he started running swiftly through the forest... which is not his forte, i guess. With his initial panic slowly changing to blind rage and fury, he started making flaws in his moves making it a quite repetitive pattern, which worked in advantage of the clever chaser to guess his next move easily... and catch him. 
The Gen turned to look at his chaser, with all intention of scaring him to death by showing him his deadly beastly form... but when he recognised the face of the person... he was shocked... similar to his opponent. But he was very quick in recovering from the initial shock and took the momentary stupified state of his opponent to his advantage... and flew off the dark forest...
Lord Arnav... a long time after the beastly creature flew off into the darkness of the dense forest, he recovered from his stupified state... Since the Gen was in his transformed is not possible for him to recognize the face of the person. But he immediately connected the creature with his sister... he was shocked and confused about the current transformed state of the creature... his questions were about "why?" ...and not  "what?" of the creature's present beastly state.
Hence I guess he is already aware of the creature's existence but not of its recent beastly transformations... though im not sure whether he is aware that it is the Gen himself or simply a creature closely associated with the life of his sister... lets wait and watch...
However, when he works out the "How?" of the situation... when he comes to know that its indeed khushi who stirred the beast inside the General to come alive, i think the actual storm will hit Arhasia...
P.S. Shass, i suppose...
 The General in his tranformed state... rules the sky... in the darkness of night.
  Lord Arnav in his transformed state... rules the earth... even in the darkness of night.
After reading the update again & understanding it through hoope's decoding, its clear that now both the beast will now be in their full fury & outrageous state.
Shyam will be angry that khushi's is with lord arnav reducing his chances that he can get his eyes on her neck & Lord arnav will be furious that khushi has some involvemnet with his brother in law.
Battle of the beasts is going to start now & khushi will bear all the hurt in this battle.

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kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Dear comrades,
Our Aquiline is a very private reserved person so it was hard to get her picture from any source.
But one fineday, i got lucky & found her picture on google.
Here it is & this picture for me fully describes our dear Aquiline personality!!!!
She is our boss & our boss looks loyal, hot, ambitious , passionate, intelligent & talented, always calm , always keep an eyes on us , not allowing us to make any blunder anywhere & attitude is just KILLER!!!!!
& this personality of Aquiline is what made us fall in love with her!

Edited by kushipugly - 14 December 2012 at 5:18am

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sana2511 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged
wow u r really a good writer... i likeit very much keep on...Tongue

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MithilaTorr Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
what lovely story! I am in love with regency era stories and to see Arshi in that was a delight!What narration was that! brilliant! ClapCould you please include me too in PM? 

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shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 3:42pm | IP Logged

SOUL N HOOPOE...i wanted to ask something for quite sometime now...
if the roses dream of both khushi n lordy meant that she'll suffer or bleed in order to cure lordy... then there was another such dream by the General too..if am not wrong..dont remember the sequence perfectly or the chapter... but one night the gen. sees a small girl giving him a single rose that was bleeding... what does that indicate??? you think he too saw khushi there?? or someone else?? he was haunted by the dream..why?? n if am not wrong he too is haunted by same night mare for years... like lordy is haunted by his.. could da Gen too have a conscience haunting him..or u think there is more to it, that isnt clear ryt now??
another thing--- we often say khushi will bleed.. but i always felt that its not necessary that she'll literally ''bleed''... ''the bleeding roses'' could imply ''bleeding hearts'' as in the hearts that will be in pain n tormented..u know in that sense... you think its applicable??? also, i dnt know why but i keep thinking it could also imply to all the people in the story... coz the way i see things..everyone's heart is bleeding in one way or another..dont u think??
There are things here that r too thought to discuss them n see if i get a clearer picture.. Smile

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saomom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
*pout*  I know I need to be patient, but I miss this story!Cry

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neevankrish Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Hi im new ur story it was relly awesome ...part 1 to 115 iv been redin tis story for two days wakin up til 3 am its relly worth readin ...u r relly damn gud n writin fairy tale stories...u r gud enough to writ a book...ur writin skills cn mak me imagine I cn picturise ur writing...I need sum clarifications regardin ur story
-wat s gen sham doin n nite by runnin naked???
-"wat s lord arnav doin by tying his mouth wit belt??
-whose blood was on arnavs hand wen kushi saw him?? If he had killed somone who s tat???
Wat does nani insist by tellin flowr & bee story???
If u r free rply me...n pm me for nxt part..bcoz instead of studin for my semester exams iv been readin ur stories til late ngt...n write nxt part soon...and do pm me...
Take care it was indeed very gud to travel ur story... hav a nnice day my fantabulous fairy tale writter lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A_Soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged

Rabba Ve INNwalon...

Finally finally finally m back... with my long post on last 5 chaps...

Those who has missed my comments, here it is... 

Chapter 111: Family and Decisions

Fab Family bonding update... Lin

Garima sat on the chair beside her husband and placed a hand on his thigh, "You must speak out what you felt about him. This concerns my daughter and I must know of it too."

The underlined one is so true in general… everyone should speak out their heart and mind….!

Its so good to hear "my daughter" from Garima for khushi… Glad she show out her concern for her in front of readers… hope she show her concern to khushi soon..

Master Shashi Gupta looked at his wife and saw the longing in his wife's gaze, "I know you will understand. I do not know why, but I am not certain if this man is noble as he seems to be."

Your instinct are true, Shashi Uncle..

"Neither will I be," said Buaji, coming up behind them with a cup of coffee in her hand, "But first we must ask Kushibitiya about this. In case she may have had feelings for him, should we just let it slide without telling her what we think?"

Buaji… yes u r with ur bro n bhabhi's decision..but tell me frankly, Gen Jha is not going away from my mind.. he na!!

But yes u r write, should take khushi's take on this…. 'arre bhai uski shadi ke bare me soch rahe ho use to puchna hi padegana'

"And I'm certain she does not have feelings for him," said Babuji, remembering a certain night, "But we could ask her when she returns this Sunday. We might as well get down to this issue and end it."

Shashi uncle knows everything… smart father!!! 

I love you Shashi uncle…

Garima nodded and then Buaji asked, "But you only have a feeling that he is not fine, is it? Nothing to prove that by?"

See I told you na, she can't get rid off Gen Jha…

Buaji m worried for you, when the truth will come out you will be one who will deeply hurt...

"Which could blind you to things that only the mind can notice," stated his sister wisely.

Oh Buaji… currently he is in dilemma, if he start noticing everything from mind, he will REJECT him surely…

"My Shashi here is a man whose mind is in his heart and will do exactly what is right."

Lin, where in show we hear something like 'suniye' or 'sunte ho'… here sentence starts with 'My Shashi' sounds so different but good..

"He said he was an orphan but had a sister whom he has lost contact with," said Babuji,

Lin…Usually ppl say this like "He was an orphan". But whenever ppl say it like it is here start with "HE SAID he was an orphan"..its only when they hv a doubt, not sure whether whatever d other person was saying is trustworthy or not!  Happy that you take care of his doubt in ur sentence formation..!

Beautiful convo between father and daughter… Just LOVED it!! Its so good to open ur heart in front of father like him…!

But as soon as the words fell from her mouth, her heart sank and she was not certain why.

But the thought which took my heart is the one above… n without doubt It won the Award of best dialogue.  Such feelings are so certain to be uncertain..!!

"My family will always be more important to me than my feelings for a man I only met four or five times………unless I am likely to wed him. Only then will he be the prime priority of my life." 

Payal dear… let me correct you..after that, not only him but he, his family and ur family, all three will come at prime priority….!!

Wise Words from LIN… so true it is dear..!!!

"To fall in love is not a sin, but to marry the right man is a decision that affects not just you but your entire family and the family of that man."


Chapter 112: The Hermit

The most hilarious chap till now...

"Sir, I need you to come with me this instant to my Castle."

Lord Arnav gritted his teeth, "Is that all you have to say? I asked you a question, sir."

Lordy… that was a statement n not a question..!!

"Do you have something to say?" asked the sage.

"Yes," said Lord Arnav shortly, "Come with me."

And this is called order dear lordy..u have to ask n that to politely… yeah yeah, v r wishing, lion to eat d grass..!!

Kushi gaped at him and the sage looked at him and then at the parrot on Kushi's shoulder and then back again at Lord Arnav, "Are you the parrot?"


I'm thinking.. How fortune was feeling after hearing this??WinkLOL

"She's not my girl!" said Lord Arnav,

Lin… did you hear that… Lordy has said it himself she is not his girl, so we don't need to ask her for permission, right..Wink

Yeah Lordy dear… I know, I m your girl!!

"I know she isn't," said the sage and then he added in his mind, Yet!

Ohhh I love u dear hermit…. A word 'Yet' was never so meaningful….!!

The sage closed his eyes and addressed the parrot, "Now, let's see how the oak tree lets his vine creeper climb to her wish."

M dumb to understand this line, I don't know what is oak?, what is vine creeper? and how it is relate here to the situation…. But still m trying to understand what it is trying to convey…


Chapter 113: By the River

U r successful in killing us dearie... 

Lord Arnav stood before the moon-glimmered river, his hands in his pockets, his shirt dirtied and with the first few buttons still undone .

U know how to faint ur reader, right lin..?

He moved away from where the curtain was, away from where she was bathing and then stripped down to nothing. He slipped into the water, cold water washing over him and calming the heat rising in his body.

Even ur readers went to take a cold bath after this, of course for the same reason...

With her long wet hair let open to frame her radiant moon-kissed face, she was dressed in a thin white gown that reached to her toes but it was so thin that even in the darkness, his sharp vision could make out the outline of her curves.

Hmm... here comes the curse effect.. sharp vision!!!

BTW lin here u describe how khushi is looking in wet hair n body... n here i m imaging my lordy in wet hair and bare body... ooo HoT hot Hot!!!

From far, she could not see things clearly in the dark the way he could. But a few inches away from him, the moonlight cast its caress on his wet hair and his wet chest and she realized he was dripping wet and shirtless.

I need OXYGEN...!!!

He stood there looking at her for a moment and then coolly looked away, "I don't catch colds."

Y did you say this? Just out of ego or is it true, again a curse effect, huh???

His gaze slid from her face to the blanket she was holding, "Me touch your dirty blanket that was draped around you?"

"There is another way to lift yourself up," he pointed out, his eyes shining mischievously, and before Kushi could fully grasp the potency of that statement, he had crossed the little distance between them and hoisted her up, his strong arms around her knees, pressing her to him and his face before her waist.

Now this is not done lordy.. u r not ready to touch the blanket but ready to lift the master of that blanket... U NOUGHTY LORDY!!

How I wish, I would be there in place of khushi… though I doubt u could lift me and hold me for such a longer time…LOL

M linking the oak tree n vine creeper sentence over this incident… m I right?

His head shook as she dried it and he accidently pressed his face against her waist and she gasped.

But instead of putting her down like how he had lifted her, he released his hold gradually and let her slide slowly down his chest.

Blush Blush Blush...

The wetness on his chest was no longer there. It was on her.

Lin's signature... symbolism... yes related to curse and its cure...  

He looked away, angered by his own hapless emotions and then, to change the mood, said, "I'm starving. Aren't you hungry?"

Lordy... puch puch ke bhi yehi pucha... Lol...  BTW.. M hungry...!WinkWinkTongue

Writing I Love….

He was not going to let his imagination paint supposed pictures of what might be behind the curtain. He was not going to make his bored mind make this moment harder for him.

Her dark hair against the white of her night gown made it impossible for him to remember that he still had to do the top buttons of his shirt.

What he had intended as torture for her was greater torture upon himself. How could he have been such an idiot? He would have considered that question if his mind was clear. But presently, it was not.

The sensations of the past few minutes sinking to rise again at a later time.

Song for the situation... 

Chandni Raat Hai Tu Mere Saath Hai
Kuch Hava Sardh Hai Dil Mein Bhi Dard Hai
Dard Bedard Hai Lab Pe Koi Baat Hai
Chandni Raat Hai Tu Mere Saath Hai

Main Jaal Raha Hoon Thandi Agan Se
Nazaren Hatey Na Tere Badan Se
Aisi Baaten Na Kar Mujko Lagta Hai Dar
Bekarari Badh Rahi Hai Haathon Me Haath Hai
Chandni Raat Hai Tu Mere Saath Hai


Chapter 114: Annoying Arrangements


"I was wondering what took the lion and lamb so long," mumbled the sage to no one.

Ha ha ha ha… this hermit I tell you… he is cutie pie…!! Muuhaa..!

"The dark is not a hindrance to me," refuted Lord Arnav.

Point to be noted….

"I'll have it standing," he said shortly and took the coconut shell the hermit stretched up to him.

Not only was it because it was served in a coconut shell, but owing to the fact that there was no spoon and he was expected to sip it from its brim, made him quite displeased with the whole affair.

Oh Lordy.. u and ur sophisticated royal needs….!

Lord Arnav was fuming again when he hissed, "I am the Master-"

So what lordy… uff ur ego…!!

he told her, "I don't sleep well in the nights. I might need to walk about. "

M happy at least he said this…to her

And here are the mysterious lines…

He paused a moment to think it through, the consequences of sleeping in a hut alone with her in it.

Not only was her life in danger but even his own wild desires might not be easily controlled in the darkness of their tempting solitude.


Chapter 115: The Night and All that Happened

When I read the title… The Night and All that Happened

Do I need to tell what all I have thought, that what all could have happened… But… after reading the update.. It was too early to thought of that…

But Lin this one is the thrilling update till now… Wow!!

Beautiful start lin… as usual..!!

When he had seated himself with his back to the cold wall, his legs folded before him, he looked at her from over his knees and drank in his nightly vision.

the hair would slip away and reveal her as and how his insides would rage with wild want.


But what struck him the most was that, in spite of all the furious enmity between them, she had sought his presence to ward off the fears of her dark night. She had even lain on the mat, facing him and the candle, so that she could assure herself that she was not alone.

Exactly this is the reason why we stick to ur story lordy n khushi…!!

Yes, his sleep was light for he was still aware of the sounds around him.

Wondering… only for this night or for all nights..??

But not so light as to be aware of the shadow that had stealthily crossed into the room. The intruder was too proficient in noiselessness, undoubtedly, for his entry was a feather-touch to existence.

What an entry…. Gen is in style even in curse mode…!!

It was the strange new scent that Lord Arnav caught on first. He opened his eyes and studied the darkness in the room.

Again a curse effect… sharp nose..!!!

An angel in white darkened by the creature standing before her.

The intruder was leaning towards her as though to get a better glimpse of her face, or maybe even her neck.

Underlined part: why did you write that? Y lordy and gen both are behind her neck??

Is it like both of them what her blood? Curiously strange!!

it was faster than any creature Lord Arnav had chased his entire life.

Chased in form of human or in cursed form???

Lord Arnav gaped, shocked by the realization, and the creature used this opportune immobility of his chaser to escape into the night. He spread his wings and flew away into the dark night, leaving his chaser unsteadily trying to overcome the state of shock he was in.

What I understood here is, as Lordy recognize him, so even in transformed form his face is of human only or similar to that…. Hmmm interesting!!!

No, no, it can't be, he tried to reason desperately but he knew there was no denying what he had seen. The only thing he was not sure of was the 'why' of the situation. Why the creature had become so and why he had come into the hut in the night………….…

Same questions in our head lordy…and we too have no answers...

I love love it  the way u represent it…

One hand reached out and his fingers delicately moved away the strand of hair to lose itself in the sea of her black cascade.


A while later, he lay down, still not taking his eyes off her. They now lay on the floor, divided by a distance that was flooded by the moonlight pouring from the door he had opened for her.


The moon had presumably been hidden behind dark clouds that moment for, though the door was open, there was no moonlight. Only darkness.


The whole scene of intruder and his chaser was Fab..!!


The moon that had hid behind clouds chose this precise moment to emerge and its light cast upon the scene in the deep heart of the dark forest.


Song of the situation...

Jo baat bhi hai, usme sau maane chhupe
Haan chehro ke peeche kitne hi chehre chhupe hain
Dhoke ka hai dhuaan
Dhundhla-dhundhla saa hai
Aankhon me har samaa

Naa main jaanu, Naa tu jaane
Kis ghadi me hona hai kya?
Zindagi ke iss juey me,
Paana kya hai, Khona hai kya?

Hope u all enjoyed... Missed you all...!




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