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ArHi FF:3:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 123)

arshy4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged

RaBBa VeY... Linny Darling...

Sorry I couldn't make a visit to our Inn for the last one week... So here I'm with a lengthy comment to disturb you...

Chapter- 110

OMG... What was I just read ...?? I'm panting Linny... How am I supposed to sleep tonight..??
Excellent update... Reason delver mind is still activeSmile...I think there was a visible change in Lord Arnav's approach towards Khushi... The humour thing you mixed there was just perfect...

"The sight she was in was amusing but he wanted to make sure she hadn't broken any bones, "Are you alright?"... I loved it to the core... In fact the RD mind failed to find the reason...
You wrote, the sight was amusing...It touched me... I feel the same beauty of that sight which First Lord felt...that's all I can say now...Big smile

"Fire rocketed up her leg, when his warm mouth had touched her tender ankle..." 

"One last grape had remained in the crook of her neck, the only exposed part of her skin where the grapes were to be found. He had thought of stopping the torment with that one last fill but the moment his wet mouth had pressed on neck, his hunger found new delight.."

"Her moan had undone him and he had leaned down to taste her neck again, to hear that moan again,."

Wow... Brilliant writing Dear... I think the thick forest makes them go wild...I remember the 1st Arshi confrontation in the forest...  Enigmatic and passionate one...Today's was also that much intense one...

"Hunger in a Man does not make him pause to think of cultural norms."... About this... I know I don't need to explain anything... I caught the right line...I appreciate you for manage to include these socially relevant ideas to your FF... You do this always... I'm glad that I'm your fan...Embarrassed


A well built update... A much needed one... In apt and most precise form...
It shows how brilliant Shahsi is... That's what we could't find in our IPK... 
"I know you will understand. I do not know why, but I am not certain if this man is noble as he seems to be."... You used the words,  Seems To Be...Its enough for me to understand what you try to say...

Chapter- 112

I think Linny is on her Mission:Amuse Achu... What an update Linny...??? It was really a surprise for me... The first time I have seen Lord Arnav from a different angle... ie Till now I could only imagine him from the view of people below him when it comes to the hierarchy... You know what I'm trying to say right...???
For me this sage is also a reason..His each words and thoughts point finger to the reason behind all the happenings in between ARSHI and in ARhasia...  


Linny... I really don't know what to say... I can't get enough of it... I'm breathing heavily... I think  this should be named as Linny's Mission: Make Achu *blush*... I really in a La la land...  I have any idea to come to our innTongue...I love to stay here... and Rabba veY Aura dear ...You just add some fuel to my desire by showing me those pics... Now I won't come back soon for sure... I'll think about it later...Ermm

PS- But my RD mind 'll be always alert... Yup I got something...
See this..."I was intending you make it easier for me to reach you."...Its not only intended to that particular scene ...  It has got a vast meaning... May be the whole journey through Arhasia shows this... How khushi makes First Lord to make it easier for her to reach him..
Its just not a simple sentence... Its the soul of this FF...

Chapter- 114

An update which is well designed... That Lion N Lamb thing was nice... I like it...

"He looked at Kushi and saw how she eagerly forgot every unfitness and sought to only appease her hunger..." After all he was the one who stated Hunger in man makes him do anything...N he asked for second help too... The whole scene was beautifully portrayed...

Chapter- 115

Superb update...That creature should be Gen:Jha...

"He was behind his enemy.Which is why he had the advantage of studying the moves and the timing of the moves in the intruder's escapade.."  I love you Linny when you make foolproof plans and steps...Clap

Once again Thank you Linny for making such an excellent FF... Keep writing...Embarrassed

Linny N Aura All the best for your Exams...Thumbs Up

Rabba veY yaaro...Hug

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aura7

Rabba Vey!Smile




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NallyLilyLove Senior Member

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Ok I should be studying for my exam tmr but instead I'm in here stalking this fic. Big smile Great update. So me thinks Lord Arnav saw Shyam's creature state, I'm excited to see what happens here. I know the fic is a parallel to the show, but I hope the misunderstanding part is not as bad. Ouch Ok I need to run away, can't wait for the update, I'll be MIA till Friday when my exams are officially over.

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
good going..interesting...continue soon..Smile

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zonera1 Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Hi Aquiline!I am commenting on your FF for the first time so I have lots and lots to say.
First of all forgive me for joining U so late.I thought a medieval type story is not my cup of tea so I never started reading it.
However IPK's abrupt ending had robbed me of any gud entertainment and I was searching for a gud FF so I thought of giving it a try.
And to say I am shocked and overwhelmed is an understatement.
Part of me is angry at myself as to why I did not read it sooner and part of me is happy that I am reading it after IPK ended so that I had re started my journey with Arhi fresh from the start.
I love your style of writing.I am amazed and impressed how beautifully U have re enacted each and every scene that make the essence of Arhi relationship and bonding.and let me tell U each scene each event was beautiful starting from Arnav ripping Kushi's sleeve to dropping her to dargah scene to her potrait in red gown to saving her from the horse to fighting the bear resulting in Kushi saying Sorry to Arnav nursing Kushi back to health after the dungeon fiasco.
I love how u add some steamy scene in between
I am glad u have decided to re enact all the gud scenes and improve from where the show went downhill.
Once again I will mention that your FF is a pure is a pure delight to read!Sorry for joining U so late!

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funloving Newbie

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Big smileamazing update...

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maverickmartin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Hello, fellow readers and comrades!! As per Farwa's request, I give you Thread 2 of the chat thread forThe Beasts and The Bleeding Roses...

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shass IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 11:59am | IP Logged

Originally posted by hoopoe

Rabba ve fellow comrades...
Rabba vey HP...SmileSmileSmile
Woohoo..i see dat a discussion is already in i wont start with mine yet...
OH MY, HP !!ShockedShockedShocked..i'm biting nails n shuddering inside coz dis is one topic am very sensitive about,atleast.. n for my own sake i hope it doesn't take dis route..but thn i also know dat u r seldom wrong about nethg.. n i do doubt if lin will handle something as explosive as this..but if she does then i DO TRUST HER dat she'll do it in the most nicest way..
honestly,HP i had not looked at things this am quite confused right now n shudnt comment as its bound to affect my judgement..besides,u know that symbolism is not my forte..i cant decode that makes me more unfit..but i'll still say afew things here dat i have understood..may b what i saw was part of what u saw..
He paused a moment to think it through, the consequences of sleeping in a hut alone with her in it.

Not only was her life in danger but even his own wild desires might not be easily controlled in the darkness of their tempting solitude.

I went for a re-reading of the previous chapters and guess what, I found the romantic grape eating chapter to be very dark,foreshadowing the impending storm which Aquiline mentioned... Its just my point of view ... Kindly read the following excerpt from Ch 110- TANGLES and share your views my dear friends...
 They are some brilliant pointers dear,throughout the post.. n i love the way u chose to narrate your point of view.. n very well be right..ClapClapClap
for the above ,i feel he was  considering her safety,coz he knows that his curse returns in the night n she'll be in the close proximity.. yet he did choose to go with her..i feel if he thought he may harm her ,he wud have easily avoided it.. he still doesn't know that she can control his hunger..
since the beginning i have seen lordy as both a man n beast.. the man is trust worthy i believe..he has a very strong control over everything regarding him..n i think just because the author showed that he lost himself doesn't mean,he wud have NOT stopped himself.. for me i feel whenever he has lost himself into has been a strong serene n blissful feeling for a war in him settles for a moment or something..tho we cant deny their strong physical attraction for eachother..but thats the man in him that feels it..a man i think,very much in control..we esp. saw this in the forest chpt.. when he was not even that protective about her but still he chose not to harm her..that somehow his cursed hunger cud b controlled... its the beast in him that he doesnot trust..that his sister doesnot trust... my question is..will the beast feel something of a physical attraction for her??? may b... but i think, his hunger wud b of a very different kind!!

The beast in him awakes in nights, n he doesnt want it reavels in front of her and that too because of her, as she is definitely pulling out the beast in him n that he knows very well by now.

A man in him doesnt like her but attracts towards her, hurts her as well as rescue her. 
He knows he could not control a beast in him after a point, he is worried how he will rescue her form the damage he will do as beast.
And to make matters worse, he was hungry.
His hunger, that he had been suppressing all this while, ravaged his mind again and he cast a glance on her face.

"I'm hungry too," he said in a low voice and resumed picking on the grapes upon her body with his mouth.

If u remember, in my post on this chap, i hve mentioned this all r so double meaing.. though hv told it in lighter way.. but i was thinking in the same line as Hoopoe's thought...
But is he has only physical hunger?? No, i doubt.. there is more then that... that still not revealed...
"You're the Master of an Empire," she tried to reason with him to try to stop this sweet torment which she could take no more, "You are not used to eating forest fruits without having them washed well."

"Hunger in a Man does not make him pause to think of cultural norms."

again i thought he felt challenged there by her non stop bickering n he only was being mischievous.. but by the time he had wanted to stop,it was too late n his attraction got better of him.. n he may have said it in the light of his curse...God knows what he has been devouring onWacko

Is it pointing that.. Hunger - physical reation, as of now we can think of, cultural norms - Marriage, the beast in him to satisfy hunger will not wait for marriage (or even we can consider love here) to happen.
she groaned, "Please stop. If you're hungry, I will try and pluck whatever fruits I can find as soon as we get out of this hole."

"My hunger cannot wait," he stated simply, and his mouth was around a rich round grape near her waist.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Yes, please!" she cried into the air, feeling his mouth near her shoulder.

And then fire exploded.

One last grape had remained in the crook of her neck, the only exposed part of her skin where the grapes were to be found. He had thought of stopping the torment with that one last fill but the moment his wet mouth had pressed on neck, his hunger found new delight.

Kushi froze the moment she had felt his hot breath on her neck, and then when his burning mouth had pressed on her tender skin, she lost all sense of where and who she was. All she knew was she wanted him to find more grapes on her skin even though they would not be there.

She closed her eyes as he bit the grape, a drop of the violet juice falling on her fair skin. After having devoured the grape, he licked the drop on her neck with his burning tongue and she moaned.

Lord Arnav was lying along her length, when he had come to take the grape from her neck.

He looked at her when he had licked the drop of grape juice off her neck. Her cheeks were red and her lips trembling, while her eyes remained closed, taking in the torture he was meting out to her.

Her moan had undone him and he had leaned down to taste her neck again, to hear that moan again, when the parrot squawked overhead from a tree branch.

honestly i thought at this dat he didn't expect her to reciprocate his feelings..but she did n perhaps thats why he looked at her ,may b surprised..may b trying to reassure if it was what he thought it was..only then did he continue.. i think he lyked that... but then i was thinking,it cudnt b gud for khushi coz now he knows what effect he has on her!

The spell broke and he moved away from her and she stared at him, her gaze dazed under the heated moment's aftermath but shocked too as realization seeped into her consciousness.

Suddenly Kushi cried, "Oh, my dress!! It's ruined!"

dat was my favourite pointer of all...StarStarStar

tho ur theory is plausible.. i was thinking, its still the medieval..she's staying a night out with a the Forest..shudnt that cause her trouble somehow,if ppl got to know??? may b thats what was pointed out.

If she will help him, its for sure that her life would not remain same... there will be stain in her life... a damage!!
Shassy, completely agree with underlined one!

Lord Arnav looked at her and saw her turning about, trying to look over her shoulder to the rear of her gown, and he saw that the grapes under her had crushed with her fall and the back of her gown was drenched entirely in the violet gluey juice.

He shook his head, "You invite hazards, don't you? One after the other!"

She stopped looking at her gown over her shoulder and shot him a look, "Well, good you mentioned it because you seem to be a recurring hazard in my life. Over and over again, popping up everywhere to wreck my life."

 interestingly,i had searched some ''grape symbolism'' n they have been associated wth good luck..but grape juice is symbolic to ''blood''.. dnt know how to fit that here..just remembered n mentioned it.. but my above point cud explain this one too..*shrugs*

Bleeding roses dear what else... she is a cure of him, and in process of that she has to bleed herself... just like here, she was taking his torture, in process of that her dress get ruined..!

So some damage done... and to rectify it...
Then he leaned forward and stretched out an arm towards her.

She stood staring at the hand for a moment, not wanting to touch it, but she found her dusty hand slid into his dirtied one. The warmth in his hand assured her and he closed his fingers around her hand, securing her for the hoisting.

Then he lifted her up and they were out of the lurid hole at last. this is how i had read it.. again pointing at the fact that she stayed away with him in the forest.. cud produce problems for her... n only he will b able to help her may be??? but @ the hands ..i was also thinking..HP ,isnt his hands already dirtied with staining her dignity long time ago?? with the problems he caused her,when she wasn't at fault?? but now time has changed n his feelings for her r also not the same.. the past few chpts have emphasized on dat, dat now there's more assurance for her in everything he does...once he let her fall from his window, now he lifts her up..from the his arms.. do u think a loop may have closed here?? cud we take it in that sense too???

one simple thought comes in my mind is: At the end both will help each other... she to cure him by hurting herself, n he by protecting her (how i dont know) as much as he can before and after curing process...
And they lived happily ever after...
 LOLLOLLOL...i loved this one!!..if only things were as simple.LOL
What do u guys think? I know my mind is in overthinking mode after i read Aquiline's disclaimer... but do share ur point of views.
end of discussion-- i dont horrible at symbolism.. vl pm soul..may b she'll help u more...LOLLOLLOLLOL

PS-- DEAR SOUL.. i'm waiting for da story to unfold now.. wont comment more on it.. We can see now dat some storm is going to hit Arhasia with all its might !! after reading so many possibilities.. i'm waiting for which one actually becomes da cause.. n da latest update has added so much into da possibilities.. thank u for being there for both HP N ME !! your words have added more insight into da matter.. LOVE U..Hug

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