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ArHi FF:3:The BEASTS and the BLEEDING ROSES (Page 122)

kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aquiline


The Lord Akash I see in Arhasia is specs-less and handsome and Payal is just perfect for him.

Akash surely is looking second master Lord Akash & payal a pretty confident girlSmile

I had once said that we don't have NK in this FF. I had already said NK will however be seen in Master Aman and Ram. Well, with due respect to the show, I decided we could actually envision them as this, because the Ram I had in mind did have the cuteness of the kid...

So, this is Ram, aarav in the show. This means we will not be tortured with a sheetal aarav track in this ff.

thankyou Aquiline Smile


Also, the major men in the FF who play a very important role. You will love the way their stories swirl, rave and connect...


Out of these 4 men, Lord arnav stands out in personality, attitude & burning hotnessDay Dreaming

OMG! how to read the update when i cant take my eyes of this hottyDay Dreaming
Chapter One Hundred Fifteen: The Night and All that Happened
Shall we fasten our seat belt as there is warning of turbulance in the updateOuch

A few minutes after the candle had extinguished and the inside of the hut had plunged into darkness, Lord Arnav stood up from where he had been sitting in one corner of the room and opened the door of the hut.

Moonlight shone into the room and he stood at the doorway, bathed in the light, for a moment before resuming his place near the corner of the room, away from where Kushi lay sleeping on the floor.

When he had seated himself with his back to the cold wall, his legs folded before him, he looked at her from over his knees and drank in his nightly vision.

She looked angelic, curled on the mat, and the moonlight did more than justice to accent her curves within her night gown.

lord arnav considers her as a petty begger but now looking at her as if an angel & doing an xray of her curvesEmbarrassed
She had cleverly let her open hair fall over her to avoid his eyes from studying her but the poor girl did not think that in her frequent shifts in sleeping postures, the hair would slip away and reveal her as and how his insides would rage with wild want.

But what struck him the most was that, in spite of all the furious enmity between them, she had sought his presence to ward off the fears of her dark night. She had even lain on the mat, facing him and the candle, so that she could assure herself that she was not alone.

Lord arnav acknowledging the fact that khushi is trusting him to be her protector is huge progress in makinh him realize the magnetic pull between themClapClap
But no sooner had the tired girl lain down than she was fast asleep, leaving him alone to struggle with his strange cravings.

He tried to not look at her but he could never look away from her for more than a few seconds. He always found his eyes drawn to gaze at her peaceful repose, and his fingers longed to reach out and touch her.

One time, he actually did.

A strand of her hair had slid onto her face, obstructing his view of her bewitching beauty.

Frowning at the interfering hair strand, he crawled across the room from where he had been sitting to where she lay. One hand reached out and his fingers delicately moved away the strand of hair to lose itself in the sea of her black cascade.

The proximity of their faces, the nearness of his hand from her skin, the fact that they were alone in the empty hut and that she was irresistible and he was aroused''''.'.all this could have ended in a disaster but he restrained himself and drew apart, resuming his place away from her, his back against the cold wall, trying to kill the awakened desires in him.

First of all he is admitting that he is fully aroused by her angelic beautyClap but he withdrawing from her just because this could harm her , i just hope he realize this is what love is all about !
A while later, he lay down, still not taking his eyes off her. They now lay on the floor, divided by a distance that was flooded by the moonlight pouring from the door he had opened for her.

Sometime in his deep gazing, his eyelids weighed and he had closed them and drifted into a light sleep.

He didnt transformed into a beast tonight yetClap
is this because of the hermit hut/soup or is it because he slept drinking in the angelic sight of kushi!
This night is different from the nainital trip night where arnav didnt care for kushi & left her to sleep in the darkOuchbut the show at that time was good tooSmile
not complaining but this arnav is smarter than the shows arnav, not leaving a chance to drink in the beauty of kushiEmbarrassed
Yes, his sleep was light for he was still aware of the sounds around him.

But not so light as to be aware of the shadow that had stealthily crossed into the room. The intruder was too proficient in noiselessness, undoubtedly, for his entry was a feather-touch to existence.

WHAT IN THEShockedShocked
It was the strange new scent that Lord Arnav caught on first. He opened his eyes and studied the darkness in the room.
I can see my arnav waking up all alert & trying to figure out with those ever so interogatting eyesDay Dreaming

The moon had presumably been hidden behind dark clouds that moment for, though the door was open, there was no moonlight. Only darkness.

Then he saw it.

The obscure shadow hovering over the sleeping Kushi. An angel in white darkened by the creature standing before her. The intruder was leaning towards her as though to get a better glimpse of her face, or maybe even her neck.
What is going onConfused
Only hermit is the other person in the locationConfused
wait a minute is this shyam but howConfused
this is giving me creepy crawly feelingOuch

No sooner had he spotted the trespasser than Lord Arnav leapt onto his feet.

But the other was quick and equally alert.

Sensing the wakened state of the man from the corner of his eye, the creature had bolted out of the door like a soundless whirlwind.

this is indeed shyam but what is he doing hereConfusedhow did he know about kushi where aboutsConfused is he following her alwaysConfused& staring at her in nights alwaysConfused
OMG!!!!!this is the defination of creepness!!!!
Intending to not wake Kushi, Lord Arnav too raced out noiselessly after the invader.ClapClapClap Whatever it was, it was faster than any creature Lord Arnav had chased his entire life. They ran through the forest scaling trees and rushing like the wind but there was always a consistent distance between the intruder and his chaser.
So arnav transformed into a beast at last to hunt down the creep!!!!

Wild rage rose in Lord Arnav's chest as he leapt over a root and, crouching, bounded after the creature.

As they ran through the dark forest, avoiding trees and maneuvering to give off the other to lose, Lord Arnav had one benefit.

He was behind his enemy.

Which is why he had the advantage of studying the moves and the timing of the moves in the intruder's escapade.  

No sooner had he grasped an inkling of the creature's modus than he calculated the next few advance moves that it would take. ClapClapClapClapClap

And then he caught the creature unaware when it intended to swerve rightward to deploy his next move but instead crashed into his quick and calculative chaser.

They collided in each other heavily and both growled at the other, before withdrawing and standing apart to fight.

But now, it was Lord Arnav's turn to be staggered. The moon that had hid behind clouds chose this precise moment to emerge and its light cast upon the scene in the deep heart of the dark forest.

Lord Arnav's bared teeth and raged energy froze when the moonlight fell upon the creature before him, who was eyeing him with a strange anger.

Lord Arnav gaped, shocked by the realization, and the creature used this opportune immobility of his chaser to escape into the night. He spread his wings and flew away into the dark night, leaving his chaser unsteadily trying to overcome the state of shock he was in.

No, no, it can't be, he tried to reason desperately but he knew there was no denying what he had seen. The only thing he was not sure of was the 'why' of the situation. Why the creature had become so and why he had come into the hut in the night''''.'

And with these worrying thoughts haunting his mind, he sank onto the ground, and with hard agony constricting inside of him, he whispered helplessly into the darkness, the one word that had always been his strength, "Di."

 OH NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!ShockedOuchi am feeling weak in my kneesOuch

arnav knows so soon about shyamConfused 
what is going on Confused
i was expecting anything but not this!!!!!!
how the story will now unfoldConfused
i am scared!!! night has just started, arnav knows it was shyam who was hovering on khushi, arnav is in his beastly form , what is going on???!!!!!!!
Shyam a coward beast ran away so now ill arnav take his anger out on kushiOuch????!!!!!!!
Aquiline, how can you leave us hereCryCryCry
this is torture i tell youOuchCry
aquiline, you should have left a disclaimer as how to survive on a cliffhangerCryCry
To return back to the INDEX 


Did someone say cliffhanger? *looks around*

Aquiline, this is not funnyAngryCryCry
how can you do this to usCry
how to survive on this torturing cliffhangerOuchCry
Again: Remember, Arhasia is safe in my hands. Always. But the question is if you trust it in my hands?
Me already edgy being left on the cliffhanger & here comes Aquiline with that question again!!!!!!!
i have warned you Aquiline not to question our trust but i guess you indeed need this from me
@aura: superb pictures especially the one where the boy is looking at the sleeping beauty. Beasts pictures are just beastly creepy, what a creepy beast!!!!!!!!!!
@aquiline: is this how shyam look like when he is a beast which aura created?

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shass IF-Dazzler

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Well, while reading da chpter,i was constantly reminded of following song... so dedicating it to da update..esp the GENERAL/CREATURE; LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL..buddies hope u'll enjoy dis..

PS'; coz of connection isues..i cudnt watch da video,so cnt say if its official one or not..

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SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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What Was It??? A Bat Or A Wolf?? Aww Arnav Is Falling For Khushi. SomeWhat  Right??

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subiscs IF-Rockerz

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Omg...i thut it waS shyam..he has wings but!? Am more intrigued nowSmileloved the update!

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vidya.sanjay Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 7:02pm | IP Logged
I am so sure that it is Shyam.Now that Arnav also knows that he is cursed,he will sure take some monumental decision to save his Di ,but will he misinterpret the situation with respect to Khushi?
Excited for the next part.
All the very best for your examsThumbs Up

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.Screwtape. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Was it shyam ? I think it was.Shocked
So he is cursed as well? Goodness me ! So will Arnav try and keep both Khushi and his Di safe?

Thank you for the wonderful update.
Goodluck for your exams. 

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siamesecat IF-Dazzler

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medharees Groupbie

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The clash of titans,

Between the seemingly good and the bad

Yet only one will be chastised,

A young heart who still believes in the divine

Will the lordy lord believe her 'lies'

Or will he punish her for his Di's plight

Poor girl will be in the limelight

For no fault of her despite

He will let out his wrath,

Killing all the love he felt once inside,

Over this frail creature who does nothing but smile

Poor innocent khushi I really do fear for thee...for the lordy lord cares  only for  his Di

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