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<3 Happy Birthday, Gurprit (gk_09) <3

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 08 November 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged

Sometimes in life, we need someone special to listen to us while we talk. A special person who will not discourage or judge, but encourage us as we walk. They are there to help you along the journey through friendship. We are going to celebrate such a special friend today as she becomes a year older.

For 200 years ago, on the 9th November, an angel was born. This angel become very special for the people around her with her kindness. She looks innocent as a baby but wisely matured into a woman. If India-Forums has an award for young achievers, then she is the most eligible candidate for that award. Why? Well she joined the forum at such a young age but became coolbie for Paalkhi forum and today, she is one of the Channel Moderators (Colors) of I-F and Head of BollyBuzz team.


our Birthday Girl is none other than

Gurprit aka gk_09

She is a great person with an even greater heart. A friend that really cares, always there when we need a hand. A friend understands us without any words and stands by us when nothing goes right. Always cheerful and cracks us up with her laughter. Always to the rescue when we need siggies and headers with her creativity. She made us realize that a friendship isn't an opportunity but it's a sweet responsibility. There is not enough words to describe how much she means to us. THANK YOU for being such a good friend, Gurprit. We LOVE you a lot. (we are allowed to use the T word today *hmph*Tongue. )

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JaipriArmu4evaScarlett..cocojatti92-Fivr--Deepzz--Gunners-QuintessentialIStrawbellaManasi_16gk_09Angel-Jot.dangerouzIshk.scarlet.moonjnawaz|Persephone|VarunKiBiwiAngelicDesires.hea.-Sexy-RageOfAnAngel.m.a.r.y.s.i.o.-Stutz--Deepali-delightful.-Araina--Jwalamukhi-Cutiepie RaniOnlyHopeAASUSWildestDreamsilluminated.MainePyaarKiya.Mohabbatein.--RockStar--HeavenlyBliss.-Useless-Toy--Swetha-SurishSano88

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 08 November 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged

From Cricketer Sreeshanth to Mr. Gopi (enacted by Tamil Director Thirumurugan), no guy has been spared by our Hottie, who's much hotter than the sun! She has sent chills down many men's spine and easily draws their attention with her cute smile. "What is so attractive about her?", we asked some of her victoms and their replies are as follows!
Johnny Lever
ae meri zorha jabeen
tujhe maloom nahi
tu abhi tak hai haseen aur main jawan
Mr. Gopi
Yempty Life-u Girl-u come-u
Life-u reverse-u gear-u
Love-u Love-u Voh my love-u
You showed-u me powv-u
Cow-u cow-u Koli (Chicken) Cow-u
I want you here now-u
Goppu, Naan-u ippola gappu (Goppu, I still so much)
mappu adichu pappu (due to over drinking darling)
You see people thing am an eligible bachelor, but
the reality is, am a devdas!
My love left me after giving me a beautiful smile!
Man, I can't take her off my head!
I sleep, walk, dream Gurdeep!
I just can't get enough of her man!
"She stole my heart
She Stole my heart
She stole my little little heart"
Sing in the rain,
I'm crying in the pain!
I'm crying in the pain!
We were really saddened by these men's pain! But the latest rumour we here is that our Dear Gur has a RAJ Wink! And that Raj is none other than
Sikky of MB 
who swept her off her feet with the following item number:
What is your mobile number
Karoon kya dial number
Well we are so sure that her Birthday will be extra special due to him!
So let us congratulate the GuRaj Couple while also wishing Gur a

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Scarlett..-Deepzz-QuintessentialIManasi_16gk_09Angel-Jot.dangerouzIshk.jnawaz|Persephone|.hea.Magical_KaSh-Sexy-RageOfAnAngel-Stutz-_Manpreet_-Deepali-delightful.-Araina-illuminated.-Jwalamukhi-Cutiepie RaniWildestDreamsAASUS-Swetha--Useless-Toy-HeavenlyBliss.Sano88

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 08 November 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged

Few GK-Facts

The color Blue is well associated with her, she belongs to the blue ladder group on IF, her favorite font color is blue and  she loves Rookie Blue (one of her favorite show).
The first impression one get of her could be that she is innocent but she is far away from that...ask her friends about her devilish side.
Despite of her busy schedule, she manages to watch all of her shows, get her work done in addition to her IF kaams Stern Smile.  (Whats her secret??)
We have heard about alcoholic, workaholic and Cokeaholic but she is such a big chocoholicShocked. (she is always found with candy bar in her handLOL).
We have heard about many types of the term "abuser" but she is the first one to introduce the term "song abuse".  She will abuse all of the latest bollywood songs with the replay button.

We had previously mentioned that her crush list is longer than the toilet roll, but this year, we hear it has grown into a big treeSilly. Her latest crush is RK of Madhubala and OPPA Gangnam Style dude .

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-Fivr--Deepzz-QuintessentialI-Nia--Simz-Manasi_16Angel-Jot.gk_09_Manpreet_-Stutz--Sexy-RageOfAnAngel.hea.Magical_KaShdangerouzIshk.|Persephone|jnawaz-Jwalamukhi-Cutiepie Rani-Deepali-delightful.-Araina-illuminated.WildestDreamsAASUS-Swetha--Useless-Toy-HeavenlyBliss.

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 08 November 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged



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-Fivr--Deepzz-QuintessentialI-Simz-Manasi_16gk_09Angel-Jot._Manpreet_-Sexy--Stutz-RageOfAnAngelMagical_KaShjnawaz-Jwalamukhi-Cutiepie RaniWildestDreamsAASUSilluminated.-Deepali-delightful.-Araina-asmuasmiHeavenlyBliss.-Swetha--Useless-Toy-

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 08 November 2012 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
A single rose can be my garden...
                  a single friend, my world!
                                            ~Leo Buscaglia~
Hey Gur! Many many happy returns of the day! Have a fabulous birthday with loved one's and may you remain happy like always.

Love, Khushi
My Gifts
*Um gift pending =P*
1. Describe Gur in 5 words!
The opposite of: lazy, unapproachable, not helpful, unlikeable, un-funny! TongueLOL
2. If you happen to meet Gur in REAL LIFE, how would you react?
Squeal like a Justin Bieber fangirl? BlushingROFL


Happy, happy, happiest of happy birthday Gur!! Hug You've been such an amazing friend and support for the past two years and I have NO idea what my life would have been without you! You're one of the most helpful and hardworking people I know on IF and that is something I have and will continue to take advantage of! TongueLOL I am now officially declaring your birthday a "No work day!" for you! Which means you get to go have fun and worry about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while you enjoy today! Approve May you have an amazing birthday and an even more blessed year! HugSmile

My Gifts
"My presence in your life was a gift enough! Cool" LOLLOL
Gur : We have not yet chatted much even formallyOuch I hope we set up a date soonBig smile... Wish you a very happy birthday..and may you have an awesome year ahead.Hug
1. Describe Gur in 5 words!
You don't need 5 words! You only need one to describe gur's awesomeness: GURUJI!!!
ROFL please don't kill me Gur Embarrassed
anyways.. on to the actual task... 5 words! hhhmmm... I can't even think of 5 words right now... I guess "Awesome" x5?! No, for real though... imma be serious now! I think gur is dependable, responsible, a great friend, fun and ofcourse awesome!!!
2. If you happen to meet Gur in REAL LIFE, how would you react? Tsk Tsk, some of you have already met her Tongue.
I would jump up and down for joy... there would probably be some awkward hugging involved... there might be some tears and squeals! And then gur would prolly be super embarrassed and pretend she doesn't know me at all! ROFL Be forewarned gur... this isexactly how it is gonna happen! LOL
At first I thought I would make an entire message in punjabi and I even started and then realized it made no sense whatsoever! *sigh* When ya gonna teach me punjabi gur? Ermm And you should feel extra special cuz I actually commissioned a gift for you LOL well more like bullied someone to make it ROFL
Anyways, enough with my blabber and on to the real thing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Janamdin diyan baut baut vadhayian! I hope you have an awesomely amazing day and get tons of gifts and get to spend it doing exactly what you want! I am so super glad we're friends (and family) and get to work together on so many different things because you are just plain awesome! I know you have my back on so many different things and know I do too! Will be sending positivity up north to you today Embarrassed LOVE YA, my dear darling PIL! Hug
My Gifts


I wish you a very blessed an awesome birthday! Your the best and you know it ;D

Eat lotsss of cake and pray you get tons of gift shifts and love and happiness and all that good stuff too hehehehe!

Your dramaqueen,
1. Describe Gur in 5 words!
I have a list of names for her starting from "Dont Angry Me"(ala Rowdy rathore styleCool) LOL to "Chupi Rustam" Tongue to "Headmistress" Evil Smile

2. If you happen to meet Gur in REAL LIFE, how would you react? Tsk Tsk, some of you have already met her Tongue.
I will ask her for a autograph and then print that autograph on my lappy as a wallpaper for managing JDJ , Uttaran and Big boss forums for over the years ROFL
Gur Many Many Happy Returns of the day .. May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love , happiness and success in life HugHugHug...Enjoy this day to the fullest Party PartyPartyand may u continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career Star..You are one of the most hardworking CM on IF and I really salute your efforts and dedication that you have shown over the years Clap

1. Describe Gur in 5 words!
Sweet, helpful, funny, crazy, passionate!
2. If you happen to meet Gur in REAL LIFE, how would you react?
I'd give her a big jaddu ki jappi for sure!!! Hug
Gur my love!! what would i do w/out you!! when i joined the Uttaran DT it was randomly and out of the blue because the forum was a mess and super hectic with the fan was overwhelming because i wasnt expecting what i got...but since day one you've been available and always ready to that Taps coming back..i know i'll be bugging you more than ever! lol...but fikar not...i can handle them too...any way...enough about me...its your day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY luv!! hope you have a great're an amazing person and i wish you nothing but happiness and joy...may you be granted all of your hearts desiers...muah! Embarrassed
1. Describe Gur in 5 words!
1) Doggy [just cuz that's my nickname for her] LOL But it DOES describe her.. to an extent. LOL
2) Hitler [BC reference] Big smile
3) Thinking...Still!

2. If you happen to meet Gur in REAL LIFE, how would you react? Tsk Tsk, some of you have already met her Tongue.

rofl, i'm not sure.

Happy Birthday to you Doggy! <3 Hope you have a great birthday. Big smile With lots of chocolate and gifts.. and chocolate i hope you send over to me because only I deserve chocolate. *stubborn muh* And, i'm not sure what else to say cuz i suck at birthday messages and also cuz I'm pretty distracted with my tongue right now. It feels all fuzzy at the tip and it's VERY uncomfortable. =/ What do you think I ate to make it like that? *sighs* Chalo, my dumb tongue doesn't like me. But it's not tongue day is it? It's BIRTH day. Your birthday. Blushing And um, you know like, get caked and stuff kay? I'll most probably show up at this birthday thread of yours and do the honours myself but in case i forget to cake you.. *throws a chocolate cake at your face* You is welcome. Approve What else should i bakwaas about? What do people usually go on about in birthday messages? Oh right! You're such a wonderful moderator, an amazing role model. I've always loved to see you around the forum... *rolls eyes*...You like that don't you? The fake compliments people give you? I would too. Approve

My Gifts
Uh, I sent a request to Preet who hasn't yet sent me the sigs. Stern Smile
1. Describe Gur in 5 words!
Describe Gur in 5 words...difficult task..anyway...she is an awesome friend, rocking DT member , adorable sister, a great head and above all an amazing human being.
2. If you happen to meet Gur in REAL LIFE, how would you react?
I have to organize to trip on the Atlantic side to meet Gur but for sure, she will receive a tight hug from meStarStar
Sas ria akal ji Gur,
I hope you have a blast for your birthday. Party hard and may all your wishes comes true and you have a great year ahead.
Love you
My Gifts
Res. the spot and you'll receive it on your b'day.
heyyy my dear GurHugHug many many many happy returns of the day dearPartyParty May all your dreams come true on this auspicious day and May God bless you with His entire bounties! SmileSmilehere wishing u best of wishes for your coming yearTongue I wish that you be strong so that you go very far and reach the heights you aim for!!SmileMay all your wishes be fulfilled and May God Bless you with Love and careHugHave a splendid brthday!!! with lotss of loveHugDeepali

Heey Gur, Happy birthday... I really hope to be able to know you more as well. Lets hope it happens this year. May you have a great year ahead of you.
Hiya Gur, Hug

Wishing You A Joyous, Cheerful, Happiest Birthday Ever!!! Big smile

Happy Birthday Gur Hug

May All Your Dreams and Wishes Come True!!! Embarrassed


Happy wala birthday Gurprit aka daddykins HugHugHug

I'm a big kid now cuz of you! I love you! You're my Goppu! I adore you and I forget the rest because this is me dictating my msg to Ravjot so she can type but I'll write more later. All you need to know for now is that your siggy is going to come from Ravjot so if you don't get it, blame her not me.


- Shifali

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

Mainpost - Aahaana/MP_Radha

Birthday text headers - Stuts

Logo, NameTags - MP_Radha

Signatures - OnlyHope, Stuts, FindingShak, Ravjot

Music - Aahaana

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-Deepzz-QuintessentialIManasi_16Angel-Jot.gk_09-Stutz--Sexy-RageOfAnAngel.hea.Magical_KaSh-Deepali-delightful.-Araina-illuminated.-Jwalamukhi-Cutiepie RaniWildestDreamsAASUSOnlyHopeHeavenlyBliss.-Swetha--Useless-Toy-

FindingShak IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 September 2012
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-Swetha- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Gur Hug
Hope u have a Wonderful B'day Today Big smile & may all ur dreams come true ! Embarrassed

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