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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by caribbeanchica

Originally posted by Kalapi

I agree Sherma, Farooq bhai was such a nautaki...who could just come and start blabbering...a guest just walks in and goes on talking without considering the situation...

Another weird thingy, Archana jumps in the support Purvi without pacifying Ovi once...why can't this woman learn to manage situations better...she is 55+yrs for crying out loud, where is her protective instinct for both Ovi and Purvi here...She should have stopped Farroq, it is also Purvi, the unmarried daughter's respect in the society...stopped it at once...if she was in a shock, which Is hard to acceptConfused...she should have walked over and started pacifying Ovi instead of letting that fiasco continue...she is a failure when an apt handling of situations are needed...

PS: what Ovi did is long an ex-flame be rubbed on a long a wife can take it...surely, she will burst...
I  cant comprehend how  anyone can sympathise with ovi
...every action is going to have a reaction/consequences..Ovi knew dat Arjun doesnt love her,he loves purvi,yet she still  forced Purvi to gaive her arjun.What the hell she expected that arjun will atuomatically fall in love with her.Im sorry but people talking about the sanctuary of marriage but could a marriage work when  it is a one sided love and the other person have to force themself to love their spouse??Love occurs naturally its not forced ,stolen or bought? the question is,"Is arjuns's love for Ovi natural"after answering that question you will know who is right or wrong..The only reason Ovi is having so much insecurities is coz she knew in her heart the trick she did to attain Arjun.Its just like a fugitive who is always on the run and have to keep looking over his shoulders.Its the same thing with Ovi she will always have  mistrust issue  coz of her deceitful ways,she will never have peace of mind,.when u commit a dirty evil deed witth a corrupt mind ur thinking and perception of other people bahviour becomes warped.Ovi is doing  agreat job of destroying her own life,no one needs to lift a finger to help do it.Ovi is just  a wife in name.Im sorry but that is the reality of it.why preach purness of rituals  when the mind/heart of ovi wasnt pure .
Well, I do...I guess, I am IQ low..happyLOLbtw, one sided love does work dear...I of course, can't convince you, but am sure you will experience it too in life...Not only that 2 ppl never in love get married and fall in love too...happens in the Sub-continent that this entertaining serial serve...
Ovi is not mistrusting dear...she is being taken for a ride by none other than that 2 timing Arjun, who can;t make up his mind to follow his urge or his head. With my blessing dear, he can follow all his urges, after he gets the 21st century divorce dear...but before that he is a 2-timing Pig in my opinion playing with both girls...oh well...what is new in that...

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pp29 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalapi


Pooja my dear, yes, I found Farooq bhai nautanki'my opinion absolutely'I never seen a guest who just blabbing away, just across the door. Besides, he is visiting the Deshmukhs for the first time, shouldn't he be following protocol and wait to be invited in? By the way, was those sweets that valuable that he took Deshmukhs address and walked right into some unknown home'I mean, I can understand him knowing Karanjka's house, since his garage his closer to K's'but walking into someone's else house without knowing them and blabbering was too weird to meConfused'am sure it happens, all sorts of interesting things happens that makes life absolutely entertaining for me LOL

As for throwing those sweets, oh well'not necessarily a great idea'.but pulling Annapurna here'so, I am assuming that all of Karajnkars and Deshmukhs never throw a grain away'uff'. LOL

But again, Ovi's situation to me is very understandable. That is what I said'How could you feel dear if you were in Ovi's shoe?'could you have thought of moral high grounds'I wouldn't dear, I could hate my hubby's ex ' who is constantly been rubbed onto my face? Is that easy to take'can one be all forgiving and smile benevolently on that idiotic situation'.besides, all that Purvi blessing, is that increasing her status in the society, when she is the saali here???

 I did say, if you read my post closely, without unnecessarily jumping on me, that Archana, should have controlled the situation better, stopping the unnecessarily blabbering and running to Ovi's side, preventing further explosion, Ovi did talk about her problems with Archana before, so being a mom with a sixth sense (totally lacking I guessConfused)'.she should have that foresight and could have prevented the situation from becoming a full-blown tamasha'.extremely bad management here from parents who knew all their past history'Archana, should have involved herself right away and stopped the honorable guest from making a mockery of himself, not to mention, insulting Damad Arjun and Ovi too, and messing with Purvi's honor'.a guest who crosses his responsibilities and boundaries aren't treated with high esteem, in my opinion'there is a maryada and responsibilities for the host as well as the guest and that boundary should be maintained'.in my humble opinion'.

Anyway, are you comparing a shraadh of a living person equivalent to throwing of sweets'oh well, it might be equivalent to you'.I don't think so, sorry, my point of views are different, Shraadh is not done in Hinduism using the garland from God'that is bad omen'..not to mention, the sin is more on Sulo, because one doesn't even pray during shraadh'.besides, who gave Sulo the right to interfere in the personal relation between God and Varsha'oh, I forget, Sulo is the future AvatarConfused

Hi Kalapi,

I am not letting Archana or Manav off the hook for what happened today. My point is, even if Purvi is being rubbed into her face all the time, I think it is Ovi's responsibility to talk to her husband and move away with him. Pointing fingers at someone when your marriage is not working, doesn't make sense. It is between Arjun and Ovi and if she thinks Purvi is coming in between, it is still between her and Arjun to save some "vamp" from coming in between them. When he own husband doesn't seem to care, she can't be excused for throwing temper tantrums, which are very unlady like. 

If I was in Ovi's shoes, I would have never put this deal forth, and would have tried and made some point with my husband and if it was evident he was besotted with his ex lover, I would have walked out of this marriage to save my self-respect. But blaming a third person in a marriage is really not the solution. You can blame people, but if Purvi really is the villain here, there will be many such women, Komolika, Mandira and Punni types who will jump in for Arjun. Is ovi going to throw temper tantrums all the time and blame them without seeing the husband's folly? 

Throwing food away in the manner that Ovi did, is considered quite disrespectful where I come from, as much as doing a living shraddha of someone is concerned. We pray to Annapurna before every meal and thank her for giving us food while so many others in the world go hungry. I would have been slapped by my mother for behaving this way in front of a mehmaan and inappropriately throwing the food on the floor.

If Purvi is expected to be grown up and realize that she needs to move away to a different city and get a career moving ahead, Ovi is no child either, much more she is a married woman and has her husbands honor to look at as well. 

Farukh bhai came in, said hi and I think pretty much introduced himself. And he wasn't supposed to know the situation before hand. He got an invite for Arjun-Purvi, was out of town and did not know about the new situation. So, I think it was totally fine for him to assume Purvi as Mrs. Kirloskar. Also, when he introduced himself, Arjun came forth and asked him about his whereabouts and everyone else smiled in accordance when he spoke about his time with Arjun working under him. He was in a hurry seemingly because he did not even come inside the house, simply wished the couple and was in for a rude shock by the behavior of Ovi. He also seemingly apologized and left immediately without waiting for a tamasha to unfold. I don't think that is nautanki giri. If everyone who comes in and says "anything" that goes against Ovi's character is considered a nautanki, then Ovi should live in an igloo with Arjun and not get out. Everyone will not be so kind about her, her marriage or anything else. 

There are reasons why CV's portray Ovi to have these uncalled for outbursts, and they are the same as their reasons on showing Arjun as a salivating jeeja after saali and ofcourse the seductress saali still having hots for jeeja. Like I said, everone pays their dues and if Arjun - Purvi are so critized, Ovi is no holy saint either. My POV strictly. 

And yes, god is god for me, I don't differentiate between the insults meted out to one god vs another. I am not pointing fingers here, just giving you a basis for why I said what I said. 

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pp29 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pp29

Originally posted by bee5

Ash, Jyo,
  There are extremely high chances that innocent and naive ppl in India will still miss the CNN, TV, Radio,k Newspaper and Youtube.

   She should get "OVI's HUSBAND" or "BELONGS TO OVI. KEEP OFF LIMITS." tattooed on Arjun's Forehead. With that, anyone looking at Arjun will get the message straight. It will serve 2 purpose: 
1. Will keep naive ppl like Farroq Bhai informed  and not commit "nautanki"
2. Will be a deterrent  for lauki-ka-halwa-making-tricky Purvi and other such seductresses.

ahahahahaahahahah! loveeed the suggestion! I can't wait to see this tattooed Arjun. :P So even people at random parties will know who to call Mrs. Kirloskar. 

Good thinking! :P nautanki baaz farukh bhai and others will def keep away :P 

Also, ofcourse, disrespecting your "revered husbands" guest is alright. Cmon guys, if your husbands guest turns up and doesn't know the updates on your life, you MUST throw the mithai and tell him off. 

how much does it take to accept that yes Arjun- purvi are wrong, blame them all you want, but own up to other faults in the show as well. 

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pp29 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
sorrry double post. 
dilwar Groupbie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
why is being Poorvi blamed for eye locks with Arjun? Is Arjun not equally responsible?

Why did Arjun marry Ovi if he was not ready to give her wife's status? Come on divorce her and marry Poorvi. Don't make a mess.

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jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dilwar

why is being Poorvi blamed for eye locks with Arjun? Is Arjun not equally responsible?

Why did Arjun marry Ovi if he was not ready to give her wife's status? Come on divorce her and marry Poorvi. Don't make a mess.

both are being blamed for the "eyelocks", not just one..

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WanderingBeauty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sherma

i just felt in todays episode,farukh bhai ting was over done,and ovis anger wasjjustified,any other women in ovi plce wld have reacted,everyone was uncomfy,but no one oppen thei mouthwe thethy waiting for,it was arjuns or armaan duttytotel tehtruth,and it want only for ovi,but for purvi respect too.then again arjungave ovi more hopes for their relations,and plusnw everydeshmuk feels arjun has moved on,archu felt the same yestrday,nwshe maythinkarvi isovr

Completely agree with you...!!!!! Ovi's anger was justified...any woman in Ovi's place would have reacted, it was Arman's or Arjun's duty to tell the truth and it was necessary not only for Ovi but Purvi's reputation as well!! Then again...Ovi's anger was justified but not her behavior...any woman in Ovi's place would have reacted but not in the way she did! What Farroq Bhai did was 'nautanki' or not is another debate altogether and I will keep my views strictly limited on the topic! There's a polite and sensible way to deal with things as well. Throwing away something which comes as a gift that too on their face is downright insulting and more so when it is not gifted to you! Ovi could have shouted in private but there was no need to create a scene in front of an outsider. If I see someone behaving like that in real life, I would say that the person lacks least bit of courtesy! "Why didn't you inform him about our marriage?" would have been a fair question to Arjun on part of Ovi but telling the guest "Pata nahin tha to pata karke aana chahiye tha!" is NOT!!! It's the duty of the host to inform about the last-minute developments, not the duty of the guests to run a 'Google search' before attending a party! After all swapping of brides at the last moment is not an everyday event and people wouldn't keep it in account while wishing a newly-wed! And speaking of uncomfortable was more uncomfortable after Ovi's outburst than before it!!! 

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AnAvidReader IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
sorry doulbe post Embarrassed

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