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8/11 Dragon Club: Ansh in Dilemma! (Page 24)

1HappyGrl Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:51pm | IP Logged

Just saw the episode and my tired brain is still processing it, but just reading the great takes that have been added.

In order to hide one truth, the entire Dubey family is resorting to a lie...Why? Because they fear that their truth has the potential of the hand of the healer being snatched away from their hands...and which ultimately might prove fatal to one of them. So they not only take refuge behind a continuously growing wall of lies and deception, they also pull little Ansh with them, by using Aarti as a pawn.

So agree with your description of the Dubeys here, Indu.  When it comes to the Dubeys it seems the family that lies together stays together.  Definitely agree that they are driven by fear right now (they were similarly driven by fear when Dubey lied about Aarti being a widow) and it weakens their will to take a firm moral stand.  It's one thing for them to maneuver Aarti, but the way Ansh has been pulled into this deception and Yash's lack of knowledge has been simultaneously manipulated compounds it all.  It's  been masterful self-sabotage.  These vital relationships are being burned for desperate relief, relief they could still get if they told the truth.  

Well... I am enjoying Yash/aarti moments for the moment...and hoping against hope that Yash doesn't end up believing that Aarti too was in on the Dubey Duplicity. Because if you look at it from Yash's point of view, all the clues point to her being in compliance: Prashant in Lalitpur as the one aiding her and addressing her as his wife, possibility of her going to meet Prashant at Dubeys cause she knew he was there, letting Ansh get friendly with Prashant, and leaving Ansh behind so that P could be treated...!!! Yet I am hoping the CVs will take a logical route and not the melodramatic one, meaning given the facts in his hand, Yash, for once, will think before acting. Knowing Aarti better should have broadened his perspective...He should chase Why instead of What.

Indu, you and Samana (from one of her posts from last night) have made me really nervous now about the worse case scenario possibly playing out.  Ouch   It all depends on how Yash finds out the truth; if he learns she's a divorcee from lips other than Aarti's, then I suppose it does open the possibility for him to assume she hid much more concerning Prashant's cancer and Ansh's involvement. I hope it won't go that way, though. Like you, I really want Yash to take a breath (after any initial blow up he might have), ask Aarti questions, listen to what she has to say, and trust the woman he's come to know instead of leaping to a string of accusation. You also quickly mentioned the possibility of a double confession of Aarti with Yash, and Paridhi with Prateek. If things happen that way, it will be a loaded episode. I think I might actually like that, rip off two bandages at once.  The Scindia house might implode a little bit, lol. 

Love your take on the episode, Saf. Such great detail.  I'm really enjoying the Yash-Aarti scenes.  They've been an oasis in the midst of all the Dubey subterfuge. I've been joking a lot about Yash bumping into the wall.  These two and walls. LOL But they've been so wonderfully flirtatious and enraptured by each other lately.  Embarrassed

Kt25, it's been difficult to watch the Dubey taking advantage of Aarti's blind faith in them, piling lie upon lie, cuing each other to start dramatics.  They've already placed her in such a bad position with the divorce lie and now, without her knowledge, they're placing her on even more unsettled ground.  You're right, they are wrecking not only their relationship with her, but are breaking her heart.  For such a long time, they were the only family she had other than Ansh and that's why what they're doing here stings so much.  I agree, in the grand scheme of things the divorce lie seems (and will become) insignificant compared to the collage of deceit the Dubey's are working on now.

Shobha, on the other hand is completely playing with Aarti's emotions. Aarti is under the impression that Shobha hates Prashant and wants nothing to do with him. Shobha is the one that forced Aarti to forget Prashant (all too literally) and move on with Yash, and now Aarti is going to find that she has been lying to her and helping Prashant behind her back. Shobha promised Aarti a mother's love for life and today, by blackmailing Aarti into leaving Ansh with them, by putting Prashant's needs above hers, Shobha violated the very essence of her relationship with Aarti as well as her relationship with Ansh. It is not about helping Prashant, which I wouldn't dream of faulting her for, but rather the fact that she is deceiving Aarti, by omitting the truth of why she no longer hates Prashant, in order to help him. She promised Aarti that she was a daughter and with the way she behaved today, she treated her like no better than a means to an end.

So with you on this paragraph, Samana.  Though I understand her emotional dilemma, Shobha has disappointed me the most because I believe she has genuinely connected with Aarti and knows how difficult it's been for Aarti to find secure emotional footing after being an orphan, after being cruelly dumped by Prashant, and after a difficult transition into the Scindia house.  I expect anything from the Dubey father and son because they are morally lazy more often than not.  But Shobha has usually been the one to have Aarti's back when others didn't. I understand her desperation as a mother to save her son. She has shown and expressed how torn she is about her loyalties to her son and daughter-in-law. However, to compromise the sweetness of her relationship with Aarti with her meaningful glances to the Dubey men and crying on cue to keep Ansh under false pretense shakes the very foundations of Aarti's faith in her as a mother.  It won't surprise me if she is the worst hit when their house of lies comes toppling over on their heads because she has been so well loved, trusted, and respected by both Aarti and Yash.

Echoing what you said and a little of what I said yesterday, Aarti definitely needs an ally right now.  She needs an ally who has no divided interests. She needs someone who puts her needs/feelings and Ansh's needs/feelings as a priority, and I agree that Yash would be her best ally. She doesn't realize it, but she's fighting this battle of faith and security on her own, and she shouldn't have to. When he offered to fast in her place yesterday, Yash told her they were one. I would like to think he's willing to apply their oneness in dealing with the Dubeys as well. As upset as he may be about being lied to over her divorce, hopefully Yash takes on this fight not only because Ansh needs to be protected, but also because he feels any threat to Aarti's faith and security is the same as a threat to his own faith and security.  And it would be true in this case because he has grown to respect the Dubeys so much. 

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
@Indu: Anytime Love and aww Embarrassed thank you also Hug...Yup it was a great sight to see SP teasing G3 but all that beautiful harmony in the house is about to go out the window when the two youngest daughter in laws secrets come out OuchOuchOuch

Hmm me too, I want to think logically instead of emotionally...He knows that Aarti has been trying to tell him something since her birthday but before she could all the Pari/Vidhi mess happened so I really hope he doesn't jump to conclusions and gives her a chance to explain why she did what she did. 

Thank you, Pal...Will do as long as you keep on smiling too Wink

@Priya: Great take ClapClap...I hear ya the consequences from the Dubeys lies are going to be grand, poor Aarti isn't going to be the same again after she finds out what they did Unhappy 

@Samana: Excellent Analysis Hun Clap Clap Clap...I love the contrasts between the Scindias & the Dubeys, in the beginning the former where harsh because they wanted Aarti to "fix" Yash fast when they had 4 years and couldn't do it and she took up the challenge with lots of ups and downs but she finally did it. While the latter where being there 4 her giving her hope that everything would be alright now those who gave her a new beginning wanna rip it all apart with their lies & deceptions.

True Gayatri never lied to Aarti about who she is on the other hand Shobha is as bad or worse than Dubey & P put together AngryAngryAngry

IMO Aarti is going to tell Yash about P in private (hoping) but then something is going to happen and the whole family is going to come to know as well. 

Like you said Yash is going to be her pillar, she may close herself off and just go in her robotic mode (which won't be good 4 the little one in her wound) and Yash & the girls are the ones that's gonna help out out of her darkness. 

@Maham: Wonderful post Dear Clap Clap Clap...Jyo, a few other members and myself have been asking that same question for days now...Why haven't they look at other options instead of the Ansh route alone, I tell you the Dubeys won't have anywhere to run when Yash comes to know about their deceptions. 

As for Aarti I'm really scared for her & her children, the more I think about it I can see all three of them landing in the hospital because of the Dubeys. 

hehe Yash been all shy and Aarti pulling his legs where a lovely thing to see...GC & KS were outstanding, the killer look Yash gave Aarti before leaving the room just about stopped my heart Dead Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
I know aarti will try n tell yash post kc but the precap clearly points that she is going to be side tracked.
Her brain will switch 100% on PI mode to unearth the deception DPS n carrrying on.
Will she find out before the three days r up or right before the BMT i something we'll get to know next week

Looking forward to see the weekend promo to get further hints. I hope they give us a promo that is

EDIT: this is the reason i can only see pari trying to confess today n not aarti.
so many confessions to look forward to. Of the four only yash's ilu confession sounds uplifting.
dubeys,pari n aarti r just scaring me.lol

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
@Maham: Agree, agree, agree! But I am afraid the Mittals never rip off the bandage. Every tension is unfolded layer by layer with each phase explored in gory detail. But I have a feeling it is going to be hugely enjoyable none the less! I think I am finally going to get the tension I have so wanted for so long, which the coming of the baby kind of stalled. Yash is going to grit his teeth for the sake of the baby and Ansh, but he is going to be very disappointed in Aarti, so we will see a lot of push and pull from his side. He will feel the need to take care of her, and his feelings will keep creeping in when he does, but he will be furious at her at the same time. GC happens to be really good at this stuff so I might be indulging in a bit of a day dream here.

@Deepti: As far as the Dubeys asking Aarti to tell Yash the truth about the lie so that they could get her and Ansh's help with the BMT, I was totally on board, but the minute they decided to do it behind her back, they fell on the moral scale, much further down than the Scindias have ever been. The difference to me is what was promised in each relationship and what was delivered. The Scindias never promised Aarti anything except a family and name for Ansh. From day one they had sky-high expectations of her and piled pressure, but being the person she was, she could work towards their expectations and eventually prove herself. There was justice at the end of the test. With the Dubeys it is the opposite. They promised to be her parents and now they are taking advantage of her trust in that promise. I agree with you that the Scindias are not morally superior, but they get points from me for not pretending to be what they are not!

@Indu: You know what the worst part is? By deceiving her, Shobha is even cutting off her last safety net of...Shobha! So when the truth comes out, if Yash doesn't stand by Aarti then she is going to be ALL ALONE. It brings a lump to my throat and a stone in my gut just thinking about it. On the other hand, this could be the perfect time for some Palak-Payal-Aarti bonding because with Ansh all infatuated with Prashant, this might just be the time when Aarti comes to realise the strength she can derive from her daughters' love, to help her forge through Ansh and Yash's confusion.

Is it bad that Yash just trusting Aarti is starting to sound kind of boring to me? There are just so many more possibilities if he mistakes her at the outset. I can just imagine that he mistakes her and delivers a gentle (because of the baby and his promise to Ansh) but cutting speech about trust and how it will take him a while to believe her again (which will pinch because all said and done, Aarti did deceive him).

He is going to go through the motions of caring for her, with moments here and there of his feelings peaking through. Gayatri is going to be furious and let Aarti stay only for the pota...SP will remain silent. If Aarti loses the baby, that further complicates her situation, but I predict that Yash will defend her and say that she is the girls' mother and he is Ansh's father and they will not leave their children no matter what. And we will be in a situation where Aarti is emotionally broken and Yash is barely holding it together, with the responsibility of her and the kids solely on him.

Then I can just imagine that Yash runs into Prashant and almost beats the living daylights out of him when Shobha and/or Dubey stop him and tell Yash the whole truth about all their nefarious activities, with Prashant pitching in about what a spineless cad he is. Yash will feel super-duper guilty about all the times he has hurt Aarti, when it must have invoked her tragic past (for you, Deepti, since this is my prediction) and then vows to help her find happiness again! I so want to see a gentle, nurturing and persistent Yash with an Aarti who finally breaks the dam on all her past tragedy.

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
My thoughts on today's episode:
First ANSH:
The way he behaved today reminded me of what Gayatri accused him of in the beginning - his doing things which he wanted and not caring of others and being selfish or something like that.  I am so afraid few days away from his dad and mom, look how he is turning out in the company of dubey and his son prashant - all lies, deceit and selfishness. Ansh should have told arti he does not remember complaining of stomach pain in the night and not supported his granddad; also his mentioning of playing with his sisters' toys by himself (he normally would not have said that at all) did not sit well with me.  He is starting to show attitude like how he was in the beginning.  I want him back under the guidance of Yash and Arti soon and away from the evil influence.  One thing I was very surprised though: for a kid who dotes after his dad did not mention his superman dad even once that he is going to miss him...hmmm
Cancer truth:
I still dont understand why the dubeys have not told arti about prashant's cancer thing.  Maybe if they sit her down and tell her she might understand inspite of everything that happened in the past.  But now she will refuse to either believe or help him because of the way she has been treated by the dubeys of late.
Welcome of Gayatri:
Good to see her back in her full form (nice, smiling and taunting). Am surprised that she did not ask about the kids.  Loved her interaction with her hubby papaS.  Good to see the whole family together except the kids...She is back to her taunting stuff liked how vidhi mentioned that too..that they missed her shoutings too...Absolutely loved pratiek's comeback to gayatri for the KC vrat...way to go pratiek to stick by your wife...Yash please keep this in mind when the divorce truth comes out!!!
Kitchen scene:
Surprising how one day pari can cook a fantastic meal and the next day cannot even cut a vegetable and did not even know which knife to use. Loved the part where the knife fell near bua...that was hilarious...
Arti and Yash:
First I loved the look passed between arya when gayatri mentioned about aayu, loved the loving look given by yash to arti then.  Then the bedroom scene, fantastic.  They are getting so much comfortable with each other, teasing each other, complimenting each other and playing off of each other well there is no one like them.  they are so cute, adorable, handsome and beautiful together.  they make a wonderful pair, cannot wait for the day when all the truth is out and they are together in all senses.  True romance will also be added to all this tadka, also real hubby and wife hugs will start happening.  Want to start seeing some hugs between them, instead of just shoulder holding by yash. See that happening pretty soon when anshs treatment comes out, arti will need some consoling by yash and support by him.
It is so nice to see Yash being shy and arti teasing him.  He does this so well, what expressions...and the bang on the wall (once again) and the smiles exchanged after that marjawan!!!

Note:  GC looked hot in red and KS in green

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
OMG!!! imDead Dead Blushing Day Dreaming *drools* Tongue

LOVE YOU yash ji ! oh my his eyes that intense gaze is a killer! Blushing Day Dreaming

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Deepti1808 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
@sam: ah yash guilty n having fbs!!!! Music to my ears
god when did i turn so sadistic. Yyiikes

Jokes apart this is what we were talking yesterday.
Only i imagined he will lash out at aarti n put her in hospital
he will become remote n just go through the motions during the pregnancy n this apathy gets to her n she ends up in hospital

Only after this ur yash-prashanth thing should come true. N i can enjoy i mean feel sorry for a guilt stricken yash

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Allbut1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
@Deepti: Thanks! Hug I haven't written anything in a really long time, so this was a result of all the pent up frustration from the last week or so!

And don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the hulky Yash because he's been a bit too saccharine for my taste these past couple of weeks, but it hurts me to think about how the very foundation of his relationship is going to be shaken when everything comes out in the open! And if he turns his back on her and only cares for her for the sake of the baby, it is going to completely devastate and break Aarti, especially because she won't even have Shobha on her side any more! She needs a pillar of support now more than ever, and tragically this might be the one time she might find herself without anyone to turn to! And this is where I hope that Samana's predition about the Aarti-PayPal bonding come true, because it will be extremely appropriate if in this dark time, these two girls reach out their hands to their mother and bring her out of the trenches! There has to be a reason why the PayPal-Aarti bonding has been so overlooked, and I hope they bring that to the forefront with this!

@Zetter: Thanks! I missed on those discussions, but the unrealistic route that they have taken with just Ansh's bone marrow being the only option is irksome, that's not how it works in real life and I just wish they have tried exploring the other options, at least that would have made the urgency of the situation seem a little more genuine! And if they have indeed decided to go with the treatment route, Prashant should be in the hospital rather than going into coughing spells and fainting at home! A

And yes, I can not wait till Yash gets an opportunity to beat Prashant black and blue (that is if he survives the cancer)! I was really starting to like this reformed Prashant when he came back in Lalitpur, but that went down the drain pretty quickly!

@Samana: I definitely agree that GC is going to rock those scenes out of the park, he excels in situations like the one you so beautifully crafted and I would definitely love to see the CVs taking a similar route! My only wish is for them to not stretch out the truth revelation any longer! I am willing to take all the consequences and sit through the angst but this deception sword that has been dangling close to our necks for the past couple of weeks needs to drop! After that, bring on the angst I say, it's much deserved after all this LOL

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