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Hello, everyone! This is an important announcement. In reference to the much increased activity of the DC, and the sheer volume of posts that we get every day, it was decided that we should have a few more rules to keep the thread on topic and relevant to the show. Our fabulous Viewbie, and fellow DCian, Deeps, has come up with the following. Please take them seriously because it is for the betterment of the thread and all our fun times:

Dragon club thanks all members for their patronage. We welcome every POV & opinion and are grateful for all the members, visitors , stalkers , new entrants for gracing and making DC a super hit. As we all know this thread is viewed & read by tens of thousands.The reason we are a hit is , we have dedicated to discussing the show & every nuance of the characters, story telling and the show's technical brilliance primarily. Our vision was never about the actors but the Show. With our ever expanding family , we have to make some changes to make this thread more user friendly . So here onwards , we will be implementing some new rules which will be applicable with immdeate effect.

1. There is too much spamming & chatting which r not related to the show..Avoid it please . This forum has Chat club for that purpose.

2. Too much actor praising . We have Appreciation threads for it. Members can utilize it for that purpose. This is not to say it will not be allowed here . DC members can praise our actors in terms of looks , chemistry and acting for sure but without going overboard and hopefully limited to the scope of our show Punar Vivah.

3. Please stop bringing past resume/shows discussion of the actors needlessly.

4. Absolutely no personal lives talk will be entertained anymore. If you want to discuss GC or KS's personal life , this thread  is not the place.

5. If you reserve on the first page (or even if you accidentally post there) you must fill that post with something relevant to the episode, be it a short or long take, a fiction piece, pictures or videos.

Hey all! I just caught the episode and there is not much to write about it except to express my disgust at the Dubeys. If I really wanted to, I could bring myself to sympathise with them partially, but for some reason, if there is a kid involved I don't even want to try understanding the psyche of the adults, let alone justifying it! 

It is ironic, the loops that they are bringing around a full circle though. Look who is treating Ansh, Palak and Payal differently now! And no, it is not the evil Gayatri or the pota-obsessed SP. It is Shobha and Dubey and while they are not doing it in the literal way that Gayatri did, this is much more dangerous for Ansh and the girls' relationship. Today Ansh was already rejoicing that he got to play with all his sister' toys by himself; won't this cultivate a sense that he is a favourite with the Dubeys over Palak and Payal, that somehow he is closer and more precious to them? Isn't that exactly what Gayatri got all those brickbats for in the beginning of the show, for making Ansh feel excluded and second-rate in comparison to Palak and Payal?

It is true that Gayatri had trouble accepting Ansh, and still does at times but she has never made any bones about why she felt that way: because she thought that Ansh and Aarti were so wrapped up in each other that they wouldn't be able to mix with the rest of the family. I am not discounting all the hateful things she said and did, but with her bluntness, once Aarti made the commitment to see things from Gayatri's perspective and really tried to be the DIL she wanted, Gayatri was all heart for her and Ansh. All that is spinning in my head as I think about the episode is Gayatri suggesting to Aarti, just before Yash agreed for Mumbai, that Ansh should go along with Palak and Payal to Arpita's maika.

In addition, Gayatri never made any bones about the fact that her priority was the happiness of Yash and the girls. As soon as she realised that Aarti was committed to fulfilling that role with all her heart, rather than achieving her own ends and taking advantage of Yash with this marriage, she accepted Aarti whole-heartedly, though this didn't change her priorities about Yash's happiness being the most important thing out of the marriage. It's not fair, sure, but at least Aarti knows exactly where she stands with Gayatri at any given time, depending on how happy Yash is. She loves Gayatri and she knows Gayatri loves her, but their relationship is never going to be a direct one because it will always be about Yash in some capacity...and that is fine because both of them are sincere in this relationship, though it might not be without restrictions or boundaries. In short, Gayatri has never promised Aarti more than she can deliver in terms of the relationship.

Shobha, on the other hand is completely playing with Aarti's emotions. Aarti is under the impression that Shobha hates Prashant and wants nothing to do with him. Shobha is the one that forced Aarti to forget Prashant (all too literally) and move on with Yash, and now Aarti is going to find that she has been lying to her and helping Prashant behind her back. Shobha promised Aarti a mother's love for life and today, by blackmailing Aarti into leaving Ansh with them, by putting Prashant's needs above hers, Shobha violated the very essence of her relationship with Aarti as well as her relationship with Ansh. It is not about helping Prashant, which I wouldn't dream of faulting her for, but rather the fact that she is deceiving Aarti, by omitting the truth of why she no longer hates Prashant, in order to help him. She promised Aarti that she was a daughter and with the way she behaved today, she treated her like no better than a means to an end.

In many ways, the Dubeys negated the selfless gesture of Aarti's PV by asserting their "rights" over Aarti and Ansh, through emotional blackmail. Shobha was especially despicable because she knows just what will make Aarti melt and doesn't hesitate for a moment to use that very jibe..."don't you trust us anymore?" It is a highly sensitive button to push with regards to Aarti because she knows that Aarti doesn't trust easily, thanks to her abandonment issues.

This is why Aarti needs Yash to be in on the situation as soon as possible. Because she is so trusting and emotionally susceptible to the Dubeys, they will continue to take advantage of her trust, putting Ansh further and further at risk. She needs someone who can put their foot down for Ansh and not allow him to be a pawn in this treacherous game the Dubeys are playing. It kind of hit me though. The same Aarti who was utterly distraught at the idea of leaving Ansh at the Dubeys for a few days at the time of the wedding, now seems more than secure doing so. It shows that she has stopped depending on Ansh herself, emotionally, thanks to the strength and security she gains from all her other relationships. Similarly, the same Ansh, who wouldn't accept the excuse that his grandparents would be lonely and he had to stay with them for a while, at the wedding, is now more than happy to oblige. At the time of the wedding, he too was insecure about his relationships, especially with his naye papa, whom he must have thought would disappear if he took his eyes off him. At that time, Ansh also saw himself as Aarti's guardian and Aarti as his whole world, so he had to be with her. Now he knows he is leaving her in safe hands and is happy to be self-centred kid, enjoying all the toys himself, without his sisters.

The sad part about the whole thing is that Aarti and Ansh have made so much progress in learning to trust relationships that they no longer cling to each other for deal life. But this very trust is going to do them in thanks to the Dubeys and Prashant, who are taking advantage of a refuge that they could not or would not build themselves, because of which they don't fathom its value and fragility. And their callous handling of it will no doubt raze that faith to the ground. The only solace in the whole situation is that Ansh and Aarti are in the safe hands of someone who has the strength of character, and the capacity for love, to build their trust back up, brick by brick, because no matter how much the Dubeys toss it around like a worthless object, their trust means everything to him.

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thanks samana!! Embarrassed

My take on today's episode..

Dubey could seriously win himself a oscar award!! My my what an act!!! And the way he was trynna convince aarti,I don't balme aarti that she trust dubey's and she left ansh with them'I would like to see the moment aarti get to know the reason behind this..how many more lies MR D?? and look who was talking about prevention is better then cure!!! 
did I miss out something?? Did ansh say he had stomach pain? As I know dubey was the one who dragged him along to the hospital,he lied to ansh and ansh lied to arti about thisConfused' hmm so,aarti says ansh you are mumma ki superman , aarti how many superman's do you want ??  Ermm LOL

It was good to see G3 back after a long time! Ok wait did I forget something??
 She was still suffering from short term memory lost! LOLShe didnt bother to ask about the kids,they were missing?? All she care about aarti and her pota!! Stern SmileLOLahh finally I see scindia parivaar all together!!Embarrassed Feels great!! Yash was in red shirt eekss!! HOTTIE!! jaaneman! Embarrassed Day Dreaming

G3 had ask prateek to karwa chauth fast for pari so yash ji will have a company! Yayy!! haha that was much needed'ok pari,stop digging your own grave G3 is back and wait till she finds out about "USS RAAT"Ouch, g3 was all happy and started praising vidhi and aarti..pari has not proven anyting that she full filled all her responsibilities as a wife and bahu , I don't think G3 favours her much..anyway, I was so happy that finally for the first time yash will keep fast for aarti..aarti's prayers answered..eventhough it was not teej '.aarti must be really happy !! now im all excited for the rest of the KC aarya scenes..and the ritual... omggg yash ji was looking so HOT HOT HOT!!! Striking RED!Dead Blushing
The funniest part of the episode when pari was about to cut the pumpkin the knife slips and drop near bua!! Just a miss!! *sigh* D'oh I don't think even a knife can kill her ,!! we will need a bulldozer... LOL LOL uff she is after pari?? im sure she will be the first one to find out about pari's uss raat kahaani!! LOL and next up prashant...she was the one who saw aarti with aman before others knew.. Ouch

Ok, here I was expecting yash to give her something but it end up to be an unstitched blouse/negligee 'LOL! .and he was all shy about this???? EmbarrassedAnd it was similar to the one he showed her during thier SR'btw how did he remember and got it within a short period or time??ConfusedHmm I guess arti's free size!! She could easily fit into anyting'good obervation yash ji!!Hug yash ji was too cute!! Aww he bumped into the wall and started smiling(it was a killer) Embarrassed Embarrassedat arti it reminds me when aarti bumped into the wall when there were back from conpur!!LOL Yash cant take his eyes of her, Day Dreaming.Day Dreamingaw man I love the way he was acting naive' with the adorable expression and innocent look!! Heart
and aarti insist him on giving it to her,he placed it on the tray and runs away like a kid!! LOL

About the precap ,oh i so knew it! Aarti picks up the call, I think it was shoba's phone'prashant says he should go somewhere far for few days , what if arti comes to know about this and that they were lying .Shocked..i hope aarti would go to dubey's right away..and screw them right on their face , that she made a huge mistake to trust them!..i just want her to take ansh away..but I don't think that'l happen..
in the mean time lets enjoy KC,tomorrow's episode might end with a cliffhanger..

of the baaps!! P vs Y !Lol!

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Hehe what can I say?! Yash & Aarti Scindia have come a long way since they've gotten married.

They were two people who came into their second marriage with lots of baggages...Yash was a man who was still in love w/ his death wife and Aarti a woman who has been betrayed by her ex-husband neither of them were looking to fall in love again.

But their fate were already pre-destined...Aarti fell in love with Yash without expecting anything in return from him. His happiness was all she cared about even if it meant loving his first wife and not being able to love her. 
She was happy because he was happy but circumstances happened leading them to take their relationship to the next level...They are expecting their "forth" child but due to some incidents, there are some complications w/ her pregnancy. 

However thanks to the doc's 
recommendation of keeping Aarti stress free, Yash is doing everything in his power to do just that...By spending lots of time together, they are discovering new things about each other. 

The level of comfort between Aarti & Yash nowadays is a delightful thing to see...The latter doesn't shy away at the sight of his beautiful wife anymore nor does the former avoid looking into her husband's eyes. 

Nowadays they laugh, tease, flirt and even pull each other's legs...You can say that they are coming alive again and that they have embarked on a new venture. One that will lead them to any unexpected yet wonderful places. 



A good episode...Welcome back Gayatri Big smile

It commences with Ansh calling P and running towards him when he bumps into Aarti who tells him to be careful, she sees P and isn't happy about the fact that he's there...Dubey goes to P and pretends that he's mad at mad and asks him what is he doing there, P replies that he came for something else. 

Aarti asks Dubey why did they bring Ansh to the cancer ward for a stomach ache, he lies saying that the kids ward was filled with flu and he goes on to tell Aarti that prevention is better than cure...Aarti doesn't really seem to be convince but she lets it go...Damn Dubey is one pathological liar, the way he lies it's like breathing Angry Angry Angry

Aarti asks Ansh if he was scared when the doctor drew the blood, he says no...Aarti goes on to say that he's her superman, she's about to continue when she sees P and takes Ansh away leaving the Dubeys standing there...Dubey ask Shobha to stop Aarti from leaving with Ansh...I tell you that man is very selfish, I understand the desperation they are in but to deceive his grandson and his "daughter" that way is just cruel Angry Angry Angry

Vidhi calls Aarti and tells her that Gayatri will be home in an half hour, so be back in time to welcome her...Aarti tells Ansh that they should as G3 is coming back home today, the Dubeys stop her saying that she should leave Ansh with them as they feel lonely but she can take PayPal...At first Aarti doesn't agree but once again they emotionally blackmail her, Shobha says that the former doesn't trust Ansh with them anymore and starts shedding her crocodile tears...Aarti agrees to let Ansh stay back and says that she will explain things to Yash and the family even though she knows that Gayatri wanted to meet her three grand-kids...I'm really disappointed in Shobha where was her compassion for another mother today when she decided to emotionally blackmail the woman she claims as her daughter...there's no words to describe how low she has gone Angry Angry Angry

At the SM...Gayatri is greeted by her three DILs and sons, the DILs take her blesings...Vidhi tell G3 that she was greatly missed along with her scolding them...Aarti asks her about her health to which SP tells her that Gayatri is fine cause she was operated on by the best surgeon in Delhi who got her healthy enough to be home in time for Charva Chauth with her family...Aww it was great to see Gayatri back on my screen I may regret saying that later but I don't care for now i'm gonna enjoy her smiling face on my screen Tongue LOL

Gayatri gives her three DILs a prayer tray, first Vidhi to whom she says is the oldest DIL so that gets her the right to have the first one...She proceeds to hand one to Aarti telling her that the latter have giving her the best gift in form of Little Aayu and blesses her... Aarti looks at Yash over her shoulder with Yeh Dil Hai playing in the background Embarrassed Embarrassed

Gayatri then gives Pari's her own and tells her in a hard tone that since this is her first CH if she has any problem she should ask Vidhi and Aarti...She tells the latter that the only reason she's at home celebrating CH is because of her two SIL so she should learn something from them...She proceeds to tell Pratik that he too should fast for Pari to walk away from the murder trial with dignity, Pratik doesn't take it seriously and tells her if Pari came fast for his long life he can do the same for her...Oh my it didn't take her long to be her old self now did it?! LOL I felt really bad for Pari the way Gayatri is taunting her, I see that now she is in the same place that Aarti has been in from the beginning of their weddings Ouch Ouch Ouch

SP asks Gayatri to calm down, she feels as she has forgotten something...the former jokingly says that the doctors couldn't fix that problem...My sly fox is such a kidder, who knew LOL LOL

Vidhi goes and gets G3's prayer tray and tells her that it's from her three DILs, she blesses them...Gayatri says that this CH should be special to which SP says that in order for that to happen they all should get to work and finish the preparations. They all leave and Aarti is still standing in her spot looking guilty....aaww I know my poor girl until she doesn't tell Yash the truth about P, she isn't going to be at peace no matter what Unhappy 

At the Dubeys, Shobha with the medicine in hand is standing in the doorway looking at Ansh playing with his video game...She's hesitation to give him the med but Dubey once again tells her not to think too much and to just give it to him...Shobha & Dubey approach Ansh and asks him to take the med, the cutie pie says that he's feeling fine so there isn't any need for him to take the medicine.

Dubey starts to get annoyed and talks to him rudely but he then calms down after looking at Shobha so he tells Ansh if he takes the med, he'll give him chocolate upong hearing that Ansh takes the med...Control that's all I could do right now so I don't lose it, Dubey doesn't seem to care about how he goes about getting P healthy...He's just railroading everyone without looking at the damage he's leaving behind...he'll surely gets his in the form of God punishing him for all his deeds by deceiving one of his Angels...I'm more convinced than ever that something is gonna go wrong with Ansh Ouch I'm sorry but I have lost all respect for Shobha Angry Angry Angry

At the SM, Vidhi is cooking in the kitchen when Pari comes in and Vidhi asks her to peel the pumpkin, Pari is having a tough time with the pumpkin...She takes a first knife but it doesn't seems to do the job so she takes another one while she's trying to cut through the tough pumpkin skin the knife flies out of her hand and lands at boa's feet who was coming into the kitchen...She tells Pari to be careful with sharp objects in hands as she could unintentionally and innocently murder someone with it leaving Pari hurt and Vidhi shocked...Hmmm why didn't the knife land on her feet instead of by her feet? Sorry I couldn't resist Big smile...I tell you this is only the beginning of what Pari will have to go through cause when the truth about her and the producer comes out, she's gonna get it full throttled from Gayatri and boa not to mention SP Ouch Ouch Ouch

Aarti comes into AarYa's room where she sees her tray filled with presents she'll need to dressed herself up for Charva Chauth and she's very happy just then Yash comes into the room and tells her that something is missing...She looks and tells him that she has everything, he insists that something is missing, he goes on to say that he couldn't get it cause he doesn't know her size...Aarti assumes that hes' talking about the bangles so she tells him that he got the right size...I loved how Aarti eyes lit up when she saw her tray, her husband had left everything there for her Embarrassed Embarrassed

Yash tells her that's not what he's talking about, he gets a little embarrassed and finally shows her the unstitched blouse piece he didn't get done because he didn't know her measurements...Aarti pulls his legs telling him that since all this is done by the husbands she can't help him, Yash is petrified so he leaves it on the tray and runs out the room leaving an amused Aarti...He stops at the door and looks back at Aarti and smiles at her which she does as well, as he's about to walk out the door he collides with the wall, he leaves and Aarti is still smiling....Aww i loved the way Aarti was pulling Yash's legs, they sure came a long way...The last scene with him giving her those romantic looks may I say that our Yasbabu is in love with his beautiful wife Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

PRECAP: Aarti realizes that she forgot to give Shobha back her phone just then it rings so she answers it but before she could say anything Prashant starts talking...Thinking that it's Shobha on the other end, he goes on to say that he should stay away from them for some days cause he doesn't want to alarm Aarti again, he continues on saying that he's very scared that Aarti might come to know the truth they have been hiding from her and that their deceit would be out of her...Aarti is shocked hearing all that Shocked Shocked...Seriously only in serials people just keep on talking without waiting for the other person to say hello, well it looks like Aarti is about to find out that the Dubeys lied to her but I've got a feeling that the precap will be at the end of tomorrow's episode leaving us with the entire weekend biting our nails Dead LOL

Wow what am I going to do with Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary?! those two are going to be the death of me, I love how in sync they are especially in today's episode when Yash was being all shy and Aarti was pulling is legs...KS & GC played well off of each other perfectly Star Star Star Star

Shy/embarrassed Yash was a delight to watch...I tell you when those two fall in love passionately they won't let a chance passed from teasing each other Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Nice title samana...

Nowadays what happen to shobha...Doesnt she have the basic thing to say everything to aarthi...Its afterall aarthi and yash must decide on ansh matte.r..

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Great tittle Samana Clap

That poor innocent angel trust his grandparents blindly and doesn't know the trouble they have dragged him into Ouch

AarYa need to protect him from this injustice but in order for them to do that Aarti needs to tell Yash the truth about her past and they have to find out about the Dubeys' deceptions Ermm

@TAPD: Thank you Smile

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Originally posted by Zetter

She looks so pretty in this pic!

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I have this feeling that Yash knows her status...

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