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SwaRon OS: Rain, Rain Go Away!! *NOTE on PG 8**

Phantasm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 7:56am | IP Logged

Well everyone love rains, don't they? But things aren't the same for some. If rains can give some people happiness , for others they might cause pain. So I guess you know what is the theme of this OS

Rain, Rain Go Away

The weather was sulky and Sharon was with a somber mood. The lugubrious atmosphere added more to her bleakness. The sky was covered with a dark blanket of clouds camouflaging the otherwise dominant sunlight. Nothing seemed perfect at that time and to add there was no Swayam by her side to take her out of the dingy state 

It's been a week and she hadn't talk to Swayam. And those seven freaking days were like ages to her. He was an intrinsic part of her life and to be away from him was like leaving behind a part of her. It bored a hole inside her, whenever he was away from her. But this time she was more depressed because he had agreed to her decision of staying away for a while. No!!! not the break-up she thought, the idea itself gave her shivers. She then thought he might disagree and convince her. But he proved her wrong this time.

He gulped down the coffee in one go and blinked his eyes repeatedly and stuck out his tongue. The coffee had burned his taste buds as well as his senses. Staying away from Sharon was next to impossible task for him. His thoughts always wandered around her. But she needed sometime alone, yet again. And this time he decided to stay away from her on his own. He was not angry with her but it was time for him to point out to her that staying away from each other won't solve their issues. As if the issues existed!!! He mentally thought.

She was with her dad in a family function. Although she loved to spend time with her father knowing that these moments were rare in her life. But today nothing seemed perfect, a part in her life was missing and that was Swayam. She mentally cursed herself for making a fuss out of a trivial fight that she had with Swayam. Adorning a ravishing peach color dress she stood at the centre of the party hall, surrounded by people but seemed lost. She saw figures coming near her and complimenting her, but her eyes looked out only for a pair of chocolaty brown ones. It was him that she wanted to compliment her. But she knew she won't find him here. Thinking about the same, her thoughts wandered off to RDX sir's wedding and how Swayam had captivated her by his intense looks that adorned countless emotions majorly, love. She excused herself from there and stood near the window. At the same time she felt tiny water droplets hitting right on her eyes. She winced a bit and moved away from the window and cursed its origin-rains. Yes she hated rains. They repelled her, right from the day when her mother met with an accident due to heavy rains. She shut her eyes and moved back. The gloominess surrounded her as it encompassed the sky; she quivered as the black clouds hovered over the entire sky. Arousing widespread repugnance she shut the windows and ran away from the venue. To add more to her dismay the lightning struck and the first word that she could manage to utter amidst her clattering teeth was-"Swayam". She needed him more than anything at that moment.

He was sitting on his house terrace with his legs hanging on the railing with a cup of coffee, which had burned his sensations moments back. He looked at the cup with disgust and in the next moment he could see concentric circles inside the cup as few drops made an entry in it, mixing well with the coffee. He then looked up only to see the sky changing its color from light blue to blue to violet and finally black. In few moments he could see a spark in the sky and then the sound of the lightning that prevailed after it was enough to make him rush downstairs. Fidgeting with his car's keys he mumbled "Sharon" and rushed to the destination where he knew he could meet her.


Stepping out of the car she told the driver to return to the party venue. Taking out a huge transparent umbrella she walked towards the park. It was raining cats and dogs but this place was special to her, memories were attached to this, right from her childhood days to the recent ones with Swayam. And she made it a point every monsoon, to visit this place whenever it rained first. Swayam knew about her habit and so she was expecting him to be here any moment. There was a thrill in her pace but it was momentary as the sound in the sky and the trailed lighting that followed, she tightened her grip on the handle and continued with the her speed as shivers ran down her spine scaring her. She was now aimlessly walking and then she saw a figure dressed in a white shirt and cobalt blue jeans with his hands in his pockets and was leaning against the pole. She was ecstatic that he came there but realizing their current equation she abruptly lowered the umbrella to avoid showing her face upon realizing it was none other than Swayam. He stepped forward taking hurried steps and bowed his head down in order to come inside the umbrella. She lowered it more, but when she heard him sneezing, stepped forward once and standing on her tiptoes took him inside the umbrella. She saw him finally after a week, unable to understand the euphoric feeling almost instantly she smiled at him. But it was short-lived.

He was wet and was shivering due to cold and his white shirt was sticking to his lean yet brawny figure. In between his shivers he managed to mutter "C-o-f-f-e-e?" accompanied by his clattering teeth and placed his hand on the handle of the umbrella in a way touching her fingers which were tightly gripping it. She looked at the handle and slightly moved her hand down to avoid a contact with him. This gesture didn't go unnoticed by him as he looked at her with surprise and jerked back removing his hand and turned backwards. But she was fast enough as she got hold of the hem of his shirt and mumbled "Let's go"

They both were walking in a very amusing way with Sharon trying to maintain a distance and Swayam trying to fit inside the umbrella. Finally he broke the ice as his hair got messed up due the constant rubbing of the edge of the umbrella and with an annoyed expression he spoke "I think I'll get wet in the rain so in way you don't have to worry about keeping a distance" and moved in the forward direction. He failed to understand why she was behaving so coldly with him, but again she agreed to come with him to have a coffee, a one confused soul he thought and looked back with corner of his eye only to see her staring at him.

As he suddenly caught her staring at him she quickly lowered her umbrella and walked steadily to match up with his speed and she finally managed to get him inside the umbrella. His constant sneezes made her once pull him inside the umbrella, but he simply refused to do so. Her conscience was incised by his behavior as he was now not even looking at her. They finally reached the caf and he as usual like a gentle men ushered her inside the caf. The attendant inside the caf looked at his figure as water was dripping from his body. Swayam passed him a one don't-look-at-me-like-that look and ordered two coffees. Everyone around them glanced at them or be particular glowered at him and then were mumbling something as if it was not because of rain that he was drenched but as if he had fallen in a mud puddle and might have had a nasty fall.  Seeing this both of them hastily finished the coffees and stepped out of the caf. "We were supposed to talk inside the caf, but looks like Sharon is going to stretch who-wins-the-silent game like an irritating chewing gum" He thought to himself.


"Just let me know when we both are supposed to talk", Swayam finally blurted out and stood in front of her, when they were walking alone on the street. She stopped at once looking at him she lowered her umbrella again. This irritated Swayam and he at once snatched the umbrella and threw it on the road. Due to the heavy winds that followed the umbrella flew awkwardly in a bizarre fashion on the road. Her eyes followed its path, but her mind didn't allow her to go behind that shield which was aiding her to mask her feelings. Now she was getting drenched in the rain, with the peach color dress hugging her small frame. She hated rains and she absolutely detested to get wet in the same. Both of them were standing in the rains and looking at each other, Sharon expected him to get hold of the umbrella and hand it over to her, knowing how much she hated the rains, but he was looking at her with a blank face. The water was dripping from her face and she was feeling the coldness the rains were showering on her. She closed her eyes and allowed the droplets to fall on her eyelids which surprisingly were soothing her. She didn't open her eyes for a minute and allowed the droplets to soak her eyes completely. To say the rain was vexing her would be untrue because slowly she was getting drowned in its purity. It was now when Swayam thought of going near her. He came closer to her and with his fingers traced the path of one single droplet that was sliding from her forehead, nose, lips, chin and finally her neck. She shivered at his touch, the cold prevailing due to rain now increased at his touch. She got hold of his fingers and enclosed them in her small fist. With misty eyes she looked at him and mumbled "Sorry"

Very soon her body received the warmth as he slowly enveloped her in his arms. He then took her to the same park where they met few moments ago and made her sit on the bench, cupping her face he said

"Till how long are we not going to talk to each other?"

"We never stopped talking to each other."

"Yes we did."

"But I couldn't stop thinking about you."

"Then why are you avoiding me Sharon?"

"I don't know, but please don't stop talking to me."

They were getting fully drenched in the rain, but didn't care to move from that position and find a shed. The tears rolling down from her eyes were getting mixed up with the rain, but they couldn't deceive Swayam. He gently hugged her, his long arms securely holding her in his wet body. She instantaneously engulfed his neck and buried her face in his shoulder, mumbling sorry in every sobs. She didn't want to upset him by crying her heart in front of him, but she was aware of the fact, letting out the feelings in front of him would lessen her confusion, if at all it existed. He broke the hug and placed his finger on her lips to stop her sorry's and she instantaneously kissed his finger which were a barrier between their lips. He too kissed his finger and very slowly he removed his fingers thus making his lips contact with hers. The feeling was not new but still was pure and blissful. The wet lips molded in one as she let out a small cry. Her body was now curled into a cocoon shape as she positioned herself near him. The kiss was short but had a lingering effect. The shivers didn't stop and so he carried her in his arms and took her near his car. To help them get some heat he placed her on the hot car bonnet, climbing on it he then laid besides her. The rain had stopped and she was trembling because of the obvious cold. He rubbed his palm on hers to transfer the heat and that helped. She was then staring at nothing in particular and was quite enjoying the peaceful night, the sky although looked gloomy but there was a serenity that was prevailing around it. And having Swayam besides, who gave her enough space and time was the best part of that night. She locked her fingers with his and placed them on her stomach. His car was parked under a tree, whose branches were spread broadly in all the directions, few water drops were hitting her face and she was blinking her eyes every now and then to avoid them entering her eyes. He was facing her and was observing her little actions, the innocence was radiating from her face as she blinked her eyes. She let out a small giggle and said "You know when I was a kid there was this small candy floss shop here" She pointed to a corner in the park. "And I used to demand it, especially when it used to rain, it used to be little moist and gluey, but yet it used to taste sweet." "My dad never allowed me to eat, saying it was unhygienic, but I and my mum used to sneak out and eat every time we visited this park." "And you know we both used to love getting drenched in rain. I miss you mum, I really miss her Swayam" she completed and a tear rolled stealthily from her eyes.

"Then why do you now hate the rains?"

"I hate rains because they snatched my mum away from me, in a car accident due these stupid heavy rains" she said gritting her teeth and crying at the same moment.

"Hey, hey don't cry" Swayam pulled her closer and rubbed her back.

She felt safe in his arms like always. The warmth reflecting from his body gave her an indescribable feeling that let her forget the agony, the pain, the hatred and only thing she knew that existed was only love. Her tender heart could only be mended by one person and that was Swayam.

"Please don't leave me Swayam, even if I tell you, these rains scare me Swayam, every time I hear the noise of rains pouring over my roof top, or the thunders and lightening, I remember my mum's shrieks in the hospital. The rains gave my mum the pain, because of these rains, my mum died, she died because of them Swayam. I don't why they exist, when will they stop haunting me, why can't these rains just vanish forever" She kept on blaming and cursing the rains, shivers running through her entire body, not due to the cold but because of the fear that she had. Swayam knew that, this was the first time she has disclosed her inhibitions in front of anyone, and he felt happy that it was him with whom she was sharing her fears. She had her fears regarding the rains, and it was not possible to erase them easily, it will take time, but it was not an impossible task for him, to help her to overcome her phobia. How he wish he could make the rains disappear. 

At that moment only thing he could do was calm her down. He placed his lips on her forehead and mumbled against it, "I'll never ever leave you Sharon, never, as you said even if you tell me even then I'll follow you, I'll be there with you in every phase of your life, you will never be alone Sharon, never."

"I love you Swayam, even if I don't talk to you sometimes, I still love you" She said pulling his collar possessively hinting him that just because she avoided him didn't mean he would also avoid her.

With this he placed his lips on hers. Staying away from each other was difficult for both of them, be it one week. She felt complete as he kissed her, the emptiness, the gloominess, the fear that existed when he was away from her vanished at once. She was allowing him to let her drown in his actions. She held into him possessively, moving her fingers in his wet hair, she enjoyed the feel of the dampness in his hair. She rubbed her other hand on his chest and then his nape. It was extending for quite a long time but they didn't feel like pulling apart, the longing for each other didn't allow them to break the kiss. But they had too, quite reluctantly as they broke, he continued kissing every part of her face in an attempt to suck away the pain. The kisses dried up the water droplets on her face as he placed his lips everywhere. She placed her hand on his cheek and brought her lips closer to his lips again. They couldn't get enough of each other. While kissing he wiped the tears that were refusing to stop flowing from her eyes. She caressed his cheeks and kissed him like never before. For what seemed like infinity to them, he then pulled apart and said

"I know that you love me, I love you too silly girl, and who told you not to talk to me?"

"YOU" she yelled in between her sobs as she clung to him.

"ME! Was I drunk?" he asked raising his one brow

"Then why didn't you contact me from one week?"

"Cause you didn't want me that time"

She hit him on his chest really hard and said "Don't ever say that, you are really stupid Swayam really"

"I don't mind being stupid if that brings us together"

"We were never done Swayam. We are still together and would remain hereafter too. You better get that!" she said angrily to him.

"It feels as if my reflection having a voice like my Sharon is talking to me" he said holding her face and then just when he was about to pull her in a hug, she slipped from the bonnet which had become a bit slippery. But he was quick enough as he pulled her up at the right moment bringing her close to his body.


The rains had stopped by then and Sharon was back to normal. He engaged her in light talk to distract her.

"Wanna play with the slide?" he said smirking

"No I'm fine here" she said burying her face in his chest and he gently caressed her hair.

"Why the bonnet is so hot Swayam?" she asked in a few moments.

"I drove my baby from Lonavala to Mumbai this evening and now she is hot" he said sheepishly.

"This car is your baby, huh?" she looked at him questioningly.

"Yes, she is. Wait a minute are you jealous of this non-living thing?" he said with a smug.

"You know what, go to hell with this thing, I mean YOUR BABY" she added hissing. And she jumped from the car's bonnet.

"You sure? You won't be able to see me then, hereafter? As you know your wish is my command" he said faking a serious expression.

On hearing this, she pulled him with a force towards her and said "You are a bundle of cheesiness Mr.Shekhawat, and still you don't gain weight due to the excessive fatty substance that you hog on."Which left both of them in fits of laughter.

"Shall we go? It's pretty late" Swayam added in a while.

She faintly nodded and they both sat inside the car. He then drove her to her place.

"How did you find me Swayam?" Sharon asked when she closed the door of his car.

"I thought you might visit the park, since it was raining" he said leaning back.

She smiled at his answer as he rightly guessed it.

"Hmm, so I will see you tomorrow then" he said as she held the door knob.

"Maybe not"

"Why?" he said a bit dejected.

"We both might need a visit to the doc tomorrow since both of us stupidly got wet in the rain" she said with a sneeze in the end thus proving the fact right.

"Oh yeah right, then even my baby would require a doc" he added with artificial sneeze and winked at her and then eyed at his Audi.

With this she stuck out her tongue and slammed the door really hard, leaving Swayam howling with laughter at her door. Well the rains had definitely made an exit, but Swayam here had made a promise to her silently to make her fall in love with rains just like before.




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Ananya.SwaRon Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Ruts Embarrassed
sorry for unres'ing last. you know how lazy i am. so please bear with me.
coming to the review for the update from mah side,it is a same boring comment as always as you like usual stole the show. you caught the very right chord again. the OS was awesome with the right amount of sadness,humor and love to it. a typical SwaRon OS. the gloominess was brought out well and what to say about Sharon inhibitions regarding the rains they were super-awesomely penned down. it was an over-all AWESOME OS.

P.S:I won't give a long comment because my unnecessary chit-chat couldn't cover much of it. sometimes somethings are better left unsaid.

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Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Wow this was THE most amazing OS u have written till date.

The entire story was laid out so well I could actually imagine the story in my head.

You brought out Sharon's fear so well. The reason for her disliking rains was so real that I was actually sympathisizing with her.

As always, your writing shone. I have told u I love your OSs to the core beacuse you can bring out such a beautiful story out of a simple thing like rains. Clap

I have nothing else to say. This OS was really superb.

Thanks for the PM. Keep writingSmile

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Joshua_TANHA IF-Addictz

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Beautiful Beutiful Beautiful... I Loved Loved Loved Loved  this OS..

Swaron romance in romantic Day Dreaming He hatred for for her mom!!! swayam wish to make rain disapper ..such a majnu bwoy...
I loved the below part..though it was not significant in the whole write up but i loved it
 His car was parked under a tree, whose branches were spread broadly in all the directions, few water drops were hitting her face and she was blinking her eyes every now and then to avoid them entering her eyes. He was facing her and was observing her little actions, the innocence was radiating from her face as she blinked her eyes.

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megsy Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:39am | IP Logged
how beautiful is this OS...really!

i had tears and i had a smile...beautiful, girl...its beautiful Smile

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sky_fighter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
After reading it all i could say was awww :D
it started gloomy like the rains
as usually they are gloomy
but when they met and how they met was just perfect SwaRon
Beautifully written and very beautifully expressed
and it really made me smile
it was a treat reading this OS
great workClap

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Amazing os rutu !!
fantastically written.Clap
the whole os was in the  way we look at SwaRon , sharon with some insecurities and swayam the mature one , trying to take those fears away from here .
the swaron conversation was awesome , sharon expressing her feelings abt why she hated rains was brilliantly described .
this is one of the best os's u have written.
keep them coming ..
thanks for the PM
P.S - congratulations for becoming an IF dazzler Smile
Love you.

Edited by Tanuka_TanHa - 10 November 2012 at 6:02am

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