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#WeSupportKSG AsYa FF First Touch Thread # 1

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AsYa First Touch

Thread 2 : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3531893

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Index :-

Parts 1,2,3,4 = page 1        Part 5          = page 3

Part 6          = Page 4        Parts 7,8      = page 6

Part 9          = page 9        Part 10         = page 12

Index is continued on page 13

Part 1

Asad Ahmad Khan and Zoya Farookhi crossed paths all the time. They got into silly tiffs and went their separate paths. Fate has a surprise in store for them. Zoya's aapi and jiju leave her in Dilshad's care and return home to New York. Unaware of the fact that they are going to be living under the same roof Zoya and Asad get into another tiff. Zoya is welcomed at Asad's home with open arms. Najma is shocked to see how carefree Zoya is who must be a couple of years older that her. Zoya turns in for the night in Asad's room unknowingly. Asad return late at night and hits the sack. They become aware of each other's presence and once again as per their nature get into a tiff.

Dilshad and Najma hear them fight and come to Asad's room. Then the fact is revealed that she is the guest who would be living with them. Asad looks at Dishaad and says," Ammi aap ne toh kaha tha ki bacchi hai. Ye mohtarma aap ko kis angle se bacchi lagti hai?" Dilshaad notices that Asad and Zoya are both fuming with anger she thinks did they meet before? Najma takes Zoya to her room. Zoya and Asad share a stern stare. Next morning there is yet another tiff waiting to happen.

At the breakfast table Asad, Dilshaad and Najma are joined by Zoya. She notices the silence and it is killing her. She notices Asad to be a cleanliness freak and Asad notices that she is quite the opposite of him. When Asad places everything in its place even while having breakfast. She bursts out with her takhia kallam," Alla Miya What's wrong with you? Khan Sahab" (Yes Zoya would call Asad "Khan Sahab") He comments on her clothes and tells her to dress properly before leaving from his house. She is wearing denims and a top. She retorts by saying " Aunty kya mera jeans pehnna galat hai. Agar ye hindustaani tehzeeb ko itna tawajjuh dete hain aur mujhse kehte hain ki western outfilts na pehnooo Toh ye kyun suit pehente hain Pathani pehenkar office kyun nahi jaate." Looks at Asad and says, " Agar aunty nahi chahti toh main asie dress nahi karrongi Par aap mujhe na kahe ki main kya karron. Main aapki " begum" nahi hoon." Asad is shocked to hear "begum".  He sternly says," Miss Farookhi" (Asad would call Zoya Miss Farookhi) Najma and Dilshaad stare back and forth from Asad to Zoya both trying to control their laughter as they had never heard anyone speak to Asad in this way.

The days pass and Asad and Zoya continue to get into each other hair. His house has become like a warzone where cold war is on. Dilshaad raises the topic of Asad's Nikaah. He as usual is not interested. He is reluctantly agrees to see the proposals. He is afraid of hurting another person like his father hurt his ammi. Ayan finds out about Asad going to see the girls for marriage. He calls him on one such days and says," Bhai aap ladki dekhne jaa rahe ho Par aapki waali ka kya Use dhoonde aapki baaton se to lagta hai ki wo kammal ki hongi bilkul aapke takkar ki meri bhabhijaan banne ke liye perfect." Asad is sitting with Zoya, Dishaad and Najma. He is a little baffeled by Ayaan's suggestion because his "meriwaali" is right in front of his eyes looking at pictures of girls for him. Asad just responses as he is still in shock by Ayaan's words, He says," Meriwaali saahibaan na mile wahi accha hai unka screw bahut pehle kahin gir gaya hai." All are shocked to hear "Meriwaali" from Asad's mouth.

Dilshaad notices that Asad looked at Zoya while saying "meriwaali". She knew that Asad and Zoya had met before. She decides to find out more. Zoya tells her about all the times she encountered Asad. Asad is listening to this conversation. He did not want to but was feeling that his ammi might be hurt as Zoya was blaiming him for all of her silliness and getting into tiffs with him. Dilshaad asks," Beta tum apne nikaah se kyun chali gayi? Humaare ateet ko humaare aaj par haawi nahi hone dena chahiye. Kal jo hua uske liye uske dard se aage badhne ke liye tumhe age badhna hoga. Aaj tum akele apne sawaalon ke jawaab dhoond rahi ho jo bahut mushkil hai zindagi mein ek sahi saathi har mushkil asaan kar deta hai. Jo jung tum akele lad rahi ho wo tum apne humsafar ke saath milkar bhi toh lad sakti ho na?"

Zoya has tears in her eyes. Asad remembers seeing Zoya at the Mazaar how her tears brought tears to his eyes. Zoya softly says," Aunty mere liye mera past ko jaanna bahut zaroori hai. Main past ki problems ko saath lekar future mein nahi jana chahti. Marriage is everything for me. Main chahti hoon ki jab main shaadi karoon to apne past se nikalkar apni shaadi ko apne sasuraal ko apna 100% doon." Asad is surprised that this scatterbrain Zoya can be mature at times. Dilshaad decides that she has found her bahu in Zoya. It would easy to convince Asad to marry her because he was settling for her sake. He would marry any girl as he is not interested in love or marriage. It would be an uphill task to convince Zoya.

It took a lot of convincing and emotional blackmail from aapi for Zoya to agree to marry Asad.  Ayaan found out that Zoya is the one who Asad is marrying. Asad filled him in with the details that she was his "meriwaali" from the day of the Mazaar incident and that he had seen her first in the mazaar. Ayan came out of his childishness. He never had actual feelings for Zoya. He was just smitten by her. He says," Dekha bhaijaan kaha than a aapko aapki waki mil jayegi. Allah Taala ne meri dua Qubool Ki."

Asad had only one condition that his Nikaah would be a silent affair and from his side only Dilshaad, Najma and Ayaan would attend the wedding. He took promise from all that Rashid and Family would not get wind of his nikaah. He did not want to ruin the day when his mother's wish for him was coming true. Dilshaad agrees with a heavy heart. Asad and Zoya had a talk before the nikaah. He was very clear that he was marrying for his ammi's happiness and she too clarified that she needed to live in India to find the answers to her past. They agreed not to interfere in each other's lives and to put on a charade for the people.

Part 2

On the nikaah day.

Zoya is dressed in a beautiful red joda. She is looking far more stunning than the day of her previous wedding fiasco. Maybe because she was meant to look this stunning on her actual nikaah day with the one Allah chose for her. Asad was looking very handsome in his sherwaani. The nikaah ceremony takes palce. They are sitting opposite to each other separated by a thin curtain. The Maulwi first announces the wedding between Asad and Zoay and the conditions of the Haq Mehar. He then turns to Zoya and asks," Zoya Farookhi kay aakko Asad Ahmad Khan se nikaah Qubool hai?" She answered " Qubool Hai" Asad too says " Qubool hai" The nikaah ceremony is over. Zoya Farookhi was now Zoya Asad Ahmad Khan. A new chapter in her life began.

She was seated on the bed in her and Asad's room which was elaborately decorated by Najma and Ayaan. She knew Asad was very clear about the boundaries of their married life which neither would cross. But Zoya being Zoya She kept her protector the infamous Pepper Spray for her protection from her husband who would enter her room anytime. She was playing with the pepper spray under her veil. She heard the door knob. She gulped as she was scared that Asad my advance as now he was her husband. The pepper spray falls from her hand. She gets up to look for it before Asad enters. She had not lifted her veil. She bangs into Asad and lifts her veil saying," Alla Miya What's '" She stops as she looks at her husband's stern look. Asad moves forward and she steps back. He steps on something that makes him slip and he falls on the bed taking her with him. She was pinned under his strong muscular body.

She sees in his eyes for the first time. They were intense and had some pain. It was similar to the one she had but hid from everyone. She feels his aura and something takes over her. She closes her eyes and her lips part. Asad is bemused by her action. His heart does not flutter or skip a beat on seeing his beautiful bride inviting him unknowingly to do some unmentionable things to her. He is not capable of understanding love as he is afraid to do so. He gets up and frees her bringing her back to reality. He looked around for the object resulting in his fall and picked up her Pepper spray. He sighed gave her a look shook his head and returned it to her. They slept on the same bed facing away from each other.

The next morning it was the first time Zoya made sweet for breakfast. She was taught by Dilshaad as she is a big fat zero when it comes to house hold chores. She did not know anything about taking care of her house or her husband. But Dilshaad did not choose her for house hold chore abilities. She knew if anyone can tame her wild tiger of a son it was Zoya. He did not say a word in appreciation. He left for work. She was still the same Zoya who was before marriage. He was still the same Asad. Face it miracles don't happen overnight.

Days became weeks and weeks became months. Nothing changed in their relation. In front of all they put up a great charade but they were strangers when they were alone. Asad and Zoya had to go for a dinner date set up by Dilshaad. Zoya had started to understand Asad and his pain. Asad was still to see his wife. She was like a furniture piece to her. He paid no heed to her. Zoya was exicited to go on the dinner date with her "Khan Sahab" . She was very happy her excitement wasn't hidden from Najma and Dilshaad. Dilshaad noticed a change in her. She tried on many dresses and chose to wear his favorite color dress. She was looking forward to a compliment from him. Something in her was changing. She was falling for her "Khan Sahab".

Continued below with part 3

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Part 3

First fight of Mr. and Mrs. Asad Ahmad Khan

She waited for him to come and take her out. She said," Allah Miya What's wrong with me? Main Khan Sahib ke liye wait kar rahi hoon. Unke jaise sadu janaab ke saath jaane ke liye itni betaabi?" Her wait was very long. He returned way past his regular time. He spent it with Ayaan when he was suppose to be with his Zoya B (Zoya begum : Asad post marriage called her this). She was hurt and angry. She burst when he returned home. " Khan Sahab, agar aap mere saath nahi jana chahte the toh pehle hi itallah kar dete. Main kab se aapka intezaar kar rahi thi. Ayaan se milna itna zaroori tha ki aap apni biwi ko bhool gaye. You treat me like a bloody furniture piece. Main ek insaan hoon I have feelings too" She sobbed. He was unaffected by her tears. He gave her a stern look when she swore in front of him.

He refuted simply saying," Mind your language Zoya B. Don't raise your voice in front of me. Maine aapse kabhi nahi kaha mera intezaar karne ke liye. Maine aap se clearly keh diya tha not to expect anything from me. Mere liye meri priority meri ammi, meri behen, mera bhai, mera kaam, mera office hai. Aap mat bhooliye ki ye nikaah kyun hua tha. Don't ever forget your place in this house." He did not say my life because he was afraid of giving her a place in his life. He was maybe not afraid to love as much as he was afraid to hurt her. He did exactly the same he had feared. He hurt her that day maybe beyond repair. Something inside her broke that day something which was still intact even after the pain of her past.

She changed on that day. The spark in her had diminished. The next day Dilshaad and Najma saw a new Zoya. She was quiet. She helped in the kitchen. She laid the table. Everything was spot on and clean. She did everything without being asked and somewhat like a robot. From that day on she took over all the responsibilities of Asad from his ammi and sister. She became like a ghost when he was there around her. She did everything for him without his knowledge. She never entered the room when he was asleep and left the room before he woke up. She never troubled him ever again with her presence. She knew her place in his life. One thing Asad could not put his finger on was that no matter how difficult his day was he always woke up tension free. It was the magic of Zoya who pressed his head lightly and ran her fingers through his hair.

Days passed since he had heard her voice or seen her. He was annoyed by her not being around him. Did he miss her silly ways? Did he miss her constant chattering? Did he miss her? He longed to see her but she never came in front of her. Whenever he asked Najma for something, she looked for Zoya and got it from her. Dilshaad was worried for Zoya. She came out when he was gone for the day. Asad started to notice her actions from the corner of his eyes. He caught far off glimpses of her seeing her in the kitchen. He saw that she had changed that he his harsh words changed her. He used to have tears in his eyes at the mazaar where he went for peace. He thought to himself that he was turning into a spitting image of his father who hurt his ammi and he hurt his Zoya B. Dilshaad did not interfere she knew her son would realize his mistakes and undo them. She just prayed that it is not too late by the time he realizes it.

Zoya was not feeling well. She did not tell him as she did not want to bother him with her problem. She could not get up but with all her might she got up. Got dressed she changed her dressing style too. She wore Salwaar kameez and covered her head when he was in the house or she went out which she rarely did as he did not like it. She went down to do her daily chores but Dilshaad saw her condition so sent her back up. She asked," Ammi kya main Najma ke kamre mein rest karoon? Main khan sahib ko pareshaan nahi karna chahti." Dilshaad understood and nodded a yes. She had to do something. She saw Zoya's pain and somewhat felt Asad's heart aching too. Three days passed but Zoya was missing. The glimpses he stole of her were impossible. He never asked about her. He was afraid that if she found out that he cared for her, her expectations may increase and he could fail her.

He got everything he wanted as Zoya told Najma to place everything. He was out of habit for months her bhabhijaan was doing everything. One day Dilshaad and Najma had to go for a wedding which could not be avoided. Asad left home for work. Zoya told Ammi and Najma to go too. She would be fine. Asad's mind these days was occupied by his missing Zoya B. He forgot a file and returned home in the middle of the day to get it. Zoya was resting in her room. She was dead beat could not even hear Asad's footsteps. He thought it was weird and she looked very pale. He went upto her and put his hand on her forehead. She was burning with high temperature. His FIRST TOUCH felt by Zoya was not of love but of CARE.

He canceled his meeting and sat by her. He took care of her. She opposed and said," please aap fikar na kare main theek hoon aap apni meeting ke liye jaiye." He heard her voice almost after a month and a half. He refused to leave her side. He made her sleep. Tears ran down his eyes. He thought," Kya maine aapko itna dard diya ki aap apna dard bhi mujhse nahi baat payi. Mujhe apni takleef dekhne bhi nahi di." Her Takhia Kalaam was said by him," Allah miya What's wrong with this girl? How can she fall for a heartless man like me? What does she see in me?" He did not see the soft man that she saw. The child inside him who longed for love just like her.

continued below with part 4

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Part 4

Reality check For Asad Ahmad Khan

He was angry with his ammi and Najma. When they returned he said," Ammi aap Zoya B ko aisi halat mein chodkar kaise ja sakti hai? Agar main waoas nahi aata toh unka bukhaar kitna badh jata." Dilshaad was now angry with her son not for accusing her but for his negligence. She said," Zoya aaj se nahi teen din se beemaar hai Asad. Hum ne hi uska khayaal rakha hai. Main kuch nahi kehna chahti thi par maine galti ki. Tumhaari galti ka ehsaas tumhe khud ho is liye main chup thi but you never realized ki tumne zoya ko kitna hurt kiya hai. Tum hamesha is baat se dare kit um use hurt karoge kyunki tum Rasshid ke bte ho par kabhi ye kyun nahi socha ki tum use pyar kar sakte ho kyunki tum mere bte ho. You have greatly disappointed me."

Asad changed a great deal after this reality check. He took care of Zoya. But he was still far away from being her husband. He changed again after she was well. The same drama began again. He avoided direct contact with her. Still he stole glimpses. Sometimes he was caught by Najma and Dilshaad but refused to doing so. Zoya now was madly in love with her Khan Sahab. She wanted to be loved back but knew his fear of hurting her. She had to take drastic steps for him to reveal his love for her. She asked for help from Ammi and Najma. They were the THREE MUSKETEERS against Asad "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE" was their motto in Asad confess his love mission.

Asad Confess Love Mission

Zoya had gone back to her jeans wearing days. Now she began ignoring Asad. It was very irritating for him because he was her center of attraction. He returned early one evening. He got her a gift to manao her for the time when he yelled at her. He signaled her to come to the room which she ignored. It was now time for him to teach her a lesson and beat her at her own game. He called her out to the room she could not refuse as ammi heard it. When she entered the room he was in the shower. As she was about to leave he came out in his towel on purpose. She saw his wet chiseled body and his dripping locks. She was a goner. She salivated like a child does on seeing an ice cream. Normally he would excuse her but not today. He completely ignored the fact that she was admiring him and said that they had to go for lunch the next day and he wanted no excuses. She could not open her mouth to refuse. She was busy mentally doing stuff to her husband which he very well noticed.

Asad reserved a table at Zoya's favorite restaurant. It was a small private dining room. He had special arrangements made as he wanted to propose to her. She came jeans and floral top clad. People were looking at her. (Cmon she looks fab in jeans and top.) Asad was very jealous and was fuming as he did not like her stepping out of the house in western attire. He did not like it when she did so at home too but let it go because she did not dress in jeans every day. Post nikaah it was once in a blue moon affair.

He was about to shout at her but controlled himself. Asad you are here to love not fight he reminded himself. But it was OK as it was a private dining room. Zoya knew why Asad called her there but was not gonna make it easy for him. He had made her wait long enough and it felt like eternity. Just then a waiter came and said," Sir ek aur party ko lunch karna tha. Badi family hai aur buzurg bhi hai." Before Asad could refuse as he wanted no disturbance HIS Zoya B said Yes. She said," Khan Sahab maine sahi kiya na humaari tehzeeb yahi kehti hai ki humen logon ki help karni chahiye aur yahan to buzurg bhi hain. She patted herself on the back Good work Zoya."

The other guests arrived. Asad was facing them. They were none other than Rashid Ahmad Khan and family minus Ayaan.  His blood boiled on seeing them but somehow controlled himself for Zoya. It was gonna be a beautiful moment for her. Only she mattered and no one else. His eye were fixed on the new arrival thinking these things. They did not know that he was married as he had preferred it that way. They were shocked to see Asad with a girl in jeans. She seemed too friendly with him. Dadi and Taiabbu glared at Asad and the modern girl. She saw an angry look on Asad's face. Her mood changed. He was trying to but unable to concentrate on her. Was he in love with her? Was she his girlfriend? His half sisters, step mother, Humera and Mummanji were gossiping among themselves.

He could not take it anymore. He wanted to leave. Zoya waited for so long she can wait another day he thought. He said," Zoya B chalen. Mujhe office mein important kaam hai. Main aapko ghar drop kar doonga." She was saddened and did not budge. She wanted to hear his love confession here and now. She gave him an accusatory look and said," Khan sahib aap jo waada nibha nahi sakte unhe karte kyun hai. Jab aapko yahi karna tha to mujhe yahan bulaya kyun? " He said sternlt," Zoya B tamasha mat kijiye chaliye." She said," Tamasha haan tamasha hi ban gayi hoon main. Aap ki attention pane ke liye aaj maine jeans pehni kyun ki aap meri taraf tab hi dekte hain jab main kuch galat karoon. Tamasha main nahi aapne mera bana diya hai. Pagalon ki tarah aapki raah dekhti hoon ki kab aap mujhpar ehsaan karenge kab mujhe apna pyar dikhayenge?" She sobbed and went on.

The other guests thought it was a lover's quarrel.  It pained him to see her in this state but he did not want to tell her about his so called father and his other family. She went on rambling," Aap ko meri mere pyar ki koi kadar nahi. I changed myself for you I left New York and lived in Bhopal a place that reminds me only of my hurtful past. Sirf aapke liye. Allah Miya What's wrong with me? Why do I love this heartless man? Kahbi sochi ti  hoon kaash mein koi Laptop hoti ya aapki pen hoti taki aap mujhe' Kaash koi file hoti taki aap meri taraf bhi dekhte but meri kismet itni acchi nahi hai Zoya B u just stop at it Why is it so difficult for you to complete that word after my name why? Jis din aapne mujhe apni gaadi se thokar maari usi din mujhe mar jaana chahiye tha" This was it. Him losing her was the last straw. She was so heart broken with his actions that she wished she had died the day they met.

He rushed to her and pulled her in his arms. His one hand on her thin waist and another holding her neck. He pulled her in for a mind numbing passionate kiss right in front of all. This was Zoya's FIRST TOUCH of her KHAN SAHAB'S LOVE. They were all appalled at Asad's actions. I care a damn he swore. She was in La La land. After a while he let go, " Lillah!  Zoya B aapko chup karane ke liye kya lya karna padta hai." She pushed him," Ye mujhe chup karane le liye tha?" As she was about to move he grabbed her and gave her a loving soft kiss. He broke the kiss as they were in dire need of oxygen." Aap mujhe kuch kehne le liye laye the na?" she asked. "Actions speak louder than words." He winked at her. HE winked He actually winked and smiled!!

She looked around and saw the reactions. Disgust, surprise, curiosity, anger mixed feelings ran in the people on the other table. She felt shy for what they just witnessed. Asad smirked and said," Ghar chalen? Mujhe file par kaam karna hai. Main manager se reservation cancel karake and payment karke aata hoon." Zoya was now pissed ," Allah miyaWhta's wrong with this man? Itna unromantic aur boring kyun hai? Itni khoobsurat ladki hai jispar kaam karna chahiye but no Jannab ko file par kaam karna hai." But she thought something and smiled " He loves me He actually loves me" A tear of joy trickled down her cheeks. She called ammi and said," Ammi ammi my darling ammi He loves me Your son loves me kaha nahi dikhaya. Par bahut boring hai ghar la rahe hain mujhe file par kaam karne ke liye.Aap ghar par hoti to kitna achha hota main aapke saath time spend karti Najma bhi abhi college main hogi."

Dilshaad smiled for her happy but naive D-I-L. She was happy for Asad and Zoya. She disconnected the call. Zoya opened her I- Pad and did a little DHINKA CHIKA like always. Asad was standing behind her and observing her so were the others. She turned and saw Asad. She fumbled and was about to trip. He caught hold of her. She blushed on him being close to her. She told him that she tols ammi about the recent developments in their relation and that he was taking her home to work on some file. His eyes popped out of their sockets. "WHAT" " BEGUM" "Ammi ko kyun bataya What will she think?" Zoya said," Kya sochengi aap hamesha ki tarah sirf kaam kar rahe hain''" It dawned to her. She understood his underlying meaning when he said file par kaam karna hai. She blushed crimson.

The other guests were shocked to hear that she was Asad's wife. Asad chose this girl for himself. She was not fit to be bahu of Rashid Ahmad Khan's family. Dadi found her amusing and lovely she was the only one who managed to bring a smile on Asad's face. As Asad and Zoya were about to leave she came forward and blessed them. Asad was unaffected but Zoya thanked her. " Dadi sorry wo aap logon ne jo dekha. Par main kya karoon mere Khan Sahab hai hi aise Seedhi baat samjh mein nahi aati.." She wanted to go on but Asad could not wait any longer to make love to his beautiful wife so dragged her out of there. Taiabbu, Mummnaji, Shirin and Rashid staring at Asad's jeans cald BEGUM.


 Part 5 to be continued


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ASYA rocks.
cont soon and pls pm me when update.
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Suppperb work there Clap

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awww loved the kiss scene
pls pm e when u update

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