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suganain Goldie

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 2161

Posted: 20 May 2005 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Hi Flash

As you know Ekta Kapoor's new serial Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai has started sure now it has two lovers finallytogether a.k.a Angad and Kripa.  These two lovers will proably get married ....but the Naina (Angad's mother) will create problems and Angad & Kripa will have misunderstandings and have a divorce.  And Ekta will probably have Kripa marry Prithvi, and u know the rest.  I hope Ekta doesn't do divorce-marriage 800 times.  Its just stupid!  

greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
In Ektas serials, marriage of the lead pair of min. 3 times is mandatory.  Deos not matter to whom, but marriage has to be multiple.

Kalash.....  Ram married twice and ultimately he is left alone to bring up the child.

Kyunki....  Mihir + Tulsi + Mandira....  Savita wanted Mihir to marry Payal first and even after Mihirs marriage to Payal did not give her hopes that her son might still marry Payal.  Then came Mandira and again Savita got her hopes high and was pushing for the marriage.

Hemant - broken engagement with Payal and then marriage to Puja.
Puja married Rajeev first and then Hemant.
Gautam leads the race with Ganga first, Tisha next and lastly Damini....  He is still young, so Ekta has some more options.
Ganga married of course Gautam and then Sahil.
Damini was with Karan first and then Gautam.
Karan was with damini and then Nandini, now Tanya and then back again with Nandini.
Nandini loved Karan, married Ansh and then married Karan.
Shobha married Vishaal and now Abhishek.

In Kahani... Shruti married Aryan.... now divorced, she is supposedly  secretly married to Sameer, who is , in the eyes of the world married to Gayatri......

KTH - Kashish loved Sujal, married Piyush and now married to Sujal.
Rishi had affairs with both Mauli and Mehak, married Sanjana and continues to eye Mehak, for whom he has suddenly developed feelings!!!! Mehak was pregnant with Rishis child, but marries Varun.

In K Street...  Smriti and Drone love each other, but drone marries Dweep and Smriti marries Raunak.  The story is yet to develop, but Smrit and Drone are the central characters,s o at some time in future, you might see a union there.  Aditya and Ishita suddenly discover on their 25th wedding anniversary that Ishita had an affair in the past with Arindum and Raunak is his child.....  (Ekta does not spare any generation)

In all her serials, the mother in law is either a  complete wamp or develops wampish tastes and looks to suit the script of the tale.  Savita of Kyunki an example of latter......  She swings from one extreme to the other with expertise.....

So where are we headed now. 

KYPH_fan Goldie

Joined: 02 May 2005
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Posted: 22 May 2005 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
      I think its not the audience's fault that these stupid shows keep going on and on. We have little choice. We watch what we get, and we get what we watch. ITS A VICIOUS CIRCLE.  I am free between 8-9 and I have little choice than to watch TV that time. Its not my fault that I can get only Sony Tv and zee Tv and so I have to endure kkusum. The only option would be not to watch TV at all.Unhappy I bet majority of my countrymen feel the same way.We are hardly given a choice. Example, I watch KYPH becoz of the story and the actors and if Ekta decided to screw it, I would still be watching it just because it will still be better than Kkusum (hopefully). I hope this circle ends though. I might get TV- Phobia this way!!Angry
vasamv Goldie

Joined: 20 October 2004
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Posted: 22 May 2005 at 11:07pm | IP Logged

 After a tiring day's tensions and stresses we want to escape into some unreality.Mostly it becomes an escape to hell!

Remember there were some 2 or 3 episode series on DD named Katha Sagar or something. They were based on some immortal Indian litrerature.DD even made a long serial on Shard Babu's famous novel Srikant.Today the serial producers dont touch them even with a barge pole and intead deopend on mediocre writers for whom creativity is zero.

 Sahara ran aftrer American novel Woman of Substance and invited litigation. Did they not find any good novel from India? If someone starts the trend of picking up a good novel and make a decent serial out of it people will watchA. Let there be reasonable modification (NO Entry for KEKTA)

 Chiillyflakes has summed it up all by her great posting..

 As for length no serial has REAL time for more than 18 out of 30 minutes and that too is wasted by flashbacks.Most ridiculous and deceiving is the flahback of something that happened in the same episode.Do they belive we all suffer from amnesia like some weird characters in the shows?

RUPALV22 Senior Member

Joined: 07 December 2004
Posts: 539

Posted: 23 May 2005 at 12:21am | IP Logged

Hi Everyone ,Excellent topic,

   Though I haven't watched Any of Ekta's serials or most of them mentioned here I have to say a few words about them.

   We can criticise Ekta for anything but the fact is she has turned small screen into the big one .suddenly the canvas grew,all glam added ,perspective  larger than life ,(even her award functions)she is like karan Johar of small screen.But however crap they are the fact is they matter so much in our socoety.(I remember my patient calling me if I could wait till she finished her serial!!) I think it's all 'coz of our own desires are reflected in it to an extent.

     I'm talking abt Indian scenario,when kyonki started our society was in a transition state,joint familes vanishing but still ppl finding difficulty to cope-up with new morals when kyonki reflected oue own desire to have an ideal family which we all missed!

     Rich families ,saree culture ,bindi culture,this all has been responsible for fastest growing mall culture in India.

      Extra marital affairs I don't know serials reflect society or society reflects serials.Here I don't intend to generalise the changing moral values,that we all lost it completely but I mean to say 20 yrs ago when there was Buniyaad or Humlog ,even the makers woudn't dare to show these things there was concept of sacrifice for family the remix generation denies this completely,they'll call sacrifice the cheating on ourselves & others so feel free to do whatever you want!! 

     What I mean to say is in some way serials work 'coz they reflect our changing trends.& they are streched 'coz we allow them to-I don't like jjkn these days but still I'm clinging to it 'coz I like a charactot in it & watching it pampers my desire to be with the charactor .I mean we should accept our responsibilty too behind all this!!

    I want to mention a Marathi soap Avantika ,though I've seen only the glimpses but the lead charactor doesn't loose respect till the end,she has life full of struggle, two men in her life ,but she's shown to be well balanced with intact morals & sense of responsibilty to society around.This is what is lacking in hindi soaps SINCIERITY & BELIEF IN UR CONCEPT.They opt for easy money but isn't the easy money become the trademark of youth today?

    I only want to say media has huge impact on society & they should behave in a more responsible way for the betterment of society.something on Army ,sports,discipline,our literature would  certainly have a positive impact!








Edited by RUPALV22 - 23 May 2005 at 12:54am
lashy IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 February 2005
Posts: 43548

Posted: 23 May 2005 at 9:07am | IP Logged

when everyone focussed on the time factor in serials only flashbacks & ads were discussed......

it is a point to be noted that only 1 major event happens per episode per day .....they slow down the whole process by showing everything in slow motion....

once the whole family comes to know of a shocking news (which apparently happens everyday) each individual's face is shown these stupendous effects & close up shots for s few seconds ......

Sydney_Princess Groupbie

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 68

Posted: 23 May 2005 at 9:03pm | IP Logged

I wish to congratulate the initiator of this topic and all those who have contributed to this very pertinent topic. 

I live in Sydney and I have joined the Forum recently.  At the outset I must say that I am a true Indian and follower of Indian traditions and customs.  We do whatever we can to spread good things about India in all facets of our public and official dealings. We run Indian cultural shows to keep the Indian traditions.  Some of us have achieved and gained siginificant recognition in mainstream Australia - we will talk about it some other time.

Now on to the topic - we took the opportunity to get the expensive cable connection to the Indian TV as soon as it became available here - mainly to keep close links with India.  We only get 4 channels - Zee, Sony and Star Plus and Zee cinema at an exhorbitant price. 

After watching few serials and following them closely - I have exactly similar views - why am I wasting my precious time and money on these fantasy ridden, far fetched and meaningless serials?  The answer lies in the combination of the following Indian psyche and our age-old traditions of being -

- extremely 'tolerant'

-extremely emotional

-inherently religious

People like Ekta cashes on these three weaknesses and churns out utterly senseless serials after serails - fully confident that she can emotionally blackmail Indian viewers. She will have extremely traditional settings in the house and make sure that she does not miss to depict  Holi, Diwali, chanting of shlokas to ensure that it has mass appeal.  I feel voilated when some of the most potent and sacred shlokas are being chanted while depicting something very sinister!  No matter how much we whinge - we will still watch and adore the characters.  Each of the serials I have watched start with good story lines in the beginning but then it indulges in some of the most bizzare sequences.  The torture or corruption of mind continues episode after episode as we all wait with abated breath what is going to happen next?  As some has said in his e-mail - it is always one person who gets picked - Good person will always be good and continues to be subjected to emotional and physical torture.  The bad person keeps on finding new ways and means of inflicting misery without getting exposed.  One very popular theme is to hide the truth - as long as it is possible.

Well I am sounding to be a great whinger - but It makes me feel sorry for the beautiful people of my motherland to get fooled by these handful of media mighuls - who are getting richer and richer at the expense of innicent public.  We must wake up and tell them that enough is enough.  Serials should not have unlimited life span.  I am not sure about others but I feel that program such as Rehaee on Sony and Kabhi Kabhi on Zee to be very entertaining, enlightening about some social problem which makes the society much more aware.  They are short and are realistic.

What is the solution?  TV is a very powerful medium.  Instead of getting our minds corrupted which by these serials (they do leave great mark on our minds subconsciously)  - let us make these media mughals to use it to show some thing which makes the society better - there should be some social message - helps in exposing and getting rid of evils in the society - rather than glorifying it. 

We must vent our anger and disgust - rather than just religiously following the whims of the director. 

chaya Groupbie

Joined: 05 March 2005
Posts: 59

Posted: 24 May 2005 at 12:44am | IP Logged
As everyone has said, great topic!

Almost everything that can be said has already been said on this topic and I actually wasnt going to add anything to it - until I watchen Reth and PkG last night Confused

Why do they do such things? I mean, here we have Jia, who's been royally kicked around by everyone at all times and is going along donating her kidney. That fool of Shekhar will certainly thank her. And now they've hinted at something sinister in those documents she signed, so rest assured, another storyline is coming up.

And then Rimjhim. I mean, I would never let my mother, let alone mother in law, tell me whther I am allowed to go near my child or not!

It is true that we watch and curse. What to do?  There is so much reality around us, we do  need some fiction. I just wish they would blend in some proper humour and happiness. Why does it always have to be cunning and wickedness?

I for one would like to see some happy family dramas. And there's n point arguing that life is not all that happy - because life is also not that miserable as is shown in there serials. At least not al the time.  And if it is, fine, all the more reason to show joy.

Keep the thoughts coming - who knows, maybe someone does read this...

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