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Indian TV Serials (Your Views) (Page 6)

innocentindian Goldie

Joined: 17 December 2004
Posts: 1483

Posted: 17 May 2005 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
actually, i think the serials are 19-20 minutes after you remove the ads...

shiverz Goldie

Joined: 15 January 2005
Posts: 2395

Posted: 17 May 2005 at 5:06pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by innocentindian

actually, i think the serials are 19-20 minutes after you remove the ads...

Well, I guess it varies by show, but one time I checked and the show I was watching (JJKN) was about 19 to 20 minutes..

PixieDust91 Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2005
Posts: 1767

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 4:46pm | IP Logged

I timed Piya Ka Ghar and stopped it when ads came on, It was only 17 minutes long!

Many of the members have said that its our fault when we watch Ekta's crappy serials. Well, here in America, its NOT OUR FAULT. Many people here haven't went to India in a few years. You are going to miss it very much. That is exactly why we watch tv serials. We feel closer to home, and besides, if we don't watch them, its like wasting about 50 us dollars a month for just 5 indian channels. What would you do in a situation like that?

People in India have other things to do, they have sum variety. Here in US, MANY people have only sony and zee for tv serials. Star Plus has ALOT better serials. India has an advantage.

I have more points, but my doctor advised me not to type too much. I broke my right thumb.

sumit.savla Goldie

Joined: 12 January 2005
Posts: 1026

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
"Kareena kareena"  is completely different from other soaps

Its fun comedy ...
this kind of serials make u laughs .....

after all laughter is good for health LOLLOL

At present i watch only this serial @ TV other than sports & game shows
"Kabhi haan kabhi naa " is other example of comedy serials ....

not all but majority of Ekta's serials have the same story .....
same family drama ...... thts y all Balaji serials are not doing anything otehr than just dragging story

Conclusion is ,
So ther should  be  more serial  like " kareena kareena" comedy & romantic
KYPH_fan Goldie

Joined: 02 May 2005
Posts: 1821

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 10:34pm | IP Logged

  Long time ago, before the arrival of cable TV, all the shows were limited to 13, 26, 51, or 100 episode. Though back then most of the shows were weeklies. With the arrival of dailies there is no limit to the number of episodes, so we have shows like henna, kusum, ksbkbt, Astitva,PKG & KGGK which never seem to end. I dont think any daily show show last for more than a year. That way the directors/producers are not tempted to drag the stories forever and the shows will move at a fast pace. This way the audience will also have the choice to watch different shows.

        Thanks to the Balaji shows, if U R free between 8-9 p.m.U have no choice but to watch kkusum and that too for 4-5 long years, without a choice. Its ridiculous!!!!!!

      I wish the government put a cap on the number of episodes allowed to save us from going insane watching such trashy never ending shows like henna and kksum forever & ever.Angry

shiverz Goldie

Joined: 15 January 2005
Posts: 2395

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 11:50pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by SuMs

"Kareena kareena"  is completely different from other soaps

Its fun comedy ...
this kind of serials make u laughs .....

after all laughter is good for health LOLLOL

Conclusion is ,
So ther should  be  more serial  like " kareena kareena" comedy & romantic

Although my favorite serial is JJKN, I often watch Kareena Kareena, which I agree, is very different than most other serials. It's a very fun, light romantic comedy and is great to watch for laughs!Big smile  

chillyflakes Senior Member

Joined: 27 March 2005
Posts: 829

Posted: 19 May 2005 at 5:00am | IP Logged

I have already put this post as a seperate topic, but since this is in tandem with the what all of you have written, here goes!

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

What is wrong with Hindi Soaps / Serials???

U know what? I think Ekta Kapoor's real life frustration of not having a man in her life shows in reel life too! LOLWhy is that, in every serial of hers, people who are in love never get-together??? And even if they do, it is after so many trials & tribulations, that you really don't care what happens to them! And the same happens to all the characters who are good, nothing nice seems to be happening to them and life always hands them a sour lemon! It seems that they pay a price for being decent, honest, kind and loving.

I think Kutumb was the only serial in which our lovely Pratham and Gauri got together and did not marry other people! But then, in half the serial, they couldn't stand each other's faces (though I used to find it really cute!)

Let me take an immensely popular serial like KSBKBT for eg, Damini is in love with Karan but gets married to Gautham who was in love with Tisha but gets married to Ganga who falls in love with Sahil and then after a divorce with Gautham gets married to him! Gautham finally gets married to Tisha, only to lose her to an accident and then gets married to Damini who was pregnant by Karan's child!

Karan and Nandini are in love with each other and Karan's half-brother Ansh is in love or rather lust with Nandini, the stupid Karan instead of fighting for the woman he loves, sacrifices his relationship inspite of knowing what a jerk Ansh is and forces her into a marriage with Ansh, who ends up raping and getting Nandini pregnant. Finally Anshi dies and Karan and Nandini get married after a lot of hungama, only so that Nandini gets into a Coma while giving birth to Ansh's child. Tanya who is Karan's best friend and secret admirer ceases this opportunity and promptly gets married to Karan, who is ofcourse still in love with Nandini, but does sleep with Tanya, ending up making her pregnant (no doubt India's population is exploding!) while Nandini comes out of her Coma at that very juncture where Karan is melting for Tanya!

And the above is just one example of how inane, depressing, unrealistic and false is the potrayl of human emotions and relationships in today's soap's and serials!

Look at KTH, where Kashish and Sujal are in love, but due to a host of stupid misunderstandings, she gets married to his best friend (who is ofcourse cluless about their relationship, so much for a friendConfused) and then once Kashish gets pregnant (once againErmm) Piyush is conviniently bumped off and then Kashish gets married to her first love so that she can take revenge from him for his supposed murder of her husband!

Honestly speaking, I used to think that serials like Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless were ridiculous, but after watching our Hindi serials, they looks like Masterpieces in comparison!

That way, I must say that Pakistani Drama's are so, so, so much better! I have seen a number of them, and even though they don't have fantastic production values like our serials do, they keep the viewers interest alive and throbbing till the last episode. Anyone familar with the name, Hasina Moin will know what I am talking about. Her stories are just FANTASTIC. The way romance and love is potrayed in her Scripts is just mind-blowing! Take Tanhaiyaan, Kash-m-Kash, Chandni Raatein and so many more for egs.! Each story is unusual and thoroughly entertaining!

Why is it in our Hindi serials, instead of showing a beautiful emotion like ''love'' in a good light, it is mutilated in such a bad way???

People in love are supposed to get-together, love is an inspiring, uplifting and motivating emotion and there is every reason, that it should be projected in such a way.

Also, if two people who are in love, go seperate ways, then the reasons for it should be palusible and realistic, like a difference of opinion, or something circumstantial or maybe just falling out of love - what is wrong with showing a realtionship breaking in a normal way? Why is it have to be a marital rape, sacrificing for an insane mother's sanity, backing off for a half-brother, getting drunk and making someone pregnant and then being forced to marry her??? Hello, which world are these Serial makers living in? I am yet to come across a brother who will let go of the girl he loves because his brother has a crush on her or fancies her in anyway! It just makes no sense, you might be backing off for your brother, but what about the other party involved, isn't she being subjected to an unfair deal?

I have nothing against fantasy, I live in my own dream world all the timeLOLbut if you are showing fantasy, then show something that will make the viewers happy and cheerful, not get them depressed and sulking! However silly it may sound, these stupid soaps unfortunately do become a part of our lives and whether we like it or not, they start affecting our mental state. Hence seeing a romantic scene b/w Angad and Kripa will make us more cheerful but seeing Mishti and Angad together in his bedroom will upset us! Similarly, a woman who is deeply in love with her husband being forced to marry his brother by her Mother is just revolting by every figment of imagination (I am referring to Tumhari Disha) Hey, we live in a country where even today, a brother's wife is given the status of a Mother, how on earth can you show a relationship / marriage between a Bhabhi and her Devar - its incestous and nauseatingAngry

Don't you think that these Producers and Directors owe something to us, the Viewers??? Or is it TRP's that just matters? But it is only a matter of time, that viewers grow up and realize what crap is being served to us in the name of entertainment every day from 8 - 12 Pm!

Incase all of you are not already dozing off after reading my post, I would love to solicit some really good responses on this! I am sure there are plenty of like-minded people here who think on the same lines.



greatmaratha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
Posts: 12566

Posted: 19 May 2005 at 6:01am | IP Logged
Hey, Chilly, very well written.  I am not familiar with the Pakistani serials which you referred to, but then Hindi serials were not always like this. 

We had lovely serials, esp. when we had only doordarshan.  I do not remember the names of those serials but one particular one which comes immeidately to mind is that of Kanwaljeet Singh... a very typ. mills and boon story.  We had a beautiful adaptation of the Pride and Prejudice as well.

But today, we are at the mercy of people like Kekta who are single minded in their approach of making serials and are willing to show anything for the sake of her so called TRPs.  Sometimes, I do wonder, if it is indeed the TRPs which turn her on or is it something else. 

Hasrathein by Ajai Sinha was path breaking in its kind and I must confess, to me Astitva is not a patch on Hasrathein.

Sanjeevini started off very good, but they just turned into another of those mindless serials and mind you, that was in the name of TRP.  Sathiya on Sahara One was also nice and fun, till the producers changed the story in the name of TRPs.  Yeh meri Life hai promised to be different, yet, it lost out in the name of TRPs.  So many serials come on with so much of promise, but all get lost in middle somewhere on the pretext of this so called TRPs. 

Which makes me wonder again......  Is it really the TRPs.  I mean, arent we the TRPs.  And if we dont really like them the way they are now and we did like them as they were earlier, why are the TRPs higher now.  Is it the fault of the production house or is it the Channel or is it this mysterious TRPs..........

I whole heartedly agree with you that no relation is sacrosant on Kektas show.  It really does not matter who is the target of your affection.  They spare no one.  In Kyunki, Mohini was to target Mihir, after her marriage with Harsh, to get her hands on the fortune.  Fortunately, the track seems to have been abandoned now.  In Tulsi's absence, Meera developed "feelings" for Mihir.  If Tulsi and Meera were really friends, would Meera be so?  We have friends and married friends.  Do we really develop any "feelings" for our married friends partners. 

In KTH, Rishi, the proverbial sinner, wants Mehak back now, only becos she is the forbidden fruit.  He married Sanjana, with whom he has grown up, to get an oppurtunity to get back to his house.  How much more grose can we get than this. 

I hate to even mention the Kkusum word.  My blood pressure rises at the thought of that.  Only Kekta could kill a serial like that.  I mean, she has no feeligns at all.  The guys there just keep changing their partners like they change their clothes. 

Heena, another beautiful serial, lost itself somewhere along the way and then we were faced with the thought of watching heena ping pong between her two husbands at their whims and fancies.  The good guy suddenly became the evil one and the one who had been evil from the very beginning of the serial suddenly developed Angelic qualities.

The list is endless.........

But despite we writing all this, we all go back home and switch on that idiot box and watch the same serials about which we write pages about.  So are we also guilty of the TRP syndrome???

Edited by greatmaratha - 19 May 2005 at 6:04am

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