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<3 Happy Birthday Jot - A Bieber Fever <3 (Page 7)

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MP_Radha

All, Wuz up?
It's that time of the year..
Let us party hard, since a series of birthday celebration will be kicked off soon !
So who is the star of the night?
in 2011, she described herself as
Immature, Lazy and an ABCD!
She gets "freak attacks" upon seeing bees and flies!
Doesn't know the difference between ceiling and roof!
Does that ring a bell?
A Crazy Creative
A Bollycurry Buzzer
A Viewbie
moderating Twillight, Fanfiction, The Vampire Diaries, and the Big Boss!
Please Welcome the Birthday Baby of November 8, 2012
IFians: Haaiii, Jot! Happy Burday Hug! We are so excited to have you here!
IFians: Oh No Shocked, what happened?
Jot: mommyyy !!!!
IFians: Oh baby, why Cry ShockedShocked... we promise we wont hurt you!
Jot: Ok! I won't, but promise you guys will give me cookie !
IFians: Oh don't you worry, we've got much more than that for you Tongue!
Jot: Oh Thank you Kindly! You know, I haven't had anything to eat ! I just have been suffering from a fever !
IFians: What! Our baby is suffering from a Fever ShockedShocked!
Jot: HEY GUYS stop calling me your Baby ! I'm ONLY ONE MAN'S baby and he is the sole reason for my fever... the bieber fever !
Bieber, As long as you love me..
...flashback ends...
IFians: awww, that is so cute! I can't believe you are suffering from loveria! Can you tell us how you fell in love? Embarrassed
Jot: hmmm ...
Well its a very very unique love story you see! During our school days, I used to dance a LOT, i mean LIKE A LOT Stern Smile
So much that I started winning awards for my dancing skills, like
- Spin-O-Rama
- Shake-a-tail-baby
- Shake-to-the-side
I literally became an overnight star at the school! I didn't even have to buy food, as all those around me bought food! Like THE ATTENTION WAS ON ME . Till one day, a guy joined our school and he started entertaining the students with his singing skills! I thought he was a little kid who couldn't beat me! So i went into the talent competition for our school and DAMN.. for the first time someone beat me . I cried .. CRIED... AND CRIED . The others laughed at me . I told myself that I NEED NOT shed crocodile tears and instead confront him! And so I DID !
The moment I saw him...
I fell in LOVE with him! I found he was a foodie, so I tried to make him
Samosas and Bajji every day , but he became WORLD FAMOUS and I couldn't reach to him .
Then ONE DAY I saw him... and SO DID HE! OHHH My...
The best eye lock ever.. !!!!
Yet the next minute, I saw HER WITH HIM !  Selena Gomez Cry!
I couldn't believe he didn't fall for my samosas or bajji's I made for him !  Fire *ruck!
Since then, I've been suffering from Bieber Fever and have become a Lady Devdas ! But OH well.. I will continue my one sided love..
Oh Feber come... no no.. vampy bieber...
You see I never thought fangs can survive fire
I never thought I could take a garlic
I never knew I can shine so bright
Until I reached the point of being a boss
Oh Feber come ... no no.. vampy bieber
And you can always walk in sunshine
knowing you crave blood
I will rip through you
'cause I'm the big boss!
Ifians: Oh Dear Jot CryCry... Kaisa yeh pyar hai Cry!  The best LOVE STORY OF THE CENTURY... but today we will show you HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU Hug!
Friends, please join us in celebrating our Jot's BIRTHDAY with us!

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I died laughing reading my supposed love story..ONE SIDED love story. XD
But the post is beautiful. Especially the monkey emos. *blushes* Thanks Jadha.<3

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MP_Radha

Jot, a few things about her!
Despite being an ardent fan of a few hot guys and some gorgeous couples,
she is an awesome friend,
very innocent (COUGH INNOCENT) ROFL
Caring, loving, punctual
These are few things to describe her! 
So friends, join us in wishing this awesome angel (lady devdas ROFL
H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y!
A wish for lots of birthday fun.
To last until the day is done.
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!
~By Cindy~

Star Special Thanks to Ravz, Goppu, Stutz, and Kushi Star

Lady devdas...*shakes head* Aww, they're beautiful. Thank you Ravz, Gur, Stuti & Khushi. <3

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MP_Radha

If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ?
Get down on my knees while eating chocolate and tell her how much I truly and deeply love her from the bottom of my heart

Jotsy! Many Many Happy Returns of the day! Hope you have a fantastic one and all your wishes come true. Party hard ;)

Love, Khushi

Chocolateee. <3 I'd say yes Embarrassed Awie, thank you Khushi. <3

1. Your nick name for her:
Umm.. Jot? ErmmLOL Lol, haven't known her long enough to have one but finding one has now become a top priority! Geek
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL?
Jot, I have two of the most heart winning qualities - I am more "superior-er" than you and I'm more "boring-er" too.. Blushing I'm sure you're dying to say yes to me.. Toh, marry me na?
Though I've only known you a few weeks, to say that it has been anything less than a privilege would be a lie. Smile You're creative, fun and a very approachable person and I wish you the happiest birthday you can have! Have loads of fun, eat fistful of cake and rip through presents like nobody's business! Just have fun! Hug Happy birthday and have a great year! Smile

Find one then. Big smile HAHA. I love the proposal. ROFL *nods shyly*
rofl, thank youuu... <3 I did in fact, rip through presents and it was great fun.
1. Your nick name for her:
...JotStern SmileROFL I didn't get around ot giving her a nickname. Does dungar count?Big smileROFL're dungar dumbass...
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL?
That would be very awkward considering I adopted her for like a dayStern SmileROFL I'd be like oye! Let's get married yoCool (Gurprit please don't kill meStern Smile) Yo, let's. Cool

Happy happy happy HAPPY Birthday you silly gooseHug Though you're not really a gooseErmm But you are sillyBig smileROFL I dunno what I'm going on aboutLOL Anywho, it's finally your birthday! Isn't that awesome?!Big smile I remember you were super duper excited for the day to come and now it's finally here =) Hope you have an amazing dayHug And boss people around! Especially that guy who made fun of Canada *hmph* And take advantage of the fact that it's your birthday and make people give you lots of presentsROFL Man I sound so evil but I can totally picture you doing that anywayStern SmileROFL Anywho, happy birthday once againHug


I don't even remember who that guy was. *sighs* I DID GET LOTS OF PRESENTS. XD And i did have an awesome birthday. Thank youu dungar. <3

I remember your love for KYPH so up above (in Gift Galore) is little something something from yours truly I lubb AK. <3
1. Your nick name for her:
She is my DevilWitch Embarrassed
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL?
LOLOMG, propose to my Devilsh angel...when it's snowing so Jake is next to us to keep us warm while someone is singing Baby..who is him???LOLLOL HAHAHAHA. AWWW. I'll ignore the part where you wonder who say Baby but.. i love you. <3
Helllooo my DevilWitch aka Jotuuu
I wish you all the happiness in the world. May all your dreams comes true.
Many many happy returns of the day ji.
Love you a lot
Parm Thank youuu Parmmm. <3 I forgot the nickname i gave you. </3
Happy Birthday Ex-Daughterr! :D Ex-daddy! Shocked

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of success and happiness into your life. I'm going to 'try' to be nice to you today (not call you haathi for once) because its like your happy birthday and your born in November so it makes you somewhat cool. It's hard to believe that I've known you for so long :/ It was like I met you yesterday through BC
and then you became my daughter, then we abandoned you and now I have no idea how our relationship stands. Don't mind the DE sig, I made it in a rush - blame the midterms. But once I'm done I shall promise to make you a better one. Anyhoos to keep it short and sweet, have a blast!

Love you loads (you should screen shot this :/). Party hard and save me a piece of that birthday cake.

Your Ex-Daddy ; )

Well. I don't know where our relationship stands either doggy. *shakes head* But i love you anyway. <3 And i shall NOT screen shot that cuz i'm sure you'll say that to me again.. someday. Big smile I LUBB THE DE SIG. <3 thank you.
1. Your nick name for her:
I dint interact with Jot much but from whatever little I hv seen of her .. I think chatterbox fits the best LOLLOL haha, thanks.
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL?:
Mujhse Dosti karoge Confused...cheeky one Confused but pehle fraandship toh ho jaaye ROFL Tujhse dosti karungi. Blushing

Jot Many Many Happy Returns of the day .. May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love , happiness and success in life HugHugHug...Enjoy this day to the fullest Party PartyPartyand may u continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career Star
Here is your Spl Birthday cake ... Tongue Awiee, thank youuu. I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE. <3Except it has oranges on it... *shudders*

1. Your nick name for her: Jotty?!
There is another one, but it is BC secret and I actually wanna be alive soon after this LOL ...Smart. Big smile
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL?
Oh god! I can't even picture this because I am happily married and also, I think she's like my granddaughter or something! LOL *sighs* It's kay though. Incest runs in the family remember?
JOT! It's your birthday! You're another year older... who woulda known! LOL Do you feel older? Or more mature? Shocked Yea... I didn't think so LOL Anyways, hope your day is awesome and you get tons of cake and cookies. *grudgingly pushes a tray of cookies towards jot* And don't eat too many of them because its bad for your health, I would know LOL Anyways, happy birthday bud and party hard! LOL Wink
AWWW YAYYY. Cookies. <3 See? Now i love you. I'm mature. I know i am. Big smile Thank youu..
1. Your nick name for her:
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL? LOL
OOOhk well I don't know her very well so can't say that.. maybe you can ask this to me next year Wink haha, i'll wait till next year then. Big smile I'd say yes anyway. Big smile
 Hey AJ, its been a pleasure to work with you and hopefully I can get to know you better. I wish you a very very happy birthday and may you have all that you wish for.
I've loved working with you too. <3Thank you..

AJ It has been a pleasure to know you... You are a rock-star ..No literallyLOL ...You may be Jot to all..but for me u and Beiber are synonymous ..and I like his pose in ur DP...Never mind he looks diff & all grown up now .. So when ever I chat with U in BB BV section..I feel so cool that i know Justin B personally ..Before u throw ur old shoes at meROFL ROFL.ROFL.Wish you a very very happy birthday ...May all your dreams come trueEmbarrassedI hope u are not in your teens any moreLOL

SL! Shocked Big smile Awww. <3 Dude, my avatar is of Chord Overstreet. LOL Aww, thank you. <3 I'm 19 now. Stern Smile ROFL

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MP_Radha

P A R T   2
1. Your nick name for her:
KHARGOSH ROFLROFLROFLROFL Shes my rabbitEmbarrassed Ugh. Whatever. hmph.
2. If you were in love with Jot, how would you propose to her ROFL?
Give her a packet of choco chips cookies and promise her that u wont deman even one of those! HAWW AWWW. <3 Proposal accepted. Big smile

MomzypieHug nah.. ex-Momzypie Hug
Happy Birthday!!! Have a lovely dayHug I really respect how you have a mind of your own.. which can't be easily deterredHug Those few chats on MSN are really gonna be memorable.. I am gonna try anf surprise you.. if I am successful, bad for you..ROFLROFLROFL If not, man... U are gonna be luckyTongue

Have a niceuu time Hug With *ahem* whosoever you want. I WANT A TREAT!ROFLROFL
ROFL Achchi waaliiiHug

Chal.. zyaada pakati nai hu.. bye! Hug

Kya treat? YOU give ME a treat. Big smile MSN. *sighs* I barely go on that anymore. aha. But thank youuu <3
More to be added soon!

~ C R E D I T S ~
supercool3, Aahaana, -Ravjot-, GK_09, -Stutz-, MP_Radha

Thank you so much guys. Hug
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by luvya4ever

So Jot... it's your birthday! Wow! I don't know what to say... I think I didn't keep my promise... sorry about that Ouch It'll be done soon... I hope... *offers another batch of freshly baked cookies* Please forgive me grandbeti ji Embarrassed

Anyways, I'm not sure why I reserved this post... I don't actually have anything to say to you... I guess I couldn't resist because the post was up there and I saw it and I am a bit tired and I was like why the heck not and cuz I could ROFL 

But I guess since I am here tolerating that *shudder* song, I might as well be productive and appease you and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! PartyPartyParty

Do save me some cake LOL... I figured I'd request it even though I know it's not gonna happen! Tongue

HAHAHA. Yeah, that. Get to it! Stern Smile Haha, you're so weird. XD HEY! DON'T SHUDDER. *frowns* Though, it's not one of my fave songs of his either. ROFL Right now, i guess i'm obsessed with beauty & a beat. XD
...No cake sharing. No way. hmph
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ridzzi-

Jot, Happy Birthday! Hug

Have a great day, filled with loads of surprises and gifts! God Bless u on this wonderful day and may u have many more years to come!

Once more Wishing u a very Happy Birthday Angel Jotty Tongue

-Ridz Embarrassed

Aww, thank youuu. <3
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutiepie Rani

Cookie Monster! LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I hope you have an amazing birthday with lots of smiles, hugs, gifts, presents, best wishes and everything else. Hope all your dreams come true.

Just for you:

I'm actually eating some as I write. LOL And every time I eat them, I think about you instantly. 

And here's your special chocolate chip cookie cake! Wink

One thing you do not have to share with anyone. Big smile

Have a splendid birthday Jot! <3 Love working with you on the CC Team & the BC Team!! Star

OOo. Cookie. =$ HAWW. the cake looks delicious although I'm kind of sick of sweets at the moment. XD Thank you Rani. <3
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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:36pm | IP Logged

Happy birthday dear.

god bless uHug

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