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Arshi SS|Chotti Baatein Part 5 updt pg 5

Chottibaatein Newbie

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Hi guys! I was writing this story on a blog but then I decided to switch over to IF! 
I am just posting a short excerpt! Hope you guys like it! 


"Hey Khushi! I think Arnav was looking for you" Said her sister-in-law Aparna.

"Oh really? Did he say where he was going to be?" " I think upstairs" came a prompt reply.

Khushi thought it was strange that Arnav had called her upstairs to meet with him after all what could be so important that they had to discuss it in the middle of a shaadi reception. As Khushi made her way upstairs she was reminded of her marriage to Arnav only a year ago. It wasn't a love marriage more like arranged. Khushi and Arnavhad been friends since childhood but they were just acquaintances. They were not close friends, just the hello hi's at family parties. In fact Khushi had been harboring a crush on Arnav since she was 16 she was a die hard romantic and she thought that he was the perfect one for her. He was great with kids, loved bollywood movies and was just a nice person. If someone had told 16 year Khushi that she would marry Arnav in future she would jump from joy but not the 24 year Khushi. She had come to realize that Arnav was not as perfect as he seemed. He had changed over the years. Changed in to something that she just couldn't comprehend, she knew what had caused the change. It was his ego and Rahul. Rahul who is Khushi's family friend but someone she couldn't stand. He knew he was great and that was what made Khushi so angry. Rahul was changing Arnav day by day. He was now someone she could hardly recognize. So when it was told to Khushi she would marry Arnavshe was not to keen about it. However if that is what her family thought best for her she would do it. Her and Arnav's marriage was a rocky one. As she thought about her marriage she approached the top of the  stairs and decided to look around. She noticed that one of the rooms door was slightly cracked so she assumed that he was in that one. As she slowly made her way to the room, she heard two voices coming out of the room instead of one. She stopped and peaked through the slightly ajar door. What she saw shocked her. She saw a man and a woman hugging each other in a manner that seemed more than a friendly embrace.

" I love you, I really don't know what I would do without your support" said the female.

The man chuckled and tightened his embrace around her. " I love you too. Don't worry we can work together to deal with this situation"

Khushi was watching this when she finally got a good glimpse of who the couple was. It was her own husband and Rucha. She couldn't believe it. She knew her relationship with her husband was not the strongest but for him to have to resort to Rucha was a low blow. Khushi felt her stomach knotting and tears start to well in her eyes. So this is what Arnav wanted me to see. Her heart started to tense up and she couldn't handle the scene happening in front her. She ran to the nearest bathroom.

And so here she was in the bathroom. She couldn't stay here forever. What would people say? They would start wondering where she went. She would deal with this later. She wiped her face and touched up her makeup. She left the bathroom. She took her time as she descended the great Victorian staircase. Right when her foot touched the ground, shikha came up to her and asked her where she had been? Khushi replied with a curt in the bathroom. Shikha knew something was wrong with Khushi but she decided not to press it because in all the year she had been friends with Khushi she knew that Khushi didn't like to be forced to talk about her feelings. Khushi excused herself and went to look for Arnav. She spotted him in the corner talking with Rahul. As usual she thought. Khushi hated Rahul and his ever-present influence on Arnav. She never understood how aziana could stand living with a man like him.  She tapped Arnav lightly on the shoulder. "Yeah?" came a reply. "I am not feeling to well so could we go home?"  Arnav took one look at his wife's face and knew that she wasn't faking it. Her face was lacking that glow she had, the happiness that always surrounded her had vanished and was replaced with an emotion he could not quite detect. His wife was not an open book and she was amazing at hiding her feelings. "of course, let's just say bye to everyone and then we can leave" he said kindly and shot a caring smile at her, which was not returned by her. She nodded and followed. They had said their goodbyes and a couple of people tried to persuade them to stay longer but Arnavstated that his wife was not feeling well so they should probably leave. She watched carefully as she saw Arnav say bye Rucha. He gave her a side hug which was soon turned in to a friendly hug by rucha. A hug different then what Khushi had seen in the room. She started to feel that horrible feeling again, but she had to control it. She couldn't just break down in the middle of a reception. She turned her back towards the goodbye scene happening behind her and took a deep breath.

Arnav opened the door for his wife to sit and then went around and sat in the drivers seat. He watched as his wife put on her seatbelt and just stared out the window. It was like she was avoiding his gaze but he didn't understand what he had done. He had said nothing that could possible concur such a consequence. He decided it was better to leave because if there was one thing he knew about his wife for sure she was a tightly closed safe and to pry her open was the hardest thing ever. He started driving off towards home.

Khushi stared out the window. She couldn't help but to replay the events that had occurred that night and wonder what they were talking about. What she the "situation" rucha and him had to deal with? Why had he called her up there? All these question were buzzing around her head but she just couldn't ask him yet. She would wait. Maybe he would tell her   himself. The rest of the drive was spent in a quiet reverie as both were wondering what to say to the other.

When they reached home, Khushi changed out of her pink chiffon sari and took off all her make up. As she was taking off her makeup she started to wonder what attracted Arnav to Rucha. Was it her attitude? The way she was always flirting with people? She knew she was pretty and she wasn't afraid to flaunt it in front of others. Khushi had been a witness to Arnav and Rucha's playful banter growing up. After all they were all childhood friends. However since Rucha was aparna's best friend she had been more involved in Arnav's life than Khushi had. Everyone had thought that rucha would get married to Arnav however when time came to it she didn't and instead Khushi was. What had sparked Rucha's sudden interest in Arnav? Khushi's head started to throb now she was definitely getting a headache. She head to bed where she saw that Arnav was sitting on the bed reading a book. She observed his features and started to reason why rucha would be attracted to him after so long. He was fair and handsome no doubt about that, but the long nights of business meeting and projects were wearing him down. You could tell from his face that he was tired. His hazel eyes were like a never ending pool. She could stare in them and forget everything else.

Arnav felt odd. He looked up and noticed his wife was staring at him. He raised his eyebrows at her and all he got was a shrug and a nod and she took her place beside him in the bed. Arnav knew it wasn't her health that was keeping her preoccupied but something else. Something happened at that party that set Khushi off but he just didn't know what it was

Chapter one: Above
Chapter two: below
Chapter three: Page 2
Chapter four: page 3
Chapter five: page 5

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sweetie_angel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Nice one

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Khushixoxo Groupbie

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Oh! This was a really cute one! Can't wait to see what happens next!

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sivatharshini Goldie

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
continue soon !! it's sound interesting 

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Chottibaatein Newbie

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Part 2: 

Khushi twisted and turned and realized she couldn't sleep.  She just could not help but to remember how Arnav was hugging rucha like his life depended on it. He said those three words he had never said to her in their one year of marriage. She never really expected him to say it to him but she did not think he would go around saying it to other people. Was Arnav going to leave her? How long had this affair been going on? Was it before they got married? Once again these questions were making her head throb but she couldn't help but to think about it.  She couldn't remember when she went to sleep but when she woke up she realized that the Arnav's side was empty. She washed up and changed and went to the kitchen she saw that Arnav was sitting in the living room on his laptop. He saw her come in and smiled and asked If she was feeling better? She told him sniped tone, no. He told her to take medicine and get some more rest. She felt like she was just going to start crying now she could feel the tears well up in eyes. She couldn't understand how someone could be so nice but then at the same time so deceiving. People were right looks can be deceiving.Arnav looked at his wife and realized that she was crying. He put his laptop down. Urgency and nervousness shown in his eyes.  
"Is everything okay?"
"Does your head hurt a lot?" 
To which he received a sniffled I'm fine. Arnav just didn't understand. She wasn't fine. She was sitting in the kitchen crying. Women. They were so hard to understand especially his wife.
Khushi didn't know what to do. How should she confront him about him and rucha. She couldn't just casually bring it up. Instead she wiped her tears and told him it was just a headache and took medicines. Maybe when she was a little more stable she would bring it up. She watched him give her a weary look and then sit back down to work on his laptop, not before asking once again if she was alright. She started to head back upstairs to start doing some of her own work when the phone rang. She picked it up and to her surprise it was the person she wanted to see the least off. 
"Hey Khushi! This is rucha, How are you feeling now? Is your headache better?" 
The nerve of this girl Khushi thought. She was asking her if she was alright. How do you think someone would feel if they found out that their husband was seen hugging another woman? 
"I am doing better, thanks for asking." 
Although she despised rucha. She had to be civil to her because she wasn't exactly the one to bring up a fight or attitude. 
"Oh that's great! Is Arnav there?"
Wow. Seriously, she had some nerves to call her and ask her if her husband who she is/isnt having an affair with was at home. She glanced at Arnav and saw that he was staring at her and making hand motions which were hard to decipher. 
"yes he is here. I'll just give it to him"
 "Okay Thanks!"
She handed the phone to Arnav and said it was rucha. Arnav took the phone and went to the balcony and closed the door. Khushi couldn't believe it they were trying to plot how to continue having their affair right in front of her eyes. Khushi although she wanted to listen to their conversation decided against it. She had come to conclusion that when he was done with his ever so important phone call she would tell him what she saw and make him confess. Khushi silently prayed to god that what she saw wasn't what she was making it to be. She couldn't bare to see her marriage crumble and that to infront of her eyes. Arnav got off the phone and walked back inside to see his wife sitting on the sofa. Wonderful, Just the person I needed to talk too.

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Will you be updating this soon?

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casker IF-Rockerz

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Nice SS

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Hey, amazing story please update soon!

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