Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

Samir Soni/Kunal Chopra AT#5 Ishq (Kunal)wala love

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He is lost
He is lonely
He is fallen
He is depressed
He is conspired against 
He is censored
He is blamed
He is side-lined
He is strained
But still 
He has got that attitude
Which makes girls swoon
Which most guys only dream of possessing
Which would give you a run for your money
Which you would be willing to trade for anything
Which takes your heart out to him
Which proudly declares that all is not lost
Which gives the hope that the star would shine again
After all, Sarcasm Speaks...for itself

-Credit- Vidushi-

Kunal, a gold medalist lawyer, the best brains in the business, incredibly passionate lover, exceptionally obedient son and particularly loving brother, a man every parent dream to have as their son, every girl only wishes to have as a lover, and delight for any sibling.  Kunal once was the most successful and famous lawyer in the country. He had it all, the biggest clients, enormous respect, a beautiful fiance, and what not. Until one day he questioned the morality of a case he was forced to fight for his law firm.

 Unfortunately his opinions weren't met with enthusiasm from his superiors and he was dismissed from the law firm which he had been serving with most honesty, dignity and loyalty. To make things even worst, his superior took vintage revenge on him and made his life a living hell. That's true hell it was for Kunal as once the most competent lawyer sitting and watching his own life just pass him by. Due to this revenge saga, Kunal ended up losing everything in life that mattered the most to him. He not only lost his job, home, business, love, but also the zest of his life. He has lost the respect of his younger brother, and became the prime reason for his father's agony. At a tying time like this he was also abandoned by his fiancs who he loved more than his life at that point of his life. Kunal was shattered, broken, lost, discouraged and most importantly left with no desire to live his lif. He started living his life aimlessly and without any purpose.

Five long years had passed just like that with no significant change in Kunal's life. He had been just passing his life not living it. You know what they always say "you never know what life has planned for you". Little did Kunal know, the person he loved and adored the most in his life, his younger brother Anand died in a tragic accident.  Anand's death pushed Kunal to take control of the situation and become the man he once was. Anand was the only bread earner of the family and they had lots of hopes from him. However, Kunal who up till now was lost in his own sorrows had to rise up to the occasion and fulfill his family's needs. His brother's death was not the only thing that pushed him to take charge once again, it was his brother's fiance, now his wife, who he was forced to marry as per his brother's wishes and to cure his mother, also helped him finding his aspirations in life.

Once a career oriented and successful lawyer Kunal comes to a crossroad where he finds himself questing his life once again, his place in the world. He finally comes to terms with what's wrong with his career and life. Recording all his thoughts and emotions in a diary, Kunal feels he once again has a new lease on life. Kunal steps out into the law business once again after 5 years armed with only one volatile client (Nisha) and all the people who have belief in his abilities (his family and his new bride) with the impossible task of rebuilding what he once had and achieving much more. Along the way he faces the harsh realities which he'd ignored in the past and a host of hardships that he'd never faced before.

Kunal, however; is strong and resilient who surpasses all the hardships and obstacles that come his way to ultimately emerge victorious.  He is better man now than he was five years ago. He is now older but more desirable; poorer, but more respected; a beginner, but a force to reckon with, lonelier, but with more beautiful and sincere life partner.  

Date of Birth: September 29, 1968

Place of Birth:London, UK

Education: St. Xavier's School, University of California, Los Angeles

Residence:Mumbai, India

Spouse: Neelam Kothari

China Gate


Kabhi Tum Kabhi Hum

Kahan ho Tum


Dance Like a man




I hate Luv Stories


Me, Myself, and I (Upcoming)

TV Shows:


A Mouthful of Sky


Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi

Dil Kya Chahata Hai


Special Squad


Parichay (Currently Airing)

Reality Shows:

Big Boss Season 4

Awards and Achievements:

Best Actor Male: Indian Television Awards (ITA) June 2012

Most Lokpriya Male: Golden Petal Award October 2011

Most Lokpriya Jodi:  Golden Petal Award October 2011

Most Bold & Stylish Housemate: Big Boss4 January 2011

Best Actor Male (Critic):  Gold Awards August 2012

Detailed Biography:

Sameer Soni - Professional Life

An amazingly handsome actor gifted with beautiful expressive eyes Sameer Soni, made his acting debut with the Hindi serial Samandar which was based on Navy officers. However, he shot fame with his portrayal of cunning but slick Ashok Gupta in Mahesh Bhatt's directed Doordarshan's A Mouthful of Sky In 1996. After that he made his film debut with hugely accomplished film director Rajkumar Santoshi's not too successful endeavor China Gate In 1998 followed by Lajja in 2001. Finally, our loveable Sameer or as we lovingly call him Sammy shot to fame by appearing in a negative role in a super hit film Bagbaan sharing screen space with the legend Amithabh Bachchan. He also played lead roles in few not so successful movies basti and kahan ho Tum. 

In that same year, 2004 Sammy also appeared in Sony TV immensely popular television series Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. After that he also did an extended cameo in another popular show on Sony channel called Saaksshi. In year 2006, we saw Sammy as a shy older brother of Shahid Kapoor in an acclaimed film director Soooraj Barjatya's immensely successful movie Vivah. Sammy did full justice to the character and was loved by many and all for the portrayal of a shy older brother. Then Sammy did a film that changed the lives of many actors as it was not only commercially successful, but also critically acclaimed and bagged many awards including the national, Fashion. Although, Sammy played the character of a gay fashion designer, he played it with such command and conviction that won him many accolades and acclaims. Finally, we saw him in a proper love story film, but not playing the lover boy himself. He played a sarcastic film director, who initially troubles the lover boy, but helps him at the end to find his true love.

Lastly, Sameer featured as one of the contestants in the reality television show Bigg Boss4 in 2010. He gained immense popularity from this show. He was evicted from the house mere a week prior to the grand finale. It was so sad. I was personally heart broken by this as I wanted him to be the winner in finale.

Currently, Sameer is seen as main lead in Balaji telefilms new show Parichay on Colors. He is doing superb job in the serial and has helped this serial to be included in top 10 most popular shows.

Sameer Soni -  Personal Life

Sameer was born on September 29, 1968 in London in a Punjabi Hindu family. He attended school at St. Xavier's School, Delhi and graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in Economics. Prior to his Bollywood career, Sameer was an investment banker with one of the bulge bracket firms on Wall Street in New York, before coming back to India to start modeling. He has attended acting courses in New York and Los Angeles.

During his modeling days, he met his ex-spouse, Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar. The two were married for six months before they split up.

Sameer found love again in former Bollywood actress Neelam and tied the with her on 24 January 2011.

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"Thakral saab agar aapne apne bete ko paida karke chod diya nahi hotha toh shayad mein bhi yeh case chod diya hotha"

"Shayad tumne gale par patta bandh rakha hai,isiliye dekh nahi parahe ho ki kiske tang zameen par hai aur kiske zameen se upar "

"Aapko insaan ko ek mohre ki tarah  isthemal karna achhi tarah se aatha hai magar ek baath achhi tarah se yaad rakhna ki iss chaal mein raja ek hi kadam chaltha hai woh kadam kya hoga,woh toh raja hi jaantha hai."

"Ab toh aapke pairon ke nishanon ke naamonishaan tak  mith chuke hai"

"Jis tarah gali ka kutta iss galathfemi mein rehta hai ki jis gaadi ke peeche woh bhounktha hua bhaag raha hai,woh gaadi uss se darr ke bhaag rahi hai;jabki woh gaadi sirf apne raastha se chal rahi hogi,teek usi tarah thakral saab mein bhi apne raasthe jaa raha hu kyun bhounkthe ho aap"

"Pehle yeh batha tu iss duniya mein kya kar rahe ho,sirf logonko sathane keliye aaya tha,waise uskeliye tere surat kaafi hai."ROFL

"Tere rag rag se waqif hum mein,tujh mein na khairat naam ki koi cheez nahi,tu toh aisa hai ki agar gali ka kutta tujhpe bhauke toh palat kar usi ko kaate"LOLLOL

"Jaa phirse school jaa aur kitabein padh.aur mere wife ko satane ke koshish ki na toh jis kursi par tu baitha hai na usko bhi gayab kardoonga,seedha palang pe aajayega,phir palang pe lete hue araamse video games kheliyo yaa kuch aur karliyo agar karsakta hai toh"


"Naa aage ka socho,Naa peeche ka,Naa kisike parwa karein,Naa khud ki chinta,Jo karenge khud karenge,kisiki madat ki aapko toh zaroorat nahi,nikal padi Jhansi ki Rani,gussa nahi karoo toh kya,tumhe kisiki parwa toh hai hi nahi,naa mere naa apni naa honewale bacche ki,tum zindagi aise jeena chahti ho toh aise jeeyo,kisiko kuch mat baao,mann marzi karo apni,mein bhi kuch bataoonga nahi,tum apni life jeeyo aur mein apne life jeeyunga."

Kunal to Richa-"Don't you ever speak to my Wife like that"

"Kaun rokega mujhe,mein ek lawyer hu aur tumhara pati,aur tumhare honewala bacche ka baap,aur ek pati dharam ke anusar apne bachhe,apne patni ko protect karna mera dharam hai aur iss dharamse koi mujhe rok nahi sakta,na tum na kanoon,jitni zidd karni ho karlo"

"Yaa toh uss raat ke baare mein sochlo,yaa yeh sochlo ki Thakral apne dhamki poori nahi karega aur shayad case bhi na kare,shayad kuch aisa kare jiska andaaza hum donon laga bhi nahi sakte"

-"Thakral saab Shatranz ki khel mein aur zindagi ke khel mein bohut farak hotha hai,Aap jaise log na shatranz ka khel apne ishaaronpe jeet sakte hai magar zindagi ka khel hai na,(points up) uske ishaaron pe chalta hai,upar mat dekhiye Thakral saab bohut oonchi awaz hai,honi ko koi  tal nahi sakta hai Thakral saab,naa aap apne bete ke maut ko rok sake aur naa hi aap Siddhiko ghar jaanese rok sakenge,aur haa Rani giri toh hai magar itni door bhi nahi Thakral saab aur mein usey door jaane bhi nahi doonga,pichli baar Siddhine mujhe case jitwaaya tha iss baar mein usey iss case jitwaunga"

"Girte hai Sher sawaar hi maidan-e-jung mein Thakral saab woh tilf kya gire jo ghutno ke bal chale...naa hi mujhe girne ka darr hai..naa hi mujhe marne ka darr,apni Rani toh mein bacha chuka hoon,raha sawaal mera..dekhlenge"

-"Kamaal hai tum logon ka,haa...Baap kanoon ke sahaara leke badla letha hai,beti kanoon apni haath mein leke badla lethi hai.Jis din mein badle pe aagaye na koi nahi bachega,na tu naa hi yeh,aur haa...naa mujhe kisiki sahaare ki zaroorat kanoon ki...yaad rakhna"

-"Uss hisaabse Thakral saab..Marta wahi hai jo marna chahta hai???"

"Kehte hai Thakral saab jab dushman tareef pe utar aaye toh insaanko sambhal lena chahiye"

"Aap apni dushmani mein kayam hai aur mein apne pyaar mein kayam hu,aur yeh donon nibhane keliye ek zindagi bhi kam padsakti hai aur haa Siddhi aur mujhe koi alag nahi karsakta"

-"Meri chinta karna chod Thakral,apne beti ki chinta kar"

-"Agar tu ne timepe iska haath pakda hotha na toh aaj mujhe iske haath pakadkar ise ghaseet the hue yahan laana nahi padtha,Abhi bhi time hai,sambhal le isko warna Rohit ki tarah isko bhi bohut door jaana padega"

-"Bas Thakral,bachhon se oonchi aawaz mein ek aur sawaal poocha na,toh agla sawaal poochne keliye zinda nahi rahega tu"

-"Aee...Aaj kehdiya yeh baat,phir kabhi mat kehna.samjhi tum.Mein kabhi bhi apne biwi aur honewale bacche ko apnese door nahi hone doonga,maana hamare paas saboot nahi hai,gawaa nahi hai lekin mein hoon,aur apne hothe huye mein kabhi bhi hume aag nahi hone doonga,samjhi."

-"Siddhi,jaanti ho,mujhe kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki mein zindagi mein kisike kaam nahi aaya,lekin aaj mein apni zindagi ke kaam aana chahta hu,aur mere zindagi tum ho.Hume koi alag nahi karsakta,bade mushkil ke baad hum ek huye hai,itni aasanise door nahi jaanedoonga."

-"Agar sirf mein nazar aaraha hu toh mujhpar yakeen rakho na,aur raha sawaal hamare saath ka toh hamara saath toh abhi shuroo hua hai,iske baad hamara saath aur bhi mazboot hojayega,koi tod nahi sakega,apne jeeteji mein kisiko bhi hamara saath todne nahi doonga."


"Thakral saab aapke bete ko shaanti mile ya naa mile..lekin aapne khushiyaan manana shuru kardiya.magar aap jeete nahi Thakral saab kyunki hua wahi jo mein chahta tha.haaa case aap jeet gaye lekin mein haara nahi hu kyunki jise mujhe bachana tha na usko meine bachaliya."

"unhe kya milega ya mujhe kya mila hai yeh tum nahi samajh paoge Thakral.Tum sirf yeh socho ki yeh case jeet kar bhi tum paaya hi kya?Jisko tum apne bete ke muzrim samjha tha usko toh meine bachaliya.haa tujhe shabashi milegi,wah wah bhi milegi lekin mujhe iss baat ki tasalli milegi ki mere patni mere ghar mein hai,mere parivaar ki saath.haa tumhe professional jeet milegi, mujhe personal jeet milegi aur haan kaunsi jeet badi hai yeh toh nazariyonpe depend karta hai.Jab tum jeet ka jashn manarahe hogi na ek baar sochna ki tumhare bete ki aatma ko shaanti milegi ya nahi."ClapThumbs Up


"Important nahi khatarnak.dekh Vikram Rohit-Thakral..yeh kuch bhi karsakte hai,samjha.Tujhe hamesha Siddhi ki hifaasat karni hogi,hamesha uski saat rehna hai,kyunki yeh JKR ban ne ke chakkar mein kayi baar bhool jaati hai ki woh maa bannewali hai.Agar Siddhiko kuch hogaya na toh mera yahan aana aur zinda rehna...dono bekaar hojaayega.kaash mein bahar hota ,ab jobhi karna hai tujhe karna hai."

Kunal:Tumhare liye tumse door toh chala gaya par tumhare bina ab reh nahi jaata,kaash yeh dooriyan khatam hojaye aur mein tumhare paas chala aau.

Kunal to Richa:

"Bas karo yeh naatak,Mujhe tumhari hamdardi,tumhari madad,ya tumhari ehsaan ki bilkul bhi zaroorat nahi hai.Iss se achha toh yeh hoga ki mein zindagi bhar yahi rahu,iss jail mein.."

"Jaanta hu..lekin Siddhi ke wajahse nahi Siddhi keliye...bohut farak hai iss mein.Tum nahi samjhogi aur samajhne ki koshish bhi mat karna,Mein toh Siddhi keliye yeh duniya bhi chod du"

"Band karo yeh bakwas,Mein Siddhi ke khilaaf ek shabd bhi nahi sun na chahta hu,samjhi tum.Siddhi mere baare mein kya sochti hai,kya mehsoos karti hai mujhe tumse jaanne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.Mein achhi tarah jaanta hu "

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Pics/Interview /Etc

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Shayari No1:

Jahan se chala phir wahi pahuncha
 ki dil mein chot phir hath khali
 Phir galti apni chakravyu mein
 phasi phir zindagi saali

Shayari No2:

Aadhe glass se bhara mera parichay
Kabhi ladaktha kabhi jalanktha mera parichay
 Kisiki umeed toh kisika jeene ka sahara  
 Nakamiyab har dagar par chalakta mera parichay
 Kabhi kisika sath khokar
 Kabhi kisika sath hokar
Aaj akela hai khadaa phir badalta mera parichay
Jahe kaha bol zindagi tere gul safar mein
 Sooke patesa sa booj raha dagmagatha mera parichay
Khudko dhoondte kabhi khud mein na khoojaye
 Aaj joh na mila mujhse mera parichay
 Aadhe glass se bhaara jhalaktha mera parichay

 Sahayari No3:

 Samay samay balwan nahi purush balwan
Kobe arjun ko luteyo vahi dhanush wahi ban

Shayari No4:

 Tu Pass hai mere, phir bhi saath nahi mere
Mai saath hoon tere, phir bhi paas nahi hoon tere
Mazboor Tamanna, bebas aankhein, ajeeb kashmakash hai
Sard ehsaason mein theethurati tanhayee
Chhoo le mujhako aye meri parchhayee
Sun Sako toh sun lo ki mai bolata nahi
Ki khamosh lafz mere aankhon mein ghoomate nahi

Shayari No 5:

Mere apne mera hone ki nishani mange
Mere aina mujhse mera Parichay mange

Shayari No 6:

Mere Dil se na Poocho Humdum Mere Dil Ka Haal
Isame Kuch Parda Nashin Ke Bhi Naam Aatey Hai 

Shayari No 7:

Mujame Kuch Kahin, Mera Sa Kho Gaya Hai 
Poora Hoon Par Janne kya Adhoora sa Ho Gaya Hai 
I feel like I have lost part of me somewhere 
Physically I am complete, but emotionally I still feel incomplete

Shayad Palako Ke Neeche, Aankho mein Bas kar 
Jo Thahara sa Sapana, Begana Sa Ho Gaya hai
Perhaps the dreams I have been harboring for so long
Has been snatched from me now
Jaise Khoye Khayalon Ke Bhawar Mein Uljha
Koi Sahil par Pahuncha, Fanna sa Ho Gaya Hai
As If someone lost in their thoughts somehow got to the destination, only to realize he has lost everything 
Doobate Ahsaaso Ke Ubharate Bulbule mein
Sulgati Yaadon ka Chehara, Dhundhala Sa ho Gaya Hai
As If Within The volcano of my suppressed feeling, someone's face from my long lost memories is fading even further  
Yakeenan Phir Kisi Khwab Ki Numaish Hai
Varna Kyun Ujalon mein kuch Numaya sa Ho Gaya Hai
Seems like someone's dreams are being exhibited
Oh else why it would be so much silence in the broad daylight 
Thake Haare Shabdo ki Siskiyan Kahati Hai
Mera Ab Kuch Tera Sa Ho Gaya Hai

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Tu Paas hai mere
Phir bhi saath nahi mere
Mein saath hu tere
Phir bhi paas nahi hu tere
Mazboor tamanna
Bebas aankhein
Ajeeb kashmakash hai
Sard ehsaason mein
theethurati tanhayee
Choole mujhko
Aee meri parchayi
Sunsake toh sunlo ki mein boltha nahi hu
ki khamosh lavz mere aankhon mein ghoomthe nahi

                                                                                     -Kunal Chopra

                                                                          12th March 2012

Kunal's Shayari for Akdoo Jr

"Nanhe komal sparsh sa

 Intezar ke meethe dard sa
Choota hai mujhe baar baar
 Tum mere apne ansh sa
 Bas in kagazo mein mere aa ja
 Ki tujh bin duniya adhoori hai meri"


                                                                27th July 2012

                                      -25th October 2012

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