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Update For 15th February, 2005


Vikram finds Rudra's birth certificate, along with Mannu and Pam's wedding certificate. He  wonders as to how is it possible for Rudra to born just seven months after Pam and Mannu's marriage. He gets suspicious and decides to confront Pam. Rudra calls up Pam and tells her that in this situation, he should be with her but he is not. Pam tells him not to worry about her, as she is fine. Rudra asks her as to how did everything happen all of a sudden. Pam has tears in her eyes and tells him that she would tell him everything when he comes back. Rudra tells her that he would be getting discharged in two days but would try to come earlier. Kesar comes to meet Dadaji, Dadi, Soumya and Pam at the Mallya house. They are all surprised to see her in her new look. She tells them about her ad campaign. Pam tells her that despite Rudra telling her not to, she chose modeling as her profession. She tells her that she is sure that he would file for a divorce as soon as he comes back. She also tells Kesar not to use their surname anymore. Kesar feels bad about this but Dadaji and Dadi make her feel better. Shalini is about to commit suicide by taking in sleeping pills but Dr. Walia stops her. She tells him that she is sick and tired of her life already. Dr. Walia tells her that she can't do anything without his approval—and she can't even die without his consent. He tells her that if she commits suicide, then she would be spoiling his reputation. Shalini tells him that he is too self-centered. She tells him that he is not a human but an animal. He beats her up. Kesar comes to meet Abhi's mom and tells him about her new ad campaign for a detergent soap, manufactured by a company called Janki Soaps and Industries. Abhi's mom is stunned and tells herself that Abhi must have done this. Kesar also tells her that Rudra is fine now and would return to India soon. Abhi's mom tells her that she hopes the misunderstanding between them gets cleared. Kesar tells her that Rudra called her up first but she isn't sure if he did this because he gives her more importance or just did this to remind her of his challenge. Rudra goes to a church and cries in front of God. A priest approaches him and tells him to confess his mistakes with all his heart, as God will forgive him. Rudra goes to the confession room and says that he has done a lot of mistakes in life. He played with the emotions of a lot of women and got married because of his selfishness but as time passed by, Kesar taught him what true love is. But instead of valuing her love, he gave in to his doubt. He says that when he got paralyzed, Kesar was his biggest strength but he neglected her instead. He says that he could be wrong by thinking that the child in Kesar's womb is not his. He says that he was wrong with the way he treated Kesar. He says that love doesn't take tests; love is setting someone free. He says that he has already been punished for his mistakes by not being able to be with his dad during his burial/mourning rites. He starts crying and asks God to forgive him. A priest comes to him and says that God listens to everyone and he forgives people's mistakes. The priest tells him that if he helps others, God will help him. Anand tells Abhi's mom to talk to Mr. Jafar and ask him to take him as the lead male model in the detergent soap ad campaign. Abhi's mom tells this to Mr. Jafar and he agrees. Anand is happy. Vikram asks Pam as to how is it possible for Rudra to born just seven months after her marriage. Pam is stunned.


Update For 16th February, 2005


Vikram asks Pam as to how is it possible for Rudra to born just seven months after her marriage. Pam tells him that Rudra was a premature baby. Vikram, however, isn't convinced. Kesar is rehearsing for her ad shoot with the ad director when Anand comes there and tells them that he is the male model for the ad. Kesar and Mrs. Bijlani tell him that they already have a male model ready. Anand tells them that Mr. Jafar has chosen him as the new model. He also tells them that he (Anand) is the owner of Janki soap and detergents. Mrs. Bijlani confirms this from Mr. Jafar. Mrs. Bijlani takes him to the make-up room, where he fusses over the costumes given to him. After selecting his outfit, he starts shooting the ad campaign with Kesar. The director tells Anand to re-do his scenes twice, as he is not getting it right. He does ok in the third shot.
Natasha buys newspaper from a man on the street. She gives him Rs. 100 and the man counts the change he is to give her. Natasha sees a Rs. 50 bill in his hand and remembers the time she wrote hers and Abhi's name on a Rs. 50 bill. She tells the man to give her the Rs. 50 bill and keep the rest of the change. However, she is disappointed when she discovers that it isn't the same bill where she wrote hers and Abhi's name. Vikram goes to the hospital where Pam gave birth to Rudra. He asks a doctor about the details of Rudra's birth. The doctor tells him that they do have the details of Rudra's birth in their database but he can't give it to him. Vikram, however, convinces the doctor when he tells him that he needs it for Rudra's treatment in the U.S. The doctor checks the records and tells him that Rudra wasn't a premature baby but a very healthy baby. Vikram tells himself that Pam was pregnant even before she married Mannu. He wonders whetherRudraishisson. Abhi shouts at Anand for shooting the ad campaign. He tells him that the ad didn't meet their expectations so they have to re-shoot it. Abhi asks him as to who gave him the permission to shoot the campaign. Abhi's mom shouts at him. Abhi tells her that he knows that she must have told Mr. Jafar to take Anand in the ad. Abhi's mom tells him that he, too, did the same thing by giving Dj vu Advertising the ad campaign. Natasha receives a court notice from Vikram's lawyer. She tells Dadaji that they have to vacate the house as soon as possible. Pam asks Natasha whether they have another option. Natasha tells them that they need not worry, as their family is much bigger than Vikram's and that she knows that Kesar would be in their side. She also tells them that it' a good thing that Nitika isn't married yet. Nitika gets worried. Dadaji asks Natasha as to who Vikram's lawyer is. Natasha tells them that it's Ryan. Nitika is stunned. Kesar is having a photo session when her cellphone starts ringing. Mrs. Bijlani asks Kesar if she could answer it and she says yes. Mrs. Bijlani answers the phone and it's Rudra. Rudra says Kesar but Mrs. Bijlani asks him as to who he is. Rudra tells her that he wants to speak with Kesar Mallya. Mrs. Bijlani tells him not to call her Kesar Mallya but Kesar Singh. She asks him for his name and he tells her that he is Rudra Mallya. She tells him that Kesar can't speak to him, as she is very busy. Rudra is surprised and asks her as to who she is. She tells him that she is colleague of Kesar. She also tells him not to call Kesar anymore, as she has learned to be independent. She tells him to leave her alone and disconnects the line. Rudra is stunned.


Update For 17th February, 2005


Nitika asks Ryan as to why is he fighting Vikram's case. He tells her that this is just part of his work. She tells him to leave the case but he tells her that this case is important for his career. He asks her whether she wants to see him unsuccessful and she says no but tells him that she will not help him in this case. He tells her that he would definitely win the case, as his side is very strong. Nitika asks him whether he doesn't want to see her family happy. He tells her that her family is also his family. He tells her that if they had asked him to fight their case first, then he wouldn't have refused. Nitika tells him that he could do what he wants but he should promise her that he wouldn't publicly announce their marriage at the court to make his case stronger. Ryan promises not to do this. He also tells her to promise that they wouldn't argue over this case anymore. Nitika agrees.
Natasha is busy preparing for the case. Dadaji and Dadi tell her to look after herself, too. Pam tells Natasha that if she thinks that she can't win the case, then she would hire an experienced lawyer. Dadaji and Dadi tell Pam not to discourage Natasha. Natasha tells them that she wants to finish the case in just one hearing and has found a solution to this. She tells Dadaji that since Vikram is the son of his brother, he also has a right over his property; so, it would be better for him to transfer his property to Pam so that only Mannu's family would have the right over the property. Pam tells her that Ryan had already sent them a legal notice. Natasha tells her that she got a back-dated (before the notice was sent) stamp paper from their legal adviser. She tells Dadaji to sign it, which states that he is transferring his property to Pam. Dadaji signs the papers. Pam lookson.  Abhi's mom says sorry to Abhi for the way she's been treating him after Anand came. She tells him that she had said a lot in the morning and he must have felt bad about it. Abhi tells her that it is her right as a mother to scold him. He tells her that she is spoiling Anand by giving him too much freedom. She is about to stand up to give Abhi his dinner but is to weak to stand so Abhi tells her that he would bring her her food. When he returns, he finds his mom unconscious and calls the doctor. After checking on her, the doctor informs him that his mom is too weak. He tells her to come to the hospital the next day to conduct some tests. Vikram tells Pam that he found out that Rudra was not a premature baby. He tells her that she was pregnant before she married Mannu. Pam is stunned and tells him that it's not true. Vikram asks her whether she remembers the time they spent together in Kashmir when they went there for their college activity. He tells her that he knows that Rudra is his son. Pam tells him to shut up. He tells her that Mannu's blood group doesn't match Rudra's, but his blood group matches Rudra's. Pam tells him that there are a lot of people in the world with the same blood group. Vikram tells her that Rudra can't be Mannu's son. After he leaves, Pam tells herself that Rudra is indeed Vikram's son but no one except her knew about this. She says that she wouldn't let this truth come in front of everyone. She starts crying and asks as to why did Mannu leave her alone. Rudra tells the receptionist that he wants to go back home but she tells him that only Dr. Walia can give them the permission to discharge him. He decides to talk to Dr. Walia. Vikram comes to meet Kesar and tells her to fight for her rights, too. He tells her that she did a lot for the Mallyas but they just threw her out of the house. She asks him as to what does he want from her. He tells her to speak in favor of him at the court. Kesar asks him as to what would he do if she says that she wants him out of the Mallya house. Vikram gives her a blank check and asks her to write whatever amount she wants to receive. Kesar returns the check to him and tells him to leave the Mallya house. Vikram is furious at her.








Update For 21st February, 2005


Rudra calls up Shalini and tells her that he wants to go back to India, as he is perfectly fine but only Dr. Walia could discharge him. Shalini tells him that Dr. Walia is out of town and has locked her at home. Rudra tells her that Dr. Walia must be up to something. Shalini tells him that she would talk to Dr. Frederick, the one who did his operation, and ask him if he could discharge Rudra. Shalini calls up Dr. Frederick and tells him that Dr. Walia told her to tell him to discharge Rudra. The doctor tells her that he can't discharge Rudra until Dr. Walia presents him a letter signed with his name. Shalini tells him that she would fax him the letter. She types a letter and forges Dr. Walia's signature.
Kesar is shooting for another ad campaign for Anand and Abhi's company. Anand interferes with the shoot. Mrs. Bijlani is pissed off with him. Kesar tells him that they are shooting an ad for his company and if he keeps on disturbing them, in the end he would be the one to suffer the losses. She tells him that if he thinks that she doesn't know how to do her work, then he could have her replaced but then he would have to answer to Mr. Jafar. Anand realizes his mistake and says sorry. He gets a call from someone and steps out, where he bumps into Natasha. Natasha falls down and thinks that Anand did this on purpose and is about to slap him when Anand stops her. Both of them end up arguing. Kesar comes there and stops them. She tells Natasha that he is the owner of the company she is shooting the ad for. Natasha tells her that he told her that he was an actor. Kesar tells him that he is also an actor. Kesar tells Anand to say sorry to Natasha. He doesn't, at first, but Kesar convinces him, so he does. After he leaves, Natasha tells Kesar about the case Vikram filed against them. Kesar tells her that Vikram came to her house and gave her a blank check. Natasha asks Kesar whether she would speak in their favor at the court. Kesar agrees.
Soumya tells Vikram not to fight the case, as she doesn't think that he would win. Vikram tells her that he doesn't care about what she thinks. Soumya tells him that she is just worried that they would be thrown out of the house if they lose the case. Vikram tells her that if she doesn't support him, then he would leave her.
Dadi prays to God before everyone leaves for the court. She starts crying and tells Dadaji that their house is full of memories and doesn't want to leave it. Natasha tells her that they wouldn't have to leave the house. Dadaji agrees with her. Vikram comes there and tells them that they would soon be losing their house. He, then, leaves for the court along with Soumya and his daughter. Pam comes there and Dadi gives her 'prasad'. However, the 'aarti' plate falls from her hand and she is stunned. She tells everyone that this is a sign of bad luck.
Dr. Frederick informs Rudra that he has been discharged. Rudra is happy to hear this. The doctor gives him a report of his post-operation treatment.
Outside the court, Ryan comes face to face with Kesar, Dadaji, Dadi, Pam and Natasha. He tells them that he is personally with them but professionally, he is with Vikram. Natasha and Ryan wish each other god luck.
During the hearing, Natasha tells Vikram that Dadaji had given him 20% of his property, enough to buy himself a new house. Vikram tells her that he doesn't want to leave the Mallya house. Ryan asks him whether he would throw Dadaji, Dadi, and their family members out of the house if he gets the rights over it. He says he wouldn't, as he has the responsibility to take care of them after Mannu's death. Natasha tells the court that her client doesn't want to live with Vikram. Ryan tells the court that if they don't want to live with Vikram, then, they should agree to his offer of buying the Mallya house. Natasha tells the court that the members of Dadaji's family are more than Vikram's, so he should be given the rights over it. Ryan says that he could prove that the members of Vikram's family are more than Dadaji's. He, then, says that he wants to call 'Kesar Singh' on the witness box. Natasha objects and tells him that her name is Kesar Mallya. Kesar comes to the witness box and Ryan asks her to tell the court her full name.


Update For 22nd February, 2005


Ryan asks Kesar whether it's true that she had signed a modeling contract a few days ago using the name, Kesar Singh. Kesar says yes, as she doesn't want to use her husband's surname for her modeling career but the fact is that she is still Kesar Rudra Mallya. Ryan asks her whether she is living with her in-laws and she says no. He asks her why and she says that Rudra is out of the country. Ryan tells the court that Kesar is not living with her in-laws because she and Rudra are about to get divorced, that's why she is using her parental surname. Ryan tells the court that Kesar doesn't live in the Mallya house, so her consent wouldn't matter. Natasha, then, presents the papers, wherein Dadaji made the Mallya house under Pam's name. Vikram is stunned. Natasha tells the court that since the house now belongs to Pam, Vikram can't have any claim over it; he could only have a claim on Dadaji's property. Vikram talks to Ryan in private, after which, Ryan tells the court that only Pam could decide whether Vikram could live in the house or not. The judge tells them that the case would resume after lunch.
Vikram tells Pam to speak in his favor in the court when the case resumes otherwise he would tell everyone that Rudra is his son. He shows Pam the DNA report of him and Rudra, which states that his and Rudra's DNA matches. Pam is stunned. Vikram tells her to remember that he wouldn't leave the Mallya house, no matter what it takes.
When the case resumes, Ryan calls Pam on the witness box. He asks her whether she wants to sell the Mallya house to Vikram. Pam takes a while to answer. She thinks of Vikram's threat to tell everyone about their past relationship. Ryan asks her once again and she says yes. Everyone is stunned. The judge dismisses the case.
Dr. Walia comes to the hospital to check on Rudra and finds out that Rudra has been discharged. He sees the letter Shalini typed with his forged signatures on it. He gets furious. Natasha asks Pam as to why did she agree to sell Vikram the Mallya house. Pam tells Natasha that she doesn't want to answer her. Dadaji tells Natasha that he and Dadi would like to talk to Pam. After she leaves, Dadaji asks Pam as to why did she do this. Pam doesn't know what to say. Dadaji tells her that her decision would only bring more problems in the family and she would be blamed for everything. Pam tells him that the house is under her name and it is up to her to decide whether he wants to sell it or not. She tells him that she wants to move to another house, as this house reminds her of Mannu. Dadaji tells her now that Mannu is not with them, they are nothing for her. Pam tries to hold back her tears.
Dr. Walia tells Shalini that he found out that she had forged his signature in order to get Rudra discharged. He tells her that he could have her jailed for that. Shalini gets worried. She asks as to why doesn't he want to discharge Rudra. He tells her that he wanted to kill Rudra after he got perfectly fine. Shalini is stunned. He smiles and tells her that he didn't want to discharge Rudra because he wanted to observe him for side effects post the operation. He tells her that he was only making her feel scared but now everything is over. He tells her that since Rudra is gone, they would be together once again. He says sorry for hurting her and promises not to do it again. He tells her that he is throwing a party for her and has invited all of the Indians living in Michigan. Shalini is confused about his behavior.
Rudra calls home. Dadaji and Pam answer the phone at the same time. Rudra tells Dadaji that he is coming back to India. He gives them the flight details. Pam and Dadaji have tears in their eyes. Rudra senses that something is wrong and asks them what the matter is. They try to avoid his question. Rudra tells himself that they must be hiding something from him.


Update For 23rd  February, 2005   


Rudra calls up Shalini to tell her that he is leaving for India. Shalini answers the phone but sees Dr. Walia approaching the dining table so she puts it down. He calls once again but Dr. Walia tells Shalini that it must be from the hospital since he turned off his cell phone. He tells her that he wants to spend the entire day with her so he hangs up the phone. Rudra tries to call up again but couldn't get through. He tells himself that he has to meet Shalini once before leaving and free her from Dr. Walia.
Kesar and her parents talk about how Pam and Vikram betrayed Dadaji and Dadi. They decide to meet Dadaji and Dadi the next day.
Natasha asks Pam once again as to why did she support Vikram in court. She tells Pam that if she could ask Dadaji to make the house under her name, then she could file a case against her. She tells Pam that if she had a problem with her, then she should have thrown her out of the house, but why is she punishing Dadaji and Dadi. Pam tells her to shut up but Natasha tells her that she would do anything to fight for Dadaji and Dadi's rights. Dadaji tells her that there's no point in arguing with Pam. Just then, Vikram comes there with his lawyer, and asks Pam to sign the deed of sale for the house. Pam tells him that she won't sign until he pays her. Dadaji tells him not to stay in the house until Pam signs the deed but Vikram tells him that Pam is the owner of this house and not him. He asks Pam if she has anything against him living there and Pam says no. Vikram tells Dadaji not to worry, as he wouldn't throw him out of the house when he buys it. Dadaji tells Dadi to pack their bags, as they are leaving the house. Everyone is stunned. Vikram is happy. He tells himself that pretty soon everything will be his.
Shalini calls up Rudra. Dr. Walia sees her on the phone and goes near her. She is about to put down the phone when Dr. Walia stops her. He turns on the speaker so that he could hear their conversation. Rudra asks Shalini if Dr. Walia found out everything. She says no. He tells her that he is leaving for India in the evening and that his flight would stop at New York for a few hours. He asks her as to when would she be coming to India. She says that she wouldn't, as everything is all right between her and Dr. Walia. Rudra is relieved. He gives Shalini his cellphone number and Dr. Walia enters it in his phone. After Dr. Walia leaves, Shalini gets a call from her friend. Shalini asks her friend whether she is coming to the party Dr. Walia organized. Her friend tells her that the party is not tonight but during the weekend. Shalini is surprised and wonders what Dr Walia is up to.
Ms. Bijlani congratulates Kesar for their very successful ad campaign. However, Kesar is not too happy. Ms. Bijlani asks her the reason behind this and Kesar tells her about what Pam and Vikram did to Dadaji. Ms. Bijlani tells her not to depend on others for her happiness. Kesar tells her that her family means a lot to her.
Dr. Walia takes Shalini to a rooftop restaurant. Shalini asks him where the guests are and he tells her that he wants to spend the evening alone with her. Meanwhile, Rudra checks in at the airport.
Dr. Walia gives Shalini a glass of champagne but she refuses to drink it so he forces her but it spills on Dr. Walia's coat. Shalini gets scared. He goes to the washroom. Shalini, then, calls up Rudra using Dr. Walia's phone. She tells him to come to Rooftop restaurant as quickly as possible because Dr. Walia is about to kill her. She sees Dr. Walia coming so she puts down the phone. Dr. Walia asks her to drink the champagne again but she refuses so he tells her that it is his order. So, she drinks it. Rudra thinks about what he should do-save Shalini or go back to India. He calls Shalini in Dr. Walia's phone but no one answers. He tells himself that he should save Shalini from Dr. Walia. He sees a man who wants to buy a ticket to New York but the lady tells him that the flight is full. The man sits beside Rudra and Rudra talks to him. He finds out that the man wants to go to New York because his father met an accident. Rudra remembers his dad and give the man his ticket. The man thanks him and is about to pay him but Rudra refuses. The man tells Rudra that there's another flight to New York in two hours. Rudra tells himself that by that time, he could take Shalini along with him


Update For 24th February, 2005


Dadaji and Dadi are packing their bags and preparing to leave the house. They have tears in their eyes. Natasha and Nitika stop them from going. They start crying, too, and hug them. Pam sees them and feels sad. Nitika tells her to change her decision and stop Dadaji and Dadi from going but she doesn't say anything. Soumya tells them not to go. Vikram tells them not to go. He tells them that before, he used to live in their house but now, they are living in his house. Dadaji tells him that he doesn't want to live with him. Natasha tells them that she wants to come along with them but Dadaji tells her that he is leaving her there to fight for their rights. Nitika tells Pam that if she doesn't change her decision, then she would leave the house along with Dadaji and Dadi. Dadaji tells Natasha and Nitika to look after Pam, as Rudra is not around. Dadaji tells Vikram that when the next time he steps foot in the house, he would throw him out. After saying that, they both leave from there. Shalini tells Dr. Walia that she hates him. She tells him that he is a very bad person, and a bad husband, too, for he has always tortured her. Dr. Walia tells her that she has always misunderstood him. Shalini tells him that he never thinks of anyone else besides himself. She tells him that he accepted her despite knowing about her past but that doesn't matter, as she is paying the price of it everyday. She tells him that it's a good thing that they don't have a child, otherwise, he would've tortured the child as well. Dr. Walia gets furious. Abhi takes his mom to a doctor. The doctor conducts some tests on Abhi's mom. Dr. Walia gets a call from the receptionist of the restaurant, who tells him that Rudra Mallya has come to meet him. Dr. Walia tells her to send him up. Shalini is relieved. She tells Dr. Walia that she knows that her words have deeply hurt his ego and she knows that he wouldn't spare her but she doesn't want to die in his hands. She tells him that she would jump off the building (they are at the rooftop of the hotel). She runs towards the end and Dr. Walia goes after her to stop her from jumping off. Kesar comes to the Mallya house. Natasha tells her everything. Both of them wonder as to where have Dadaji and Dadi gone. Kesar's Dadaji ask Pam as to why did she do this to Dadaji and Dadi. Pam tells him that she didn't throw them out of the house but they left themselves. Kesar tells her that she has betrayed them and forced them to leave the house. Pam tells her to shut up. Kesar tells her that she has always treated her badly but she never said a thing. She asks Pam as to how would she feel if her children would do the same to her. She tells Pam that everyone gets punished for his or her bad deeds and she would, too. Kesar's Dadaji tells her that Dadaji and Dadi did everything to keep their family happy but they never thought that one day, this would happen to them. Kesar tells her Dadaji that they should look for Dadaji and Dadi. Pam goes to her room and starts crying. She throws everything. Vikram comes there but Pam slams the door on him.
Dadaji and Dadi go to an old age home, which they had built. Everyone is surprised to see them there and thank them for building the old age home for they had nowhere else to go after their children left them.
Rudra comes to the rooftop and sees Shalini and Dr. Walia. Dr. Walia tries to stop Shalini from jumping off but Rudra thinks that he is trying to push Shalini. Shalini sees Rudra and tells him to save her. Rudra takes Dr. Walia away from Shalini. Dr. Walia tries to tell him that he wasn't trying to kill Shalini but Rudra doesn't listen. Rudra hits him and Dr. Walia hits him back. Rudra bends down so that he doesn't get hit but then, Dr. Walia falls off the building. Rudra and Shalini are stunned. Rudra is in shock and tells Shalini that he didn't want to kill Dr. Walia. Shalini tells him that he didn't kill Dr. Walia but he got punished for his bad deeds. Rudra tells her that he fell because of him. Shalini tells him to go back to India, as the U.S. police are very strict. She tells him that she would tell the police that Dr. Walia had committed suicide. Rudra doesn't want to go but Shalini tells him to go.


Update For 28th February, 2005


Kesar and her Dadaji come to meet Abhi, where they find out that his mom is not feeling well. They tell Abhi about Dadi and Dadaji. Abhi tells them that he knows where they may have gone. He tells Kesar to look after his mom while he goes to look for them. The police ask Shalini as to how did Dr. Walia fall off the building. Shalini tells them that Rudra had pushed him. They ask her as to where Rudra is. She tells them that he is leaving for India via New York in the evening.
 The police start searching for Rudra at the airport. Rudra sees them with his photograph in their hands and hears them asking everyone for him. He is stunned and tries to hide from them. Kesar tells Abhi's mom that she is lucky to have a son like Abhi who looks after her. She tells Kesar that there's no one to look after Abhi. She tells Kesar that she doesn't know as to how long would she live and wants to see the face of Abhi's wife before she dies. She tells Kesar to talk to Abhi about this. Just then, Kesar gets a call from Mrs. Bijlani, who asks her to come to the office. Abhi and Kesar's Dadaji return and tell Kesar that they haven't found Dadaji and Dadi. Rudra calls up Shalini and tells her that the police are after him. She tells him that the hotel manager told the police that he was at the hotel when Dr. Walia died. She tells him that she told the police that Dr. Walia had committed suicide but they wouldn't believe her and think that he is involved in this. Rudra tells her that he going to tell the truth to the police but Shalini tells him not to. He tells her that he didn't do anything, so there's nothing to fear about but Shalini tells him that the U.S police is very strict. She tells him that he could hide in her friend, Jimmy's out-house and she gives him the address. Vikram comes to Pam's room but she asks him to leave. He tells her not to waste tears for Dadaji and Dadi. He tells her that she should be happy since their son, Rudra, is coming back home. Pam shouts at him and tells him that Rudra is her son only and that she is doing what he tells her to so that he wouldn't open his mouth. Vikram tells her that he doesn't need to tell anyone because they would eventually find out if she shouts all the time. Vikram asks her as to how would Rudra react when he finds out the truth. Pam tells him to shut up and throws him out of the room. Rudra goes to the out-house of Shalini's friend, Jimmy. Jimmy gives him the keys of the house and leaves him there.
The caretaker of the old-age home calls up Pam and informs her that Dadi and Dadaji are there. Pam is stunned. The man tells her not to worry, as they would take good care of them. Pam has tears in her eyes. The doctor informs Abhi that his mom has a heart problem. Abhi stunned. The doctor tells him that they have to conduct a surgery immediately. Shalini's friends console her. One of her friends asks her whether she informed her mom about this but she says no. Her friend calls up Reema and gives her the news. Reema is stunned and talks to Shalini but Shalini just cries (she is pretending). Reema informs Ryan about this and tells him that she has to go to Michigan right away. Mrs. Bijlani informs Kesar that she has modeling offers for eight new ads but Kesar is not too happy. Just then, Anand comes there and asks them as to why didn't they include him in the ad. Mrs. Bijlani tells him that they had to re-shoot the ad since it had to concentrate on Kesar alone. He tells them that he could cancel their contract and Mrs. Bijlani tells him to cancel it if he wants to. Both of them end up arguing. Kesar tells Anand that they would talk to Mr. Jafar about this. Anand, then, leaves from there. Dr. Walia's body is brought to Shalini's house (his body is in a coffin). Shalini looks pleased. She remembers how he had battered her. Press reporters come there and ask her how did it all happen but she doesn't comment on anything. Just then, the police come there and inform Shalini that the plane Rudra was in just crashed. Shalini is stunned. Pam informs Kesar about where Dadaji and Dadi are. Kesar tells her that she would bring them to her house. Pam tells herself that this was the only way to bring them back and that it would be better if a family member were with them. She tells herself that maybe this is the only way for her to correct her past mistakes. Vikram tells Soumya that Rudra is the sole heir to the Mallya Empire and that after Mannu's death, he has the responsibility to look after him. He tells Soumya that he plans on adopting Rudra. Soumya is stunned.


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pari0706 1 1434 01 February 2007 at 12:02pm by pari0706
February 2006 Updates

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TiNa58 0 872 19 April 2006 at 12:22am by TiNa58
February 2005

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TiNa58 0 664 05 November 2005 at 12:49am by TiNa58

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