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Written Update : 7th Nov 2012

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Sulochna tells Varsha that as of today she is dead for her mother and the rest of the family .She curses herself for giving birth to Varsha and tells Archana that till now she never taught Archana how to snatch something from someone but now she will tell Archana to do so ...Varsha is shocked and after Sulochna and Archana leave her house , she falls to the ground and starts screaming and crying .
Ovi is sitting quietly in her lounge .DK comes in and gives her a gift of earings as one full month has passed since she got married .Ovi is feeling a little down as Arjun forgot this day .DK tells her to be patient as he too used to forget anniversaries and Ashna would feel angry with him ..He tells Ovi that Arjun too will come around .
Arjun comes in the room.He talking to someone on the phone .He cancels his appointments for today as he wants to spend some time with his wife .Ovi and Dk are so happy to hear this . Arjun gifts a ring to Ovi  and that makes her even more happy .
Purvi has come to visit the Deshmukh house .Manav and Teju are happily chatting with her . Manav complains to her that she neglects him and does not come to see him .Savita also gets her Gujrati snacks and tells her that she must keep coming a lot to see her family . Purvi is looking very happy with all of them , Manav asks her about her work but Purvi does not tell him that she is out of job  . Savita also complains  that Purvi is not living with them even though Vinod now takes care of Sulochna , Teju and Manav also say this to Purvi who promises them that she will soon coem to live with them for good .
Archana comes in, she looks depressed . She is happy to see Purvi  .Purvi and Teju decide that Archana will cook something special today and they will help her .
Damodar sees that Manav's picture is in the paper and his new project is doing very well. Manav tells his dad that his project has been very successful , then he notices that Archana is still looking depressed and quiet .
 Ovi and Arjun come to visit .Everyone happily greets them .Ovi and Purvi also are polite and sweet to each other .Purvi goes in the kitchen but she is feeling very awkward . Ovi tells Archana  that she is going out for dinner and also shows her ring to her family .
Purvi and Arjun look at each other , they both are looking sad .
Purvi remembers a scene that happened in the morning only .
 She was walking on the road and Arjun was following her .He is angry with her that she is always ignoring him .Purvi tells him to stop following her like this .
 Arjun gets very angry at Purvi .He is annoyed because she has been ignoring his phone calls as well. Purvi says that what she is doing is right .Arjun calls himself stupid for listening to Purvi and marrying Ovi . He says that she got her mother's happiness , Ovi got her Arjun but what did he get ? He ia all alone today .Saying this , Arjun is looking very depressed .Purvi says that he has Ovi but Arjun says that if he wanted that then he would not be standing with her right now .
 Arjun tells Purvi that he still loves her and is fed up with putting up this relationship with Ovi .  Purvi says that today his marriage is one month old and he should make Ovi feel special and keep her happy .Arjun gets even more angry that Purvi is again reminding him that he should go home where his wife Ovi is waiting for him .He then leaves in his car .
Back to the present scene ..
Archana notices that Purvi is standing in the kitchen , looking depressed .She goes to her  and tells her to come and sit with everyone else .Purvi is reluctant and wants to leave .Archana does not allow her to go , tells her to stop feeling this way and be brave and face this situation with Arjun .She tells Purvi that Arjun has moved on in his life and it is time for her too to move on in her life . and Purvi should stop trying to avoid Arjun and just face him and then one day it will stop hurting and she will be normal again . She tells Purvi to stop running away from her problems .  Purvi agrees with her mother . Archu wants to make something sweet .
Purvi remembers a scene from the past when she had got some food for Arjun .
Arjun was waiting for her to bring him dinner .He was very hungry and also annoyed that Purvi took so long to come . As soon as she comes , he starts  eating .He wants to know if she made his favourite Lauki ka halwa.Purvi first teases him that she did not make the halwa but when he gets angry then she shows him his favourite halwa.
Arju nis so happ yto see the halwa and he starts gobbling it all down .Purvi again teases him that if he puts on weight then she will not marry him .He also teases her that he wil lkidnap her if needed and she too is not exactly that thin ..LOL
 .They both look so happy in their past and are feeding dinner to each other ...Ouch
Back to present .
Purvi tells Archna that she will make Lauki ka halwa .
Everyone is at the dinner table .Purvi is giving  rotis to all of them ..when she gives rotis to Arjun , they both look awkward .Archana is noticing all this .
After dinner , Purvi brings in Lauki ka halwa and gives it to everyone .Ovi is surprised to see that Arjun is enjoying eating lauki ka halwa as she thought that he did not like it very much . She is surprised that  Arjun now likes Lauki ka halwa .
Everyone is feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden to hear Ovi say this ...
Precap ; There is tense atmosphere in the Deshmukh house .Ovi who is crying goes to Purvi and screams at her that after hearing all this , she is still standing in the house .Ovi tells Purvi to leave .Purvi is about to go but Archana holds Purvi's arm firmly and tells Ovi that Purvi does not need permission from anyone to come to this house as this is as much her house as it is Ovi's .  Ovi looks like she is about to cry on hearing this .

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No problem dear, take your time .

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Short update

In varsha's house sulo says varsha that nw u has died for everyone. Sulo & archu leaves. Varsha totally heart broken & start crying loudly.

In Arjun's house ovi has sitted on sofa. Dk give ear rings gift to ovi & congrats her & arjun rishta complete 1 month. Arjun came & talking with office worker on phone. Arjun notice ovi is happy. He says to worker that 2day there is no meeting bcoz he wanna spend some time with his wife. Arjun give gift to ovi. Ovi is so happy.

In D's house teju is talking with purvi. Manav came & happy to see purvi here. Savita brings gujarati fafada for purvi. Archu come in & archu asks purvi u r here. All are seems happy. Arjun-ovi came. Ovi sees purvi she gets slighly upset. Arjun taking bless frm damo-savita. Ovi says nw all gonna outside for dinner bcoz our rishta complete 1 month. Ovi shows arjun's gifted ring to archana.

flashback scene purvi was crossing road & her phone rings. She cut the phone bcoz arjun was calling her. Arjun said to her i knew it had u r reaction. U want to marry ovi i did it but u always think about u r mother wht about me. Still i m alone. Purvi remembering arjun 2day his wedding complete 1 month. She says 2day u want feel spl to ovi. Arjun angry at purvi. He leaves flashback ends.

In kitchen archu come & says purvi to come out with her. Purvi refuse. Archu saying her nw arjun is moving ahead in his life nw it's u r turn. Archu says purvi that she wanna make one sweet dish.

flashback scene purvi bring halwa for arjun. Choti si masti shown between arjun-purvi flashback ends.

purvi says archu u make halwa. Archu says ok.

all family member doing dinner & purvi-teju is serving foods to all member. After dinner purvi brings halwa for everyone. Ovi shocked to see arjun that 2day she got 2 suprise 1st ring nw arjun eating lokhi ka halwa.. Arjun looking at ovi. Epi ends.

precap: In D'house in ovi eyes some tears & says to purvi why is she nt leaving? Why has stayyed her nw? U r happy. Archu says ovi one second ovi, purvi don't require permission to come in this house. It has u r house same as it also purvi's house.

hey, guys i m only back uping to tanya di. Main wu is tanya di's wu.

2mrrow might be a big tamasha/fight in between ovi-purvi. So keep watching PR.

Sorry for mistakes updating via phone.Embarrassed

If you like my short update please press the like button.Cool

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1 month marriage anniversary of Arjun & Ovi and Arjun remember his marriage anniversary and gifted Ovi a ring
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when is there going to be arvi reunion? AngryAngryAngryAngryConfusedConfusedConfusedOuchOuchOuchDeadDeadDead
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so many incidents happened. just one month passed.Angry

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Originally posted by LoveTVShows

1 month marriage anniversary of Arjun & Ovi and Arjun remember his marriage anniversary and gifted Ovi a ring

Is that what happened in todays episode ,I dont want to read updates too .sorry guys ,OVIAngry
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2 Arjun & Purvi scenes today . I think this double pregnancy track is happening .

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