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Nov, 7 2012 Written update

mahi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 8:16am | IP Logged

 Episode begins with Anandi coming in Haveli and hurriedly goes upstairs without even looking at anyone  Shekars and Singhs  confused .Shiv too comes in haveli worried .Dadu asks him what happened ? Before Shiv can answer Anandi comes down stairs with a bag ( of Jagaya's memories ) .She goes towards Shiv and asks him come with her  She goes outside ,Confused Shiv goes after her .Shekhars and Singhs confused ,worried . Anandi takes Shiv to the Canal .She puts down the bag and opens it and one by one start's throwing the stuff from it in water .Shiv becomes happy seeing Anandi throwing the  things in water. After throwing everything Anandi tells Shiv to start her new relation with him she needed to disassociate herself from the past today she broke  even the last cord now she is free from her past completely . Shiv happy , and takes out payals .Anandi forwards her foot , Shiv puts  payals on her feet .Jagaya standing behind tree emotionally sees all this and then leaves from there .Singhs and Shekhars too come from behind and see Shiv putting payals on Anandi's feet ,Anandi smiling .They all become relieved and happy .Then they come towards AnSh .Bhairo thanks Shiv for being so supportive  to them all .Shiv says to Bhairo don't make him feel ashamed by thanking him . Dadisaa apologizes from Shiv for thinking to  call off his and Anandi's wedding . Shiv asks Dadisaa not to ask forgiveness from him he understands why she did that for her grandson Jagdish ,he can understand her feelings her love for her grandson quite well any grandmother in her place would be thinking just like her so don't ask forgiveness from  me  .Dadisaa blesses Shiv  and says today I think I am blessed for all my right works by God by giving me such a nice son in law .Shiv says to Dadisaa I cannot take Jagdish's place neither I want to but I will love if you give me the place of a  son in  your heart instead of son in law.Dadisaa blesses Shiv..All happy except Choti maa who is in  some thinking mode

Circuit House

'Choti maa  holding her husband's uniform .Irawati comes there and asks her she must be missing her husband .Choti maa says yes she was remembering her time with him he has always been her support in good and bad times even now. Choti maa says to Irawati she was very much scared today that Shiv's  wedding won't break he loves Anandi so much .Today she thought Anandi might fall weak but she didn't Her  past was standing  close to her, her ex husband was so close to her ,living under same roof with her but  she didn't stray for one moment and freed herself from her past ,from all memories .Indeed Anandi is a very strong girl. These memories are always dear to us women and its difficult to disassociate ourselves from it what Anandi did today even I couldn't do so .Irawati also praises Anandi she is  proud of her she is really a very strong girl  .She also says to Choti maa now even you too accept her .Choti maa agrees .Irawati then asks Choti maa to lets start Diwali preparations for tomorrow

Haveli ..

Anandi sees Dadisaa sitting sad. She sits by dadisaa's side and asks her what happened .Dadisaa asks her are you  not angry at me for what I did? how much pain I gave to you by flowing in Jagaya's love and asking you to go back to him  without even knowing from you  what you want or not? . I promised to myself to never  make decisions by flowing in Jagaya's love but still I did that .I am  very sorry for this .Anandi says to dadisaa not to say sorry to her whatever she did was for  her and Jagaya's welfare .She didn't mean to cause any harm to either .Anandi says she holds no grudge against her yeah she was angry at her when she came to know about she was the one who broke Shiv's first wedding proposal but that too she did for her welfare and this too. Dadisaa appreciates Anandi for being so good that even she finds  herself very small in front of her ..Dadisaa becomes happy and says this is her dear Anandi's last diwali in this Haveli before her wedding so she will make this Diwali really special Both hug each other...

Singhs together talking about Diwali preparations ,Dadisaa's says she is missing Sumitra a lot because she has always been expert in these things .Dadisaa asks Bhairo to call  Sumitra, she talked with her day before yesterday and  told jiji is fine now Bhairo says yes even Kishore told him Badi massi is very well now soon he'll get Sumitra's ticket for return to them .Dadisaa asks Bhairo to call her and ask her  when she is coming back .Bhairo says he will call her later now it will be early morning there Dadisaa asks Basant to  talk to his men and get the haveli decorated as never before Few villagers come and gives Dadisaa the things she asked to bring for Diwali. Dadisaa goes through the stuff and asks Gehna and Anandi not to stand and stare come and  help in all this .Both happily  join the preparations 

Anandi in room  smiling rememebering her and Shiv's recent meeting where he apologizes to her and proposes her for marriage , also putting payals on her feet .Wind chimes ringing with wind ,Anandi happily starts ringing her payals to match the tune of her payals with wind chimes tunes  .Just then she receives a call  and she sees Shiv's name and smiles .Episode ends on her 

precap ..Shiv with phone wishing happy diwali to Anandi with his suprise for her, her name written with Diyas Anandi with phone looking at him from balcony and saying this her best diwali she will always remember this and wishes Shiv happy diwali

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Missesha IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for updating Mahi.
I really loved the episode today. Though the last few episodes have been so good, I think I liked today's the best.
An episode full of happiness;
Anandi has completely embraced her future and burried her past totally. All those smiles and happiness on her face was priceless. It had hopes and dreams of a very happy & bright future
J got the biggest virtual slap today.
CM has completely appreciated A today with an open mind and heart. Anandi has left no stone unturned in impressing Cm. That goes without saying that if A can change DS, then she can impress anyone.
DS - hats off to her. This lady has never bowed down to anyone, but she bows to Anandi. Very gracefully she accepted her mistakes.
A lovely epsiode full of happiness and emotions. Lot of things got cleared and especially AnSh have come many steps closer.

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thnx in advance..Smile

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vamita Goldie

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Wonderful episode and beautifully potrayed each and every persons thougths...!
First of all Anandi...She said she had left her past behind, before moving forward with Shiv and today even got rid of those memories...This indicates, that her past is her past and she is whole heartedly looking ahead for the future for herself, rather than for fullfilling her moms wish...Both Shiv and Anandi are made for eachother...!
They never tried to dis-respect dadisa, though they knew that her demands were not respectable...They let her know in their own way that they understood why she did what she did and in return she confessed that she indeed was wrong and was once again trapped in Jagya's affection...! Yeah, may be it was really Shiv's and Anandi's goodness, that they forgave her before she asked for it, but still I too felt that they should have shown her more stronger...Well, all is well if the end is well...Anyway, let's forget her errors(partial amnesia for Anandi's sake)Winkand move forward like her... It was a lovely moment when she hugged Anandi emotionally and said that she wanted to celebrate Diwali grandly, because this would be last diwali with her in this haveli...Indeed a emotional moment for all of us as well along with Singhs...
And then Chotti ma...Today, she was clear in her thoughts...She indeed strongly believed that memories can never be seperated from ones life, and she accepted that Anandi proved her wrong and buried her past, for her future with Shiv...She finally is at peace with Anandi and Shiv's relationship and even happy that Shiv and Anandi are together...! Her fear was solely based on her experience and she indeed accepted that she was not as strong as Anandi and could never have been able to do this...This shows that she was never negative, just concerned mother...
And then again Dadisa...Vow, she is back with her old style and indeed happy once again for Anandi...And the shy smile Anandi gave today, made me really remember the beautiful innocent love Jagya and Anandi shared before...After that, Jagya's cheating had taken her away from those beautiful innocent happiness and made her lifeless...But once again Shiv bought back those dreams and the innocence back in Anandi's eyes...For the first time, she looked so happy seeing the chime and then her payal...The way she tried to wiggle her legs and smile at the sound, made me think about how much she had missed this affection and how much difference it makes to have a wonderful life partner in our life, who loves us...It really makes our life beautiful...Her eyes are once again filled with dreams and hopes and I hope she has everything she ever dreamed about in her life...!
Looking forward for tomorrows episode of Diwali and lovely moments with Ansh...!

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couchie1311 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Thank you for updating.

I liked the Shiv and Anandi the beginning and at the end when she's thinking about him and smiling.. its been ages since Anandi has been shown to be happy n it was good to see. The precap was good too. I hope we get to see more of such scenes.

Dadisa's apology to both of them seemed inadequate to me. I know she cant do much more, but how often has she taken Anandi for granted and how often has she been forgiven with that "best interests" line, I dont know. It seems pointless after a while. I also don't know how anandi going back to Jagya was in her "best interest"..but whatever. That chapter is closed now. I still wish they hadnt ruined DS like this. Disappointing.

It was nice to hear Choti Ma talk positively about anandi. Finally even her doubts have been laid to rest. I dont know what Jagya was doing there, but am glad he didnt hang around. It was good that he got to see Anandi moving on. If nothing else, he'll stop believing that he is the centre of everyone's universe. 

Overall, a positive and happy episode. Hopefully, the first of many to come.

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...Tanu... IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow!! Aweeum episode! TFS!Smile
andv Goldie

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Thanks Mahi

A wonderful and feel good episode today. Smile I was glad that A did not throw those things away to prove to Shiv that she has moved on but instead did it to free herself of those painful memories that they remind her of. By doing this she put an end to her past and began her future on a brand new and positive note. That scene was very nice.

J seems to be there at the right place and at the right time. He now knows that the last straw that he thought he had to hold onto A has also been lost. Hope some sense gets drilled into him and he starts life afresh and in a positive way.

The DS and S scene was also very good. He not only forgave DS but also gracefully offered to give some kind of solace to the place in DS heart that is void of J holds.

Coming to the DS-A scene: it was so beautifully portrayed. DS accepting her mistake and A also seeing the bigger picture. DS is one character who realizes her mistake and doesn't shy away from accepting it and asking for forgiveness from no matter who it may be.

Happy that CM has finally accepted A. She truly adores and respects A for what she did fully being able to empathize with her situation and emotional state.

The episode ended on such a beautiful scene where A realizes what a wonderful person she is going to start her life with.

Today's episode was a full on happy episode with indications of Sumitra joining back and hopefully in time for the wedding. Thanks CVs for a feel good episode after so much of drama.

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anu rulz IF-Rockerz
anu rulz
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aww anandi is finally truely happy with shiv and their future..and shiv is also happy, now knowing tht anandi wants to be with him...and sumitra is coming anandi has her mother wid her as well...great episode..esp wid CM also accepting anandi whole-heartedly...

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