Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

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-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Aaj Mink ka Pyjama Pink!

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VintageWine IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cruiser51

Originally posted by Bella27

Originally posted by cruiser51

Damn,...Sana seriously needs to do something with her pronounciation!

For a few seconds I wondered what the hell is Buttock clip...till she repeated she was looking around for her Butter Clip...(that also not sure whether I heard right... )

Butterfly clip I guess LOL only guess works flying  around!

May be my first understanding was right after all!

I have never heard of any butter walle clip ROFL so has to be butterfly clip only Tongue 
That women musta swallowed the fly ROFL  n just sed butter Tongue 

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Originally posted by tanya.91

oops... disregard the newly madde thread no 9.. didnt came across ur post before I made that thread.

well, I will convert it into something else LOL

lol, it can be number 10. Just tell Autumn or another mod to lock it and open it tomorrow.

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Please use this thread now:

^ This is the 9th thread!

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^^ that's a thread / link to 3+ves n 3-ves link SP 

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by simplypurple


** All times are being converted to India time.
** Bold bits are important.
** Red bits are very important.

8 am - 8:30am: Lights off. Boy's room. Sidhu's bed is empty. But 4 people sleeping in the room.

8:40am - Niketan seems to have thrown off his covers and sleeping. Lights are still off.

8:53am - Cam still in yellow bedroom but changed positions so now the new entry's face is visible.

8:55am - Cam shifted to girl's room and then pool.

8:57am - Cam to front entrance of house.

8:59am - They are awake. Wake up song must still be playing as two of them came out dancing and went to the bathroom. (Sana and Mink). Rajev also came out to sun bathe.

9:01am - Urvashi and Niketan are in the kitchen. Urvashi leaves. Niketan making coffee. No audio.

9:04am - Niketan left with his coffee. Red bedroom. Urvashi talking to Aashka. No sound.  Delnaaz still lying in bed. Now she sits up. Urvashi talking to her. No sound. Confused Urvashi dancing. Sapna in opposite bed also still lying but awake.

9:05am - Niketan heads to the bathroom. 3 girls are there. Urvashi sitting. 

9:08am - Delnaaz said "Vishal ke liye gana baja tha".

9:10am - Niketan and Vrajesh brushing and Rajev comes in. Aashka comes out of the bathroom. Sapna in kitchen. Sana walks in. Delnaaz goes out and faces the sun. She goes to the bathroom.

9:15am - Urvashi in bedroom going through Delnaaz's suitcase. 

9:12am - Nik, Vraj and Rajev talking in the bathroom. 

9:23am - Pool view. Sapna headed for the bathroom. Niketan headed back.

9:25am - Delnaaz brushing her teeth. In the background laughter can be heard and talking.

9:32am - Del finished brushing. She's walking out and heading towards the house. Sana and someone are sitting in the garden area. Someone sitting near the pool. probably Sapna. Del talks with Sana n goes in n mics are muted. Ouch

9:36am - I think Sana is talking to Aashka. She's saying she gets the feeling they've already reached the finale because of how little people are there. Mics muted. Sapna walks to the bathroom.

9:38am - Sana saying there's so much pressure that's why I don't tell anyone. Cam to red bedroom. Delnaaz sitting on bed taking meds.

9:39am - She walks out. There are people in the kitchen but no sound can be heard.

9:40am - Garden area - Sana talking to BB and Madhorima "diwali gift. Zaroor bhaijna". Sana saying everyone is worried about clothes. She's requesting long gowns, perfume. She's saying Rajev thinks she looks like a chai wali. Delnaaz standing there. Sana is going to get tea. Delnaaz calls Aashka to the kitchen. Sapna sitting near the pool again all by herself.

9:49am - Kitchen area being shown. Rajev, Sana, Aashka, Urvashi, Delnaaz, Niketan in kitchen. Rajev and Sana discussing chicken. Sana saying they never ate biryani that Salman sent properly. Sana saying that BB had said the glass dishes had to be kept back and because we didn't they took it along with the food so she's requesting BB to send it again. Then she says Diwali over. Deln, Aash, Sana and Rajev are making breakfast. Rest have left the area. Sana saying the tea was so good that everyone liked it and felt made an amazing tea. Sana saying we'll give him some "bhaav" today and later play with his "izzat". BB mutes.

9:54am - Vrajesh and Mink heard talking somewhere. Cam switches back to kitchen. Rajev talking about how he's being sterotyped and Sana saying that everyone has been. Sana said she spoke to the new entry and asked who's coming and he said no idea and she said he knows. Vrajesh comes into the kitchen and Sana sits down with him at the dining table to eat breakfast. Vrajesh saying "tumhare bhai aisi baat hi nahi karte". Half the mics are on low volume. Aashka asking Rajev if he'll have eggs. Delnaaz telling Rajev that along side breakfast, we'll make lunch so he can wash all dishes in one go.

9:58am - Urvashi walks into the kitchen. Rajev starts saying, "main kal raat bola tha..." and BB mutes. Now Vrajesh's mic can only be heard. He's washing dishes and talking to Urvashi randomly. Urvashi sits down at the dining table. Rajev, Delnaaz Sana talking but can't be heard. Vrajesh comes over and I think he was saying they aren't disclosing what happens and unless someone themselves say this happened, no one will know. Delnaaz agrees. Rajev heard saying "salman apologized". Vrajesh saying that even if someone goes out and apologises to Salman, tv people want something to sensationalise. Mic volumes are too low.

10:04am - Niketan near bathroom. Mink sitting next to monkeys requesting BB to send a yellow gown, toothpaste, chewing gum and chocolates. Niketan goes into the bathroom. Sapna still pool side.

10:05am - Cam back to kitchen. Del, Sana, rajev, Urv, vrajesh, aashka in kitchen/dining area. Vrajesh and Rajev discussing about locking themselves in and Vrajesh saying how will you lock it? And it's their house and they can break the glass. Now Rajev, Sana and Del cant be heard. 

10:08am - Vrajesh requesting "Auri" to send him his cigarettes.

10:13am - Aashka walks in the kitchen and hugs Sana. Rajev was discussing a movie saying "super duper hit". Delnaaz talking to Niketan saying she'll make breakfast and lunch together. Niketan asks about walking. Delnaaz says he can go ahead and she'll do it later. Rajev talking to Sana saying "maine teen baar bolo". Niketan asking how long she'll take. Delnaaz replies 1 hr. Rajev joking around with Sana. Sana saying something about Sidhu. some joke. Aashka asking Rajev about some tray and he says I never even touched it.

10:20am - Delnaaz and Vrajesh discussing cups and Delnaaz saying "Mink and Vishal". Niketan still waiting around for Delnaaz and she tells him to go. Urvashi walks in and sits with Rajev (inaudible). Sana says, you guys can do or not do your work, we are going to do it and she starts washing her plate and singing. 

10:22am - Delnaaz is telling Rajev she's making eggs for breakfast and gobi for lunch. Vrajesh walks out of the kitchen. Delnaaz says she thinks they will have to prepare dinner also. Delnaaz asks Sana to keep a jar in the store room. Niketan asking Rajev to exercise and he says give me time I have to go to the loo. Delnaaz asks about mopping and Rajev saying he'll do the mopping. He grabs a mop and leaves. Now only aashka and del in kitchen. Delnaaz grating something. Aashka chopping something.

10:26am - Niketan in yellow bedroom, sweeping. The room is empty. No sign of Vishal.

10:34am - Sapna seen entering red bedroom with a broom and dust pan. Sana wiping around the TV stand. Sana saying yesterday everyone make dua for Urvashi and she became better but she had become better by 12pm. Then commenting on the furniture in the house and it should have had a mat finish because it shines all the time and it's hard to tell it's dirty. Then she sings "exit hai dhoop si, entry toofaan hai". Niketan still sweeping yellow bedroom and Sapna sweeping red bedroom.

10:42am - Seems like Niketan swept all the dust from his room outside. LOL Back to Delu and Aashka cooking.

10:47am - Sana mopping the red bedroom.

10:52am - Niketan folding his clothes in the yellow bedroom.

10:54am - Rajev mopping the living area. Sapna sweeping the kitchen. Niketan still putting things into his suitcase in the yellow bedroom.

10:57am - Sapna and Sana planning on cleaning the bathroom and toilets.

10:59am - Sana and Sapna remove their mics. Sana asks Sapna to sing and she says she can't. Sana says this isn't Indian Idol, it's BB and I can't work without singing. Sapna says I like old songs. Sana says, even I like old songs. Sapna commenting on how dirty a toilet is. Sana is cleaning out the sink.

11:01am - Rajev and Niketan in yellow bedroom. Rajev complaining about his wrist and that BB isn't sending him anything to take care of it. Niketan saying if they aren't sending they aren't sending. Show it to a dr. when he comes. Maybe you'll need an x-ray. Rajev says I don't think I'll need an x-ray. Vrajesh doing something in the room. Rajev continues mopping the room and says "Sidhu ke jaane se yeh sofa.." and BB mutes. Cam switches back to the bathroom.

11:04am - Sana singing "baby are you down down down down down..". Sana telling Sapna, aren't we way too excited cleaning? Then they continue cleaning and talking randomly.

11:07am - Rajev mopping and talking to niketan. He's again talking about his hand hurting and saying he wants a general physician to at least take a look. Niketan is saying there won't be an x-ray machine. Rajev says I don't think I need one. BB can obviously hear that I'm in pain.

11:09am - Sapna in bathroom requesting BB to start the exhaust of the bathroom. A few seconds later it starts. Niketan gets out of toilet, washes his hands and leaves. sana goes into the showers and says, eek who did this? These people are actually very dirty. Then she says some of them leave their hair in the buckets and they know people use buckets for a shower. Sana starts singing "peeloon tere neele neele...".

11:13am - Rajev comes in the bathroom and makes fun of Sapna and Sana calling them "kaanta bai and shanta bai". He's about to go into the toilet when Sapna says, arey abhi to saaf kiya hai aur tu pant nikaalke susu karega. LOL Then she tells Rajev to use the next toilet as it may have dried by now. Then Sapna starts talking loudly about she now knows why her 3 marriages failed and thanks BB that now she'll always stay "sada suhagan".

11:15am - Vrajesh, Aashka, Delnaaz and Niketan in the kitchen. Niketan seems to be frying the parathe. Back to bathroom. Sapna and Sana still joking/singing. Sana using a wiper for the showers.

11:21am - Sana and Sapna still cleaning the bathrooms.

11:23am - Sana sprayimg air freshner everywhere. Cam switches to entrance to living area. Vrajesh and Delnaaz discussing food. Vrajesh saying he wont eat eat with thepla. Sleepy

11:25am - Rajev, Sapna, Sana all in the living area. BB's bell's gong rings. Mink seen walking in at full speed. Vrajesh asking Niketan if he has a cigaretteOuch 

11:27am - Sapna heading back out. Niketan is having breakfast standing and Rajev is sitting down. Vishal seen briefly heading inside the living area. BB switches cam to red bedroom. Sana and Sapna changing the sheets of Sana's bed. She's saying, I should have put the new sheet on the mattress which I sleep on. Then says, no problem, I sleep with Aashu and Delnaaz anyway. Cam showing outside of the house. No sound.

11:31am - Mink is sweeping the garden area. LOL

11:34am - Urvashi and Rajev at dining table eating. Niketan walking around. Aashka, Sapna, Delnaaz cooking. Vrajesh was washing dishes. Someone asks where Vishal is and Rajev or Vrajesh says he's gone to change.Ouch Rajev eating theplas.

11:36am - Sana making her hair in the red bedroom. Sapna walks in and is wondering where her "butter clip" is. Sana is deciding to go to shower and change. She makes a reference to 'gangnam style' saying "oppa denim style". Back to kitchen, Niketan, Rajev, Delnaaz, Aashka, Urvashi are hanging around.

11:40am - Delnaaz asks Rajev to call Mink. She comes and grabs a plate and Delnaaz serves her paratha or thepla. Vrajesh washing dishes. Except for Sana and Vishal and obviously Sidhu who has left, everyone in kitchen area.

11:47am - Vrajesh washing dishes and singing "thande thande paani se nahana chahiye" and then asking who was in season 5 - ashmit patel, veena malik, rahul bhatt and? Delnaaz replying but inaudible.

**updates continued here:

Please use this thread to continue discussing now:

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wrong thread

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Originally posted by cruiser51

Aaj Mink ka Pyjama Pink!

Shampy ji ki yaad mein!

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