Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Telecast' Discussions - 8 (Update: Pg1, 135)

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New Thread is here!! 
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tanya the mods already opened a new one, there was a note in the previous thread, this will be closed. 
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LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 9th November '12

**Times are being converted to India Time.
**Bold bits are important
**Red bits are very important

-apologies for being late-

updates while I was away by other members: BB lets the housemates sleep till approx 8:40am but Sidhu and Urvashi were already awake. Sidhu was doing his meditation and Urvashi awake in bed. Aashka complains about Urvashi to Delnaaz. Rajev teasing Vrajesh that this is his last dish. Sana telling Raj wear anything it doesn't matter and Raj says yeah Salman to sirf Sana ko dekhne aata hai. Rajeev saying i dont have formal's to wear for today Sana says why do u have to wear formal  you are not nominate. Rajeev says yeah salman comes to see you whole Hindustan comes to see only you. Rajeev tells to mink hi urvashi, mink says i am not urvashi just wearing her clothes, rajeev says urvashi has worn this 3 times already, mink gets worried asking is rajeev is serious, vrajesh saying dont take rajeev seriously she has not worn this before.Rajeev says do i decide what urvashi wears you are believing me. Urv saw a dream of Vra telling Sana to catch water bubbles. Sana said she saw Sapna in her sapna. 

9:20am - Sampat, Delnaaz, Niketan, Rajev and Urvashi are sitting and disucssing who is leaving. Niketan is saying, you aren't leaving. I can write it and give. He says Vrajesh is going. Urvashi saying Vrajesh wont go because he makes everyone laugh. He;s the comedian.

9:24am - Urvashi is saying that he had told his son not to tell anyone, not even his friend and a kid in his neighbourhood came and said aunty, congrats aunty. I read that you are going to Bigg Boss in the entertainment section. But congrats aunty, I'm going to tell my mom.

9:25am - Urvashi tellng Sampat about the task and saying if you take the task lightly then you lose it and luxury budget gets cut and if you take it seriously, people outside go mad. Niketan saying aunty you took the Rajneeti task too seriously. Everyone except Delnaaz and Sampat leaves and Sampat says that there must have been some mistakes that I made. She's saying that there was some reason that she lied and to save your life you have to lie. She wont tell the reason now but she'll say it in front of the media after she goes out. Delnaaz nods.

9:29am - Sana, Vrajesh, Mink in bathroom getting ready.

9:31am - Vrajesh saying if I leave, I'll tell your family. Sampat says that tell them that I'm fine, enjoying. Vrajesh says you are fine but I can't tell how the rest of the house mates are. Sidhu comes to the dining table. Aashka also comes.Sidhu says that do you know you are looking cute. Sampat is saying Aashka is a big dr. and Aashka gave her a back massage last night so Sampat slept. Vrajesh is back and he's talkiing bhai talk with Delnaaz. Sampat is saying Langda tiwari kya? Vrajesh says Tyagi. Tiwari bana diya hai. Then Poorna haweli corrects Delnaaz. Sampat says, like this house. Del says this is a studio. Haveli are those big house they show in movies,

9:37am - BB announcement asking to inform BB if someone has changed his mic's battery so Aashka asks Sidhu where his mic is and gives him batteries. Sidhu was eating a piece of mausambi. Everyone leaves the dining table.

9:38am - Delnaaz in bedroom talking to Urvashi saying Mink is full on ready.

9:40am - Sampat sitting and talking to Mink saying that she has never gone to the talkies and she has TV at home. Mink is telling her that she should go as its a lot of fun. Sampat is talking to herself saying she should arrange her clothes properly in case she has to go. Then she opens it and realizes its all packed properly.

9:42am - Del singing jo tu hamari banyya choo ge to choone nahi doongi and ironing. LOL Sampat comes and gives to Del to iron.

9:44am - Del and Vrajesh will hugs and Delnaaz is saying if you leave, you'll leave a sorespot. Vrajesh saying, no one ones outside your real self how is shakes/dances. Del looks at Mink applying make up and says "come on Mink, let's do it for our country".

9:45am - Sampat talking to Sapna and Sapna is saying that she will produce/direct a movie on her. Delnaaz asks Sapna if she took a bath. Sapna says yes and del asks if she has a straightener. Sapna says "mere paas baal hi nahi hain to straightener kaha se hoga?" LOL Then she asks Aashka saying she only wants to straighten her bangs. Sampat is asking Delnaaz if she has seen pigeons as her place has a lot of pigeons. LOL Sampat is asking Delnaaz what window broke and Delnaaz is saying the camera's lens came out in her hand or the protective glass. And there is no other camera there.

9:49am - Delnaz goes to Urvashi and asks what happened and Urvashi says she's feeling uneasy and breathless. Delnaaz tells her to drink water and come out of the room because it's very hot inside. Urvashi saying she's feeling very claustrophobic. She tells Urvashi to stand up and walk and Urvashi says, like palpitation. Then Urva walks out into the red bedroom.

9:53am - Delnaaz asks Urvashi if she's still feeling that way and she says yes. Mink tells Urvashi to lie down and Del says it'll be worse. Urvashi walking outside the room. Delnaaz also heading out.

9:55am - Urvashi standing outside in the sun with Del and Niketan and saying it's not going. Niketan saying to look up straighten her shoulders and open her mouth and breath. Urvashi coughs. Niketan and Del staring at her. Niketan says it will be fine just to look up.

9:57am - Del asking if Urvashi is feeling like vomiting. Niketan asks if she has acidity, she says no to both. Now they are telling her to walk slowly and breath through her mouth keeping her chin up. Niketan walking with her.

9:59am - Rajev has come and they are asking her if she's feeling better. They both tell her to look up and keep breathing. Rajev asking what do you feel like - sitting or lying down. She says anything so they both get her the bench and tell her to sit. Niketan says to close her mouth and do fast breathing through her nose. He's asking if it made a different. Niketan is saying that it happens with anxiety or hyperness by drinking a lot of tea/coffe. Urvashi again saying it's beating very fast. Then they tell her to lie down and breath deeply.

10am - Urvashi saying she is allergic to a type of tea and then she says it happened in the bathroom. Then she sits back up and they tell her to look up and deep breath.

10:05am - Sana doing Sapna's make up in the red bedroom.

10:07am - Sampat, Delu, Rajev, Mink, Niketan around Urvashi and Sampat says she has fever. Niketan mentions something about a dr. Rajev goes inside the house and gets her water. Sampat is telling her to drink mausambi juice with sugar. Niketan is saying sugar rush isn't good. Mink is saying low BP can also cause it. Delnaaz asks BB for a dr. and says she's very uneasy and feelin dizzy, please send a dr. Niketan has got her a chair and telling her to breath deeply. Niketan tells everyone to give her space.

10:12am - Sana and Mink joking around in the kitchen.

10:16am - Niketan, Mink and Delnaaz tell Urvashi to lie down inside in the boy's room because it is cooler there. Urvashi is feeling dizzy so they tell her to lie down and delnaaz tells her to sleep. Niketan says don't think about it. Try to tell yourself that you are fine. Now Sana is looking at Urvashi and saying she's falling. Bathroom scene. Sampat has changed into a light pink sari. Aashka is in the bathroom and then walks back out.

10:27am - Sana's make up session.

10:33am - Aashka and Mink with Urvashi who is lying down. Rajev saying something to BB and its mutedOuch

10:34am - Del with Sampat giving her body spray to apply. Delnaaz back in the bathroom.

10:36am - Rajev and Niketan come in the bathroom and Del asks how she's doing. Niketan says that she's lying down. Rajev saying that BB has a dr. 24/7 so why haven't sent a dr. as yet. del saying last yr dec time she used to have vertigo and would feel dizziness in her sleep and for breathlessness, she takes a thyroid pill.

10:40am - Sana and Aashka sitting with Urvashi and BB announced that a dr. with be inside the house in a short while. Urvashi is lying down and Sana dn Aashka staring at her.

10:41am - Mink talking to Del in the toilet and saying that vertigo still gets better. Rajev says he'll go I'll have breakfast quickly. Mink asks if they will get a dr. Del says of course. Rajev saying they should have sent immediately. Mink saying dr. may not have reached on set. Rajev saying that there should be one all the time because what if someone gets hurt or something happens. We can't go out so the dr. should always be available. Mink agrees. Then Rajev walks out telling someone that he's going to make breakfast and she should eat quickly. He comes to the kitchen where Sapna is making tea.

10:45am - Rajev telling Sapna that because Urvashi is not feeling well, this is the best opportunity to have breakfast. Sapna says it's Friday so perhaps that's why. Sampat also in kitchen. Mink heard saying they should have sent someone by now.

10:48am - Sidhu is heard. Rajev is telling him that Urvashi is unwell.

10:50am - Rajev saying the dr. has come while he's making eggs for sapna and serving her. Mink is also in the kitchen. Sampat also eating at the dining table.

10:53am - Rajev frying bread and saying his bread is breaking. Sana also sitting and eating. I think Sana had run and given breakfast to Sidhu. Rajev keeps complaining about his bread breaking. Mink says because he didn't put oil.

10:56am - Aashka came and was telling Sana something about Urvashi pointing to her neck and Rajev tells her to eat. Then both Sana and Aashka go back to the rooms. Niketan comes and Rajev is telling him to eat. Rajev is saying that Vrajesh will take 5 mins more.

10:59am - Mink is joking that she endorses Uttran which means borrowed clothes and that's her case. Whatever she's given she'll wear. Sana back in the kitchen filling water and appears to be making coffee or tea.

11:02am - Mink asking the title track of Uttran and Sana says in this situation you are asking about the song. It'll take a min. Mink asks Rajev and he says you're asking the wrong person. Rajev talking to Sapna. Niketan now making bread while Rajev eats. Mink is washing dishes.

11:06am - Sana walks into the kitchen and Rajev asks her what the dr. said. Her response was inaudible. Now Aashka is in the kitchen eating.

11:10am - Someone says Urvashi is again in the confession room.

11:11am - Sampat is saying she's wondering who is leaving today. Vrajesh saying, if you leave, who will give us good food?

11:14am - Sapna is saying that Urvashi's BP is fine, she had an allergic reaction because of which she couldn't breath.

11:20am - Urvashi is out of the confession room. Sidhu and others accompany Urvashi and make her lie down in the captain's room. Vrajesh getting ready in the yellow bedroom. Vrajesh telling Sidhu that he told Niketan he's taking his small suitcase and Niketan told him to check in the upper pockets that there isn't anything there but Vrajesh's stuff came out and Niketan was using his suitcase and pretending as if he's lending him Vrajesh a suitcase.

11:24am - Sana doing her makeup.

11:26am - Sidhu and Sampat eating.

11:28am - Aashka doing her makeup. Vrajesh getting ready and wearing his mic. Making sure his bag is packed and now taking it out. Rajev comes whistling in wearing a black jacket, blue t-shirt and light blue jeans. He's looking for his belt and tapping his mic and bursting our ear drums. He found his belt. Vrajesh comes in saying Niketan had snatched away his bag.

11:30am - Delnaaz getting ready. Sapna walking around. Aashka getting ready. Sapna seems to be talking to Sana telling her this is nice.

11:31am - Sidhu still eating. He appears to be eating peanut butter and scraping the bottom of the jar. Or it's pickle.

11:33am - Sana and Sapna talking as Sana is doing her make up. Seems they were talking about Salman as they are saying edit this please. Then Sana is telling Sapna to wear sunblock or she'll get marks and our skin is not like foreign skin. We don't get a honey tan. We become black. 

11:35am - Something falls. Sana and Sapna ask what happened? It broke? Eye shadow. Sapna walks off camera to see.

11:38am - Sapna trying to get Sampat to style her hair a bit and put a clip in her hair side ways and Sampat is saying Salman will tease her about how she's looking. Sana is trying to decide what to wear and she's 

11:39am - Niketan talking to Mink in the bathroom and saying I think she'll go out on medical grounds, I think. Now he's talking about Sapna saying that her behaviour is the same from day 1. When she had taken off her mic, Urvashi had told her that she's her sister and convinced her to wear her mic. And swears just flow out of her mic.

11:41am - Sidhu still eating and talking to Rajev saying that he has crossed all borders. Rajev is saying that some times a soldier has to cross borders. Sidhu is saying I think you are in love. Rajev saying, this isn't you, it's Niketan talking. Niketan comes and Rajev saying speak of the devil and devil appears. Then he says "jo dikhta hai wo hota nahi jo hota hai wo dikhta nahi". Rajev says the environment should be nice where there is laughter, teasing, etc. Sidhu says I like your thinking. Sidhu is telling Rajev that he has become emotional - too good and you spoke very well sitting outside. You were funny. Sidhu says till the time people arent serious, people dont take them seriously. Sidhu saying staying with you all is luck. Sidhu saying that coming here he came to know about emotions and how they take over a person and he experienced it here and the way he's going in the right way and thats how you can get rid of your crutches and be stable (not financial). Sidhu is saying that neither should you be sad quickly or happy quickly. Be happy in modesty. Must have the tencity to come out of a difficult situation. We should be like iron bears the fire and comes out. Rajev saying that Sidhu's cheeks are red and Sidhu says it's because of the light of the soul. Rajev saying, one request. Sidhu says, tell me. Rajev thinks for a while and says, if you leave then can you contact my brother? Sidhu says I'll contact everyone's family but if I go and whenever I leave after 4 months. And if you leave before me, you'll have to do it.

11:49am - Rajev asks Vrajesh when he ate? Now only Mink and Sidhu in kitchen talking in Punjabi. Mink saying she cant speak Punjabi in Punjabi. Confused

11:52am - Niketan saying "completely lost it" to Rajev discussing someone. Then he whispers something about eliminations or nominations. I think it's about Sapna. Rajev saying Sidhu is a no1 naughty boy.

11:55am - All 3 nominated contestants sitting in the garden area.

11:56am - Urvashi still in bed. Niketan comes to ask her if she's fine. He's telling her to just wear a shawl and sit and he's saying it's a plain green shawl that and it's a theater wali shawl not a pashmeena. Niketan goes to his room to get it. He tells Sidhu that if Sidhu stays then he'll not ever joke about him. Rajev says, aisa kyun kar rahe ho aap? Sana straightening Delu's bang and Aashka running around still getting ready. Sana wearing something black with a black jacket over it. Aashka doing her makeup and Delnaaz doing her hair.

11:59am - BB makes an announcement. Muted.

12:02pm - Vrajesh comes and takes Sampat's suitcase out followed by Sapna dragging her suitcase. Sana wants another lipstick so Aashka is helping her.

12:05pm - Sidhu, SAmpat, Niketan, Mink on the sofa. Rajev is saying shuru shuru. Rajev, Sapna, Delnaaz are int he kitchen. Rajev saying Mink hasn't done anything so Salman will ask her if she's even there in the show.

12:08am Vrajesh and Delnaaz sit down. Sapna still in the kitchen. She gets her coffee mug and sits down next to Vrajesh. So Sampat, Vrajesh and Sapna are together. Rajev coming now. Still no sign of Sana.

12:09am - Garden area and BB house logo!

12:47am - Someone running to the bathroom and runs back within a minute.

12:48am - Looks like Urvashi going to the bathroom with Niketan's green shawl wrapped around her. Now she's walking back. Mics mute.

2pm - Red bedroom scene. Sapna walks in with her suitcase.

2:05pm - Sapna unpacking. Then appears to be talking to someone and leaves the room.

2:13pm - Camera switch briefly to the kitchen showing Vrajesh talking to Delnaaz so Sampat is gone! PartyThen cameras back to the bedroom.

2:23pm - Sapna shown dragging another suitcase into the bedroom when the scene changes to the bathroom.

2:57pm - Cam still stuck on the bathroom.

3pm - Cam switches to yellow bedroom. It is messy but empty.

3:04pm - Sana or someone else dressed in all black in the girls bed room could be seen. Back to yellow bedroom. Someone in the red bedroom can be seen walking around in the mirrors.

3:09pm - Back to the bathroom. Sleepy

3:14pm - Sidhu walks into the bathroom PartyDancing and goes to the toilet and Rajev walks into the bathroom to wash his hands. Then both leave the bathroom.

3:20pm - Rajev comes into the bathroom and goes into a toilet.

3:22pm - Rajev leaves the toilet and bathroom without washing his hands. Dead He clears his throat so audio is back!

3:23pm - Sapna walks into the bathroom and BB switches to yellow bedroom.

3:30pm - Cams still on the yellow bedroom.

4:08pm - Cam switches to red bedroom and then focus on captain's room.

4:13pm - Cam switches to the bathroom. Some noises can be heard. Toilet flushes. Think I heard Sidhu's voice in a distance say "wah". Cam switches back to focus on captain's bedroom. Ouch

4:26pm - Cam switches back to the bathroom.Ouch

5:05pm - Bathroom view.

5:17pm - Outdoor house view.

5:23pm - Bed in red bedroom.

5:53pm - Kitchen area empty.

6:00pm - Entrance to living room. No one around.

6:18pm - Aashka enters the house, grabs a chair from the dining table and leaves to go back into the garden area.

6:30pm - Bathroom shot.

6:32pm - Entrance to house yet again.

6:42pm - Bathroom view. Sleepy

6:43pm - Urvashi came into the bathroom. Day Dreaming So that means she is still in the house as well and hasn't left on medical grounds.

6:49pm - Niketan uses the toilet without removing his mic or closing the door so BB switches to front of house view. Now he's seen going inside the house.

7:02pm - Niketan seen going out of the house towards the bathroom area. Mics muted. BB front of the house view.

7:18pm - Niketan, Mink and Sapna come out of the house and BB switches to red bedroom.

7:45pm - BB cam switches to bathroom. Ouch

8:06pm - Cam in red bedroom. White sofa is visible but no one seems to be there. Did BB invent a new room? Shocked

8:10pm - Sidhu walks out of the house to the bathroom and then back again! Party

8:19pm - Urvashi comes out of the house for a few seconds and goes back in.

8:41pm - Bathroom view. Dead

8:51pm - Outside view. Niketan and Urvashi are sitting in the garden area near the gym and talking but everything is muted. Then Urvashi walks towards the fish tank out of the view of the cam.

8:53pm - Bathroom view. Aashka went in. She comes out from the toilet, washes her hand and leaves.

8:58pm - Red bedroom. Delnaaz taking clothes and walking out.

9:00pm - Sana washing up in the bathroom.

**stopping updates for now**

9:30pm - Just noticed Delnaaz and Mink getting ready and all dressed up in the bathroom. Seems something is going on. Shocked

9:34pm - Sana goes into the bathroom singing with some outfit to change into. She changes her top and leaves. Then comes back for her mic.

9:45pm - Cam facing kitchen/sofa and Sana was seen walking off with some people somewhere all decked up. Later Urvashi was also seen dressed in a green top.

9:54pm - Think I saw Mink go into the red bedroom. Something is definitely happening. Probably Sidhu's send off or a task? Okay , it was definitely Mink. 

10:11pm - Live feed started. Niketan talking to a few people about movies. Everyone seems to be outside and Sidhu seems to be missing. So he has left.

10:12pm - Aashka and Delu walking and Aash is singing. Niketan and a few others went inside. Sana and Rajev talking near the gate. Aashka and Delu talking. Delu saying "kyn deny kar raha hai?". Kitchen cam. Bell's gong ringing. Seems batteries have come. Everyone going inside. Rajev has his arm around Sana as they walk inside.

10:16pm - Aashka, Delnaaz, Urvashi, Mink standing together. Mink said, only 6 girls remaining. Urvashi says seems like someone has come and someone is in a box! Shocked Wild Card Entry?

10:17pm - Vrajesh and Niketan in the bathroom using mouth wash.

10:19pm - Empty kitchen. Mics muted.

10:21pm - Niketan is telling Urvashi there is a lot of smoke and to sit inside until the buzzer goes off. (fireworks were set off earlier?) Aash and Del walking together. Rajev and Sana talking together. Aash and Del join Niketan, Urva and Mink. Sapna seems to be on the lounge chair near the pool. They are all waiting outside for a buzzer to go off. Something is happening inside.

10:25pm - Niketan telling Mink that pesticides were sprayed otherwise there would be 20 insects sitting on every chair in the garden area.

10:29pm - Niketan keeps talking about the variety of insects.

10:32pm - Half the people (all girls) disappeared inside, perhaps the activity room, and I could hear screaming.

10:34pm - Niketan, Rajev and Vrajesh sitting on the chairs outside and Niketan says "soch agar hum teeno ke saat bhi unhone aisa kiya to kitna pak jayeinge ham sab". Vrajesh and Rajev laugh.

10:35pm - Empty kitchen shot.

10:38pm - The three boys standing near the gym and talking. There's a door with a vodafone symbol over it behind them. Mics muted. Rajev sees someone and raises his arm then turns around and talks to Niketan and Vrajesh. 

10:41pm - Three boys enter the house. Cam showing inside of house and living area. Mics muted.

10:44pm - Niketan and Rajev cleaning the kitchen and house work.

**stopping updates until something interesting happens*

11:37pm - Movement in the yellow bedroom but cam on the red bedroom.

11:39pm - Sapna and Mink walk into the bedroom. Mink grabbed something from her suitcase. Looks like it came. Sapna wearing something over her leggings. Urvashi talking to Sapna and sapna ignoring her. Sound is mute. 

11:42pm - Urvashi and Sapna seem to be on talking terms and are talking to each other! Shocked No sound. 

11:43pm - Sapna and Urvashi were talking and then they HUG! Clap Sapna left the room and Urvashi went into the captain's room.

11:50pm - Urvashi has changed clothes and is moving around her room and the red bedroom.

11:51pm - Vrajesh and Niketan fixing up the beds and pushing them closer. Cam still in red bedroom and mics are still on mute. 

11:55pm - Something is happening in the yellow bedroom as the camera adjusted itself so the yellow bedroom can't be seen at all. Sapna walks into the red bedroom, peeps in the captain's room, appears to say something to Urvashi then climbs into her own bed and lies down.

11:57pm - Urvashi comes out of her room and says something to Sapna as Sapna looks up and then gets up and walks upto Urvashi and takes a yellow towel and puts it somewhere. They seem to be checking the clothes that are drying in the room. Now Sapna walking about and Urvashi standing. Both are talking. No sound. Cry

12am - After a long chat, Sapna back in bed,

12:02am - Urvashi heading out of the room with her mug and Aashka and Sana walk in. Aashka and Urvashi chat for a bit. Sana getting reading for prayers. Seems Sana and Aashka are going to pray together.

12:09am - Delnaaz just walked in. Sana and Aashka are praying. Sapna is asleep. Urvashi is not in the room.

12:11am - Vrajesh had walked into the room. He had some kind of hat on which hid his face. He seemed to be playing around. He grabbed some pillow or something from a bed and walked back outside.

12:24am - Delnaaz in bed. Sana and Aashka's prayer is over. Urvashi and Mink are still missing. Lights are still on. Cam still from girl's bedroom and sound is still mute.

12:31am - Sana randomly climbs under Delnaaz's blanket while she's lying down and the camera zoom's in! ROFL

12:40am - Vrajesh is in the room moving around a suitcase. Mink comes in. Camera has moved to show the yellow bedroom and someone walks in wearing a white shirt and black pants dragging a suitcase! NEW ENTRY! Niketan is showing him where to keep the suitcase. 

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Originally posted by simplypurple

Originally posted by happyviewer

tanya the mods already opened a new one, there was a note in the previous thread, this will be closed. 

Do you have the link for that one? Or I'll post updates here.

its on page 93 of the last thread SP.

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AT by mods is lock!!! 
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Originally posted by sscomp32

Originally posted by simplypurple

Originally posted by happyviewer

tanya the mods already opened a new one, there was a note in the previous thread, this will be closed. 

Do you have the link for that one? Or I'll post updates here.

its on page 93 of the last thread SP.

Thanks. I guess Autumn will move the posts there.

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so where we going to discuss the live feed 

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