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SS: Of Lemons & Limes #2 (Chapter 7-12)

Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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I was feeling rather good about this update and also excited about the new thread until this Barun drama started again. I, in fact, wanted to give you a bigger update this time but I am feeling really drained now after going through different threads. I would keep my fingers crossed hoping I did not let you down.

Thank you so much to all my readers! It is an honour to be in the second thread only with the 7th update. The next one will be bigger& better, I promise!

Thanks for all the love and I love you all too, dammit!
Banner Courtesy: GanBarunFan



The meeting was rather exhausting and Khushi was pretty much on her toes all through. She had to follow the meeting with full concentration to make sure the minutes from AR were flawless. It was the first time Khushi had actually seen Arnav in his professional avatar. She understood very well what had made Arnav Singh Raizada the businessman he was. He never faltered for once; he had all the answers ready. And he surely knew how to grab attention. Not for once he was distracted. Khushi secretly appreciated the businessman ASR as she kept taking notes. There was no room for making mistakes.


The meeting was long & of course, Arnav came out of the meeting with things happening the way he wanted. It was almost 1 when they finally started for AR. Arnav finally relaxed in the driving seat as he started the car after fastening both of their seatbelts. The day had been really good so far. Things were going just as he wanted. Things were normal again with Khushi. The meeting went well. Nothing could ruin his day today.


Well, Devi Maiya had things planned her way.


Khushi was surprised to see Arnav getting down of the car, just after he started it. She knew something was wrong as she heard him howl, "What the ..?" She tried unfastening her seatbelt but like always, it would not just come off. What was so hard about it really?


"Arnavji," Khushi called, "Arnavji, kya hua? Saab thik hain?"


No reply came.


"Arnavji," Khushi tried again, "What happened? Arnavji!"


No reply came.


"Arnavji," Khushi started to panic, "Aranvji, are you there? Have you left me here? Where are you? Hey Devi Maiya! What will I do now? He has left me tied up in the car. How will I run away if someone comes to kill me? I don't like this place at all."


Khushi tried to locate Aranv but he was nowhere in sight.


"Aranvji, Arnavji," Khushi raised her voice as she frantically tried to unlatch the seatbelt, "Arnavji, please don't leave me alone here. Hey Devi Maiya! So all this was because he wanted to murder me! Oh God! Any moment the killer would appear with a knife .. "


Khushi stopped midway as suddenly Arnav appeared from nowhere, glaring at her.


"Shut up, Khushi," Arnav scowled.


"Arnavjiii," Khushi pleaded, "Please hume maaf kaar di jiye. We really were just talking. I swear on Devi Maiya! I was not trying to do anything else. Please don't kill me. I was wondering since morning what was wrong with you. This is it .. Oh God! Please Arnavji .. "


Aranv watched in complete shock as Khushi kept on blabbering as she kept her eyes shut. Was she insane? What the hell was she saying? How could someone have such weird thoughts?


"I never would talk to anyone," Khushi kept babbling, "I will be completely mum from now on. I will not take lifts from you. I will come to office late. But I will not come with you .. I …"


Khushi shot her eyes open as she felt a palm suddenly pressed against her mouth. She could not widen her eyes anymore to take in Arnav's glare. Khushi tried to remove his hand using both her hands but her jalebi gifted calorie was not enough to match Arnav's strength. Arnav used his other hand to catch hold of both her hands. Khushi kept twisting to free herself but felt only his grip tightening more. After some time, Khushi stopped trying and looked at him helplessly. Arnav was rather amused to see the expression in her eyes. Did she really think he was going to kill her?


"One of the back tires is punctured, Khushi," he said calmly staring into her eyes. He watched as her eyes widened again.


"What" Khushi squealed. Well, actually she tried to squeal but no words came out. Only her lips moved creating a vacuum between her mouth & his palm, which technically felt like a kiss on his palm to Arnav. Arnav felt her lips move against his palm and a wild sensation ran through his spine. He just realized her lips were the softest things he had ever come across in his life. That could not be true! But nothing felt so warm & soft ever in his life! What were those made of?


Arnav watched her face half covered by his palm in daze. Her large round eyes .. her small nose .. her subtle cheekbones .. her neat eyebrows. He felt her lips move again. Arnav swallowed. Arnav watched as her eyes moved to his palm on her mouth; she was trying to say him something with her eyes. Her eyes .. they talked .. they were so clear. It suddenly dawned on Arnav where he was and what he was doing as Khushi frantically rolled her eyes & signed him to remove his hand. He felt flustered and removed his hand instantly off her and let her hands go. His eyes landed on her parted lips as she panted heavily. Those lips were kissing him a while ago … Arnav mentally slapped himself for thinking all the wrong things today. She was not kissing your hand for God's sake! Stop it! Since when had you become so desperate Arnav?


"Arnavji," Khushi said as she tried to calm down her racing heart, "Why were you not saying anything? You know how scared I got?"


"Do you know you are mad," Arnav said irritated as he opened the door, "How do you come up with such stupid thinking all the time?"


Khushi opened her mouth to reply but stopped as he leaned on her to unfasten her seatbelt. He took all the time in the world to get it done as he could not move his eyes from the crook of her neck .. her heaving bosoms .. the hint of the valleys bordered by the sequined sweetheart neckline. Her smell, the sweet lemony smell numbed his senses; this was perhaps the closest he has been to the source of the lemon …


Arnav snapped back as he realized Khushi had suddenly stilled. He quickly moved back and looked at her once. She seemed to have forgotten to breath. Was he doing to her the same thing she was doing to him? Arnav failed to meet her eyes. This was so not appropriate .. so not. What was wrong with him? All these things he was doing .. and these things he was thinking. What if Khushi understood?


"I so need to be on a date again," Arnav turned frustrated as he mentally cursed himself, "Bloody hormones."


Khushi remained seated for some time, trying to normalize her breathing. She knew Arnav was just helping her. Definitely, there was nothing more. It was her foolish heart that stopped beating because he affected her. His nearness would always give her goosebump; would always make her breathing stop. She could feel his breath on her neck .. and she could feel her blood warming up. She did not want him to move away. It was wrong, so wrong. How embarrassing it would be if Arnavji understood how she felt?


"Hey Devi Maiya," Khushi sighed, "Why did you bring him to my life? Why do you keep me having all this weird feelings around him? About him?"


Khushi slowly got down of the car and regained her composure. There was no point in indulging into such unreal emotions.


"Woh, Arnavji," Khushi tried to sound normal, "So are you going to change the tires now?"


Arnav, who was pretending to be heavily busy with his BlackBerry, turned around letting out a breath of relief on her normal tone. She was indeed crazy & naive!


"Oh yes," Devi Maiya rolled her eyes in amusement, "Only if they knew what the other was thinking!"


"I am calling for another car," Arnav replied, back in his ASR persona.


"Huh," Khushi was back into her chirpy self too, "You are calling for another car just because a tire has punctured?? How many cars do you have?"


Arnav frowned. Khushi gulped.


"Woh .. why don't you just change the tire?"


"Do I look like a mechanic to you?"


"Why would you need to be a mechanic to fix a tyre?"


"Because.. that's a mechanic's job?"


"Don't tell me you drive and you don't know how to fix a tyre?!"


Arnav stared at her. She was genuinely surprised and was not pulling his legs. Well, that did not mean he could admit to her that he did not know something!


"I am not going to fix the tire. I have better things to do."


"Like .. wasting your time waiting for another car to come .. instead of fixing it yourself?"


Arnav glared at her now. Khushi gulped again.


"Ok, ok .. you don't have to do anything. Give the spare. I am fixing it."


It was not Arnav's turn to be surprised.


"What? You are going to fix it? Do you even know how to hold a screwdriver?"


" Yes. I know how to hold a screwdriver .. and I also know to hold the tools needed to change a tire. Now give me the spare."


"Of course not. There is no way I am going to let you do it."


"So you would prefer wasting 30 minutes of your precious time waiting in this basement than to let me fix it in a few minutes & start?"


"I am not helping you!"


"I did not ask! Just give me the spare & the tool box! And please shut down the engine."


Arnav huffed and strode away grumpily and came back in a minute with the spare tire & the toolbox.


"You better know what you are doing, Khushi Kumari Gupta," he grumbled.


"Don't worry, Arnavji," Khushi smiled flashing all her teeth, "No one can do this better than me."


Arnav watched amazed as she tied her dupatta tightly around her tiny waist. He could feel his throat going dry at the view she presented as she lifted her hands up & took moments to get her loose locks in a messy bun. He stood a few feet away from her with his arms crossed, head a bit tilted and watched her in action, mesmerized.


Like an expert, she sorted the tools and in a while she was lifting the tire off the ground using the jack. Arnav, in fact, had never seen anyone changing a tire. He was thankful that the first one he saw was Khushi as he devoured her slender figure bending & twisting & pressing & retracting, as she removed the old tire & fixed the spare one. She stood straight with a happy face as she was done and brushed off the dirt from her hands. Completely unaware of the rapt audience she had, she stretched her arms and body to relax her muscles. She opened her bun and her disheveled locks flowed down her back. She relaxed her neck and continued stretching.


As she was turning from left to right & right to left with her hands on the back of her neck, she suddenly froze as her eyes fell on Arnav whose eyes were glued to her. She, for the first time, saw something different in his eyes. His irises seemed darker than usual; his lips were slightly parted. He did not seem like he was breathing at all. As their eyes met, he gulped. Khushi quickly got back to a normal posture.


"Woh, Arnavji," Khushi tried to brush away the discomfort, "The tire is done."


Arnav snapped back instantly.


"Oh! Are you sure it is done?"


"Of course."


"Great let me try first."


Arnav quickly got into the car and started the engine. He pressed his feet on the accelerator and he felt relaxed. She had done it. A slow smile appeared on the corner of his lips.


"Get in, Khushi" he said rather softly. Khushi smiled and got in. As they started once they were done with their seatbelts, Devi Maiya smiled & winked.


The day was not finished yet.


SS: Of Lemons & Limes (continuing) 
FF: D for Desire (Continuing)
OS: Tumhari Laad Governor (Arnav's Surprise for Khushi)
OS: When the Nightmare Ends (Arnav's Dream)
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2-Shot: Are you Ready? (Pregnancy Reactions)
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OS: Ghar Chale? (Last day at GH)
3-Shot: Betwixt & Between (Gutter!!)


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congrats and i hope barun stays 
 wonderful update 

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Am I on the first page!!!Shocked Shocked Big smile Big smile
Congratulations for the new thread Farah diHug Monkey Icons Monkey Icons

Loved the update!!! Haye!! How I miss those days on the show!!Day Dreaming Thank you for getting them back!!!Monkey Icon

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TOO GOOD KHUSHI ClapClapClap and shame on u ASR .. being a boy he cloudnt do that  ..shame one u and WONDERFUL khushi .. ClapClapClap   really cant stop laughing in ASR states ROFL 

Amazing update darling ..was missing it badly .. plz post the next one soon and congratulation for new thread  dear ClapClap

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It's just pure luck that I fell on this LOL
Congrats on the new thread Hug
Will get back to this soon Embarrassed
I had to read it now, else I will never read it LOL
OMG Khushi is a total sanka devi!! She actually thought Arnav was going to kill her?ShockedROFLROFL I could imagine her reactions!!ROFL
I loved the use of this expression 'jalebi gifted calorie' Heart
And the accidental kiss on the palm!!Blushing Me likey!! Very much in fact!!Blushing
I love how you stay true to the concept of the lemony smell and here Arnav was really close to that!!Embarrassed
The whole tyre changing part made me travel down the memory lane to the epi where this happened!! Thank you for this Hug
Arnav's staring session was so cute Embarrassed He is falling for her more and more!!Big smile
Loving the pace of the SS! It gives such a realistic feel, letting both Arnav and Khushi actually realising their feelings. It's still a start for love to bloom, but Devi Maiyya is here na Wink
PS: My mood is also ruined by the rumours floating around!!Ermm But your update was fab Hug I just realised that my comment got a bit long ROFLROFL

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n how i wish ,like the day this one never ends to..u can write a parallel track n bring them to marriage..pls dont end it!!!    

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congratz 4 new thread

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new thread, congrats!!

go khushi, keep imressing him Wink
"the day was not finished yet"  - hmm...what's gonna happen next???

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