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FF-Meeting of the TITANS Last part Page 20 updated

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It was a cold winter night, RK was sitting in the coffee shop all alone enjoying the drizzling snow from the large window. With each sip he enjoyed the tingling sensation of the bitter coffee hitting the tongue, the aroma hitting his senses to the core.

He loved the bitter black coffee, he was bitter person too.  "Anything sweet was definitely not his cup of tea oops!! Coffee" thought RK. He smiled as he thought. It was 2 AM, Bittuji would be snoring in his room and so his assistants. At this time no one would see him or recognize him. He was thankful to this coffee shop to be open at the wee hours. Thankfully some other things were equally weird in this world just like he was.

He was feeling lonely again. Today he was missing his Dad, terribly. While having coffee he was remembering all the time he had spend with his dad.


Suddenly the door opened, RK eyes drifted towards the door. Could it be Bittuji at this hour? Nah!!

The next moment he saw was a girl with curly hair with tiny drops of water due to the fog outside on her hair, wearing a purple overcoat and a black jeans underneath. RK bend to take a look at her but seemed she was too engrossed in the menu displayed. She ordered hazelnut mocha and a sandwich. RK could hear the menu and thought" How can people have such ordinary preference?" Pathetic!!


The girl turned and RK saw she was stunningly attractive. "Fair, big beautiful brown eyes, pink lips. God! She was beautiful!!" thought RK. For a split second RK could not blink!!

He saw the girl approaching towards him. RK thought "Now she would ask for an autograph at 2AM in the morning. All girls behaved the same way; he was so used to this."

The moment he thought she would speak to him, the girl sat in front of him, her back facing RK. RK was left stunned. He decided to ignore, but somehow could not.

Many questions started hitting his head. Who is this girl? What is she doing in this coffee shop at this hour? Did she purposely ignore him, so she could attract attention?

He could not concentrate anymore on the black bitter coffee or on his memories from past.


He stood up and went up to the girl and saw her reading a book. She seemed to be so engrossed that his presence was completely ignored. He coughed a little and asked"May I join you, if you don't mind!

She looked upwards and saw RK standing next to her. She replied casually, Ya sure!!


Actually I was sitting all alone and thought why not, have a company over a cup of coffee?


"Hmm.. But I thought I would get some silence and peace" she said looking onto his eyes.

Hi! I am RK, you must have heard my name?

Hi!! I am Madhubala, my friends call me Madhu, and I also know you are RK and people call you a superstar!!

Looks like you don't agree with them?

Um.. You would not like to hear this. why discuss.!!

Ohk..!! So what are you doing so late in a coffee shop. ?? Aren't you scared.? Moreover I don't see a guy with you. No boyfriends?

I am a student preparing for my exams and I love having coffee and sandwiches from this outlet in the middle of night. Yes I don't have boyfriends. Hope your questions are answered or you have some more in stock.

Yeah! just a last one.

Why you don't think I am a superstar? And I would love to hear but before that, Waiter!! I need one more black coffee!!

Yeah.. you can begin now..

Are you very sure you want to hear this ?

Well! You have left me a little inquisitive, and I don't enjoy that feeling. So go ahead!


Well!! Your movies have no sense; the entire storyline is such a waste. You show off your body and win some points there. Your acting cannot be compared to the level of the theatre. And your dialogue delivery is good, but there is monotony.


RK was getting angry now.

Are you a director? or a film critic.. Who knows everything?


Look!! I told, you would not like it, so don't get angry and to remind you I just said" I am a student"

Rk understood she was different.

Fine but I do what my directors ask me to do and I am a director's Actor!!

Well that line is said usually when you don't have a talent of your own. Anways like I care!

Rk was left stunned again.


"I would take a leave now. I have already wasted 20 minutes of my life which will never come back." she said curtly.

Rk was amused and was finding this conversation interesting.


You seem to chat a lot with strangers. Better be careful!! Never know what comes up ahead.


I had noting to lose in this conversation with you, so I don't mind conversations with stranger. Goodnight and goodbye Mr Superstar!! Saying this Madhu walked out of the cafeteria.


Rk said to himself!

I saw a movie "Kabhi alvida na kehna" Its said you should never say goodbye..

I promise you we will definitely meet again "Madhubala.. Ah.. Haan!!"


The entire night Rk kept pacing back and forth. He just could not sleep. It was not the coffee only, it was the blow that girl... had given to his existence. All her words kept ringing in his ears.

At 4:00 in the morning he decided to finally wake Bittuji!!

Bittuji! Wake Up!

What's the matter chief..? Are there mosquitos in your room? Did somebody disturb you?


There is quote "Early to bed , early to rise makes a man healthy weathy and wise" Its high time you learn something from the quote.I need the CD's of all my movies. NOW!

What  ?At 4:00 in the morning.

Bittuji I hope you have understood. I am waiting in my room.

Poor Bittuji struggled and finally got CD's from a shop. The owner was promised an autograph from RK. On his way back Bittuji thought there must be something, chief never watches his own movies what's wrong with him today?

RK sat more amused and less furious. He sat along with Bittuji to watch all his movies. After watching two of his movies back to back he said," That's enough". Bittuji inform the director Kukku Bhatia that after today I wont be able to act in his films.  Say whatever reason you feel like. I just realised. He is a trash director and I am no more a director's actor.

Bittuji was aghast!! But chief we have already taken advance.

Then return it Bittuji! RK does not work for money. RK works for fame. Fame and love from everyone.

But, chief everyone loves you.

Except one Bittuji!! A special one!

Anyways arrange my meetings with other directors who make movies different than Kukku Bhatia.

Sir, Mr Jha called but I had shrugged him saying you have no dates. But I will tell him you have dates.

RK was tired by now. He decided to catch some sleep for a few hours. The moment he closed is eyes the face of Madhubala starting appearing again and again. He decided to sleep with the thoughts itself.

6 months later.

RK was shopping in his favourite GAP store for clothes. He chose a black coat and while he was trying the coat and looking in the mirror he suddenly caught a glimpse of the same beautiful curly hair. He turned and saw it was Madhubala. He went up to her.

So the student has enough pocket money to shop!!

Madhubala turned and saw RK standing, she was surprised for a moment but with no change in her expression she replied," Yeah!! Why you have a problem with that" and turned back. Before RK could speak she started talking," Well to update you I  cleared my exams and bagged a job in the best consulting firm, which pays pretty handsome, for my standards. So I am shopping!!.

Hmm.. So Madhu'

Don't call me Madhu!! People who are very close to me call me Madhu. You better stick to Madhubala!

Wooho!..Alright! Sorry Madhubala Ah Haan!  Are you always this ferocious?

Madhubala ignored the comment.

Anyways, Did u see the rushes of my new movie, I am doing something different this time. You remember six months back you said'

"My movies have no sense; the entire storyline is such a waste. I show off my body and win some points there. My acting cannot be compared to the level of the theatre. And though my  dialogue delivery is good, but there is monotony."

Madhubala was stunned. He remembered each and every word. It seemed that night in cafeteria ran infront of her like a flashback. She felt Goosebumps rising on her arms.Without changing an expression she looked straight into eyes and said

Ya! I very well remember what I said. You need not do a recap for me.

Well.. so I am doing something different this time. Why don't you go and watch it this Friday. Its releasing.

God!! How self obsessed you are. Looks like you take the conversation of strangers seriously!! Too bad for you!! Like this you would end up screwing half of your life.!

You know what Madhubala; I only take seriously what need to be taken. Rest of the entire world leaves me un-affected. I know how to control the environment around me.

I don't understand what that meant and for better purpose I would not even attempt to understand.

Madhubala looked at RK and said," Its been 10 mins you are wearing that black coat. I must say it suits you. I think you should buy that. Now if you don't mind and you have nothing else to discuss, I have completed my shopping here, so kindly excuse. Happy Shopping Superstar!!"

Saying this Madhubala walked towards the cash counter.

Rk followed and now stood right behind her, and moved very close and said in her ears," Don't forget me and don't forget what I said!!"

Forgetting you, Impossible!. You are a bad dream. And as far as what you said to me,I better study or do anything else in the world than watching your brainless movies. Goodbye RK!!

Before you leave Madhu, oops! Madhubala' never say goodbye'. We will meet very soon' I am damn sure!! You see time's playing a lovely story with us. And so far I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Madhu Scowled, turned and walked away saying to herself" Cranky Guy!!"

RK Smirked and said" I like that!"


Part -3

Madhu sat in her room along with two of her other friends Roma and Trishna. Trishna kept on saying how she has booked the tickets for the show where RK will make an appearance. Roma too seemed excited but it was definitely less than Trishna.

Trishna kept on throwing all clothes from her cupboard unable to decide what to wear. Seeing the disheavelled condition of the room Madhu went up to her and picked one and said" This shall suit you, but anyways no matter how Miss world you look, RK won't give a damn. That guy lives with a hell lot of attitude."

Oh Madhu you wait and watch. I will definitely look like a starlet, but how come you so confident about him. You talking as if you have met him and you know him.

Madhu was left speechless for a minute. She had not mentioned about her past encounters with RK to anyone. It had been very passable for her. The change of expressions on madhu's face was somehow noted by Roma. But Roma chose not to ask.

"I haven't met him, but it shows on his face. That attitude is screaming out from his soul whenever he is on the screen. God !! I so hate him." said Madhu.

Oh come one Madhu.. now get ready we are all getting late coz of you.

But I don't wanna watch his movie. Why you waiting for me?

But both Roma and Trishna forced Madhu to get ready. She chose to wear a lime green top, a blue shrug with a pair of blue jeans.

They all got seated in the cinema hall. It was completely packed. With 10 minutes the hall started cheering and clapping as RK entered. RK started waving at everyone and suddenly his eyes feel on Madhubala. Madhu saw RK wore the same black jacket. Madhu and RK had a brief eyelock and RK smirked. His premiere show had just turned interesting.

RK did some promotional talk and then the movie started. RK chose a seat from where a side glance could reveal Madhu's face. He wanted to see her reactions. After all she had indirectly called him a bad actor.As the movie was going on some scenes that were emotional came up. RK was acting brilliantly. As RK turned he saw tears in Madhu's eyes. Those big brown eyes had big tears. He was left a bit surprised. The girl who has so much of courage was crying? Interesting!. He saw Madhu get up and walk out of the theatre. RK was now curious. After 15 minutes Madhu walked in and she seemed normal. The movie ended and everyone clapped. RK rose and walked out.

Trishna was disappointed as she failed in getting an autograph. Both Madhu and Roma were trying to cheer her up.

How about a dinner with me tonight?

All three turned and saw RK right behind them with his guards. RK walked up to Trishna ignoring Madhu and said" I saw how beautifully you were dressed. Why don't you join me for dinner at my residence? I'll be glad to have dinner with such a  beautiful fan. By the way, your friends are also invited. He then looked at Madhu and roma. Madhu decided to ignore the gaze.

Immediately Roma and Trisha agreed and promised RK they  would definitely come.

RK said with a husky tone, looking at both of them and side glancing at Madhubala" I would love if everyone turns up!!

Saying this RK walked away.

Roma and Trishna decided to buy some dresses.  They took Madhubala along and forced her to buy one for herself. They all got ready and as promised reached RK's house.

All three of them gaped at the Luxorious life of RK. Bittuji said to RK that his fans had arrived.

Make them comfortable Bittuji.

Suddenly Madhu got a call , so she moved away and found out that towards the balcony the signal was better.

Rk walked down and saw roma and Trishna dressed all shimmers. He thought "How overboard."

But he was not interested in them, He was interested in Madhubala, but where was she?

He said HI!! To both of them but then he saw her appear from the balcony. She wore a deep green wrap dress with strappy sandals. For a minute RK was left mesmerized her. How could someone be so simply dressed yet look fashionable, classy and smart?

Madhubala's Hi!! bought RK back to reality.

So I have three beautiful ladies to attend.

Trishna and roma started blushing, but Madhu remain unaffected.

OHk.. lets have dinner together and then we all can chat.

Dinner table:

So tell me how did you like my movie?

"How self obsessed. This man can never change"thought Madhu

Oh we loved it. I could see the pain in your eyes, said Trishna.

Even I felt the pain in your acting. You were fab RK.

And you beautiful lady, what did you think. How did you like the movie? He turned and asked Madhu.

Madhu replied coolly," It was good."

That's it!! Nothing else?

NO ! Nothing else.

Ah! Ohk.. So lets fiish our dinner.

After the dinner was over, Madhu got a call again. She excused  herself from the table to attend the call. RK saw her walk so graciously.

RK asked Bittuji to show the girls the some parts of house except his room. RK never allowed anyone else except Bittuji to enter his room. Bittuji left with Roma and Trishna.

When Madhu returned, she saw Roma and Trishna missing. She enquired," Where are my friends?"

Oh they are sight seeing my house. By the way you did not tell me the answer. How did you like the movie?

I told you it was good.

And about my acting, I must say I bought tears to your eyes?. I could see you were touched.

Madhu was surprised. The comment made her flinch. But she decided to ignore.

She replied, "Looks like you love the black jacket so much. You did not take it off since the time you bought it."

Well! Well! How could I ignore the beautiful compliment you gave me at the store. Black suits me right. ?

Madhu was at loss of her words. He was nailing her at every point.

Can you please call my friends I am getting late.

Why do you try to run away each time from me? First the coffee shop, then the store, now my house. Is it me or something else that drives you away? If it's me, I can't blame you. I am too irresistible but if something else, I  guess I have to handle that. He said while moving inch by inch closer to Madhu.

By the way looks like someone desperately wants to contact you, you got two calls in a row..

Madhu and RK were now locked in a gaze.

Suddenly Bittuji's voice broke the eye lock. Roma and Trishna thanked RK for the special dinner and walked away. Madhu walked out silently.

Madhu turned around to see RK and saw him gazing at her with a strange expression in his eyes.

He whispered," Looks like I have things under control, See you soon Madhubala."


Madhu was lying in the big couch of her apartment, her mind rushing with so many things. Her friend Mukund who had proposed her two months back had by now practically turned obsessive about her.  Though Madhu had clarified that she was not interested in his proposal, he had not shown the slight interest to step back. It had now started irritating her. While she was at RK's place, he had called her twice asking where she was. She was also baffled about the encounter she had a few minutes back with RK. His daring moves, their paths crossing each time, there was definitely something weird happening around. She wanted all this to stop, she wanted to focus on her life, achieve her dreams but they were just not happening the way she wanted. Suddenly Roma came up to her and asked about all she had noticed through out the evening. Madhu had always been a little more close to Roma than Trishna, and since trish was not around she decided to tell roma all about the interactions she had with RK so far. Roma was amused to hear all this.

I think he find you impressive, I feel he has a crush on you.

Oh pls Roma. I am just not interested. Anyways even if it is there,who cares.

Yeah that's true. But why do you worry. Its over now. NO more RK.

Yeah I too think hat way. NO MORE RK!!

But what you want to  do with this guy Mukund.

I think I will finally have to speak to him. Its time, for some straight talk. He just does not seem to understand. I guess I chose a wrong friend.

If you need my help let me know.

Sure Yaar.. Anytime

RK mansion:

RK was in deep thoughts. He just could not stop thinking about Madhu. That girl definitely has something special. For the first time he did not like having a drink. Her hair, her eyes, her personality, everything  had kind of bewitched him.

Rk remained awake the entire night.

Madhu woke up next morning and got fresh. She decided to call Mukund at the coffee shop in the neighborhood. The thought of coffee shop reminded her about RK. She ignored the thought and damned herself for thinking like that.

Mukund rose up to greet Madhu as she entered the coffee shop.

Mukund please you do not have to do all this..

Oh come on Madhu, I have to do this after all its you.

Listen Mukund, I have told you a number of times I consider you only a friend. Please stop being possessive and acting stupid. I always thought that you would respect the friendship but I was wrong, therefore today I called you here practically to end the friendship. Don't bother calling me or talking to me. Saying this Madhu rose up and started walking out.

Mukund's expression changed from a puppy dog to a tiger in a moment. He ran outside and held madhu's hand and twisted it. His voice rose.


Leave my hand Mukund, you are hurting me. Or else I will have to shout and call the police and the people.

Madhu please don't say no.. please... Mukund pleaded but still held madhu's  hand.

Leave me Mukund and no I don't wanna be a friend with you anymore. STOP HURTING ME. Madhu's voice rose now.

Madhu, I'll make your life miserable. You will never forget me, I'll leave you in such a condition. Mukund sounded angry again


The voice startled Madhu but Mukund wondered who it was.

Madhu saw right behind Mukund stood RK. She was shocked. What was he doing here?

RK came up to Madhu and released her from mukund's clutches. Put an arm around Madhu's waist and said looking directly at Mukund," You are hurting a lady. And RK does not like streets dogs troubling the girl he likes. So back off!!"

Mukund Stepped back and walked away as he saw RK's body guards stepping towards him.

RK looked at Madhu and said," You have a pretty bad choice. That guy looked weird. Do you like everything that's a bit weird?"

Madhu who was shocked with everything, suddenly realised RK hand around her waist. She freed herself immediately.

Well!! Thanks for everything and she decided to walk.

Suddenly RK caught her hand and Madhu winced in pain.

Sorry!! I thought I can drop you home. You don't seem alright. Don't worry I wont stay in your house. But right now you need a doctor, a vehicle, your home and RK. Don't say no or anything else. It won't help. I am not asking you. I am telling you.

Madhu stepped inside the car and relaxed. RK saw her eyes filled with tears. She was definitely in pain. Only if he could twist the neck of that creepy guy just like he had twisted her hand.

Madhu took a tissue from her bag and wiped her tears. RK looked outside trying to ignore her pain. It was making him uncomfortable.

After the visit to doctor, RK dropped Madhu home. Throughout the journey there was complete silence. Finally when she was coming outside the car something clicked Madhu's mind. She turned to look at RK and asked him, "What were you doing at the Caf?"

Why only you can have coffee with weird people? Well I had a date with someone.. Hope this answer suits you.

Now if you have permission mam! Can I leave ?? and stay indoors for a few days.

Madhu nodded. Rk drove away.

She did not feel good. The thought he had a date hurt her.

While RK was driving he was uncomfortable. He had lied to her. He also knew why he went to that caf. And it disturbed him, a lot.

 Guys let me know how you found the 4th part!!

 Part V:

part Vi:

Part VII-

Part VIII-

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Dark_Chocolate IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice start
continue soon

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Vsoujanya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 1:02am | IP Logged
i loved it! :) it was very good! I would love for you to continue!

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enigma_86 Senior Member

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Thanks a lot guys !!
At first i thought it was so bad, no one would reply.. but thanks a lot
Little_Mermaid. IF-Sizzlerz

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wow amazing os
very well written yaar do continue

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--Udhay-- IF-Stunnerz

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Nice OS Enigma. :) Its a beautiful start..!! I understand how it feels when we don't get the attention which we are very sure of getting, that which we were used to from many!! This unusual character of Madhu is making RK take notice of her + The fact that she is a mind blowing beauty. And I love the way u have portrayed Madhu as an Intelligent, Smart girl.. I'm tired of seeing dumb female leads.. I loved the witty convo between Rk and Madhu.! This is definitely a promising start enigma, Kudos to ur work.. Looking forward to Next part.. Do post it soon and PM me please.. :) Thanks! :)

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Originally posted by --Udhay--

Nice OS Enigma. :) Its a beautiful start..!! I understand how it feels when we don't get the attention which we are very sure of getting, that which we were used to from many!! This unusual character of Madhu is making RK take notice of her + The fact that she is a mind blowing beauty. And I love the way u have portrayed Madhu as an Intelligent, Smart girl.. I'm tired of seeing dumb female leads.. I loved the witty convo between Rk and Madhu.! This is definitely a promising start enigma, Kudos to ur work.. Looking forward to Next part.. Do post it soon and PM me please.. :) Thanks! :)

Thanks a lot boss.. i wanted a cosmopolitan RK and Madhu story...
Not the conventional sorts... sweet simple..
Thanks or identifying with the story

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dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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Really nice and the last line...never say they surely r gonna bump into each other...

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