Ariya SS: Tere pyaar mein.. Fanaa..(Epilogue)16/11 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by Anu101

Thank you so much for the pm
Yes it's definitely different. But it is so interesting and really excited to see how the story develops. You are an amazing writer. You just explain and describe the scenes so perfectly.  It's just like watching an episode. Only so so much better. Please do pm me when you update. Eagerly waiting to read the next chapter. Riya aka LavanyaBig smile That was soo cute. And can't wait for Arjun to see Ariya!!!!!

Hey.. thanks!! Big smileBig smile Keep reading for more.. Smile

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Originally posted by tani23

Avantika di ,

U create magic ...wid ur storiesStar

i luv dis song n i m loving d story a lotSmile

u beautifully portrayed both sides POV ...Clap

Continue Fast...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Waiting already ffor d next partBig smile

Thank you dear.. Next part coming up soon! Smile
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Originally posted by SanchayitaM

Congrats on your tenth story! This story is so grippy...! Why had they aimed their guns at each other? Oh no! Please don't kill them... I'm asking this coz I know every story may not have a happy ending... But, still no violence over ArHea please! The flashbacks confirm Rhea a.k.a Lavanya is a great patriotic girl... But, still she shouldnt hav left! Coz wat she did to avenge's his dear father's death, she could have done it being with Arjun. Intense part... Waiting! Update soon...

Hey.. thanks! Well, I can't reveal much, but yea, like you've said yourself, every story need not have a happy ending! 

I'll try my best to justify their actions! Let's see how it goes.. 

Keep reading! Smile

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Originally posted by Varshu_Karthik

OMG! Awesome one!! So damn exciting to read such an action filled story!! Ohh... i need the next chapter :D :D

Lol.. Thanks! I'm not too sure about the action bit; but yea, its kinda different! WinkWink

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Originally posted by vidya.anand

Amazing Story line and concept yaar...
a different world outside ETF...loved Riya aka Lavanya...her duty bound nature and commitment...
She stole the show...i guess its the first of the kind where Riya's personality completely overtook Arjun..!

Eagerly waiting for the next part...cont soon!

hey.. Thanks vidya.. I know; wanted to keep the ETF aside for once atleast!! TongueWink

I'm glad you liked the character! I am a bit apprehensive about her character being received by readers; Anyway, let's see.. Smile
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Hey dearies, 

Back with the next Chapter.. Big smile

I'm really overjoyed by the fact that you guys have liked the concept.. 

Btw, there'll be another Chapter to this one; so, those of you looking fwd to the mystery behind the aimed guns, will have to wait..

I wanted to dedicate a part to Arjun-Riya and Ariya.. And then, couldn't stop writing.. And it ended up being a Chapter!

Penning down Chapter 2 has been really difficult! My eyes were moist by the time I'd finished writing it! It's never happened before!! Ouch Blame it on the hormones! Smile

P.S: Those of you, who reserve posts, please make sure that you update them.. Coz I keep going back to check every now and then.. LOL

And silent readers, please hit the like button, so I know if you're actually reading it or no! 

Coz I PM nearly 100 readers for Ariya works!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy!Big smile

Chapter 2

Arjun had seated himself on the steps outside Riya's house all day; he looked around the place. The shrubs were neatly trimmed; wild colourful flowers, predominantly beautiful roses, graced the path to the house and a huge wooden swing hung at a far corner of the garden. 

He rested his head against the shut door and recollected an incident from the past;


He had walked into the house, weary, after having been away on a case for over a week and had been greeted by an empty house. 
He had panicked as always and had scanned the entire house only to find her crouched on her knees in the garden.

She had been pruning a rose plant attentively; Arjun looked around and realized that his garden had received a make-over in the last week.
Gone were the wild grasses; the lawns were neatly trimmed; a blend of white and red roses now adorned the garden.

He couldn't help but smile at her efforts and plopped down next to her. 
She was surprised to find them there at first and then leaned in to peck his cheek; he kissed her back and motioned towards the rose plant in front of her.

She smiled, "Roses.. Aap ko pata hai, mujhe roses bohot pasand hain.. Mere dad kaha karte the, ki yeh sabse aasaan tareeka hota hai, kissi ke chehre pe muskaan lane ke liye..
Aur main chahti hoon, ki aap humesha muskurate rahein; isliye dekhiye, charon taraf maine roses plant kiye hain.."

Arjun smiled and wrapped his arms around his crazy wife, "Riya, mere chehre pe muskaan lane ke liye, roses ki zaroorat nahi hai; woh toh tumhe dekhte hi aa jaati hai.."

She snuggled into him and dragged him to the swing; he was surprised to find it there..
It was decorated beautifully with creepers wound around the ropes holding it in place.

They had often spent their evenings on the swing, cuddled into each other's arms, watching the stars shining above.

A whiff of cold air happened to bring him out of his reverie; he couldn't help but smile at the similar scene in front of him; he glanced at the swing and wondered if she reminisced those memories!

His head shot up when he heard the gates click open; she walked into the gates; cradling a sleepy girl in her arms!

His eyes widened in surprise as he slowly rose from the steps, holding on to the door knob, afraid that his knees would give away.

He let his eyes wander over her form; she was dressed in a knitted mauve shrug; with a pair of woolen leggings. A flowery scarf covered her head; her rosy pink cheeks; realised that she hadn't changed a bit!
He narrowed his eyes and looked again; her eyes had lost their twinkle though!

Riya stood there, frozen in her tracks; he was here!
He had come for her! She glanced at him top to toe; he still looked the same.

The deep brown leather jacket rolled up to his arms, revealed his lean, muscular frame; the 5'o clock stubble grazing his cheeks, only added to his rugged appearance.
His gun-metal black eyes stared straight into hers; she realized they still held the piercing gaze.

He stood there, with his arms crossed over his chest, gazing at her with such raw emotions that made her weak in the knees.

She lowered her lashes, not being able to withstand his accusing gaze anymore and was grateful to her daughter, who had squealed with excitement.

Baby Ariya rubbed her sleepy eyes and saw a figure standing in front of her house; with a stern face. 
She glanced up at her mother and followed her gaze; it ended on him. She narrowed her eyes and looked at him carefully; her gaze oscillated between the two of them and then she squealed aloud to grab their attention.

Riya jerked out of her reverie, smiled at her and put her down on her feet.

Ariya sprinted across the snowy path leading to the verandah and tugged at his denims, eyeing him with glee evident on her face.

Arjun blinked his eyes and glanced at the little girl, who seemed to be very excited upon meeting him.

His eyes darted off to meet Riya's; he needed to know if his suspicions were indeed right. 
She understood his unspoken words, as always and simply nodded her head.

He fell on his knees and gently cupped her face; the school teacher's words rang in his ears, 'Mrs. Rawte yahan apni beti ke saath rehti hain; Ariya naam hai uska!'

His analytical brain sprung into action, 'Ariya.. Arjun-Riya.. Ariya!'

She flashed a dimpled smile at him which seemed to melt away his turmoil; he crushed her tiny form to himself and hugged her. 

Ariya flung her arms around his neck and hopped onto his knees, snuggling into her father's embrace.

Arjun couldn't believe that he was indeed holding his daughter in his arms!

He tilted his neck and looked at her; she was beautiful; she had her mother's facial features and her dimpled smile. 
He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through her hair, relishing the feeling of fatherhood. 
Every other thought flew out of his mind and his daughter's smiling face flashed in front of his shut eyes!

He felt her wriggle in her arms and looked up at her quizzically; she stepped back and removed her arms from his neck and pointed towards his stubble and then her cheek.

Arjun chuckled and drew her close again; he kissed her forehead and hooked a finger under her chin,
"Aapko pata hai, main kaun hoon?"

His eyes were fixed on her, his heartbeat rose with every passing second; he hoped she knew about him.

He prayed that she wouldn't consider him as just another stranger; that would hurt him beyond measure. He lifted his head and looked up at her, awaiting her answer with bated breath.

Ariya pouted and turned to look at her mother, who smiled through her tears and egged her on.

She turned to face him and hit his forehead lightly, 
"Aap Ariya ke Papa hain, Buddhu!"

Arjun let out a chuckle and scooped her up in his arms, rising on his feet. He kissed her cheek and beamed proudly at his daughter, "Haan, aapke Pa..Papa.."

To his surprise, his voice came out broken and his vision turned hazy; he felt her tiny fingers on his cheeks as she attempted to wipe the tears rolling down his cheeks.  
He kissed her palm and hugged her tight, "Aapke Papa, my angel!"

The father-daughter duo separated upon hearing a sob and looked in the direction of the sound.

Riya had been observing the tender exchange of emotions between Arjun and Ariya through teary eyes. 
She sighed and let tears of satisfaction stream down her face; having dreamt of this moment for the past 3 years! 
She gazed at them with tears brimming in her eyes, yet refused to blink them; she wished to savour the moment in her memory forever!
She let out a laugh when Ariya had playfully hit him; calling him a 'Buddhu'.

A stray thought crossed her mind the very next instant and the truth came crashing down on her!

She wouldn't be there to witness their warmth, the next day; she was running out of time! 
Her heart clenched with unbearable pain and she spun around on her heel biting her lower lip as sobs threatened to escape them.

Arjun heard her cry and swiftly placed Ariya down on her feet; he had just lifted his foot to take a step towards her, when he saw Ariya sprinting towards Riya. 

She tugged at her shrug with her baby hands and Riya spun around to gather her daughter in her arms. 
She slumped on the snow, crushing her daughter against her bosom. 
She cupped Ariya's face and planted tender kisses on her forehead, her eyelids and her cheeks, before hugging her tight.

Arjun looked on quizzically; his heart wrenched in pain at the sight in front of him. He knew Riya well enough to understand that she was going through turmoil, yet again; he had witnessed it several times in the past. 
He clenched his jaw and fought back his tears; silently vowing to himself.

He had dashed off to confront Riya about her sudden disappearance; he had wanted to hold her and demand answers from him. A part of him even wanted to hurt her, so as to make her feel his pain and his helplessness!

Yet, today he found himself doing exactly the opposite; his heart melted at the sight in front of him!
 He saw Riya holding on to Ariya, as if she was clinging on to her dear life!

He ached to run up to her, gather her in his arms and soothe away her pain. He wanted her to know that he was here for her; he had finally found her and he wasn't letting her leave him ever again!

Riya saw him gazing at her and saw her pain mirrored in his eyes; her heart practically leapt out of her heart as she realized that he still cared for her!

However, she realized the consequences of that, the very next moment and gulped, 
She couldn't hurt him anymore; it was better this way! She had to leave him, forever!

Ariya separated from Riya and cupped her face; she looked into Riya's red, swollen eyes and sighed dramatically, drawing her parents' attention.

Riya stopped crying and blinked back her tears when she saw her daughter smile. 

Ariya kissed her cheek and pointed at Arjun, "Mumma.. No crying! Detho.. Papa aa gaye.."

Riya glanced up at Arjun and nodded her head, "Haan baby, Mumma ne aapko promise kiya tha na.."

Ariya nodded and motioned her to place her down; she ran to Arjun and held out her arms, asking him to carry her. 
Arjun smiled and gathered her in his arms nuzzling her nose.

Riya fished out keys and a pair of scissors from her bag and turned to unlock the door; she examined the thick white thread holding the two door handles together and cut it with the scissors. 
She then moved to the windows opening into the garden and the backdoor and repeated her actions.

Arjun had been observing her every move attentively and had been stunned momentarily; She had safeguarded her house; but against what or rather whom?!

Mentally, making a note of it, he walked into the house behind Riya.

Riya threw her bag on the couch and walked into the kitchen, only to return with two glasses of water; she handed over one to Ariya and held out the other one for him.

Arjun pretended to ignore her presence in the room and sipped water from Ariya's glass after she had finished.

He saw a flash of hurt across Riya's face and reprimanded himself mentally. 

Riya held out her arm and motioned Ariya upstairs; Ariya frowned and snuggled into Arjun's chest.

Riya's eyes teared up at the sight and she turned around, not wanting Arjun to witness her tears yet again. 

He, however mistook her actions and whispered to Ariya, "Beta, jaao Mumma ke paas.. Aur fatafat fresh hoke aao.. Papa ko aap se bohot saari baatein karni hain.."

Ariya smiled and threw her arms around Riya's neck, she spun around, held Ariya and walked upstairs, not looking back at him.

Arjun took off his jacket and walked to the fireplace;adding a few logs and lit the fire. He looked around the house silently admiring the interiors. The interiors were kept simple, the furniture looked ordinary yet elegant, roses stacked in several vases across the living room; the house exuded a warmth of its own!

His eyes fell on a huge portrait hanging on the wall and walked towards it; the fire behind him illuminated the wall and he saw two pretty faces smiling at him. 

It was a life-sized portrait of Ariya planting a kiss on Riya's cheek. 

His fingers grazed across the painting and a lone tear fell out of his eye; 
he had missed out on being a part of their happy family!

He heard Ariya call out to him and turned around, wiping the remnants of the moisture from his face and walked up to them. Riya had noticed his tears, but chose to remain silent, for now!

Ariya dragged him to the portrait yet again and pointed towards the portrait, "Preetty na?"

Arjun chuckled and kissed her forehead, "Very Pretty!"

She held his hand and motioned towards the two frames of his left; he stepped closer and realized that he hadn't noticed them before. 

The first one depicted two figures; an elderly man, in an army uniform with his arms wrapped around a dimpled Riya in her graduation robes!

Arjun couldn't help but smile at the picture; her smile had actually reached her eyes; he'd never seen her so happy. 
He wondered who it could be and turned to his daughter; she seemed to understand his confusion and pointed towards the picture, "Yeh Nanu hain.. aur woh Mumma.."

He smiled and looked up at Riya, who looked away; however something held his gaze. She still had his silver chain on! 
He hadn't realized when Ariya had tugged at his sleeve; his mind had drifted back to the moment when he had put it on her, moments before he had claimed her body and soul!!

Ariya's words fell on his ears and he snapped out of his reverie; he looked up at her quizzically to make sure if he'd heard right. 
She lifted his chin and made him face her; "Papa.. woh dekhiye, Ariya ke Mumma aur Papa.."

Arjun's eyes darted off towards the painting within a fraction of a second; there it was; a picture of them, taken on their wedding day!!

 Riya dressed in a pink georgette saree, with her happiness evident from the twinkle in her eyes, while Arjun stood behind her, with his arms wrapped around her waist.

He felt something tug at his heart and clenched his eyes shut! Riya saw him do that and mistook it for his anger.

They had a quiet dinner, with Ariya eating out of her father's plate, while Arjun lovingly fed her. 
Riya had cleared the kitchen and had walked out into the living room to carry Ariya to bed; the sight in front of her froze her. 

Arjun was singing a lullaby to Ariya, patting her head, while she smiled and rested on his shoulder!

She felt the familiar stinging sensation in a corner of her heart, yet, steadied herself before she could face him. 
She held out her hands to take carry Ariya and was rewarded by a glare shot her way.

Arjun had walked past her and climbed upstairs. He neatly tucked her into bed and walked out leaving the bedside lamp on.

She saw him descending the stairs and sighed inwardly; she knew he wouldn't let her escape without answers this time. 

To her surprise, Arjun walked to the couch, grabbing a glass of water and settled against the cushions. She walked to the window and leaned against it.

Arjun glanced at her and decided it was about time!

He cleared his throat, alerting her; she walked to the couch and sat down next to him.

He turned to face her and spoke, "Toh, kiss naam se bulayoon tumhe; kyunki tum meri Riya toh ho nahi, hai na?"

She was shocked at the indifference in his voice, and hung her head, "Kya fark padta hai, aap yahi samjhiye ki main Riya hi hoon.."

His blood boiled at her audacity; he inhaled a sharp breath and glared at her,
"Itne saal mujhe meri beti se door kyun rakha?"

Riya fought back her tears and walked to the window, "Majboori thi!"

Something snapped within him and he reached her in two steps; he spun her around abruptly and grabbed her arm, 
"Enough of your lies! Ab tum chupchap mere sawalon ke jawab dogi.. Aur iss baar, koi kahani nahi; sirf sach!"

She flinched at his words momentarily and stood still. He grabbed her other shoulder and yanked her close to himself, "Kyun chali gayi thi, tum?"

Riya mustered her voice and whispered, "Mera farz mujhe aapse door le gaya.."

Arjun let go of her shoulder and grabbed her wrist; she looked on confused and before she knew it, he had twisted it behind her back. 
She swallowed her gasp and clenched her eyes shut.

He spat out yet again, "Farz, my foot! Tum ho kaun? Ek behrupiya, jo naam badalkar meri zindagi mein aayi aur phir ek din mujhe dhoka dekar chali gayi.."

He twisted her arm a bit harder and whispered close to her ears, "Who the hell are you?!"

She winced in pain and bit her lip preventing her sobs from escaping; his words hurt her more than the grip on her arm.

He saw her not responding to him and pulled her closer, crashing her against his chest,

"Tumhare baare mein toh pata nahi, but I had loved you! I really did..
Aur tum bass ek din aise hi sab chodkar chali gayi.. Ek baar bhi tumhe mera khayal nahi aaya?"

She gritted her teeth and balled her fists, the pain was getting unbearable; she had to put an end to it or it would end up consuming them!

She prepared herself for his wrath, mustered courage from every single cell of her body and freed herself from his grip.

She stepped back a couple of steps and glared at him,
'Nahi.. nahi aaya, mujhe aapka khayal.. Aap samajhte kyun nahi hain, mujhe kissi ka khayal nahi hai.. Toh kya hua agar maine apni zindagi ka faisla apne hisaab se liya.. So what!!

He stood there motionless as her words fell on his ears; he couldn't believe his ears, 'Had he really lost his Riya?'

She stepped close to him, "Aur aap kis pyaar ki baat kar rahein hain? 
Pyaar.. Aapne kabhi mujhse pyaar kiya hi nahi.. Agar kiya hota, toh teen saal nahi lagate mujhe dhoondhne mein.."

She cursed herself mentally as every word escaped her mouth; she needed him to hate her! 
She needed to kill Riya, for Lavanya to be back. 
She was aware that she was trampling over his innocent heart yet again; but she needed to do it; his heart needed to be numb! 

Or he would shatter completely and would never be able to compose himself again!

Arjun looked on with a blank face as her words slowly relayed to his brain; he struggled for words and managed to whisper a single word, "Riyaa'"  

She dug her nails into her soft palms, and attempted to gain strength from her pain; 
No! He had to stop calling me that! "

"Main Riya nahi hoon.. Nahi hoon main aapki Riya! Itni si baat aapki samajh mein nahi aati..

Your love, your concern was all a farce! You never loved me; you married me coz you wanted to! 
You kept me as your wife, because you needed a woman to satisfy your huge ego; 
you needed a woman to take care of your house, while you were busy throwing away your life each day..

You needed a woman to heal your pain after your wife had died! You.."

Arjun stood there trying to make sense of her words; every nerve in his body throbbed when she'd humiliated their relationship. 

A surge of rage shot through him, when she ridiculed his love for her; he balled his fists to resist himself from breaking something down!

And then he heard her mention Roshni; that was the last straw! 

He spun around and grabbed her by her shoulders and pinned her against the wall.

She flinched at his touch and that angered him further,
"You think, I never loved you? You think I used you? Tum mere baare mein itna ghatiya soch bhi kaise sakti ho, Riya?"

She clenched her eyes shut and grabbed the scissors from the nearby table.. She held the pointed end of the scissors and dug it into her palm wounding herself.

She couldn't hurt him anymore; Why was he being stubborn?! He still called her Riya; after all she had done and said! She couldn't take it anymore.. She had to put an end to it!

One move; one masterstroke and he would let go of her willingly; she sent out a quick prayer begging the heavens to forgive her; for her next words were going to ruin everything!

She wriggled in his arms and gripped the sharp end of the scissors tighter; she felt blood ooze out of her palm and sighed.

Riya glared at him and looked him in the eye, 
"Kyun, sach kadva laga aapko, ACP Arjun? 

Pyaar karte the aap mujhse, toh aapki beti bhi aapke pyaar ki hi nishaani hogi, kyun?"

Arjun looked on bewildered with the fact that she had actually dragged their daughter in the midst of the ugly fight; he had just parted his lips to respond to her when her next words kicked him in the guts!

"Pyaar.. my foot!

You know what I think of her; mere liye woh aapke pyaar ki nishani nahi, sirf ek kamzor pal ki nishani hai jab main emotions mein beh gayi thi..

Mere liye Ariya sirf ek responsibility thi; ek bojh, jo main pichle chaar saalon se dhoh rahi hoon..

Aur isiliye, maine aapko yahan bulvaya hai.. Ab lijiye apni beti ko aur chale jaiye yahan se; mujhe iss aakhri zimmedaari se bhi azaad karke!"

She felt the blood trickling down her wrist and pressed herself into the wall behind her; she had finally managed to kill Riya; the mother and the wife! 
He would never forgive her for this!

Arjun stood motionless, his hands slowly trailed down her shoulders and hung to his sides; her words reverberated in his ears. 
Every moment spent with her flashed in front of him and then he heard his angel's voice, 'Papa!'

Blind rage shot through him and he grabbed her by her arms; she looked into his red eyes; he was infuriated! 
She dropped the scissors to the floor and looked away, not being able to withstand the fury in his eyes.

He roughly fisted her hair, raising her face to meet his, 
"You ridiculed my love for you, I stayed mum; but you shouldn't have dragged my daughter into this!"

She flinched when she felt his fingers digging into her waist, "You think Ariya was a mistake; a mere responsibility!! You think I took advantage of you; I.. I used you?!"

And before she could fathom his next move, he had captured her lips; she wriggled in his arms struggling to get away; and gave up helplessly when he refused to soften his vice-like grip on her waist.

He kissed her brutally, nipping and bruising her soft lips; she even tasted her own blood! 

He yanked her away from himself, couple of minutes later and threw her on the couch; as he ran his fingers through his damp hair.

She hit her head against the armrest of the couch; her fingers flew to her bruised lips and her eyes popped out wide! 
She had just realized that he had ripped her gown in the process of hurting her.

He shot her a disgusted look and spat out, "So, do you feel the difference? Well now you know how it feels to be used!!"

Arjun spun around and punched the wall in frustration; she gathered herself up and made her way up the stairs.

He heard the door shut and fell on his knees, 
'What had he just done?! 
He had insulted her; the woman he loved more than his life; his own wife! 

It didn't matter anymore if she'd believed in their relationship; he had! And now he had ruined everything!!

His eyes fell on the scissors lying on the floor; he swiftly grabbed them and saw blood droplets on the blades; he looked around and saw a few blood stains on the couch and on his shirt.

He flung the scissors in a far corner of the room as he realized that she had hurt herself on purpose, punishing herself for having hurt him!

He threw his head back in frustration and happened to glance at Riya and Ariya's smiling pictures on the wall; his mind drifted back to the scene few hours back when Riya had sobbed latching on to Ariya..

He groaned in frustration, 'those emotions in her eyes weren't fake! He had witnessed it himself; Riya loved her deeply!

He fished out her letter from his wallet and swiftly unfolded it..

'Lekin aap yeh mat samjhiyega, ki main ya humara rishta, ek dhoka tha.. 
Absolutely not! You were the best thing that ever happened to me..' 
'Aapse milkar main dobara jee uthi'

'Jaate jaate, aapse bass itna hi kehna hai ki, please try to hate me; coz I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of having broken your heart! '
'I've only ever loved you and will love you until I breathe my last!'
'Your name is etched on my heart forever; yet, I hope that you're able to erase mine from yours.'
'Aap humesha meri duaon mein rahenge..'

'Ummeed karti hoon, ki hum kissi aur duniya mein dobara milenge'

He gritted his teeth in agony, Riya!!! He had been such a fool!

Something was indeed bothering her; he needed to know.. 
He needed to act fast, before she had destroyed herself!'

He had witnessed her turmoil four years back and had been unable to stop her from leaving him. 
She had left him, destroying a part of herself!

He shuddered as the thought crossed his mind, what was he about to lose now?!!

Okay! I have to stop now!!  
Well, do leave behind your reviews.. Waiting to hear from you.. Smile 
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