Ariya SS: Tere pyaar mein.. Fanaa..(Epilogue)16/11

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Hey Pankhas, I'm back with another SS on the lovely couple.. Hug

Well, this one's going to be very different from all my previous works; you'll know why!!
It's going to be a intense; I apologise in advance! Ouch

Was listening to this beautiful song and the idea crossed my mind.. Simply had to pen it down! Big smileEmbarrassed

It'll be a 2-part Short Story! Part 2 will be updated wither tomorrow or max by Thursday.. Smile

P.S. : I just realised it's my 10th work on Ariya.. Dancing

Sit back and enjoy dearies.. Big smileWink


                  'Tere Dil Mein Meri Saanson Ko Panah Mil Jaaye
                 Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaaye'

Chapter 1

As the howling wind swayed the majestic pine trees in the valley, both stood still, with their guns aimed at each other's hearts. 
A trigger pressed, and the fable would come to an end!

His body stiffened as he saw her fingers curl around the semiautomatic Caliber .45. Gripping his revolver tighter, he held it in place, not willing to make the first move.

She glanced up at him through moist eyes; blood was dripping down his forehead, his lips had slightly chapped due to the freezing cold and his glistening black orbs were fixed on hers. 

There was something devilishly handsome about the man in front of her; something that made her heart skip a beat each time she set eyes on him.

She stood still, not wanting the moment to come to a dreadful end. She clenched her eyelids shut and prayed; begging for a few more moments of bliss with him; her life, her love, her husband!

He let his eyes wander over her shivering form; her long wavy hair braided neatly with not a single strand of hair straying on her forehead. 

Her eyes were shut; yet she seemed to be far from peace! A trail of hot tears trickled down her rosy cheeks; his silver chain and locket lay entangled with the black-beaded chain against her sleek black leather overcoat. His eyes darted off to the glistening red mark in the parting of her hair and his heart swelled with pride at the woman in front of him.

There she was with her gun aimed at his heart; donned with the revered mangalsutra and sindoor, a constant reminder of the sacred bond uniting them. He loosened his grip on his gun and gazed at her; his love, his soulmate, his wife!


*Arjun's POV*

He had met her during a hostage rescue mission; she had been one of the 140 passengers on the hijacked Mumbai - Delhi flight. 

ACP Arjun Rawte had been in-charge of the rescue mission back then; he had freed the live hostages safely and had been returning to the Airport foyer when his eyes fell on a crying girl. 

She sat there, with her head buried between her knees, sobbing hysterically; not being able to contain his curiosity, Arjun had walked to her only to have her fling her arms around him. 

Having consoled her, he had figured out that she had lost her father during the hijack; she had been orphaned.

Arjun had brought her to the police headquarters and having entrusted her responsibility to an NGO, he had bid farewell to her. 

Their paths crossed again a few times in the future; they had gone from being mere acquaintances to friends in a short span of time. 

He had fallen for her innocence, her dimpled smiles and her eyes that spoke volumes. It had been hardly a matter of time, before he had proposed to her, only to have her as his legally wedded wife; his soulmate!

His friend and colleague, ACP Rathod, the ever-vigilant cop had warned him against it numerous times; Rathod had suspected her intentions since the day she had stepped into Arjun's life. He'd often voiced out his concerns to Arjun only to be silenced by his unconditional love and trust for her.

A year had passed by; they were just like any other couple. He worked day and night to earn a living, while she took care of his house. She had showered him with love and fulfilled her duties towards him flawlessly.

One year into their marriage, and he had started noticing a few changes in her mannerisms. She would get violent all of a sudden, shut herself up and had even threatened to walk away if he probed further into the matter. 

He had seen her struggling to live with each passing day; it appeared as if she was fighting her inner demons! 

Arjun had been greatly distressed about the sudden alterations in her, yet had avoided a confrontation; since he'd known that it would only add to her woes. He had stepped back, providing her with the much-needed space.

He had returned home one night after a tedious day at work, only to find her missing!
He had scanned the entire house like a madman only to find that she was gone!
She had left behind all her belongings and a note for him,

'Dear Arjun,

Please try to forgive me.. Mujhe maaf kar dijiyega.. Maine zindagi bhar aapka saath nibhane ka vaada kiya tha, lekin ab mujhe jaana hoga, aapse kiya hua har vaada todkar..

Lekin aap yeh mat samjhiyega, ki main ya humara rishta, ek dhoka tha.. 
Absolutely not! You were the best thing that ever happened to me.. 

Aapse milkar main dobara jee uthi; lekin unn khushiyon ke nashe mein ek baat ko nazar andaaz kar gayi..  Mujhe khush hone ka, zindagi jeene ka, khushiyaan chun ne ka koi haq nahi hai..

It's time to leave; Meri zindagi meri apni nahi hai; there is too much at stake, I have to go!

Jaate jaate, aapse bass itna hi kehna hai ki, please try to hate me; coz I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of having broken your heart! 

I've only ever loved you and will love you until I breathe my last!

Main yahan se, aapki zindagi se humesha ke liye jaa toh rahi hoon, lekin aapko kabhi bhula nahi paaongi; kyunki koi saansein lena nahi bhool sakta, hai na? 

Your name is etched on my heart forever; yet, I hope that you're able to erase mine from yours.

Aap humesha meri duaon mein rahenge.. Shayad iss duniya mein humara saath bass yahin tak ka tha.. Ummeed karti hoon, ki hum kissi aur duniya mein dobara milenge.. 

Tab tak ke liye, Alvida..
Forever Yours,
Riya. '

His world had come crashing down in a matter of a few minutes; she had left him forever! 

He had been traumatized initially, drowned himself in sorrow and cursed his fate for having snatched away his second chance at love. 

However, the cop in him had taken over the distraught husband and he had scanned nearly half of the country for a trace of her; visited her friends, only to stumble upon the greatest deception of his life..

The innocent girl, his beloved wife, Riya Mukherjee had never existed! 

There was absolutely no record of her existence; she had disappeared into thin air!

Arjun had given up a few months later and had come to terms with her betrayal. 
Yet, he could never bring himself to hate her! 

Her last written words to him, a constant reminder of her treachery had failed to convince him. 

He had known all along that she was being framed; there was something more than what met the eye; yet he was rendered helpless!

4 years later, he had received a phone call from the Secret Services informing him of a message intercepted via radio. 

He had found it weird at first and had paid them a visit, only to be kicked in the guts! There it was, two lines flashed on the screen; it was unmistakable.

"ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte, Aurat ki kabiliyat par agar ab bhi shaq hai toh humse miliye.. Aapka intezaar rahega..
Samjhe ya, Samjhaun?"

His senses had numbed; she was back! 

He had had the co-ordinates traced to a town in Kashmir and had rushed there like a madman, only to find a school standing on the grounds. 

The staff had identified her as a certain Mrs. Rawte, the head-mistress of the school; stunning him. 

As per their statements, she had arrived in the valley nearly four years ago, seeking refuge.

The late head-master of the school had offered her a teacher's job and had sheltered her; she had soon charmed everyone with her innocence and her jovial nature. 

The responsibility of the school had been bestowed upon her by a consensus reached by the staff and the management.

He had inquired about her family and had stumbled upon yet another truth; she had a daughter, Ariya!!

He had barged into her house only to find that she'd been away on a tour and would be back a day later.  Arjun had waited anxiously for her to be back and she had indeed returned one night!

*Riya's POV*

Riya Mukherjee aka, Lavanya Kashyap was the only daughter of a widower and an army-man, Major. Vikram Kashyap.

Her mother had died soon after her birth, leaving her alone with a father who doted on her. 

She had been accompanying him on a trip back to her home-town Dehradun, when the tragedy had struck! 

Her father was gunned down by masked men, right in front of her eyes as she stood there motionless. 

She had been rescued by a young officer, few hours later.

He had comforted her and had offered her a shelter to live in.

Being a research analyst with the country's premier Intelligence Agency, herself, Lavanya had probed further into her father's death. 

She found it hard to believe to accept the fact that her father had been the only victim in the whole hijacking incident. It appeared to her as if the incident had been staged just to get rid of him. 

She had researched further, yet had reached dead ends. One fine day, she had realized that if her suspicions had indeed been right, her father's murderers would come looking for her. 

She wasn't afraid of death; but she vowed to herself to not rest in peace until she had avenged her father's death! 

She had changed her identity and had transformed herself into a shy, docile Riya Mukherjee!

But destiny seemed to have other plans for her; she had met this young officer, ACP Arjun and had been drawn towards him, only to realise that life wasn't really dark after all!

She had accepted his proposal and married him and had since then, been his wife.

He had showered her with his love and trust; and that had pricked her conscience several times.

She knew that she was betraying him by keeping him in the dark; yet an unknown fear overshadowed her guilt.  

She had just found her share of happiness; Arjun meant the world to her; she couldn't risk losing him!

During one of her secret conversations with her father's former colleagues, she had stumbled upon a truth, which had devastated her! 

Her father had been very close to unearthing a treachery within the Army; he had suspected the presence of spies within his men and had been investigating the matter.

The truth had shaken her and had threatened to reawaken Lavanya Kashyap from the shadows!

She felt torn between her duties as a slain man's daughter, awaiting justice and being the beloved wife of a doting husband who had become the center of her universe. 

Having made up her mind and after a lot of contemplation; Lavanya Kashyap had finally won over Riya Mukherjee!!

She had drafted a letter voicing out her inner turmoil and had left him with a heavy heart, never to look back.

She had met up with her father's colleagues and had been very close to fulfilling her father's incomplete tasks, when a revelation had shaken her to the core; 
a part of Arjun was nestled within her, she was carrying his child!

She yearned to return back to him and had even considered abandoning her father's unfinished work.

However, she wasn't sure if she deserved him anymore; she had hurt him beyond repair!

She had knowingly trespassed the boundaries of the sacred bond that had bound them together for eternity. 

And hence had given up on the thought; staying away from him would now be her salvation!

She had found refuge at a school run by a kind monk and had given birth to their daughter. 

One look at her newborn daughter, and Riya had broken down for the first time ever since she'd left him.

Their daughter was a replica of Arjun; she had his heart-searing eyes, which seemed to question her each time she laid her eyes on her angel. 

Her resolve had faltered with each passing day as she watched her daughter grow up without a father; a father who was clueless of her existence!

She had showered her daughter with love, shielding her from every malice in the world and had transformed into Riya, for good. 

She had donned her mangalsutra and sindoor each day, a constant reminder of the fact that she still belonged to him. 

She had even kept a track of his promotions and achievements within the police force and had been extremely proud of her husband; her love and respect for Arjun multiplied with each passing day!

3 years later, Riya had been contacted by someone from the Intelligence Agency, she previously used to work for. 

Upon investigation, she had laid her hands on a series of clues hinting towards a huge conspiracy being hatched within the country's security forces and the agent within her had arisen once again. This was the very opportunity that she'd been waiting for; her father would get justice!

However, she was now bound by motherhood; she couldn't throw away her life for the sake of avenging her father's death or fulfilling her duties towards her country. And then there was Arjun; who knew nothing about her past life!

The thought of her daughter's safety and her future frightened her often; so much so that she had even considered letting go of the past and embracing a peaceful life, for once.

Yet, something pricked at her conscience each time she glanced at herself in the mirror; she couldn't live with it anymore. 

She had finally decided to resume her duty and devote her life to her country; she knew her father would be proud of her, and so would Arjun!

Maybe, it was time for her to face him and besides she needed to entrust him with their daughter!

She had transmitted a message across to Arjun via the Secret Services database; assured of the fact that he would definitely track her down.

She walked into the gates cradling Ariya in her arms, when her eyes fell on him!

Phew!! Long one indeed.. So, how's it?? It's different, right?? Wink

There'll be another part to this one! I hope you guys like it.. Awaiting your reviews eagerly!! SmileSmile

Oh and btw, criticism is welcome as always!! Smile

Chapter 1: Pg. 1

Chapter 2: Pg. 6

Chapter 3: Pg. 12

Chapter 4: Pg. 17

Chapter 5: Pg. 23 (LAST)

Farewell Note: Pg. 28

Epilogue: Pg. 29

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My Ariya works.. Big smile

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Wonderful start ...& the song itself has a power to hook listener and make them drown in it & the story too, I'm already hoooked with Ur FF, eagerly awaiting for the next part(I know its up)!!!

FF Title really goes with Ariya's situation, have beautifully described the characters emotions, Riya's struggle to choose her love or the duty as a daughter.

thnx for the PM

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really nice... different nd intresting plot... continue soon..

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Avantika, no words yaar, you out do yourself every time. I happen to love that song, it is just the most fantastic song, so I can understand your inspiration.Clap

Can't wait to find out what happened for them to pull a gun on each other and what will happen at the end.

Needless to say loved this one too. Please update soon.

Thanks for the PM.

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totally different

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Why did u stop? So intense omg she changed identities and for a year hid it from arjun awwrrr
Awesome concept
Poor Riya/Lavanya torn between her duty of a daughter and her duties of a wife and mother
Update soon and pm me please
Thanksz x

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interesting and different, pm me when you update x

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Different, but great...

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