Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:KMH2-Mohabbat restart ;) Pt27 Pg140 (22/12) (Page 6)

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@jaya di,spamming karo spamming. Aa jayega pink.:) i want violet.

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@mannu,pehle pink to le le

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Nai direct purple plz

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Part 1

Arohi was rushing, the tall tiffin in one hand and her purse in another. She stopped in her tracks and hit the back of her hand to her forehead. Turning around she rushed back to her car, put her purse on the roof and locked the car. Double checking the locks, she picked up her purse and started rushing towards the hospital again. In her hurry, she failed to notice big black shiny familiar sedan enter the parking lot, turning in to the parking space, a few cars away.

Arohis mom looked up to see arohi enter the room with her tiffin. Arohi smiled at her mom before looking at the sleeping form of her daddu. He was the same as she saw him yesterday. He looked so serene and at peace, lying on the bed, with many tubes attached to his body and machines beeping around him.

"Doctor saab ne kya kaha??" Arohi asked her mom, setting up the table for her mom to eat her lunch.

"Ab kaafi sudhaar aaya hai. Pehle se jyaada taaqat aagayi hai unme. Bas sirf uthne ki deri hai." Arohis mom placed her hand gently on her father-in-laws hand, as if assuring him of her presence and support. She believed that he's seeing and hearing everything even though he can't react.

The doctors had confirmed that Kartar Singh Ahluwalia has slipped into coma. His mind was sharp and his body was alert for a person his age, the only reason due to which he had survived the fatal gun shot. But a human body had limitations, and his has decided to rest for a while before actively taking over the moral burdens that his family and society would impose on him again.

Amrit Ahluwalia could not tear her eyes from his face. Willing him to open his eyes and smile at her. To tell her that everything will be fine, he will make everything fine, as always. To guide her, advise her, pacify her that her daughter will be happy again, she will laugh again. It was difficult for Amrit to see her Bauji, the person whom she had faith n trust in, almost as much as god, lying on a hospital bed, helpless and wounded. She needed him, his family needed him. Without him, they were like a ship without a captain.  Most of all arohi needed her daddu.

"Chalo maa... Khana kha lo." Arohis voice interrupted Amrits thoughts. Wiping a lone tear from the corner of her eye, she got up from the bed side and moved to the small table in the corner of the room.

Arohi was busy serving food to her mother when a hand on her wrist stopped her actions. "Tuney khaaya beta?" Amrits voice was laced with worry and concern for her only child.

"Nani mom. Mein lovedeep bua ke saath jaake khaaungi. She's waiting for me. Socha pehle aapko khana khila du." Arohi placed her hand on top of her mothers and smiled, trying to assure her that she's fine.

But Amrit knew her daughter very well. She could easily make out her "I am fine" act that arohi had been putting up for the past few days now. Aisa kya kiya tha arohi ne jiske liye itni bada sazaa di jaa rahi hai usse. She had just fallen in love, like every normal girl dreams of. Only she had fallen in love with the wrong man... But was he really that wrong? Her heart still refused to accept the facts. She still could not believe that Arjun would shoot her Bauji. But how can the entire family be wrong, plus there was evidence against him. But then was Arohis faith in him wrong? She had said Arjun was with her when Bauji was shot. Will she lie to protect her love? If she did lie, didn't she realize that she's lying against the very man who has taught her to live her life with honesty and integrity? No, arohi would never lie, she was her daddus daughter. But then does that mean Arjun is innocent? If so then why was his gun found with his finger prints on it? What had happened for Arjun to leave his love and go back to the Singhanias? Too many thoughts and questions plagued Amrits mind giving her a headache.

She sat down and began eating the food, watching arohi sit near her daddu, taking his hand in her own. With food going down her throat and her eyes fixed on Arohi, Amrits mind had drifted off to a memory not so long ago.


"What is this Arjun... Mujhe laga tha ki tum shaadi karne ke liye tayaar ho." Arohi frowned.

"Of course mein tayar hu stupid. Main kaunsa keh raha hu tum mein crorepati banne tak intezaar karo. Bas mujhe ek direction miljaaye ki mein kya karna chahta hu life mein."

"Wo to tum shaadi ke baad bhi kar sakte ho. Usske liye shaadi kyu postpone karni hai???"

"Baat ko samjho Arohi. Shaadi karke mein tumhe kaha le jaunga? Mein tumahre saath yaha toh nahi reh sakta na? 3-4 din on ki to baat hai. Tab tak mein decide kar lunga ki mujhe kya karna hai."

"Bhai Hume toh koi aitraaz nahi hai. Baaki baat rahi Arohi ki, toh usse tum samjhaalo." Sudhir smiled at his son-in-law.

"Thanks" Arjun smiled back. "Arohi... Tum mere saath chalo." Arjun dragged Arohi outside her parents bedroom.

Sudhir Ahluwalia turned towards his wife. "Arohi thik hi kehti thi. Arjun se achha ladka usse nahi mil sakta tha." Amrit smiled,  feeling proud and content. She pushed the thought of Arjuns mother to the back of her mind. Right now, she was happy for her daughter that she chose a life partner like Arjun.


Amrits hand stopped with a morsel at her mouth. How could they have been so wrong!!!


"Arjun, tumhe aane ki koi zarurat nahi thi. Mom haina mere saath. Aur waise bhi ye ek regular check up hai. I'm fine"

"No Rashi di... Mein pehle bhi aapko bohat neglect kar chuka hu. Your health is my responsibility now. Waise bhi mujhe doctor se kuch baat karni hai."

Rashi knew better than to argue with her stubborn brother. She looked at his majestic form as he strode inside the hospital in his blazer, as if he owns the hospital. His rock solid aura challenging anyone who would dare to come in his way. As if on cue, staff, visitors, patients moved aside making way for this arrogant man who was followed by his mother and sister.

It had been two weeks since Arjun was home. And she had seen him struggle everyday to keep his emotions in check and function as mechanically as possible. For everyone the old Arjun Singhania was back. But only she knew that he cannot be the same anymore. He missed her, she could clearly see it. But then why wasn't he with her? What made him come back to the place which he had left willingly to start a life of honesty and integrity? To come back to a man who had used him, played with his emotions, only for the sake of his business interests? Aakhir aisa kya hua jisse Arjun ne usska dil tod diya jisne usspe sabse jyaada bharosa kiya tha. Jo usske liye apni poori family ke khilaaf khadi hogayi thi! Rashi had tried asking him, tried to make him talk but Arjun had maintained silence on this topic. He had declared that he doesn't want to talk about Arohi and that her name should not be even mentioned in the house. Even dadi had not dared to ask him WHY!

"Rashi beta... Doctor is calling us inside. Chalen?" Kumud placed her hands on Rashi's shoulders and guided her in the cabin.


Arohi packed up the empty lunch box neatly as her mother watched her.

"Arohi... Puttar tu thik toh haina?" Amrits eyes searched her daughters face for signs that she could read, assuring her that Arohi is content, if not happy.

"Haan mom. Mein thik hu. Lekin jab tak daddu thik nai hojate mein khush kaise ho sakti hu. I just wish woh ek baar hosh mein  aajaye aur mujhe pukaare." Arohi looked at her mom with tears in her eyes.

"Tu fikar mat kar puttar... Rab ne sab kuch thik kar dena hai. Dekh lena... Bauji bohat jaldi thik hoke ghar wapas aayenge, hum sab ke saath, hum sab ke paas." She cupped Arohis cheek in her palm and smiled. Arohi grabbed her moms hand and gave her a watery smile.

"Ab tu jaa beta. Tujhe bhi to khana khana haina. Chal mein tujhe bahar tak chodke aati hu."

Arohi grabbed the tiffin and her purse and stepped out of the room. She turned right in the corridor towards the exit and froze.


His foot was tapping on the floor impatiently. 'Why is it taking so long? It's just a routine check up she said.' Arjun frowned as thoughts plagued his mind. He could not seem to sit patiently on the metal bench outside the doctors cabin. After asking innumerable questions to the doctor, which rashi referred to as third degree interrogation, the doctor has asked Arjun to wait outside while she did a physical examination of his sister.

"She seems emotionally and psychologically stable now. However, instances like these can take a toll on a womans mind and she needs time to cope up with them. Looking at Rashi I can say that she is strong, and with the love and support of her family she has done excellent progress. However, her state of mind is still fragile and any kind of undue stress can reverse the progress she's made. So i will advice u to avoid stressful issues in her presence and try to make her happy, give her whatever she asks for. Do not deny her anything unless it's completely unreasonable. You never know what is contributing in making her stable and stronger day by day."

Arjun let out a sigh of satisfaction. The doctor had been kind and frank to tell them the entire situation. He knew his sister was mentally strong, stronger than all the Singhanias put together. But he knew the one reason who had a huge share in bringing her back to normal... Raj. This child was truly an angel... A gift from god. He had brought laughter into the otherwise dull and boring Singhania house. Rashis affection towards him and the doctors advice were the reasons why Raj was still allowed to stay in the house, despite Kumuds demands to send him back in boarding. He had brought Rashi out of her shell, he had even played Cupid between him and Arohi.

Arjuns jaw clenched at the thought of Arohi. She was with her family now, where she belonged. Raj had still not learned to live without her, every other day demanding to meet her, asking Arjun to bring her back home. Two days ago Arjun had finally lost it and screamed at Raj to stop his childish demands. His son had cowered at his fathers rage, hiding in his Rashi moms lap. Dadi and Rashi di had given him an earful for it, but he wanted Raj to understand and accept the facts as soon as possible. He did not want to give him false hopes. In a way Rashi and Raj, both were healing each other, helping each other to move on. In the same way that he had moved on... Had he?

Finding his thoughts running recklessly towards the one person he wanted to avoid, Arjun stood up from the bench to barge inside the cabin and demand to know about his sisters health. But his feet turned into lead as his eyes clashed across hers, standing at the end of the corridor, staring at him as if she'd seen a ghost.

Amrit turned in the corridor leading to the exit when she saw her daughter standing immobile. She went near her to ask her, instead her eyes following Arohis gaze to the object that had caught her attention. As if on cue, Rashi and Kumud stepped out of the doctors cabin to notice Arjun standing rigid, his jaw clenched staring at his wife... Ex wife. Rashi noticed that Arohi had lost weight, on the outside she looked fine, but the lustre on her pretty face and the shine in her mischievous eyes lost somewhere.

Out of all the awkward and unwanted situation that Kumud had ever been in, this one definitely took the cake. She rolled her eyes watching the silent eye lock between Arjun and Arohi. Throwing caution to the wind, Rashi stepped closer to Amrit and Arohi.

"Kartar ji kaise hai?" She looked at Amrit, who was the only person who had seemed to acknowledge her question. Arohi still stared ahead.

Amrit smiled at her. "Thik hai. Tum kaisi ho?" A pang of guilt hit Amrit on remembering that Rashi can never become a mother again. That this innocent child had to go through the most horrible incident of her life, an incident which had occured in their home, under their nose, by one of their own.

Rashi smiled at her. "Mein thik hu aunty." Her gaze shifting between Amrit and Arohi, but Arohi refused to even blink her eyes, which were held captive by Arjuns. The last he had held her gaze like this, his eyes were full of anger, frustration and mostly disappointment. As if he had been let down, denied by life and god to live the way he wanted, let down by her. The Arjun Singhania, who was in complete control of everything, had for once handed over the reins of his life in the hands of someone else and had been terribly disappointed.


"Tum yaha kya karrahi ho? Suna nahi judge saahab ne kya kaha... Mein ek khooni hu aur mujhe umar kaid ki sazaa hui hai!!! Ab tum kuch nahi kar sakti."

"Aise mat kaho Arjun. Hum koi na koi rasta nikal lenge."

"Maine apna rasta dhoond liya hai Arohi. Tumhari baat sunke maine tumhare iss kanoon aur insaaf pe bharosa karke dekh liya. Lekin mujhe kya mila? Tumhare liye Maine apne dad se rishta tod diya. Wo dad jinhone  mujhe ek zindagi di. Ek anaath bachhe ko ghar diya, parivar diya. Aur Maine unhe kya diya? Disappointment... That's all I gave him Arohi. Only for you and our so-called better future. But where is that future Arohi??? I think it's time we accept that WE are from two different worlds and we can never have a future together."

"Even ive stood up against my family for you Arjun. But I've not lost hope, I know that if we fight, we will win." She grasped at his hands which were holding the bars of his cell. "Don't give up on us Arjun. If we are together than we can make anything possible." Arohi desperately tried to reason with him.

"Fine Arohi. I won't give up on us..."

Arohi smiled, only to be shocked by his next words.

"Then come with me. Dad is getting the lawyer today to take my statement. After a few days my dad will make sure that I'm out of this hell. Come with me to Singhania house. To make things right it's not necessary that I've to stay in jail or bear this punishment. We can still be together."

Arohis hands left Arjuns. "Tum jhootha case banake apne aap ko begunah saabit karoge???" She stared at Arjun in shock.

"Sach bolke kaunsa begunah saabit hua hu! Mujhe laga tha ab tak tum ye baat samajh chuki hogi."

"Mein jhooth ka saath kabhi nahi dungi. Mein apne daddu ki beti hu..."

"Aur tum hamesha wohi rahogi, Kartar Singh Ahluwalia ki poti. Aur mein... Rudra Pratap Singhania ka beta. We belong to different worlds. We cannot make a world of our own even if we try. Because we will always to linked to our families."

Arohi wiped her tears with the back of her hands. "Thik hai Arjun. Agar yahi tumhara faisla hai to yehi sahi. Shayad Maine galti kardi ye sochke ke tum badal gaye ho... Ke tum mere liye badal sakte ho."

"Aur mujhe bhi laga tha ki tum mere liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho. Agar mein apna parivar apna ghar chod sakta hu to tum bhi mere liye wohi karogi. Lekin tum apne daddu ke usool nahi chod sakti.. Ye dekhne ke baavjood ki jhooth aur paise ki taaqat ke saamne unka koi mol nahi."

"Enough!!!" Rajveer had silently watched this conversation from a hidden corner. His heart going out for Arohi, overpowering his rage for Arjun. She had made a mistake, a huge mistake by believing him. But hadn't they all made that same mistake? So why should Arohi alone be punished for it? She had suffered enough punishment as it is, staying away from her family, fighting against them for her love. Only to receive rejection and disappointment in the end. But Rajveer had had enough.

He came near Arohi and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Arohi anaath nahi hai ki agar tum usska saath chod doge to who akeli reh jaayegi. She has a family, a real family, not an adopted one." Arjun smirked at Rajveers sarcasm.

"Real ho ya adopted... Family family hoti hai' chachu!" The word chachu rolled on Arjuns tongue in a sarcastic manner, as always. "And in the end it's family that matters and only family, that sticks by you." Arjun looked at Arohi, his eyes filled with anger and disappointment.

"Tumne thik kaha Arjun... Family is the ONLY thing that you can depend on." Arohis tears were running down her cheeks as her chahus hold tightened on her shoulders. She stared at him unable to say anything more. Till rajveer took her away from Arjun, leaving him behind, to finally go back home.


Amrit placed her hand on Arohis shoulder. She blinked and the eye contact was broken.

"Chalen Arjun... Ya pura din yehi khade rehna hai?" Kumud asked impatiently.

Arjun turned around swiftly and marched towards the door, with Rashi and Kumud following him. Rashi turned her head to watch Arohi smile at her mother as she waited for the Singhanias to exit the hospital before she did. To avoid any situation where she would have to face "him" again.


Arjun walked inside his house and headed towards his room.

"Kya kaha doctor ne?" Arjun didn't wait to answer dadis question and started climbing the stairs.

Rashi entered behind Kumud. "Sab thik hai dadi. Fikar karne ki koi baat nahi.".

"Rab ka lakh lakh shukar hai." Dadi smiled, folding her hands in prayer, thanking god. She turned to look at Arjun climbing the stairs and turned to Rashi asking her 'what's wrong' with her eyes. Before Rashi could respond, Kumud spoke up. "Wo kya haina mummyji, hospital mein humein aapki laadli bahu mili thi." Worry laced dadi's eyes as she turned again to see her grandsons suddenly stiff form still marching towards the top.

Rashi moved to place a hand on her shoulder. "Wo shayad aunty ke liye khana leke aayi thi. Kartar ji ki tabiyet Ab better hai, Amrit aunty ne kaha."

"Veerji faulaadi insaan hai. Rab Karen unhe jaldi se hosh aajaye."

Kumud could not help but smirk. "Sachme faulaadi hai... Warna aajtak Arjun ke nishaane se koi bacha nahi hai."

"Wo goli Arjun ne nahi chalayi thi!!!" Dadis voice thundered across the living room. "Mera pota puri duniya se jhooth bol sakta hai, lekin Arohi se nahi. Wo aisi harkat kar hi nahi sakta."

"Agar aisa hai toh kyu aaya wapas apni "arohi" ko chodke? Apni marzi se gaya tha no woh... Kisine zabardasti toh nai ki thi! Aap jitna samajhti hai utna sharif nahi hai aapka pota. Agar woh aur usska pyaar itna hi sachha hota toh woh aaj iss ghar mein nahi hota." Kumud marched towards her room, satisfied for once that her mummyji was finally speechless, nothing to say in defense of her precious grandson.


Arohi was about to start her car when her phone rang.  Before she could say hello, her bua's distressed voice reached her ears.

"Kidhar reh gayi yaar Arohi... Mere pet mein chuhey kabaddi khel rahe hain. Bohat badi galti kardi maine tujhe pehle hospital bhejke. Kalse khana khaa lena fir chali jana."

Arohi smiled at her bua, who had immense patience, except when it came to food, just like her. "Bas nikal rahi hu bua. Aap parosna shuru karo. Mein bas 10 min mein pohachti hu."

"Jaldi aa yaar. Yaha Shefali bhi aayi hui hai, kabse Tera intezar karrahi hai."

Shefali grabbed the phone from love's hands. "Mujhe bhi bhuk lagi hai Arohi. Jaldi aa na please."

"Arre ye koi vrat hai kya ki mujhe dekhe bagair tum dono khana nahi kha sakte. Aap dono shuru karo, mein bas pohach hi rahi hu."

"Lekin itna time kyu laga tujhe? Hospital mein koi handsome doctor mil gaya tha kya??" Shefali teased her smiling.

Arohis smile slipped from her face. After quick goodbye, she cut the call. Here she was trying hard to pull her mind from drifting towards the hospital incident but something or the other made it impossible. She switched on the radio to divert herself and pulled out of the parking lot, heading home. Arohi was a otherwise sharp person, however she again managed to miss out on a car parked nearby, waiting for her to pull out. The lone passenger in the car, watching her every move, her every expression, following her car with his eyes, till he could no longer see it. He puffed on his pipe, instructing the driver to leave the hospital parking lot and follow her. 

NOTE: Since many of you requested everyday updates, im putting the first part up today. Please iski aadat mat daalna LOL i cant promise this will continue, but i will try. I will trying to revive the story and incidents for the first few chapters, hence there may be lots of flashbacks from the show. Many of you may feel that the story is going slow or even boring. If you feel so, please dont hesitate to point it out to me and i will try to increase the pace. 

Also, suggestions for title are welcome, as are  for future plots. Request has been received for Aman-preet and i cant promise but it will be considered Wink

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Me 1st LOL ...! I rock yeah...! Almost in every update of urs im deer to resv 1st *pats on back* LOL Tongue

Okay back to update.
Thoda bhari hogaya but wonderful update. Okay so yeah hua tha. Big smile
Arjun Arohi left their families but arjun cooked up a false statement and came out.
Raj and rashis relationship is so perfect...! They actually heal each other.
Arjun and arohi have become living idols in true sense as for now... Feels like they lost themselves whn they lost eachother Cry
Amrit understands sooo well and that kumud Angry Two mothers but completely different.

U know it's funny how arjun and arohi don't trust theirlove but others do. Like dj rashi and um sure lovedeep dose too.
I hope they understand soon...! Confused

Mindblowing update. I wish like this could have happend in the show I would have gone longer than that without the carp of last 15 days Cry

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I love u di. I wnt to kiss ur hands. Kash cv's ke pas itna dimag hota.
Arjun fir se jhut ke raste pe nikal gaya:O n aru isliye uske sath nehi. Di,aapne pura kmh2 ko hame de diya. Thanx a lot. Plz b bk wid update soon.

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P.s. Di mk it a ff if u cn.

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