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VirMan & TaaRey ff Ishq Wala Love UPDATED (Page 6)

SweetAngels96 Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rockstarriya_26

hey sofia..the ff is amazing ! i love all the couples..virika taarey swaron and virman.. keep updating.. and pm me when you do :)


thnxx Riya n sure I will definitely pm me u!!

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_keertu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 7:34am | IP Logged
loved rey and virat.and bhabi devar relationship.tanni  and manvi are too bubbly.i don't know how rey and virat are going to control them when they fall in love.thanks for the PM.continue soon.

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.PixieBunnie. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Wow...its all couples...

Edited by Dipu_taarey - 08 November 2012 at 8:46am

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SweetAngels96 Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:12am | IP Logged

Maanvi and Taani were in the car when Maanvi's phone rang.

M- jeevika Di!

She said looking at her phone

M- hi Di! Kaisi ho!?

J- main teek hoon. Tum dono kahan ho??

M- Di hum raaste mein hain dont worry hum time pe pohonch jayein ge

J- woh actually maine phone iss liya kiya tha to tell u that aaj Viren ji ka birthday hai

M- what!! Jeeju ka birthday!? Di!!! Now ur telling me!

J- sorry actually main preparations mein bhool gayi

Taani took the phone off Maanvi

T- jeevika Di how could u be so careless??

Maanvi looked at Taani with a surprised look

T- aap itni busy thi ke apni beheno ko phone bhi nahi kar sakti?? Aur viren jeeju ka birthday bhi nahi bataya?!

J- ok ok sorry na. Ab toh aa jao please

T- teek hai teek hai we'r coming. Bye

Taani gave the phone to Maanvi and saw her shocked expression

T- kya??

M- Taani?? This is the first time that Tanya Shikaawat has confronted Di!?

T- acha woh sab choro na. Tell me what shall we do now??

M- haan we need to get a gift

T- lekin ab kaise...

M- haan! Got it! Hum Glamorous World chalte hain!

T- what?? Abhi??

M- haan. Waha se sab kuch milta hai. Clothes, shoes, perfumes etc.

T- haan per woh yahan se kitna door hai

Maanvi sighed

M- taani, dont worry hum time pe pohonch jayein ge. N I'm nt going without jeeju's gift


Virat and Rey were in the car. Virat was driving

R- virat yaar ab kahan se gift laye ga tu?

V- the one and only, Glamorous World

R- what!? Virat u know ke woh Chandigarh ke bahar hai. Its so far

V- I don't care. Main bhai ke liye Chandigarh toh kya, India se bhi bahar ja sakta hoon

Rey sighed

R- wah wah! Kya bhai ka rishta hai! Main toh emotional ho gaya!

He pretended to wipe his tears. Virat lightly punched him on his shoulder

V- ey band kar apna drama! Waise what did u buy for bhai??

Rey raised his eyebrows

R- kyun?? You'll find out in the evening

V- kya yaar. Tu mera best friend hai, atleast tell me

R- nope... You'll find out. Not telling ya

Virat rolled his eyes

After a while the boys reached Glamorous World...

Taani and Maanvi also reached the place. Maanvi got out of the car

M- taani we're here! Chalo!

Without second thought Maanvi ran inside the shop with Taani following her

T- Maanvi ab jaldi jaldi se sab karo we need to go

M- haan haan. First lets see agar yahan koi cheez mere jeeju ke layak bhi hai ya nahi

Taani and Maanvi went to the clothes section while Virat and Rey were in the perfume section which was on the opposite side.

R- yaar virat bhai ke liye kuch sahi cheez le na. Kya yeh perfume??

V- Rey even I'm thinking ke yeh perfume toh ab bohot boring gift hoga na. Then what else??

R- erm...clothes??

V- yeah definitely!! Lets go

Both were about to go when Rey's phone rang

R- yaar Vicky ka phone hai

He looked at Virat

R- virat u go main bas thori der mein aata hoon

V- k hurry back

Rey went outside to attend the call

On the other hand...

T- Maanvi! Look at this! Yeh dress kitni cute hai na??

She was holding a knee length purple dress

M- hum yahan jeeju ka gift lene aaye hain not ur dress!

T- Maanvi plz main yeh try karke aati hoon!

Before Maanvi could say anything, Taani disappeared to the changing room

Maanvi sighed

M- taani yaar!

Virat was now in the clothes section. Virat was on the right side and Maanvi was on the left.

Virat picked up a pair of black baggy jeans and smiled

V- bhai will love it

Just then he saw a girl on his left looking at a navy color blazer

V- a girl in men clothes section??

He looked carefully at the blazer and chuckled

V- obviously iska fashion sense toh bohot bura hai, I think I should help

He went up to her

V- excuse me

Maanvi looked at him

M- yes

V- erm... Do u need any help??

Maanvi looked at him confused?

M- nahi no thanks

V- well tumhare haath mein yeh blazer dekh ke toh lagta hai that u need help
He scoffed

Maanvi looked at him with anger

M- excuse me! Who the hell do u think u are!? Maine tumse koi opinion nahi maangi!

Virat pretended to be scared

V- ok ok! But let me just give u an advice

Maanvi looked away

V- tum apne husband ke liye blazer nahi but koi shirt, jeans wagera wagera lo, u know something casual.

Maanvi folded her arms

M- pehli baat, I'm not married aur doosri baat ke main yeh apne jeeju ke liye le rahi hoon ok??

Virat eyes widened

V- jeeju?? As in brother in law?? Wow! Life mein pehli baar dekha hai koi apne brother in law ke liye kuch le raha hai wah wah!

He clapped his hands

Maanvi got really irritated

M- dekho! I didnt ask for ur opinion so just get lost!

V- hey!

He pointed his finger at her

V- do u even know who I am!!?? I'm Virat Va...

M- I know ur Virat from that stupid band of urs V&R. But here's a shock...I'm not ur fan!! And I hate you!!

She said sarcastically and put his finger down

Virat got confused and wondered

V to himself- ajeeb larki hai yaar...mujhe dekh ke no reaction?? First time I've ever come across such person

M- kahan kho gaye!?

Maanvi said snapping him out of his thoughts

M- o shock laga?? Listen Mr Virat, main un larkio mein se nahi hoon jo apni life tumhare jaise chep ke peeche barbaad karti hain ok?? So please mind your own business

Virat raised an eyebrow

V- really?? Ur nt my fan?? Then y u have my CD in ur hand??

He pointed at the CD which maanvi was holding. Maanvi looked down at the CD and then at virat

M- its nt mine it's my friend's

Virat chuckled

V- yeah right! Toh kahan hai tumhari invisible friend??

He folded his arms. Maanvi got frustrated with his attitude

M- listen tum itne smart banne ki koshish mat karo!

V- wow!! Excuses tum bana rahi ho and ur saying that I'm being smart??

Maanvi sighed

M- look main sachi mein apni friend ke liye yeh CD pakri hai. We were listening to this CD in the car but she's too protective of this CD so she brought it inside with her, and woh changing room mein hai

She explained innocently

Virat smirked, he knew she was telling the truth but he thought to annoy her a little

V- whatever. Tum kitne bhi bahane bana lo I dont care, I know ur crazy about me

He said proudly

Maanvi raised an eyebrow and scoffed

M- excuse me?? Crazy about u?? Are you serious?? Maine aaj tak tumhara koi song nahi suna in fact u never existed for me!

Maanvi rolled her eyes and looked away virat did the same.

Taani came back and went to Maanvi

T- Maanvi main yeh...

She froze as soon as she saw virat. Maanvi looked at her and then at virat then back at taani

M- taani

She shook her by the shoulders but no reaction

M- taani!

T- pinch me

She whispered

M- what?? Shut up taani and stop staring at him

Taani poked Virat's face with her finger and gasped

V- ow!

T- oh my god!! V...v..virat!!! Ur...ur virat from V&R!!!! OMG!!!

Taani was very enthusiastic, virat smiled at her and then glared at Maanvi
Maanvi rolled her eyes

T- I'm ur big fan! Plz mujhe...mujhe ek..autograph...

V- haan haan kyun nahi. Sure

Virat took the CD from maanvi's hand and signed it then gave it to Taani

T- thank you thank you thank you sooo much!!
She squealed in excitement

M- wow very nice
She said sarcastically

M- ab chalein??

T- haan. She answered dreamily

Just as Taani and Maanvi were about to go, Taani remembered something

T- ek minute!

Maanvi sighed
M- ab kya hai meri maa!!

Taani walked back to Virat

T- Virat ji

Virat looked back at her

V- please, call me Virat

T- erm...aapke saath Rey nahi aaye!??

She asked in excitement
Virat smirked and was about to answer when he saw Maanvi behind Taani signalling him not to say anything

Virat was confused and didnt know what to say

M- nahi taani he came alone

Maanvi said joining taani and virat in their conversation.

V- er...yeah..

Taani was disheartened

T- oh ok

M- er...taani u go pay for this and I'll be there in a minute

Taani went to the counter to pay while virat confronted Maanvi

V- y did u lie?? And y were u telling me to lie??

M- look my friend is 10 times more crazy about your friend Rehan than u

V- its Reyansh

M- whatever, aur agar usse pata chal gaya that ur friend is also here then koi nahi Bach sakta. Please dont say anything

V- thats not fair yaar. Usse apne idol se milne toh do

He protested

M- Milne deti lekin we need to go somewhere aur bohot late ho raha hai...u won't understand!

Virat raised an eyebrow

V- look miss...whatever ur name is, I'm not interested in ur personal life and I dont need to understand anything ok?

M- hey! Tumhe kya...

T- Maanvi chalo!

Taani called from behind, maanvi looked behind and then at virat

Virman gave each other daggers and then Maanvi left with Taani

V- ajeeb larki hai yaar


Taani and Maanvi were getting in the car. Taani was about to sit when she spotted some one

T- Maanvi, look I think woh Rey hai

M to herself- oh god! Please just go away

Taani did not see his face as his back was facing her but she saw him going inside the shop

M- yaar taani lets just go

T- lekin Maanvi, Rey...

M- taani some other time please chalo we're getting late

Taani smiled
T- ok lets go then

Rey went to Virat

V- yaar kitni der laga Di tune

R- sorry yaar woh Vicky peecha hi nahi chor raha tha. Anyway did u select anything??

Virat picked up the baggy Jeans and showed it to Rey

R- wow cool, viren bhai will love it

Just then virat started laughing. Rey got confused

R- er...virat what was so funny about that??

V- no I'm nt laughing at u, it's someone else

R- what?? What r u saying meri kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha

Virat told everything that happened in Rey's absence

R- whoa

V- aur tujhe pata hai, ur lucky ke tu yahan nahi tha, along with that crazy girl was a crazy fan of urs!!

R- acha?? Anyway ab chalo we have to go back too!

V- yeah lets go

In the car...

T- maanvi, virat kitna cute hai na??

Maanvi turned to face Taani

M- cute?? Meri jooti usse zada cute hai

She replied sarcastically

T- maanvi! Come on yaar!

Maanvi sighed

M- Taani u know pehle mujhe lagta tha that woh ek bigra hua larka hai but now mujhe yakeen ho gaya hai that I was right

T- anyways, u know it's such a coincidence

M- what??

T- iss singer ka naam virat hai aur viren jeeju ke bhai ka naam bhi virat hai. Omg kya yeh wala virat jeeju ka bhai toh nahi!?

She squealed in excitement. Maanvi's eyes widened and she thought for a while

M- no way taani. I mean how can they be brothers yaar?? Jeeju ko dekho kitne sweet and calm aur uss chep ko dekho so bitter and irritating. Its impossible

Taani and Maanvi reached Chandigarh and also the vadhera house. Virat and Rey also reached home. All four came face to face. Virat and Maanvi were shocked to see each other and Taani was shocked to see Rey, her eyes nearly popped out. Rey was confused and had no idea what was going on

Virman- TUM!!??...

(Btw guys I forgot to mention that Maanvi doesn't know Virat is Viren's brother, only knows that he is a singer as he is mostly known by his first name or band name V&R and also Viren only told Maanvi about Virat's modelling days not about his singing career, she never saw Viren's brother's pic)

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afreenkansal Goldie

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:19am | IP Logged
loved virman meeting
continue soon
pm me

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patie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
wow awesome update...virmaan are extremely cuteEmbarrassed

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-CussTheWorldUp IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged
lovd it... Thanx for d pm n update soon... Wanna know wat happens nxt...

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Sof u did an amazing job, love virman bickering at each other and Taani is a cute and bubbly cant wait to see what happen next. Plz update soon

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