~Phir le aaya Dil SS~ (Part 8 on pg 13) Last part (Page 13)

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wow  nice  update!!!!!!!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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update soon my friend
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nice update continue soon
thanks for pm

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so beautifully portrayedThumbs Up

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Phew!!!! Finally it is complete! Smile
Writing fan fictions do take a lot of tym, effort and thoughts. But I think it was worth it. The response was so good. For a first tymer like me who is a silent reader, it was huge. I hope you all enjoyed it coz I very much enjoyed writing it. Big smile
I never knew that I enjoyed writing so much.  People here in this forum are really nice. Thank u for ur comments, like and kind words of appreciation...Big smile
Here goes the last part...

Part 8

Everyone was shocked. Rathore shot one bullet at his hand and his gun fell down. He shot another one at his leg. Rathore, Shree and Chotu run to see Ayesha.
Ayesha (screaming) : "Ahhh"

Arjun was standing on the floor just below the terrace. And he had kept a strong rope just for this tym. He jumped (holding one end of the rope whose other end is tightly tied to the piller) towards Ayesha at the ryt tym and grabbed her by her waist. Ayesha hugged him tightly. She was so scared that she was not opening her eyes. She didnt even realized that she has been saved by Arjun. They carefully landed on the ground.

Masked man in front of All

Arjun : "Lets see who is behind all this."
Arjun removes the mask. Everyone is shocked to see his face.
Rathore (shocked) : "Mr Banerjee!!!!"
Ayesha (shocked) : "Uncle!!!"

Ayesha is in for a deep shock. She was about to faint. Shree holds her.

Chotu : "Arjun sir! Did you already know about him?"
Arjun : "No..atleast not a few hours ago. He was never under my suspicion. He was very carefully playing his cards. He said that he was out of town but he was not. Ayesha was always telling him about her status and he was planning his move according to that. Wen he was not able to kill her at my place, he came into the picture and tried to take her away. But to his bad luck, Ayesha refused. Then he came up with this idea of party where he can easily target her. I got suspicious for the first tym wen Ayesha told me about his pet name 'Poltu'. She told me that he uses his name R K Banerjee only for official purposes. Remember, the lighter we found in the mall's loo, it had the initials 'PB'----'Poltu Banerjee'. The second tym I got suspicious -- it was wen I saw his status. He is so high class and even then he made arrangements for his lovable daughter in a small flat. Why? Coz this all was a trick. The less important the place, the more easy it is to attack there."
Rathore : "But why?"
Arjun : "That only Mr Banerjee can tell. So Mr Banerjee tell us, why did you do this to the girl who loves you blindly and for whom you are everything? Why?"
Mr Banerjee : "I worked in Marwah Group of Industries. Sehgal Group of Industries is its rival company. One day a foreign company came up with a huge contract that was not only profitable but which will also improve the company's status in overseas market. Both Marwah's and Sehgal's were filling in quotations for it. There was a tough competition and by all means it was coming to Marwah's. Then I got an offer from Sehgal's that if I tell them our company's quotations, they will give me a good post in thier company. I gave them wat they wanted and they promised me that as soon as they get the contract I'll get my offer letter. Everything was going on smoothly. But I dont know how Anand and his girlfriend Rosy saw all this. They clicked my photographs and started blackmailing me. I didnt know wat to do. It was a really good oppurtunity for me, how can I let it slip from my hands just like that. So I agreed to give them money. But then they became greedy and started asking for money. They used to appear in front of my collegues and clients for their invalid demands. I was fed up of them. How long would anyone tolerate? So I decided to remove them from my path to success. I hired a hitman to kill them. Rosy didnot just vanished abruptly, my hitman killed her. Anand was not aware of it. He thought that she has betrayed him. But one day he came to know the reality."
Rathore : "What did he do then?
Mr Banerjee : "He was a rascal. He didnt care for here instead he got happy that now he has no one to share his money with and has two things to blackmail me. He didnt care even once about our family relations. He made my life - night he used to demand money. His invalid demands were increasing day by day.
Arjun : "So thats why you killed him?"
Mr Banerjee : "Yes. That day I went to the mall to give him the money. Anand was asking for more money. I refused but then he started pressurising me. We got in huge argument. He said that he will disclose everything to my boss. He gave me tym to think and went into the loo. I was prepared for this situation and had my hitman with me. But then Ayesha called me that she has already reached Mumbai. I thought that once I finish up with all this, I will meet her so I told her that I am out of town. Then we both went behind him. Seeing the hitman he got scared and gave me all the photographs and negatives, I burned them and threw the lighter in the dustbin. I told the hitman to finish him. As I came out of the loo, I saw Ayesha. I was shocked and quickly moved out of there hiding my face so that she cannot see me. The hitman saw her and was going to kill her. I called him to leave her and quickly get out of the mall. After reaching home, I got a call from Ayesha regarding her witnessing a murder. I came to know that neither she knew about me being there nor she has seen the hitman. I simply said her to be silent and stay away from police."
Arjun : "But then why those attacks?"
Mr Banerjee : "All because of ETF. You found her and convinced her to help you. I asked the hitman to threaten her but you took charge of her security. I had to kill my hitman coz u were about to catch him. Then Ayesha refused to move in to my place. It got really difficult for me. But trust me, I never wanted to kill her. She is the only one I have as my family and I love her from the bottom of my heart. I was just doing the attacks to scare her so that she stops helping in the case. But then you people got involved in this. After so much hard work I was getting such a post. The dream with which I came to Mumbai from Kolkata was going to be fulfilled. How can I let you people destroy that? And then as they say, no pain no gain. I decided to kill Ayesha coz it was the only way. Coz I knew that once she would be dead you will never be able to catch me. I had to do something. I accepted it as God's will.
Arjun : "God's will!! Oh shut up! Dont hide your invalid ways in the name of God. Relationships are more important than money. Money may give you a lot of things but it can not give you love, affection. It can not lessen your lonelinesss. Without relationships a man is always alone in the crowd. The pain of being lonely can only be understood by a person who himself is alone, who has lost all important relations from his life. And you were going to kill Ayesha who is like your daughter. Disgusting!!!!"

Ayesha was still crying. Police arrived to arrest Mr Banerjee.
Mr Banerjee : "I am sorry my doll. Please forgive me if you can."
Ayesha (crying) : "I never expected this from you Uncle. You were like my father. "

That night at Arjun's Place

Rathore : "Has Ayesha slept?"
Shree : "Yes sir. Mrs Dsouza has just made her sleep"
Rathore : "Good! She needs sleep. All of this is traumatizing for her "
Chotu : "I can not believe that his uncle about whom she used to talk day night can do anything of this sort."
Rathore : "Even I cant. I mean if the protector himself is ready to harm you where can one go...(looks at the clock) Well its really late. We all should sleep. Also Ayesha will leave tommorow for Kolkata"
Arjun is shocked to hear that.
Shree : "Tomorrow!! But that is too soon!! How can she? I will talk to her"
Rathore : "No Shree. Her work is done here. And we dont have any right to stop her."
Shree : "But sir.."
Rathore : "End of discussion. Go to sleep. Good night"
Arjun goes to see her sleeping in her room once and then goes to his room.

Next morning - Ayesha's Room

Ayesha is packing her bag. She has tears in her eyes. Suddenly there was so much going on in her life --- the Riya thing, then his uncle and now she has to leave this place. Something was stopping her but she was not sure. Rathore comes in her room.
Rathore : "So! Done with packing?"
Ayesha (wipes tears, fakes smile) : "Ya! Everything's done"
Rathore : "I hope we did complete our duty responsibily and you didnt have any problem here"
Ayesha : "Oh yes! Completely. You were always like an elder brother"
Rathore (gently places his hand on her head) : "Please dont forget your brother then"
Ayesha (hugs him happily) : "Never"
Rathore smiles and hugs back.

Ayesha and Rathore come downstairs. Shree and Chotu are not happy that she is leaving so quickly.
Ayesha : "Comeon! You two are behaving like girls."(Shree and Chotu are silent and pretending to be angry) " We can daily video chat on internet"
Shree : "You are so cruel Ayesha. You doesnt care for Chotu. I can chat but how will Chotu do it. He doesnt even know the 'I' of internet."
Shree and Ayesha laughs and give hi five to each other. Chotu angrily opens his hair and started running behind Shree. Ayesha and Rathore smiles.
Ayesha : "Careful"
Arjun (comes inside) : "Aren't you getting late? Lets leave"
Arjun was going to drop her to the airport. Mrs Dsouza comes to bid her gud bye. Ayesha then bids a final gud bye and hugs all (except Arjun ofcourse). She presents everyone with gud bye gifts --- a broach for Rathore, a heart pendent for Mrs Dsouza and friendship bands for Shree and Chotu.
Arjun and Ayesha were in SUV but there was complete silence. She wanted Arjun to say something, atleast stop her once but he was silent. Ayesha was continuously staring at him expecting to say something. She wanted to know if he feels the same for her as she feels for him but he was not saying anything.

(*Background Music Female Voice*

Mujhko Yeh Zindagi, Lagti Hai Ajnabi
Chhaaon Bhi, Dhoop Bhi, Har Naye Pal Hai Nayee

Tum Hi Kaho Kya Baat Hai, Mujhko Lage Tum Apne Kyon
Jabse Dekha Hai Tumhe, Dekh Rahi Hoon Sapne Kyon

Mujhko Yeh Zindagi, Lagti Hai Ajnabi
Chhaaon Bhi, Dhoop Bhi, Har Naye Pal Hai Nayee)

There were no expressions on his face as if he doesnt care whether she stays or not. Arjun realises that Ayesha is staring at him.
Arjun : "Is there something on my face or do you want to say something?"
Ayesha (looking other side) : "No... nothing"

(*Background Music Female Voice*

Kaise Main Tumse Yeh Kahoon, Jaan Ho Tum Aur Dil Bhi Tum
Tum Bin Ab Jaaoon Kahan, Raah Bhi Tum Manzil Bhi Tum

Mujhko Yeh Zindagi, Lagti Hai Ajnabi
Chhaaon Bhi, Dhoop Bhi, Har Naye Pal Hai Nayee)

Arjun Ayesha reached Airport. Ayehsa was standing with her luggage. Arjun was standing to see her off.
Arjun:"Bye Ayesha! It was nice meeting you"
Ayesha : "You must be thinking that why I didnt give you any gift... Coz I knew that you would not take it"
Arjun : "Yes you are right. I dont like gifts"
Ayesha (with tears in her eyes, shakes hand) : "Goodbye Mr Rawte"
Ayesha turns, wipes her tears and started moving inside. Arjun also gets emotional. He wanted to stop her but then he thought he doesnt have the right to do that.

(*Background Music Male Voice*

Mujhko Yeh Zindagi, Lagti Hai Ajnabi
Chhaaon Bhi, Dhoop Bhi, Har Naye Pal Hai Nayee

Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Hoon, Kya Jaane Main Kaun Hoon
Koi Yeh Samjhaaye Mujhe, Kaise Main Yeh Gum Sahoon

Mujhko Yeh Zindagi, Lagti Hai Ajnabi
Chhaaon Bhi, Dhoop Bhi, Har Naye Pal Hai Nayee)

Arjun feels something in his hand and looks at it. Ayesha has left her anklet (same anklet that Arjun has found that night and returned to her the next day) while shaking hands. He looks at the anklet and then at a going Ayesha. He has all the flashbacks with Ayesha. He then remembers wat Mrs Dsouza told that night "Let someone fill your life with love". He then sees Roshni standing besides him. He looks at her.
Roshni (smiles) : "Arjun life does gives second chances but you are getting it for the third tym. Dont let it go. Give yourself a second chance".
Arjun : "But Roshni I gave that place in my heart to you..."
Roshni : "But there is no one now there and it needs to be filled"
Arjun : "But Roshni..."
Roshni : "Please Arjun... if not for you then for me"
Arjun looks at Ayesha and runs inside calling her name.
Arjun : "Ayesha"
Ayesha (turns, shocked ) : "Wat happened?"
Arjun (hesitantly): "Ummm...Next week I am coming to Kolkata... Do you think... you'll have the tym... to meet me?... May be... you can show me around the place. Wat do you think?"
Ayesha smiles. She has tears of happiness in her eyes She happily nods in yes and in excitement hugs him. Arjun was shocked at first but then he smiles and gently hugs her back. Roshni is watching all this and is really happy for Arjun...

Phir le aaya dil, Majboor kya kije
Raas na aaya Rehna door kya kije
Dil keh raha
Use maqammal kar bhi aao
Wo jo adhuri si
Baat baaki hai
Wo jo adhuri si
Yaad baaki hai

It is not the end ... It is the start of something new...

Please leave ur comments..Smile

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it was wounderful ending

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