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SS:Saans(The last breath) Chap9 Pg50 29th JAN (Page 50)

funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 5:07am | IP Logged
I heartily apologize for the late update, but I swear this is one long update... its more than 5 pages Tongue
Hope you all like itEmbarrassed
Chapter 9

A fresh new day had begun with dawn hitting Arjun's strained eyes. He lightly blinked his strained eyes as he tried his best to concentrate on a diary but he couldn't concentrate whatsoever, yet he tried reading' 'I-I-I-'.' Arjun couldn't finish the word as his head lost consciousness and his head fell backwards on the couch, with the book resting on his chest.


Arjun's day was unconsciously taken up by his sleep. He woke up few hours later just before the sun's rays were warm. It clearly indicated that it was afternoon, and exactly ten minutes left for lunch time.

Arjun hurriedly woke up as he quickly checked upon the time, 'What the' he exclaimed in disappointment.


He quickly freshened up and got dressed in his khaki clothes. He looked smart and handsome, but before Arjun could step out Shree almost crashed into Arjun on his doorstep.

 'Sir, I mean Arjun I mean Major' Shree struggled with words. 'Breath Shree, what's the matter' Arjun inquired softly.


'The new case we are working on, I found a new clue and its shocking' Shree completed looking the other way indirectly his eyes fell on Cadet Abhi.


Arjun noticed Shree's eyes stopping at Abhi, but he ignored Shree's signals.

Arjun nodded secretly with a smirk as he simultaneously pulled Shree in his room. However, before he could close the door, Rathore walked in along with Roshni.

'Rawte mai tumhe subhe se dhund raha hu, where were you?' Rathore inquired curiously.

Arjun locked the door slowly, turning around with some force 'I was sleeping Rathore' Arjun said guiltily. Roshni involuntarily smiled looking everywhere other than Arjun, smiling at his answer and reaction slowly. Suddenly she noticed a diary on the coffee table.

'What is this Arjun' questioned Roshni curiously as she walked over to it slowly.
Arjun observed Roshni's walking pattern, and felt she was walking towards the coffee table. He quickly ran over grabbing the diary, he fell on the couch with his chest on the couch whilst his back facing the others.

Everyone in the room were stunned, even though Shree was too engaged in opening up the databases on his laptop, and the information he glanced simulatonesly as the conversation had developed.

Shree literally saw Arjun jumping and thumping on the couch with the diary underneath him 'Major, you're unbelievable' complimented Shree.

Soon, Arjun let out a sheepish smile, while Rathore looked on at Arjun with shocking facial expressions.

'Major's I have found the fragile information I received from my informer' Shree said softly diverting everyone.

'Alright, apparently the email I received, says that 'main' in charge of the terrorist group is still alive.' Shree paused as he clenched his teeth. While hearing that Rathore and Arjun balled up their fist in anger.

'Go on Shree..' said Roshni as she slowly took a seat next to Shree sighing in a  quick relief.

'So, here we had solved a case years ago, it has once again reopened I mean the pattern is same, there's a "NEW CADET" aka A Cadet that belongs to this batch is 99.99% involved with the terrorist group' he informed and after a deep breath he continued.

'However, the new Cadet seems to be smart, he hasn't completely fell for the group or their plan yet. But there is something about this Cadet that's keeping them connected'

**Flashback through Arjun's eyes**

'Riya stay alert' whispered Arjun as ordered and eyed the other way with his gun loaded in his hand.

'Yes, Sir' replied Riya whispering back. She reloaded her gun as she smiled and fought her weaknesses.

A shadow appeared through the light that came in from outside, all the duo could see is a shadow. 'Maybe its Rathore Sir' whispered Riya

'No, its not Rathore Riya' Arjun replied firmly but Riya was stubborn she believed strongly that it was Rathore and walked towards the shadow as she pointed her gun at him just for safety.

But soon they heard a gunshot and Riya was shot on her shoulder. The shadow was indeed Rathore's but the gunshot was triggered by a Cadet from 2006 who had joined hands with rival team then.'

Soon Arjun was brought back to reality as the everyone stared at Arjun and his weird expressions.

Arjun felt the strong three pairs of eyes staring intently on him he immediately was out of his trance.

'Shree tumhe voh naya cadet ke baremai kuch pata chala?' Jerked Arjun as soon as he noticed the dumbstrucked faces.

'Tum theek toh ho na Rawte' questioned Rathore

Arjun nodded his head in a yes, whilst he wiped his sweat beads off his forehead.

'Arjun you look stressed' said Roshni softly. 'Kahi Ri'.' Roshni stopped mid-way getting emotional remembering her cousin.

'Pack up, baadmai milte hai' Rathore ordered as he noticed everyone's mood swing changing. Arjun gripped the diary in his hand as he let out a silent sigh.


The trio left while Roshni had a heavy heart thinking about her sister. She went to her room silently sat on he couch, Sameer had noticed the silent behaviour of Roshni and sensed that she was missing Riya. So he immediately got her favourite photo-album to relive her memories and make Roshni happy.


**At the same time Arjun's room**

He flicked through the pages, 'Damnn I should have book marked it' he muttered' to himself. Suddenly stopping at

17th February 2006


Dear Saans,

I hope all's well with you dear, but I seriously don't feel any good feel like something is definitely wrong. Or maybe something bad is going to happen. First of all I can't seem to find my blue file.

Secondly two days back when I met Arjun sir, he was little bit cranky I don't know why?
But what is my fault why was he yelling at me?Unhappy

Ohh Saans I really don't know moreover, those two Cadets (Shree and Chotu) are making fun of me ufff'. I'll teach them a lesson one day when I suddenly disappear *muhahaha evil laugh*

But I seriously I need to find the file, I don't remember where I kept it before leaving for the party. I've scanned through the room but nothing seems to be possible to find.

Why do I always misplace things' but I really am scared feels like something bad is going to happen.


Oh I didn't tell you na, I'm sorry extremely sorry I think Arjun and Roshni broke up maybe that's why Arjun sir was so angry and cranky at me the other night. **sobs**


Opps! The siren's gone off, lights off time'


See you soon, Pray for me<3


Next page:

'Tujhse voh naraz nahin,

Bas hai khafa'

Jankar bhi voh anjaan rahe

Ye hai uski saza

Ayega voh mere pass ek din

Jab ayega usse samaj

Rahu na mai shayad

Uske saath tab tak.


---Yours Saans'

Arjun pouted as he read this particular part, his eyes had welled up with guilt and sadness indirectly he had captured Roshni's emotions.

Arjun slowly brushed his hand on the page where he felt the page wrinkled because of tear drop. Slowly a lone tear dropped on the page as he closed his eyes and felt her pain.



'Roshni'' Par maine sirf Riya ke saath ek dance hi toh kiya hai..

'Arjun, voh ek dance se mujhe pata chal gaya ki tumhari chemistry kaisi hai moreover, I came to know humari chemistry kaisi hai' she said it with a heavy heart.

Roshni had no energy to argue with Arjun as she was a the last point of breaking out into tears.

'But Roshni what is has been a month? Maybe two we got together? Questioned Arjun

'Arjun you don't remember how long we have been with each other?' Roshni with surprising looks.

Suddenly she asked Arjun 'Will you marry me?'

'What? Roshni, we just kick started our relation'aur abhi hi marriage? No dear this is'.' Arjun replied immediately

But before he could continue Roshni bounced back, 'Dekho if you cant commit to me, I cant stick around you' 'It's effecting me emotionally, I just don't want it to be too late to break up, bekar mai we both would feel bad then'

Arjun with guilt in his eyes stared at Roshni, and said 'Honestly I'm not ready for commitment because I don't know if I love you or not' he sighed but shortly continued, 'We have been friends since a long time and I like you but love I really don't know. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings but I, my brain my heart everyones confused.'

Roshni smiled at Arjuns honest reply, she hugged him for the last time that day as she felt at peace for some unknown reason.

An hour later the same evening.

Riya entered Arjun's room.

'Arjun Sir, I'm sorry I can't seem to find the diary' informed Riya disappointedly

An already furious Arjun lost his mental balance 'Tumhara dhyan kaha rehta hai Riya' yelled Arjun disappointedly.

'But Sir, I'm sorry I'll find it soon' she said softly. But Arjun bounced back with his words, 'You, just leave it tumse nahi hoga'. Just goo'' 'Just goo he yelled abh Samajh gayi ya samjhau'

Riya eyes had welled up with Arjun talking in a loud tone, and 'Just leave' made it worse.


*End of Flashback


Tears were rolling down Arjun's eyes as he read and felt Riya's pain that she got from him years ago. 'I-M-S-O-R-R-Y-R-I-YA' Arjun said as few tears dropped on the hard cover of the diary.


*Somewhere else**


A female who was helled captive, gasped as tears rolled out of her eyes for some unknown reason.


An officer walks into her cell slowly, noticing the tears in her eyes whilst a smile stamped on her face.


'Are you alright, aap theek toh ho na?' a 20 year old officer asked.

'I'm fine Captain' replied the girl, immediately asking 'Did you..?' The officer stared straight into her eyes and she got her silent reply. The girl in the cell smiled, while the officer handed over some coffee toffees and some chalks, plus charcoal to write on the wall.

Both smiled at each other, and the officer walked out silently out of her cell with her eyes welled up in tears.
The officer had read'

'I miss you,

Miss you

Like a lost toadler,

As if you were never mine

Yet I was yours

Miss you

With a heavy heart inside,

Miles apart, where you won't imagine

Though you think I'm dead

But here I'm alive

Though left alone


Miss you..

Hoping you miss me back

Love you

Without any hope

I carry that one feeling

In my heart,

With never expecting our happy ending.


Sorry if I confused you all but I promise I'll clear all your doubts in the next two updates..Smile 

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samiya.059 IF-Rockerz

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Dil dhadkne ka Sabab Yaad Aaya
Woh Teri Yaad Thi Ab Yaad Aaya
Aaj Mushkil Tha Sambhalana Aye
Tu Musibat Mein Ajab Yaad Aaya
Haal-e-Dil Hum Bhi Sunate Lekin
Jab Woh Rukhsat Huey Tab Yaad

Din Gujara Tha Badi Mushkil Se
Phir Tera Wada-e-Shab Yaad Aaya...
Shru it was awesome
badi mushkil se update diya yaar.
I have fallen in love with ur ss
ria is in cell n writing on walls
this ff reminds me of left right left one of my fav show...
Plz update soon

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samiya.059 IF-Rockerz

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me first

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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shru finially u have updated,thanks yaarTongue
kya arjun ne lunch ke time utta hai,
oh oh arjun diary ko chupna chahata hai ,
uff ab ue new cadet hai,
tum na bilkul SM ho re,
rathord,roshni and arjun's conversation liked it,
in diary arjun ne riya ko  kuyn hurt karnata haiCry
poem to tum bohut achi likti hoClap
uff ho shru ab ye riya kaha hai reLOL

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Nice part... verses were too good...loved it... update soon...

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.....pujan..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 5:12am | IP Logged

quite long update...Big smile

liked it?? loved it...Big smile

the way u describe it's just indescribable...Smile

riya is alive, yes yes yes riya is alive...

that girl is riya who miss arjun alot...

waiting for next chappy...LOL

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prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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It was so emotional update...

Specially the poem in the diary which you mentioned...Awesome yaar...

Arjun is feeling so much for Ria...

waiting for the further updates...

and one word for the update...


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kunchu IF-Dazzler

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omg dear...
it was so good. at last u updated ...
too good chapter..
mystery love, fun.. all in righ mix..
keep up the good work dear...

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