The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

TBP OS Contest - Voting! :)

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The Buddy Project
One Shot Contest Voting

Aanchal : Minuu guess what?! OS voting thread shall be up tonight Big smile

Minuu : Oh finally! I thought you would make me re-edit your thread AGAIN Sleepy

Aanchal : Umm! but last time people PMed me for an extension Ermm

Minuu : C'mon dont try to hide your laziness & give such lame excuses *Mod mode* Cool

Aanchal : Do I look lazy? Broken Heart

Minuu : YES YOU DO! Evil Smile now stop wasting time here and announce the rules fast. 

Aanchal : Yo boss! Embarrassed

Before I proceed with the rules, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest, Thank you for spending the time in writing Hug

While reading and voting, do keep the following rules in mind:

No MIDs for voting!!! Your and your MID's vote will be disqualified.

Please do not vote for yourself! 

Please do not promote your work and tell other members to vote for your entry! 

Please vote for only 3 entries. Members who vote for more will not be included in the final tally.

The deadline for voting is Saturday, November 17th

Last but not the least, if anything is missing or have any queries then feel free to PM me, I shall try to reply at the earliest :)

Since most of the entries are decently long and could not be posted in one post, they are spread randomly in the next few posts! 

Have fun and get reading!

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Entry 1

Girls vs Boys: The Cooking Debate

All d 8 Royal Junglees r sitting in d canteen wid der tiffins. As soon as Kiya opened her tiffin, others's mouth watered @ d sight of paneer parathas in her tiffin. Before she cud take a piece to eat, others attacked her tiffin n grabbed d paratha leaving her wid only half a paratha.

"Hey, ye kya kiya tumlog ne? Mere liye sirf itna hi chhoda" she asked disappointedly.

"Shukr mana ki utna chhoda hai varna itne tasty parathe ko kaun chhodega," replied Ranveer while eating it, "Common yaar, vaise b hum sab share kar k hi khaate hai na."

"Main tumlogo ko to ek baat batana hi bhool gayi," she said wid smile while eating her paratha.

"Kaun si baat?" asked Piddhi.

"Ye parathe maine banaye hai," Kiya replied winking.

Others got shocked n scared @ d same time.

"Bol de ki tu jhoot bol rahi hai. Ab to hume doctor k paas jaana padega," said KD in a scared voice.

"Ye sach hai, KD. Main khud b to kha rahi hu na. Ghar pe sirf muje hi khaana banana aata hai. Mom aur Aanya ko to bilkul cooking nahi aata hai. U know wat? Main roj roj bahar se order kiya hua khaana aur cooks ka banaya hua non-oily, low-salt, boiled khaana kha-khakar pak gayi hu isliye main kabhi kabhi khud banakar kha leti hu," Kiya said wid a smile.

"Khaane to muje b bahot accha banane aata hai," said KD.

"Oh really, tuje egg boil karna b aata hai kya?" said Kiya wid a laugh.

"After all, hum ladkiyan hai, kuch b kar sakte hai. Muje b khaana banana aata hai. Jab main khaana banati hu na tab mere joint family k saare log bahot eagerly wait karte hai mere haath ka bana khaana khaane k liye," said Juhi.

"Juhi sahiba, aapka banaya hua khaana khakar khanewale sab ek hi cheez bolte honge''OMG!'," Samar teased her. He continued, "Juhi sahiba, khaana banana humse seekhiye."

"Tu khaana b banaata hai," Panchi said lukn puzzled.

"Khaana banana to sabko aana chahiye. Hum b kabhi kabhi bana lete hai. Jab hum khaana banate hai na to uski khusboo saare mahal me sama jaati hai," said Samar.

"Ha ha ha, vo khusboo nahi jale hua khaana ka badboo hoga jisse mahal k saare log behosh ho jaate honge," said Juhi teasing him.

"Vaise ladke jab khaana bana lagte hai to vo kitchen bomb blast ka site ban jaata hai," Bobby said wid a laugh while other girls joined in d laughter.

"Khaana sirf ladkiyan hi acche se bana sakti hai. Muje b bahot accha khaana banana aata hai," said Panchi.

"Moti, tuje aur khaana banana aata hai! Hume bura sapna mat dikha," Ranveer says wid a laugh, "Khaana to ladke hi bahot accha banate hai, jaise ki main."

"Tuje aur khaana banane aata hai! Tuje to khud k ghar ka kitchen b map lekar dhundna padta hoga to khaana kya banayga," Panchi teased him.

"Tum ladkiyan kya samajhte ho ki ladke khaana nahi bana sakte?" asked Piddhi in a challenging tone.

"Haan," replied all d girls in unison.

"Tumlog ko pata hai parso mere ghar pe relatives aaye the. Maine sabke Gajar Ka Halwa banaya tha aur vo khakar sab aaj b yaad kar rahe hai," said Piddhi wid a smile.

"Aaj b yaad kar rahe hai! Lagta hai tune sakkar k jagah namak daal diya hoga," teased Bobby while laughing wid other girls.

"Isliye to aaj b yaad kar rahe hai Piddhi k haath ka khaana khakar," teased Juhi.

"Kal mere ghar relatives aaye the aur jab maine sabke liye baigan ka bharta banaya tha na to sab ungliyan chaatne lage the aur meri bahot taareef ki," said Bobby.

"Vo to majboori me ki hogi nahi to tu unka bharta bana degi," teased Piddhi while laughing wid other boys.

"Abey chuhe, bharta to main ab tera banaungi," she said to Piddhi who gets scared n starts running while Bobby chases him around d canteen.

Other 6 Royal Juglees r enjoying d sight n laughing heartily.

Entry 2

Arranged waali Love Marriage

The room was decorated with flowers, aromatic candles, petals thrown here-there and everywhere'. And the bed was decorated with strings of flowers all around; Panchi dressed in bridal attire was sitting on the bed.
Ranveer entered the room somehow convincing his sisters about the nek money and shut the door.
Panchi *looking up & asking*: "Sahana aur Swati?"
Ranveer *nodded & sitting next to Panchi*: Yes! Meri yeh behene mujhe bankrupt kar dengi ek din for sure!
She giggled a bit and he was just looking at her smiling.
Ranveer: Seriously moti' tu kaafi hadh tak cute hain'. Bas, dadi tumhe pasand karle' mera main concern toh yahi hain!
Panchi: Hmmm'. apni dadi ke baare main kuch batao'
Ranveer: Dadi ke baare main?
Panchi: Hmmm'
Ranveer shifts his weight & lies down on Panchi's lap while she softly starts to brush his hair.
And they continue talking till the wee hours of the morning.
The next morning, Panchi woke up to find Ranveer's head on her lap & he is cuddled up hugging her knees'
Gently lifting his head she placed a soft pillow under it and covered him with a blanket; he was looking very serene & calm while sleeping; she brushed his hair & placed a soft kiss on his cheek & went off to get ready.
After she got ready, she went upto him and tried to wake him.
Panchi *softly shaking him*: Nonu! Nonu! Utho Nonu!
When she gave up & was about to get up, he grabbed her arm & pulled her towards him.
Panchi: Nonu! Yeh kya kar rahe ho tum? Koi dekh lega'
Ranveer: Koi nahi dekhega Mrs. Panchi Ranveer Shergill'. Darwaza andar se band hain!
Panchi: Toh phir koi bahar se sun lega!
Ranveer: so what? let them hear'
Panchi *looking up*: Papa aap!
Ranveer quickly let go of Panchi & looked behind. No one was there. He turned back to Panchi who was giggling looking at him.
Panchi *throwing a towel at Ranveer*: Ab jao aur jaake jaldi ready ho jao!
He came out wearing a blue formal shirt & black trousers' she made him wear his coat, gave his briefcase, watch & hanky' Before leaving'
Panchi: Nonu!
Ranveer *turning around*: Ab kya hua?
Panchi: baaki sab toh theekh hain' Par'
Ranveer looked a bit baffled when Panchi gestured him to look down'. On doing so, he realized, he's wearing his slippers.
Ranveer: Ab'. Ha toh ho jaati hain galti kabhi kabhi'
She just giggled, gave him his shoes n socks & went downstairs and made breakfast for everyone.
One day, 
Panchi: Mama, mein kuch dino ke maa ke yaha pe jaana chahti hu' Kya mein jao?
Kiya (P's mom-in-law): Ha Panchi beta! Jao' aur ha! Pahunchke, ek baar phone zaroor kar dena!
Panchi: Thekkh hain mama'. Mein abhi nikalti hu!
Ranveer didn't knw anything about her leaving as he was out of town for an important meeting.
Panchi: Nonu ko bata deti hu. Warna faltu main meri tension leta rahenga'
She called up Ranveer but bcz his phone was on silent, he didn't know about it. Frustrated she sent him a message-
"Maa ke ghar jaa rahi hu. Poore 2 weeks baad hi wapas aaongi! Room main ek note chodke ja rahi hu jismain tumhare saari necessary cheezein kaha par rakhi hoti hain. Bye aur apna khayal rakhna. Panchi"

After the meeting was finished, he n his dad came back home. In the taxi on their way home, he switched on his mobile.
Ranveer: 20 MISSED CALLS! Panchi!!! *reads the message* OH FREAKING SHIT!
At the dinner table,
Keshav: Kya hua Ranveer? Y r u so upset?
Kiya: Ha beta! Tera muh aise kyun latka hua hain?
Ranveer: Mom! Dad! Dekho na! Panchi 2 weeks ke liye apne ghar chali gayi hain! Ab mein 2 weeks usske bina kya karonga!
KiSha cudn't help but laugh at his sight.
Ranveer: Yaha meri jaan nikal rahi hain aur aap dono ko hansi aa rahi hain! Not funny!
After dinner, Ranveer went into their room & was about to call Panchi when he found a note-
"mujhe call mat karna. Ghar main Dii ki shaadi ki taiyaaria chal rahi hain' so, apna phone nahi pick kar paaongi' aur haa! Maa tum logo ko personally invite kardengi shaadi pe aane ke liye'. No need to cm for baaki ki rasme' tumhare shoes left drawer ke righ side pe hain, shirt almirah main rakh diye hain aur tumhara laptop study table ke right side pe pada hua hain'. I'll meet u on the day of the wedding' gud bye!"
After a few days,
Ranveer came back to his cabin after attending a meeting. Loosening his tie, he switched on the TV only to get a shock of his life
Ranveer: SHIT! PANCHI KA GHAR TOH ISSI TARAF HAIN. *calling Kiya* Hello mom...
Kiya: Ha Ranveer! Kya hua?
Ranveer: Mom, Panchi ne aapse subah baat ki kya?
Kiya: Ha... kyun?
Ranveer: did she' did she tell u anything?
Kiya: usne yeh kaha ki who aur Tara (panchi's sis) shopping ke liye SAROJINI NAGAR jaa rahe hain!
He really cudnt believe what his mother just told him. He quickly dialed Panchi's no.
Ranveer: Pick up! pick up! pls pick up the phone moti'
Voice: Hello'.
Ranveer: hello' hello Panchi!
Voice: oh' toh yeh phone ms panchi ka hain'.
Ranveer: ha' actually mein uska husband hu, Ranveer Shergill. Aap kaun?
Voice: Inspector Rajveer Shekhawat.

Ranveer tried to calm himself down & decided to talk to the inspector.
R: Inspector' inspector meri wife'
RS: aapki wife ko humne City Hospital main admit karwa diya hain' jaldi aa jaeeye'
He somehow ran, took a cab & rushed towards the hospital. It was raining like anything. He remembered how much she loved the rains'.. He was just fervently praying that she should be alright.

Ranveer: pls pls pls' I just hope meri moti ko kuch na ho! Jeez' I cant afford to loose her. I really really cant afford to loose my life.
The taxi came to a halt. The driver told him it's a traffic due to rains. He just gave the driver some money & ran towards the hospital.  he just kept saying- "I cant afford to loose her...". Soon, he reached the hospital & went towards the ward where Panchi was admitted. He saw the doctor coming out.
Ranveer: Doctor' doctor'. andar' meri' wife' meri' Panchi'
Doc: dnt worry! she's safe & out of danger' aur unki behen bhi bilkul safe hain! thank god ki dono ko sirf thodi si external injuries aayi hain! U can go n meet her.
Ranveer breathed relief. He went inside her ward & saw her sleeping peacefully; quietly, he sat next to her on the bed.
Ranveer: yeh acha hain moti. Khud meri jaan nikal kar, yaha itne peaceful tareeke se so rahi hain tu!

Taking her hand into his, he brings it closer to his forehead & lets out a sigh of relief & close his eyes, engulfing her presence inside him. After some time, Panchi woke up & found him sitting next to her.

Panchi: Nonu'
Her voice was enough to bring a smile back on his face.
Ranveer: Moti! Thank' *hugging her* thank god ki tumhe kuch nahi hua.
Panchi: Mujhe kya hona hain! Mr. Ranveer Shergill, itni jaldi mujhse peecha nahi chotega tumhara.
Ranveer: aur mein chahta bhi nahi hu ki aisa ho!
KiSha also came in & soon, Panchi was discharged.
Ranveer: Mom-dad' aap dono chale jaao.. mein aur Panchi saath main aa jayenge!
KiSha understood his hint & left them alone. Ranveer & Panchi were still near the entrance; Panchi stretched out her hand & closed her eyes to feel the raindrops while a sweet smile playing on her lips. Ranveer looked at her & smiled.
Back at their home...
Ranveer is standing near the window, mixed emotion of relief & fear.
Pnachi *handing him a mug*: Coffee?
He turns around to take his mug but pulls Panchi's wrist n makes her back face him... he then rests his head on her shoulder... both r now looking outside.
Ranveer: moti, do u have ny idea ki mujhe kya feel hua tha? I felt as if I was being sucked from the inside' aisa lag raha tha as if' as if mera heart bahar nikal ke kabhi bhi function karna chod dega, my legs felt like O-Jelly, my pulse was just about to drop aur'
Panchi just stopped him by giving him a short, sweet kiss.
Ranveer: yeh kya tha?
Panchi: Humaari 1st month marriage gift'
Ranveer: Oh! Toh here's my gift'
Saying this, he placed his lips on hers & kissed her with all his might' she wrapped her arms around his neck & kissed him back. They broke the kiss due to lack of air & he hugged her' held her as if she's his most prized possession; she hugged him back.
Ranveer: waise, humaari kis type ki shaadi hain- arrange ya love?
Panchi: hamaari arranged waali love marriage hain!

Entry 3

Heart To Heart

It was Saturday Night. The Music was loud. everybody were getting mad and was dancing crazily. There She was sitting lonely in one corner. she took a sip of her mock tail. He came from behind and sat beside her. " What happened kiya? why are you looking so quite?" KD asked. "No , nothing KD I'm Fine." She replied. " If you think I'm your friend, Then tell me the Problem." He Said. "KD , Actually , ..I'm feeling very lonely here. no one is even saying "Hi" to I that Bad?" She asked with a sad face. " Ohh..Why you think so..Everybody is jealous of you believe me..and I'm here for you. Never think that you are alone." He said and Smiled to make her feel good. "Thanks For making me feel goodSmile. you are my only friend." She replied and smiled. "So ,..." He forward his hand. " Will you like to Dance with me? " He said. "Okay.Smile thanks for asking." She hold his hand and Got up. 

She was sitting in front of the bar drinking her cocktail. She turned her head and saw then again turned back and drank her drink in disbelieve. Ranveer was dancing with Aisha. He Stopped in between and moved to Panchi. " Hey FATSO , what are you doing here? C'mon Come with us and Dance. " He said. " No nonu , I'm Fine here. you go and enjoy with Aisha." She replied. "Shut up yaar. I saw from when you have come to this party you are sitting here with your sad fatso face. c'mon panchi...we are best friends. enjoy with US. he said. "THAT's ONLY THE PROBLEM! you are saying me to enjoy with "Us" and other side saying that only we "BOTH" are Childhood Best friends. From when Aisha has come you have totally Changed. you just want to spend time with her. you are no more friend now " She replied and left.

BackGround Music - Ishq Wala love 

She Hold his hand firmly and twirl. Both Looked in each other's eyes. A Sensation passed through their body. He slightly lifted her in a beautiful Lift. He Felt the LOVE. She kept on looking in his life. They spent the beautiful Moments Throughout the Dance. He touched her bare waist. A Current passed through her. He then Hold her in his arms and ended up the Dance. For a couple of minutes they were in their OWN WORLD. Soon they realized and Left each other. A slight blush was their on Both the people. They Walked to the Table. He pulled out the chair for her. She sat. He sat on the other side. Both were Smiling. " Thanks KD for the Wonderful Dance." She said. " My pleasure miss Gujral" He said with a Grin. Big smile For some time she kept on staring him. " What happened. why staring at me like this." He said. " Nothing , Just was thinking that I can't Get any sweet friend like you. You are a God Gift For me". she replied. He was stunned to hear those words. I inside him he Felt . " She's so innocent , Sweet , Simple. why I'm taking revenge from her? no, no KD Concentrate. you have to take revenge. i cant resist it." He ended his mind conversation. " KD , I want to tell you something which i don't think so i have told anyone." She said. " Feel free to tell , I'm your Friend." He replied. " I...I..LOVE YOU! " She said it and Breath HARDER as she can. she was filled with fear. "OMG..what will he reply" she kept on thinking. He himself didn't Understand. Do he also Love her? With GREAT Difficulty he spoke up " I love u too." She opened her eyes and was shocked. She looked at him in his eyes. They both Smiled and hugged each other.

" God, please Today I will tell all my feelings to bobby. only need your support! " He said praying. She came in and then walked to him. " Hey you BUGGER! what are you doing here? now blackmailing GOD also for your height." She said. "Nothing bobby. Urm..I was saying that Would you like to d..d...da..." His voice was broking. " C'mon bark it up now!" she said with aggression. " WOULD YOU LIKE TO DANCE WITH ME!" He said quickly in one breath and closed his eyes tightly. She gave a Grin. " Okay." she said. " WHAT? am i listening what you said? " he asked with a shocked face. "yes..I will dance with you. "Yippee" he said and jumped in excitement. She smiled.

"hey samar" she said waving at her. He hide his face. she walked upto him. " what happened? why are you hinding From me?" She asked. " No , please Miss Juhi Don't !" he said trying to avoid her. "C'mon you are my Friend! you know yesterday heena slapped rahul! ohh what will happen to him now , but its 100% sure that he will get another GF as he's very handsome in looks ..but how will heena get a BF..she not good in looks and in studies also. ohh so sad isn't it..." Before that she could utter another word he put his finger on her lips. For the first time she felt He's so handsome. He looked in his innocent eyes.  They both got lost in each other's eyes.

"Fine! you want to spend time with me then listen this. I DON'T Like AISHA anymore! i have become an SLAVE of her! See From childhood i liked you panchi you..! I LOVE U...not beggning i liked her company but i hate her. I'll broke up with her today only. is it fine? but i dont wanna loose a Buddy like U! " He said. She was stunned. She smiled and hugged him. 

All Couples Came on the Dance Floor and Danced Passionately with full feel and love. KiSha were HAWT , RaHi were SWEET , Bobby and Piddi were Funny but romantic and Juhi and Samar were CUTE. Seeing all this Aisha got jealous and left. JJ, Principal Ramanujan and Naina maa were seeing this. " I told You Sir , They will be together one day" JJ said. " it's all your Magic Jaitley" Princi Replied. The Trio Smiled and Watched the couples Deep down in LOVE.

Entry 4

Bad Habit

The car had begun to slow down in its signature style ' an indirect indicator that they were about to arrive at Royal. Driver kaka looked at Kiya in the rear-view mirror. On normal days she'd have just looked at him, today she nodded in affirmation that she understood. That was because Mrs. Gujral was not with her today. She was someplace for something related to Anya as her big blah blah blah break, out of town for three days. The latter part was the only thing Kiya registered in the half an hour one way conversation with her mother over the last evening's tea.

Kiya put the book she was reading into her bag somewhere in between the psychology and history textbooks. Taking a deep breath she realized how happy she was today. Maybe it had something to do with finally spending a late night home alone watching BBC's Lost in Austen till she had fallen asleep on the TV room couch. Or maybe it was not having to listen about Anya once more over breakfast. Overall, it was an amazing feeling, a perfect day.

"Have a good day, Kaka." Kiya said to him cheerfully, maybe after ages. He beamed back at her as she opened the car door. And the next moment she sloshed her feet in a puddle of muddy water' not such a perfect day after all. It had just stopped raining minutes back. Looking up she could see the clouds in multiple hues of gray looming over her, some blending with each, some shining in the semi-emerged sun as a metaphoric silver lining. It was the beautiful after-rain hangover effect she was having that led her to get a little less frustrated over her ruined shoes. Today was finally the day for the new pair of extra moccasins in her locker for days like this that she thought about as she walked inside the school. Nothing was going to dampen her mood today. Only if the chawl brat would let her live a day in blissful peace, a near scowl crossed her face.


"Remember, we're madly in love, so it's all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it."  So yes, the book store manager was correct; Suzanne Collins was an amazing writer. Now only if she could've someone as amazing as Peeta in her life, the thought made Kiya let out a silent sigh.

"Keshav Desai." She would've been the joke of the day if someone had seen her almost stumble out of her seat as the name was loudly announced in the class by the teacher. Thankfully she was sitting last today. She sheepishly picked up the book from the floor and looked around to see what was really happening. The class had somehow erupted into murmurs at KD's name.

"Where's Keshav?" Mrs. Vaidya pulled off her reading glasses and looked hard at the middle section of the class. Kiya tried to duck her head behind Bobby's huge frame. Kiya knew enough of her Economics teacher's bad side to be in her direct line of sight when she was angry. Though she did look around and surprisingly realized that he was missing. A seat next to her was empty indicating there was one person missing in their fairly cent percent attendance recording class.

Fine! KD was absent; it wasn't such a big deal, Kiya thought as she saw a fuming Mrs. Vaidya unsuccessfully call for silence. While Kiya was rolling her eyes, the undoubtedly "useless" class abuzz like a beehive was discussing his absence like the Presidential elections. Somehow Kiya was brilliantly happy at the arrival of the news. The day was now, truly seeming to be a perfect one. Well almost, if she didn't count her Manolo Blahnik black belle flats that now sat ruined in a plastic bag in her locker to be given to the maid's daughter, a small loss. As the relentless Economics teacher's threat of discontinuing with the attendance right there and marking the rest of them absent as well proved fruitful, the class fell silent and the rest of the time with the now less angry teacher went fine enough like a breeze. Too silent for the class's taste for KD's quick quips and often endless arguments with the teacher on random topics were sorely missed.


"Diet coke and a club sandwich." Kiya automatically ranted out her order as she sat down on her usual place in the canteen, peacefully, considering Juhi's absence from around her. What's gotten into everyone, getting absent! Kiya irritatedly mused to herself. Not that she'd ever, in her right mind, admit, but she was missing her annoying and childish discerns of whatever she did or said. She was missing her super annoying presence tagging her better than her shadow. She was missing his warm brown eyes boring into her soul. On that thought Kiya choked on her coke and broke into a fit of coughs making Naina Ma rush to her aid with a glass of water.

KD! For heaven's sake, how did the thought of his eyes come to her mind? She was staring at herself in the bathroom mirror wide eyed after she had rushed there with her string of thanks and apologies for Naina Ma trailing behind her. Was she missing him? She questioned herself, and her eyes grew larger in astonishment at the mere mention of it in her head.

She had thought of him when she had almost bumped into a guy carrying away a freshly brewed and awfully hot cup of coffee outside the canteen. In the heartbeat when she had jumped back to save herself from being scorched, she had had a flash of KD pouring water on her hurting arm. Then came the mental whack, both in the corridor at that moment and now in the bathroom where she shook her head and wiped her face before walking out to reach the class in time.


"KD aaya kyu nahi?" The artificial boy Bobby was asking the incorrigible joker Piddi as Kiya crossed them to get to her seat.

"Nahi malum yaar. Subah se dus baar message kar chuka hu aur pandrah baar call. Bhai na phone utha raha hai na message kar raha hai." Piddi said almost frustrated.

"Kyu dukhi girlfriend ki tarah muh latkaye hai Piddi. He's not your boyfriend ki tu chinta mein mara ja raha hai." And the brat butts in, Kiya rolled her eyes as Ranveer came and sat next to Piddi on the desk putting an arm around his comrade's shoulder. "Vo bas school nahi aya hai, jung pe nahi gaya. Chill dude!" Kiya decided to plug the world out for the rest of the break, Linkin Park was better any day.

But then why wasn't he in school? As far as she knew, he maintained an almost cent percent attendance. The only occasions she had seen him missing from class, the teacher was notified prior always. What was so different today? What was so wrong that he couldn't leave a message with the Students' Coordinator that he was not going to make it to school, to be notified to the class teacher, like they were expected to in the senior classes? Was he ill? Was he fine? Why was she thinking so much about him!! She pulled the earphones out wanting to bang her head in her desk right when the teacher arrived.


"You moron!!" Kiya screamed as the ball hit her arm. Piddi, Bobby, Panchi, Samar and the indicated moron Ranveer rushed to her.

"Mind your tongue Gujral!" Ranveer said as he picked the ball that had rolled towards the Founder's Bust.

"You hit me with a ball idiot! You should mind yourself." Kiya fumed as she saw a red bruise prop up on her arm. "You mindless buffoon!!"

"What did you say?" Ranveer rushed to her in a heartbeat and he was coming frighteningly close to her. KD had stopped him in his way by putting himself in between them. She blinked. No it was Panchi this time around.

"Stop it Ranveer. She's hurt." Kiya didn't wish to hear anymore. She was in a daze as she collected her bag from the floor and collected herself rushing to the Sick Students' Bay.

The biting cold icepack wrapped in a towel that the nurse had told her to hold on her arm to prevent it from bruising an ugly black was not working any good on her brain that was suddenly on hyperactive mode.

"Zyada zor se lagi kya?" The innocent voice filled with worry floated in her brain. Ranveer and KD both hated her to an almost equal extent. Then why was it that a similar moment with both of them had resulted in bipolar experiences. He had wanted to rush her to the canteen to get some ice on her bruise. He wasn't even thinking straight enough to suggest the Sick Bay which was obviously always equipped with icepacks for injured players, and in her case, passerby. She jolted herself out of the thoughts as she pushed herself off the high bed and picked up her bag. She told the nurse she was fine who indicated her to take the icepack home with her.


In an honest opinion, he was not such a bad guy. Kiya kept her book down as she stared into the oblivion outside her window. The dark moonless night was in itself a dark oblivion, but not that she noticed. The injury had led her to cancel her plans for the evening with her club friends since it had indeed bruised an ugly purple and hurt bad. While she had slept, though thankfully peaceful sleep, she had gone to bed and woken up both with different thoughts and ideas about the same person in her mind. And now hours after hearing the news of him not gracing the class with his presence she had officially declared to herself that she had wasted too much of the day over him. Though to no prevails, she was still thinking about him. Why had the day that was supposed to be a perfect one due to the absence of her mom suddenly turned into a frustrating one? She had no answers. With all the musing overcoming, she called it a day.


"Have a nice day, Kaka!" She stepped out of the car, this time making sure there was no puddle right outside. This was another per' no she was not going to jinx it like yesterday, not this time. She stepped into the school early; the nurse had told her to report to her half an hour earlier to check the bruise. It was right then that she was hit by a serene and pleasing tune being played on a harmonica. Sweeping her gaze around a fairly deserted school, her doe eyes landed on a figure leaning on a pillar and playing the harmonica beautifully into unawareness. While she inched forward a small step after the other, she couldn't make out what was she so happy about ' listening to this beautiful tune, or seeing him positioned in front of her as if he hadn't vanished the day before almost ruining her day. She came to a halt a few steps away. Was he becoming an addiction to her? No addiction is as strong a word or emotion as love or hate. Though, he had truly become a habit to her. A bad habit.

He opened his eyes as his tune came to an end. She saw him looking at her, looking at her smile at him. He crossed his brows in a disapproving and questioning look at her as if asking her for her audaciousness to smile at him. She shook her head, not to him but to herself. She was sure he was a habit. But she questioned herself again on 'bad' as a prefix. She chuckled to herself and left a baffled KD still standing next to the pillar watching her stride away from there.

Entry 5

The Buddy Project: The dialogue task

All d Junglees r in d TBP lec sitting quietly waiting for der uncle. He enters wid his usual smile. He luks @ der nervous faces wid interest.

JJ: Hey Jokers, tumhe pata hai main aaj tumhare liye kya task sochkar aaya hu? Hope u enjoy it.

All gets shocked.

Kiya: Task aur enjoyment? Very rare.

Piddhi: Task? Lagta hai aaj fir se hum sabki 'L' lagnewali hai.

Panchi: Pata nahi aaj kya hoga?

JJ: Calm down, my dear Junglees. Aaj ka task bahot hi simple aur interesting hai.

Juhi: Task vo bhi simple aur interesting?


Evry1 laughed wen JJ completed Juhi's sentence.

JJ: Aaj k task me tum sab ko kisi b ek buddy ka koi b ek dialogue bataana padega. Lets get started now. Bobbayyy, tum Panchi ki koi ek dialogue batao?

Bobby: Stop it, you both.

Others started laughing. KD-RV luks @ each other n laughs.

KD: Panchi humesha referee ka kaam karti thi.

JJ: Kiya, tum Juhi ka koi ek dialogue batao?

Kiya luks @ Juhi n smiles mischievously @ her n then luks back front.

Kiya: Ye Banga Sir ki sister ekdum Banga Sir jaisi lag rahi hai.

Evry1 starts even Juhi laughing especially d ones involved in Teacher's Day special Banga Ki Pungi. They remember abt her saying dat dialogue.

Juhi(smiles): Wow Kiya, u r so sweet, kitna accha din yaad dila diya. Maine Samar ko kya pakda tha. Kya pungi bajaayi thi humne Banga Sir ki. Aaj b vo baat se mera mann me taaza hai.

Samar: Juhi sahiba, humare mann me b vo baat ab tak taaza hai. Kaash aisi ghadi baar baar aaye aaye.

Juhi: Kaunsi ghadi? Fast track ya Rado?

Samar facepalms while others including JJ smiles.

Samar: Juhi sahiba, humara kehne ka matlab hai ki kaash aisa time baar baar aaye. Banga ki pungi bajaane ka time.

Juhi(smiling in a remiscing expression): Ohhh...Main b chahti hu ki aisi ghadi baar baar aaye.

JJ: Vo ghadi baar baar aaye ya na aaye ye muje pata nahi par ye ghadi Panchi ka hai dialogue bolne ka. Panchi, Kiya's any dialogue?

Panchi remembers d washroom scene.

Panchi: Jo tumhe chot pahunchaate hai. Uske liye aansu bahaana. Its really not worth it.

Kiya gives a soft look @ Panchi n they both stare for few seconds.

Kiya(shockingly): Tumhe yaad hai? Vo to tab ki baat hai jab KD jail me tha?

Panchi(smiling): Yaa, dat was d 1st time I got to know u better. Aise lag raha tha ki tumhe pata hai main q ro rahi hu?

Others luk @ Kiya thinking how she started changing 4m d time KD got arrested.

Ranveer: Panchi, tum ro Kab rahi thi.

Panchi: Maine tumhe KD ki help karne k liye pucha tha. (Ranveer thinks abt it)Phir Juhi vaha aayi n u...

Ranveer(cutting her): Panchi, I am so sorry. Ab chhodo puraani baaton ko.

KD: Kiya, I can't believe ki us waqt tum sabse chupa kar meri madad kar rahi thi.

Kiya: Vo din to bahot bade nightmare the. Aur sabse bada nightmare to yahi hai jiske vajah se hum humesha faste hai. I vl never forgive Banga Sir for calling police. Unke vajah se tum jail gaye.

KD lukd @ her n she lukd @ him too.

JJ: Kiya, itne interesting lec me kisi nightmare ko mat yaad karo. Juhi, Bobby's dialogue?

Juhi: Bloody, Banga ka chamcha.

All started laughing. Samar smiled @ her.

Piddhi(shyly): Bobby ka evergreen dialogue me se ek hai. Vats to sirf Banga k aage peeche ghoomta hai.

Samar: Vats janab Banga janab ko pasand nahi karte hai. Iska humare paas ek kadak saboot hai.

JJ: Tum apne iss kadak saboot ko sambhaal kar rakho. Now, its boys turn. Ranveer, tum Piddhi ka koi ek dialogue batao.

Ranveer: Gaad dalunga, faad dalunga, ukhaad dalunga.

Others laughed.

JJ: So Piddhi, dis is one of ur evergreen dialogue. KD, Ranveer's dialogue.

KD: Hey, don't call her moti.

Evry1 lukd @ Panchi n Ranveer n dey became a little shy. They laughed @ dem.

Samar: Ranveer janab bahot jyaada hi gussa ho jaate hai jab Panchi mohterma ko koi moti, fatty ya fatso bolta ho bhale hi vo khud bolte hai.

JJ: Piddhi, tum Samar ka koi ek dialogue batao.

Piddhi: Arey hame to ye chinta sataai jaa rahi hai ki Maharaja Dharam Pratap Singh urf pitaji ko pata chala ki humne unke khandan ke naam pe itna bada dhabba lagaya hai to hamare to (pointing to his neck) yahan talawar hogi aur hum(making sign of dying)...

Bobby: Kuch bhi? Ulta tere pitaji khush hote aur vo bolte "Waah! Samar bete, aapne to humare khandaan ka naam aur uncha kar diya hai us Banga ki pungi bajaakar jisne students k naam me dum kar rakha hai".

Evry1 laughed n JJ smiled.

JJ: Samar, sach me tumne kuch khandaan ka na namam kuch jyaada hi uncha kar diya tha. Samar, KD's dialogue.

Samar: Ab phase two shuru kar do. Main aa raha hoon.

Kiya: Main us dialogue ki eye-witness thi.

JJ: Very well Junglees, lagta hai tum sabko ek doosre k baare me bahot kuch pata uar yaad hai. Class dismissed.

He left d class. 'We are like this. We are like that' TBP theme song plays in background on all d 8 Junglees smiling n enjoying.


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Entry 6

Prom Night

The principal called for an assembly. 
The students were a bit confused about this assembly. 

Jaitley : Good afternoon students. Mere paas aap sab ke liye good news hai. 
Piddi: kya! sir papa banne wale hai! Par unki shaadi... 
Bobby gave him a slap on his head. 
Jaitley: aap sab ke good conduct ko dekh kar humne yeh decide ki hai ki agle haphte ,school mein...prom night hogi. 
Yayyy!!!the students shouted with joy. Piddi started his bhagra. 
The students were jumping with joy. 

Baaga: yeh kab plan hua??? 
Vats: sir jab ap kar rahe the. 
Baaga: what?? 
Vats: sir, lunch sir. 

Baaga: Mr Jaitley, what is all this. Ek aur mauka, students ke liye apni manmani karne ke liye. 
Jaitley : sir, students kuch nahin karenge AGAR aap unko provoke 
na karey toh! 
Baaga remained silent. 

The next morning,in the class. 

Samar : Piddi saab, ab toh bhangra bas kijiye. 
Piddi: kitne dinnon ke baad masti karne ka mauka mili ha. 
Samar : janab aap hume baayenge ke aap kiske saath party mein jaayenge. 
Piddi: arey , maine toh bobby se poocha hi nahin.. 
Piddi went to KD. 
Piddi: Kd bhai, aap kiske saath party mein jaayenge? 
KD looked at Kiya. 
KD: pata nahin. 

Meanwhile Bobby entered... 
Piddi: Bobby...kya tum...mere saath party mein chaloge? 
Bobby became angry. 
Bobby : abey chu...he , ek baar haan kare dekh liya. Ab mein tere saath nahin aoungi. 
Jaitley enters: hello...jokers. Toh tum sab to bahut khush hoge,prom night jo aa raha hai. Kuch log abhi tak smile kar rahe hai(he was looking at Piddi who had a big smile on his face). Prom night mein aap sab ko apne buddies le saath hi jaana padega. Aur haan sirf college ke students, no outsiders(while looking at ranveer) 
Ranveer was angry while Piddi was laughing loudly. 
KD and Kiya looked at each other. 
Jaitley : agar aap ke buddies party mein nahin aaye to aap bhi party mein nahin aa sakte. 
Ranveer and Bobby were very disturbed by this fact. 

08.00 pm 

kiya : karoun ke na karoun. Agar woh nahin aaya toh? 
Meanwhile KD phoned. 
KD: Hi kiya. 
Kiya : hi.. 
KD : Maine tumhe disturb toh nahin kiya? 
Kiya: nahin. Main tumhare bare mein hi soch rahi thi.(she bit her tongue as she realised what she had just said) 
KD(smiles): kya? 
Kiya: i mean mein yehi soch rahi thi ke kya tum party mein chaloge,kyunki agar tum nahin aaye toh main bhi nahin aa sakti... 
KD: mann zaroor aounga... 
[At Panchi's house] 
Panchi called Ranveer. 
Panchi: nonou,kya tum prom night pe chaloge. 
Ranveer: nahin. Mera Aisha ke saath date pe jaane ka program hai. 
Panchi: nonou,please mere saath chalo varna meon bhi nahon aa paoungi.. 
Ranveer: listen...yeh mera problem nahin hai. Aur please main Aisha ke saath hoon aur mujhe disturb na karo. 
Panchi was very dissappointed. 

On the prom day. 
Piddi went to Bobby's house to convince her to come. 
He wore his suit and was holding a bouquet of red roses. 
Bobby opened the door. 
Bobby: kya hai?maine kaha na ki mein tere saath nahin chaloungi. 
Piddi: mein tumse nahin...tumhare brothers se milne aya hoon. 
Bobby: kya! 
Piddy entered the house and called Bobby's brothers. 
Piddi: bhaiyon...mein aap se request karta hoon,(he fell at their feet)please Bobby ko mere saath bhej dijie...please brothers. 
Bobby: aby chu..he yeh tu kya keh raha hai...abhi patak ke maroungi ke sidha hospital paunch jayega. 
Bhai : what is this Bobby?tum prom night mein jaane se inkar kar rahi hai. 
Bobby and Piddi were shocked to hear this. 
Bobby: bhai,yeh aap... 
Bhai: Bobby,tu isske saath zoroor jayebi. Piddi ek accha ladka hai,(Piddi adjusted his collar). Thoda enjoy karo. 
Bobby: thik hai bhai, agar aap keh rahe hai to main iss chu...i mean Piddi ke saath jaoungi. Main change karke ati hoon. 
Piddi jumped and kissed both brothers. 

Their outside the party, Samar was waiting for Juhi,dressed in formals. 
When Samar saw Juhi,he was shocked. 
[background music=anarkali disco] 
She was dressed like a royal. She was looking like a princess.with her anarkali suit. 
Samar: mohtarma,yeh suit. 
Juhi: haan. Mein ek prince ke saath ja rahi hoon toh mujhe bhi ek princess ki tarah dikhni chahiye na. Chalo ek photo khinchte hai. 
Samar said to himself: abhi,sare log kya kahenge. Waise aaj Juhi ji kamal lag rahi hai, ek dam pathaka. 
Juhi: tumne kuch kaha kya? 
Samar: nahin,kuch nahin. Andar chale... 

Meanwhile KD went to pick kiya. She did not let her sister or mother know that KD was about to pick her. 
"KD',said a voice behind him. When he turned back , he was amazed. She looked like an angel in her red dress. KD could not take his eyes off Kiya. 
This time he nearly fell off his motorcycle. 
KD : hi, achi lag rahi ho. 
Kiya: thanks, Ab chalein. 
The both sat on the motorcycle. This time Kiya did not wait for any instructions to put her hand on his shoulder. 
While driving, KD did not hesitate to look at her through the mirror again and again. 
She was that stunning. But he was also looking hot in that white shirt. Kiya felt for the first time that a motorcycle was better than her big car. 

Panchi really wanted to come to the party but only with Ranveer. She decided to go for a walk. 
On her way , she saw Ranveer sitting on a bench. 
'nonou'she said. 
Panchi: Ranveer, tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?tumhe toh date pe hona chahiye, Aisha ke saath. 
Ranveer: naam mat lo uska. Humara break -off ho chuka. 
Panchi: kya?kyun? 
Ranveer: tum sahi the. Woh ek achi ladki Nahin thi. 
Panchi: Ranveer, tum theek toh ho? 
Ranveer: call me nonou, i don't mind. 
Panchi smiled. 
Panchi: party mein chaloge.? Abhi ziada der nahin hui. 
Ranveer: ok. 
Panchi: mein ghar ja ke change karti hoon. 

Bobby had finished changing. When she came in front of Piddi, his mouth was left open. Bobby in a dress! Piddi's dream had come true. 
Piddi: bobby, tum aaj na ho... 
Bobby cut his phrase. 
Bobby: chalo. Humein deri ho rahi hai. 

All the buddies had reached the party. 
Samar was dancing with Juhi while Piddi was still convincing Bobby to dance with him. 

Panchi: nonou , I'm sorry. 
Ranveer: no Panchi. Sorry mujhe kehna chahiye. Woh sab chodo. Waise aaj tum acchi lag rahi ho. 
Panchi had a smile on her face. 
Ranveer : will you dance with me? 
Panchi could't believe what she heard. 
Panchi: nonou,tum mujhe pooch rahe ho? 
Ranveer: yes, my best buddy. 
Panchi:yes, my best buddy i will dance with you. 

They danced on the track tera hone laga hoon. 

Piddi was tired of Bobby refusing him. He went to her, and grabbed her to the dance floor. Once the music was started, Bobby's anger vanished. They danced on the track kabhi na kabhi to milogi. 

KD was hesitating to ask Kiya for a dance. He was not that close to any other girl. He mustered all courage . 
KD: Kiya, kya tum... Kya tum mere saath dance karogi. 
Kiya accepted with a smile. They danced on their track...Ishp wala love... 

Everyone was having fun dancing,enjoying. But no one remembered Jaitley's words...your buddy can become your life partner..

Entry 7

Mission Alpha Plus: to win or win!!

Day :Monday
whats so special? its d D-day of d Alpha plus competition Tongue 

The air Of Royal Academy was full of a mixture of emotions. . 
of nervousness, of excitement, of anticipation n expectation. .    
the reason u ask?
Alpha plus competition. . .which was to be hosted by d school!!!
venue: Auditorium
status: chaotic. . 
time: 6a.m.
Early in the morning. . while the weather outside was awesome. . wid a chilly air to it. .
d atmosmosphere inside was warm. . chaotic. . .
u cud see a few ppl decorating. . some preparing d introductory speech. . others making sure d arrangements were done well. . . & among this crowded mess stood d 8 buddies. . n their Mentor. . Anirudh Jaitley. .. 
so who r d 8 buddies? . . they r no ordinary students . . but d brightest ones . . . blacklisted once yet their talents proved their calibre. . n here they were standing tall. . along wid their Mentor to represent their School. .   in d said competition. . 
were they nervous? yes. . but confident at d same afterall Anirudh had left no stone unturned in training them, uniting them. . n making them realize their hidden talents. . 
2 hrs later. . 
the official opening ceremony begins. . 
n so does d excitement. . 
the rules of d competion r anounced. . 
n so r d rounds. . 
Round one.    . .
singing competition wid a twist
no. of participants 2
task. . 
to sing a classical song. . wid hard rock beats. . . 
RaHi represent RA.    
Panchhi is a bit hesitant in d begining.   but her best buddy RV encourages her n gives her a thumbs up n winks. . we're gonna do it together. .   no1 can stop us.    he whispers.. .   making Panchhi smile brightly.   
yes they'll do it. . together!!!!. .   
n they rock it!!!!!!!
though d competion is tough n edgy. .    
Score: RA : 10. . 
st. Xavier : 8
st. Peter's: 10
Round 2
couple dance. . condition . . song western. . high beats. . . 
one of dancer will have to do weatern n the other classical/ semiclassical. .. 
KiSha represent RA
they dance to d beats of Tumhi ho bandhu
a huge round of applause. .. 
score: RA : 10
St. Xavier's : 8 
St. Peter's: 10
Round 3: quiz
theme:current affairs. . .
SaHi participate. . . 
though they perform very well. ... they miss out on 2 ques
st. X:10
Round 4: acting skills
theme : comedy
Piddi represents RA
n he nails it. . 
St.X: 10
its a tie betn RA & St. X. . 
tie breaker round:100 metre race
Bobby represents RA. ...
there is a tough competetion. .. ..both d condenders r tough n at their best. . . so who will win it. .. 
there is nail bitting silence. .. n in a long history St.X. .. have been winning it consistently. ... 
d final run. .. d final destination. .. 
JJ looks on. . d entire team is nervous. .. 
n . ... ..yes . . Bobby does it. . .. bobby wins by a diff of jus 0.35secs. .     
Piddi dances like mad. . both Anirudh n Princi feel proud.   they did it. . they really did it!!!!!!!!
RA wins d Alpha plus. . 
d day of joy
the day of pride
the day of victory . .. 
is here again. . . n whats more. . its given by none other thsn. . the pranksters. .. 8 buddies. . even Banga cudnt beleive their capabilities n for d 1st tym . feels proud of d fantastic 8!!!!!

Entry 8


A picture is worth a thousand words; that's how the quotation goes. But for certain students, their whole childhood flashed before their eyes once they opened a few photo albums.

The big 8, or Junglees as they were fondly called, had come a long way since their first meeting. After a lot of fights, physical as well as verbal; taunts, pranks, an expulsion letter along with a contract that had stated otherwise many moons ago; the students had matured. They had learnt to control their tempers, have a firm grip on their egos and above all, learnt to respect and care for one another. The Junglees felt so comfortable around one another after a few months that they hadn't felt the need to interact with their peers. They'd all become a part of a family. That's what they liked to call themselves. A crazy, whacked out, protective and close-knit family. Despite the million curses that they'd thrown at Jaitley, they couldn't help but admire him for what he'd turned them into. They were obviously much better people, and they understood each other perfectly. They had some sort of a coordinated harmony. Some people had even tagged the bunch as 'Jaitley and his eight dwarves' 

The octet now sat down at KD's palatial house 15 years later, their eyes boring into the giant television screen that stuck to the wall before them; looking at some old photographs.


The first photograph that blared was one that was particularly cheesy. It showed the 9 standing on a beach, arms around one another, grinning like idiots. It had been a celebratory picnic; they had just passed their grade 11 exams with flying colours. After a lot of splashing and messing about, they'd decided to commemorate the moment by handing out Juhi's new camera to a passer-by and posing like Christmas had decided to come early.

It had been such a fond memory that it brought smiles on everyone's faces.

'Oh man, that was ONE great day!' commented Ranveer, who hadn't changed in his physical appearance, but emotionally? He was a lot freer now; he trusted each and every person in the room without any hesitation.

'Yes, it had to be! After all, you weren't the one who had to spend 3 hours in the shower making sure all the beach sand was out of your hair!' Panchi retorted, causing everyone to chuckle.  

'OHO Moti, don't deny it! You're looking SO happy in the photo. Don't you dare tell me that you didnt' have fun? Panchi had lost a lot of weight since high school, but Ranveer insisted on calling her 'Moti'; after all, it was his birthright.

'Mr. and Mrs. Shergill, if you're done being all couple-y, can we get back to the next picture?!' Samar said, evoking yet another bout of laughter and a smack from Panchi. He couldn't believe that all the people sitting in the room at that very moment were still friends with him after they'd found out about his lineage. He smiled to himself and felt like he finally had an identity. 


As soon as the next photo came on screen, none of them could hold back and the whole room echoed with peals of giggles, rounds of chuckles and full blown booms of laughter.

In the first half on the photo, the 8 of them were surrounding a very large cake, a hungry look in their eyes, as if about to devour it right then and there. In the second half, all of them surrounded the same table on which the cake had stood, but instead of it being in their stomachs, it had been on their faces and in their hair.

It had been Samar's birthday and all of them had insisted on applying a little cake on his face; just to make the occasion a little merry. However, what had ensued had been total chaos, as Samar had ducked, and Juhi had mistakenly applied the cake on KD's face. What followed after that had been nothing short of a food fight. Aniruddh Jaitley hadn't been able to resist it and had taken a photo of 'before' and 'after' the event, compiling and making it into a collage.

After the laughter in KD's living room had subsided, there were comments following this particular photo as well, much to the amusement of everyone.

'Yaar, can't you just NOT do anything to my hair ab se?' Panchi grimaced once more as a frown appeared on her face.

 'Oho Panchi. Don't be such a girl abhi! I don't remember you complaining when you were applying the cake on Piddi and Kiya's faces!' exclaimed Bobby, causing the girl in question to flush and bury her face in her husband's chest; the room erupting in laughter once more.

'Haan yaar Panchi, rona toh mujhe chahiye tha!' That was something that hadn't changed! Piddi agreed to whatever Bobby said, even 20 years later! Although Bobby had become more feminine, so to speak, she still hadn't lost certain traits of her tomboy-ish personality. 


A third photo appeared on screen, making everyone cheer; Piddi couldn't help but carry out a little victory dance of his! The picture showed a big trophy, held up by Anirrudh Jaitley as the others had broken out into roars and screams of 'WE WON!'

The picture was quite candid really! KD was hugging Kiya from one side and Piddi from another, Bobby was high-fiving Ranveer as Panchi, Juhi and Samar had broken out into a little 'bhangra' step; broad smiles evident on all the faces.

KD took his eyes off the TV screen and looked at the girl sitting next to him. He couldn't believe how far they'd come. If someone had told him in high-school that he'd be engaged and was soon to marry Kiya Gujral, he'd have slapped them and then laughed. He suppressed a chuckle, and kept on looking intently at his fiance.

'Tere chehre se, nazar nahin hat ti, nazaare hum kyaa dekhein?' sang Juhi as she observed the two from the opposite sofa.

KD looked away, slightly embarrassed and Kiya simply blushed.

'Kya yaar KD, sharmaana tujhe suit nai karta! You aren't affected by anything bey! Kya HO gaya hai tujhe? You've softened up!' Ranveer threw a smirk at his nemesis from 10 years ago.

Yes, the two guys who'd hated each other ever since they could remember were the closest of friends now. Who'd have thunk it? But their friendship didn't stop them from constantly pulling each other's leg. The only difference being that they now did it for fun, and none of it was taken to heart at all.

'Ranveer, mere bhai! It'd be better if you don't comment on my embarrassed behavior theeke? Do you want me to remind you of how you had acted on your wedding day?'

Samar and Piddi broke out into laughter and it was Ranveer's turn to look away, scratching his neck.


The next photo was just too adorable for words. All 8 of them were sitting on the 'mandap' after Ranveer-Panchi's wedding; slightly bent forward, and chins in hands. It was an absolutely ethereal moment.


The emotions that this photo evoked were too many; sadness, joy, the pride that they'd had as they threw their graduation caps in the air.

The picture was once again divided into two halves. One was all of them throwing their caps up in the air and the other one was with all 8 with Naina maa, Raama sir and Aniruddh, grinning from ear to ear in their graduation robes that were navy blue and yellow; Royal's colours.

Juhi blinked her tears away as she looked at the people sitting in that room that very moment. So much had changed and yet, it felt like nothing had.

'Alrightey everyone! Photo opportunity! POSE and don't forget to save me a space, I gotta run' she jumped up and took out her DSLR. After making the required settings, she placed the camera over the table in the corner, timer at the ready.

The 7 quickly huddled around the sofa, KD sitting right next to Kiya on one side, Ranveer on the other; Piddi squashed in the middle with Bobby and Panchi on his sides, followed by Samar, who stood behind the sofa, leaning towards the other 6, saving a spot of Juhi next to him. He changed his mind at the last minute, rushing towards the sofa, crashing into Panchi's side, causing them all the tilt and fall a little towards the right, with KD at the end, stretched out and laughing. Juhi entered the picture as the timer beeped and collided into Samar on the sofa, tilting them all further. Lots of swearing, laughter and gasps echoed around the hall as all of them faced the camera.


Entry 9

Friends or Foe

Royal academy was crowded wid eager,nervous boys n girls. . it was a fresh year. . n every1 was nervous n excited @ same tym.
What will the new yr bring?
will they make new friends?. . 
will they have fun wid d old ones?
or will there be new entrants. . . ?
these were d ques poping in everybody's heads. . . 
Piddi aka Pratham. . was thoroughly excited to meet his Bobby. . who was kinda friends wid him now. . 
atleast she wasnt beating him up@ d drop of a hat. . she had softened a bit towards him...n d hols had been killibg him. . . he very badly needed to see her. .. n d moment he entered. . his wish came true. . . there she was wid a hoody n a basket ball in her hand...dribbling around d bb court. .. Piddi's face brightened up n smiling. . he approached her. .

Panchhi was on her way to d school when RV stopped by n offered her a lift. . . they'd had a lot of differences during d last yr. . but over tym. . they'd solved their differences ...n had become besties again. . 
Panchhi on acknowledging RV. . accepted d offer n smiled at him heartly. . 

Samar was in a very bad view. . he was dreading coming to school. .   now that his secret was out. . he didnt know how will every1 act around him. ...

Juhi was really shocked n confused. . 
d entire hols . she'd been thinking abt what she'd come to know abt Samar. .
be wasnt a nawab. . but a halwai?. . 
she was super confused abt how to react. . she'd genuinely taken him as her friend
he'd always heard her non stop blah blahing. . .
though he'd been a bit rude during slave act. . 
overall he'd been really sweet to her
so did d truth actually bring in d difference?

KD for d 1st tym in his Life was guilt ridden. .   
he had hurt an innocent girl trying to help him. . .
n fought wid a guy always for things he never deserved to b fought for
how wud he face Kiya most importantly. . 
n RV. . his once foe. . .
the truth was Indeed bitter.. . n he hated this Guilt ridden phase of his lyf

Kiya had made up her mind she wudnt let KD / Piddi. . hurt her anymore. . . she wud build impentrable walls around her n never let them down. . she'd go back to her Diva phase . . n never let any1 invade her mind anymore. . .
so will everything change now?. . 
For d good/ for d bad or the Worst??
That is up to u to decide. . .. .yes u. . 
the readers. . .
what do u think is written on their fate?
will these 8 be friends/ enemies?
Guilt ridden n unforgiven d entire life?
or will a miracle happen. . n change d equation btw all of them. . . 
will tjese 8 ever unite?
or will ego take over again. . ??????

Entry 10

Friends Forever

what's definition of a friendship?
Friend is someone who cares
someone who encourages u
someone who shows u d right path when u fumble
someone who protects u when u're in need of it
someone who understands u. .    
The Royal Academians learnt it the hard way. . 
Their path to true friendship. . saw a lot of things
the ups , the downs
the betrayal
the hidden truths. . 
the broken trusts. .   
@ 1 pt. they had lost all hopes. . of ever uniting
KD RV Samar Piddi Kiya Panchhi Juhi n Bobby were d 8 blacklisted students of the School. . 
n Anirudh Jaitley. . made it a pt. to prove the world that they were wrong. .   
these 8 were rather d most talented out of d lot. .   
his strengths??
His confidence. . 
n his sharp n smart mind. . . 
he knew their psych. . n knew how to tap them in d right direction
call it basic instincts.   
but he taught them everything d hard way. . making them understand things their own way. . 
they united them. . n made them win d rather unimaginable n impossible tasks. . 
not only making them realize their true talent but also make their school proud. .   
but in d process. . did they become true frnds. . did they actually understand d true meaning of friendship?
or did their ego counteract. . . 
the answer lies in d most common of things.. . 
friendship isnt as easy as it seems. . .
trust is not won that easily. . .
KD- RV cudnt stand each other
RV-Panchhi once frndz had turned into foes
KD- Kiya had newly foundfriendship. . but Kiya was betrayed pretty badly
Samar-Juhi had become frndz but on d basis of lies?
Bobby wudnt let Piddi stray around her
so how did they finally become frndz again. .. u ask. . ??
Tym heals all wounds. . 
n truth is always d key to success
yes it is bitter most of d tyms. . but eventually it only wins
yes Kiya was betrayed. . n yes KD did nt 1 but mistakes in lyf.   
of nt understanding Kiya n RV. . 
but life always gives a second chance. .   
n leaving his ego aside he actually strived hard to win back d love of his life. . 
as well as straighten things out wid once foe RV. . 
Piddi too made it a pt to correct his mistake by Helping KD in his quest to win back Kiya's trust. . 
yes Samar was ashamed when his truth came out. . n yes d entire grp was shocked at 1st. . but things got back to normal. . 
yes it was difficult for Juhi to accept d reality but then. . life goes on. .n times make u wiser. . . 
yes RV was upset wid his truth coming out . . but things n situations only got better fpr him now. . 
yes Panchhi was hurt by RV 's wierd behavior. . but RV learnt d right things d hard way. . his so called girlfriend not only betrayed him but also hurt him badly. . n Panchhi like always healed her frnd's wounds. . 
yes Bobby too wid time realised Piddi's importance in her life. . .n she too made it up wid him. . . 

Their no frndship without hardships. . 
all u have to do is keep ur ego aside. . 
n always speak the truth. . 
clear out d misunderstandings. . 
n most importantly. . never lose hope
Today these 8 r like a huge family. . 
making their parents 
n school proud of them
n standing tall is d man who made all this possible for them is Anirudh Jaitley. . 
but d man wid most pride is Principal Ramanujan. . for imbibing d right qualities in his students.     
for letting all 9 of them explore their true potential!!!!


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Entry 11


Listening to music equals to a trip down the memory lane. Certain moments, certain people, certain places come to mind as soon as a particular song is played. This one was no different. As the 8 sat down at their favourite hangout spot, the humming and the peppy beat of the song wafted to their ears.

'Puraani jeans, aur guitar,

Mohalle ki wohh chhat, aur mere yaar'

Ranveer Shergill smiled to himself as he thought about his Royal Radio and the strumming of his own guitar. He'd definitely come a long way since those days. Music was still a large part of his life, but he'd stopped taking everything and everyone for granted.

Keshav Desai helped himself to another glass of coke and rum as he recalled the terrace on which he used to pace for hours on end, thinking about his life, his goals, his ambitions. As he looked around, he saw the 7 people that made up his life.

The big 8, or Junglees as they were fondly called, had come a long way since their first meeting. After a lot of fights, physical as well as verbal; taunts, pranks, an expulsion letter along with a contract that had stated otherwise many moons ago; the students had matured. They had learnt to control their tempers, have a firm grip on their egos and above all, learnt to respect and care for one another. The Junglees felt so comfortable around one another after a few months that they hadn't felt the need to interact with their peers. They'd all become a part of a family. That's what they liked to call themselves. A crazy, whacked out, protective and close-knit family. Despite the million curses that they'd thrown at Jaitley, they couldn't help but admire him for what he'd turned them into. They were obviously much better people, and they understood each other perfectly. They had some sort of a coordinated harmony. Some people had even tagged the bunch as 'Jaitley and his eight dwarves'. 

'Woh raaton ko, jaagna,

Subah ghar jaana, kood ke deewar'

Samar Pratap Singh, or Nawab as he was called, remembered how after those long night outs at the Buddy Cafe, he used to sneak in to his house, not realizing that gate would be closed. Ultimately, he had to try and jump over the wall that separated his room from the front yard.

'Woh cigarette peena, gali mein jaake,

Who karna daanton ko, ghadi ghadi saaf'

Pratham Punj, who went by the name 'Piddi' than his first name, chuckled as he remembered how he tried smoking, late into the night with KD. At the same time, the partner-in-crime looked at him and thumped him on the back, laughing, no-doubt, remembering the same incident. Piddi's mom had caught them in their backyard, trying to find a lighter, and they swore that they'd never smoke ever again.


'Pohonchna school, hamesha late,

Woh kehna sir ka, 'get out from the class''

Kiya Gujral and Panchi Rastogi looked at each other before breaking out into loud giggles. That day had been a memorable one. They'd been running around the school, trying to find KD and Ranveer to get them to come to class; eventually giving up, rushing to class only to find that they were being kicked out!

'Woh baahar jaake, hamesha kehna,

Yahaan ka system, hi hai kharaab'

They couldn't help but fondly recall the incident that had ensured that they'd be sticking together, no matter what. The first act of rebellion; the first signs of friendship and hatred all mixed in one big event known as 'Banga Ki Pungi'. They couldn't just stand back and let their vice-principal ban all events now, could they?

'Woh jaake canteen mein, table bajaake,

Gaane gaana, yaaron ke saath!'

Juhi Sharma broke out into a little jig that was loved by one and all sitting at that table. Who could forget that day, when on a dare, they'd all broken out into 'Yaaron Dosti' followed by 'Disco Deewane', stamping their feet and banging the tables, their voices going hoarse.

'Bas yaadein, yaadein, yaadein reh jaati hain,

Kuch chhoti, chhoti, baatein reh jaati hain'

They couldn't help but agree with the words that reached their ears. They had so many memories; so many emotions that had been pegged to this very song. They'd definitely come a long way; they'd changed for the better and now understood each other better than ever. Who'd have thunk it that the 8 students who hated each other from the very core of themselves, would be sitting in a karaoke pub 15 years later, humming along to a beautiful song? 

'Woh papa ka, daantna, woh kehna mummy ka,

'Chhodein jee aap!'; unhein to bas, nazar aata hain,

Jahaan mein beta, mera hi kharaab'

Piddi shook his head, smiling a little. The scenario in his house had been completely opposite of the one in the song. It had always been his father who protected him from the very many curses that came his way by his very own mother. Hiding behind his father while he tried to make an escape to his room wasn't forgotten at all; and it imagining the scenario made him laugh to that very day.


'Woh dil mein sochna, kar ke kuch dikha dein'

At this line, Babita aka Bobby, the tomboy of the clan, smiled inwardly. That one simple line evoked so many arguments, feelings within her that it was hard to control them. Every day, she'd come home and compete with her older brothers, never giving up, always fighting. She'd wanted to show everyone that even though she was a girl, she could accomplish any and everything, and she could even be better than boys who were much bigger, much stronger than she was.

'Woh karna planning, roz nayi yaar!'

Ranveer looked at KD and both of them shared a laugh over the numerous amounts of times that they'd started revising for the upcoming exams; after much cajoling by their girlfriends. Opening their books hadn't had the effect that the 2 girls were hoping for, and it had ultimately resulted in the two of them putting their heads together for planning a new prank on Banga. Neither of them had imagined that the two of them could talk calmly for 5 minutes, let alone share a wonderful friendship. 

'Ladakpan ka, woh pehla pyaar,

Woh likhna haathon pe, A+R

Woh khidkhi se, jhaankna,

Woh likhna letter, unhein baar baar

Woh dena tohfe mein, sone ki baaliyaan

Woh lena doston se, paise udhaar'

The octet couldn't help but blush at this comment, since they'd all been in exactly the same position; ever since they were paired up for 'The Buddy Project'. What Jaitley had said on the first day had been somewhat foreshadowing of their near futures. They had scoffed and made faces when he'd said that the partners that they had, would probably end up being their 'life partners' too; little did they know. Samar had caught Juhi twirling around in class singing 'Pehla Nasha' before joining her singing the male lead. KD had caught Kiya humming 'Ishq Waala Love' before pulling her to her feet and dancing with her. Panchi had heard Ranveer strumming his guitar to 'I'm Yours' and had started to sway on the spot, tapping her feet. Bobby had seen Piddi trying to learn football and she'd offered to be his coach. And that had been the start of something beautiful.

'Bas yaadein, yaadein, yaadein reh jaati hain,

Kuch chhoti, chhoti, baatein reh jaati hain'

After that one song, they'd had a kickass karaoke session, singing song after song; not allowing anyone else the stage. A little tipsy, a little overwhelmed all of them walked out of the door, flinging their arms around one another, making another memory that'd last them a lifetime.

Entry 12

Broken Hearted Girl

"What did you think that if fell in love with you, that I wanted to be your friend? Well guess what Miss Kiya Gujral, even if you are the last person in this world even then then I would never ever love you. You are just too below my level," said KD. His words stinging me, tearing my heart, making me realise that I could never be loved. That I was useless, that everybody hated me, that my life was a lie, my friendship was a lie, everything was a lie.
Kd continued "Ms Kiya Gujral,  if I ever had a choice of loving you or dying then I would prefer death any day. You know why, because you are a rich spoilt brat. You are the type of girl who can go to any level to get what she wants. You are the type of girl who doesn't mind spending a night with a guy who only wants a one night stand just so you yourself can feel pleasure, you are the type of girl who is all about having S.."
SLAP!!! (Kiya slaps KD)
"ENOUGH!!! Enough KD, enough. I have no idea what I ever did to you, but you have no right to talk about me like that. You know nothing about me so don't you ever dare say anything. I know what type of girl I am, and it's definitely not the type that you are thinking. I still can't believe you just said that. I mean I get you don't like me for some weird reason but I at least thought you respected woman, but I was wrong. " I yelled as tears stung my eyes, disgraced at what he had just said. I understood that our friendship was a lie, but I still thought he had good values, and knew how to respect a lady and talk to one, but I was wrong once again.
"KD tum itni giri hui baath kaise kahe sakte ho, Kiya ke bare mein," said Panchi who stood beside Kiya.
"Finally you have shown your true low class colours, KD,"said Ranveer.
"Yuck KD, I never though you would go down to that level," said Juhi disgusted.
"KD , hume bhi lagta hai ki is baar ap ne apni haad paar kardi, you said a bit too much." Said Samar.
"You are all thinking it wrong, KD bhai is right, I myself saw Kiya with that loser who wanted a one night stand with Kiya and who sent KD bhai to jail in the drug case. I saw Kiya sitting at the coffee shop with him laughing and enjoying herself, while KD bhai was in jail."
I had a  flashback of when I was sitting with Kunal and getting evidence to free KD and of all the other good times she had spent with KD. Wow, I had never thought the price of saving KD would be me getting humiliated by him.  I laughed, "God, how idiotic was I to have trusted you, and helped you."
"What?" asked a confused KD.
"I mean, seriously how could I think of trusting a faggot like you, I should have known not become your friend. I mean you are a guy, guys are never to be trusted, and I knew that but I still trusted you, god how stupid. You are just like any other guy who only knows how to humiliate a girl, how to gain her trust and break it. You only know how to hurt someone, like all guys, like dad.  You know what I can't believe that for your friendship, I lied to mum, I betrayed her, that for you I hid things from my mum. For you I risked my safety, my womanhood, just to make sure you were safe. For you I went to Kunal and actually spent time with him, while he tried to touch me, just so I could get evidence of him admitting that he put drugs in your bag."
KD, pidhhi and the rest of the gang looked at me shocked at what I had just said.
"I can't believe I put up with that leech face just for you," I continued as more tears started strolling down my already wet cheeks. " I should have known that Di(sister) was right about guys, she told me to never trust a guy, but I still did.  She had told me that all guys broke promises and trust, just after dad had broken his promises and left us for another woman. Even after that I trusted you. I hate myself for doing that, but I hate you more. I hate you KD. I wish I had never gone to such extend to get you out of jail, to save your future. Also another thing, for your kind of information, I have not lost my V card yet, and I don't intent to, and a relationship for me is about trust not about physical relationship."  I said rushing out of the room.
Inside the room (Third person POV) :
 "Crap." KD whispered.
 "KD bhai, yeh ladki kya bolke chali gayi." Piddhi said.
"sahi bola Kiya ne," Said Junglee as he came into the room. "The only reason you are out of jail today is because of Kiya. And instead of thanking her you did this. I am disgusting in you."
Outside the room-it's raining (Third person POV) :
Kiya broke down, and fell onto the floor and started crying, she let her pain pour out as the rain drenched her. She screamed into the wind, letting the whole world hear the cries of her broken heart, of her broken promises and broken relations.
"Kiya" panchi said  as she placed a hand on her shoulder.
Kiya immediately hugged Panchi. "Panchi' what have I done wrong that this always happened to me?" she sobbed.
"Kiya, you have not done anything wrong, someone people just don't have any feelings and they feel happy seeing other sin pains. Trust me you have done nothing wrong." Panchi said as she stroked Kiya's hair, comforting her.
"Then why does everyone break my trust, why does everyone hate me, why doesn't anyone ever love me, why did KD say all that? Why , Panchi, why? "
"KD is an idiot, and you don't need to think about him. Just forget about him."
"I fell for him, panchi I fell for KD. So how can I forget him when he is the only one in my heart"
Panchi was stunned hearing this, she knew how Kiya felt, because she had the same issue with Ranveer, but she didn't know what to say because she knew that no words could ever heal the pain that someone felt when the person whom they loved tore their heart apart.
After a while Panchi spoke," Kiya, remember once you said to me, that those who don't give a damn about us don't deserve our tears. Then why are you crying over someone who does not even worthy of your tears."
"Yeah but Panchi, I love him."
"I know, but you have to forget him. You have to be strong and not cry, otherwise you will break to such a point that you will never be able to be fixed. And once you break to that point then it will be nearly impossible to get back to being normal to being happy  "
"You love him don't you? "asked Kiya looking at the tears which had formed in Panchi's eyes
"Yeah but Ranveer doesn't love me."
"Aww babes, come here." Said Kiya pulling Panchi into a hug.
"Wow group hug." Said Juhi coming out of thin air and joining the hug.
They all pulled out of the hug.
"You know what girls I have the prefect plan to fix your mood. First we will go shopping, there is this new shop that opened and it has these beautiful dresses, I think I will buy one in red or maybe pink, or maybe both anyway, then we will buy lots of chocolate and lollies, and then watch chick flicks all night long. What say?" said Juhi
Kiya and Panchi looked at Juhi and just laughed at her cuteness and how easily she was able to distract them by just talking.
"Yeah but first we need to change our clothes, they are all wait due to the rain. Then we shall go have fun." Said Panchi as all of the three girls started walking towards the car.

Entry 13

Mission : the destruction of Baaga 
(with the help of junglee) 

Baaga was walking around the school smiling. 
Piddi : KD bhai yeh Baaga apni 32 teeth bahar karke kyun ghoom rahe? 
Samar : are Piddi miyan, yeh iss khushi mein hai ke principal saab ne do hafte ki chutti. 
Juhi: haan! Naina ji apne maike gayi hai principal sir ke saath. 
Panchi: Juhi, tumhe yeh bhi pata hai? 
KD: woh choro, ab baaga kya karega yeh socho. 
Kiya: i just hope ke woh last time ki tarah Humein bina baat ke punish na Karen. 

Bobby came running to the canteen where the rest of the group was. 
'guys there is a bad news' 
Piddi: tumhare muh se kuch bhi accha lagta hai. 
Bobby: abey chu..he pehle news sun to le. 
Panchi:kya hua Bobby?tum itni pareshaan kyun lag rahi ho? 
Bobby : news hi aisi ha. Baaga ne Jaitley sir Ko apna termination letter de diya. Iske baad woh school Nahin aa sake ge. 
What!everyone shouted. Everyone was shocked. 
Juhi: aisa nahin ho sakta! 
Everyone ran towards the notice board where the news was published. 
They all were shocked. KD said angrily: mujhe pata tha ke yeh Baaga kuch na kuch zaroor karega. 
Juhi: i know that shuruwat mein woh mujhe accha nahin lagta tha, par woh ek acche insaan hai. 
Kiya: he is thousand times better than Baaga. 
Samar: mere Khayal se humein Baaga ke office jaani chahiye. 
They all went to his office to ask him an explanation for his decision. Ranveer did not come that day as he went for a movie with Aisha. 
Baaga was talking to Vats when the group reached there. KD knocked at the door. 
"Abhi main thoda sa busy hoon,baad mein aana.'' 
Piddi entered and said''sir, hum bas itna hi chahtein ke aap Jaitley sir Ko bahar na nikalein" 
Baaga became angry and said" Pratham Punj,tumhare paas koi tameez nahin hai. Don't you have any manners? I don't owe you any explanations for what i did. Now get lost!" 
KD came inside and took Piddi away. 

[back to the canteen] 
Samar: Baaga se baat ka koi faida nahin hai. 
KD: woh humein kuch nahin kahein ge. 
Panchi: humein Jaitley sir ke paas jaana chahiye. 

As soon as they took Jaitley's name he appeared. 
Jaitley: kya hua jokers, tum sab itne pareshaan kyun lag rahe ho. 
Panchi told him the whole story. When Jaitley went to speak to Baaga, he had already left. Jaitley came back home without telling the buddies. 
At home. 
Jaitley was sitting on the sofa not knowing what to do. Then Naina maa called. 
Jaitley: Naina maa mein aap hi ko yaad kar raha tha. 
Naina maa: kyun?kya hua? 
Jaitley: Mr vice principle ne mujhe college se nikal diya 
Naina maa: kya!lekin kyun? Woh aisa kaise kar sakta hai. Yun hi kisi ko nikalna,yeh toh nainsafi hui. 
Jaitley: isiliye koi use pasand nahin karta. Naina maa mujhe pata nahin mein kya karoun. Mujhe bacchon ki fikar ho rahi aur ab mein yahan se jaana nahin chata hoon. 
Naina maa: yeh sab tumhare muh se sunke accha laga. Beta yeh vice principle thora tehra hai. Aur tumhe pata hai ki... 
Jailey continued: jab ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle,toh ungli teri karni parti hai. Lekin Naina maa, management?? 
Naina maa: junglee ke samne management tik payega??? 
Jaitley: thanks Naina maa. Mujhe pata hai ke ab kya karna hai. 
Jaitley said to himself,''Baaga baaton se nahin manega. Sirf junglee usse sudhar sakta hai. Lekin kya mera junglee banna sahi hai??? Buddy project ke liye, YES!'' 
Jaitley called the buddies immeadiately. 

Some minutes later he saw everyone coming with their respective buddies. After Panchi's request and explanations, Ranveer agreed to come. Even he did not want Jaitley to go. he left Aisha and came to Jaitley's residence. This was a proof that he did not want Jaitley to go. 

Jaitley: i am really happy ke tum sab apne buddies ke saath aye ho. 
Piddi ran to him and hugged him saying" sir hum aap Ko Jaane nahin denge. KD bhai ke baad aap hi to ho Jo mujhe Samajta hai. 
Jaitley: Aww Piddi that's so nice of you. Lekin main yahan re itni assani se nahin jaounga. Piddi agar Junglee yahan hota toh woh kya karta? 
Piddi:woh Baaga ki watt laga deta. 
Jaitley: hum bhi aisa hi karenge. 
Panchi: kya? 
KD : sir yeh aap kya keh rahe hai? 
Jaitley: mere pass aur koi option nahin baccha. I have to do the same thing jo Junglee karta. Agar nahin kiya toh mujhe jaana hi padega. 
Piddi: sir KD bhai ke paas bahut acche acche ideas hai. 
Jaitley: joh hamesha flop hota hai. 

KD did not mind him saying that. In fact everyone was so shocked to gear Jaitley speaking like that. 

Ek akhri mission...he said. Agar yeh mission succesful nahin hua to shayad mujhe jaana hi padega. 

Jaitley: iss mission ka naam hai 
kiya: yeh toh ek movie ka naam hai. 
Jaitley: aur iss movue mein kya hota hai? 
Kiya: ek video game hota hai jisme 3 levels hote hai. 
Jaitley: exactly! 3 levels and then game over! 

Piddi: sir humein Baaga sir ke saath video game khelna padega? 
Bobby: abey chu..he, video game nahin khelna padega. 
Samar: Baaga sir ko game bana na padega. 
Juhi: aur 3 levels ke baad baaga ka game over. 
Jaitley was happy and he said'' well done my jokers. Aaj tumne mujhe proud kar diya. Tum sab bahut intelligent ho aur i'm happy ke Royal ke paas itne bright students hai. 
Ranveer: hum chahe kitne bhi intelligent hai, mastermind to aap hi ho. 

Jaitley explained to the buddies what to do. 


The next morning the buddies set up for their plan. 
Piddi put some oil in front of Baaga's table on the floor. He had not come yet. Nobody saw them doing so. 

Meanwhile KD and Ranveer put some Fevicol glue on his chair. 
Ranveer: sirf Jaitley sir ki wajah se tujhe jhel raha hoon. 
KD: mera bhi koi shauk nahin hai tuvne ka. 
Kiya came running to Baaga's office to tell them that Baaga is coming. 
Baaga was still flying high as he was the acting principle. 
When he entered his cabin, he did not see the oil and he fell down hard. 


Baaga immediately shouted for Vats. He was not able to get up. 


Vats helped him in getting up. He hurt his back . 
Vats: sir lagta hai appko pichwade pe lagi hai. 
Baaga: shut up vats! Help me to get onto my chair. 
Baaga sat on the chair which was full with fevicol. 
Baaga: arey yaar, bahut dard ho raha hai. Mein apne mouh dho ke aata hoon. 
He tried getting off the chair but he couldn't. The buddies were enjoying the scene from the window. 
Baaga: mein uth kyun nahin paa raha hoon? Vats help me. 
Vats pulled him so hard that he managed to get up but his pants were torn. 
He shouted at Vats and told him to bring another pants. 
The buddies were laughing loudly outside. 


Jaitley entered the cabin. 


Baaga was a bit troubled. 
Oh!he said. Mujhe pehle hi shaq hona chahiye tha, ke iss sab ke peeche sirf ek hi aadmi ka haath ho sakta hai...Junglee. 
The buddies were shocked to hear the word Junglee. Jaitley didn't know that the buddies were hearing their convo. 

Junglee: Baaga, tone aisa kyun Kiya? 
Baaga: revenge Junglee , revenge. Tumne mujhe itna pareshaan kiya ke mein majboor ho gaya tha. 
Junglee: main unnsab ke liye maafi maang chuka hoon. 
Baag: kekin iss college mein sirf wohi hoga jo main chahta hoon. 
Jaitley left the room smiling. Baaga and the buddies were surprised by his behavior. 
A few minutes later, Baaga received a phone call from the trustees. He was sacked from the college and Jaitley had regained his job. 


The buddies were shocked to find out that Jaitley was in fact their idol. 
When Jaitley entered his room Piddi ran to him and fell at his feet. 
Piddi : mujhe ashirvaad dijie guru dev. Junlee ji mein aap ka bahut bad fan hu ji. 
Jaitley: get up Piddi 
Panchi: sir hum Abhi sab Ko batatein hain. 
Jaitley: no. Please. Junglee mera past tha aur main nahin chahta hoon ke koi iss ke bare mein pata chalein. 
Jaitley left the class leaving everyone stunned.

Done!! *phew* 
Oh and certain adjustments are made in terms of font/bold-italics-underline/ spacing in order to maintain uniformity, Hope noone minds.. or else SORRY Hug

Good Luck to the participants & Forum Members ATTACK! LOL

Edited by _Aanchal_ - 05 November 2012 at 1:48pm

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.effervescent. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
yay. . finally d voting round is here. . .
all d OS luk promising!!!
all d best every1 . ..
brb to vote Big smile

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CutielovesChocs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
Good luck to alll the participants, including myself! LOL

Votes from my side: 4, 5

I LAUGHED SO hard at the introduction! Aanchal and Minnuu, you guys amuse me! I love you two! LOLROFLHug

Edited by CutielovesChocs - 06 November 2012 at 8:26pm

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-Stardust- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
6 8 11
Good job everyone... :p

Edited by Missscarlett - 06 November 2012 at 1:23pm

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CutielovesChocs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 November 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged
SO many people have voted for the banners! Come on people, VOTE! Big smile

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