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ArHi SS: Love, Arnav | Part 3 & Epilogue Page 30

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It's nearing Diwali and the Sheetal-Aarav track is in full swing. We don't know which way the story is going to go, and I won't deny that I'm a bit scared about the upcoming episodes. I don't know what made me write this, but the idea struck me and I decided to pen it down before it leaves me never to come back again!
It's going to be of three parts on something very closely related to the ongoing track, but based some time in future.

I hope you like it. Please hit like or drop a line or two as a comment, if you feel like. I love reading your replies to my work.

Here I go...



... because sometimes you never think that you'd ever want to relive those moments that once haunted you. But when you realize that's all what's left of you - a part of you dies as you burn; a part of you rises out of those ashes and hold those moments to your heart and you burn again...



She ran to her room with the newly arrived letter in her hand and slammed the door behind her. She wanted to vanish behind those moth-eaten wooden doors of the old house before anyone else could notice. The windows shuddered and boomed with the force with which she thundered the doors shut. She quickly bolted the door and turned to face the room, her back taking support from the door as she leaned on to it.

She heard the children outside dance and jump in joy as they lit the crackers, celebrating Diwali. She clutched the envelope in her hand and held it to her chest; her eyes wide yet strangely empty. She ran to the windows and hastily pulled them towards her. The distinct whoosh as another cracker soared up in the sky and exploded was suppressed as the wooden shutters banged on the wrought iron rods of the window as she closed them in a fluid movement. The bright red and golden reflections of the crackers danced on her tired face through the semi-transparent glass of Gupta House. She quickly drew the curtains and suddenly smiled to herself - the envelope still held close to her heart.

She ran to the bed, excitement dripping from every movement of hers while she carefully pulled the staples out of the heavy parchment not wanting to tear even a bit. It was special, she thought to herself, very special. More special than she ever was. And ever will be.

She pressed the envelope by either side and pulled out the neatly folded sheet of paper from inside. She straightened the paper with utmost care and ran a hand over the letter lovingly before her eyes browsed the neat writing.


She read; her lips curved up in a smile. She heard his husky voice in her ear, whispering. A strand, loose from her characteristic side-pleat caressed her cheek as if his breath had fanned her face the moment he had uttered her name with an uncanny reverence. She took a deep breath, inhaling in his scent that wasn't really there.

It's finally here, Khushi - Diwali! Yeah, I know how much you were waiting for this day. I'm sure you must have made mountains of your jalebis and laddoos and that kite-shaped sweet you make with cashew and fig - I forgot the name, sorry! Heck, I don't even remember what all you'd made that year when you were working for me, or even after that for that matter. Just remember jalebis! I know it's kind of strange, right, I know everything about you, Damn it! Don't worry; I'll try to remember... Come on, they are sweets and I'm diabetic. We naturally repel each other, give me this one, yeah?!

Everything is great here; the Raizada House is shimmering and glimmering like every years. You know the decorations by heart, I guess. I am trying hard not to spill oil everywhere I go, though. Di and Nani are on a mission to light every corner of the House with Diyas. Trust me it gets super annoying after a while. I apparently knocked out some pretty formation out of Diyas Di had spent hours on just next to the staircase - I hadn't seen Di angrier before today! If I knew I was walking over a formation, I've been careful of course. I still haven't understood if it was really a formation or had Di made a mockery of that! Don't look at me like that okay, just because I said this - you should have been here to see her face. You wouldn't have stopped laughing over it!

"Laad Governor!" Khushi exclaimed, kissing the letter in heat of the moment. A blush crept her milky cheeks as she realized what she'd just done. She chuckled and pressed the letter to herself for a moment.

You remember Khushi, don't you, the first time I lost the so-called control I had over you? I know, I know, you must be laughing right now remembering my state then - I was truly mesmerized, but hey - so were you! So stop laughing right now, Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!

She blushed yet again as she remembered their first close encounter - his body pressed tight against hers. She almost felt his palms cupping her face. She closed her eyes like that day, anticipating a kiss that never came her way.

You know what's strange about this Diwali Khushi; Sheetal is being all weird this time around. I mean, last year she was all pretending a happy wife everywhere, trying to be you. The decorations, the way she drapes her saree, the way she's communicating with the family - it reminds me of you. Very strongly. As if she's doing everything deliberately. But she is not you; no one can take your place in my life. Ever. I found it strange - somewhat creepy - she was sporting red in every picture of hers this year. Her off-shoulders, her spaghetti straps and what-all - she's even taken over my wardrobe now! I'm seriously thinking of calling the interior people tomorrow. I need to get the room refurbished if I want to live in there. I need some space to keep my stuff! Life isn't the same since you left me, Khushi.

But yes, I won't say life has changed since Sheetal shifted into my room as my wife. I had her in my life before you as you, I know how she is and I knew it well how much influence she had over me then and now too. And you know it equally well. She means nothing to me. She never did.

She didn't know how she was supposed to react to this. Maybe she didn't like reading about her. Maybe she was confused by the way where the letter was headed to.

There's some advert about today's Diwali Party in the newspaper. Sheetal had made a huge fuss about how things don't run her way in the House. She had people photograph her in like a million different poses for the newspaper. Thank Heavens that Aarav was there to handle her. The photographer must've been really irritated. And oh yes, I designed myself a new suit. You were telling me too to get a new one last month, right? See - I listened to you! It's black but the knit is excellent. I was thinking of a silver cravat with it for tonight's party. Or maybe steel grey. I think the combination suits me, what do you say? 

"Perfect", she whispered, all traces of her earlier excitement had vanished.

Anyway, Aarav has grown into a big handsome guy. Of course you know that! His school teachers are extremely impressed with his performance. He was recently selected for the Under 14 National Basketball Team. He may travel to US again this December for a Tournament. Sheetal and I are so proud of him, I'm sure you must be too. After all you were the one who had arranged for that match a few years back. All the credit goes to you, Khushi. Thank you so much for helping the little boy chase his passion from the young age.

What's more? Life's been good. As good as it can be without you. It's been studded with Fashion Shows for Sheetal, International business trips for AR, Holidaying for Aarav and some rituals as usual for Di, Nani and Payal. Nothing's for me in particular. I'm sure you must have heard that Payal's doing great in her second term; her first little one hardly lets her sleep anyway! I don't know how Akash must be handling it. Thank God, Aarav is not a kid anymore. I don't know how I'd have handled him.

A drop of salt-water landed on the paper she was holding. She looked up and examined the ceiling, trying to see if there was a leakage. No, there wasn't anything falling off the roof. It was Diwali, she thought bitterly, winter, not monsoon. Something made her sniff and she realized that she was crying. She watched silently another drop fell on the paper. Her eyes followed the ink dissolved in the water as the letters began to fade out. She panicked as a couple of words disappeared right before her eyes. Hurriedly, she grabbed her chiffon dupatta and fruitlessly tried to absorb the water. She did a poor job - the material of her dupatta wasn't helping to get the paper dry.

I miss you so much, Khushi. Whenever I sit by the pool and see the stars above my head, I remember you. I guess you were right, my mom's really up there. I finally figured out which one she is. She smiles at me - every time. I wish you were here to smile back to her from beside me. She'd have felt nice. But I don't feel lonely any more. I have my mom with me. I just wish I had you as well.

Okay, no more emotional stuff. I made you cry, didn't I? I'm really, really very sorry, sweetheart. But you are the only person I can openly talk about my parents - can talk about anything. You know that, don't you?

Anyway, I got to go now. I can hear Sheetal calling me for something. Maybe she's stuck while choosing a dress for the party. But I won't choose red for her. Red has always been, and will always be your colour, Khushi. And maybe she'll ask me to choose the jewellery for her. I sometimes wonder if she's really a Fashion designer - what with her running up to me for selecting stuff for her! It's weird, I know. But I still prefer the tinkling sound of the dozens of your bangles in my room. It's a million times better than her overly sophisticated dresses with her single bracelets. It's hard to understand.

Take care and Happy Diwali! 

Till later,

Love, Arnav.

She folded the paper neatly along the original crease, holding back a sob that threatened to burst. She let the letter drop on her bed and walked to the table at the centre of the room. Her skewed dupatta brushed lightly against the sheet of paper as she got up and slid it to the floor. But she didn't notice. She didn't stop her gait - defeated, broken - as another tear escaped her doe-eyes.


Next Part >>

Finale >>


To be continued... Umm, when? Depends on your replies. If I get more comments and more likes, I'll update soon... I know it's a blackmail, but I'm gonna try it this time! 

I retain all rights and ownership of this Short-Story. Kindly do not copy it elsewhere or claim it as your own.


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SmileIt's a very nice piece of writing, Clapeagerly waiting for the next part, please don't write a sad ending Cry

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OMG...saie u have to update this soon!!i so want to know what have u planned!!
Why is Khushi not here with Arnav?
Why is Sheetal Arnav's wife?
Everything is so confusing!!!
But i loved the letter addressed to khushi!!the ease with which he wrote to her and told her everything that is happening in his life!!
Please, pretty please update your next part soon!!
If u want i will bribe you also!!Wink

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
its beautiful bt i ddnt like khushi nt being their wid arnav n sheetal taking over idiotic lady cud nvr tke over arnav's heart which jst belongs to his khushi!
plz update soon to lt us no wat hapnd n y they r in such a situation!

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Update soon 

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OMG...awesome OS
I criedCrycant see Arshi separated like this...
beautifuly emoted dear gr8 jobClap
pls continue...PM me

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