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                                                         Chapter 1

Seeking Dead Ends

It was normal hectic day for ETF. They just returned after finishing case but it was only half of work. Doing paper work on case was boring for them.ETF received many awards from department for their bravery and hard work. Team is doing really well which we can easily notice from pride on face of their chief SAMEER ROTHORE.

In ETF Headquarters

Everyone was sitting around the table filing the paperwork. Room was full on rhythm of pen and paper.

Riya ' Rathod sir, ye sab paper work hum kyu kar rahe hai. Can't they give us some field work?

Rathore look up from file, he too was frustrated by this paper work but as chief he has to follow the procedure. So replied in firm tone

Rathore ' Riya we are cops and filing these paper are part of our work too. waise tum toh research desk pe kaam kar chuki ho na so you have experience of all this.

Riya ' sir that's was because i was eager to join you guys. As per guidelines every candidate should have one year experience of research desk. 

Arjun ' so what! We all have done that riya. Keep focus of work ye time pass band karo.

His tone was sharp and rude but it wasn't affecting riya anymore. Riya was working with him for six months. Now she know him perfectly arjun was not bad he was still prisoner of his past. Here in ETF each one was carrying some baggage from past. Different only was arjun was unable to hide it. So he was tried covering it by his rough and harsh words. Despite of that he is truly a great cop there was so much to learn from him.

  She shakes her head slightly and exchange look with shree and chotu. They

Were giving her their patent looks. Trio share great bond with each other as they all are new in ETF. ETF is family for all of them so they keep showing love it different way.

Next moment Rathore's phone vibrates on table. All were staring at it waiting for new exciting case.

Rathore picked it up and keep using words "yes sir". His expression changes in minute, crease on his forehead was hint of something big happened. He ends the call shooting glair at his team.

"We got a case. But it's not regular one there are some big name involved in it. Move fast."

All teams member grab place in car Chotu ignite the engine while Rathore is briefing about case.

'Monish Khanna ' age 39

Businessman owes big chain of hotel and resorts. Police found murdered in his juhu banglow .as per investigation uss ki wife bahar gayi huyi thi. When she returned she heard scream. she look out it was coming from their servant's room. It was lock from inside so she called neighbours for help. They break the door and got in found him dead on floor. Single slit ear to ear no fingerprints in room anywhere.'

Arjun cut him middle ' YE toh thik hai rathore but what's big twist?

Rathore ' tumhe kaise pata ki story me twist hai?

Arjun ' woh toh tumhari shakal pe likha hai. kuch samjhe ya samjhau.

Riya,shree and chotu chuckles on that but instantly control their laughter as rathore shoot 'don't even dare look' . Between all this dangerous works those moments were like breaks from tension.

Rathore ' bus Rawte! Ab suno Monish kisi Gungadhar baba ko manta tha. Uss ke marne tin di pehle baba ne uss ke marne ki BHAVISHYAWANI ki thi.

Shree's and Chotu's mouth fell open, Riya was shocked too and while arjun start running his mind through all the possibility and answered.

Arjun ' so we got our first suspect 'gangadhar baba'. Our Monish ki dead body ka kya.

Rathore ' actually this whole thing a week ago, So uss ka post-mortem

Ho chukka hai.

Shree ' sir toh ab hum kaha jaa rahe hai?

Rathore ' uss ki wife se milne, wahi bata sakti hai iss BABA ke bare meh.

Khanna house

Mrs khanna was sobbing and riya was consoling her while shree was searching house for clue.

Rathore- meh janta hu its hard for you but we have ask some question to you so. I hope you understand.

Arjun- so Mrs khanna aap ke pati ki kisi ke sath koi dushmani.

Mrs khanna ' ji woh toh kitne acche insaan the.Baba ne toh pehle hi kaha tha ki woh (and start crying again riya start patting her back. Gave her some water to drink.

Rathore ' monish ji un BABA ko kitne saalo se jante hai ?

Mrs khanna ' they both know each other for six years.

Riya- kya hum room dekh sakte hai jaha unki dead body mili.

So they went towards that room, it was quite distance from main house. It was two small rooms with minimized furniture.

Arjun ' aap jab yaha ayi toh darvaja uder se band tha, Then called your neighbours for help.

Shree checked the door it was simple wooden door it's not possible to lock from outside. Room was covered with slight layer of dust with some footprints.

Chotu ' ye kaise possible hai. Door was lock from inside so it means he committed suicide.

Rathore ' its cold blooded murder chotu forensic team conform that, so main question is...

Arjun cut him again while giving all blank look

Arjun ' Monish main house dur yaha servant room meh kya kar raha tha. Yaha dead body ko khich ke le jane ke koi nishan nahi hai. Monish yaha khud aya tha yaa phir kisi ne uss waha bulaya tha.

Riya who was checking room from inside, called them.

Riya ' sir kitchen halat dekh kar lagta hai ki yaha bohut dino se koi rehta nahi tha.

Rathore ' Mrs khanna kya ye rooms Kab se band the?

Mrs khanna ' ji hum iss ghar meh jyada ate bhi nahi the. Jab se unhone apni death ki khabar suni thi tab se woh disturb the, akele rehna chahte the toh yaha aa gaye.

Shree ' ye sab huwa toh aap kaha thi?

Mrs khanna ' meh tab apne papa se milne unke ghar gayi thi.

Riya ' aap phikar mat kijiye hum aap ke pati ke khuni ko dhudh nikalenge.

Arjun ' yaha se itna hi pata chala baki ka uss Gangadhar BABA se nikal


Gangadhar baba's ashram

As soon as they enter then stopped three people wearing orange rob.

 1st man ' aap log kon hai our yaha kar rahe hai?

Rathore ' we are ETF Monish murder case ke bare meh Gangadhar baba se kuch sawal kar ne hai.

2nd man ' woh sab toh thik hai par hum meh aap ki checking karni hogi. If you have any arms keep it outside you can't take that in.

Chotu ' pagal ho samz nahi ata we are ETF hamare pass guns nahi hone toh kya toys hoge .

Chotu barked and step forward he was about to knock them out but

Arjun ' bus chotu

Arjun stop him placing one hand on his gun he took it out pointing

blanck range to that man.

Arjun ' mala nahi kalat nahi (i don't like no's) samjhe ya samjhau.

         Man noticed fury in his blazing eyes took one step backward. Arjun grip his palm putting gun on it.

Arjun ' mujhe kisi ko darane ke liya gun ki jarurat nahi.

Man shivered by intensity of those words.

3rd man checked his pockets let him go ahead Rathore, chotu and shree followed the same procedure.

It was riya turn man curl his lips in crooked smile, she noticed it in moment. He moved his hands towards her waist but in flash she griped his hand twist it in shoulder he fell on floor grasping in pain. She kicks his back hard and then loosens his hand.

Riya ' don't even think about that again.

       Shree and chotu couldn't help to smile; there was satisfaction on Rathore's face too but she was unable to read Arjun expression from his poker face.

Rathore ' chale riya

Riya ' off course sir

         She answered shrugging her shoulders she indeed was brave, confident and intelligent woman in department. Shooting gold winner and professional martial artist still there much she need to prove. Her father retired army captain Mr mukharjee always wanted a son who will join and take his legacy forward. But her mom passed away while giving her birth she is only child. She had grown up watching disappointment in her father's eyes her being a girl. She was here to complete his dream. she made pact with herself that she not any less than man; girl can be tough and vulnerable same time.       

          As they entered in hall they noticed around, 60year man wearing white rob sitting royal golden chair guarded by two men from side. There was quite crowd sitting on floor as he was lecturing them on something. Arjun repel such false believe of people he only trust himself after Roshni he kept himself busy to control his emotions. Roshni his lawfully wedded wife, friend, supporter and sometime critic too. Every time when he drifts in her memories guilt that she died because of him butchers him from inside. He wants to know who those demons that destroyed his life were.

 Rathore ' ETF we are here to ask some question about Monish murder case.

Crowd look back at him with hatred faces which was normal as they were Baba's devotees.

Man ' hum aap ko baba our tang karne nahi denge.

Woman ' ye kar ke tum logo ko paap lagega.

Riya tried to calm her down them but it was getting out of control.

Shree ' hum log aap sab ki respect karte hai.

Gangadhar got from his seat raise his hand and crown instantly came to cool.

Gangadhar ' meh aap logo se mafi chahta hu ye sab mujhse pyaar karte hai

Iss liye. Par aap ko vachan deta hu ki ye aap ke kaam ke bich nahi ayenge. Aap mere sath ayiye.

And whole ETF team follows him; he took them inside. Two men were still following gangadhar like shoadow.

Gangadhar ' kahiye kya kaam mujhe ACP rawate.

Arjun raise his eyebrow in surprise that he know him.

Arjun ' toh mujhe jante hai.


GB ' mujhse kuch chipa nahi hai.

He replied with smile, arjun crossed him arms on chest. Rathore takes lead start investigation.

Rathore ' toh aap monish khanna ko kaise jante hai.

GB- woh mera bhakt hai our yaha chaar se aa raha hai.

Arjun 'toh aap ko kaise pata chala ki woh marne wala hai.

GB ' meh mrutyu (death) ko pehle se hi dekh sakta hu mata ki daya se. Meh uss ke liya pooja karne wala tha par shayad maa ko Kabul nahi tha.

Arjun ' toh aap use bacha sakte the par bacha nahi paye.

Rathore 'abhi ke liye itna thik hai jarurat padhi toh phir ayege.

GB ' jaisa aap chahe.

While this convo going on between arjun and GB, riya noticed two men following GB. She noticed tattoo on their arm something just clicked her mind she saw them before. She was digging her deep in thought when rathore called her they were leaving.

ETF headquarters

Chotu ' ye case complicate hata jaa raha hai.

Shree 'pehle toh samjh nahi aa raha ki ye monish ka murder kaise huwa.

Door was lock from inside its tricky.

Rathore- our ye baba jo death ke bare meh bata sakta hai.

Riya ' maybe it was mare coincidence.

Arjun  - no riya the murder in connected to GB. Yaad hai jab maine Mrs khanna ko pucha tha ki monish and GB ek dusre ko kab se jante the unhone kaha tha 6 years. But when asked GB said 4 years he lied to us, there something fishy about him rathore par kya?

Chotu ' sir uss ashram pe nazar rakhta hu. We will get to know every single this happening there.

Rathore ' good idea chotu.par woh kal se you guys can take rest today we continued working two days. I don't want any one sleep during work ok.

He was strict like father to his children as it's for their own good. He was 30 today he was always so busy in work that he never got time to make his own family. But only he knew that once he too had love story, in which he had put all his effort make it work. His entire dream shattered he found her in someone else's arm, she cheated on him. He could not believe Sameer who can indentify criminal so easily, could make such big mistake judging her. That's because love is blind he lost complete faith in love.


Riya sign shree to meet her in her cabin, he nodded excused him from conference room.

Riya's cabin

Shree ' what's matter riya? Why you called me here?

Riya 'i need your help. I want you to hack C.B.I website; i want information regarding our case.

Shree 'riya are you crazy! it's not child's play to hack CBI website; anyways how that is is related to our case. I'm not doing it that's final!

Riya 'only you can do it please. Trust me it's important know Rathore sir not going  be agree on this.

Shree can't take anymore she is his best friend. She needs him and that's why he joined ETF. He belongs very wealthy THE SEN'S were like king of Kolkata.

His parents can provide him any luxury which he wants. People used recognised him by last name SEN but what about his own identity. He always had great knowledge in IT so he ran from home so he can make his own world. His parents still want him to come home join their business. He loves his parent but there is something being part of ETF, they don't treat him like he is prince. He was normal Shree who is IT freak which help him understanding himself; he was not useless he was special as he was part ETF.

Shree ' ok riya but that's going to take time maybe whole night.

Riya ' oh shree thanks you so much buddy.

Shree ' ye thank you apne pass rakh mujhe kaam karrne de. It's going to be long night.

(Both smile at each other)

Here chotu driving car some poor children were playing on street; he can't help to notice that, his eyes turned moist. He was physically strong but still his childhood memories made him weak from inside. He lost his parents at young age and he grown up in orphanage with his sister. Later on he joined police academy while his sister studying in collage, he thought finally fixed it all. But destiny planed something else him. Now his sister was in mental asylum getting treatment. She was only thing he ever had he was mom dad for her, her innocent face keep flashing in front of his eyes. What was her mistake?

She was raped by some college students which affected her so much that she lost herself. She wasn't like he remembers her sweet intelligent and kind that dorks taken away her innocence. He was unable to help her, he visits her every week but she can't even recognise him. From that day he promised himself he not let any girl suffered from what his sister going through.




I hope you guys loved the first part, a big thanks for reading it. I love portraying human emotion as they are always new. But as the show is crime investigation so both their personal and professional goes hand in hand.

Why seeking dead end? We all want to forget something it's impossible ran ways from them. we have live with it not in it .   

I am ariya fan too so not going to disappoint you, it's going to happen but let their love blossom slowly. Five lives's ...Five stories

They have long journey for seeking happiness, i hope you going to be with them. i promise I will try my hard to provide you guys my best work.  

Thanks again


PS ' if you want pm on FF update please add me too buddy. I only send people in my buddy list. Any suggestion and criticisms are always welcome. Story is purely written by me so don't post it on any site without permission.

Don't forget to hit LIKE button.




chapter 2 - Pride and prjudice Pg 5 
chapter 3 - chain reaction Pg 9
chapter 4 - Blood or water Pg 15


 MY other ariya works

OS- love will find you anyways(completed)

OS - Mine to keep love and protect(completed)


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*Edited..Awesome dear...
the case is really thrilling...keep pm me

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Good luck! Thumbs Up


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Oh! Dhani... I havnt read it yet but the banner dragged me here... Superb banner!!! Its wow!!!

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