An Unexpected Rendez-Vous *Ashi-Yuvi* OS

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hey guys, m here wid an os since i was requested to write one! so its on yuvi n aashi. Basically d sory is somewer 10 yrs ka leap. i hope u'l remember yuvi n sid havin dat bet wer if yuvi won, sid would giv him some CD's! n d bet was on accordin to my story, aashi leaves maurya after knowin d truth abt it! now i'l stop talkin n let u'l read it
Dedicated to Rega24, who wanted me to write dis 

An Unexpected Rendez-Vous

He pushed the door open and took a seat as he sat in the newly entered coffee shop in his neighbourhood. he was continuously speaking on the phone and without even bothering to look at the menu, ordered a cappuccino for himself!

He was engrossed in his conversation and at the same time, removed a paper from his bag and began reading it.

His hair was neatly gelled and pushed back, and it was tied into a tiny ponytail from the back. His face was clean shaven and spectacles sat on his nose.

As his cappuccino arrived, he sipped it, again without looking at it. The next second, his mouth was on fire. He screamed his lings out and looked up at the person who had just served him the coffee. Before he could see the person, though he had shut his eyes, as he tried to blow air in and out of his mouth, as if it would give him some relief.

When he opened them again, a glass of water was next to him with no one around. He had it in two huge gulps and then got up to look out for the person who even bothered to play such a prank with HIM! He slowed down on his steps as he thought of something, rather someone. There was just one person who could have the audacity to play a prank on him, but it couldn't be that person, could it? Not here, in New York atleast!


He went looking for the manager complained to every staff member who he came across, saying things like "do you even know who I am?"

"du-uh! Atleast stop being a daddy's whiny boy atleast now!" a voice from behind shook him up.

He was again hallucinating her, he thought, like he always did. Over the years, he had been used to seeing her here and there, smiling at him, much unlike they were back in high school, yelling right in each other's faces, if something like that was possible!

Anyway, right now, he felt her presence! Now this was something he had never experienced whenever he dreamt of her. He gulped and slowly turned to face her, or was it really her? Well, he hoped she was! He walked towards her slowly and lifted his hand upto her face and brushed his fingers lightly against her cheek. Hell, she really was there! In 3D, if that is what you call reality!


She had seen him enter and contemplated whether she should go and speak to him! Her past with him still haunted her, but now she was mature enough to face it, to face HIM! Moreover, her reaction back then had been impulsive, and now she was a lot more composed. Does that mean she wasn't mad at him? No, she surely was! But she was not gonna pick up a fight with him for that after all these years. She should probably just say a "hello" to him. And hello in her language meant a prank. She stopped her co-worker who would attend his table usually, and herself went to take the order and when he didn't look, she was furious! The guy just ignored her?? HER? He had had it now from her. And she added chilli powder in his cappuccino. And then she waited, waited for his reaction, but the caring side took over her and although she laughed when his mouth was on fire, she placed a glass of cold water on his table and moved away quickly.


Right now, she just stood there numb. He touched her cheeks. Hell, what was he even thinking? But she couldn't help shudder when he did so! She was no longer a teenager now and should have a control over her feelings and moreover, she never behaved like this back in high school also. She realised that she had really missed his touch. She would do anything to make him hold her just once, but of course, it was her huge ego coming in between.

Breaking the eye-lock that they just shared, she lowered her eye lids to have a proper look at him. He looked so different now. And so much more mature, probably it was something to do with his hair, which was in its place, neatly gelled rather than popping out from every corner. He wore a well-fitted blazer. A shirt, a tie, formal trousers and shoes! She had found him weird, always! But who the hell would come to a coffee shop like that?

As he noticed her looking at him, he too allowed his eyes to ponder over her. Her hair was still the same, red in colour. She wore her uniform but she still managed to look good. Those bands that she wore on her wrists arms had gone. Instead he spotted tattoos. One of them had a little heart and something written on it. Hearts and her! Boy, she had changed, for sure. He saw something written in it in a fashionable way and narrowed his eyes to read it. It was in real small fonts, but if his reading skills were still good enough; he could read the initials, Y.D written in such a way that no one could make it out. Except for him! And it struck him, weren't they HIS initials?

He looked back in her eyes and as if she knew what he saw, she put her arm behind her back. he knew her well enough to know that she wasn't comfortable so he shrugged it off.

Finally he spoke.

 "aashi, what the hell are you doing here?" he stepped forward to give her a friendly hug but she moved back.

"its Anvesha Banerjee Ray for you, Mr Yuvraaj Yashwant Dev"

Yuvi: god, itne saalo baad mil rahe hain hum, ek hi toh bolo"

 Aashi: agar tumhari language mein hi aise hug karte bolte hain, then thanks, but no thanks!

He chuckled a bit, and she wondered what was so funny.

Yuvi: you are still the same'

Aashi: so are you, abhi abhi toh sabko bol rahe the, tum jaante nahi ho, main yashwant dev ka beta hun'you whiny little brat. Atleast abhi toh apne dad ka name lena band karo. YuShi industries ke malik ho tum, India ke top businessman!

She immediately bit her tongue as she realised she had spoken too much.

Yuvi: wohoa, seems someone is keeping a tab on me!

She moved away muttering a 'whatever' and began going towards the counter to resume her work, but he held her hand.

Aashi: now what?

She began twisting her hand to get it out of his hold.

Yuvi: you are married?

He spoke softly, and she stopped moving.

Aashi: why do you care?

Yuvi: you don't know?

Aashi: no, nor do I want to know, and anyway, am not married

Yuvi: kyu?

She turned away to avert her gaze and get away from his pondering eyes.

Aashi: I don't have all the time in the world to answer your questions, let me get back to work.

Yuvi: sure you can, but am not letting you run away this time for sure.

Aashi: you can do what you want.

She snapped at him but he was ever so calm with her.

Yuvi: I know that, so am gonna sit here throughout the day, till you are done with your work and then we are gonna talk.

Aashi: let me remind you of a few rules, then. You are not allowed to sit here aimlessly coz there are other customers in the waiting.

Yuvi: one peanut butter, please.

Aashi: what?

Yuvi: that's my order as of now. And yeah, the cappuccino, without the cilly ofcourse.

He winked at her and she went away from there fuming. He sat back in his chair still smirking and she came back a few minutes later and shoved his order on the table and walked off. He chuckled at her behaviour. "Still the same" he thought.

Throughout the day he kept ordering random stuff and when her shift was over and she was leaving, he too paid quickly and followed her out. He kept calling out to her but she didn't stop. As he lost his patience, he held her wrist again and she tried pushing him away but couldn't out do his strength.

Aashi: leave me'

Yuvi: not this time babe'you are gonna have to hear me out.

Aashi: stop behaving like a loser and leave me'

Yuvi: didn't you behave like one back then?

Aashi: I don't care'and anyway, I don't wanna hear anything.

Yuvi: why..please, just once!

Aashi: placing a bet on me with sid was no joke, yuvi.

He smiled a little. Atleast she called him yuvi!

Yuvi: but you don't even know the reason why I placed that bet

Aashi: hey bhaggu! Ofcourse I do. It was for some stupid CD's he would give you if you won, wasn't it?

Yuvi: aashi, no, that was the reason. Infact it wasn't even remotely the reason.

Her expressions changed and he loosened his grip around her wrist.

Yuvi: can we go somewhere and talk? I mean right here, in the middle where you come in everyone's way is a little awkward.

She nodded and walked with him following. They reached a park where hardly people where there. Only a few children playing around and they sat on a bench.

Yuvi: tum yaha'new york mein?

She let out a small chuckle'

Aashi: I came here for higher studies after I left Maurya high'and then I fell in love with this place coz I have no one here to trouble me!

Yuvi: aur Sonia aunty?

Aashi: she's in India'du-uh, paper nahi padhte kya? Anyway, don't tell her I work here if ever you cross paths with her.

Yuvi: why?

Aashi: coz..coz she won't like it'you know how she is!

Yuvi: why do you work? Itni badi star ki beti ho'

Aashi: tum bhi toh itne pbade politician ke bte ho, even you work right? And by the way, mujhe kisiki help nahi chahiye. I wanted to stand up on my own feet.

Yuvi: ofcourse, I should have known! You are after all THE Anvesha Banerjee Ray!

Aashi: now what does that mean?

Yuvi: nevermind'

Aashi: no say it!

Yuvi: tum kisiki sunti kaha ho kabhi bhi.

Aashi: sun ne ke liye kuch bacha nahi tha yuvi, you broke my heart.

She shut her eyes as a lone tear escaped it. He was shocked. SHE was crying? He got up from the bench and went down on his knees, and held her hand softly. She didn't move away this time.

Yuvi: aashi, I never meant to hurt you.

Aashi: you got to be kidding me, yuvi. You bloody placed a bet'.

He cut her off...

Yuvi: you left without giving me a chance to didn't even care about Re-mix?

Aashi: you expected me to stay there after all that? I know what I did with Re-mix was wrong; I don't want to imagine what Timbo and Thakur must have felt. But I just didn't have any courage left to face you.

Yuvi: aashi, i don't know if it matters to you now, but ek baar meri puri baat sun toh lo..

She just nodded.

Yuvi: I placed the bet, it was wrong on my part but I did it for you!

He spoke in the most earnest tone and she just frowned at him.

Aashi: for me?

Yuvi: it was never easy coming close to you. I thought maybe, just maybe'aashi I was in love with you since the first time we fought, and have been in love with you ever since.

She got up with a jerk and moved away.

Aashi: what about now?

Yuvi: tumhe dhund ne ke liye kya kuch nahi kiya maine'soniya aunty wouldn't tell me. Ranveer didn't know, nor did MP, vrinda! Tum mujhe aise hi chhodke chali gayi'I know I broke your heart but you broke me too'

Aashi: I asked what about now, yuvi'

Yuvi: I still do, I always will love you and only you.

She turned to face him. His eyes were pleading her to give him another chance.

Aashi: I love you too yuvi, but

Yuvi: but what?

Aashi: how can you be sure that this will last. Look yuvi, I hope you know that I come from a broken family. All this is just too scary for me at times. I might just not want to speak to you for days, or might want to just be with you on some other days. I mean, it's not an easy job to deal with me.

Yuvi: we can work it out. And I love you for who you are, aashi, one chance is what we deserve. If we weren't meant to be, we wouldn't be here, all of 28, still single, hoping to be together some day. I don't care about anything as far as I have you in my life.

She nodded and he moved away to hug her but not sure of how she would react, he stopped. She saw his hesitation and smiled a little and pulled him into a hug.

Aashi: I've wanted this for so long.

Yuvi: me too..

Aashi: agar next time aisi stupid bet lagayi, I will kill you

Yuvi: agar next time mujhe bina bataye chali gayi I will kill you'

They both broke the hug and laughed a little.

Aashi: what's with YuShi Industries by the way? Yeh kaisa name hain?

Yuvi: don't you like it?

Aashi: no, its different, but it's nice..what does it mean?

Yuvi: it doesn't have a meaning.

Aashi: hey bhaggu! Aisa kya hain iss name mein ki without any meaning you named your company that?

Yuvi: uhm..well

He fidgeted little'

Aashi: stop being a girl and say it now'

Yuvi: it's a combination of our names, Yuvi and Aashi.

He said looking straight in her eyes, and waited ofr a reaction. Her eyes widened a little at first but then she smirked. How much he had missed that smirk of hers!

And finally, she knew that giving them a chance was really worth it afterall.

They weren't those cheesy romantic couple, but somewhere they deeply cared for each other.


 PS: gud/bad? hows it? plz leme knw...ur comments like n comment...n yeah, its hell different from my writing style coz am a total sucker for sad parts, but wid ashi, yuvi, it had to b differentEmbarrassed



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Wow payal it is awesomeClap,i just lv it,thank u so much 4 this lvly OSBig smile I.. very 1st time read such an awesome OS on Remix,great wrk!!!!!!!! Plzz write more ashi-yuvi OS some day!!

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amazing os

loved it
thanx for the pm

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Amazzingg os!Big smile
You should definitely write more on Ashi-YuviWink

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awesome os...
loved it nd keep writing more on them..
after so long time i hav readed something about yuvi nd Aashi...
Remix was a nice show nd really miss it...
great work..
thnx for pm

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awesome os

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amazing  os 

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awesome os...

thanks for the PM...

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