Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


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Hi peepz!! How r u all...hope doing great!! okki me going to post a new OS!! This OS is dedicated to my Sweetheart Jaya Di...<3 u My Dear Lady Hitler :D


Let me know if anyone didn't get pm, I'll send it again.

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The Singhania mansion is glowing like a bride today. Every corner of house is filled with laugher and joy. The man stretched his hands lovingly for his daughter to run into his arms.

"My princess, come to daddy, mera bachha" he called with fatherly love. Only his warmth filled voice was enough for Anya to run in her daddy arms. Arjun engulfed Anya in his arms for a tight hug. He kissed her forehead and rubbed his nose on hers. He whispered "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" and pulled her cheeks with his right hand affectionately.

"Happy Birthday to Daddy's Ladli" said Rashi who just arrived with her husband Jay. Arjun and Anya both looked at their direction, he smiled seeing the couple.

Arjun remarked "dekha beta apke bua aur phupha aab tashrif la rehe hai!!"

Rashi made a face "not again, Bhaiya at least aaj koi jhagra nehi!!"

Anya reminded Rashi with her cute voice "Bua Daddy likes hugs!!"

Rashi smiled and said "aww I know darling" She instantly hugged her brother and 5 years old little Anya together.

Jay mentioned with sarcastic tone "mein bhi family hoon!!" Rashi answered with a wink "tum bhi ajao" Jay also joined them in a family hug.


After rejoicing family moments Jay asked "Gauri nazar nehi arehi!!"

Rashi peeped in quickly "Yeah aaj Anya ka birthday hai aur Gauri ke liye kitna khaas din hai!!"

Arjun replied "aati hi hogi" He put down Anya to play with other kids.

"Humein bhi koi yaad karlo bhai" said Rajveer from the doorstep.

Arjun welcomed "aao Rajveer, tumhara hi intezar ho raha tha!!"

Jay teased "lagta hai kuch jaldi hi ageye, function toh raat ko hai!!"

Rajveer coughed "hmm raat ki function baad mein, aab toh meri jaan Anya ka birthday party hai!!"

Gauri walked downstairs with support of Maasi; her tummy was pretty huge.

Rashi with joy "lo aapki biwi bhi ageyi!!" brought everyone's attention towards Gauri.

Arjun smiled, he walked forward to hold Gauri's hand.

He was very happy for his Sister as she was becoming a mother after wait of long years. It wasn't only his happiness, but a time for him to get rid of his guilt also. He can't hold the burden of remorse anymore. A reason for which he is living a single life and his daughter doesn't have her mother's hand over her head. Little Anya is dearly loved by her father, but unfortunately deprived of her mother's love.


It was an inauspicious moment that broke his most valuable relationship. Till today he couldn't forgive her and neither himself. He always held himself responsible for his sister's suffering; he still can't accept his love brought ill fate to his sister. Arjun may have thrown her out of his and Anya's life, but did his heart forget her so easily?? Wasn't it possible for him to trust her or put himself on her shoes?? Let alone Arjun, her own blood also didn't support her. Rajveer always claimed he loved his sister more than anything. Then why he also blamed Arohi for his unborn child's death?? Log shayed sehi kehte hai rishta bana na asan hota hai paar nibha na utna hi mushkil. Rishta chahe khun se ho ya dil se, bharosa na ho toh toot hi jata hai!! Duniya mein kuch rishtey aise bhi hote hai jo apke saath nahi, paar jab wo paas ho apko ehsaas ho hi jata hai!! Some relationships become costly for us and some become blessings in our lives. Will Arjun and Arohi ever reunite?? Did Arohi really deserve what she has received from her dear ones?? Did her husband do justice with her?? what about her brother?? Is there any relationship that will heal her pain?? May be she also has angels who would become her Sunshine (s). Often it could be heard rishte apko todta hai, shayed Arohi has aisa rishta jo usko naye rishte mein zor dega. Shayed uski khushi lautayega...shayed.


Arjun gave a side hug to Gauri and brought her where everyone was standing. He made her stand close to Rajveer.

Rashi squeaked "oh my God you are looking so cute, mujhe toh Bhabhi ki yaad ageyi" Rashi's words changed the color of everyone's face. Rashi looked at Arjun with guilt for reminding him about Arohi. Sensing the pain in his eyes she started to say something when Anya cried loudly. Arjun felt his world stopped, along with him everyone else rushed to backyard where Arjun made arrangement for kids to play. When Arjun reached the spot he didn't find Anya crying, but to be truthful he was in awe. He watched the duo without disturbing. Tears were flowing from Anya's eyes while a 3 years old boy blew on her cut.

The boy asked her innocently "dukh laha hai!!"

Anya nodded her head in yes, the boy blew harder. He looked at Anya's red teary eyes and wiped her tears sweetly. Eventually Anya's face lightened up from her little friend's antics. He again started to blow on her finger while holding it softly. Arjun bent down in front of both kids, he lovingly stared the little boy.

"Beta apka naam kya hai??" asked Arjun.

The boy looked at Arjun strangely and then he looked at Anya. Anya assured him "ye meri daddy hai!!"

"mein Ayan hoon" he responded.

Arjun felt a pinch; he remembered some bitter-sweet memory. Meanwhile Rashi brought first aid kit box and Arjun bandaged Anya's finger. He asked Rashi to take both kids inside while he wondered about Ayan's parents. Dhondo was a worker in his office, he found out Ayan was Dhondo's neighbor's son. Dhondo's wife Archie has a good friendship with his mother and Ayan was buddy to his son Adi. He doesn't know why, but Arjun found the boy very charming. He liked his little gestures and the bond he created with Anya in few hours. There was some kind of attraction, some connection. Though, Arjun thought "who wouldn't like an adorable boy like Ayan" Hence, he let go of the matter.


At night after Gauri's Godhbharai Arjun entered his old bedroom where he had locked the memories with Arohi. He stood in front of her picture and stared it for a long time. He didn't realize Rashi also came in and was watching him.

"Bhai aap Bhabhi ko aaj bhi nehi bhule!!" said Rashi.

Arjun wiped a tear drop from the corner of his eyes, with determined voice "wo mere zindagi mein koi impotance nehi rakhti, bhul chuka mein use"

"toh ye kya hai??" asked Rashi with confidence.

"kuch karvi yaadein, mein chahke bhi nehi bhula sakta" he said bitterly.

Rashi pushed him further "Bhai maan kyun nehi lete aap unse bohot pyaar karte hai"

Arjun pointed out "wo uss layek hai hi nehi"

Rashi justified "galti toh insaan se hi hoti na, Bhabhi ne ye saab jaan bujh ke thodi kyat hai!! Wo toh baas ek bura waqt tha aur aab Gauri bhi toh.....!!"

Before Rashi could finish Arjun angrily stated "haan jaan bujhke, wo galti nehi uski pagalpan thi!! Uss ne saab kuch kiya meri behen ki khilaf, uski khushi chin li!! Mein usse kabhi maaf nehi kar sakta!!"

Rashi reminded him "gauri meri bhi behen hai!!"

Arjun raised his hand "baas Rashi baas!! Mein uss aurat ke bare mein nehi sun na chahta!! Aab tum jao!!"

Rashi left the room with disappointment while Arjun fell on his knees. He was fed up of fighting with his inner self; he was fed up of making believe to himself he hated her. For how long would he live a life like this?? For how long??...


As days passed Ayan became close to Singhania family, especially with Anya. Yes Anya was the only reason he would visit the house with Adi. One fine day Ayan got hurt on his head at Singhania mansion while playing. As his mom rushed to hospital, she had to check in her name, but the same in the register shook her to the core. She felt the earth below her was gone; she sensed a storm has entered in her peaceful life. She was happy with her little Ayan, but why is Arjun Singhania here to play with her life again?? She couldn't believe he consented as Ayan's father in the paper.

"Did he know the truth??" Arohi asked herself. "May be not" she thought.

Arjun left the hospital due to an emergency and asked Dhondo to take care of Ayan till his mom comes. Arohi was relieved as he wasn't there and discharged Ayan the very same day as his injury wasn't big. She promised herself she wouldn't let Ayan meet Singhania family anymore.


Arohi was thinking about the new turn that her life took. She couldn't believe her son got so close with the family that gave her lifetime pain to endure. Her son met his father, a man who didn't have trust on his wife. A man who broke her into pieces based on false assumptions. Arohi wasn't upset on a brother who overlooked everything for his sister, but she was disappointed with a husband who didn't think twice before giving her lifetime punishment. Suddenly Arohi remembered Ayan's sweet talks about Anya. Her eyes became moist thinking the day she had to leave her one year old daughter against her will.

She reminded herself "mein tumhe kabhi nehi maaf karungi Arjun Singhania, kabhi nehi!!"


Arohi heard the door bell, as she opened the door Arohi froze on the spot. Arjun felt an earthquake inside him; he couldn't believe she was standing in front of him after 4 years. Both stared each other with blank emotions. Arjun didn't speak and turned back to leave; Arohi quietly watched him leaving in anger.

She thought disappointedly "tumne kaal bhi mu mor liya tha aur aaj bhi tumne aisa hi kya!! Tum kabhi nehi badlo ge, kabhi nehi!!"

Arjun was in rush towards his room when his Anya caught hold of his hand and asked "Daddy Ayan kaisa hai??"

Arjun didn't answer, so Anya asked him again, but Arjun wasn't in his senses. He motionlessly walked to his bedroom. All past memories came back with feelings that he was trying to hide for so long. Along with memories came many haunted questions, but when his thought drifted to the reason he visited the house, Arjun was dumbfounded.

"If it was Ayan's house then, it can't be possible" he thought.Everything seemed a puzzle to him, he couldn't stop his thoughts "Did Arohi marry again?? Nah it can't be possible, I never gave her divorce. What if she did?? I myself broke our relationship. No it's not possible" saying he broke the mirror of dressing table. He moved to window and holding his head shouted "nehi, aisa nehi ho skata" Arjun looked at his blood filled hand; he was about to punch again when he remembered Dhondo saying Ayan doesn't have a father. The bell rang in his head, his eyes popped out "kehi wo mera beta...!!" Arjun ruffled his hairs in frustration; he stubbornly thought "Arohi need to answer me!! She has to and I will make sure of it!!"

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12 at midnight Arohi heard the door bell; she was just getting ready for bed. As usual it was a sleepless night for her; everyday she would cry herself to sleep. She did move on life, but the unpleasant memories of past never left her side. Today it was more than usual cauz her past is here to challenge her present. Without thinking she just opened the door and found the unexpected person. He looked wild like the last time she saw him. Arohi moved back as he came forward, she couldn't understand what was happening.

She stammered "Arjun...."

He didn't listen and walked till she hit the wall. Arohi closed her eyes with fear, but he asked with feeble voice "apni ankhe khulo Arohi"

She didn't know why but her heart said to trust the man in front of her. She opened her eyes to lose herself in the depth of his big brown eyes. They remained in eye lock God knows for how long.


The sound of door that shut with blowing breeze brought them back to reality.

He asked Arohi softly "Ayan kiska beta hai??"

Everything came back to Arohi with his one question, suddenly she felt the strong woman inside her. A wife lost earlier doesn't mean a mother is also going to lose.

She replied dryly "wo tumhe batana mein jaruri nehi samajhti" Arohi walked away from him, she asked "kyun aye ho meri zindagi mein phirse??"

Arjun ignored her question and repeated "Ayan kiska beta hai??"

"uska tumse koi matlab nehi hai!!" replied Arohi.

Arjun asked again "wo kiska beta hai??"

Arohi stubbornly told him "Ayaan se tumhara koi lena dena nehi hai!!"

Arjun was standing behind Arohi; he grabbed her by the hand and pushed her to the wall. He blocked her with both of his hands; Arohi noticed blood in his hand.

She said "Arjun tumhara..."

He cut her off "Ayan ke saath tumhara kya rishta hai??"

She asked mockingly "tum kya jaan na chahte ho Arjun??"

Arjun was losing his patience, he insisted "kaun hai wo batao??"

"haan hai wo mera beta, aab khush!!" Arohi confessed.

He asked determinedly "kiska beta hai wo??"

Even though Arohi knew what he was asking for she asked "tumhe akhir kya chahiye Arjun??"

"Ayan ka Dad kaun hai??" he continued with his question.

Arohi hesitated "wo tumhari problem nehi hai"

"Arohi mera sabar ka inteha aur maat lo" Arjun warned.

"inteha to tum meri le rehe ho, akhir hote kaun ho tum ye sawal poochne wale??" she challenged. 


He burst out "husband hoon tumhari"

Arohi gave a fade smile and repeated "husband huh, yaad nehi tum ne khud wo rishta thoda tha, koi haq nehi mujpe tumhara"

Arjun asked impatiently "kya wo mera beta hai??"

Arohi remained stubborn, but this time he roared "kya wo mera beta hai??"

Arohi was tired of his questions; she also yelled "wo tumhara beta hai, haan tumhara beta!!"

Arjun wiped his face with right hand; he turned to the other side while a content feeling was playing in his face. He turned back to Arohi furiously and held her by the shoulders.

Arohi moaned in pain "Arjun you are hurting me!!"

He asked "hurt huh, tumhe dard ho raha hai Arohi, aur tumne jo kya uska kya??"

"Arjun mujhe chodo, aur chillao maat, Ayan soo raha hai!!" Arohi reminded him.

"tumne mujhe bataya kyun nehi Arohi?? Itna bada sach char saal se chupati rahi??"

Arohi also burst out "haan chupaya char saal se, meine kabhi nehi chaha Ayan tumse mile, aur akhir kyun na chahu mein aisa?? Akhir kaun ho tum ye jaan ne wale??"

Arjun justified "uska baap hoon mein"

Arohi questioned "baap??" Her eyes became teary, but Arohi controlled "wo haq toh tumne uss din hi kho diya tha jab tumne mujhe apni zindagi se nikal diya!!"

"galti tumhari thi warna aaj hum yaha nehi hote" he reasoned.

"meri galti, you are living in a illusion Arjun Singhania, kaal bhi ji rehe the aur aaj bhi ho!! Tumne saab khatam kiya apni jhuti bishwas par!! Aab humari zindagi mein tumhara koi jagha nehi!!" told him a heartbroken Arohi.

"ok theek hai, mein bhi apna beta pake rahunga, jaroorat paar court mein jaunga" saying he started walking.

Arohi called him and he stopped on his track "ek baat poochu Arjun??" He didn't reply, Arohi continued "agar tumhe apne bete ka sach ek pal mein itna beqaraar kar raha hai, toh socho meine toh apni beti ka sach 4 saal se jiya hai!! Mujhe kaise laga hoga??"

Arjun didn't have answer to her question, without looking back he walked out leaving a shattered Arohi behind.


Within 2 days Arohi received court notice, she wasn't surprise because after that day she knew nothing can be expected from Mr. Singhania. Here Gauri was admitted to Hospital, Arjun decided after Gauri's delivery he would go to meet Arohi. Rajveer was restless plus he wanted to meet Arohi. Soon Gauri and Rajveer were blessed with a baby girl. Arjun went to meet Gauri inside as she wanted to tell him something urgent, may be it was time for confession. May be she has realized her mistake, may be she was feeling guilty for her deed. Gauri told him the truth. The truth that she was hiding all these years; she couldn't hold the burden anymore. It wasn't Arohi cauz of whom she lost her child, but Gauri herself aborted her baby. Gauri had arranged marriage with Rajveer and she wasn't ready for a child. She aborted her child and decided to pretend it was a miscarriage as she planned her own accident. She was never happy with Arohi because Arohi was the one who brought Rajveer's rishta for her. She thought Rajveer always gave Arohi more importance than her while her own brother was getting far from her because of Arohi. When Arohi told Gauri she would drive her to the hospital for checkup, Gauri was pretty happy because she thought "no one would find out about her abortion and she can blame everything on Arohi". Least Arohi knew the break of car was already failed and the accident took place while she was driving. Fortunately Arohi got only few scratches while Gauri was badly injured. Gauri easily turned everything on Arohi saying Arohi hated her. It was time for Gauri to gain sympathy as she has lost her baby. She did make her plan successful with false proofs and lies while remained a scapegoat in front of everyone.


After hearing all this Arjun felt disgusted, he wanted to give Gauri a hard slap. He felt a slap would be nothing compare to what Gauri did. He left the hospital and as he was driving thousands of thoughts were running in his mind. It wasn't Gauri after all, but Arjun himself was the culprit. He was cursing himself for being bias to Arohi. His love fell so short that he couldn't protect her from becoming his own prey.

He didn't even trust her; he was asking God "why?? Why didn't I believe her?? Kyun nehi mani meine apni dil ki baat??"

First he kept their daughter away from her, aare he didn't even give her any place in his own life. Now when he met her after so many years, what did he do?? He tried to snatch away Ayan from her, the only source for whom she is living. He didn't even deserve her forgiveness.


Arjun walked inside the house as the door was already opened. He found Arohi staring a photo frame; on one side it was Anya and his photo where on the other Ayan and Arohi. Arohi saw his refection on the photo. She put it away on the table and wiped her tears.

"tumhara hi intezar kaar rahi thi, socha tumhare samne divorce papers sign kaar dungi as an eye witness" Arohi said nonchalantly.

Arjun's heart constricted listening the word Divorce, he called her name with weak voice "Arohi"

Arohi surprisingly asked "aare aaj koi zor nehi shor nehi, aise toh nehi hai aap Mr. Singhania"

Arjun closed his eyes in pain and confided "mujhe saach pata chal gaya hai Arohi!!"

A tear flowed from her eyes, Arohi questiond "kaunsa sach?? Meine tumhari behen ki khushi chini?? ya Ayan ka sach kyun chupaya tumse?? Wo sach" She came in front of him and looking into his eyes asked "ya phir tum kitna sachhe the?? Wo sach"

"Arohi" called Arjun while tried to hold her hand, but she moved back.

"mujhe chuna bhi maat Arjun" she warned. Arohi continued "jab bhi mein tumhari akhon mein dekhti hoon mujhe tumhari nafrat yaad ati hai, yaad ati hai wo lamha jab tumne mujhe uss galti ki saza di jo meine kya hi nehi tha!!" Yaad hai kya kaha tha tumne...

"Arohi tumne jo kya uski koi maafi nehi, paar mein tumhe saza dunga, meri behen kabhi maa banegi ya nehi pata nehi paar tum bhi apni beti se kabhi nehi milogi!! Tab tumhe pata chalega tumne kiya kya hai, uss dard ka ehsas hoga tumhe. Mein Arjun Singhania ye wada karta hoon...aaj se mere ya meri beti ki zindagi mein tumhara koi jagha nehi hai!! maar chuki ho tum humare liye!!"

yaad hai na tumhe??" Arohi said while tears were flowing constantly. 


Arjun was listening to all her allegations keeping his head down while eyes were red with tears.

"haan yaad aya, tumhe divorce chahiye na taki tumhe Ayan mil jaye asani se!! ruko mein abhi papers pe sign kar deti hoon!!" saying she went to bring the papers from her room.

Arohi was behaving like a crazy woman after all she was taking out everything she was holding all along. She started to sign the papers when Arjun snatched them from her and ripped them off.

Arohi stared him blankly, Arjun held her face between his palms "inn papers ki koi jaroorat nehi, meine gusse se ye papers ready karwaya!! Socha tumse apna Ayan ka haq leke rahunga chahe koi bhi rasta kyun na apna na pare!! Saab meri galti hai, tum mujhe saza do!! Tumhare bina mein adhura hoon, ji nehi paunga mein!!" He let out his feelings to her and kissed her both hands.

Arohi removed her hands from his hold "agar tumhe sach na pata chalta toh tum aise hi divorce papers phar dete?? Tum adhura ho jaoge par uss waqt ka kiya jab tumne mujhe adhura kar diya!! Uss waqt ka kya jab tumne meri zindagi ko saza bana diya tha!! Kya mujhe kuch feel nehi hota, mujhe toh lagta hai mein insan hi nehi, hai na??" she asked him with painful voice.

Arjun begged "Arohi na mein tumhari mafi ki layek hoon na saza ki, paar mujhe ek moka dedo, plz!!"

Arohi with determined voice "meine bishwaas karna chor diya hai!! mere zinndagi mein ek hi insaan maine rakta hai aur wo hai mera beta, tum aab ja sakte ho, tumhe dene ke liye mere paas kuch bhi nehi hai!!"


"kya aab humse tumhara koi rishta nehi, kya apne bare bhai ko maaf nehi karogi??" asked Rajveer with hurtful voice.

Arohi laughed "rishta...sehi kaha!! Rishta hote hi hai tootne ke liye!! Aaj na mein kisi ki biwi aur na kisi ki behen!! Gauri ne jo kiya sehi kya, aap logo ne usspe bishwas kiya wo bhi sehi tha!! Tab mujhe moka nehi mila aur aaj aap logo ne gawa diya, ye bhi sehi hai!! aap dono aab ja sakte hai!!" saying she walked inside her room.

Little Ayan heard everything from his bedroom door. If nothing, he understood the man he called uncle is his dad. Arjun and Rajveer left with disappointment.


Arjun decided to bring back happiness in Arohi's life. Through Archie he sent Anya back in Arohi's life. He knew Arohi can break her ties to everyone, but not Anya because only she can heal her pain now. Eventually, it became normal that Anya would spend maxim time with her mamma and little bro. Everyday Arjun would wait for Arohi to come out and even if he saw a glance then would become the happiest of all. His present would be always there, but unknown to Arohi. He had encounters with Arohi few times, but every time he failed convincing her. Though, he realized with time her heart was softening towards him. He had full faith that she would melt one day and forgive him. He also used to meet Ayan secretly, but their angels didn't like this hide and seek game. They wanted a unified family, just like Anya's fairy tale. 


It was nearly 6 moths but there was no progress. Anya and Ayan made a plan with family. Anya didn't go to meet Arohi for three days. When Arohi found out Anya broke her hand, she ran to Singhania mansion immediately. On asking Rashi, she told arohi Anya was resting in Arjun's room. Arohi rushed to meet her little princess, but as she entered inside, someone locked the door from outside. Arjun just came out of washroom all prepared to go outside. His jaw dropped finding his roothi hui wiffy in his room and that too behind a lock door.

He thought "mera kya kismet hai!!" Looking at the roof top he said "God tussi great ho!!"

Arohi asked "kya kaha??" Arjun denied "ku...ku...kuch bhi toh nehi!!" He suspiciously asked "tum yaha mere kamre mein kya kar rahi ho??"

Arohi raised her hand "apna sawal band karo aur ye batao Anya kaha hai??"

He casually answered "kyun?? Bahar Ayan ke saath khel rehi hogi"

Arohi questioned "kya kaha tumne??"

Arjun bit his tongue on getting caught "mera matlab Ayan se khlene ki zid kaar rahi hogi!!"

"pata hai mujhe, chup chup ke Ayan yaha ata rehta hai" Arohi blurted out.She added "aur aab ye bhi pata chal gaya, mujhe yaha lane ke liye ye cheap plan tumhara tha!!"


Arjun irritated "oh hello!! Excuse me!! Tumhari matlab kya hai??"

"wahi jo tumne samjha, Anya ki bimari ka jhooti khabar Di mujhe" Arohi told him straightforward.

Arjun shocked "meine aisa kuch bhi nehi kiya!! You are blaming me for no reason!! Aakhir mein aisa karunga kyun??"

"tum aur tumhari gandi soch hi jane" Arohi replied without realizing her own words.

"tumhari ishara kiss taraf hai Arohi??" he asked confused.

Arohi didn't reply, but Arjun's mind worked too fast "agar aisa kuch karna hi tha toh mein tumhe saab ke same utha ke lata!!"

Arohi angrily "achhan yaad nehi meine kaha tha mujhse dur rehna"

Arjun whispered near her ear "yaad hai paar wo Arohi ne kaha tha, mere saath toh Mrs. Arjun Singhania hai!!"

Arohi tried to resist the tingling sensation he was creating; turning around she pointed a finger towards him, but before she could say anything they heard some sound from radio "daddy and mamma plz ladai maat karna!! Humein na happy si, wo fairy tale wala family chahiye!! Mamma aap daddy pe gussa maat ho hum milke unhe datenge, but plz aap ruk jayye na!! plz" said Ayan and Anya together.

Arohi's eyes became teary hearing her angels' pleas.

Arjun also had moist eyes; he came from the back and wrapped Arohi in his protective arms. This time Arohi didn't protest, but let herself sink in his warmth.

"sshh tum rote huye bilkul achhi nehi lagti" Arjun said rubbing his cheek with hers.

Arohi pouted "bilkul bhi nehi??"

Arjun smiled "thodi thodi, paar gusse mein bohot khubsurat lagti ho!!"

Arohi complained "Arjun"

He replied "I missed you"

Arohi turned and just hugged him.

He asked "hey kya hua??"

Arohi nodded in no.

"I promise mein kabhi tumhe hurt nehi karunga!! Aapni jaan ki kasam" saying he kissed her forehead.

Arohi put her finger on his lips "sshhh, mujhe baas tumhara dil mein rehna hai, I love you"

Arjun through a smile said "I love you too"

They heard a knock on the door. As soon as Arjun opened the door, his little angels jumped saying "We love you daddy"

After hugging him they kissed Arohi's cheeks "We love you mamma"

"I love you jaans" saying Arohi engulfed them in her motherly warmth.

Later on Arohi forgave everyone. It was time for the family to share good moments only. Arohi was fortunate to get her rishtey back because she had her sunshine (s) in her life. Arjun Arohi were blessed with two little angels Anya and Ayan. Perhaps that's why they are together today and in the future would take their relationship in a position where rishta never breaks even in worst time.

The End...

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Wah anothr ss! Bt stl m holdng jl3's endng.

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Wah anothr ss! Bt stl m holdng jl3's endng.

yesh another OS, posting in few mins!! Darling yaha pe bhi JL3!! yaar inbox me!!
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I hate arjun more
N gauri
Ayan aanya too cute
Arohi is right
Arjun deserve huhhh
Gud Shona
Absolutely fantastic hahahaha

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 April 2010
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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged

Plz reunite dem afta hurtng arjun Wink

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Oh gauri - not again - have I started hating that name
Feeling sad for aru - cant believe Arjun mistook aru - Shona, u better have a valid reason for it - LOL -
I hate this phrase "to be continued" - I wanted yo read it at one shot Shona - superb one - ism impressed - well written dear - but pls Shona, pls post the full part soon

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