Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Rishbala Scenes Thread [IMP.Pg 11](UPD 17th Jan)

amandadsouza95 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 7:54pm | IP Logged


IMPORTANT NOTE: These scenes are NOT uploaded by me but another fellow member of I-F. Please say Thank You to her.

Hey Evey1, I've decided 2 make dis thread, since v all luv Rishbala a lot.

1st Dream Sequence of Rishbala:

1st Meetin of Rishbala:

Rishbala angry/thinkin abt each other:

RK Arrested:

RK says sorry 2 MB n her family:

MB n RK phone conversation:

Rishbala 2nd meetin:

RK in MB's n Mukund's engagement:

RK flirtin wit MB on her engagement:

MB falls in RK's arms:

MB pallu stuck in RK's watch:

MB Shamsher Meet RK:

RK's press conference-Defames Maliks 2:

RK's press conference-Defames Maliks 1:

MB breaks down/RK thinkin abt MB:

RK calls MB 2 say fina gudbye:

MB slaps RK:

RK gives marriage deal to MB:

MB accepts RK's marriage deal:

MB agrees 4 marriage deal wit RK:

RK does arrangements 4 marriage wit MB:

MB RK's 4 phere marriage:

RK makes a mockery of his n MB's marriage:

MB meets Shamsher after marriage:

RK forces Padmini 2 bless him n MB:

RK does MB's aarti wit coal:

MB ka grah pravesh:

MB RK kii ajab suhaagraat:

RK insults Padmini accusin of misleadin MB:

MB determined not 2 lose 2 RK:

RK offers changin clothes 2 MB which she refuses:

RK's new spot gal:

RK introduces MB 2 film set staff:

RK threats staff guy, 2 not interfere between him n MB:

RK drags MB home back from hospital:

MB escapes from RK's filmset 2 meet Shamsher:

MB taunts RK 4 his past n present situation:

RK scares MB 4 tauntin him abt his past:

RK's mom apply bandage 2 his wound:

RK declares he'll take decisions 4 MB:

RK gets cozy wit MB:

MB saves RK:

RK takes MB 4 patphere:

RK stops MB from seekin Kuku's blessings:

RK thinkin abt MB savin him from the accident:

RK orders Radhaji's 2 b distributed in beggars:

RK warns MB not 2 show sympathy:

RK insults Padmini which angers MB:

MB swears 2 RK 2 say srry 2 Padimini in 24 hrs:

MB gets RK's childhood pics:

MB shows RK his childhood pics:

RK gets angry wit MB 4 havin his childhood pics:

RK takes MB out in drunken state:

MB RK reach Padmini's place at midnight:

MB forces RK 2say srry 2 Padmini 4 tyms:

RK MB think abt their families:

RK's childhood pics in newspaper n he doubts MB:

RK blames MB 4 print his childhood pics in newspaper:

RK challenges MB to reach hospital in 24 mins:

RK reveals MB's marriage wit him 2 Shamsher:

MB shatters after RK reveals truth 2 Shamsher:

RK feeds medicine forcefully 2 MB:

MB shoos Sikki n refuses 2 join RK at filmset:

MB blackmails Bittu ji n meets Padmini:

MB disobeys RK- refuses 2 make coffee 4 him:

RK explains MB dat she can't b RK:

RK amused wit MB's biwi act:

MB throws RK's wine n tries 2 feed him milk:

Kukuji tries 2 b gud wit MB, but RK shoos him off:

RK forces MB 2 do oil massage:

RK decides 2 throw a party 4 MB:

RK asks MB 2 get ready 4 party:

RK blackmail MB 2 join the party:

RK humiliates MB in party:

RK insults MB in party- Rishbala dance:

RK scares MB challengin 2 kiss her:

RK taunts MB n asks 2 think abt their missed kiss:

MB RK sad- MB missin:

MB in rain upset- RK searchin 4 MB:

RK saves MB- MB faints in RK's arms:

RK takes care of sick MB:

RK forces MB 2 wear his coat- Rishbala fight:

RK nurses MB's wound:

MB asks RK 2 stop actin:

MB scared of dark- hugs RK- RK lights fire:

RK saves sleepin MB- Rishbala nap 2gether:

RK reveals his past 2 MB:

Rishbala out from studio- Rishbala lift:

RK takes MB 2 meet Padmini 2 show she is fine:

MB asks abt Dips:

Dips flirts wit RK- RK packs MB's bags:

RK takes MB 2 his room:

RK pacifies MB 2 stay in his room:

Rishbala sharin the same bed:

Dips bring tea 4 Rishbala- RK insults:

RK Dips fight- MB overhears:

RK teases MB wit her earings:

RK nurses MB's wounds- MB says srry:

Dips tries 2 bribe MB 2 leave RK:

RK insults Padmini n bappa- MB confronts RK:

MB brings bappa home, ignorin RK's protests:

MB gives RK 2 options- 2 tie mouli or 2 tie mouli:

MB gives RK prasad n asks RK 2 join all 4 dinner:

MB stops RK from insultin bappa:

MB faithful in bappa- RK disturbed:

MB asks RK y he didn't let diya 2 blow off:

RK does not let MB do pooja:

MB challenges RK- RK drags MB n bappa out:

MB asks RK 2 accept his faith 2wards bappa:

RK takes MB n bappa 2 chawl:

RK accepts his faith in bappa- MB admires RK:

RK does pooja n gets shot:

MB takes RK 2 hospital on cart n consoles Radha:

MB clears 2 Dips, she won't leave RK:

MB consoles Bittu ji n donates blood 4 RK:

MB agrees 2 visit Sidhivinayak barefooted 4 RK:

MB visits Sidhivinayak, RK's heatbeat sinks:

RK declared death, but starts reactin 2 MB's faith:

RK back from dead:

Bittu ji thnxs MB 4 savin RK:

Dips tries to tie taveez to RK, but is stopped by MB:

RK disturbe d in sleep- MB confused:

MB tries 2 make RK feel gud:

MB shares wit Padmini her feelings 4 RK:

RK annoys Dips b4 MB 4 claimin 2 donate blood 4 him:

RK asks MB y she gave blood 2 him:

MB tells RK y she saved him:

Shamsher attacks RK- MB saves him:

Shamsher lies 2 MB- RK furious at Bittu ji:

MB nurses RK's wounds:

MB cryin- RK disturbed:

RK consoles MB- MB helps RK:

MB helps RK wit pooja:

MB feeds breakfast 2 RK (Mr.India-Seemaji):

RK refuses 2 take MB'S help, but l8er calls her 4 help:

MB helps RK 2 wear his sherwani:

RK unhappy wit MB's saree:

RK asks MB 2 choose between saree n pooja:

Rishbala do matarani pooja:

Police informs RK- shooters belong 2 his family:

RK ignores police warnin n leaves pooja:

MB happy 2 knw dat RK rememba's her words in the hospital:

MB sings aarti- Mallik 2 kill RK:

RK catches Mallik red handed- MB searchin 4 Mallik:

MB finds Mallik in RK's room- Doubts RK:

MB misinterprets RK's words thinks RK insulted Mallik:

Angry MB feeds RK- Accuses RK 4 insultin Mallik:

RK lies 2 MB abt Mallik's intentions:

MB tries 2 speak 2 Mallik, but in vain- RK overhears:

Rishbala force each other 2 have tablets n dinner:

MB reveals 2 RK abt Balraj- praises Mallik:

Rishbala at chawl- RK tries 2 pacify Mallik:

MB gives kada to Malik n remembers RK:

MB discusses RK wit Padmini- Rishbala missin each other:

Rishbala missin each other- RK insults Dips- MB have gud tym:

RK imagines MB feedin him medicine:

MB calls RK- RK rude 2 his imaginations:

RK cuts MB's call- MB pissed off:

RK imagines MB- Dips tries 2 get closer:

RK wets MB- MB gets angry-Rishbala romance:

Police show Shamsher locket 2 Rishbala- MB shocked:

RK refuses MB's plee 2 visit Padmini/Malik:

MB feeds RK- Lost in thoughts:

MB goes 2 chawl hidin from RK:

RK gets Shamsher out of jail- MB speechless:

RK saves MB being thrown out by Dips:

RK consoles cryin MB- Rishbala romance:

RK refuses Radhaji's plee 2 throw out MB- MB overhears:

MB feeds RK medicine- RK calls her "chemical wife":

RK makes MB feed him wit her hand:

RK warns Bhatias 2 stay away from MB:

MB questions RK- Rishbala romance:

Dips humiliates MB- RK at MB's rescue:

MB questions RK y he spared Malik:

RK tells MB abt his parents betrayal:

RK tells abt Dips- reveals he can't let her get hurt:

MB impressed wit RK's concern:

MB tries 2 b sweet 2 RK but he ignores:

MB Padmini RK shocked wit Radhaji's behaviour:

RK clears 2 Radha, he will not let MB leave:

RK assures Padmini, he is wit MB:

Rishbala dance- Main Pareshaan:

MB's dream luv confession- MB dance:

Blushy MB- RK confused wit MB's behaviour:

RK irked wit MB touchin his face:

MB knws it KC n gets excited:

MB upset- RK takes her away 2 avoid humilation:

MB asks Bittuji 2 help her 4 KC hidin from RK:

RK frustrated abt KC- MB scared:

MB manages 2 get earrings from RK:

MB sneaks out of her room 2 get mehendi:

Dips-MB challenge- MB glares sleepin RK:

RK finds MB missin- Dips spoils sargi-

RK concerned abt mehendi on his face- MB eats sargi:

Rishbala romance on sets- MB feels sick:

RK tries 2 force feed MB bcuz of her illness:

RK knws abt KC's fast- shouts at her:

RK still at sets - MB w8in 4 RK for KC:

Bittu gets KC thali for MB- confronts RK:

MB w8in 4 RK - RK at studio - Dips taunts MB:

MB completes her KC fast n falls unconscious in RK's arms:

RK insults Radha - MB fails to stop RK:

RK takes care of sick MB:

MB not happy wit RK tryin 2 accompany her in the washroom:

RK helps MB in dressin n feeds her:

MB's luv letter wit imaginary RK:

MB offers RK food wit hidden luv letter:

Radhaji says srry 2 MB- MB taunts RK 4 being rude:

RK tries 2 b Big Boss 2 MB:

MB RK celebrate KC 2nd tym:

Rishbala romance- both embarrassed- back home:

RK scares MB- Rishbala sharin same bed again-

MB invites RK 4 lunch at Padmini's place:

MB goes 2 meet RK n questions him:

RK opens up b4 MB n confesses his Heart

MB forces RK 2 say ILU- Rishbala romance:

RK MU MB wen she hesitates:

RK leaves MB home- MB still hopeful:

MB tries 2 bring RK Radha closer:

RK proposes 7 phere marriage 2 MB- Rishbala romance:

RK drinks Radha's tea- Radha MB happy:

RK asks MB 2 accompany him in party- Rishbala moment:

Rishbala almost kiss- bas haq hai ek mera-

RK drops MB at chawl- Shamsher-MB patch up:

Balraj disturbs RK's shoot- MB meets Balraj:

Balraj introduces himself 2 MB- RK angry:

MB angry wit Balraj- Rishbala dinner:

RK's 5 year success party- MB forces Radha 2 join:

RK feeds cake 2 Radha n seeks blessings on MB's request:

MB spends tym wit Shamsher n Padmini- RK happy:

Padmini misses Balraj- RK agrees 2 make Blraj producer:

Rishbala discussion abt Shamsher-Padmini marriage n MU:

Rishbala mu over sp marriage continues:

RK asks MB 2 sort  things wit RK- RK asks Radha abt her health:

MB tells RK abt her observation at chawl:

Rishbala decide 2 bring Padmini-Shamsher closer:

MB offers champi 2 RK- RK talks abt leavin everythin behind:

RK insults Dips- MB does champi 2 RK:

MB fails 2 convince Padmini 4 marriage- RK insults Dips:

MB goes 2 meet RK at studio n meets Shamsher:

Rishbala fail 2 convince Shamsher 2 marry Padmini:

Padmini slaps RK- RK asks MB 2 trust him:

RK tries 2 console upset MB- Rishbala moment:

Radha consoles MB- RK taunts MB:

MB says ILU- RK says I Heart ME:

MB gets call from Padmini abt Shamsher missin: 

MB thanks RK as Shamsher Padmini agree 4 marriage:

Rishbala taunts each other- cute moment:

Rishbala celebr8in at chawl- Balraj knows the truth:

MB refuses 2 give bet money 2 RK:

Radha suggest Rishbala 2 complete 7 phere marriage:

RK shows house map wit candles:

MB asks abt Balraj:

RK rights his will- MB gets emotional:

RK teases MB 4 cryin:

Credit goes 2 Youtube uploader: MEIEJShow (She's a member of the MB forum)

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amandadsouza95 IF-Stunnerz

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DD as MB entry scene:

MB Bullied:

MB searchin 4 Trishna:

MB says bad things abt Trishna:

MB meets Mukund:

MB mesmerizes Mukund:

MB Trishna confrontation:

Mukund imagines MB:

Mrs.Dixit confronts MB:

Shamsher consoles cryin MB:

MB agrees 2 marry Mukund:

MB n Shamsher get emotional:

MB's engagement gets fixed:

MB in RK's track:

MB escapes RK's trap:

MB engagement wit Mukund:

MB engagement wit Mukund (2):

MB consoles shattered:

MB Trishna searchin 4 Shamsher:

MB breaks her engagement wit Mukund:

MB after breakin her engagement wit Mukund:

RK's mom says srry 2 MB:

Radhaji convinces MB 2 join RK's party:

MB fumes at Radhaji n upset wit her party insult:

Dips gives RK's fav perfume 2 MB:

MB rejects Dips money:

MB teaches Dips makin modak:

Dips falls in her own trap- MB gets praises:

MB Dips RK's breakfast tift:

Radha gifts a saree 2 MB:

Radha praises MB wen she wears her green saree:

Dips spoils MB's saree n offers a different saree:

Dips taunts MB- RK overhears:

Malik warns MB not 2 touch his belongings:

Malik hides his gun- says srry 2 MB:

MB searches Malik's belongings 4 clue:

MB takes out Malik's gun- Dips takes vid:

Dips insults MB- Shamsher gets arrested:

MB consoles Padmini in Police Station:

Trishna blames MB- Shatters after knwin the truth:

MB refuses 2 4give Shamsher:

MB returns RK mansion- Dips insults MB:

MB thinkin abt RK- self talk- goes 2 meet him:

Padmini ask MB abt Rishbala relationship:

MB wants 2 eat sargi made by Radha:

Radha angry at MB 4 actin on name of KC:

Dips taunts MB abt her KC:

Dips tries 2 taunt MB- MB gives her back:

MB w8in 4 RK- Trishna curses:

MB knws RK missin n worried abt him:

Radha happy wit Rishbala relationship:

Radha gifts Rishbala pic 2 MB:

MB goes 2 meet Padmini- observes Shamsher-Padmini bond:

MB encourages Radha 2 b hopeful abt RK:

MB encourages Padmini 2 let go off her past:

Balraj tries 2 kill MB:

MB celebratin at chawl:

MB Trishna patch up- Dance:

Credit goes 2 Youtube uploader: MEIEJShow (She's a member of the MB forum)

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Credit goes 2 chakku_chudail 4 the RK siggy.

VD as RK entry Scene:

Shootin 4 movie in jail:

RK meets Ravi Pradhan:

RK talks 2 Bittuji:

RK excited abt his new bike:

RK speaks in conference:

RK offers item no. 2 Trishna:

RK in police station:

RK back home from jail:

RK goes 2 meet MB at her home:

RK bribes Mrs.Dixit:

RK's game:

RK Bittu ji discusses abt MB's choice:

RK playin drums- Shamsher attacks RK-

RK sad thinkin abt his chilhood:

Radha ji confronts RK- asks 2 say srry 2 MB:

Dips gets touchy wit RK- RK talks 2 Radha ji:

RK confronts bappa:

Dips informs RK abt Shamsher's arrest:

RK insults Bhatia 4 badmouthin MB:

RK Dips challenge 2 test MB's Heart 4 RK:

RK rude wit heroine- Trishna curses RK:

RK asks Shamsher Padmini 2 sort probs 4 MB:

RK tryin 2 find producer 4 Trishna:

Balraj rentry- Balraj drops RK home in ambulance-

RK gets Balraj sign contract papers 4 Trishna's movie:

Trishna's photoshoot- misses Balraj- asks RK 2 stay away:

Credit goes 2 Youtube uploader: MEIEJShow (She's a member of the MB forum)

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amandadsouza95 IF-Stunnerz

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SBB 1st luk of "MEIEJ":

Geet bcums small screen's MB:

E24 1st luk of "MEIEJ":

Premiere of "MEIEJ":

SBB DVD's visit 2 Delhi:

SBB Grand Preimere of "MEIEJ":

SBB Complete story of "MEIEJ":

E24 DD kii lyf story (1):

E24 DD kii lyf story (2):

IBN 7 "MEIEJ" on location shoot:

E24  "MEIEJ" on location shoot:

E24 "MEIEJ" Segment:

E24 DVD speak abt "MEIEJ":

SBS DVD's visit 2 Delhi:

E24 "MEIEJ" Segment:

TV9 "MEIEJ" Segment:

SBB DVD interview:

IBN DVD interview:

SBB Geet's crush on David Beckam, VD fan:

TT Bhupinder Singh aka Shamsher Malik interview:

IBN DD n Aarti Puri's entry in "MEIEJ":

SBB VD/RK's entry scene:

E24 DD watermelon:

E24 MB ka mast dance:

E24 DVD Naryal Paani:

E24 Who is after MB:

VD's football match:

TT DD interview 4 fans:

E24 MB ne maangi Mukund se maafi:

SBB MB ka chodiyaan:

SBB Geet kii Jhalak MB mein:

SBB RK & Mukund's mom entry:

SBB MB twist segment:

VD's football match:

TT Pallavi Purohit aka Padmini's interview:

E24 RK's new bike ride:

RK kii hot bike ride:

TT Aarti Puri aka Trishna's interview:

SBS VD celebrates his b'day:

VD celebrates his b'day:

TV9 VD celebrates his b'day wit co-stars:

E24 VD celebrates his b'day:

P7 RK n MB 1st meetin:

TT Tour of RK mansion wit VD:

SBS Watch how RK luks lyk:

SBS Check out y Superstar RK is furious at his home:

E24 DD cookin skills:

Mukund sends marriage proposal 2 MB:


E24 Mukund aur MB ka rishta:

Superstar RK touches MB's feet:

E24 RK ka toota gamand:

TT Indresh Malik aka Bittu ji interview:

MB turns make-up artist 4 her sis:

SBS RK is filled wit hatred on MB's engagement:

E24 MB kii sagaai:

TV9 RK reaches at MB's engagement 2 spoil it:

E24 DD:

TV9 MB's sagaai:

E24 MB ko hone laga hai pyaar:

SBS MB is stunned by reports of her link up wit RK:


RK's new game plan:

IBN RK weds MB:

SBB RK weds MB:

TT Shoot of the song sequence "Chalka Re":

SBB MB's engagement (1):

SBB MB's engagement (2):

E24 Ideal Behan Contest- MB:

SBB MB slaps RK:

E24 MB slaps RK:

SBS MB slaps RK:

SBB MB-Mukund Romance:

E24 Mukund's mom complains:

DD interview:

SBB MB n RK in hospital:

SBS RK marries MB n makes mockery out of it:

E24 RK marries MB:

SBB RK n MB marriage:

RK marries MB forcibly:

IBN 7 RK MB 4 phere marriage:

TT Coverage of MB n RK marriage:

Colors interview wit DD:

Colors interview wit VD:

TT Interview of DD:

SBB MB kii suhaagraat:

SBB DD perfomin on "Hasne kii Azaadi":

RT Ravindra Gautam n VD interview:

SBS Superstar RK makes MB a spot gal:

SBB Serial Express MB:

E24 MB bani RK kii spot gal:

RK plays mean by makin MB a spot gal:

MB taunts angry RK:

TT VD talked abt his character:

E24 MB bani superwoman:

Superstar RK shows his dance moves:

SBB MB ka 24 hr. challenge:

MB shatters in rain:

DD promotin Zing Mag:

SBS MB's tit 4 tat over RK:

RK n MB chill on the sets of MB:

E24 RK asks 4giveness from MB's mom:

E24 DD Independence day:

SBS DD performance "Hasne kii Aazaadi":

TV9 MB new hairstyle:

RT Word play wit Seema Mishra:

SBB RK MB kii party:

SBS Beginnin of a new luv between RK n MB:

Rishbala dance- DD interview:

IBN MB bani waitress:

SBB RK takin care of MB:

E24 MB brings Ganpati in RK mansion:

E24 MB segment:

SBB MB goes barefooted:

E24 MB completes 100 epis:

SBB RK back from dead:

RT VD answerin fan questions:

E24 DD secrets out by fans:

MB prepares 4 Navratri:

SBS Pooja at RK mansion:

High drama in MB:

RK gets shot:

RK drags bappa n MB out:

On location of MB:

RK n MB do pooja:


DD photoshoot 4 Zing:

DVD make-up n dressin tym:

TT On the sets of MB:

Colors interview wit DD n Pallavi Purohit at "PCA":

TT MB completes 100 epis:

TT Chat few matters wit VD:

TT DD in n as MB:

E24 RK gets shot:

SBB RK gets shot:

SBS RK gets shot:

Phenomenal response of Zing Mag:

E24 Photoshoot of MB 4 Zing:

IBN 7 Photoshoot of DD 4 Zing:

IBN 7 MB segment:

TT DD's photoshoot 4 Zing:

SBB MB segment:

FP VD interview:

E24 MB mein karvachauth:

SBB Rishbala ka belly dance:

SBS DD masti:

SBB VD n DD-Intoxicated:

SBS VD ITA red carpet:

E24 VD at Jhalak party:

E24 VD n DD-Intoxicated:


SBS DVD- Intoxicated:

SBS Rishbala fight/Romance:

E24 Rishbala performance:

E24 VD winnin the "Best Performance of the Year" at ITA, celebration on MB sets:

Vivian DSena celebrates "ITA" winnin:

Diwali celebrations in MB:

Telly Bytes DVD interview:

DD interview on ABP News:

SBB Diwali Celebrations in MB:

SBS Diwali Celebrations in MB:

E24 DD Diwali segment:

IBN 7 DD Diwali segment:

SBB DD Diwali segment:

SBS DD KC segment:

SBS Vivah celebrate Diwali:

TV 9 Rishbala wishin "Happy Diwali":

E24 Rishbala segment:

MB finally falls in luv wit RK:

E24 MB falls in luv wit RK:

SBB MB falls in luv wit RK:

SBB MB dream sequence:

SBS MB dream sequence:

E24 KC segment:

SBB KC segment:

SBS KC segment:

VD's interview on Sabras Radio:

E24 MB lagayegi RK kii class:

SBB MB worried abt RK:

SBB Patni Ki Sewa Mein RK:

E24 RK Karega Madhu Ki Sewa:

SBS RK takin care of MB:

DD's interview on Sabras Radio:

RK celebrates KC again wit MB:

E24 RK celebrates KC again wit MB:

SBB RK celebrates KC again wit MB:

SBS RK celebrates KC again wit MB:

E24 RK ne kii MB help:

IBN 7 Balraj Returns:

High drama expected as Balraj enters MB again:

TB Balraj enters MB again:

E24 Balraj returns in MB:

IBN 7 MB segment:

TT Raj Zutshi aka Balraj interview:

DD reveals her 9 addictions:

SBS VD's Christmas interview:

E24 DVD's Christmas interview:

E24 "MEIEJ" celebration:

E24 DD at "CGPA":

MB n RK try 2 convince Shamsher 2 marry Padmini:

DD wishin "Happy New Year":

DD n Aarti Puri celebrate their b'day:

SBB DD B'day celebration:

SBB MB in trouble- Balraj overtakes marriage:

E24 MB in trouble- Balraj overtakes marriage:

SBS MB segment:

SBB MB segment:

SBB MB segment:

E24 MB segment:

SBB DD's Youth Icon Calender shoot:

"MEIEJ" on location:

SBS DD's Youth Icon Calender shoot:

SBS MB segment:

DD's Youth Icon Calender shoot:

SBB MB segment:

E24 "MEIEJ" segment:

IBN7 "MEIEJ" segment:

SBS DD's pre-b'day:

SBS DD celebratin her b'day:

E24 Balraj kidnaps MB:

Credit goes 2 Youtube uploder: MEIEJShow (She's a member of the MB forum)

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MB n RK 1st dream sequence:

Hum Hai Deewane Tere Deewane- Female Version:

Hum Hai Deewane Tere Deewane- Male Version:

Darmiyaan Song Sequence:

Kate nahi yeh din Song Sequence:

Raat Akeli Hai Song Sequence:

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai Song Sequence:

Rishbala dance- Main Pareshaan:

MB dance- Main Pareshaan:

Teri Deewani:

Dadi Amma:

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan:

Balraj's re-entry:

Credit goes 2 Youtube uploader: MEIEJShow (She's a member of the MB forum)

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Rule No.1 No bashin, no abusive language shud b used.

Rule No.2 I don't want any DD n VD bashin each other. Since v r DVD/Vishti/Rishbala, v shud b united. Discuss only abt Rishbala.

Rule No.3 Don't discuss personal lives of the actors n actresses

Rule No.4 Don't bring other actors n actresses who r not part of the show.

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Wow what an idea Madam ji, All the scene together...Thumbs Up

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