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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 9/5/2005

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 1:30pm | IP Logged

Warning: This update has been watched and recollected under great duress… courtesy My Husband who is from Mars and obviously does not take too well to the verbal and logical assault on his senses…Confused


If you REELLY love JJKN, try and watch this episode alone!!Tongue

If you REEELLY love Armaan, try to mail T&DS that with each episode, plzzzzzzzz at least include a photograph of him in the background … !!!!!Cry Though I don't really mind holding out to see him dine with Jassi tomorrow…Embarrassed

If you REEEELLLLY love Purab, enough to even see him cry, read on…… 'cos the jealous lover was on fire today!TongueClap



Raj is sitting on a sofa across from Mallika and working on his laptop. He says with a thoughtful look, "Mallika, the more I think about what you're saying, the more sense it makes to me!"

Mallika is twirling the brown envelope in the air and snaps at him, "About what??"

Raj leaves his sentence hanging in the air, "About Jassi…"

Mallika scolds him, "Raj! When did I say I was completely right? I only said that there is a possibility!!!!" and then softly, "but it can also be that that Chashmish really has fled somewhere… another city, another country..?"

Raj replies, "And it can also be that she…"

He slices his neck with his hand to mimick a knife and makes a choking sound. Mallika scolds him for talking like a fool who has lost his mind!!!

Raj tries to convince her, "I am not crazy, sweetheart! Whether anyone believes me or not, I only know what has been happening with me over the last few days!!"

He stands up and begins swatting the sofas, Thwack! Whoosh! Mallika ducks to avoid getting whacked… He continues, "You know, two days ago I reached home and the moment I stepped in, I had the feeling that I'm not alone! I felt as if Jassi's ghost is peering at me in the darknessGeek… I just freaked out! I just freaked out!!! My hair stood up on end!!"

Mallika raises her voice and says shrilly, "You…!!!! You're so fond of talking utter rubbish!!!! I'm the duffer really, who actually thought she could discuss something with you!Angry Fine, I'll hunt for that Chashmish all by myself!"

Raj then starts talking intensely, "No Mallika… think! If something so humongous happens to someone as un-extraordinary as Jassi – she loses her job, her reputation, her parents, her home, and most humongous of all – she loses her Armaan – wouldn't she be suicidal???"

Mallika looks at him with eyes that could burn a third hole in his noseTongue. "What do you mean, HER Armaan!!?"

Raj blabbers on, "Oh I meant she had lots of armaans, na! That's not the point! The point is – it's possible that Jassi has committed suicide, and Jessica is taking full advantage of that!"

Mallika pauses and thinks aloud, "Maybe, for the first time Raj, you're actually talking sense! Jessica behaves as though she's not scared of anything at all.. and her attitude smacks of so much arrogance, it's like she doesn't believe anyone will ever know what happened between her and Jassi… but if that's true, then Jessica Bedi, I will soon find out the truth… Nothing can ever be hidden for long from Mallika Seth!"

She stares at the envelope in her hand with glee!



Bebe is trapped in a bad dream, desperate, lonely, upset... The phone is ringing incessantly. Bebe imagines something horrendous is about to happen and calls out to Jassi. There is no reply.

She stumbles towards the phone, out the room and down the stairs, as fast as her legs will carry her.

Her hands resting on her heart to steady her racing heartbeat, she answers the call with a panicked, "Jassi?"

Jassi at the other end of the line is caught off guard. "Huh??!" She collects herself, "Err.. I'm Jessica here!"

Bebe hastens to apologize and says she had a bad dream about Jassi.

Jassi asks her what and Bebe replies, "Someone was trying to harm her!"

Jassi tries to calm her down. "Nothing like that will happen, Bebe! You were just dreaming.. Don't you worry about it!"

Bebe looks relieved but a tad unhappy, still.. "Really, beta, I feel a whole lot better after talking to you. For a moment I thought it was Jassi calling..!"

Jassi tries hard to fight back tears but they spill over anyway! Bebe is then sitting and saying earnestly, "Honestly beta.. Sometimes I feel my Jassi is not far away from me at all! She is close.. and she will come as soon as she hears my voice.."

Both of them are sobbing and trying to conceal itCry. Bebe sniffles, "Please forgive me, beta… my mouth seems to have run away with me! Just felt like talking to someone – there's no one at home right now, so…"

Jassi hastens to reassure Bebe, "Bebe, you can say whatever you want to me! Call me anytime you like! Even invite me home – I love talking to you, Bebe!"

Bebe asks brightly if Jassi will join the family for dinner that night… "I will cook all of Jassi's favorite dishes, and after dinner we can have a long girly chat!!"

Jassi is touched and her eyes light up in expectation, making her looking radiant, content… and without a second thought, her answer is "YES!"



Nandu is singing at full volume into a hairbrush, dressed in his whitest baniyaan (err… Minnie, I meant vestTongueTongue!) The opera is in full swing when Jassi enters the room. 

She immediately pounces on him, "I told you to take care of the letter! What did you do with it??? I TOLD you to take it from the postman and hide it before Ma-Pa get their hands on it!"

Nandu says patiently, "Oh ho Jassi… even the postman is sure to take 4-5 days to deliver the letter, isn't heBig smile?? Don't take tension – no problem!!!"

The next scene has them sprawled out on the bed, staring at the blades of the creaky ceiling fan. Jassi says, lost in thought, "Yes, but I do have a problem, Nandu.."

Nandu understands her mood and responds, "Jassi, you miss your family so very much, and today you have an opportunity to go home once more.. hai na? You can laugh and joke with Uncleji, plonk yourself on the jhoola next to Auntyji, eat the food Bebe cooks lovingly for you.. correct?"

Jassi replies sadly, "Yes…"

Nandu asks her what the problem is then, so what's wrong if Bebe has invited her over for dinner??"

Jassi gets up and explains with a dejected face, "That's the point, Nandu! Whatever I'm getting today, once belonged to Jassi.

A flash-back to Jassi laughing and playing with Billu, Amrit, Bebe…

"The world's best family! The bestest friend ever… my home… but still, will I ever really get back everything that I became Jessica for?"

Nandu lays a gentle hand on her shoulder and gives her the sweetest smile… "YES! You will get everything back! God will return everything that he has taken away from you…." And smiling tenderly, knowingly…"Armaan bhi!"

Jassi's head jerks up and her face lights up like a Christmas Tree in the rain.. Nandu gives her a playful punch and Jassi ruffles his hair, trying to look down to hide the monstrous blush creeping up her neckEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. and failing miserably!!!!



Long after Raj has planted the seeds of suspicion into Mallika's mind and gone, she is still debating the pros and cons of his argument.

She tries to see through the brown envelope with her x-ray eyes and thinks, "Can this really be Jassi's suicide note? Oh well, she never could have have the guts to come back to Gulmohur and seek revenge on us. But Jessica? That woman is the exact opposite of Jassi! Is that why Jassi sold Gulmohur to Jessica – so that Jessica could come to Gulmohur and wreak havoc on us the way we did on Jassi?"

Flashback: Mallika throwing Jassi out of Gulmohur, telling her not to show them her face again… the infamous black-bag incident.. Jassi swearing never to show the Gulmohur-vaasis her face…

Mallika fine-tunes her hypothesis. "There is one common link joining Jassi to Jessica – Purab Mehra! He is the one who brought Jassi's first signed letter to the police! (to get Armaan out on bail…) and now I find Jassi's second letter with Jessica! This is surely a chain where everything is interlinked.. but where is the wire that joins all the pieces? I shall just HAVE to go and find out.. from PURAB MEHRA himself!!!"



Bebe is holding a plate of chaawal and emerging from the kitchen. Just then, she sees Billu and Amrit make an entrance and chides them for going away without letting her know!

She shrugs off Billu's concern and happily chatters on to him to get some aloos and baingans from the market. Billu scolds her saying that she has gone crazy! The doctors advised her to rest, but she would constantly keep doing something or the other all day!!

He takes away her plate and asks her to sit down immediately! Bebe protests, saying that she has called Jessica over for lunch!

Billu is very pleased to hear this but makes a growly face anyway, ignoring Amrit's exultant smile. Bebe asks logically, "I'm the one who has invited her, so who will cook for her if not meee!?"

Billu looks disappointed and says that at least Bebe should have asked him beforehand! Bebe scolds him for making a fuss and says she would never ask him this as though she were a little girl who needed permission!

Billu insists that there was no need to drag JASSI into this… Bebe says, "When did I mention anything about Jassi?? WHAT has happened with you, Billu??Confused"

Billu expostulates, "You should have ASKED me! Then this trouble wouldn't have arisen!"

Bebe asks, "What problem!?"

Nandu comes in and sits close to Amrit, while Amrit explains to Bebe, "Thing is, Billuji has also invited someone over for dinner!"

Bebe asks caustically if she should call Jessica and cancel?

Billu explains that he is not against inviting Jessica over for dinner, but what will happen to Armaan whom he has already called over?

Bebe is surprised! "You called Armaan??!"

Billu says downcast, "Yes, Bebe.. he has done so very much for us. So if nothing else, at least we can treat him to a dinner at our place.. "

Bebe gives him an old-fashioned look. "Billu??? You're making such a big drama out of THIS!!! FYI, Jessica and Armaan have eaten at the same dinner table before! So big deal if they eat again together!"

Meanwhile, Nandu has been absorbing the sound bytes with relish and with his fingers itching to dial Jassi's number on his cell, thinks, "Ohhh! So Armaan will be here too, tonite… let me go and tell Jassi right away!!TongueTongue"



Purab is talking on his cell. He is wearing a cute sky-blue t-shirt in self-design.. the one with the zip in front…

"Yes, Mr. Gupta! Blah blah blah…"

Jassi calls from behind him, "Purab? Purab?"

Immediately he loses interest in the conversation as a flustered Jassi comes face to face with him, "Listen to me, na!"

He asks Mr. Gupta if he can call him back and turns around to give Jassi his undivided attention. "Hmm! Tell me, what's the important thing?"

Jassi holds up a blue dress and a red dress and asks him sweetly, "You tell me… which dress should I wear?"

Purab teases, "Bas? Am I to be the scapegoat for this jobConfusedWink???"

Meanwhile, Mallika is thinking in the back seat of her car, on her way to Purab's house, "You will HAVE to tell me , Purab! Just one thing that will help me destroy Jessica Bedi!"

At home, Jassi says petulantly, "Kya Purab, can't you help me even this much??? Such an important dinner at home.." and with a glimmer of a smile, a soft look… "And maybe Armaan Sir will come too!"

Purab is crushed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jassi rattles on, oblivious, "So tell me. Which dress should I wear??"

Purab says, pretending indifference, "Wear any of them. What does it matter!?"

Jassi insists it matters to her. Then Purab asks – how does it matter to Jessica!????

Mallika is thinking at the same time – It doesn't matter how, but I intend to drive you to say SOMETHING, Purab…

Jassi replies to Purab, "I know it's not important to Jassi. But Jessica must do all this, because…" Purab completes for her, "…she wanted to discover the truth! Sometimes I think you are doing all this just to get closer to Armaan!!!!CryAngry"

Purab's face is looking molten with the jealous lava flowing down his ears… Jassi is stupefied!!!!!!Shocked

In a temper, she tosses her dresses on the bed, looking disgusted as hell, and turns to face Purab. Her words die in her throat and she makes a move to walk away but Purab blocks her path with a breathless, pleading, "Jassi?Cry"

At that moment, Mallika catches sight of Purab and Jessica through the open door, very very close… talking.. she strains to hear what they are saying and is stunned by what she hears next!

Purab whispers, "I'm sorry…I just want to know… where is Jassi? Will she ever come back, or…?"

Jassi pushes him away and says dramatically, "Purab, she will NOT come back!"

Purab is nearly in tears when he hears that, and asks in a choked voice, "She won't be back - everCry???"

Jassi replies in a tearful voice, that echoes throughout the room, "Jassi is DEAD!!!" leaving Mallika gasping in shock!!!!!!!!!!

Purab looks agonized as Jassi flees the scene, sobbing… while Mallika looks on evilly, already planning her next move…Dead



Billu is sorting through his cassette collection and Amrit scolds Billu for making a mess... Billu asks her to stop talking rubbish and go splash some cold water on her faceDead.

Amrit protests and Bebe says indulgently, "Arre Amrit! Billu had bought this tape recorder with a year's savings when he was in college!"

Nandu makes a crack about the tape recorder being a hundred years old and an antique piece which should be sold if only for a few dollars….! He inserts the cassette and begins a cute jig (The tune playing is the song Negar Khan had danced eons ago… while Jassi and Nandu had been playing games to make our roaring panther Armaan jealous, "Dil ko hazaar baar roka roka roka…"Embarrassed)

Bebe laughs at Nandu's attempts to make her join him. Then Nandu offers his hand to Amrit and the two have a merry time waltzing around the living room, each to his own beat!

Jassi is watching all this from the doorway without announcing her arrival, reliving old memories and getting sentimental…

Then Nandu coaxes Billu to dance with him but gets a stubborn and stony "NO" from Billu who refuses to take Nandu's proffered hand. He remembers the time of his life he'd had dancing with his Queen Victoria one sunny party day…

Jassi feels equally nostalgic, she looks as if she's about to cry!

Bebe says knowingly, "Let it go, Nandu, he won't dance! When has he ever danced with anyone other than Jassi?"

Billu takes the bait, "Do you think I've forgotten how??" and then notices Jassi standing at the doorway, looking hesitant.

He welcomes her with a big smile and she apologizes for coming a lil earlier than expected. (I notice she decided to go with the blue dress....)

Billu welcomes her warmly and she asks why he paused – he was about to dance, wasn't he? Billu is quiet and then accepts the unspoken challenge, "Do you all think I cannot dance with anyone else!??? I'll show you!"

He then suprises everyone by asking Jessica to dance with him! Jassi is shy! She can't believe her luck…"Mein!!!?"

Billu makes a crack about her feeling awkward dancing with a Buddha like him, "But I am fitter than people half my age!"

Jassi says politely, "Errr.. No, that's not what I meant! You know… I used to dance like this with my daddy as well!!!"

A ripple goes thru the room. Billu then snaps out of it asks Nandu to put on some really good music. The next few minutes have Billu and Jassi shakin their bonbons in ballroom styleTongueTongue… with Armaan and Jassi's favorite tune playing (La la… la la la la…. Hmm hmmm….. hm hm hm hm hmmm hmmmmm!)

Towards the end, Billu's eyes are full of yearning, brimming with nostalgia… the memory of him dancing with his Jassi on that ol' summer day, long ago, when he was with his li'l girl to love and cherish…

Everyone looks on, bemused... and finally Billu stops to catch his breath and admits he is tired, and tells Jassi to go ahead without him. Jassi's eyes fill with tears and she nods her head.

In a while, she is standing next to Bebe who tells her, "Billu loves Jassi SO much!!! He misses her a lot but doesn't ever say it. Come… make yourself comfortable! Armaan will be here shortly. We'll just go get things ready…"

Bebe and Amrit walk off leaving Jassi standing alone, looking after them longingly....Cry

Nandu comes up behind her and says in a low, grumpy voice, "I am very sad to announce that due to unavoidable circumstances, Shri Armaan Suri will not be able to join us today!"

HELL!!!!Ouch Jassi tries to hide her disappointment but the blow is too hard to take – her lips tremble and her eyes glaze over…CryCry



Mallika enters a stripped, empty, deserted, gloomy, grey Gulmohur, as if in a fantasy.

She stands there and looks around, fierce pride in her eyes. "This is MY Gulmohur. I will never let it belong to anyone else. This has always been mine.. and will always be mine!"

Purab and Jessica's conversation echoes in her head, with the conclusions, "Jassi is DEAD!! Jassi is DEAD!!" ringing through her ears. Then she remembers Raj saying that he feels he is not alone… that Jassi is staring at him eerily through the darkness!

Mallika stares endlessly at the door of her cabin and finally, throws it open… victorious, exultant…



Jassi is being plied with food, as usual! Everyone is seated at the table and enjoying dinner.

Jassi thinks to herself, "Everything is still the same! Papaji and Nandu are arguing, Bebe is going on feeding me even though I'm full, and Mama is asking me over and over if I like it… everything is the way I wanted... Only if Armaan Sir were here tooEmbarrassed….!"

Speak of the Devil, and…! Tongue

There is a screeching of car brakes outside the house and Nandu announces, "Armaan is here!!!!!"

While everyone scurries off to welcome their guest, Jassi says in a hoarse whisper, "But you said that…!"

Nandu says grinning unrepentantly, "Gotcha! Armaan had called to say he would be a little late."

And bending close to her, says in a naughty whisper, "Jassi… I even told him that your car had broken down and now he'll be dropping you home too!"

Jassi is too happy to do anything but smile, over and over, in breathless anticipation!EmbarrassedTongue


Mallika is still in her cabin, and has calmly taken her chair.

"Whether your ghost haunts this place or not, but one thing is for sure… you are NOT alive! I intend to take full advantage of your DEATH to defeat my enemy. You will not attain Nirvana even after you DIE, Jassi… I will make Jessica Bedi's life hell for daring to clash with ME… and I will send you to the gallows for Jassi's murder too!!!!"LOL!!



Amrit is telling a despondent Billu with tears in her eyesCry, "You may have forgotten your daughter, but you have not forgotten the father inside you!"

Bebe says she has full faith that Jassi WILL come back one day!

Mallika vows that she will get Jessica Bedi punished for the murder of that Chashmish Chuhiya JassiAngry!TongueTongue

bystander IF-Addictz

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thanks for another great update
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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poor malika i think shez gone completley nutsLOL thanks 4 the great update queenbeeBig smile.

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HoneyJaan Groupbie

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QB, u are great
Thanks for an outstanding update :-)
urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2005 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Good One , Thanks QB
Aabha IF-Dazzler

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thanks sooooooooo much for this excellent update qb....i'm glad i got to read it.... it's gonna be sooo awesome tomorrow....jassi and armaan together !!!TongueTongue

Edited by Aabha - 09 May 2005 at 2:01pm
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First Malika wanted Jassi to be humiliated now she wants Jessica ! LOL this is soo funnyLOL

Malika cracks me upLOL

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thanx for the update

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