Nadaswaram Nov 5-9 updates on pg-1

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Sokku koottam travelling to kaalahasti in a bus...

Bus reaches hotel and and oru car driver repairing his car...Bus driver comes and asks driver says his owner family(deepti and her parents...Rajesh ex-girlfriend)... were going to repair aayiruchu...Bus driver tells car driver to ask sokku whether they can join them...

Hotel ...Saapadu pandhi going on...Shanthi and velu orders lots of dishes...Server says ledhu ledhu which means illai in telugu...Velu tells shanthi... oh...i think ledhu dish is very famous here...2 plates ledhu...Shanthi stops him...Their rambam continues...(mokkai comedy dhaan...but velu's dialogue delivery and expressions were very funny...2 plates ledhu pls)...

Ramesh oreders mushroom fry...(ramesh kku avanga amma after birth milk la horlicks kku badhil mic podi panni pottu kuduthurkkum pola...indha kathu kathararu)...Mahesu kaadhula smoke...Thittufies paramu...ellamae nasama pochu...Shanthi and velu supports mahesu...Mahesu continues her archanai...Meenu comes and talks to mahesu...mahesu kadupadiching ...SR tells mahesu to keep  quiet...Shanthi and velu tortures us with their telugu ...

Deepti (rajesh's Ex) and her family joins sokku  family...Deeps father says their car repair(aayirumae repair...enga usura vaanga..)...Sokku perunthanmaiya tells them  to join them...

Bus...Rags and deeps sitting together...Deeps visariching abt rags..Rags says she is a  beautician etc etc...Deeps says she wants to see her husband'spic...Rags says phone is with her dad..Deeps says its ok...

Hotel...Rags invites deeps for her wedding...Deeps says she will try to attend the wedding ...Rajesh is standing there but he didnt see deeps and co...

Mahesu and SR comes and gopi welcomes them...Mahesu asusual gives constipated wala expressions...

Nelli comes and says naanga ellarum will saty in one room...(ninnutte thoonguvanga pola)

Mahesu starts her panjayathu SR tells her to stop...Meenu comes and oram kattufies mahesu and promises her that gopi will buy her the car immediately after rags marraige...Mahesu not ready to listen...

Gopi comes and asks for mahesu's son...Mahesu says she will not give her son...Meenu sends gopi and gopi leaves sadly...(Gopi vaangi first velai...road la ottadheenga...mahesu va padukka vachu adhu mela yethunga)...

Rajesh comes and mahesu avanayum veratti viduthu...

Ramesh comes out from his room and says...infact he shouts...Athai water varala

Meenu says she will see to it...Paramu comes and asks for towel...meenu says nan kondu varen...

Mahesu tells meenu to go to them and do their work like a slave..

SR tells meenu to leave ...He  will talk to mahesu...

Mayil comes and tells SR to take  him to rajesh maappu...Rajesha nd mayil leaves...

Rajesh drags rags and starts his romance...says today is our last night as bachelors(appadithan sonnaru maappuLOL)...from tomorrow 2 perum going to sleep on the same bed...Rags runs away..(vetkam vandhu oducha aruvai thaangama oducha nnu ragina ya thaan askanum)...Deeps crosses rajesh while rajesh busy jollu oothing...

Finally the wedding day vandhachu...Rags and rajesh siiting ...Deeps kovil suthing...screen freezes on their 3 azhagu faces...

Migan kku sound epsiode ...all the best migan LOLhaiyyo haiyyo...




Tuesday Nov 06
** Updates by Ratna
Kalyanam finally takes place.. Rajesh tied thali Disapprove (pavam Ragini ..  ) They go to pray and stands on the left side while his ex lover pappu and family stands on the right side. Pappu prays and turns.. shock to see Rajesh standing beside Ragini. Same time Rajesh turn and gets shock as well seeing Pappu. Ragini smiles at her and ask enna kalyanatha ku varalaiya nu .. and Pappu manage to control herself and says she had parigaram to be done. Rajesh mother stares at Pappu and ask Sokku if they know her vaa nu. Sokku then explains what happen and says pavam this ponnu wedding stopped nu. Double shock for Rajesh. Pappu walks away from there.

Rajesh forces his sister to go and talk to her and to find out what happen to her wedding. He ask her to switch on the mobile as he wants to hear the conversation. Loosu Rajesh puts his Bluetooth Shocked and does the remaining sangiyam with Ragini.  On the other side, Pappu cries out to Rajesh thangachi about her faith and how she still loves Rajesh and values his love nu Confused Rajesh mood completely gets disturbed hearing this.

Everyone is going in the bus ... old song plays. Rajesh goes to dreamland about his pappu .. then immediately call her to let her listen to the song as well... signature song pola Angry Pappu seem sensible girl.. immediately cuts the line knowing his married. Cries on her way back. 

Rajesh gets very upset as Pappu has switched off her mobile nu. He looks at Ragini like she is a virus Angry Ragini sister ask bus driver to change song as the song seem to be alone. This angered Rajesh who screams to stop the bus and tells his mother his going to shift to his father car nu .. mother is speechless unable to explain his behavior to ponnnu vittu karangal .. lies saying Rajesh having head pain and ask Ragini to follow in by car. Halfway in the car Rajesh keeps trying the phone... but Pappu phone is off. He gets more annoyed as he sees Ragini sitting beside him... ask the driver to stop the car. He gets down from the car and tells father his leg is paining and need to stretch it so he sits in front and ask father to sit behind. Ragini is confused with his sudden coldness. 

They arrive at a restaurant. Everyone goes in. Pappu is walking from the other end and Rajesh walking towards other end.. both puts up in front of bathroom?? Room?? Rajesh immediately pulls her hand and pushes her into the room Shocked while she shouts Rajesh stop it nu.




LOLLOLLOL ahahahaha ... laksu Semb oda ready irrunthu ko, Panchayat kutta porainga D'ohD'ohD'ohD'oh Thunpam varum pothu nalla sirikannumROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Panchayat thu Pass akki Ratna ku poiduchu ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Crack Paya Rajesh Comes out for toilet , gets to his old pappu in front of toilet. Pulls her inside the ladies toilet n close the doorAngry(D'ohD'ohIntha PP palace kku vara mapillai ka la pethaigala senjai ka la..Chit kullukki pottu ippudi dirty boys ah select pannuvangala.. kada vulae engala mudiyalaD'ohD'ohn checks with her if she still likes him..She says you are married now.. your wife n family members are waiting outside nu sollura..he says that marriage is an accident .. so dont talk abou it m adds if so you doesnt have problem in talking to me ya kekuran..she says she will talk to him in phone..he says u switch on ur phone now nu solluran..she switches it on her mobile .. then both of them tries to comes out , but gets to kobi n kamu outside.. closes n wait for a while.. kaja comes there with towel.. he tells kobi that he wants to use toilet nu solluran..goes n tries to open the toilet where these 2 are get stuck n overheard the semi convo n understand tht 2 people is there inside..kobi n kamu takes him away from there n these 2 comes out after n gets dispersed.
While coming out.. rag's tells that if he wants to have coffee , as he is having headaches.. he gets irritated looking at her n tells her not to disturb him nu sollitu moves from there.. rag's in thought.while getting back in vehicle , rag's says she shall come in bus.. rajesh says ok n takes his mom in car n they leaves.. rags goes back n tell pp pamily that she dont like AC..last girl nags her .. n all leaves.. night car reaches Karaikudi.. n goes to lodge n books an room.. rajes dad checks why.. CPR says he needs AC n his head is aching nu by then PP pamily comes n tells to come home.. he says the same to them..all are stunned .. kobi comes forward sometimes we need to adjust to marriage customs nu .. but CPR tells not to advice him n tells that if they want let them also stay here in laodge nu sollitu poiduran.. with no go .. ..Kobi says something wrong with him.. nu solluran.. but asusual PP stops him .. n send rags with them n leaves to home .. rag's comes to room gets to see CPR(mappu unnakku PP Pamily style la seekiramae mandrikka porainga...LOLLOL wait n seeLOLLOL) sleeping in the bed..all sad looking at him.
Next day morning PP palace.. Cook is doing cooking n telling that if would have got 2 additional person to support all would be done by this time nu solluraru.. meen's ask malar to help cook in peeling onions..malas comes n sit for it.. by then cook ask for some turmeric n salt she goes in to get it.. malar mom notice this n goes to cook n checks if he is tired .. he says no repeats same song less people to do cooking.. she goes back to meens n checks if they added 2 people for cooking it would be good we all could have good chit chat nu solluranga.. meens gives smiling back to her n tells next time she will take her advice nu sollitu goes inside. n goes to dev.. there dev's send mahes to put papa in craddle.. meens narrates the story n she wants to put us down solluranga to dev's.. there comes malar checking for dalda .. meens takes back all the things which she holds n tells that ur mom not happy at u doing all these work .. so i will take care , u can go n sit with ur mom nu solluranga.. malar is embrassed n goes n takes her mom n check on it..she says she casual checked n malar ask her not to do it again.. as they have it in wrong sense nu .. mom ask if she can do apology for it.. malar stops her n tells that not required.. but let her not do it again nu solli sends her off.. Malar with uncomfortable face..
Screen Freezes..



Shocked eppudi taan naan matureno ROFL

Rajesh in room getting ready .. mom darling comes and ask son if he is ready..Son trows the comb in anger. Mother ask enga Ragini and chellam son stares at his amma. Mother polambals and leave the room. Someone opens the door and ask "ennada readyaa vaa nu..." 

Shocked paruda yaarunu ... 

Originally posted by Caryn

Arnold Sch mathiri kathaporare "I'M BACKKK " nnu


Komaru enters the room and rajesh screams on top of his lung hey who are you? No manners? No knock door? Confused Komaru realize wrong room nu and tries to say sorry but Rajesh goes on with his english .. in between tamil lae yooo arivu illa .. PALAR Komaru gives a slap for Rajesh (haiyaa Rajesh deserves this Party) Komaru ask ennada konja vellaiya irunda english pesina, ippadi taan pesaradha nu ... Komaru about to give another slap when bathroom door opens and out comes Ragini who is shock to see Komaru. And Komaru double shock seeing her.. he notices her nethi put kumkumam, thali and metti ... Komaru silenta walks away in shock ..(lucky he did not call out her name .. illathi rajesh would use this against Ragini Ermm)

Komaru goes straight into his room.. heartbroken.. starts beating up his adiyals and then cri3es saying he came out from jail only to see his Ragini.. but his devadhey pochu nu he cries Cry He says Rajesh looks like sunnabu panalae thala vittumadhiri irukan.. pensil ku pant santai pottu madhiri irukan nu ROFL Komaru cries his kanavu gone.. his kadhal is gone nu orey oppari 

Nelli  house ...

Ramesh trying to romance with Paramu D'oh to put flowers for her but she says no.. Ramesh says feelings illadhu pondati nu Sleepy Vanita gives flowers for both anni's. Entire family getting ready to go for Sokku house. Lolayee starts.. Paruda malliga blah blah blah D'oh As usual she curses the Sokku family.  Moorthi Shocked shouts at his mother asking why she is talking like this. If she don't want to come, just keep silent .. don't blabber stuff. Lolayee vidamalae mallukattufy with him Sleepy same dialogs and lines Ouch She pulls in Kamu .. Moorthi shouts again and Lolayee starts crying Sleepy shabba mudiyalae ennalae inniki Confused Finally Kamu drags Moorthi away and tries to calm him. 

Rajesh & Co arrives. He refuses to use maalai  "Maalai podulana kalathu vilundurumo" Confused  Sokku and family shock to hear this. Meenashi says its sambradayom nu .. Rajesh sour face.  Vangana slap pattalaiyo Ermm  Arathi done.. ponnu mapilai goes in.  

Everyone sandhosam talking and joking. Rajesh face like monkey Angry Meenashi ask him to eat  and he says no. She tries to force but Ragini tells her he will eat later. Rajesh takes Ragini aside and ask why that lady is like this .. keep forcing him nu. Ragini gets hurt and ask how can he call her mother lady nu Confused Rajesh says he don't like all that is happening here and informs her as soon lunch is over, they are leaving. Rajesh walks out while Ragini left looking?? staring ?? puriyalae looku enna artham nu Confused

Shabaaa essu paa.. next week No PP i guess LOL so see you all the next next week. Happy Deepavali to all PP makkazs .. and do visit here to share your wishes Big smile

To my fellow PP updaters Sumi, laksh, meenu akka & srima maa "happy deepavali"  Sumi meenu akka, laks  confirm essu taan next week.. hopefully naanum taan Confused



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updates will be posted tomorrow

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Shocked semma promo this week. Looks like wedding did not happen? Ermm Pappu back?? Second kalyanam for Moorthi and Kamu? Shocked this week promo ku enna sollaradhu nu teriyalae ROFL

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Originally posted by lakshmikr

LOLLOLLOL ahahahaha ... laksu Semb oda ready irrunthu ko, Panchayat kutta porainga D'oh Thunpam varum pothu nalla sirikannumROFL

me too help to laugh for your thunpam ROFL

and extra laugh because KOMORU is back ROFLROFL

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HO:  Komoru illa daa... KOMARU... LOL
He is back???? Arnold Sch mathiri kathaporare "I'M BACKKK " nnu

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Originally posted by Caryn

HO:  Komoru illa daa... KOMARU... LOL
He is back???? Arnold Sch mathiri kathaporare "I'M BACKKK " nnu

typo  ROFL yes his back with his pink shirt and white vesti

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I doubt rags might agree for this divorce n may get married to komaru who got thiruthified.. what u guys think...WinkWinkWinkavanavathu yevalo adichalam thanguvanLOLLOLLOLLOL

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kalyanam aagadhunnu nenechen...

vada poche!!!!

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