Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

TTOML # thread 2:Epilogue- Page 29!

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Thank youuu!




"If you simply ignored the feeling, you would never know what might happen, and in many ways that was worse than finding out in the first place. Because if you were wrong, you could go forward in your life without ever looking back over your shoulder and wondering what might have been."

'Virat please', she pleaded but he was having none of that... he would do anything to ensure that they stay together. Not that if her Beeji's opinion depended on it but it mattered to Maanvi and Maanvi mattered to him. How was he going to convince her that he was going to stay? Hell, he didn't know that himself. He had people who weren't fond of him. His lifestyle, his family business and his previous life was enough to put him his life in jeopardy. 'I am selfish like that', he stated, urging her with his eyes to point out the room. Think of it as a band aid, it will hurt but it will go in the next instant'. 'You do not understand. She will go nuts', she shrieked, tugging again but he moved around, placing his hands around her waist and smirking. 'How can you smile in such a situation?' a bewildered Maanvi asked.

'Let's go', he stated, knocking on the door that she had stared at since they have been having the conversation. A surprised Beeji opened the door, her wide eyes flying to Virat and then to Maanvi, who had a sudden interest in her red pumps at that moment and refused to look up. 'What-', she began as Virat pulled Maanvi in the room and Beeji moved back to allow them to enter. 'I would like to say a few words', he began as Beeji glared at the couple in front of her.

'I would like to see your granddaughter. I know I haven't been proper about it but I am asking your permission to see your granddaughter. I have feelings for her and she has feelings for me', he said in a polite manner that Maanvi sensed the sarcasm in his tone. If Maanvi had wished for the earth to open up and swallow her in the past- it was nothing compared to what she was feeling now. She wished her Beeji would not note the sarcasm and instead focus on the words. She had thought he had a plan. A plan which involved nothing which could lead to the heart racing and a heart attack coming. 'What's your name again?' Beeji asked, calmly. Crossing her arms and glaring at him. 'Virat. Virat Singh Vadhera'.

'Virat, what you're asking for is impossible', she replied, her eyes softening from the glaring but the eyes were still fixed on their faces. 'All I am asking for right now is a chance', he concluded, nodding at her. 'Fine', she replied in a quiet voice as a shocked Maanvi matched her eyes. 'I'll think about this but till then you keep your distance', she added to which her head lowered again. Of course, it was a petty promise that meant nothing. This was a win-win situation for her Beeji. She could take 10 years to think about this in her opinion and at the same time get Virat to keep distance.

 'That's fine with me', Virat answered, which at that moment made her jaw had dropped to the ground. 'Good night Mrs. Chaudhary. Good night Maanvi', he rapidly greeted and left, with no glance back at her or anything. 'You should go to your room now, it's quiet late', Beeji scolded her but she paid no attention, dragging her feet mechanically back to her room.

Beeji looked at her youngest granddaughter. Feeling for her yet at the same time reminding herself that she was her guardian. She needed to do this. She knew if her son was alive today, he would have done anything for his daughter- she was the apple of his eye. He would have even given a chance to the boy that she had introduced to her parents so was she wrong in giving him a chance too.

She knew she had driven her son away from her because she couldn't put aside her need to be right and be the mother that she was. She had realized at that day what the biggest sacrifice was in a Mother's life- it was not to give up on the careers and dreams and be at the back and call for the children, it was the need to let go; to let them form their own decisions and to let them be. It was the hardest part and for her son's memory- she was willing to sacrifice this- knowing if she didn't, she would lose her too. How terrible is it to love something that death can touch.

And this she couldn't live with again.

A bewildered Maanvi walked to her room after a disoriented visit to the kitchen to attend to her thirst- she found her boyfriend landing on the floor of her balcony at the same time she closed her door, a small smile touched her lips.  



Virat looked over at her face, her eyes closed and her pink lips full in a pout. It was the first thing that he had noticed about her. Her large expressive eyes- those beautiful eyes which had glared at him but at the same time held the innocence that he had never seen before. He smiled at the memory of her scolding him on her first day but at the next moment his smile vanished. He realized how careless and stupid he had been. He had almost driver over her, stopping only inches away. What if he had hurt her? His selfish attitude and the need to possess overtook everything from him and he had done just that but Maanvi had never given up on him. She had stayed.

She was breathing on his neck. Her warm rhythmic breaths washing over his jaw and her hair sprawled over the pillow and on his chest, where her head lay. He could smell the lavender and a whish of strawberries around her. What the hell was wrong with this girl? Did she not think what her body was capable of? Of making him feel? His body stiffened at her touch and he held back the need to flip her over and ravish her. 'Shit', he mumbled, trying to get his hand away from underneath her waist but she wouldn't have any of it. Whenever he tried, she would stir and then move closer than before, if it was possible.

'Maanvi', he spoke softly as her leg swung over his and she cuddled him closer. He knew at that moment that Maanvi Chaudhary was going get him to pay for everything he had done to her. She was going to torture him into a slow death. He tried to move her away from him but she didn't budge instead she sighed over his neck. 'Maanvi', he shook her and she fluttered her eyes open only to close them again.

He muttered a 'what the hell', before shaking her- not too gracefully and her eyes snapped open, followed by a whiny voice and cranking attitude. 'What are you doing?' she gritted, pushing him away as he watched her in astonishment. 'If you want to rape me then should have said so', he replied and she jerked her body away from him. 'Whattt?' she stuttered, furrowing her eyebrows together at the confusion and embarrassment. 'You probably think that I am the saint of self-control but believe me I am not'.

'What are you saying?' she asked, now sitting on the bed and he got up, facing her. 'I am saying if you need me to take you here and now just say it', he spoke with his signature smirk, making her gasp. For one thing, her boyfriend was not romantic. He thought on the practical sight. If she thought the balcony visits each night was romantic, it was far from what he would define this as.

To him, it was a necessity, nothing remotely romantic. And another thing which defined him was his bluntness. He was too blunt for his good- or anyone's. 'You cannot say stuff like that', she said, clearly to stunned to realize how dramatic her words sounded and he chuckled at her, before pulling her towards him. Crushing her to be precise. 'Why must be so dramatic?'

She smiled at his words- how he was able to unsettle her but at the same time make her comfortable. She was afraid to love- not too be loved. She was afraid of loss- but not commitment. It made her sigh and gathering all the courage she had, she leaned forward and pecked his bottom lip before moving back to see his darkening eyes that he made no attempt to replicate her gesture or move back.

He wanted her to initiate things. She placed her hand on his cheek, feeling the warm skin under her cool one. She leaned forward again; this time she parted her mouth to receive him and he let her explore. Tongues clashing. Both of them fighting for dominance. The passion building. 'Virat', she sighed as he pulled his mouth back and looked at her, her eyes were still closed and she was breathing heavily. He would wait for her to open up. She would. Her lips quivering from his touch not moments ago before she finally spoke the words that haunted her day and night. Deciding to give in to her feelings. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. 'I love you'.



'Morning', Maanvi greeted before slumping down on the empty chair next to her Beeji and picking up her orange juice to drink. Virat had already been gone before she had woken up. She wondered at his abilities of being a superhero at one point and a villain in another. He could easily sneak in the house and get out before anyone noticed him. She had been too engrossed in her thinking to hear what was being conversed around her, nevertheless she registered the name Vadhera and her senses alerted her, listening to the sentence. 'We have been invited to dinner by the Vadhera's', Chachi spoke out as Maanvi's head lifted from the table and she spit out the orange juice that she was drinking- safe to say it was spit back in the glass rather than at her family around her. 'What?' she shrieked, managing to speak after the shock.

 'Well, what was the woman's name? Swami?' Chachi looked at Madan who simply shrugged his shoulder before his eyebrows rose up. 'Swarmi?' he said in confidence but after a few seconds his eyebrows furrowed together in doubt. 'Swarm', Daboo felt the need to join in, enjoying the ridiculing of Virat's family. A quick glare from Maanvi had him snickering and then going back to the Paratha and stack of yogurt. 'Swamini', she answered in agitation, ending the confusion once and for all. 'Yes. Her. She had invited us to a dinner 'Swamini?' Maanvi thought, her head heavy from all the thoughts and possibilities. 'I left- ' she began to make an excuse but seeing how everyone was busy in their own conversation, she decided to make a dash for it- no one will notice her absence in the presence of Beeji's Aloo Parathas.

She quickly scrolled down on his name and called him. Before he could get a word in-she followed rapidly. 'You have some serious explaining to do'.



'What the hell was that?' Virat asked, coming to stand by Swamini who was flipping through the magazine in the living room. She looked up startled at first and then her eyes turned cold 'Lower you tone', she warned. 'The hell I will. You invited Maanvi's family here?'  He shouted, his arms crossed over his chest.



'Because I thought it would be better to have the family acquainted if you going around telling people she's your girlfriend. Bauji agreed with the idea'.

'You mean it gives you a chance to destroy everything', he laughed mockingly. Her eyebrows lifted up and her mouth twitched in response. 'I will not have you talk to me this way'.

'Then you better cancel it', he concluded. 'What do you want?'

'I want you to see girls who are appropriate for you and for this family', she closed the magazine and kept it aside. 'You mean the lying, cunning, cheating tarts?' he asked,

'Virat', she warned again. 'Listen, it's just a formal dinner with a few family friends and the Chaudhary family. It will be fine'.

'Trust me'. The last time he had trusted her- she had ruined his world.



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congrats for your second thread Partyand waiting!!!Day Dreaming
please pm me too!!!

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congrats elena for this second thread...i liked ur short humanity story...

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Congratulations for the 2nd thread!! Big smile Awww gud that ur belief in humanity is not lost... Ur frnd must be feeling cold may be thats y walking fast LOL anyways will be w8ing for the update.. Smile

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yayyy...i m the first one to comment and i saw ur post before the pm...abt this update as usual awesome one...i liked virat's self control words...so beeji is giving him a chance...this is something new in the story..i thought some drama will happen...but as usual u surprised me with beeji's behavior...now swamini is playing this game...i ll wait to find out the future happenings in virman's life...i loved this update...thank u so much for the pm elena...stay blessed always...

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Congratulation on the Second Thread!!! Truly deserved!!! And Congrats for getting the FF of the Week!!! Once again Truly Deserved

The update was Fantastic!!!
Oh Gosh, you really do know how to grip your readers don't you!?
The Last Line...
'Trust me'. The last time he had trusted her- she had ruined his world.
i can't wait to find out the past!! You have written this update beautifully!! You never cease to amaze me!! Totally loved it!!

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Oh my gawd! Wow...first of all Elena congratulations on opening the second thread! You know i still remember the early chappies of TTOML...it has been pretty quick, hasn't it? Second, i am so sorry for not commenting on the first thread...crappy year, crappy exam, crappy british weather, crappy flu...But i promise i'll get to that now because your ff is just...you know i actually am not joking when i say that i have no words for describing what is TTOML...actually i do have a few words that come to mind...beautiful is one of many...
Now the first chapter of the second thread doesn't fail to live up to that...
okays, i'll stop my comment at that and leave you at that, got to go now but will res later and turn this into a super long comment because you deserve one hun...

Faye x

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