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Tahzeeb of Asad Ahmed Khan,Thank You note-11 (Page 17)

crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 November 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ElishaAmir

Originally posted by crazy4KASH_AR

It seems that the rest of the forum agree with my analysis of Asad's Tahzeeb-ul-Akhlaq
What are your views people about Asad's behaviour?
Come on,share it openly and let's have a good time in discussing our favourite character.
Why has this thread become so silent all of a sudden?

its elisha. from toronto. i am a silent watcher :). dont participate tht much in the forum. but i liked the post u made and u analyzed the points soo well i had to thank you for tht.

I'm so touched to know that my post made you break your silence and comment here.
Thanks a lot for such a lovely encouragement again.
I hope you are enjoying Qubool hai and loving this forum.
You have got a beautiful name sweety.
I'm Asma from India.
PS-I'll make sure that I make such posts in future that might make you appear again on the threads. LOL

bary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 5:22am | IP Logged
hey asma,see how asad is with ayaan saying about how he will make a bad impression on girls if he cried,see it seems like is he the same asad,asad is a brother there while he plays a father with najma,well dont know if its for good or bad,i feel so bad for najma,she is soo damn cute too
oh and again like i thought zoya may make some impression on najma in near future coz she lives in same house now,god how i like zoya to see the match again coz najma and zoya are like two poles while najma hides the remote when she sees her brother zoya shouts for the recorded match..looking forward to see them both with asad

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bary

hey asma,see how asad is with ayaan saying about how he will make a bad impression on girls if he cried,see it seems like is he the same asad,asad is a brother there while he plays a father with najma,well dont know if its for good or bad,i feel so bad for najma,she is soo damn cute too
oh and again like i thought zoya may make some impression on najma in near future coz she lives in same house now,god how i like zoya to see the match again coz najma and zoya are like two poles while najma hides the remote when she sees her brother zoya shouts for the recorded match..looking forward to see them both with asad

I just want to say few things.
If the culture of person says that something is not right,you and me can't make that person understand that what he believes need to be altered a bit.
If the culture of Muslims discourages revealing tight fitted clothes,I expect every sane person to kindly respect the thought atleast.I don't want a single person to agree with Asad's statement honestly.I don't find anything wrong with western outfits.It is quite wise not to question the values associated with any culture.It is bound to hurt the follower of that respective culture.

I'm like Asad.I can't compromise on my values even I get killed.That is why I can relate a bit easily to what Asad what trying to say.

Let me tell you my expectations from Asad.

Zoya may broaden the outlook of Asad towards various things,but she can't change his values.Similarly,I can't change your values nor can you change mine.
A person accepts a change in values only if his/her heart agrees to it.
I don't deny that Zoya can't change Asad.Infact, Zoya is going to heal Asad's hurt heart with her refreshing cool attitude in a really amazing manner.
She can make Asad smile more often,enjoy life instead of carrying the baggage of the past and just live in the present without worrying about the future.
But to say that Zoya can change Asad's values or beliefs,for me it will too early to say that.

According to me, Asad is going to change Zoya more than Zoya shall do with Asad.
Asad might allow Najma to go for western dresses in future after getting inspired from Zoya but he will do that only if he believes that western outfits are wrong.
If Asad has associated western dresses with his values,then Zoya will be needing to bang her head a wall for at least 20 times before knocking some sense into Asad.
I simply don't understand one thing.
If people loved 'purab paschim' dialogue of Asad like crazy and are still trying to get over it then why is it so difficult to be a bit understanding towards the translation of those beautiful lines into a statement.
I don't want to say anything more.
Regarding Najma,I believe that she should thank every single second to her God for giving her a brother like Asad.Freedom in limits is always better then freedom that might lead to some wrong incidents in life at times.
That's all that I wish to write about Asad and his particular controversial statement.

First of all I apologize if any single sentence sound a bit rude or offending to you.I'm not in a very good mood right now.I've got 2 tests tomorrow.So I'm sorry if I hurt you intentionally.

I'm sorry I didn't get time to read and reply back to your previous reply to my review on your views.
Whatever I have written above is written in general,not directed at you at all.
It is really a bit frustrating at times when people talk about open-mindedness but close their minds to understand few things.
I have often felt that the things that are associated with Muslim culture are hard to digest at times.That is why I had made this thread to clear certain things associated with the culture of Muslims that are being shown in the show at present and shall be presented before us in future as well.

Please note- I hope you may try to understand a bit what I am trying to say.Every single class of MBA has a lecture on attitude and behaviour and I have got fed up with learning so many things about perception,attitude,behaviour etc etc ...Values and beliefs that I've discussed here are based upon my knowledge database of MBA.
It's quite lovely to see you here and come with such amazing ideas.
Najma is really cute and I love tamatar a lot.
Asad and Ayaan are the best brothers of tellywood.Their relationship is so complex yet beautiful.I love them a lot..
Take care!!
Keep writing!!
Love you so much dear
You write very well and I always enjoy reading your posts.


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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
I hope after going through this thread none of you take anything to your heart.
This thread is all about Asad and his culture.
So simply try to look at this thread with this prospective only.
Thanks a lot guys for your wonderful encouragement.
I'm glad that I made this thread.
crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 7:25am | IP Logged
All those for whose reviews I've reserved a post will get my replies next week.
I was busy with exams this week.
@ Roshan and -I'm really sorry for not being able to reply to u.
Take care!

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shafaqsheikh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 7:35am | IP Logged
luved your post...

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2008
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shafaqsheikh

<font color="#000033">luved your post...</font>

Thanks a lot dear.
I'm glad that u liked my analysis of Asad's character

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payalibm IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazy4KASH_AR

Originally posted by payalibm

<font color="#0000ff" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">i am dissapointed to read ke this thread has been converted into thoughts of a cast...</font>
<font color="#0000ff" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">here there is nothign stated ke asad sisiter cudnt wear jeans... and i asked my question..but none answering me...</font>
<font color="#0000ff" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">if islam give opertunity to evry human - no sex descrimination - then why asad stoped her from wearing jeans when he himself converted to 3 piece suit to office... because he finds office needs suit...so where in islam its writen that muslim man can change there attire but woman cant,then why he nto stoping himlsef from going to office or change in his cast attire... and if again any one says he cant wear 24\7 as nothign stated in islam then where its stated about woman to wear it 24\7... then again i will say means the leed actresss zoya her jeju and sister dosent practice islam and thats why they ahve let zoya wear jeans...</font>
<font color="#0000ff" face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">i cant at all understand..where did the cast and islam came into this... when tis a simple MCP thought of asad and behaving like a typical indian male who behaves and thinks himself to eb the bread winner of his home...why rbinign cas and traditiona dn culture into it...this is serzillyyy beyond me to seee so many members thoughts actulyyy liking him saying no to his sister... if you all people are so much into cast then i ask evry one of you..which ever cast- i am least bother ... where it is stated to give all independence to males and all stopage to females... or anyones cast states there is no equality among human(no sex descrimantion)... lolzzz...a simple topic and here i am finding it totaly converted into a cast thought...highlyy... dissapointed</font>

I'm quite disappointed with the fact that you feel that this thread is converted into a cast issue.

Also, I would request you not to linger on a point like forever...

Sorry but the title says-Tahzeeb of Asad Ahmed Khan exctlyyy..you shud have pointed out at that... but you related it with cast...you shuld have remained  with asad thoughts and his thinking ... 

It clearly indicates that here I have made this thread to throw some light on Asad's character in the light of his culture. a culture cant be a property of one man...as you tated darling...his culture...it can be his thoughts of tehzeb and his ideas and way of leaving

Also, one does not follow everything that has been preached in a religion at times.Remaining knowing ignorant about certain beliefs has become quite popular these days.So you can't really say that one is wrong and one is right.A culture does the preaching and people follow whatever they feel comfortable with their personalities and remain knowingly ignorant with those values which they can't connect with logically.A culture always appreciates people to follow what they can from their hearts and not for the sake of showing off.
So kindly avoid pointing about what Islam says and not says in relation to Zoya and her family. why swetuuu?why cant i say about it when you are pointing out asad thoughts and doings and dont's in the light of islam... is asad cast different from zoya jiju cast...????

You are not wrong at all Payal in saying that Asad is acting like a typical Indian male.I would better say Asad has acted like a typical male of any house of any religion of any country who would show concern about his sister partying out late night.He never said that he is going to remain with Najma and see what she does there.Also,he didn't stop her from going to lounge.The only thing he stopped her was from wearing jeans.
Yes, Islam says women should try to avoid wearing apparels that give them a resemblance of a male.
I request you not to challenge something which has been conveyed directly to all females from Allah with the help of the prophets of Islam.then you mean to say zoya and her family and even asad own sister dissobying there own cast??? Allah must have had a reason for it and I personally don't dare to challenge this thing on the basis of freedom ,etc related issues.
Man is the best survivor and possesses the capability to adjust in whatever conditions are presented before him.Over the years,Indians have also changed their thinking and adapted to the lifestyle of the west which is called modern by many people. who said we have adopted west... to be come modern...have you read early vedic and later vedic...you will come to knwo the surprise fact ke we were more advance then western were...lolzzz..its so funnyyy we were advanced from west 1000 yrs before and in later vedic we threw ourself behind nonsence customs and stupidity and called it necessity and importnace and god's choice... 
Islam has requested females to hide their beauty just like people hide expensive jewels with the help of loose clothes,purdah and decent least revealing dresses.It has not ordered anyone to follow it by hook or by crook.Muslim women have started wearing jeans and all modern outfits by making their own relaxations and adjusting their looks and attire in such a way that they look modern yet elegant in any dress they put on.
Another meaning of Tahzeeb is elegant also by the way.
When did I or anyone said that Zoya or her family is not following Islam? 
AS I've said before Zoya looks graceful in whatever she wears. Plz note that her T-shirts/tops are never revealing or vulgar.
To avoid vulgarity is most important for a girl of any culture and Islam also tries to indicate that women should never appear vulgar and literally offer themselves to lustful eyes of men intentionally or unintentionally. exctlyyy...this is what i meant..cant his sister wear jeans with top reveling nothing...i at that time also said and i will say again same... it is asad choice asad thinking asad wants ke his sister should not wear jeans... where as you enlighted it in the light of asad islamic thought..and then i counter-attacked you if its in islam then why zoya is wearing it..if its against it what you stated then how come his jiju and appe prctising otherwise???? look did you yest. episode...in one point you stated ke for other hapiness asad sisiter is wearing jeans and thats why he stoped her,coz she not wearing for her own thoughts and hapiness...because all her friends are wearing and now she too wants to wear...then in yest. episode his other step sis was wearing entirely for her own wish and hapinesss...yet again he made her change...isnt it clear and so quit openly stated ke its asad choice..his demand...his need...his thinking... there is nothing like any cast and its belief...
i am extremly hurt ke you think i am directly chalenging your prophet..how can i do that...for me evry cast is n top ... for me its most respectable part of humantiy... this is what shape a human being ... yes i questiond but you are the one i questioned... coz you were not enlighting asad thoughts but his thoughts under his cast... and that made me question you ... ke if he doing things under cast as you analyised then why others are not doing it...if acording to you he is not wrong then who are doing other wise is then wrong ... thats why i said .. its asad need...his thoughts... his belief .. his demand ... there is nothing related to cast or its discremnation and beliefs ... its an individual personality entirelyyy

Asad seriously didn't commit a crime by stopping Najma from wearing jeans and going out.And plz don't keep on insisting that if for him suit is the dress for office then for Najma why is jeans not the best attire.At the end of the day,Najma has faith in her brother and since her childhood she has been looking upto her bhaijaan for all the decisions of her life.Now when she is about to change her personality by giving a try to jeans for the sake of pleasing her friends,I don't expect Asad or any brother of this world to say yes to her request in the first place.
Asad has been used to giving advices to his sister and he is the fatherly figure of this house.Had Asad been really wrong,I am sure Asad's mom must have been the first person to oppose him.She remained silent throughout the conversation of Asad and Najma because she knew that brother and sister have a great bond and can decide among themselves without her interference.Dilshad didn't say anything to Najma which clearly means that she didn't oppose the idea of Najma going out in a jeans with her friends but at the same time she understood the most important logic of her son's statement that changing yourself by forgetting your beliefs and doing this for the sake of pleasing others is highly inappreciable.You want a change do it for yourself,not for others-is one of the hidden motives of Asad's statement.

Honestly speaking, the way in which Najma asked permission from Asad was not very convincing.
Had she really been interested in wearing jeans and not redefining her personality because of her friends and lounge,her way of seeking advise from her bhaijaan must have been completely different.And as far as I have understood Asad, he does not have the heart to deny his baby sister again and again.Eventually, he must have bowed down to his sister's wishes upon a lot of persistence provided she wanted to change her dressing style for herself and not for others.

And yes I used Islam to highlight this scene other than using the typical Indian culture because unlike other cultures, western outfits and Muslim culture have always been a debatable issue.So, I thought that by using Asad's character as he is playing the role of a modern Muslim guy I can state a few points in relation to jeans western dresses and Muslim culture.
Frankly speaking,it is quite easy to consider Asad saying the statement to Najma because he is a muslim just like it is easy for you to say that he behaved just like a typical Indian.just imagine someone who has never came across Indians or the culture is watching this show using English subtitles,he will relate to this statement of Asad in the light of the culture he follows rather than the country to which he belongs.

Also, my intention of making this thread was to relate Asad's traditions with his attitude and traditions include both the religion and country to which you belong.
I have highlighted all the scenes of Asad to elaborate how I have seen his 'tahzeeb' in his actions.
I was here not to preach people about Islam but to connect Asad's traditions with his attitude and behaviour.

Well this is my point of view Payal and you have all the right to still disagree and differ from me.
After this post I really give up because Payal dear if you have decided to keep the right to freedom topmost in your mind because then I can't help you.
According to me,freedom in limits is much better than careless freedom.This is true for all boys and girls.
I would like to put a rest to this debate because I don't get any new idea of giving my logic for Asad's statement and your concerns.
Also, it would be a bit early to call Asad a typical Indian patriach just because of a single statement.
As I've said before,his character is hidden in layers and we definitely need time to unravel different shades of his character.
I request you to be a little patient and give a little bit of more time to Asad to see if he is really a conformist or a guy with modern thinking but rooted to his culture at the same time.

I apologize if any statement of mind has offended you unintentionally.I completely understand your concern and point of view.The reason why you have asked this question is completely justified and I highly appreciate the way you have put across your points.Plz try to go through this post with an open mind and don't take anything to your heart.I really value our friendship and I hope this debate won't bring any change in it.

PS-I hope u've gone through the post where I've requested you to go through some posts where people have shared their personal experiences in this thread.That is the reason I had not yet replied to your questions darling...

Anyways I'm loving this discussion a lot
Take care sweety
love you

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