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*GoodBye_AshNi*Epilogue*p114*Jaane Kya Baat Hui (Page 4)

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Originally posted by Amuja_27

Hi Achiever, read u r last chap.and then 2nd last & I'm surprized..! U wrote so beautifully yaar..actually I'm not read many ffs (just Libras) but enjoy u r ff very much.
And now start reading from de begining..!just ended 'Ashu's proposal' & going to read next to next, so don't know when I come here..?but thanks for this beautiful ff. Kaash KTLK ki jerney bhi itni khoobsurat hoti...
oh! i m really very very glad tht u like it.. Gosh.. u r gonna read 50 chapters.. Embarrassed.. i m truly humbled..
thnk u sooo much for following this FF.. hope u will like their journey.. and please do come at ur time and comment..
Kaash is a word tht v can relive with this FFs..LOL  So i thnked KPji here.. Bt I wud die to see such naughty Ashu aka SK on screen!!!

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Originally posted by KBfanNo1

Got busy with my work.. still have to complete the other half.. i wudnt b able to reach my target chapter.. b4 DiwaliDisapprove
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******HeartJaane Kya Baat Hui!Heart*****
******HeartFor previous chapters, refer pg 1Heart*****
Chapter 51:  Teri Meri Kahaani!HeartHeart

The morning came with a loud bang at his door!  Kaka was trying to wake him up with some urgent calling!  Wen he came to his senses, the urgency in kaka's voice made him spring up instantly from his bed and he rushed to open the door,"wat happened kaka?" came a very worried voice from his mouth!  Kaka motioned at the door and he was left shell shocked at the sight it offered!  "Armaaan!" he cud jst cry in disbelief as his eyes ran from him to the person standing beside him and thn back to Armaan again!


Armaan grinnined back very stupidly at him!  "a very very good morning.. my jaaan.. so hows my surprise?" he chirped.  Ashutosh wanted to utter some real curse words, bt he stopped himself respecting the lady who stood beside him in a very bright red saree with some pretty golden work.  She looked at him and nodded a polite smile and thn at her husband and thn her eyes fell on the ground again.  Red vermillion adorned her head and a simple bt pretty mangalsutra dangled from her neck.  Ashutosh looked at her for a while and thn uttered an "uh'" and paused and thn welcomed thm.  "Ashu my jaan..no welcoming smile.. no warm hug.. wat has happened of u.. can a shaagun affect someone this badly!" he teased grinning widely and flung his arms wide for him.  Ashutosh chuckled and nodded his head in reply.  Was he ever going to change! Armaan had been smiling so widely and looking so happy tht Ashutosh had to forget any resentment or anger tht he mite have felt against him for keeping him in dark; this moment had jst been so fulfilling!  He flew to him without a moment of further delay and gathered his friend for a very warm dearly hug!  "My friend.. at last!!" He squeezed and cuddled and cudnt help utter emotionally as his eyes moistened and he patted his back celebrating tht moment.  His gesture was reciprocated with equal warmth and gusto!  "many many congratulations to you too my jaaan"  Thy stood for a while taking in tht moment to realize tht thr long wait had finally ended and the thing tht it happened in both their lives at the same time added a special something to tht moment of tht morning wen thy embraced!  It was a moment of fulfillment, of joy, and to rejoice!  Many a bigger moments wud come in their live, bt this had to b special!


"Ooo Hooo!" thy finally broke apart and Armaan cried in joy,"at last its all happening.. my dear.. my best best best friend is gonna put on a shehra soon!" He laughed and thn teased,"so u finally conquered ur fort back and claimed ur queen haan!"  Ashutosh rued,"eh.. not yet... thrs whole set of rituals to go.. I wish I cud have taken a shorter route like u!"  Ashutosh wasn't a man who would reveal his heart this way, bt he didn't know those words spilled from his mouth!  The moment thy did, he knew Armaan was not going to leave him without a tease!  He chuckled,"aaah.. so much of impatience haan.. I can understand.. u r getting too lonely!!" "Huh!"Ashutosh rolled his sleeves to divert his attention and to gather himself back.  He was feeling embarrassed to have revealed the state of his poor heart infront of his wife!  So much of impatience!  "so wers my bhabhi?" "Who?"  "Stupid!  MY Bhabhi!"  "Oh! armaan how can she b here at this hour!"  "Oh! rite.. so saaad!" he winked and teased.  Ashutosh felt red again,"eh.. u r not going to bring my bhabhiji in!"  "eemmm hmmm not until we r welcomed properly..in traditional way!"  He looked at his nails thotfully and did his drama! "Armaan.. u haven't given me any choice here.. have u.. u have barged in with ur bride at 6 a.m. in the morning without any warning bells.. wat do u expect tht I welcome u with whole music band here!" he cried in annoyance.  Armaan laughed,"U have turned very funny.. u know tht!.. is Nidhi doing her tricks!" he winked again!  Ashutosh had enuf of it!  "Will u jst shut up and come to the point!"  "okay.. if u say so.. all I want is tht my very traditional wife shud b welcomed in very traditional way!  Think of her sentiments yaar!"  A chuckle escaped his wife's lips!  Ashutosh frowned at him, bt he continued ignoring his glares,"u know.. I cant step in without being welcomed by the woman of this house!"  Ashutosh glared at him!  "the woman of this house?" "yeah!" "she aint yet the woman of this house!"he cried.  Armaan shrugged,"for me she is!"  "huh! And wat am I going to say abt ur mrg to her family!" "Not my headache!  Thy r ur in laws" Ashutosh gritted his teeth"very well.. and so u r going to let my bhabhiji wait on my doorway till Nidhi arrives?"  "Wat! Have u gone insane.. in luv!" Ashutosh rolled his eyes in impatience.. almost on verge of yelling!  "I have to survive thru the long years of mrg my friend' I cannot dare tht!" he quipped.  His wife glared at him!  Ashutosh chuckled!  This drama king wasn't going to stop till his adamant wishes were fulfilled.  He sighed and in a way he was rite, he ought to welcome thm in proper traditional way!  And tht can b done properly only by the woman of his house!  Aah.. he luved tht phrase.. the woman of his house.. the woman of his heart.. and thewoman of his life.  He sighed longingly!  Armaan jerked him out of his dreamland,"uh.. Mr. To-B-Husband.. can u please hurry up.. and dream later.. my wife here is getting restless and shooting daggers!" he joked and his wife glared at him yet again!  He chuckled and resigned to his room to pick up his phone.  He cud hear Armaan yelling for kaka to bring some tea and snacks in the garden for him and his wife' muttering tht the residents of tht house were so inhospitable!


He sighed and picked up his phone to dial Nidhi's number.  He shud've called at his residence to get Dadi Bua's permission bt he thot he shud break this wonderful news to Nidhi first!  His calls went unanswered and he had no choice to call at her residence.  And to his surprise it was answered by chote sarkar who informed him tht Col. Verma had gone for morning walk and bibiji and buaji had gone to temple!  A temple?  He was surprised.  At tht early hour.. she was up already and visting a temple!  Eh!  She was a self-confessed late riser, tht is if she is not forced to get out from bed early for any emergenciesAnd the last time he heard tht she had visited a temple was on the first day of her joining KGH!   He twitched his lips and left a msg to call him ASAP.  Apparently, he wud've liked to call her up on her cell again bt he definitely didn't want to convey any sort of desperation to her dadi bua, so he jst paced impatiently in his room waiting for her to call back.  In a way, it bot him some time as to think wat exactly shud he say to convince her Dadi bua!  It had been jst last nite tht Nidhi had visited his house!  After abt 10 minutes, he received her call!  He heard a polite "hello.  Good Morning Ashutoshji" instead of her usual coy naughty Hi!  He smiled and teased,"luks like someone is being supervised for good!"  She coughed feigning tht she wasnt able to hear anything,"uh  hullo?"  He chuckled.  she knew every trick from her book of mischief,"hmm.. so dadi bua is near somewhere rite?"  "uh.. yeah.. rite.. u called up.. Ashutoshji?" "yeah.. thrs a very good news'" "really?" Her voice already sounded pretty excited.  He chuckled,"honey.." She coughed.  "uh!   okay!..its.. its.. Nidhi.. Armaan.. Armaan jst got married!"he chirped joyfully!  Thr was shock of silence for a while at other end and thn she erupted in unrestrained exuberance!  "really..Reeaally!..wow' wooow!"  And he laughed.  He cud hardly contain his own happiness!  He heard her happy giggles,"Oh My God!"  "yes..yes..yes.. sweetheart.."  she coughed warningly again!  "uh..yeah..sorry..bt u r needed here ASAP!"  "ASAP?"  "yeah..A.S.A.P."  "bt..bt'"her voice trailed off in hesitation...  "I know the situation..bt Armaan.. u know how he is.. he wants his wife to be welcomed by the woman of the house!"  "Wat?" she blushed.  "honey'" "eh'" "oh sorry.. Nidhi.. I will need to talk to Dadi Bua!" "r u sure'I mean.." "yeah.. she has to know.. some day..y not today!"  "i guess u r rite..!" she agreed and shifted her phone over to dadi bua's ears!  Her dadi bua asked if everything was okay and hoped thy didn't have a fight again.  Ashutosh felt a bit embarrassed and after exchanging the polite formalities, he asked her if cud pick Nidhi up for a ritual.  He explained the situation of Armaan and tht he insisted to b welcomed by the woman of his house.  He waited for her answer and wen it didn't come he added as aftrthot, tht is if it was okay with her!  The phrase the woman of the house itself did some magic trick.  Her dadi bua was infact overjoyed to know tht his friend gave her bacchi tht honor already!  Well, nothing like it!  He had chuckled to himself and asked if he cud pick her up!  Dadi bua said she wud send someone to drop her coz she had to get ready and tht it was his responsibility in her absence to see tht he attended to his friends properly and not blemish Nidhi's name!  Ashutosh had laughed hard at tht after thy hung up!  Her dadi bua was hell bent on making a husband out of him!  He sighed.  His heart yearned for the woman of his house again!  Huh!  Thrs still a month to go LoveStruck Boy, his mind reprimanded him, which he conveniently shoved aside!  It was not wrong to crave for one's to-b-wife afterall!


Thy were sitting around the table in shade of the garden and having some tea wen thy heard a car drove in.  It stopped right infront of wer thy had been sitting.  Nidhi alighted and immediately erupted in joy,"Armaaan ji!"  Her joy cud hardly b restrained.  She jumped over the shrubs lining the corner and came running into Armaan's arms who had stood up from his chair to welcome her at her shout!  Ashutosh cud jst shrug!  He had wanted to escort her from the gate and introduce her to Armaan's wife!  "oh.. luk whos here.. a to-b-bride!" Armaan teased as he gathered her for a warm side hug.  Nidhi blushed suddenly feeling very conscious.  Adorned in a saree and acting like child, she was a thng to b adored.  Ashutosh sighed.  "Many Many congratulations' Armaanji!!" she said more constrainedly as her eyes laid on his beautiful and demure wife.  Her face hinted a shade of shyness and she nodded politely to his wife.  Armaan teased her,"so luks like my Nids has suddenly grown up.. haan.. from a kid to a to-b-bride!"  She blushed in embarrassement as she coild herself again!  His newly wedded wife clearly looked a lot more mature and a perfect lady!  Ashutosh was amused at her sudden coyness!  She broke the hug and cried,"Please don't call me tht!" "oh..yeah.. now..I have a better name for u.. u know!"  His eyes twinkled as he winked to Ashutosh.  Innocently, Nidhi looked up at him.  "Bhaaabhi!" he cried and threw himself in a fit of laughter!  "Nooo!" she retorted at once and pouted!  "Y not.. u r on the way to become my official bhabhi! And besides' u know'. Ashu is quite older thn me!"  "How do u know!.. u wer in the same class!"she barked. "oh..simple.. from the number of gray hair on his head!" he quipped and again rolled in a heavy laughter.. His protruding belly was dancing!  Nidhi cud hardly control her anger,"thts..thts bcoz u die ur hair and he doesnt!"  Armaan was too busy to listen to anything after tht.  He laughed uncontrollably and Nidhi's pout and anger increased.  Bt b4 it cud get out of control Ashutosh intervened.  Thy were creating a scene in the lawns of his garden for the whole society to see!  "Armaan.. I think bhabhiji has had enuf of waiting out here!" "C even my best friend is calling my wife.. his bhabhi.. so by tht standards too u r my BHABHI!" Armaan started a new round of laugh.  "No!!.. I m not" Nidhi retorted.  "I have all the rites..!"  "No u have not!"she barked.  Ashutosh was exasperated at the two!  "For God's sake.. u both.. please..!"  "Nooo!" she cried.  "its its okay Nidhi!"Ashutosh tried to sort out the matter...  "C ..c.. even ur wud-b-hubby says its okay!"Armaan laughed with tears almost sprining from his eyes now!  Nidhi glared at Ashutosh!  Ashutosh instantly nodded a fearful no bt she was on him before he cud even put up a defense argument!  "huh'so u r taking his side.. so much of a to-b-husband huh!" she muttered and ran into the house angrily!  Armaan bundled into huge a laughter again.  Ashutosh rolled his eyes at him!  Wud he ever grow up!  These two made a most difficult pair to handle!  He sighed.  Armaan's wife looked at him sympathetically.  So at least someone was thr who cud understand his plight!  He sighed heavily again.  Thr goes his chance! His sweetheart was miffed and here he had been planning to spend some lovey-dovey moments with her..  Huh! So much of romance!  Leaving Armaan alone to roll on the garden lawn with a glare, he politely escorted his bhabhi to the doorway.


While they wer quarrelling outside, kaka had already set up everything for their welcome as per Dadi bua's strict instructions tht he had received on the phone even before Nidhi arrived.  And as already instructed by her, Nidhi first lit a diya at the mandir.  She prayed and thn she put up a toran on the door, made swastiks on the floor in the corners of doorway and arranged the kalash on the floor to welcome Armaan's wife.  She took her pallu over her head and grabbed the aarti thaal and signaled Ashutosh to join her.  Ashutosh cudnt take his eyes off of her!  This was a completely new Nidhi!  Dressed differently, acted differently, and looked completely different with her pallu on her head!  Nidhi welcomed the newly weds with the tilaks and aarti.  In the process, her bangles clanked to grab Ashutosh's attention towards thm.  She had worn a beautiful set of matching bangles, a whole bunch of thm filling almost her whole uppe arm, on both hands.  Ashutosh found it very attractive and thn he observed she had put on a bindi as well, slightly bigger thn he had seen her wear previously, solid, and pretty visible, placed betn very shapely brows making her eyes look a lot of more appealing.  Her eyes were darkened and shaped up nicely with kajaal giving thm a sort of very excotic look, he felt.  Or may be it was tht something deep and sparkling in her eyes tht he had been always so attracted to!  And as his gaze travelled over to her nose, he noticed a little something on it, which looked pretty cute and it appealed him!  His eyes from thr naturally descended over to her lips, which wer bare, jst as he liked, probably only glossed with something, bt still thy didn't fail to luk any less inviting.  He looked longingly at thm and sighed and as his eyes reverted back to the couple at the door, Armaan danced his eyes suggestively at him.  He looked away!  Tht was last thing he wanted Armaan to know.  Now, he was going to put 2 and 2 together and tease him mercilessly on this subject!


Bt Armaan was caught off guard by Nidhi and she pinched Armaan's nose successfully in the process of her prolonged aarti, tht no one had noticed apparently, except for Armaan's wife who had joined Nidhi in her giggles.  Giggling, she asked for her neg before his beloved wife cud step in over a kalash full of rice and enter!  Armaan was stunned and mortified as she danced her eyes back at him and took her sweet revenge!  Ashutosh laughed heavily as those moments were captured on his camera kept on an auto mode on a faraway table!  And she didn't relent till Armaan placed a hefty amount in her palms.  Smiling triumphantly, she stepped back graciously to allow Mrs. Armaan Arora to enter their house!


"u r soo going to get back for this Nids!" Armaan cried warningly!  "Huh..thts not my headache.. it's the headache of ur supporter!" she twitched her lips and eyed at Ashutosh with a snub!  "oh oh.." sweetheart..Ashutosh wanted to say, bt he said,"Nidhi.. I wont remain his supporter once I take those pheras with u!"  And Armaan quipped in with his chance,"Thr thr.. c .. he is all into making a very good "hen-pecked" husband 'he has already gained such deep wisdom!" Armaan teased as Nidhi pouted and cried,"he is not henpecked!" "I don't do tht.. do i?" she turned to Ashutosh and asked.  Ashutosh cud hardly suppress his erupting laughter!  He laughed while nodding a big No!"  Nidhi glared and pouted nevertheless.  "Bhaabhi!" she cried and ran to Armaan's wife for support,"please tell Armaanji to stop teasing my'" she stopped abruptly and a new combined laughter erupted from both men!  She first turned red and thn abruptly sprang up on her feet in anger, from the sofa wer she seated with Armaan's wife!  "Okay Fine!  now tht the job is done.. I m leaving!" nidhi picked up her purse in a huff and turned on her heels to leave.  "No.. Wait.. Nidhi' please..!" Ashutosh ran after her promptly and grabbed her hand as she almost reached the door,"pleeaaase" he requested so yearning tht Nidhi melted instantly and drew back!  "oh.. oh so things have progressed to this extent in my absence haan.. a simple please.. and my Nidhi bhabhi melted into a puddle!"  He teased!  Nidhi gritted her teeth for a revenge,"Armaanji.. I think u shud consider the fact tht u jst got married.. and this is MY house and its up to me to decide wether I shud decorate ur wedding bed or let u sleep in ur best friend's guest room alone and take my bhabhi with me!"  Armaan stared back at her as if he was jst fined for overspeeding his car! Ashutosh chuckled heavily!  This is wat happens wen u provoke a fiery lady!  Finally, Armaan's wife who was keeping silent so far erupted into a heavy unrestrained chuckle as well and Armaan felt embarrassed!  "And on the top, u haven't even introduced ur lovely wife to us.. so much of a husband huh!"  Nidhi got back at Armaan!  Armaan's face took a darker shade of red as he sheepishly smiled back at his wife and sought a silent apology!  "C now whos behaving like a "yes ma'm" husband?"she commented  "Well'Wat to do Nidhi madam.. its THE ultimate truth of us husbands.. this is wat happens of every husband aftr mrg!" he rued making a very dramatic philosophical face and thn both Ashutosh and Armaan erupted into a laughter nodding at each other!  "Huh!" Nidhi cried and took her bhabhi with her to the dining table for some breakfast!


The two men joined thm and took the seats opposite their women.  And over the table, on Nidhi's pestering request, Armaan told thm how it all happened.  "u don't recognize her' do u?" he asked Ashutosh.  Ashutosh looked at Armaan's wife blankly,"No.. I guess!"  "Class 7, third row, 2nd bench.. cutsey pie.. remember.. two ponytails with red ribbon!" he threw a clue!  Ashutosh's eyes widened as it came to him!  "oh.. u mean.. tht cutsey pie!  Ur cutsey pie!"  He uttered in astonishment!  "u mean.. Tru' Trupti..something.. Trupti Jain!!"  "yes.. wow u have memory tht of an elephant!" "bt..bt.. how can this even happen..!  didn't she leave the school after matriculation!"  "yes.. bt thn we met again wen i was in college in Mumbai.  I was in Arts, she was in commerce.  We came to know of each other again.  She was my first crush and I fell in love with her again!  " Ashutosh had rolled his eyes at the crush thing! Who wud even consider a 7th grade something as a serious crush! Huh!  "Bt it was a one-sided love and she was a no nonsense girl back thn, and of course as she is today.  I can still very vividly remember her tight slap tht she had awarded me one day on my cheek for jst following her from busstop to the library!"  His hands inadvertently went to his cheek and he made a very dramatic face.  His wife's eyes lowered in embarrassment!  "really!" Nidhi cried in astonishment!  "yeah.. u see this redness on my cheeks its from tht embarrassment!" he joked.  "bt.. bt.. how come I don't know abt any of these.. Armu?" Ashutosh asked seriously.  "Bcoz apparently my jaan u wer too busy with ur medical studies.. besides wat man wud want to share his such shame!" He rued.  Ashutosh sighed and suddenly turned quite serious!  Nidhi observed as Armaan continued his story.  Apparently, after tht Armaan had no guts left to confess his luv for her.  Time flew and as his life went on, he pushed tht thing somewhere back in his heart.  He progressed and flourished in his profession.  His sole ambition was his passion.. his passion for fashion.. his passion for creative expression of his talent and his tht very passion made him a successful owner of a proud fashion house!  His profession made him meet many a pretty ladies, bt it never went on to become anything serious.  And for a wandering man like him, it suited.  It wasn't until Ashutosh voiced tht he was missing this most fulfilling thing in his life tht he sat back and pondered abt it.  Thr f'ship had been very old and he cud understand his friend's concerns for him.  Life had played some pretty harsh jokes on him and thru him he had learnt the value of true relations and luv in his life!  He had a family all rite, a very conservative one bt he was considered a black sheep of his family bcoz of his wayward, wandering, and bold ways!  He was nvr a family man and he dbted if he ever cud b one.  Bt if he wanted someone in his life.. if he wanted someone genuinely as his life partner, the one person tht came to his mind was Trupti.  He had met her again some 5 years ago at a garment company in Ahemdabad wer she was working.  Thy recognized each other in one of thr meetings.  She was handling his assignments and thy met again quite a few times owing to tht!  He liked to meet a genuine woman like her in his life and he realized even after so many years tht had aged thm both, he was still as infatuated with her as he was in tht class 7!  It came as a shock to him wen he learnt tht she was already married.  Of course, he had been foolish enuf to have not thot abt it, so thn he had left it at tht!  Bt jst recently wen he enquired abt how she was doing, he came to know tht she had been a widow and infact her husband had died within one year of mrg!  She had no kid and she hadn't remarried!  He knew it was a chance tht wudnt b thrown at him again!  If anything, he had to at least let her know how he felt for her and thts wen he started pursuing her again!  Her story was a sad one!  Remarriage wasn't a trend thn when she became a widow and also such girl was considered to b unlucky and not many wer keen to marry her.  Also it came as a super shock in her life.  She was young and was probably not ready for such a blow.  She went back to her parents and started a job.  Thy later shifted to their hometown Ahemdabad as his father voluntary retired from a bank job!  Solitude was taking her toll and she joined Ashram for peace of mind.  It came as a big relief and she continued her job in Ahemdabad to support her living and she stood today wer she was!  At first, she clearly wasn't interested in Armaan's proposal, bt he confessed his luv and relentlessly tried to convince her of his sincerity to this commitment!  Bt his reputation had been such tht it was hard to convince any decent woman like her!  "thn wat did u do to convince her?" asked Nidhi wen he stopped for a sip of water!  "well, think of the most dramatic filmy stuff tht I can do to convince her!"  "put a gun on her head and kidnap her.. and tell her.. marry me or let us die together!" Ashutosh quipped!  Trupti cudnt help chuckle.  Nidhi barked at Ashutosh,"thts rude!"  "yeah..Huh!"Armaan retorted,"FYI..I went to her father and asked for her hand like SRK of DDLJ!"  "uh who!"Ashutosh asked.  Nidhi chuckled,"u wudnt know!"  Ashutosh made cute frowning face not wanting to b left out on any jokes.  Nidhi told him tht SRK was king of romance in Hindi films!  Ashutosh shrugged,"King of Romance.. huh watever.. u r glorifying him as if he is author of Romeo and Juliet!"  "how do u know Shakespeare!"Nidhi cried.  "I didn't come from Mars nidhi!.. I had a best friend who took arts!"  Nidhi chuckled a sorry.  Armaan looked miffed.  It had been his story and he had been interfering unnecessarily!  Ashutosh rolled his eyes and Armaan gave him a mock look of anger and continued as Nidhi asked him,"so wat happened thn.. did her baba agree?"  "Huh how can he!" Armaan rued.  Him being a nonvegetarian, tht he drank, which was a taboo in her religion, added to his negative points in addition to his disapproval of the most glamourous profession tht he was in.  He necessarily dealt with models in half clad clothes!  Her father had severe objection to tht!  Moreover, he was Punjabi, she was Gujarati.  Thr was vast cultural difference in everything right from the traditions to customs to outlook towards life.  He was nonvegetarian, she was a pure vegetarian.  He was loud, she was softspoken!  He appeared playboy and indulgent.  She was simple, spiritual, and almost ascetic!  For all in the world, her parents cudnt approve of thr match.  And she didn't appear any keen either.  Bt Armaan continued with his persuation and one day out of blue she said yes on one of their routine calls!  The very nxt thing he did was to arrange for a quick mrg!  Bt Armaan rued tht he has become her husband and he still doesn't know y she agreed to marry him!  Trupti chuckled.  she looked at him dearly and replied,"it was ur persistence!  The way we kept meeting, ur confession, ur genuineness in presenting urself to me as wat u r, thr was no mask, no pretense of wat u wer not, no explanations or excuses for tht either, and most importantly ur act of asking my hand from my baba first!"  "Oh I knew this SRK act wud always melt women!" Armaan cried and Nidhi chuckled in approval!  "a very well known follower of my guru knew u very well."Trupti continued.  "He said he has worked with you and has had chance to know u at personal level.  He had something nice to say abt u!  The news of ur proposal spread like a wild fire in our community, especially in my ashram.  It is small community and re-marriage at this age is unthinkable bt my guruji advised me tht I shud follow my heart.  Happiness comes to those who seek it keenly.  Tht if I look for sincerity and truth in u, i wud definitely find it if it was truly thr and wen I evaluated ur sincerity, I had to say yes!  Its not as if I hadn't known u at all!" she completed in her soft tender voice.  She looked delicate and vulnerable bt a strong head and sound mind had been at work in her decision to marry Armaan.  Ashutosh sighed.  He was really grateful to God for bringing such sensible and mature person in his best friends life!  The child in him needed it!  Armaan looked warmly at his wife.  Nidhi-Ashutosh looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.  The newly wedded couple thn went off to get refreshed.  Her dadi bua had invited thm for dinner and Armaan wanted to throw a mrg treat for his best friends and so thy and Mallika wer invited by him for lunch in a very famous Lucknow restaurant.  As for his plans for tht day, he was going to take his wife on a "Luknow Darshan," as he had termed it making Nidhi and his wife chuckle and Nidhi also teased her bit to Trupti asking whether she shud decorate their bed for thr wedding day or shud she wait for night to fall, making tht difference of age vanish betn thm!  She had blushed and replied in one word,"nite!"  When Ashutosh had asked abt thr hushed whispers out of curiousity Nidhi had replied tht it was a woman-to-woman thing and tht its bad manners to ask such thing making Ashutosh go red in embarrassment!  She had laughed heavily at tht.  Making him pull her to his room and kiss her on a closed door to let her know how appealing she had looked tht morning with her clanking bangles.. her riveting eyes.. tht little something on her nose.. and her beautiful bare..bare lips!  Nidhi had lingered on his taste after he had left her and went to restroom to get fresh!  She had blushed as her bangles clanked teasingly to remind her how thy had clanked warningly wen he was kissing her.  She had been so afraid tht someone wud hear the noise and catch thm.. bt he wasn't afraid and it appeared as if he actually luved tht noise.  He twisting her hands, grabbing her, and didn't want to leave her lips.  She had seen tht yearning look in his eyes since had stepped into the house tht morning and thy were shamelessly yearning for such moments alone!  She blushed.  It was going to b a lot of fun wen thy decorated Armaan-Trupti's wedding bed, she thot biting her lips!


Ashutosh felt fresh and good after a shower and tht scintillating morning treat tht he had recieved from Nidhi.  He hummed a romantic tune and changed into his clothes.  He was going to drop Nidhi off to her hospital!  She had changed into one of the dresses of hers tht wer kept thr, to his disappointment.  He had wanted her to remain in saree bt he had changed his mind wen Nidhi had hinted with a mischief tht it wudnt b a very good idea for him if she went to hospital looking tht appealing!  Thy had laughed heartily at tht and on their way, thr talk had slowly drited on her career.  Ashutosh didn't think thy wud get any time to talk later on due to this sudden turn of events.  And this issue was his priority!  He had asked her abt her career plans and she had still been pondering abt it!  For God's sake, it had already been 5 months into her internship and here she was yet undecided!  Wat wud happen of this girl!  Was she even serious abt it!  He fretted while Nidhi pondered.  "Nidhi!!" he cried at last,"Wat have u decided!"  "I don't know.. I m still pondering wether to do PG or not!" Ashutosh nodded his head in exasperation,"seriously.. u r still pondering WETHER to do PG or not!! Of course u r doing!"  Nidhi looked at him sharply,"I think it was for me to decide!" "R u even being logical abt this thing!"  "No.. I m being passionate abt this thing!"  He halted the car with a loud screech on the side of the road and turned to her in anger!  "okay.. I want to hear.. I wanna hear wat r u passionate thots abt ur career!"  Nidhi glared back stubbornly at his anger and turned her face away.  Ashutosh threw his arms in air!  Hell!  He thumped on the steering wheel in anger which honked with a very shrill noice!  "u don't even want to listen to wat i have to say!" Nidhi cried with a pout!  He sighed deeply to cool himself down.  "U know how keen I m for ur career and u r not even serious!"  "Bt I am!"  "I don't see it!" "Its not my fault!"  "Will u stop tht attitude!" "I can say the same to u!" Nidhi bawled back.  Ashutosh glared back at her in anger and thn sighed deeply again.  This wasn't helping!  He pulled out his car back on the road and parked it beside a small icecream shop!  "wat flavor u want?" "I don't want any!"  "okay.. tell me wat flavor wud make ur anger vanish!"  she glared at him with a huge frown!  He cudnt help chuckle!  It was rare tht she got this angry!  "u look too cute wen u r angry.. u know tht.. and u know wat ur flushed face wants me to do to u.. and obviously I cannot do tht here..in public!" he said.  Nidhi blushed.  "The windows r down.. ppl mite hear u!"she wisphered "wat can I do.. I don't know how else to melt down anger of my wud b wife!"  He turned and glanced at her lovingly!  She had melted completely!  She sighed.  "I think a pineapple flavored ice cream wud do the trick!"  He chuckled. "R u sure.. considering tht temperature tht mite have risen in thr.. in tht little head!"  Nidhi pouted.  "u wanna take this fite to round 2?" "Nooo.. please!  if v fite, v wont talk.. and neways either way we wud end up..u know.. making up.. and tht wud distract us from wat v want to discuss.. so lets stick to the ice cream plan to cool off our heads instead!"  His eyes twinkled and Nidhi blushed.  It was true.. eithr way.. fighting or not fighting..making up or not making up.. thy wud still end up kissing!  Either way a distraction indeed!  She bit her lip!


Ashutosh bot her a pineapple icecream in a cone and he took a chikoo icream in a cup!  Nidhi wanted to taste his icecream.  It didn't matter to her if the tastes got mixed up!  He sighed!  Will she ever relent!  She was so stubborn.. It had to get into her head thru her heart!  Her decisions were largely based on heart and not head!  He sighed and pondered abt her career!  She wud b completing her remaining six months of internship soon.  Five major months had already elapsed and she hadn't been exposed to any major disciplines of medicine yet.  He had thot KAH mite benefit her, given tht it wud get all reputed visiting doctors from KGH and Nidhi cud get more personal attention from thm thr in KAH.  Bt the hospital had been new and the patients were less and the schedule over thr wasn't as hectic as tht of KGH!  She will need to get back to KGH if she needed any real exposure in those major disciplines.  Peadiatrics was still on her list as tht department wasnt in full operational mode at KAH.  She still had to undertake the most exhaustive casualty department as well!  At KAH, thr wud hardly b any challenge for her!  He was also tempted to transfer her back to KGH coz her 2 months in Surgery wer still pending.  He cud take her under him and train her well.  This whole KAH thing had been such a bad idea, bt thn he had no choice!  It was the only way he cud've salvaged her career!  He sighed.  And neways she had every rite to b transferred back to KGH.  KGH had appointed her on merits basis and she had every rite to complete her internship at KGH!  It had been his fault.. totally totally his fault.. tht she had to face such set back in her career early on owing to her r'ship with him, directly or indirectly and it had been bothering him since long.  And he didn't want any sort of set backs in her career again.. not bcoz of thr r'ship!


"Nidhi I m gonna ask the management to transfer u back to KGH!"he declared.  Nidhi bolted upright from her seat with the melting icecream in her hand.  "Wat? Y?"  "because of ur such irresponsible attitude towards ur career!"  "I told u I m serious!"  " r u Nidhi? Look at u.. wat r u doing.. u r wasting ur precious time on cooking and dancing.. and karate and wat not.. u need 2 b under strict supervision!"  "oh...uuu!"she clenched her teeth with sudden anger!  Y he had to b always so extremely judgmental abt everything without listening to wat other person has to say!  She had a purpose behind doing all those things.. well may b not karate!  Bt everything else yes!  "thnk u.." he said calmly before she cud bark any angry words at him!  Nidhi swallowed down her anger.  He jst stared coolly at her!  "Wat?"she bawled. "Y r u wasting ur time?" "I m not wasting. Its ..its not waste.. its equally IMP for me!"  "really.. cooking is IMP for u?" "Dadi bua is giving me a crash course in house management and cooking!"  "wat!!! Y?" he shrieked.  "she advices tht I wud've lot of responsibilities aftr mrg and tht I shud learn to handle thm..along with my job!"  "Do hell with it Nidhi!  I will employ a 100 servants if need b.. and if I cannot afford thm a pay, I will work overtime.. do double jobs.. watver..!" he cried!  "its not tht!" Nidhi cried.  "thn wats it?" "Its.. its.. abt being a woman.. its abt being a responsible wife and a woman of ur own household!"  Ashutosh nodded his head in disbelief!"thts rubbish..its wat is fed to girls like u by ppl like Dadi Bua!"  "it is not.. women have natural tendency to nurture and manage, dadi bua says.. she says as a woman grows.. its not jst her household or husband tht she has to look after..its her child as well.. she needs to learn those basic thngs so tht she can manage evry thing smoothly.. she says a woman needs to b strong and well trained in evry ways to face those things and to keep peace and harmony in her house!"  "Nidhi.." he didn't know wat to say!  "sweetheart.. its not on ur shoulders alone.. I m thr.. I m thr to shoulder ur every responsibility as best i cud!   I m ur partner sweetheart!" "I know..bt I want to learn..without learning how wud I know' wether I have tht in me or not!"  "Bt sweetheart.. cooking or managing household is not ur priority rite now.. u r short of time.. its only 7 months left for ur internship.. u have to give it more time..and think abt ur career!"  "bt this is as imp for me as my internship is!"  he stared at her with a frown.  "U r my priority!" she said firmly!  Ashutosh nodded a no immediately,"No Nidhi!"  "Yes!.. u r my priority.. my family' our family is going to b my first priority.. always!"  "Nidhi'" he suddenly felt overwhelmed!  While he had been looking into future of her career, she had been looking into future of thr family' the family tht thy wer gonna make!  He sighed.  Her words sounded soo good and he was touched by her sincerity and dedication!  He tenderly cupped her face,"Bt sweets.. I.. I don't want u to sacrifice ur career for tht!" "I will not.. I promise!" "Bt u r on the path of doing tht!" he cried impatiently,"I cant see u losing ur career.. ur mom's dream for this mrg!"  Nidhi felt a sudden pang in her stomach,"Wat do u mean!"  "Nothing.. its jst tht u need to give more time to ur internship!"  "I am giving!" "ur efforts r not enuf!.. Y these dance classes?"  "its..its.. afflitated to a charity organization.. we do some shows and raise charity.. also v involve many a orphan students..its.. its.. something tht I like to do!"  "sweetheart.. tht u can do after completing ur internship and PG.. cant u?"  "y one needs to b so ambitious.. y one cant take a simple path and reach more ppl..y cant I jst b a general physician and reach more and wider group of ppl instead" "Sweetheart.. I told u.. u r talented.. u r wasting ur talent by not exploring it to fullest degree.. u know wat a loss it wud b to those ppl!  U wud b depriving thm of tht innovative pathbreaking treatment services.. tell me how many doctors have tht talent to reach thr.. sweets' u have it in u!  Trust me!"  Nidhi looked at him deeply!  "U know how good u r with children.. u have natural affinity for thm.. thy r ur passion.. thy make u thrive for best.. u shud take Peadatrics!"  Nidhi looked at him thotfully and sighed.  "Bt.. bt.." "Sweetheart.. u need to make up ur mind quick.. the more u grow the more and better way u can help those orphan kids!  Nidhi ur purpose wudnt b served if ur not influential enuf and have tht power, tht position in society to make those changes effectively for those kids tht u want to serve!  Sweetheart'ur intentions r very very honorable bt thy wont b effective if u don't sharpen ur skills and b tht influential!"  "U know u think I m this influential.. I have tht power.. bt Nidhi.. the truth is tht I m still powerless..very very powerless!"  Nidhi pressed his shoulders gently,"y? wat happened?" "I have a meeting with board this week.  Thy r planning to close down Ward O, the orphan children's ward!"  "WAT No!!!"  "yes Nidhi.. apparently the donor has died and thr r some issues with his will and his trust is no longer keen in providing for this ward!" He sighed deeply.  Nidhi looked at him!  "so.. wat.. wat shud v do to save it!"  "Nidhi.. unless v provide a viable alternative it will not survive.  The management wants to cater to more posh and prestigious patients.  Thts y thy have branched out KAH, which will cater to middle class.  Thy want to upgrade KGH and provide some more international facilities in hospital itself for tht thy need space and Ward O is no longer beneficial to thm!"  "Bt its its.. not for benefit!"  "I know Nidhi.. it attracted a certain philanthropic section of society and helped in building tht certain image of KGH.. bt thts it..now management has different plans for growth of KGH!  It's a very harsh world.. Nidhi!  Thy mite want to shift it to KAH provided tht we can find a donor soon  V r in talks with some!"  "Bt..Bt.. KAH is faraway from the orphanages tht v serve.. in the meantime.. wat abt those kids who needs ongoing in-hospital treatment!"  "rite..I m worried abt thm Nidhi' a temporary arrangement can b made for a shorttime'bt otherwise v r helpless.. at least v have an option here.."he said.  "I feel bad.. v need a permanent solution to this.  Wat if KAH denies too!  I will talk to my NGO!  V will definitely come up with a solution.. V will!" Nidhi said determindedly.  Ashutosh smiled at her.  "u know thts y I luv u so much.. u instill so much hope in me Nidhi!" he cupped her face again with tenderness.  Nidhi looked in his eyes with gratitude,"I think I m very lucky girl.. u think so much abt my career..bt wer u really serious abt 100 servants?"  He laughed.. uncontrollably!  "U r.. u r priceless Nidhi!"  "Huh! Tell me..please!"she insisted. "Wat do u think?"  "tht thrs no need to overstretch urself.. I will see tht I can manage both!"  "Nidhi please!"  "Bt I think Dadi bua is rite!"  "uh.. No!"  "its jst matter of these few weeks.. post mrg we can decide on our own!"  he sighed giving in!  She was one stubborn girl and he knew she wasn't going to relent!  Wats with Dadi Bua!! He sighed exasperatedly.  He had to take matter in his hands abt her career!  "she is also training me with all those rituals and traditions!"  "I know.. she is training me too!"he said.  Nidhi chuckled,"really!"  Oh! how can he tell!  And with all those pending shopping, he dreaded tht Dadi bua wud accompany him once she learns tht thr is no Armaan!  Oh Armaan!  He had choosen most inappropriate time to convince his family to accept Trupti!  He rebuked himself for his such selfish thot!  He cudnt b tht selfish for his dear friend.  Moreover, it is he who wants to marry her and for tht he has to bear Dadi Bua's impositions!  He sighed and after sweet good byes, he dropped her and departed for his own hospital.


At noon, as planned thy wer going to meet the newly weds at the restaurant and thy wer sitting on their reserved table wen Mallika dropped in.  After some casual exchanges of cordial greeting, she ignored him completely and started chatting with Nidhi.  He sighed.  His mind went back to the morning incident in the parking lot.  Rohan was thr.  Mallika was thr by her car.  Thy wer discussing something and Mallika was nodding Nos.  By her gestures it seemed she was trying to make him understand.  He sighed.  Wat was with Rohan!  Y was he so keen on Mallika for his some frivolous infatuation!  Shud this news reach his family and shud thy learn abt him and Mallika, he didn't know how thy wud react to Nidhi's family!  The obvious blame will b put on Nidhi for encouraging Rohan!  Sooner or later, thy wud come to know how mallika was related to him!  However, forward a family is thy cannot accept a 39-yr-old bride for thr 24-yr-old young son!  He sighed deeply!  He knew he was being selfish here.. both for Nidhi and Mallika!  Wat if Rohan's feelings wer true, as Nidhi and Angie thot!  It was so complicated and its consequences were unimaginable!  Their society wasn't ready for such thing and more importantly, he wasn't sure if Rohan was strong willed enuf or his luv was true enuf to carry themselves thru the opposition tht thy will need to face!  And he cudnt see Mallika being scarred again in luv!  It wud b too much for her to handle, however strong she mite be and thts why he was worried for her.  He sighed.  "So how do u know Rohan!" he asked suddenly!  Both Mallika and Nidhi were taken by surprise at his such abrupt question amidst tht light gossip!


Mallika was unsure if she shud answer.  It was he who had wanted this and thn y was he asking such personal questions.  Nidhi wanted to answer bt she didn't think it was wise to interfere in matters of two friends.  This issue thy needed to solve on their own, by talking to each other.  She knew Mallikaji had finally moved on!  His harsh words had affected her deeply and she cudnt see him thru same eyes anymore.  Her dignity and self-respect didn't let her!  She had set herself free from tht compulsion, tht obsession tht had incarcerated her for long and made her stoop to the lowest degree possible!  If for Ashutoshji it was his baba and tht house, for Mallikaji it had been Ashutosh!  Frazzled, trounced, and thn broken down piece by piece by the very same extreme emotions.  Bt tht very same extreme outlook towards life, the same extreme sense of adherence to their true conscience, has brot thm out of tht hole exceedingly well and fast enuf!  She wud abhor herself if she went on tht path again!  She looked at Mallikaji again.  She had distanced herself for Ashutoshji and instead had tried to find a friend in her!  And looking at thm, noone cud say tht she harbored such animosity for her at one point!  Mallika sighed to compose herself to answer Ashutosh.  "Dr. Ashutosh'" "only Ashutosh please!"  Mallika looked searchingly at him!  "I.. apologize for my harsh words Mallika!" he said and thn looked at Nidhi who smiled and supported him silently.  Tears welled up in Mallika's eyes, she cried,"shud I thnk u instead..tht u forgave me finally?"  "Please Mallika..u know I had been very rude..very harsh on u!"  "Bt it helped me!" she said softly and Ashutosh looked at her to check the truthfulness in her voice.  She seemed to have moved on, bt thn something tht was thr for 12 long yrs how can it simply vanish!  As if answering to his very dbts she spoke,"Ashutosh it was hard for me.. believe me.. to come out of something tht is so deeply embedded in my heart for so long!"  She looked apologetically at Nidhi.  Nidhi looked down.  She wasnt sure earlier if she wud b able to hear any such words from her right infront of her man, and today she knew she cudnt.  Her compassion for her was one thing and her love for this man was another thing.  She instinctively tugged at his arm bt did not look up at her, not wanting her to see tht faint streak of dislike!  "Bt it happened.. slowly and gradually.. as I realized tht for me value of ur friendship and Nidhi's optimistic support is far more greater thn my obessison and Rohan helped me a lot!"  Ashutosh looked at her with a surprise,"wen did Rohan come into ur life?"  She smiled.  "Remember wen u had fight with Nidhi after convention and I had called u up saying how fickle today's generation is.. how..how frivolous Nidhi's luv cud b!" Her throat choked and she looked at Nidhi,"bt Nidhi.. she invited me to stay with her in her house after discharge' tht I cudnt deny..she was my only support.. and only way to stay connected to u in some way.. bt as I started to know her better, I realized how I had degraded myself!  Bt she and her family behaved so well with me.. dadi bua.. I cant believe..took grt care of me.  Col. Verma made it clear to me in no strict terms abt his daughter bt never once made me feel tht I wudnt b helped or supported by thm to bring myself out of this mess.  It was Nidhi's commitment to u for me and thy had supported her!  I felt ashamed of myself.  I realized wat u two have is far more deep and honorable thn my 12 yr long love.  And I informed her how u had deteriorated being away from her!"  She sighed. "Ashutosh.. it was a period of slow transformation for me.. and not only Nidhi's family bt even her friends helped me.. Angie tho was a bit apprehensive abt me and she didn't try to hide it.. bt Rohan.. he is jst soo wonderful.. as a person' as a friend... he makes u laugh.. he makes u forget all ur worries..  jst being with him makes u feel so light.. so happy!"  "its true!" Nidhi said.  Ashutosh looked at her and thn back at Mallika.  "he wud come to cheer us both.. and I didn't know wen v grew a bond of fship and trust.  The age didn't even mattered.  After I left Nidhi's house, he helped me to open up.  I hadn't been able to do tht.. to anyone since long.. bt he had this knack.. he was very sweetly pestering.. we usually talked on phone or texted each other as I had a very busy schedule and it was convenient tht way perhaps thn to meet face to face and talk!  Bt somewhere I had still hopes tht u wud at least recognize my feelings as true some day if not accept, tht wud give some consolation to me.. bt he was strongly against it.  He didn't think it was wise or even necessary bt I cudnt get u out of my mind jst yet and thrfore perhaps he didn't like u!  He rued tht all three of us, me, Angie, and Nidhi.. wer hopeless.. tht v r so easily charmed by u!" she chuckled.  and for the first very time, Ashutosh saw a genuine smile on her face after so so many long years.. 5 yrs to b precise and he cudnt ignore the fact tht it was due to Rohan!  He sighed.  Wat does these three same women see in him tht he cannot see!  Wat was with this Rohan tht thy find him cute, approachable, and very sweet!  Huh!  He rued.  "yeah.. u know.. v used to hang out together a lot.. in tht period of separation.."Nidhi added.  And Ashutosh wondered y he didn't see it coming wen he was stalking Nidhi.. was it becoz he was too focused on Nidhi thn and too jealous of Rohan perhaps!  "Bt me and Angie didn't know tht thy wer growing so close and tht Rohan was harboring such feelings for her!"Said Nidhi.  Mallika sighed and lowered her eyes as if thinking to herself.  "I think he got hint from me abt ur rude behavior after ur fight with Nidhi abt ur house and thts y he mite not have behaved appropriately with u on ur camping trip!"Mallika said.  Ashutosh looked at her in bewilderment!  Was it the real reason for his apparent rudeness.. and he thot .. he thot it was for Nidhi!  He looked at Nidhi as if for confirmation.  Nidhi nodded a yes!  "Bt I don't think so he behaved any wrongly as much as he mite have intended!  He is jst not tht type of guy who wud do something of tht sort  even if he luved someone so dearly.. he is very pure hearted.. any girl will b lucky to have his unconditional luv.." Nidhi added.  Ashutosh pondered.  He was knowing Rohan in a completely new light.  Was he.. Was he so good and pure hearted as Nidhi termed!  He sighed.  "Bt mallika its not possible.. I mean.. u and Rohan.. its.. its.." he didn't know how to put it.  "I know Ashutosh!  I have to b sensible here and I am being..! bt he is so persistent and now tht he has got the hint tht I m over u.. he has become more insistent!"  "Bt u do have feelings for him.. rite?" Nidhi asked expectantly.  Ashutosh dreaded tht answer bt he also cursed himself for his such selfishness bt he jst cudnt help himself.. its repercussions r going to affect Nidhi!  He sighed how can he b soo selfish and self-centered and Nidhi b so generous and so large hearted.  He felt ashamed of himself!  Mallika took her time to answer and sighed heavily and nodded lightly.  A tear trickled down her face,"how can I not.. he is.. he is.. so.." she cudnt complete.  Nidhi comforted her with a tight hug.  "its.. okay.. to have those feelings.. u have every rite to have someone's love!"  Ashutosh felt bad for her genuinely for wat she mite have to go thru again.. a big bad heartache!  Strangely, he felt compassionate towards her for her luv for Rohan.. or watever it was tht was growing!  She needed a support bt he cant say if Rohan was the rite guy for her!  Wat if it wasn't luv as thy claimed or rthr wished and she mite b clinging to him jst for support for some psychological reasons.  She was so prone to thm!  He sighed.  "Mallika.. I m sorry to have put u in such situation in ur life!" he said sincerely.  Tht diverted her attention and she looked up at him.  "I think those five years wer worst years of our lives.. it brot out evilness from us!" he said.  "No.. it flushed out evilness from u!" Nidhi said firmly,"don't u two see.. how u two have learnt from tht worst phase of ur life!.. it happened for good and u shud make good use of tht!"  "Bt Nidhi.. Rohan and Mallika.. its impossible!" "y not!"  "Is Rohan capable of it?" he questioned and looked at Mallika for answers!  "Will Rohan b able to stand with u and guarantee tht u will not get scarred in luv again!"  "I don't know Ashutosh.. I don't know.. I have been questioning myself with the same questions!" "I think u shud give him some time!" nidhi said,"its new thing for him.. he has jst realized his luv for u.. it will get stronger with time! tht is if u r willing to wait!"  "I cant ruin his life for my sake!" Mallika said!  "its not ruining anyone's life.. Mallika ji! Its gathering happiness and bestowing the same to the ppl u luv!.. wat if Ashutoshji had thot same abt me!  U know wat loss it wud've been!  This world is a small place and everyone has rite to seek their happiness, to have someone who luvs u back unconditionally.. its not selfishness.. its essential thing for a healthy mind and good life!  Wat abt Rohan's feelings?  His wishes?  Wat if he is willing to go for it!  Wud u deny him even thn?  This society has no rite to impose their restrictions or subject to cautious customs wen two adults r willing to take tht risk!"  Ashutosh sighed.  "Mallika I think Nidhi is rite.. u need to give some time to ur feelings and rohan's feelings b4 u decide on anything.. without any prejudiced beliefs of society.  U r a good person.. and no person cud deserve true love more thn u and u need to give urself tht chance!" He said with sincerity and Mallika nodded firmly at his encouragement.  "Thank u Ashutosh.. its feels good to have my friend back!"  She said tenderly!  Everyone heaved a sigh of big relief.  Finally, it was all sorted out.  A huge huge burden tht crushed thm under its weight was finally out and especially Mallikaji clearly felt much more relaxed!  Nidhi ordered some soft drinks and to lighten the moment she commented"uh I don't know wer these newlyweds have left behind!.. hope thy r not honeymooning already!"


Armaan heard tht.."Hey.. I heard tht.. I heard tht.. don't throw false allegations' Nidhi bhabhi..!" "Don't call me tht!" she cried.  "Wat?  Nidhi bhabhi?" Thy took their seat beside mallika and he chuckled heavily!  Mallika was amused,"Wat!" And Armaan was very happy to repeat it again and Nidhi fretted.  Y was he calling her tht.  she didn't like it!  Her face pouted in such a cute way tht the rest cudnt help laugh at her.  Nidhi tucked at Ashutosh's shirt from under the table and he stopped laughing and took her in a comforting hug!  Nidhi felt good.. really really good.  Her pout dissolved somewhere.  She sighed.  Actually, she felt a strong desire to stay this way for the whole lunch part!  In his arms.. the whole time!  She sighed.  How romantic tht wud b!  Huh! A voice from her brain nagged her!  If thy wud go by her actual desires, thy cud well b sharing every little morsel mutually thru their lips!  She blushed. Bt she cudnt help thinking abt all those bold and naughty thngs tht thy can do!  The way he was making her feel these days was something different!  He was encouraging her to act and think bold.. pretty bold!  She blushed silently bt it didn't went unnoticed from his sharp eyes!  She bit her lips at his twinkling eyes as thy munched on their starters!


The clock struck 9 p.m. in the big old wooden clock tht stood in the Nidhi's living room!  "Dadi bua!!!"Nidhi shrieked and jumped on her feet from her chair around the dining table wer everyone was enjoying thr round of dessert after the stupendous dinner by dadi bua!  It was a total surprise from her and as Col. Verma had commented it was first time after almost 20 years tht he got to taste a meal prepared wholly and solely by her and Ashutosh had to admit tht she had a knack in it!  Her food tasted heavenly and as Armaan commented thr mite actually b some special ingredient called mother's luv tht added to its taste!  Nidhi pulled her up from her chair and dragged her to a corner.  She retorted with loud shrieks! Nidhi whispered something into her ears.  "Wat?.. Bt v allowed u to his house jst yesterday nite and even today morning.." She turned at Ashutosh with a frown!"Doctor.. don't u think so .. u two r getting too greedy!"  A huge uproar of laughter erupted from the table.  This time the competition was betn Armaan and Mr. Solanki!  Ashutosh replied embarrassingly,"Dadi bua..I.. I..have no idea!" He gave a perplexed glance at Nidhi.  She jst smiled and bit her lips!  He scratched his head!  She then pulled Dadi bua closer again and whispered into her ears her reason!  Dadi bua glanced at Trupti and chuckled approvingly.. "Oh!!!!  Y not y not! He he he.."  Trupti's cheeks turned red.  She didn't knew if others at the table had comprehended thr implied conversation, bt she had.  Nidhi was asking her dadi bua to permit her to go and decorate their wedding bed!


Nidhi rushed gleefully to pick up her purse from her room instructing Mr. Ashutosh to hurry up with his dessert and bring out the car!  Ashutosh almost choked on his dessert at her order.  He gulped down some water and silently rushed outside as others giggled behind him!


Angie had wished to come, but Nidhi's blushes had stopped her.  Thy giggled blushingly in her room.  "Oh! Nidhi..I cant imagine tht u r taking him along for a task like this..u two alone in tht whole house.. decorating a wedding bed.. Oh My God!" Nidhi blushed profusely!  "The Nidhi I knew wud have died in shyness.. bt this Nidhi.. this Nidhi is getting pretty naughty and bold  haan!" she nudged her teasingly,"so thts the reason tht u tried to took so devastating haan!.. Oh! he is gonna die!"  Nidhi blushed heavily as Angie kept nudging her teasingly!  "Angie..U..u think its okay to get bold!"she asked.  "Of course!" Angie cried and thn hugged her and thn urged a bold and yet shy Nidhi go!


Angie sighed after her as her own thots drifted back to the conversation she had with her stalker!  She blushed and saw Nidhi running out of the main door.  She sighed and went back to think abt Dr. Rangnath!  She had almost run to reception after talking to Dr. Ashutosh to ask abt Dr. Rangnath's cabin wen he himself presented before her.  And after some awkward smiles and talk abt nothings in his cabin, he had finally sought her apology once again and had conveyed his thanks again for not revealing it to Dr. Ashutosh tht he had been her secret admirer!  She blushed.  Yes, he had been her secret admirer and tho Dr. Ashutosh had luved to term him as a stalker, he had been anything but stalker!  Wat stalker wud stalk at his own time!  He wud b MIA of days and thn suddenly wud pop up from nowher and shower her with all the pending gifts!  She had been more thn pleased with his gifts.  Tho initially she had thot tht very meanly tht she wud've nothing to do with him bt jst with his gifts, his unique way of pursuing her had attracted her attention.  Bt discussing abt him with Dr. Ashutosh at tht camp had brot her back to earth and made her focus on her career again and she had in no lesser words told the same to her secret admirer!  and to her surprise.. disappointedly, he had stopped following her.  No surprise gifts.  No surprise stalking.  No surprise peeping!  And for once she had felt a bit odd!  The feeling to meet him once got increasingly more intense as each day passed without seeing him!  And the curiosity got better of her and she had to sought Dr. Ashutosh's help!  Bt Lo! As if God had answered her prayers, he came rite infront of her from nowhere jst wen she had told Dr. Ashutosh she was interested in him!  Uh! Such bad timing!  Bt thn in his cabin thy had talked.. and talked at length abt everything.. abt likes.. dislikes.. career.. life.. almost abt everything under the sun.  Thy talked like some long lost friends!  Tht was amazing!  He was as practical in life as she was.  Both of thm had clear goals in their lives!  He was self-confessed flirt, nothing serious.  And she confessed she was as cool abt these things as he was!  And tht was really cool!  Thr thinking matched!  Bt one thing tht impressed her lot was this huge surprise tht he was a doctor and worked under her very own soon-to-b jeeju!  Gosh!  Bt thn the very same thing prompted thm to keep it a secret from both Nidhi and Dr. Ashutosh.  Thy wernt sure abt anything and jst needed some more time to spend together to know each other better.  And with her going to Mumbai shortly, thy really needed to do it on a fasttrack.  She had to decied on it before joining her college in Mumbai!  She sighed.  She had to talk to Dr. Ashutosh abt her call letter again.  She needed some real encouragement and a solid tangible suggestion to persuade her father.  She had attempted bt she had failed.  She, Dr. Ashutosh, and Verma uncle needed to sit and discuss.  Even Dr. Ranganath had opined the same!  She stepped out of Nidhi's room mulling deeply abt it!


Ashutosh glanced at Nidhi once again as he drove thm to their house.  Draped in a transparent sort of light blue saree, she looked ravishingly beautiful!  She had tht thing again on her nose.  She was wearing the necklace tht he had gifted.  Its pendant was going deep in some crevice behind her transparent pallu!  Her eyes wer filled with kajal again bt done a bit differently.  Watever way, he luved it!  And her lips.. her lips again had been bare!  Devoid of even any sort of gloss.  So nothing needs to b rubbed off wen he takes those lips!  Ooh!  A sweet ache rose in his heart remembering her soft delicate and very delicious lips!  His tastebuds revisited thr mouthsavoring taste!  He was increasingly almost maniacally getting attracted to thm.  It was growing on him like an obsession!  Didnt he kiss her jst this morning!  He sighed deeplly!  Nidhi looked at him and blushed!  She knows it!..she very well knows it wat she is doing to him!  His heart cried.  She adjusted her braid once again on her shoulder and he cursed it!  Y had she done the braid when he luved her hair kept open!  He luved to kiss her with open hair.  He loved to grab thm and smell thm wen he did tht!  Thy wer so soft and so delicate jst like her lips!  God! She was a sweet torture and on the top, she wasn't telling him y thy wer going back to his house.. alone!  The thot itself had been so tempting.. thy both knew thy wer desperately wanting such time alone.  And she was offering it in silver platter, all decked up looking sooo soo ravishingly.. mesmerizingly.. bewitchingly beautiful!  How can he stop his brain from thinking abt those wild intentions behind her such action! He sighed.  He felt pity at her poor heart!  It had gone hopeless beyond any logic!  His mind had clearly told him tht dadi bua wudnt have allowed thm such thing.. ever if thr wasn't a solid reason!  Eh'it was painfully true!  he had been scratching his brain over it and she had been blushing and smiling mysteriously!  And her lips.. thy wer curled into most inviting smile.. and thr wer lots of other inviting signals tht his heart had been busily decoding from her gestures and looks.  He sighed and turned back his attention to his driving!  It was better and sane thing to do at tht moment!


Wen he entered the house parking his car, he found Nidhi taking out a basket full of flowers from kitchen!  It struck him suddenly as he remembered her morning growl to Armaan!  The wedding bed!  Aaah!  Thy needed to decorate the bed!  The wedding bed!

************This is last chapter before Diwali brk.*********************************
Wishing u all a very very happy Diwali and a Prosperous Gujarati New Year to all!!!  May this year bring happiness and success in ur lives!  May God Bless U All!
Plz plz do comment on wat u liked or not liked abt this chpater..
Till thn
Take care..!

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achiever IF-Dazzler

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Sorry.. Cudnt PM anyone.. Seriously running out of time..
Cherishh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Awww...that was such a sweet, cute and revealingLOLLOL update.

As always, fallen in love with ur writing style and the FF more and more.

Finally, Armaan is back that too with a bang...he really makes Ashu's life colorful and interesting with his liveliness, masti and caring nature...he is just too adorable friend one could have.  The way he teased him and his accusations of not welcoming his wife ritually was so very funny and cool to read and his demand to be welcomed by the Lady of the House was just so perfect, which again adding a point more for Ashu regarding Dadi BuaLOLLOL...lucky Ashu everyone is directly and indirectly making him happy and feel blessedSmile.

Armu's love story was indeed very filmyTongue..but awesome should say, loved this plot ManishaClap...he is too fast, poor Ashu wish he could tooWink

oh woww...Nidhi-Armu..they are indeed a difficult pain to handleBig smile.   Just love their tit for tat put out in a pleasant way...with both of them around..u defo crazy laughing out I guess.

The way u described Nidhi dressed up in Saree and Ashu drooling was so cuteEmbarrassed...he really is getting desperate day by day and falling in love more and more with her pure inner and outer self.

OMG...OMG...Rohan annyoed and doesn't like or say I guess he is "Jealous" of AshuLOLLOL, thats a huge blow for my senti brain, as he is such a charmer that all d ladies in Rohan's life going gagaaa about him...but should say he is a smarter guy that he is wenting out his jealousy or say passing it out to Ashu..no wonder it made our Lovestruck Boy..more possessive and jealousLOLLOLEmbarrassed...but it defo brought new Ashu, which I just love.

RoMali (I just can't stop myself laughing with this name) falling in luv was real unexpected, but me all thinking "chalo jaan chuttiTongueLOL".  Now with this in picture, I am happy for RoMali and their love also should blossom with blessing and wishes of all...but as Ashu said its not gonna be so easy...me waiting for that track.

Liked the bond between Nidhi, Mallika, Rohan and Anji...but I guess there always gonna be a thin line between Nidhi-Mallika in regard to Ashu's love, guess time will change this too...and happy to see Ashu getting his friend back...luking forward for the story ahead and of course want Ashu's Baba's entry too, which gonna make the already blissful relationships just beyond perfect.

Loved the friends lunch and family dinner and the ride back of AshNi...but...but...what d hell..u r so cruel..how could u stop at that...erggghhhAngryAngry...wishing u could update sooner than u might have planned...as I am very impatient to read nextEmbarrassedBlushing...do update sooonnn..

Last, but not least...Happy Diwali to you and your family...enjoy the day of lights...God bless. 

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chitloner IF-Rockerz

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The wait was worth it. Amazingly beautifully written chapter

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great chapter achiever...Big smile 
loved every bit of it...

but how could you stop at such a point...???? not fair
god!!! dying to read the next chapter...Big smile

plzzz update soon Day Dreaming

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Cherishh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Edited my comment dear..

Can we at least except a teaser or promo of the next update...to just lessen the pace of heartbeats of course keeping that curiosity of what is store for us. 

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